Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 10, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1896
Page 4
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OORHEB. fall and winter underwear, Uc bai cornered the' largest lot of under|l!; »«*r ever brought to Logausport at it toud times prices for cash. These i«od« are direct from the factories and '•l the best values lu all lines for ladies, am! children: go aud Investigate tt will not take you long to decide to buy your underwear. MMtkbed every d»y In th« week (except «,- /*twl»y) by the Lojraniport Jour£? ; n»l Company. W. fc WRIOHT. ...... ............ 5' e ' l ! ( ' en1 Z HARDY .................. Vlo« Pre«ldeni 'ft WTQRAVEB .......... : ........ .8«oret»ry fe.'.ft B. BOYER ...................... Treaaurer *•*••''"• DAILY por Annum. fir Month.. Offlolsl Paper of City and County. ~ • -1 second-class m»H-matt«r at Post Oflloe, February n. i^SATiURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1890. BJu a * REPUBLICAN TICKET. kitAlUlETT A! HOBART of New Jersey. For Governor, I A MOUNT ol Montgomery Co. For Lieutenant Governor. AM«RICUS C. DAILEY of Boon* County : For Trewurer of State. ; nOSD J. 8CHOLZ, of Vanderburs County . - T ——*• F r Attorney General. JJAM A. KETCHAM of Marlon C«. For Reporter of Supreme Coun, . F KEMY of Bartholomew Co. Gibson C*. V E H^LET.^f'itush County. »~. Third District &k DL W COM8TOCK of Wayna County. *•»• •*. "• " v Fourth District. J B. BLACK, of Marlon County. Fifth District. J. Z. WILEY, of Benton_ County. JONES. For Congress, GEORGE W. STEELB. '•''•' For Joint Hepre«entatlve. llymtJAMT. WILSON, of CMS County. It Representatlve-CHARLES B LONG- ADAMS. B. DODD. _ VU1U . ,.™jr. Third Dlstrlct-ABRA- ^AM 8HIDELEB. ;' COMPARE THEM m* The Republican party Is unreserv- I-Wlly. tot sound money. It caused the |i)B«ctment of the law providing for thu '" ' of specie payments In 1879; then every dollar has been as as gold. "We are unalterably opposed to measure calculated to debase „ currency or Impair the credit of .rconntry. We are therefore opposed rtne free coinage of silver except by ^international agreement with the lead- ilflff commercial nations or the world, twnlch we pledge ourselves to promote, <r * until then such gold standard muat , preserved. ••All our silver and paper currency be maintained at parity with and we favor all measures de_„ to maintain inviolably the obll- itioni of the United States and all onr •oney, whether coin or paper, at the ait standard, the standard of the eullffitened nations Of therearth:" ?—Bepobllcan platform. ' * demand the free and unlimited ,„ of both gold and silver at the it legal ratio of 16 to 1, without „ for the aid or consent of any nation. Wft. -demand that the __'_ _ dollar shall-be a full __ tender, equally with gold, for »11 Ifcbt*, public and private/and we farm «dr legislation as will proves* the jtlzatlou of any kind of legal money by private contract."— fOtmocratlc platform. "We demand free and unlimited MBage-ot silver and gold at the pres- |«Bst.legal ratio of 10 to l."-Popullst |ptotform; 1893. '."', "We hold to the use of both gold and Ililver as- the standard money of the itry; and to the coinage of both and stiver, without discriminating either metal or cnarge for ,«.._,»;.but the dollar unit of coinage both mefaTs must be of eqaal intrln- .\«nd; excbangeable value or be ad- through. International agree- ftwnt-or by such, safeguards of legls- . ( a » abal) insure the maintenance :the.p«Ity of the two metals and the ptfwet of every dollar at all times __fmarket* and In t<aiyment of defct. : .ff»demand that all paper "vnxicy be kept at par with and redeem- in? sncb coin. WE MUST 1N- UPON THIS POLICY AS ES_ NECESSARY FOB THE 'ION OF THB FARMERS} LABORING CLASSES, THE ANO MOST DBFENSBLESS IS OF UNSTABLE MONB* A ELTJOTUATINO OTH- WHV THB FARMER? Why .do Popocrats bonst of success by renson of tlie farmer vote? The farmer doesn't wnn't some corporation to fflvo him the laiiRh, ;i-s it goes through Ills farm, with Uie wUite-ment, "You Iind 11 remocly ouco but you voted ii^'aln^t iiijimction," Whlrfln Mie world made Po])ocrats think tliflt while the worlriusrnicn, the- ImsincNs men, Mio school tun'cliers, the l>rol't*si(u:;il men aiid all were turn-Ins t-o sou'.ul .money the . fnrmors irowld bo reMud upon to vote 'ii^aiiiu-it Mieii- laiie:-e.*ts? Isn't tills •:ui hisuMi lo the in-tc'Eiigettce of tin., farmer? 'flic Phnros snye- thnt the farmer Is one hundred yenra behind tlio .times, but Mils Is not. true. Tlii-ii wliy «hould the farmer bt-' counted upon tr> support Uiis nousenalcal pl-ntfonn of free coinage ait 10 to 1, when every farmer knows that it ciwi't be done, and that the proposition means silver monometallism- with silver worth fifty coots on tnc doliar and no takers? T«ke tibe fanner with a mortsace. The Impression Is attempted to be given tliat he can pay out at fifty cents on tihe dollar. Now a man of any 'business s«p-a.clry whatever knows that under free -coinage with the panic eJisu- ims no farmer would be aible to raise in silver or pold the amount of his first Interest payment, and •n-onld lose hJs entire property by foreclosure. No creditor will let. such a>n opportunity jro by when he -learns tliat the farme is-iit.ti'iiuptin'ff to pay him back nt flfty oontB on the dollar. The bflmks can' loan any money, the farmer can't sel anyHilnp, wnd the interest cannot be paid. The Popocrats actually go upon th streets clnimtaR the farmer vote, rely lug 001 the farmers who haven't any property at all to join forces with the farmers who hope to be able to pa; an honest debt at fifty cents on the dol la.r to sweep the country. T'he Journal predicts thnt the silent vote in tflie country will be agudnst thfo free silvei 1 fraud. JURY HAS CASE Argument in the Saxon Case Was Closed at 9 O'clock Wlwt Will the Verdict of the Jury, Be -Much Speculation. COERCION. Here is tihe workingmnn and her the employer. .The emiployer proposes to-enlarge tote plauit. The building is old and nnlienHtliy. He wants more room to employ more labor. Here Js a case where the omployei wants something. Does tliat mean that the employe should oppose it? No itslm/ply calls forIritellijgent notion. If an-ytbilng, the'employe should be more earuest anil active a^out It Uian tiie employer. Take the money; quest'ion, Uie em ployer knows that the employ* can't live on a fifty-cent dollar. He knows tluit he can't get good work out of a dead main. Does that mean that the employe Should oppose Jt? No, 1't Simply calls foir tatelligen.t action. •But Mr. Bryan says ' the employer -nnits sound money arul the employe sflwiild,' oppose it. Does he recommend tli-at tihc workJugoneu. regardless of what their employers want, should use Intelligence and vote or -what Is to their bencfi't? Not he. Every word urges workingmen to vote for free silver because their employers don't want it. What deceit tMs Is.. What dwuagogy! Wlro't appeals to men to vote nit his bidding ngaJnst themselves Igooranltly! It is an .insult to the Jn- tell'igence of the worklngman. The ima-n who has hoped for good through life party and has steadfastly foUhxwed It with excuses wtoeo necessary, stiU believing 'that It means well, has some excuse. He Js -faithful and loyal at least. But the man who seeks to do what Is beat regardless of party is Insulted by Bryan In the assumption tlrat he.can be held iln-linie by "Shouting "coercion" -when hte own and Ms employers Interests are the same. IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE ^HAT THE NEXT HOUSE WILL HAVE. A. MAJOBITX FAVORABLE TO THE FREE COIXAGH OF SILVER AT A RATIO OF 10 TO 1. WHEN IT BECOMES A DEMONSTRATED FACT THAT THBRE IS NO DANGER OK THIS COUNTRY ADOPTING THE SILVER STANDARD IN CONDUCTING THE BUSINESS OE THB COUNTRY, PROSPERITY WILL COME AGAIN AND. WITH LOWER TAXES ON THE NEOBSSARIES OF L1FB. -EVERY KIND OF BUSINESS WJLL BOOM AGAIN.—Pharos editorial, March 12, 1890, OT:—Democratic platform, 1892. ' There canmoit. be free coinage at 1C to 1 when the marker ratio is 32 to 1. There could not be free coinage at 10 to 1 when the ratio was 15 to 1. "What do the free coinage advocates mean? Ask them, make them explain. Either fraud-is intended or a man Is honestly mistaken. Make Mm state h^lnteur tlons in voting for free coinage at 1C to 1 and if he la honestly mistaken show him his mistake..;'. The flow of oratory In tlie closing hours of the Saxon case? bewail nt the oi>fiiIng of court yesterday • morning, and continued wi-tlront _lu:.ermi*si.oii until'tiie noon hour. A recess o<f an lumr was taken iiucl- until G o'clock there was a oonwtn.nt. flow of words. An adjonrnittcnit wns had for ten, and then Prosecutor Hale' delivered the- llnjil speech, the instructions were read to the jury by Judge Lalry, and at 0:30 o'clock the jury was at last'sent out to deliberate on a verdict. Deputy Prosecutor Gamble opened the argument for the State, and was followed by F. M. Klstler, for the defense. Judge Nelson followed In turn tor the State, and A, G. Jenklnes closed the case for the defense. Prosecutor Hale made the closing speech on the side of the State. Throughout the day there was a-n Interested crowd In the court room, which heard the arguments with good attention. Now that Hie jury Has the ease, there Is much speculation indulged as to what Its verdict will l>e. The concen- sus of oj) hi Ion seems to De tliat a verdict o-f guilt is almost certain, and the only guessing Is on the length) of the term they will fix upon for SaxoB. Five years seems to be a favorite ex : presslon, -wliile-maaythtaJc ten, or possibly more years will be given tine defendant In which to reflect on the errors of a life that has been Illy spent, If his past record Is to be relied on as an Indication. Whatever the verdict may be, there can'be-no doubt but that no'effort was spared on either side of the ease, and that the Jury will decide the fate of the defendant according to the law aud the evidence. Miss Plausse and her foster-mother, Mrs. Durkee, have returned to the latter's home at Corona, Michigan, but will be Informed of tlie result of the trial. There is very little sympathy expressed for Saxon, and if the Jury sees fit to punish him severely,.It will meet the favor of the public generally. GRAND OPENING SALE OF -.' EXQUISITE UNDERWEAR at the WHITE HOUSE, TODAY Everything from a 60 cent Suit to the Finest Garment made. We solicit an inspection. Wn. GRACE & Co. The White House Clothiers and Furnishers 316 Market Street. THE FORCES, How They are Dividing up on the Candidates. The aa.mpnlgn of tiie allied forces is in many respects nimislug. The siieak- s was tor several wee-las co-nflmed to C. E. .Onliter, Popufllst, Ed Horton, Free'Sll'lvor Republican, aud George Buirkluart. Then.'Judge Winfkld, Gree- loy Rcjvu'bl'lcau, aud Prof. Michael, Prohibitionist. Joined the forces. Then ca/ine Buck StanJey, FroKHxitionist. The Populists refused to indorse: Carter's action, the Prohibitionists re- setted Michael's nod Stanley's surrender nod Mio: Straight-out Populists organized amd eniroMed several hundred. Tiie Advance, the Populist orpan, shouted, "Vote for Brya-a no matter whalt you have to do to do it," and ttfe Times, ProlxlWtfott, was onto Its Job and overlooked the champagne a.t Judge Dykeman's dllumer and a drunken fight right In fronit of Ms office Bryain. day. . . In the. meantime Populists, Pr,qhtbl'. Woriists and Democruits announce that they are going to condemn this alh : imce at the polls and are strong to defeat Bryan. And the indications are that the Pro-' tlonlsfcs who were such -to aid Democracy, and the PopuJlst8 who •were eudh to aid Democracy, wflll vote for Bryan, and the 'honest and sincere Prohfbitionlat* and Populists will condemn, the action as emphatically as they can by voting for McKinley. enforced absence. The school house was- crowded. On account of out of town business D. C. Justice wu« unwblc to i>e present nit tiie meeting at Johnson school bouse in. Washington townsOiip. Good speakers were in attendance, however, and the many people who guttered to hear Sound Money'doctrine were not disappointed. • George Gamble and Frederick Landl» were at Onwiard last flight and they had a eraokerjack good meeting. Theitown hall was filled and they wera of itlie enithutastlc sort. Mr. Landiks spoke for fifty minutes and poured hot shot into Hie Popocraric ranks. He wa# <41ieered heartily. Mr. Gamble also spoke aud made a telling- talk. One of ifflie feoOures of the meeting was the singling of the glee club. Their songs caught the crowd and 'they were encored repeatedly. Quiniey A. Myers'had a big meeting nt Hoover last might. The school -house was chock full and they cheered the polnlts made by the speaker TO the echo. It wns a meeting in the "eniemy's country" nnd the enemy gives sign of capitulating, BUCKED THE TIGER. •Police Raid a Faro Qame and Capture Fifteen Players. track, thus making taxes greater in Cass county, and giving, employnien to hundreds of men. It may be tha to uunareus 01 men, it uiay OL- ui;u • , ,, ... . „ acted business in the city yesterday, the Panhandle company will borrow • , , ' r" ^ \f «o Tucwihal \\V«it-f'»ll \vlw\ lirfifc 1**, some English, money to enlarge the! shops 'here amd give employment t hundreds of men. But what is wron with this? Has it become a crfme tx give employment to labor? Tlie Pharos soys that there were fcw hundred and two veterans In the Bryan parade. TMs if true seems incredible The ll'oe as counted showed fifty-six and as the Pharos quotes rhe Cincln nati Enquirer and the Indianapolis Senittael, the only free silver metro poMtan papers in the United States, would seeni -that the statement was .so immensely exaggerated ithat it could not equal it on its own say so. 14 1 surprising tih.at any soldier would want Ills own or his comrade's pension paid a,t: fifty cents oii the dollar. GREET THE GENERALS. Sound Money Advocates Should Hear the Veteran Heroes. Tuesday, Got ,19th, from 11 a. m. to noon, distinguished heroes of a great liivfl war will speak In, Logansport on theme that attracts and Interests all Mitmlotik: citizens of many parties. A flitting reception' will! be given lsli-rankdB'g officers in' this present bwttle for Integrity, a-dd a nation's lonor. ••• ' King faro was surprised In his lair tMs .morning in the room over Al Anderson's place at the corner of Broadway and Third street. Cai>t. Skelton mud .Patrolman Graham, walked in quietly at about 1 o'clock and found fifteen gentlemen busily engmged in wool us fortune on, the turn of tiie card, They all rose to do respect' to the blue coats and brass buttons, but the Captain courteously told tucm to keep tlwlr seats. The fifteen filed down .to -headquarters, where they "put up" for theJr appearance before the 5:ayor. . B. E. Ftaraiess, tilie game-keeper, und a list of -John, Does, Richard Roes, Joe, Bill, John and .Tim Smiths are registered- fifteen ot them all told. Police headquarters looks KKe an up- v t*Htte.te gamMlirg^rooinJ - AH the ; para;' 'phennaMa was removed from tJie rooms and ciUTled to headquarters. A faro lay-out, dhuck-a-fuck table, "Old Hi," roulette wheel, and a bushel of checks, together with a rack full of cards, is bnrt'a part of the outfit .Tolm Smith, a switchman- in the Van dalia yards, was caught between the burnipers last night at a laite hour, and severely squeezed. No bones were broken, and Ills injur-ies are not .considered serious. Dr. Hether'.nston wns called-to attend the injured man. The Canton excursionists were enthu siastic yesterday over their trip. They 'had a royal good time, were delightfully entertn'Ined and six:ak in warm terms of Mayor McKInley's kind rscep tlon. HE WON HIS CLIENT'S CASE. The Pharos attempts to juggle The Journal figures on the purchasing power of a gold dollar In 1873 and at the present time. Will the Pharos meet thJs Issue squarely? Will it give the Spares on wages'?. TOW *t explain other' •prices? iNow Juet for/once fight In .the . open,, meet, the Issue,. >r>on't i dodg«. : j ^ COUNTRY MEETINQS. iound Money Speakers fleet Encouragement at Man> Points - Five Sound Money meet-lugs were, jeld in Oaas county -last ulght. At Royail Center Robert J. LoveHwid addressed many voters effectively. It was nn excellent meeting, ruK of life and enitb;n«iflsm for a Ju»t cause. It was only one of the many successful meetings held by Mr. Loyeland In the county. • .,..•' • .V ." • ''. „' .. •".-. :. At Olymers, where ,S.. T. McCannell LOVELAND AT THE RINK. Tonlffht'5 fleeting Closes His Series in Cass County. With Uie meeting a* Broadway rink tonight, a successful series of Sound Money meetings will be closed by Robert J. Loveland of Miami coumty. Some of the most stirring country meetings have been those at wbicu Mr. Lovelaud was principal speaker. Tonight the people are invited to hear him ably meet sliver, flat argn mentis with cold factsaund cotuon sense, and ladies are welcome. . Good music will enllveii, oratory can but. Interest in' vlow of the 'Importance ot l-he Issues, and those who take a seat -a,t the rink tonight w.IH profit much. Xne McKln- ley club's meeting was pcBqjoned until tonight to allow members to take advantage of this meeting, It ilia* been one of the pet Lobbies «t •the Pliarc4) to refer to tiie Pan-handle railroad to which Logansport owes Its very existence, as aa "Englisli" railroad. Tlita is clearly a m.-stake. Possibly the Pharos does not know that three thousand miles of water separates the United States from England. The Panhandle, railroad does not run to England, and is In -no way controlled by England.. English money sells at 2 per cent. Interest, amd It may ; be thnt the Paajhandle .comjMniy iborrowed Sao««»rul Venture of t Broker.*** Inal Adv»»te «t the Ba» A Jacksonville broker, in the Alabama mountains, w«* _ by tt friend, a local judge, to attend the trial of a "cracker",for shooting:^* 'nig 1 ger," and the prisoner having DO money to hire a inwycr, the judge a^fOt»\r<l the broker to defend him, alleging that if the broker was nota lawyer "b» was ao idiot because be wasn't one"—a Judgment amply supported by his conduct of the cose. The broker, says tn« San Francisco Argonaut,- cross-examinfd the witnesses briefly, sending In now and then a discomfiting traj^n* 1 ?When he came to moke a apceoh be said: "Gentlemen of the Jury, 1 bow taken jjreot -pains-:to,.show you _tha t n>y. f"«nt •Was a >erfpiec'fWae .•oi'ti«<Mii-> 'Ten .-W-lt- nesses hsve asserted—on oM-h, mind yoa—that be stands high In hia com munlty." The defendant WM sl> feet three Inches tall, and the jury smiled. "Be stood high In the community, and that Is sufficient. Now for the h»w. We find that the SOtb verse of the JMt>«*«p ter of 'Chltty on Pleadlnirs*—ChHty. geotlernon, was one of the bravest gen erals !n thecobfedeniteanny—this weM- established principle of lew." H**» «k« broker ad just* hte glasses, boMs ""book f»r off, elevates his chin sw»« ".'No nn^x-ctsble white man out guilty of crime." That, gentlemen. Is enough. 1 leave the cose In your b»od»." Each juror changed Msqttldw.lcx|s*4j.t his neighbor, nodded, and. witbont to»T- Ingr their stoU. rendered a loud sod em- phntlc verdict of "not guilty," »»d then joined In three cheers for tbstfefejMlmt and hit lawyer. A Oasla«M WMSBJS, Tlie Ducbcs* De Qino, wh« American by birth, Is a re»» ,, . . bright business woman, pcrsoMtto supervising her targe estate Hr—*"- -"•"• recently ordered a 13-story be«re«tcd|»3f«wYorJ«,i " pletlon she has rented i „. coritroct for 'the rental of JToor for B, term of 'yeaw bo«n completed for tso<000 ago Uie ducJisss purchased s busiuc** site for $300.000, — tberc'Bhe b«dthe above wen hig erected. WIl PERSONAL. I HoddfesOn ol! iWinamac, trans- who has been visiting Miss Mollie McGregor, return- e<l home this morn-ing. Fred Webb of Peru, came down on. his wheel yesterday and spent a few hours with friends. James Horuaday, of the Indianapolis Xew«, was in the city yesterday on , the return trip from Chicago, after accompanying the Bryan special on Its. trip through the State. Dr. G. W. Harding, formerly of Adams township, this county, and late the house physician of Chicago-. Post Graduate medical school and hospital, has removed to North Manchester to enter the practice of medicine at tliat place. He has been a successful physician nnd leaves a host of friends In Cass county who wish him the full measure of success in his new home. DRUM CORPS TO All members of tlie BepuUlican. drumi corps are -requested ,to. meet iat the- rink this evea-ing tit 7 o'clock. If your children are subject to cro»j> watch for th» first symptom of the dis- ease—hoarseaess. If Chamberlain's- Cough Remedy Is given :is soon as the- child become hoarse It will prevent tho attack. Even .after tiie croupy cough has appeared the attack can always be prevented by giving this remedy. It is also Invaluable for colds and wliooplng cough. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. .T.nues Luce, who has been employed 01 the city for some time, was arrested yesterday upon an affidavit preferred >y a Whiite county young woman. The- charge Is, paternity. Luce Is an indus- uiS young man, apparently of good habits. The arrest was made by Patrolman Houghton, who turned the prisoner overtoil White county consta- 3le who took him to MonticeHo. Among the toothsome articles on a recent Welsh menu was "Saws HiifeB a Chwcwmerau Gwynbysg." While not jxaotly on speaking terms with Welsh one feels tliat he has encountered'a re- atlve of the above in the,restaurant mince pie. Joseph Fiunegan, a farm .hand, fell from a hay loft in a 'barn four miles South of thfe city ,ycsterdmr. 'ftcd sns- ataed injuries whl^h partially paralyzed him. He wo« removed to St Toeeph's hospital and is now under the- care of Dr. Holloway. It now appears that Li Hu'ng- Cliantf* trip was .the idea of the dowawer empress of China, who believed that a _n*\yledge of the Institutlonsof Europe an* America was necessary to the wel- are of China. The old lady haa a large, head. Th« new woman seems to hare made icr app<?arance In China. The daughter jf a magistrate In Shnntum acts as reaanrer In her father's district, keep* M*> books, pays the bills and stirs up lelinqueu-t debtors. The funeral of Mrs. Ida Hiiatt, who tted oi the resldenae of bar niothtr, . Sarah- Zoo* at No. 215 Spring treet, Soutnslde, Thursday evening, vlll be held tomorrow from St. John's liuroh in CllBftou township, services ondueted by the Rev. T. S. Freeman. Highest of all in Leafrwiing Strengtli.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. ;money^^..;-bec«ui»; It was j ^

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