The News-Review from Roseburg, Oregon on May 4, 1938 · Page 5
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The News-Review from Roseburg, Oregon · Page 5

Roseburg, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1938
Page 5
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ROSEBURG NEWS-REVIEW, ROSEBURG. OREGON. WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 1938. FIVE Can's Sponsors 7 Dwarfs Popularity Contest VALUABLE PRIZES mm nr iiiiinnrn WILL DC AVVmiulUI Sumptuous Technicolor Production by Disney Given Acclaim of a Masterpiece Votes of Theater Goers Will Determine Standings of the Seven Dwarf. Which of the seven dwarfs is the most popular? Did some one say "Dopey?" Well, there may not be much nrgumeiit about that, but which one comes next , In popularity? Is It Sneezy, or Happy or ? You may become the winner of one of the handsome prises to be awarded by Carr's Variety store to the person who can most nearly guess correctly the order of popularity of the seven dwarfs. And you. may have plenty of opportunity to vote in this popularity contest, for one vote will be given wlh each 25-cent purchase of merchandise from Carr's store, during the period of the contest which will close at 8:30 p. in., Suturday, May M. Printed on this page is a ballot. After you have seen Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Hunt's Indian theatre, write down in the seven spaces provided for that purpose the names of the dwarfs according to your opinion of their popularity. The ballot will be accepted at Carr's store with any 25-cent purchase. Each Bubsequent purchase amounting to 25 cents entitles. a customer to an additional vote. When the contest ends May 14, the popularity of the dwarfs will be determined by the votes cast by contestants, and those who guess the order of popularity will receive handsome prizes. Prizes for this Interesting contest now are on display in Can's "Snow White" show window. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Walt Disney's gorgeously produced musical feature-length animated picture In Technicolor,' was launched with a notable world-premiere at the Carthay Circle theatre in Ijb Angeles shortly before last Christmas, fol lowed thereafter with a record-breaking run at the New York's world-famed Radio City Music hall, and has become the sensation of motion picture entertainmetit. It has taken its place .in the Trout ranks of important film attractions. In production for three years, and costing a million and a half dollars, "Snow White" is expected to establish a Bt'incUucl for future animated features in much Use same manner that "The Birth oi a Nation" Influenced the epic :ycie that followed. The Disney picture Is a drastic departure from previous technique In the animated field, in that liv ing, credible beings have been created In the persons of Snow White, the seven dwarfs, the IS'lOIMITE" Rpcdul music instruments wore built up wIUi in l ho Disney studios tor the background music in some sequences of the Hist animated feature, "Snow White and the Sev en Dwarfs." An example of this was the special construction of tympanies, capable of going up to C sharp, four mil tones higher than the average tympanies. Those were usod to excellent effect In the inohtacu. .seauences. shawintx .Snow White running terrified through dark woods. The studio musicians created descriptive musical backgrounds for the wicked queen and the witch into which she turns herself by tho use of low cello notes, basses and bassoons. When the ' dwarfs believe Snow White is dead, and build her a case of crystal and glass so that they still may admire her beauty, the vibrant swelling tones of a church organ are heard. These blend sub tly into a large chorus of mixed voices and underlying, harp music in tiie later scenes which show tho handsome young prince com ing upon Snow White's coffin in the woods. Voices and a full or chestra rise into a crescendo in the final scenes showing the prince and Snow White riding away to "happiness ever after." queen, the prince and other characters in the famous Grimms phantasy. In addition, tho art treatment departs radically from cartoon expression. An illusion of depth has been added through the use of the multiplane camera, an invention perfected by Disney technicians. This new camera treatment makes three-dimension al figures out of characters drawn in a two-dimensional medium. Added interest attaches to tho eight musical numbers in the fea ture, the outstanding one being "Hi-Ho," a marching song sung by the dwarfs , The story relates the adventure of a beautiful young Bcullery maid whose youth and charm arouse the envy of a wicked queen, who plots in various ways to get rid of her forever. How the queen nearly succeeds after seeking out Snow White in the la tier's refuge among seven kindly dwarfs, and bow the little heroine Is finally rescued by her Prince Charming is pictured with exquisite artistry and humor combined. Forest Friends Spared by the wicked Queen's executioner, Snow-White is guided through tho, woods- by - tho kindly animals in.Wnlt,; Disney's - full-length feature, "Snow While' and the Seven Dwarfs," distributed by UKO Itadio. jects are one continuous laugh trom start to finish, his first fea ture presents all the elements of great entertainment: Romance, pathos, suspense and humor. Although the othor established Disney characters are all animals, for "Snow While" he has created human beings with human emo tions,, intended to be as real to the audience as flesh-and-blood players. APPEAL OF FILM I E Washing may not be au event in the lives of moat people, but It Is In the cases of the BOven dwarfs In Walt Disney's first feature-length production, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and it happens to provide a criBls. One of the many amusing sequences In the seven-reel animated Technicolor production takes ploce when Snow White, taking refuge from the wicked queen In the dwarfs' woodland cottage, is mildly horrified to find that her newly-found friends are not only the world's worst housekeepers but are barely acquainted with the uses of water, where themselves. their clothes and their dishes arc concerned. In one Instance, she makes all seven file out to the trough back of the cottage to wash their faces and hands, bidding them also nut to forget their beards. Aftur Doc, self-appointed leader of the band, tells them not to be nervous concerning the oitleal, thoy fall to, to the accompaniment of a merry melody with amusing lyrics. Authors responsible for such Disney song hits as "Who's ATraid of the Big Bad Wolf," "You're Nuthln' Hut a Nuthin'." and "The World Owes Me a Living." created the melodies for Walt Ms-noy's foature-lRiigtu production. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." The numbers include "Whistle While You Work." anil "Isn't This a Silly Song." and "111-Ho," the dwarfs' marching song. Following the first showings of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," many from tho audiences declared that the dwarfs will be able to claim stardom iu their own right. However, while their en-: gaging qualities will endrar them lo millions, back in the paint pots they went when Walt Disney com- f plcted the picture. He fouls that i lo bring any of the "Snow White" characters to the screen again I would be an antl-cllmax. They be-1 long In "Snow White" and "Snow i White" only. Walt Disney Introduces an en tirely new set of characters In his realure-lengtli production, "Snow While and the Seven Dwarfs." These newly-created characters will bo seen only in this one feature, aa their creator feols It would be an antl-cllmax lo put them. In any other vehicle. Walt DlBiiey'8 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," which runs well over an hour, Is composed of over 250,000 druwiugs, with a musical background provided by un orchestra of 80 Omnsicians. Carr's Variety Store Seven Dwarfs Popularity Contest Your chance to win a beautiful Snow White Doll. In What Order Would You List the Seven Dwarfs a to Their ; Popularity, Kill out tho itppcmlto hlunk; puitlnK your i-lioUe for Uiu imdsI popular ilwurf on tht firm lino, next must poptihir tlwtirf on HocontI lint. vv, Mat all Bt'vett dwiufi. If your list i-orrutiponilii lo tho koihthI uv-erago of nil vuti'H vital, tlu-n you win u prize of a btmutlful Snow Wlitto doll. You aru on-titled to olio vote with em-h 2 (in purchase. To refresh your ini'inory, tuum-H of l ho ilwarfa (in nlphaliplU'al order) ntv: DuHlif nt, loi JJopuy, Happy, Ciiunipy, Sleepy and Sneezy. Contest starts May 6 and ends at 8;30 p. m. Saturday, May 14 Nume of CoiileaUuit. Wait Disney's conception of small birds and animals la one of the many reasons why he und his productions are beloved by old and young alike. His little rabbits. squirrels, chipmunks, bluebirds and tortoises have exquisitely appealing qualities. Logically enough Disney chose ' Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" for his first full- length animated feature with its many chances to include animal characters. When Snow White flees from the malice of the wicked queen and becomes lost in the woods, she is frightened by the oncoming darkness and tbe eerie forest Bounds, and runs until she falls exhausted. It is then that deer, rabbits, chipmunks and birds befriend her and lead her to tho shelter, the tiny cottage owned by tho .seven dwarfs. One of jtho most charming scenes in the production lakes placo when Snow White, finding tho cottage dirty, enlists the aid of her animal friends in cleaning It, Squirrels use their tails as brooms, others stack dirty dishes and hop up and down on the pump handle to draw water. Tho bright-colored :,birUs. hang clothes on the, line after the other animals havo washed' them, using, the tortoise's underneath side for a washboard. It Is the birds and animals who discover that the old hag who visits Snow White in the cottage is really the wicked queen in disguise, ready lo poison her with a magic apple. It is they who warn the seven dwarfs who immediately Jump on the animals' backs and give chase to the menace. Tho animals in "Snow White' are not caricatured, nor do they ever talk, although Disney gifts them with human Intelligence. Each one Is pictured as a creature of charming individuality. "SNOW WHITE" FAR ABOVE A CARTOON Walt Disney's first feature length a ni united poductlon, "Snow While und the Seven Dwarfs," Is definitely not un elongated car toon. The musical feature Is done In sort tones of color, not In the blight hues of the Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony shorts. Each scene iu an exquisite composition of color and shading. Each frnme of film could stand alone, comparable in iu beauty to the most am-bltioiiH painting. Whereas the Disney short sub- MOTHERS Gift8 XtS (or the I fir a filiate an of , ire CARR'S as usual have extra large assortment moderately priced items, especially suitable (or graduation gifts. We can supply that welcome useful gift that's within reach of your pockctbook. And many appropriate items are now on our special sale table. Graduation Cards Marvelous values this year In cards for the graduate. Also gift cards, enclosure cards, etc. Thank you cards and notes also. Mother's Day is Next Sunday, May 8 CARR'S STORE-WIDE ANNIVERSARY SALE makes a splendid chance to buy appropriate gifts for mother at very special prices. Here are a few Items we know she would appreciate: BOXED HANDKERCHIEFS, all qualities and styles 15t to C8t FLOWER VASES-BOWLS, always useful, prices ..,-,.56 to $1.25 LUNCH CLOTHS, nook size to table sizes 236 986 WATER SETS, plain, decorated or cut styles ..........49$ to $1.50 DRUG SUNDRIES, singly or In boxed sets IOC to SI specials KITCHEN BOWL8, singly or In mixing Bets IOC to SI. 25 TAPESTRIES, pillows, scarfs, tie dyes, etc ....156 t0 S2.98 PICTURES, all sizes, and subjects, big line -.106 to SI. 49 OVEN WARE, baking glass or earthenware, 256 to $1.75 FANCY LAMPS, for boudoir or reading ... gg to $1.98 SETS OF DISHES, Including that new Mexicana .. $2.97 to $12.96 COOKIE JARS, 15 kinds and sizes, special from 23 to $1.25 Mother's Day Cards and Mottos Especially fine line at low prices 5c, 10c, 15c to 49c GIFT WRAPPINGS Including "Mother" stickers and bands and remember dozens of anniversary specials that will make dandy remembrances for Mother. 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BAKING GLASS nickeled holde CHILD'S SUITCASE STYLE TIN LUNCH BOX, with -pint vacuum bottle, clasp and handle 24x48 CHENILLE RUG, solid color, extra heavy number, assorted color floral borders - 79c to 89c HEAVY IVORY ENAMELWARE, double boiler, percolator, dlshpan, covered kettle, choice, 2 for $1.00 $1.00 NOVELTIES 1 JPAWMirali Snow White and 7 Dwarfs JEWELRY DWARF BROOCH: One Inch colors, 7 kinds, each dwarf named metal dwarf, full 15c SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS BRACELET: Come in 2 lengths, metal chain, C every girl will want this set SNOW WHITE BROOCH: Metal enamel pin, 12 inch in full color lasting Cc enamel - AjfV DWARFS: Carved wood brooch about V2 Inch aizo, natural wood with full color enamel Cf trim, named dwarfs - '' 15c SNOW WHITE KISSING DOPEY: Clever brooch of this happy scene, enameled in color ., 3 DWARF BUTTON BROOCH: Made of celluloid button with dwarfs In relief In f'ft full colors - CELLULOID BRACELET: For the tiny tot a Snow White and a dwarf in color SNOW WHITE WITH BROOM: helping clean up dwarf houBe. Carved wood in colors 15c 8hows animals 15c Authorized Walt Disney Snow White BOOKS STORY BOOKS: 92x13 Inch, linon-like paper, full colored pictures with tho continuous story on each page, ea XSt COLORING BOOKS: 48 large pages of pictures from the play with explanations of each 15 1 COMBINED STORY COLOR BOOK: A 96 page complete story book, picture to color on every page. Hours of fun 15 i CUT-OUT BOOKS: All the characters Including S n o w White, seven dwarfs, animals, costumes, etc v lSi Snow White Dolls aa "" Every o' will want one of these genuine r rlkiA ,1 Snow White dolls, nearly 14 Inches tall, full I Vr-I 1 Jointed, composition doll, fully dressed, U "( V: 1 dandy value 986 V SNOW WHITE DOLL as above bul with J i i movlna eves and real eyelashes, finer clothes S1.49 RUBBER SNOW WHITE DOLL, about i inches tall, hollow rubbor, movablo arms and head, colored SI. 00 RUBBER DWARFS, nearly 6 inohes high of solid rubber, full colors, each correctly named, each ......i 50e5 SOAP DOLL8: Walt Disney dwarfs, made of fine castiio soap, colored, each named, boxed, each - 106 SNOW WHITE: Ab above In soap, boxed each - 256 COMPLETE SOAP SET: Snow White and one each of the 7 dwarfs In hinged cover replica of the book St.00 DWARF BUTTONS: Cute dwarfs In set of 7, can be had card of 7 different colors or all one color. 4 ftjM Per card of 7 KIDDIES BONNETS: Clever rayon prints of Snow White ng- and dwarfs; asst. pokes, rollers, otc, asst. colors 3 CHILD'S BLOCKS: Regular building blocks with Snow White and dwarf pictures. 2 sizes 656 ""d 356 l! 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