Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 3, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1896
Page 6
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FOR FIFTEEN YEARS £!£¥. JOSEPH SI Tried aM Serfs of Medicine, but None Afforded Relief. Somewhat Discouraged but with Faint Hope He was led to fry a Hew Remedy. Read what He now Says. BIG CROWDS. Listen to Bryan Deliver an Address at Springfield, 0, Speaks from the Car Platform to Twenty Thousand People—Fusion Probable in Wisconsin. . From the Ga:ctlt, Catena, Hiinois. Thcro is probably no m.ilmly to which the i includes in iiis eon.crcgntion a Inr^r number Hunrun body is liuble so painful or uvgruvat-' ot well-to-do farmers, chie:!y fruin tin- Slute rheumatism. The pewon «. unfortu- »/'l'<y''. lsvl ™.' lil1 . '."""J' of" them rcsideuu of the vicinily siiict; pioneer Inn nag as rlieumntisni. 'J'lie person no uiifbrtu auto as to be afflicted with this insiilntis disease Ima no outward indication ol inward torment. Unlike oilier disorders it does not <aftcn affect the appetite nor docy it in most linstances reduce the flc.ili. Often a certain flush in the fare accom- jwiiies the ailment and leads the friends of *he patient to congratulate him on his healthy nppenrarr.-c with ihe familiar expression, "haw well you look," >vliilo lie is sufferim; the most acute tni'nifiit. Not often bbiug trie direct cause nf finality, tho pntient does not generally receive the sympathy of fnends n-i is the past.' of-oilier complaints. Oftea during the day there i* :i marked subsidence of the niu'n and the si'.-fc ninn is uh!o So pet nroiiml witli considerahli; ooiiiibrt only to feel the most eierncmtinsr oijony on reiir- Jnc and the night, is ."pent in the most puin- fol sleeplessness. Sunii'tinie.i the flijeiise as- snmc.i a miiTiitory character movin-.- Irani limb to limb. This is the must alarming symptom as it is apt to locate in the vital part- 1 ) in whiuli cuss it ix liable to pi-nye faral. 'Under _the most favorable circumstances an otherwise healthy hody niay went: out the disease, but the e.'t.vc.s when onoe soatofl nnd recovery follows ,.re few. Frequently it does not succumb without leaving ihe'fx- iremities in ti deformed condition and the I bands often remaining perniatsemly out of I aiape. After seeming convalescence it is; iiftble to return on Ilie slightest provocation. ! The application of ernbroeiition-i and oth outward remedies may, in a sliqlu rfegre alleviate the sufl'erin; but are powerless Sive permanent relief. This wonliy minister informed the reporter thnt for lifu-eii years liowus the victim i.fthut dread disease, rlicnmiitism, ami snllered nearly all Ihe tormrats above deseribed, The prcseripiions furnished by skillful ]>!:/- siciuns gave only temporary relief. 'J'lie various advertised remedies which were recommended to him were alike powerless to mitigati! his suH'erinns. Tim pitin was so intciisL 1 that he eontcnipiutcd abiuidouinc; hiy t'.'JIidjr because the disease iutei-fei'rd so much wilh the necessary preparation for the duties of his olliee. discoiirngcil, but ivitii n faint hope of recovery, he was led To try Dr. Williams' ['ink Pills for Pali 1 People". It took bur a (iliort time to tt'fl the ell'ei't of the iiifil- ieine in a _ marked alleviation of hi* terrible ai;ony. After three innnliis he was comparatively free from pin'n. Jle continued the use. of the remedy at lo:ij:er intervals nnd at the end «:'MX months lie felt that the discii.-ic \viis. - -. " RET. JOSEPH SECHtER. A gentleman connected with the press was recently conversing with Ecv. Joseph Sech- Tctwho furnished him with some information concerning the above mentioned disease. Mr. Sechler Is a clergyman of the .Reformed Church and hns been a prominent minister of that body for over thirty years, and has nearly all that time resided in Lena, Stephenson County. 111. He was active in founding the- Northern Illinois College at Balcota in that county, and was for eight years secretary of that institution and for. two yeara ita financial agent, which position 64- had- to abandon from- causes hereafter mentioned, since which time he has taken charge of a congregation of his brethren in Ul* town of Harlem n few miles from his residence. Through his efforta the Salem Reformed Church, one of the neatest and most- appropriate country churches in Illinois/-was built three years ago. The interior (•'finished in- modern style and the frescoing, although not so elaborate, is in taste not be- iad tic wealthy city edifice*. Mr, Sechler entirely eradicated. Another great benefit caiiu' to him at this time. During this fifteen yrnrs of suflcr'ii£ there wns milled to the malady the lesser one of piles which itself would have been n terrible alllictioii but for' Ilie over-shariowinir one ot rheumatism. In tlse ell'ort to cure the greater the lesser one ptive way. lie can now fulfil; the duties of ilia ciillinj" without bciriK diverted by the agony thnt he suffered fur so mnny years. IK- din with confidence conscientiously recommend the pills to all afllicted with the diseases mentioned above, Tliis worthy minister would, if necessary, make aflidavit to the foregoing statements, but feels somewhat diflident nbout cloii-.^ so in a eommunily where his -word is taken without question. -Mr. Soclilcr's case was so remarlcnble that at & subsrfjiient iuli'i-vicw tlie pre.'j representative inquired if lie \vas nvare of any other remarkable ciirn.'i eflected by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Ifu replied that he was somewhat cautious about recommending advertised remedies, but if he wanted to know more he might inquire of Joseph Hutmuc- iier, E.sq., nn official member of Rev. Seen- ler's congregation, who resides a short dis- ance north of the church referred to above. Mr. Hntmnclier is a prominent, fanner of the :own of Hurlem v-hose 1 ambition never "ex- ended beyond hie own town, but he has filled nearly all the town offices up to supnr- •isor and is well-known in the county. He ras enthusiastic in his praise of the pills. le stated that for three years he was an in- ense sufferer with kidney troubles and a endeney to dropsy but always accompanied with rheumatism. The most skillful medial treatment measurably succeeded with lie two former but the latter defied their flbrts, No wonder that he was .credulous hen his pastor related his experience and ceommended the remedy that hud relieved is suiTering. However, after using two >oxes of pills according to directions, lie bean to feel relieved and a continued use of lem effected a perfect cure. He -has recora- icnded them to l-.is neighbors and they have iTnriably benefited the afflicted when taken ccordinij to directions. Ho always keeps he pills'in the house in case there should be ndications of a return of the disease. Should any afflicted one wish-for reference egarding the above named gentlemen a let- er addressed to the bankers of Lena or reeport, 111., or any of the public men of ;cpnenson County, will procure, the neocs- ary information. Of course a stamp or ard should be inclosed. ' • Dr. Williams' Pink Pilln for Pale People re now given to tbe public as an unfailing lood builder and nerve restorer, curing all rms of weakness arising from a watery con- tion of the blood or shattered nerves. Tbe 11s are sold by all dealers, or will be sent oat paid on receipt of price, 50 cents a box, rsix boxes for $2.50 (they are never sold in ulk or by the 100), by addressing Dr. Wil. anas' Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y. Columbus, 0,, Sept. £•. — Notwithstanding 1 tho early hour at which the train thnt bore Mr. Bryan and his party from thu city left Wednesday morning, there was a crowd of a thou- Mirid people present at Hie stiition to see him off. The pcrty took a "Big- Four" train for Spring-field at eight a, m. . , 'Springfield, 0., Sept. 2 — The tmin bearing Mr. Bryan arrived .hurt ar, 9; 35 n. in. The booming- of cannon announced his nrrivnl, and th a <,'."iish from the .steps of the t-nr to '.he j.lnt- form -vvns simply terrible, 20,000 people being" present. Mr. Bryan ?pol'C as follows: "Lnd!e? and Gentlemen: Por n few moments only I shall occupy your attention because a largo portion ot my voice has been left alor.K the line of travel where It Is still calling- sinners to reiientence. [Great lauRhter.] I am told that In this city you msiriufucture more agricultural Implements than arc manufactured In any other e.lty of the country. I am (, r 'nd to talk to a people who recoRnlr.e their dependence upon the farmers 01' this country. I have had occasion to talk to some who seem to Imagine the harder up they could make the farmers tho better they would ba off. I am glad to talk to you who recognize that the dollars which you receive are earned by those who convert the natural resources of the country Into money, ihose who till the soil-, and from Its fertility springs forth this nation's primary pi-cat- ness. As a. matter of 1'act the farmers and the laboring men arc the foundation of society, [Cheers.] "How does'the goIU standard affect you? You make your implements and you sell them to the. farmer. Suppose tin- farmer ilnds Ills taxes don't s° down, his inter- eat does not so down, his debts don't go down, but the price of all that ht ic-llsgoes down. What does ic moiin? It in^ans that lie has a less amount to expend 011 agricultural Implements anil on thu suppon of his family. [Cheers.] "My friends, remember relief cannot come to you from those who have fastened this yoke upon you. You may go to Xow York or Boston and find financiers who doubt the greatness of this country and proclaim tlie necessity for foreign aid. Tho men -who do that know more- about Europe than the United States. They go of toner, to London than to the great prairies of the .west and south, [Cries of "Good 1 ,] If because of their more intimate acquaintance with foreigners, they have exaggerated .Idfias of the necessity of 1'orelgn aid, you people who llye between thcAlleg-henyand the golden hills, who are willing to trust your all upon the republic and rise or fall with It, you havo the power and tbe right to take the relr.s of government In your own hands nnd administer the law not for foreign syndicates, but for tho people ot the United States." [Great applause.] MoHHiigti by Currlor Flgocm. Columbus),.-' 0,,-Sept. 2.--At the request of It. E. Blaney, a fojcier of-Grafton, W. V a., three carrier pigeons were, released from the roof ol the Cbiltori- den hotel at nine n. m., Wednesday with a messago from William J. Bryan to the ciemocrats of West Virginia. The following is-the message: "To the. democracy of West Virginia: May your, efforts In behalf of free silver be as untiring as the pigeon's wing, 'and the, spread of '.silver-sentiment among the people of your/state as rapid as the flight ot the carrier'of. this: "'""— T "° " In 1802 the same tow .is and citie* pave Fuller (rep.), SS,f!39; Smalley (dem,), 1S,0(W; all others, i,73i. Fuller's plurality, Ln.IJ.'SG; majority, 17,015. ,' St. Albn'is, Vt., Sept. S.—According to the returns gathered here by the chairman of the republican committee with six towns to hear from. Grout (rep.), for governor, has a plurality of 38,757. ' • The ruisKirfr towns in 1802 guve a republican plurality ot Hil and in 1894 a republican plurality of £25. It«pnbncan> of Connecticut. Hartford, Conii., Sept. 2.—The second day's session of the republican state convention convened at the Aucjitoriuia at 10:20 o'clock Wednesday morning-. Temporary Chairman Mcl,oan called the convention to order and F. A. Jacobs, secretary of the committee on —~— -•• - .-• —- ,.'. — • f r^ t -*-i -"r •-? ?-• permanent organization,, -reported in favor of Hon. Samuel Fessenden, ol Stamford, nspurruaneTJt chairman, Mr. i'esse'ricien wtis presented amid j shouts of welcome from the convention, which were renewed as there was let down, at the buck of HIP stage, u large portrai t of Mn j. McKiniey, Mr. Fessenden then addressed the convention, his speech being- received with round after round of applause, as h; 1 fibntimieti, The cohvcjilion shouted loudly as Mr. Fessenden referred to the restilf in Vermont. At the close of Mr. Fosseiirlen's spfceh three cheers were given for him anil for McKiniey and Tlobart. „ Lieut. Gov. Lorin A. Cookc, of Winchester, wns nominated for governor on the first, ballot. John Addison Porter, of PomC.vt, was the only other name presented, (IIInolH Republican CluliK, Peoria, ]ll., Sept. 8.—The stale convention of the Illinois Lang-no of Kepub- lican Clubs began its session it? the tabernacle Tuesday morning. President C. W. Ilaymond, of Watscka. caller! tho body to order at 11 a. m. Mayor'Allen welcomed the delegates to the city. President Eaymond delivered his an- nunl address and then culled to the chai> Judge Richard Yatcs, of Jacksonville, vice president for Illinois of tlu- national league, who delivered an address. Every reference to McKiniey nrid th° national issues was greeted with ap> plau.se. After the appointment of th? usual committees the convention adjourned for- dinner. The committee on resolutions reported, indorsing" the national nnd slate platforms, the national and.st.ite tickets and pledging n big majority for the republican lickrt this fall. Ira C. Copley was elected president. Addresses were delivered by Gov. Has ting's, of Pennsylvania, and .Congressman MoCicary, ol Minnesota.- A RESPONSIVE POWER. Compressed Air la a Dangerous Blval of Electricity. It Run* Street Can, Sheani Sheep and Carrot Stona— Uaed ID Dace of Hclti •nil Shafting In Muay Machine Shopn, Compressed air as a power is coining to the front so rapidly that, electricians regard it ns a dang-erous rival. The men who-make the machinery for compressing, storing-, transmitting-and applying- nir have made wonderful improvements within the last few years, niifl to-.clay they succeed in retaining fully 00 per cent, of the initial energy. Ton yenrs ago a compressed-air drill that was able to utilize JO per cent, ol (he power which compressed the air wns regarded ns a first-class tool, but drills are working" to-day ivhicji develop 00 per cant, o'f the "prime" power". . During- .the past two years, says the Chicago Record, the clean, safe, flexible elastic and responsive power has developed so largely that it has become popular, and runs sweet cars and locomotives, raises sunken vessels and does many other useful things. It paints buildings and steers ships. It sonars sheep nnd dusts carpets. It mines coal, iron aiid precious metals, and lifts water out of wells. It carves stone.and cleans casting's. It mixes chemicals and. explosives and runs clocks. It has thrown out belts and shafting in many machine-shops, audit operates sewing- machines in private houses. It carries mail and operates block signals. ,It acts a-s a refrigerator r.nj propels fish, torpedoes, and it does a thousand a.nd OTIC other things as we! I. Just at present compressed-air motors for street cars are exciting considerable attention, and it is predicted by mechanical engineers thnt within a few years compressed air will displace troj- ley cars on many street ear roads. The compressed air men are so confident that their favorite power will take the place of electricity in many things that they are talking- of using the current from the Xiag-ara falls electric plant to operate compressors at distant points and using the compressed How Is Your .Liver?. Dr. Hobbs I Little Liver Pills act gently yet promptly on the Liver. Stomach and Bowed. They dispel Sick rleidcchu, Invars and.Colds; cleanse the system thoroughly; cure habitual constipation. .They are sugar-coated, don't gripe, very small but great in results. Recommended by Physicians ' auJ Druggists. llobh Itnodr Co, CU»C° »* • fur Salo in LOGANSPORT. IND., by ;n Fisher, 311 Fourth Si., and John !•. Coulson, 304 Market St. OKE-HALF SIZE OF BOX POZZONFS COMPLEXION POWDER been the ncftndard for forty yc.irs and 1« more popular fco-Uar than over before. POZZOM'S Is i,iio Weal complexion powder—bo»BUfyln(t, refrcslilnit, cleanly, tosaltliful and harmless. le pn With everr boioll'OZZO VTS n ma«- vllf .ScovlUX tiOJLU BOX 1* given free ol chnrfre. AT DECGGISTS AND FANCY STORES. Ills; Gunlier Strcclt, Washington, Sept. 2.— j\ dispatch from Cumberland, Md., say?: A thou- sand-bnrrel-a-d-iy gusher has been struck near Cai) o, W. Va., one mile from the Baltimore & Ohio railroad, by the Li;beck Oil'company, of Cairo. The oil .spouted 20 feet above the top of tho derrick. The strike has caused intense excitement. William J. Bryan.' HOPE FOB The Cyclist's Necessity POND'S WILL TORE CUTS, BURNS, BRUISES, WOUNDS, SPRAINS, SUNBURN, CHArlN'GS, INSECT BITES, ALL PAIN', AND INFLAMMATIONS, INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. GENUINE IN OUR •.SOTTLES ONLY, BUFF WRAPPERS, SEE CUE SAME, POND'S EXTRACT CO., NEW YORK, 76 FJPTH AVENUE. USE POND'S EXTRACT OINTMENT FOR PILES, Sent by mail on receipt of GO cts. Cliumberluln In America* New York, Sept, 2.—TH. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, British secretary of state lor the colonies, was a passenger on ^£Le White Star line ste.-imer Teutonic, which -arrived Wednesday jnoi-ning Horn Liverpool. When interviewed at quarantine, h'e paid his-visit was of a purely personal nature and was taken for the purpose of visiting Mrs. Cham- 'berlnin's parents, Mr. and -Mrs. W. C. lEodicott, of Danvers, Mass. His visit, "he said, hnd absolutely no political significance -vvhutever, arid will be a brief one, as he intends returning- home, in .oboiit n .fortnight. uur broorocorn went abroad last yew? to the value of $100,503. luSEASES OF THE SKIN. '.Tlio intense itcliing and Brmirting iuci .-.lent to eczema, tetter, saU-rlieum,tinaothei ;iSea(ica o/the skin lit instantly allayed by .:ff\jia^ r Chamberlain's Eye 'and Skin Ointment Mnny very bad oases Imvo been permanently cured by it. Jf, is equally affici«nt "for'itching piies nnd n favoriterem- adj-'fo'r-.wre nipples;: chapped hundH, chilblains, imsif bilcjs nnd chronic sore eyes. For sale- Kydruj'giets at 20 cents jicr box. Try Dr. Cftdy'B eondltlon Powders, they ihiiust.wbat» horse needs ivhcn in bad condi- <SXJ£t 1?iniit,,blood puriOf- ond vurmifiw JTew York, Sept. 2.—-By previous arrangement, Li Hung Chang, the Chinese ambassador, Wednesday rooming received a limited number of representatives of the press in his apartments at Ihe Waklorf. The newspnner men were, presented to the viceroy by Mr. Edwnrct B. Drew, commissioner of royal taxes in China. The viceroy's medical adviser, I)r, Mark, acted as interpreter. The much described yellow jacket wns not id evidence during the interview, the viceroy being attired in a costume of plum colored silk. Bniilan Buttlmblpi SOT Mediterranean. St. Petersburg, Sept. 2.—Th«. turret battle ships Navarin and Troperator Alexander II., the torpedo cruiser Po- cadnil; and two torpedo bnat-deblroyera, all belonging to the Russian Cronstadt •cjuudron, are on their way to the Med> Sturranean. Ready for a ForlloTu Journey. MM 'Racine, Wi's;, Sept. 2.—The Schlitz Globe, the little 'boat in which Cnpt Adolph Freitch' is to cross 'the ocean and make 5 tour around the world, arrived here Tuesday evening in tow of. the steamer Bloomer Girl, nccompanicd by prominent citizens of Milwaukee and a brass band. The boat will remain here a ,few days and then clear for Chicago and go to the ocean by; way of the canal nnd Mississippi river. Silver Purty, JPopull«t anil Silver Democratic Convention* In Milwaukee. . Milwaukee, Sept. 2. — Shortly after 11 o'clock Wednesday State Chairman Hublee Ai Cole called the state convention of the'nationnl silver party to order in Lincoln hall. There were about 20C delegates present, mostly men who have been known :is active republicans in past years. Dr. Powell, o£ La Crosse, populist candidate for governor in 1834, was a leading spirit. He is also a del- 'egate to thu populist convention whiuh meets here, but preferred to sit with the silver 'men.. There was an informal meeting" of the members early in the morning, ajicl it was decided to adopt a waiting- • programme, in the hope oJ fusion. After Mr. Cole had read the call, C. L. Wells was elected temporary chairman, and made an address extolling the advantages, of free silver. The regular 'committees wer= then appoip ted, including a conference committee of seven to meet similar committees of the democratic nnd populist convention to JT- rangc a fusion ticket. The convention took a recess until two o'clock, Milwaukee, Sept. 2.—"Eilverthorn for governor and fusion all "Jong the line" •was the slogan o'f the numerous enthusiastic delegates to the democratic istate convention assembled here V/ednesday. Every county in the ?tnte ^-as represented. Democrats, populists nnd silver republicans jostled each other in the hotel corridors Wednesday morning discussing fusion. There seemed ,t'j be only one sentiment: Fusion must be accomplished. After the address the usual committees were appointed and the convention took a recess until two o'clock. ' A conference committee of seven was nppointed to meet similar committees of populists and silver republicans to perfect a fusion ticket, . Milwaukee, Sept. 2, — Kobert Schilling,, chairman of the state central committee, called the populist state convention at Milwaukee Garden hall to order at 10:30 o'clock Wednesday. Col. C. M, Butt, of Viroqun. wns named as tempo-, rary chairman. The convention then named Uie . committee on credentials and resolutions and a con- mittee on credentials then reported,seat- Ing all the delegates present, and ths convention adjourned until three o'clock. lt» Failure CiiuKcd Snrprlio. Wn:--liin8'ton, Sept, 2.—Acting Comptroller, Oiffin luis directed Bunk E.vnra- • iner \VhHinore to take charge of the First nnh'ocal b;ir,k t of L'catrice, Xeb,, \vhich filled Tuesday. Treasury officials regard rtl this bank -s'a strong i restitution, r.n'd its fnilnre cruises surprise. liUJcil by an IJnjflne. Ottunnvn, la., Sept. 2.—A C. B. & Q. engine «'T noon Wednesday struck nnd killed T.'H. Phillips, nged GO, .in extensive i'ci>]er in shoes at Ottnrowa, la., nnd KuliUh, Minn. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose j:i Express id, 25c. Prevents Wetting Bend Floor ot Walls. Hornless Water Closets. Send for Catalog™ Frost Proof Water Closets, Self-Acting Water Closets, Kelly Slop and Waste Cock. THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. jQctapo — a well of TH£ MARKETS Grain, 1'rovlnlons." Etc. Clilcaco, Sept. 1. FLOUR— Quiet and steady. Quotations nre as follows; , Winter— Patents, J3.40® 3.00: strulg-hte. S2.m@3.20; clears, S?.MliE!.GO: fjeconds. '$l.ilO@;2.00: low Krades, J1.75@2.00. ..Sprlnff— Patents. $3,55«;'3.75: stralfi-IHs, 52.CT. @3.20: bftkcrs", J2.10(fil25: low grades, $1.60(5 1.73; Heel DOB, J1.20®1..IO; Rye, $2.0C02,20. WHEAT— Slow tradlnjr and lower, September, BSWi^aec; Defembcr, CSgaSTic, CORN-Stcady. No. 2, 20^020%=; No. 3 Yellow, 20%«5!£lVic; September, October, 20%fi'2C%c: December. and 21%®22c; May, 2^-Jic and 24%{J-5c. OATS— Fair trading and easier. No. 2 cash, 3Cc; September, ISViffiJS^c; May, 1S% ©19c. Samples lower. No Grade, SJJISc; No. S, J2©lSc; No. S White, iO@lSc; No. 2, 17@mic; No. '1 White, lOVi® | 20%c. Hyii— Market dull and easy. No. 2 cash, CO^c; Rejected, 2S®29c; September delivery. Sic, and December, 33Vic, BARLEY— Market easy and. dull. Old Barley, 20@23c "for-thln, to 25<S;33c for malt-. ing light .weight- to choice. New. Barley easy at l6(3M3c for poor damaged, to ftiif goods. MESS PORK— Market fairly active and prices higher. Quotations ranged at $3.70© 6.80 for 'cash; J5.77WS5.SO' for September: $5,8C@5.SO for October, and ?C.S7^@0.92iA' for January. LARI)— Trading .moderate and pi-Ices higher. Quotations ranged at f3.32Vj!S'3.35 for cash; J3.30@3.32& for September; J3.M® 3.42^4 for October, and $3.75®3.77M: for January. BUTTER— Market firm at 11'SjlGc for creameries and 10@Hc for dairies. LIVE POULTRY —Quiet. Turkeys, S3 lie; Chickens, 7@S^c; Ducks, 8@8>4c per pound; -Geese, per dozen, J3.0u©6.50. :WHISKY— Steady on the basis of $1.19 for hlghwlnen. _ ; New York, Sept. i FLOUR— Quiet, unchanged. WHEAT— No. 2 red quiet and steady, unchanged to Vie' up. October. OSVJc; December, 05140-6511-100, CORN— No. 2 dull, firmer. December, 27 3-16Q2Sc; May, 30%iS'SO%c; No. 2, 25%® VEKStONT VOTES. Bepnbllcnn* Carry the Stuto by. an In.' crouNoU Miijorit^-. Whit« Kivi:r Junction, Vt.,.Sept. £.— Beturns from 22!J cities nnd'towns ia the state give Grout, (rep.) for governor, 62,565; 'Jackson ;(deiu,), 14,027; Bat telle /pop.), G3G;. .YV'hiUernore (pro.), 51 i. 'n-rotit's plurality, 37,038; major- ity,.3C,6Jl. . ,• . • ' OATS— No. 2 Quiet and nrm. September. 19«ic; October, 20yic;, western, lD@2Sc. 'BEEP— Weak. Mess, J5.60@G.OO; family, rr.oo®3:oo. PORK— Steady. New mess, $7.25gS.25. LARD— Quiet; steam-rendered, $3.80.' : B-UTTER— Fancy steady, fairly active. Western dairy, SQil2c: do. creamery, 11 M-® 16^0 ; do. factory, 7V,@ll>ic; Elglna, IGVic; Imitation creamery, 10@12c. .CHEESS— Moderate demand, steady; part Bklma, 2®5c. .EGGS— Fair demand. Western, 14(3HBe. Live 1 Stock. : . Chicago, Sept. 2. •CATTLE— Market steady to lOo higher. Fair to beat beeves, $3.25@5.15; stockersand feeders, $2.40@3.75; mixed cows and bulls, .. ,.,.. 'HOGS— Market steady to 5c lower, clos. tag dull. Light, $313503.37^; rough packing,'|2.65@2.70; mixed and butchers', J2.SOg 8.85; heavy packing and shipping, $2.75® 3.25: pl«s, STONE-DRESSING TOOL IN ' OPERA--.-• TION. , • nir for work at the place of consumption, claiming' that by this double arrangement more power can. be developed. .... , • . . It is claimed that the greatest .future of compressed air lies in its application to traction purposes. la Rome, N. IT., the Hafdie system of compressed air street cars is in use. The cars are, about the size of the Etimmer cars' used on the CJnrk street cable system in Chicago, a,ud the motor or propelling machinery is concealed beneath, the car. The motor cars .weigh about eight and one-half tons each, and the compressed air is stored in cylinders, made" without seams, of. mild steei. These cylinders are called "Mannesman n, bottles," and can withstand eiiorro»us pressures. The air stored in 1 these cases passes tliroug-h rcduc.'!)? valves into pipes Which, pass through a hot-water tank. The heal expands the air so that Jess of it is used to obtain a given result, The air pipes lead to the platform where the motorman is stationed, and where the controlling valves are placed. The engine is connected with all of the four wheels, and occupies less space tha.n an electrical motor of the same horse-power. The motor is rapid in. actiou, but is under perfect control, Rnd the nir is so elastic tha.t tlierc, is uo jolt or jerk to .the car when the car is started. There is no danger from an. explosion, for even if the storage cylinders should burst the steel shell would simply peel off, the air would escape and nothing but dust would be raised. The, storage tanks or cylinders contain enough, air for a round trip,.; and they can be recharged in a minute or two. If the, motor, car hauls a "trailer,'.' storage tanks can be placed in it, and a double supply of the "power" is ready for use. Compressed-air men claim that in every respect compressed air is superior to electricity for traction, purposes. They say there is no danger from overhead wires, no armatures ,to ibe burned out,' no trolley poles to obstruct' the street and no stopping of 'an entire line because a single wire breaks down. In Australia large numbers of sheep are' sheared by compressed air. : That- is, the air operates the devices which, clip the wool. Taia machine in the. hands of one man does the work of three men, and does it cleaner, better ond with less injury to the sheep. ;•' Recently a stone .carving or dressing device operated by' compressed nir was Introduced. : The chisel or cutting tool works in and. out at a high rate of Speed nfter the .fashion of the.com- '.prcssed.-nir calkers used. in boiler shops, rind, like' that tool, can be regulated at •• ' 'toshrunkenorgnna, and qnlckl&Dtttiurel .•jwct)Huih*«41nold oryoune. KuU " =OLD by B. K Kccsling 'nd leading dracRistt e , . '.ion, Irritattob or ulcerm- tion ot mucous mem- branec.. 7vOQ-&i,triagcDt> •aid by Drunrtitm 'or Knt In pluln Trapptr, ty ezonu, trrpulrt. for n.OO. or J boulen, 12.75. CircuUr 0cbt on nxjuept AGENTS WANTED, tADIES or Bents-Everywhere to Introduce our fd«c selllDK Roods, needed br nil. "One ngent made *iU.5» ID one nwk." You can da Uie «un« 11,000 yearly earned, and permanent position For •artlcultrs, address with stomp, Swiss Herb. l>eaCo., Chicago. , Peculiarities of the Skin. The skin is tho only part of the hu- tnnn body thnt is not hardened by nge Grali am & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. rWIOB DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO. CONNECTING WITH THB VANDALIA. RAIL- WAT AT 8T. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25tb and continuing antfl about Sept. 30ti tbe steamers ot this line will make two trips each w«j telly between St. Joseph and Chicago, >n the following schedule: Leave St. Joseph at 430 p. m. an4 10:80 p. a., dally, including Sunday. Leave Chicago at 9:30 a. m. and 11:30 p. m., dally, Includlug Sunday. Extra trips on Saturday leave St Jogepn at I a. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. Running time acrou lake 4 hours. Trl-weekly steamers to Milwaukee, leaving St Joseph Monday, Wednesday, tnd Friday evenings.','',.. Tbe equipment of this line Include* (be side wheel steamers City of Chicago »nd City of Milwaukee (the larijeBt and •nest west of Detroit), and tbe newly, rebuilt propeller City of LoultvUIe. 8«rvlce flrat-class. Connectiona with all Tandalla '"rains. Tickets on sale at all Tandalia X-tae stations. Chicago dock toot of Wabash avenue. J. H.GRAHAM, Pres,, Benton Harbor, Mich. Typhoid and.Sc«rlet Fever. Taken in time Brazilian Balm preventi tvphoid or scarlet fever. Also makei these diseases very light *nd alwayl prevents deafness and- throat troubles, which ecarlet fever and measles BO ofte» leave behind. Always keep on banO, •i-;->^kvh^

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