Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 10, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1896
Page 3
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How did it Happen that the old-fashioned, : laborious way of ' .-. *.«. -,,r,~\ r%* OH ' !D C ^ 'washing was ever given to woman ^ ber particular work? It's an imposmo / _ ~.. i i ^ _ 1....;^ 1 "L/-1 /-MV \/ tn as >n r u*-"i pen Liv^ni-n .,.,--- on her. .She ought to have Lad only, the hiss to do-a:«l iv.cn. ptrpn;: healthy tJ'hav-c taken up this washing business, -c is a susrs:cs::o:i. -m ll:o!=c families stiil stick to so-;>nnd, make t.ic.r v/ash- r»edlessly hard and unplear.r.r.t, let the that work. They' re better fitted for •' The Looansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty.to Women Children and Animals E. S. Bice—I'N>ii. Geo. W. IViiltcnt-Sec. J. J. MIlilobrniKlt-Treiui W. yi, BMIOP-MIIJIMIIIMI Officer. «. 3. Rice. J C. Barter, v. c. cooibough Geo W Wulter*, J.J- Hlldebrandt, Feelced Justice . Isynh Adatm. Mrs, W. D. r*att Mrs. J. N. Nell. Tcleohone No. 30. Rejoit cases of cruelty to Secretary. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose J2 Express Ad, 25o. Prevents Wetting Bead -floor or Walls. Hornless Water Closets. 3end tor Catalogne Frost Proof Water Cloiets, Self-Acting Water Cloaets, Kelly Stop and .Waste Cock, THOS. KELUY;& BROS., No. aoi Madison Street. Chicago. " STATE NATIONAL BANK J.OGAN8POHT. Of\PtT«L - S20O.OOO J. F. Johnion; Pr«»ld«nt g. W. Ullery. Vice President. H. J. Haltbdnk..CMhl«r. DIRECTORS. t. T. Johnson. 8. W. Cilery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott. W. H. Bnldw. Buy mud «»'! Government bonds. money *n personal gecurlty and collater- Si ls«ue special 'certificates of deposit. Marine I per cent. Interest when left oiw r; 3 per cent, per »nnum when depos- *«£tr D«*«» ™? of «£ tank for the deposit of deeds, lnsur»ticr ^•lldes, mortgages and ether Talluables rented at from IS to »1S i»«r year. Greatest Discovery oi tne 19th Century. Dr. Tengne'i NIW KKMTOY Medicated Air For tbe Cure of Catarrh, Asthma and all Pnlmonarj Dlseaaw, It has no equal fix Sick and Nervous Hend- ecbe, 1,000.000 people die annuallj from the above named Medleat* llr 4 Dm* Co., Hlohmond, Ind., 0. S. A. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BEOADWAT. CHAS.L.WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKFR >: N». 41T Market ff tuet. . C«lls attenflod to proliptly, ot7 •' "fintral Union and Mutual telepbomeg. Offlce, No. .W; 'Heridence. No. UL A quee-r persona^*, giving -his name as Dr. Charles- King, astonished physl- . clans in Waterburj-, Conn., by telling thorn 'that he had two hearts. The doctor would not believe the nian's statement and .preceded, to make an examination. He was able to detect two beats, one on- the right and one on the left side of the body. This might be caused by a transmlttance of action so th« man was.told. But lie fooled the phystci-an by stopping the one and al lowing the other to beat, and making them beat alternately. Kins says he •has flippcired before nil the leading scientists of -the country, and none has 'been able to explain the case. DISEASES OP THE SKIN. The intense Itching and smarting hid dent to eczema, tetter, salt-rheum, nnd other diseases of the ekin w instantly allayed by applying Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very bad oases have been jdy for aore'mpplGsj ^....v.-i-^— -. , — Mains, froat bitt*, : nnd chronic sore eyes '•For sale by druggist's at 25 cents'j*r box.. TryDr. Cwiy'i Condition Po^derrythe • we jurt what a horse neo-ds when in bml condi tion. Toric,b)bot]piivin«-"ni:d veriD.-fuge. Republican Meetings. Republican speaklngswill be held at the following places in Cass county: Saturday eraninjr, Oct 10th, Broadway rluk, Loga/nsport, Robert J. Loveland? Saturday evening, Oct. lOtli, Hazel Patch school bouse, BeUMehem township, Q. A. Myers. Saturday erouln-g, Oct. 10th, Center school 'liouse, Jeffai-son township, D. C, Justice. .. , Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 13th, Broadway rink, Hon. James E. Watson of Rushvflle. Generals Alprer and Howard and Corporal Tanner, Republicans, and Generals Sciigel and Sickels, Democrats, will speak for Sound Mopey Tuesday, Oct. 13th, -at 11 o'clock, a. m., Logons- port. • . ' 'Tuesday evening, October 13, Dea;on, W. T. Wilson. Friday evening, October 23', Harness school bouse. Tieer Creek township, D. B. McConnedl. W. M. Keaney, of Rochester, a former Democrat and a witty and eloquent speaker, will speak In Cass county as follows: . Monday evening, October 12, Toung America. Tuesday evening, October 14, Galves:on. Wednesday evening, October 14. Walton. Thursday evening, October 15. Twelve Mile. Friday evening, October 10, Lucerne. Saturday evening, October 17, Royal Center. Thursday evening, October 15th, at the New school house in Noble town- shop, George Funk. ,, Friday afternoon, Oct 1C," Broadway rink, Hon. Frank Hanley. . ' , Saturday evening, October 17, Center school house, D'eer Creek township, Q, A, Myers. Martin A. Qulnn, a Miami county Sound Money Democrat, will speak Monday evening, October 12th, at New Waverly. " ' •' Tuesday evening,, October 13fh, Deacon,. Martin A. Qulnn. Wednesday evening, October 14th CflUoway school house, Jefferson township, M. A. Qulnn. Thursday evening, October 15th, Concord school house, .Jefferson township M. A. Qutnn. • Fulday evening, .October ICth, Gransinger school house, Adams township M.'A. Qulnn. Saturday, evening, October 17th, Otf ward", M. A.'Qulnn. , '. • Hon. Hiram Brownlce, of Marlon speak at the rink, .in Logansport Saturday night, October 17th. KIND OFFERINGS. Donations to ~ the Home for th< 1 Friendless. The managers of the .Home for tlu Friendless •repor't''the ; .i:ollow.i l ng. dona tions:. '' : .i'..'...^.st' •••-•' - '•;'«•• '.' • Mrs. I.saac.,Smitli r -"bq§ke't:flpples i an one chicken.,.:•'.,':'•...•; •;>>•-•• •' ;-: •••.' ill's. Ham—vegetables.;- -• : . Mrs. Shye—meat. •'-'••• Mrs. Mlllfi£-6i»-basket grapes. .Mrs, ;F peaches... : .... ....... •-•;:• Mrs. ,T. D. Fe.rjti3.sp'nH4.bushel apple ' -Mr. Kotliermelr-Vi-bushel apples, v,. Contin-ental Fraternal Unlon-on cake- ••••-. ; .•/•-••••' ,Wim. Wyukoop—one ba&ket tomatoes one head cal>b.'ige,Vone dozen ears corn •Mrs. Fisher—one.cn'n. j-aspberrles. Mrs.' C. H.» Dale—% -gallon plum butter. Mrs; Dn.hle^ne dozen cabbage, on peck cucumbers. . . -. ', . 'Mrs. Kunse—one pint milk dally. • Keystone- Grocery—two quarts^ oysters. - --.-.- .>.-.'. Mrs. Voss—three dozen eggs. Mrs. L. Souders— one bushel grape: Mrs. ,T. H. Brinfrburst—3IT> beef. For th-ose donations' the lady mana gors are very grateful. A CATARRH BOOK. Pe-ru-na Is the greatest ca.tarrh reme dy bnowiL It cures, catarrh whiereve located. .A book by Dr. HartnHfflVde: voted entirely tp'isfltnrrh.'wUll b&Ben to any. iaddreas - by Ttie'.-Pe-ru;Tia.^]5ru ..Manufacturing Company, Colum'bus SubBdrlbe for Th*. Jounuit Vew Branches Projected by the Pennsylvania. ACTIVE EVERYWHERE General News of Railroads and Rail- road/Employes. Indiana-polls .Tournnl: Meulion was nade recently thai prellmluiiry stops md been taken for bu-ildinj,' a link vhich would coiiwoc-t the Vandwlla- nnd •.he Ch-lcago & Eastern Illin-uis and wid to rbc cshiblUhinjj o-f anolher line >ctwee.n St. Louis nnd Ohioago. It was then thought the Chicago & 1111- loist wa.s tlK- backer <rf the. enterprise, but of late it has come to light that the 'ciMisyivania. company,' opera tins the VamlijJia- was ruriusliing the money to )uild the road, which, is to be known n,s Hie Shelibyville Southern. The new ine will be formi-d by the Cliicago •& 12astwu rili.no.is to Altamont, 111., where cnnnecilon. will be made with •he VandaJia, or rcuusy;va.ni;i, rhe Baltimore & Ohio Soutlierii.' a.nd the' \Vabash. Next-, Momlay. fra.c," laying iVl.il liegin at Altamont, on the ShelViy- vi-Ile Southern railroad, an extension of lli'ft Eas-tern Illinois, nnd is to be lompleted to ShclbyviUc by Novonibei' 10. A steel viiiduct 5.-ir,0 CIT in length nvd 100 t'ect in height , _ls 'being erected u-ross t-li-c Kaskaska river nt SheJby- vjllo. Altnmonfls 114 mllps from St. Louis on the main, line or Hie three •oatls named a.nd- Shclbyvillc is tbe present turmiiuis. of the Easicrni I1H- io!s. Since tire rece.ut rtesil between the Illinois Central and th-e Big Four, by which, the Penns.vlv.'uira. road was eft: without a- €liic;i^o-SI:. Louis Ui'iei t-ive In.t't.er lias been fishing around for n.n-otho.r connection between its Van'- djnlia line and some Chicago road, 'and this connection it has iww found In thl- Eastern Illinois!. •While 1 ' the roims>-lvaiiia. company Is itrwigtbenlng its lines in the West, by building new links'! in- the East the PeiHisylva.nta -railroad com'pa.ny is not idle. -Plan's have been completed b.v the PenJi.syh-a.u-Ui company to extend their Hues in Maryland a-nd Southern Pennsylvania to such an extent that a largo sum of money will b? necessary and there' will be a large number of men who are at present out of work given employment' in the service of the company in those extensions. It will be remembered' that a few months ago the company acquired a controlling interest In w-bat is known as' the .York Southern railroad, and it is now the intention to extend tills road.' It as present has its tormlmis at Delta, Pa., tliroush, Hartford, Md., to Mongolia Station, on the Plj.Uadel-phin, Wllmto ton & Baltimore road. KAOiLROAD NOTES Born, to. Panhandle Engineer S. W. Shaver and. wife, -a. SJD, was thrown Mfch aimoug tlie icicgrnpli wires, but escaped sc-rlous Injury. S. W. Davis of Richmond, traveling freight agent for' the Panhandle, was in the city yesterday. . 'J. ,H. .Hydi.ii.ger of tlie Panhandle road, mashed his hand yesterday while operating' a -ha-ml car. .Tames McCren, first vice president of the Pennsylvania company," l» .a : ti-lp over the Western lilies. iT-he Peuaisylvauia and the Baltimore &' Ohio will Join in bulling a vladnc' •for, elevated 'tracks nt Tiffin, p.'. • ;Bvory ..'employe -of the Vandalia .who pissed the tes't as to' slgl'H arid hearing by aa'expert employed b'y^ the com'psiny •is; Being.iplyen. a 'certificate^ good eye stgli't. ijoad-ng. •'••••.• '^Charles Jj.Snide-r.'-ari employe of tlii reunsya-v.aW.compa'uy, had-.the toger !of-*fs--;rlpljt .hand ifTushpd"; ycstprda: iutfriiiug-by the slfpiW.of a.r£l. . Ht will biTlafd off' for pererc: ' cays' ns > •'T-esutt.', 1 .. ? y mnd offl-cl-jil !XD'ii(onnceme« of the end<,of tht telegraphers' strike oik -i-ts. 'tine,- and -WcM'aat all. (TJifflc, both freight am passenger,.' had been . resumed at a,l .'points on- Its line.' ..... ' •Yesterday while Pa-n.h-a.ndle pusson .per train No. 318 which' Is due Here .a -1:03 p. m., was passing through Kent land, It struck a wa.gon and com-pletelj •demollsbecl It. : The wagon "was driven by a man named William Weist, wh • it is rumored that A, .T. Smith, gen eral passenger agent of the Lake Shor and- "Michigan Sourhern, willl short.!} resign to accept a positioa wltb an Eastern road. He b : ns been with th Lake Shore for eight, years, and wa at one time. with tbe old Bee Line. So nmch Improvement lias .there bee in 1 the clwiracter of the railway em ptbyes who hnndle money, of the com panics that -the American Guarante association, which a few "years ag chairged an "employe $7.50 for furnish ing a bond to. the roiid of 'StOOO/no-n fi^rnl'Shes as good a bond at -$4 pe ,fi;ooo. , ' '' .''••'. '•' Surveyors "Jire, now in the field. local ing an extension for the .Chicago & Al ton : railroaa .; from 'Washington, ' 111., t Peorla. The.dlstauce is 1 . ; only, " twelv miles, and as there, are ho'lieavy grade CLOTHING. CLOTHING We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up j| to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our 012.00 Suits go for $9.00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.5O Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 500 FOR CHOICE OF OY STRAW HAT IN THE-STORE. 25c choice of .*ny of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys' Ducfc Suits one third off, th«y are bargains. Kcw is the time lo buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat cr Gents Furnishing Go ds, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH..'& GRACE & CO.,; 264 BROADWAY. or other obstructions to be'surinouuted he new road can. 'M constructed j cheaply. • . • ! Engine 108, out of the l:irgo. Sclieuec- tndy locomotives, yesterday hauled 'train 20, on the Vaudalia,. from St. Louis to Indianopolis, arriving three minutes ahead of time. This is the second mix -'by this engine between tlie. points narncil,' and it w,is accomplished without difficulty. • Excursion rates. nt ft fare and '-oite--- third for the round trip have boon granted by the Central passenger committee for the following occasions: Commercial Travelers' cou.yen.ripn, Bingha,mton, N. Y-. Oct. ISi.Xatkm^ Butter Egg and Poultry association. Chicago'. 111., Oct. 5 and" 10; American, Secular Utforannd Freethough'tFedera- tl'ou, ChUcafro, 111., N>v. 13 to 15. , , , - . All Important stations on .the .Now. York Central are supplied with tov-ilid chairs for the transfer of passengers between trains and conveyances. .. A sick person who is traveling .on _ one of. its trains and wishes to DC transferred. to a carriage oix the '^arrival of the train at tbe dostinmtion i"ns only to inform the. conductor, <ind he telegraphs ahead what is wanted and an attendant Is a,t (lie sHUloB' wi.tl). tJac chair.. . Of Health is Happiness Indiana Depurator Company placed te,Dr. J, B.xSnultz office at 417 PourHi;; street, one of their instrumenta,^for the ihent of Catarrh, AsthniairHay HOW'S THIS. . We offer One Hundred Dollars' re ward for any case of Catarrh that can not' be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. • : "F. J. 'Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0:; We, tbe; undersigned, hare known F X Cheneyi' for the last 15 years, and be- Ite've him ' perfectly. •, ..honoraj?lp In., all biislnees transactions., and .financially able to carry out.any. obligations. made by -their drm. . .. v ..... ;-.,. .-, ;.•.•;. • •' WEST:' &:TRUAX,. Wholesale^ prog. .-.gists, Toledo, 6.,,.. -, .-. ' .'. WALDING,' KINNAN & ....MARVIN, ^Wholesale Druggists, ToJ|dp, Q.,,, ,. . .'Hall's Catarrli .Cure "is :taken' Inter nally, actlnig directly upon the blood aid ' mucotas ' surfhces of the system Testimonials sent ~free;'; Price 75c pe bottie: Sold by all druggists.-" Broiiehitis and Consumption We do positively cure the above named diseases also Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skiit and bipod diseases: It you are afflicted or have friends who are afflicted, do not fail to investigate at once. See testimor nials of Leading Physicians: also testimonials of patients cured, on file at office Parlors of the Indiana Depurator Company at Dr. J. B. Shultz' office 417 Fourth Street Logansport, II for the Friendless: Schatt, Wcible. r.' DONATIONS Siuitb... Miller, «h'cpard,. Champion, 'Plicrsou, Pixler «i.nd >fycrs. They will meet at Pixlor's billiard parlor Sunday forenoon.'to nrraugc tor'the ga-mo. ... •A dispatch' fratn Perry,, Oklahoma, plves th-e' terms 'o-f n. political bet that breaks the record up to date. The aispatclTsay*: "A projected marital event figures In a novol election, wager made at White Rock, a smnll villnsc northwest -of here. The parties to the" wago ar'e M/iss Alice Younger, n Repub- ilcn;n i adlrereut, ajid Thomas .T. Sfcmtou. a 'follower of Bryan. By the terms of the wager, If Bryan- is elected. , Miss Younper wHl accept, young , Stanton's band in marriage .tlie'.next day, but if McKlntey, is elected, the'marriag* will not only not ensue but Stnnton must dlscon'tinue his attentions to her. Further, if Bryan is electe<i. Miss Younger will have to purchase the wedding certificate and license; arid pay tbe 1 preacher's fee." ; "WILtL BE A NOVEL 'GAME.' ' The. following one-armed men form th'e-bnse ball nine that is. to meet the one-legged' ball fcea.nvin. a- same tor th* benefit of the tiosjntal and the Home '"'"Oklahoma.-promise-to .be.in th« near .future.one of, the great cotton-proUuc- ^ug Sta'tesl Goy. Kcenfra,w,.iii(.his an-, uu'al' report. ,sa;>-S'tha.t the ante-bellum declaration "cptfxgi!.is..bi.np!\skeins,ap- plicable tQ.qklAhomfi; \Qklalio-ma wil1 'shortly rank' amons. the' cotton • Staxe? of the unloii'. f -%fijcss;the,prbsent. lnd.1- 'cations'- faiil/th^.present co.ton; crop of Oklahoma will" be <nr the greatest ever S-athcrcd, ainiV'he'-'predl.ots.'for the com-, ming'year puc^of"'genulne prosperity. ' 'That i.obp : Caiiadia.ns-.' r sbouM einl- pra'te.'ffr Brazil 'is a .matter for the serious cousi'dcratloJi of the Canadian government and people.' The parry, left the 0'l.hor day from Montreal, despite the exertions of tbe mayor of the city a ad tiro minister o-f the interior, acting evidently upon the- advice of a Brazil- -ian commissioner. Tb« case has naturally excited attention in the Canadian, house of commons, yet the government Is powerless to. prevent people lea vine the country. OHTJCKE^ PIE SOCIAL. ' The ladies of the Ninth street Christian cblurch' gave a chicken 'pie social and suprie-r last night at the home of .T. B. \Vl'a't«-s on Eighth street. There mas a good attendance, and a pleasant time. 'At-, the -Broadway. -Prcsbytertaa- .cturdh neiiSabbaHi morning there'-will be a-"FJTSt. Fruits" service.;• Dbha* fions of fruit, ; nowers^Tegetabfea, can j nod Cniit,' ctic., : -may : bc-'scJit' "- chiir<fli on 'S-aifcurday. These; 1 a may. be distributed by a' competent conMjiittee aimoug 1 tl>e poor;- We'- look for'a Jiberal,resi>oiise'as^-e have, had; a bOTiptKul harvest.—Committee: ' " • You need Hood's Sarsaparltla to enrich and purify your blood, create an appetite and give sweet, . refreshing sleep., :••'.. • , •has fouikr'iii. seywii pa'rts of Alaska, ticularly a.t St.! Jo)in' the •Baptist JM£/'.: Whitcstonti narrows. . Uood'« s: "b'ay,.; '.Mi-tclK'irs- baj--' aad Marble bluffs: Th.e '• diffiireut localities 'ji'ro'-sooQ to be. thoroughly -prospected by.skilled m'c^-; T\-)r.li a view to opening, them and ma'iS;. keting the product. ' •••'• The Audubon society of Nex Is making a.n effort to stop the u«e'of>: bird .plumape-.'to decorate women's hats.- . A Florida paper, however, asser.tsttiere, is "still a great slaughter of bright;; 1 plumage birds for the market" in that -. State-Tlw reform' must come from the ; v women themselves. Thoughtful wom ? :r en should refuse to wear tbe wings of 'a dreul bird upon tlicic hats/ : '.. V ' _ . "Boys will be boys," but .you can't; '^| *fford to lose any of '.them. Be readr'-'^ for the preen apple seaicn by harlngrj^ DcWItfs Colic .&, pbolera Cure la the- : '*|p ' se.— Tno- : M. Johnston. •' ''^1 . Natural gas^ bills for'the month, o October are now due and payable at,. ^i| thefcomp'any's office on penrl street ' Subscribe, for' onnuiL

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