Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 10, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnis e uuiuuimmimimmmiiuiiiiiiiiuiiiiMmH"*™**"•*"••*-* — YOU DONT WANT A SUIT Unless It fits, neither do you want to pay double Its value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy p ices Suits to order from $30.00 up, HARRY Q TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. IW Afl EVENING'S FROLIC. Prices $1. 75c, 60c, 35c and 25c. S«at> on f»:e at Johnrton's dnw store. --------------- THE FIRSl NATIONAL BANK -UH- 'LOGANSPORT. . INDIANA. CAPITAL 8250.000 DIBKCTOB8: . H. BflDislinnii. Bbl. Bar-klnB In • ' ^ T Wllson . ; It. Dep.rt.nent. prorairti> Btockholder. "SSSU Sealed Proposals, To furnlrti «upptt*» *« tte. •"""'"""ospualtorl.sane, J. Gt. BORERS. Medical Supt Long Cliff, Oct. 8. DAILY JOURNAL. *" SAJJUKPAY,"OCTOBER ie, isoo. '^^•^^HSSMSSHSSBSSKSS^MWI Oysters in 'butt, Rothermel, Saturday Spring duck* at Kinncy'B, Broadway and Market. • • Henry A. Stoll has resigned his posl , tlon with Ferguson & Co. Girl wanted-To do general ho.w work. Call at 114 Pawnee street. See the new ladles' and children's I Jackets and capes.-Golden Rule. I. For information comierninK annual gaa rates, see card of Loganaport & Wabaab Valley Gas Co.. on flrst page. Merit In medicine meani tht power 10 jow. The great core* by Hood's Bar •aparllla prove Its nneqwiled merit. Awarded Hlghwt Ho»or»-World f 3 Fair. To' Hatch the One Who Co.nes Out of ihe West. George A'alle of the rnahn'-ndlc ^hops has ti brother In Colorado who is nn ardent silver advocate. He Is one pf the foremost towers of Denver and a mrtner of Senator Woleott in. the law office. He also has a brother In Ko- :omo and he. like George is a st.ilwnrt defender of sound money. They hnvt- abored lonjj with theli- errlns brother the West but his silver mine interests tore won him 'to the side ol flnt!s-in iiaid a debased dollar. Rei'oi'- rlng -to rWMMif coni-munica-tlonR -that have appeared in the Kokcmio Dicpnteh from the pen of the Colorado brother, the Kokomo Tribune says: •The Dispatch, prints « letter from ,T. Fred V-aJle n.ppc:illng to the people to vote for Bryan- -Too Valle, of this city, IK]*" a letter from his mint, a von^ erable woman of cljrhty years, who lives at Bnittleboro, Yormont, who writes as follows: 1 'Are you rwidy to vote .for the second Mows who Is to brliiR the poo- pie of the country out of their worse Cn Ejcyptl.-ro-boiklaKe? Our State has plainly ex-presed its opinion In the mntter aoicl I hope your State will Iw of the samo mlntl.' "Wlion it Is remembered thn-t Vermont smashed Bryanlsm under nn adverse major!tyof. four to one it will bi- notod that Hie Rood old lady desire* Indiana, to hit Brj-aii and repudiation an awful .blow. The people of Howard county look with more favor on the advice of this pood old kinswoman of TOL- Valle tlmn they do on the advice of his brother, whose interests are all wrapped up in silver mines. Tney will send her a message of pood cheer November 4th." A SOUND TALK CREAM BAKING PWDffi MOST PERFECT M^DE. Alum or IF WILL SEE OLD GENERALS Many Howard County People Will Be Here Tuesday. Kokomo Tribune: The visit of the soldier sextet, Generals A'.ger, Howard, Slejjal, Sickles and Wallace, and Corporal Tanner nt Logansport next Tuesday and at Marlon Wednesday will be of Interest to the Republicans of'How- ard county, especially the soldjer boys, many of whom will go to see the old commanders. Excursion ratw on railroads. It has not yet boen determined which place they will visit. They ought to get together and go In a body. TROUBLED WITH RHEUMATISM READ THIS. Annapolis, lid., Apr. 10,1S04.-I have- used Chainberlala's Pain Bnlm for rheumatism and found It to be nil thin 18 claimed for It. J'belieye It to be tin- beat preparation for rheumatism ami i«ep seated inuscujar. pains on tne.war: ket and cheerfully recommend It to the publle.-Jno, G. BrooUs,ilenler lu boots, shoes, ctc.% No. 18 Main St. ALSO READ THIS. . Mechaiilcsvlllo, St. Mary County. Md. —1 sold a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm to * man who had been suffering with rheumatism'for several years, li made him a welliroan. A. J. MeGlll. For sale at 50 cents per bottle by B. P. Keeallng. druggist. On Pennsylvania train No. 4. due here nt 9:80 p. m.. Tuesday nljht, an enthusiastic follower of McKlnley passed turoiijsh the frn.'n w;th "McKJn ley buttons.", Over one hundred took them and wore them; A-Bryanite On a Sound Subject by the Hon. John R. Wilson. SOUND HONEY ISSUE From a Democratic Standpoint-Flower Next Week. Tiie Hon. John R. Wilson of Indiana-' poJIs -i=i)o-ke to a good audileuco nt the rtak lust irlg-lit on the political issues from the standpoint of a Sound Money Domocrat. Every seat In tlie -rink,was not filled, tout there was very Wtle of Ui<? seabirag capacity that was not occupied, and (those who heard the speech were well repaid. The Military ibond paraded the streets before th-e hour for the meeting, anil <i committee composed of Dr. C. L. Thoinns, John F. Johnston and Miller Ilhl escorted the speaker from the Bar- netJt to the .rink. Ex-Senator Rufus Magc« presided and introduced Mr. Wlta>n, wflio saJd in part: "Mr. Chairman, ladles and fellow citizens: Early one morning thto week'a- train of cars crossed the beautiSful Ohio river from 'Louisville to .Teffereomvllle. On board wns William Jenn-lngs Bryan, the candidate w.ho mferoprasents •the principles of true Democracy. In tlie city that bears ithe name 0f the most distinguished leader of ithe grand old Damocrntlc party, this condiidate asserted that 'It wis his mission, to revive l!he principles of true Democracy; thnt he had been chosen as the leader who was to tiring back the Ideas of government proposed by Tttiomas Jefferson. Such a statement Is -na far from the truth as It -is passible to be." The speaker said t!hat ne wa-s born 111 Virgltal*. at the foot of Montieello. the home of Jefferson, and iihait It almost seemed like s««'lle«e -for this "Boy Orator of the Platte" to claim to represent tJie Jeffersrouinn Democracy. "Plie Greeks." he said, "had a very beafflil'ful custom In the ancient days. Whenever they migrated to ft dlatamt l«nd and founded a new city, they took from' 'the altJir of tire tftmple In their home cilty n llgjht from the lamp which was always kept burning, and earired the liffht to tlieJr new inbode, whert they kept always biirntng t'lie Inrop, kindled from .tlin.t on the altar of their iKith-e elty. So we, ns the followers oC rlie faiie Democracy, linve carried the la mi) .to our ne-vv .homc-s and sh'iUl forever keep .It nlisht on thy nirar oT our temple" (applause). • . HeferrluK to the pn'mcipiles that Th,Mi\as Jefferson cllld ndvocare, ho on'ld: "Jeffcireon said that the question o : f n ratio was a meroanitlca question cntlrc'ly. WJUlaau Jean.lnps Brynu says t ;is a 1'cwil qireatilon, aim yet he tells us It Is his milsiston to rerfve tho principles of Jefferson. Bi-j-an. and Us fol- sis (iro covertly and secret'ij- ndvo- cntlins the principles of sectionalism. * AVe who met in-IndininJi-ro ils and formulated n. platform of tiiie Dem oi-racy are djposed to bo-tili the St. Lows and the Chle.ifiO platforms. We are opposed to the one which advocates the cnuse of McKln'ley because it openly, and .in a. manly manner declares itself to .be In Juvor of protection to the classes.. We are opposed to tJie Chlca- po-plnWorm.becanse.lt is to no less an advocate of protection to another class, but ta a f«r more odious manner. We are opposed to the Chicago plaitform because," with the exception of the pre- nm>ble, there ie not a single -Democratic sentiment cmJMdded therein (aippliuse). I, for one, 'am too loyal a Democrat to ..JMtate with that section of the party which is trying to betray it to the Populists. * * * They charge us with help- In* lIcK'loiey. I answer them that we have a right to protect ourselves against their policy, McKlnley or no MicKinley. » * • The supporters of the Chicago platform object .to the claim that .the most Inite 1 .l'lgent,portloin of the Democratic party Is against them. I toil you that'no party ever won a victory wihlch arrayed Itself againist the business Isterests of the countrj', ,. p jln»t (Oie Jn'telllgent people of the country, o«ainstthe scholarship of the coMn.tr}-. nnd yot, the Chicago plaitform -has ilw-jUicl the-antapontem of all three The speaker said -that' he had no doubt 'but that there were mamy'• Intel- liippiit. men supporting.'iae sllvei- ticket, wlio thouglit they wen; sincere, bvit. who, 'he .th-ouflit, inlfiht ba•mi'.stiikcn. n* to their own'sincerity. He .Illustrated •hls'fnlth'jn their.sincerity 1 .with -'the. gtqry of on old.darky, who,,.In the ex-, oltement of a counti-j- camp-meeting dmrn South, arose and said:. "Broth- ers'amd sisters, I.ithaiBK ulie Lord .thai I hove a clear conscience; I-thank! the Lonl'ithnt Icnn toy my hand 50 mj. "heartand.say. that for f«ty odd years I have never 'stole a chicken or a—watermelon." An old darky igot r.p in ; a far Conner of, the coogresa.tloa and, -ra-islns h'.s eyei -hc(\'veinm-nra, said: "Ol», Lord! Oli,'. Lord! 'give, ,us inQrc' faith;".' ,," . : '. :' : '/. .thCisnme tlilnK;.but ; couia~not,a:«j?o»e. : oJ SpbifctBan ten;£^;;^;S^f ^^&^|g^ $44,499-41 The sto k was too larg, to sell in Bulk, and uppn*tjw petition at creditors the Cass circuit court entered an order authorizing ;me;U> at .once open the doors, employ a^satiicient force ot c erJis and pro- 066 Oaas and adjoining counties are re- O; lo A. Kraus store and inspect tlic of Clothing, Hats, Boots and Shoc» assigned to me September The citizsfogaiisp spectfully invited to cab ar. stock of merchandise consi and Gents' Furnishing G- The Z^sV^sed fr/i^V.^merdtaatt of sterling iute*- rity and amounted in tie , j ..r -g xte to $44 499.41. ALBERT C. JZINKINES. Assignee, ODAKS KODAKS tloual Sliver" League, which" 'he said } was wnottoer ,uame for the silver tniK j whicli to tweuty-mvo years old, lias two '. hundred members and rc-prcseu,ts moro | wealth than any other trust that the j sun shines upon, and this circular let- , ter calls upon tilie members of Hint j trust to contribute a certain, portion, ot j the outiMit oftheir mines to the Bryan ' campaign fund, for tlie bcmezt of tim silver ti-ust Itself. Ho said that we are witnessing today the most gigantic politick nvrce evev pint uiion the political stage. To the farmers he said that they should remember that the government Mid purchased Of the products of the silver mines froro 18TO to 1893 the enormous total of 10,000 tons of silver Dullion. "Hoiw much, let me ask you, my farmer friend," he sold, '"has the government purchased of your products in that-time?" He assoilled 'tilie plank of tlie Chicago platform which oittacks the judiciary, In bitter terms, and denounced the action of -the convention, which hissed di»wn'Hill when he made his famous-speech on the stage, denouncing the proposed action of the convention. He closed his speech with an appeal to all true Democrats to sft«ud by the time-honored Democratic principles, -and to stand by their country. "Do you-kinow wlwit your country means?" 'lie said. "It means the trees tiliait grow lu your streets, nwildng shade In' tihe -bright .sunshine of summer; ft moans the flowers that blossom In your gardens; « means the green press and the blue sky and the soil from which tihe bountiful harvest pprings. It means-itlie spot of earth where the «oi-m of your dear mother rests." There was a hearty burst of applousa ,as'the.speaker finished, nnd Sieve would have beeii no rost.l«3Siw*s had -he cotftln-ued. He spoke for more than rai hour and was heard w-flh the closest nttoatlon. throughout. It was an audi- encc o* representative citizens, business men, railroad men, men from the shops and men from every wjilk of life, and many of them had -bro-jgnt t,ne:r wives or sweet-hearts with them, Mr. Magee closed the meeting and announced rtiat ex-Governor Roswell r. Flo-vrcT of New York, one of the leading Democrats of the East, would speak at the rink on next Friday n-igin on the Issues of the camipaigw from n Sound Honey stand point. i ' A M-YSTEWOUS JD0SS.VGE. Yeistetxlny morning the fotlowinp mi«99a«e was delivered to Pmlxolumn Sl-lns Morgan by a. Western Union messenger boy: "Summer, 111 Joseph Popple dead. send w»rd to Luther Stewart. Fuuera 1 . tt was signed J. C. Stewart. Mr. Mor- gn.n Is at a loss to know why tlie me.s- soige was sent to him, as he knows no one Im, Sumner named Stewart, neither does' 'he fcn<nv Luther Stewart. Who the people mentioned are and how tin? messnge came to Ue sent to Mr. Morgan remains a mystery. CORNER STONE LAYING. At a regular meeting of St. George's Ommnndcry, Knights of St John. ,heM test everfing, the mntter of accepting tk* i«Tlta*l»n> from Lafayette brothers to attend the laying of the cor ner etone of the .new German Catholic church at tlwt city November 8th, wa* oonsldered, <and It WJis decided to at- tenfl In a body. St. Joseph's society wilfl also attend. It is thou&ht that St. Matthew's Commandery, Knig-lits of St.' J«rtm, vIM attend. It w.Ul T:e a red letter day for 'Lafayette. . A LOST BOY, Yesterday nwrni'ng Pa'trcli»an Mor i 'found a twelve-y«a,r-oJd 'boy winder ini? on Twetfth Ma-e»t apparently lost Heitook him to liendqunrters -where It. wa» leflmed that his name was , Sam nel iOeWes*, and that his home Is ..ai- Georffeitown. He sn-ld he came here y«rtordn>y morning on an eriMnrt and »«i lo«t. He was sent homi.- ycstewljiy DA.MAGSD BY WA.TJ3R. Tte water pipes ou the socond floor of 'the'-Button' .building on Market street burnt resjerd«y m'omiMig. It w.'ic Bome'time bofore a plumber MI*!' Into turn ...off the w« ter supply iiulldlnk «'.n<5 t-hc water stream/-"] "isrte Wtarfldd's furniiture store, chairs, drew; „' 1 ,,,.h<-sr.--.. .N. Y iiiiiiiiir I ,isriirU!K I'HJl'U iliAPHlC Tin: r "uods are take 118 Stanili.rd i,.-y for tlie products of the EASTMAN KODAK OC Hi.- i«i-e»-*t and bent .quipped eoLcern in the work! INSTRUMENTS uud he world over. Size 3x4 inches; «rclj*t "•* ounces. Takes a pictuae f^ilX inches. Either film <f -&** plates can be used. B«»flatfeet work. Prteel I'OCKBrr KODAK. TnUea square pictures,, c: inera, 4V2x4%sC Inches; weight 20 ounce*. $10.00. . 3 Bullet. This mntlt Is sufficiently inrso for Mil onliuary amateur phowr. pliy. Ir.c.i-.dcs lamp, trays, nvo dozen sheets Dolio paper, solirtlon. etc. Price. $1.50. A. B. C. Developiugand Priotine' f > ulfit Full Line of Supplies Kept on Hand. W. GRAVES, Successor to W. T. GIFFE, 413 Broadway. Hy New Qoods, Are here. C^ll and examine them lie- fore buying, AL. YOUNG Tiie Practical Pearl Street Tailor MAZQi Dizziuess. cure loss o( Wakefuluegf, Ni«ht lo**s. Youthful Errors, Use of - Tosliiv Cure. Larr : Boxes, HI.-M.* company's office, or n-ut by u, fc il or NWANAPOUS MEDICINE CO. 120 Tort Way CHAS.H. YALE'S TSic l MI-' iKMed to to !l In Low 365 DAYS AHEAD OF THE YEAR luirodu ing In Jtx iwr:r..y.a70 p*ii,l*. iiir Women Tlir • j IM- *' i' ' •»•!.•<• Itnlli't «f l r i s Luunii lintli-i-.v Turk ITiin Sh-.old All In i» Kow Y- o ««»•»• OV«T the lli-l«l(Fu Vou'vr iGott» run*? an* limn*, if- 1'risUy Jmi First AH wu *«•.«» Dance:» LL. MARIA FERRERO AND MLLC. OJSELDA BA*SEOOl« mi-: CVODUCTION INTACT. Henry A. Stoll. has stock oil KfJC«r!es from his .1.- Sio'.l end will take:;

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