Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 10, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1896
Page 2
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$;p$^$^ GRANDEST OF TESTIMONIALS Prove Dr, Greene's Nervura the Best Medicine in the World, Vermont's Eminent Judge White Advises People to Use Dr. Greene's Nervura. It Will Cure Them. COST HIM NOTHING. -The following is a fnir idea of the ninny Inddents that come free 1 to a preside!!*: Bvcry bit of linen, bedding, towels 11 ml such things are furnished. He is shnven by tho white 'house barber, says Harper's Round Ta.blo. H!s table is spread with the flucst, dninti- . t-st jlamnsk, set with the'most exquisite chlnn, nnd bountifully supplied with flowers from the white house, conservatories. If he sends a telegram it la done from nn Instrument lu the white house, for \yhich the government pays. I-IIs stationery,, postage, etc., cost him uothinjr. Should he desire 11 game of billiards, there is a beautiful tn.blo a.t hand; or If he wants to take a drive, his stables, which the government pays the rent lor -and takes care of, arc ampjy equipped. When he enters his business office a man i-s stationed a.t tin; door to open and close it; and n private secretary, to whom the government pays a .salary of !?r,,000 a year, assists him with his .correspondence. Tht services of a. typewriter'a re also furnished. He is protected from the curious by a number of private watchmen. Should he want, a cruise, a magnificent steamship from the navy Is placed at his disposal. There are many other things that cost, •him nothing, such as Iho culinary arrajigeme'irt's. his steward, who does the marketing .the many delicacies sent him by eiHerprisin-g firms. This by the way is a sort of nuisance, for k seems to be' the desire of every manufacturer of some new eatable or drinkable to get it into the white house. Things of value Unit find their way there are never.accepted. SIMPLE AT FIRST, , The,gi«Atest'o.nd best known of our ople, use, praise nnd .recommend Dr. p;&reene.'s/Zvervnra blood-and nerveTeth- ««dy. Women' In every' walk of 'life en- |;;tou8lasiti&illy ; pr.ocuum\the wonderful |,jl»wers of this truly'grand'iiie.ijicl no to ionre, to .make .the v _slck,well,..to..give ;tiiwk v heftith and' strength : -to .weak,,' .neVvons- and dobil'ttnted -peoplcr f *Hon. Henry EobltfeoivMayo'rof Con'' 85ebrd,'N7'H-.,' says;"'! nave'round hcalt.lir laKbJt Judge Edwin C. White, of Hdye Park, Yt., who most • eminent ' Is one of Vermont's ami widely-known : statesmen and Judge of the Probate. 'Court.' 'Judge White says, "I.have used Di\'' Greene's Nbrvura bioQd.a.n.d.. ncrvi? 1'ern.cdy "In my family a.ud .a.in pleased to gay, with good results. - My -.> wife .troubled- with indigestion, eld, Vt., says, ."I used PJ for " cshaustici-'n'wlt^. entire ccess," '"•" '""" _".'.'' '.', fs State Attbmoy;.^;ypi ; mori't;''w'.''" 1 ii > . : 'r, . of H.arawi'ck)',' Yt.,..9a.y.s.f,<M.y ' ' tfervura- f or neuralgia, • a,nd •extreme ervo'us'eb-nditlon and' sleeplessness-, • I ave "no : 'u'wltati6n'' ; in-'rec6nim'o'ndii:rg .- 1 . 81 "': 0 .?" 1 ;.-:' -..'.' .. ^'SVI...^^^^!^ of Water- jry, Vt.',,say,s:. '"Dr. G/ecne-s Nervura " 'l,.me. ,It'. is a good thing, yes a tad -thing, for. I have found it so in i. Geo, W. Wing, Mayor of Mont: Her;'Vt.' s'ays, "I have'" used Dr.. a'rebne's' Nervura in my family, with irked, and decided beneQt.-'„ . »r Victor I. Spear, of Braine, Vt-, says, "My wife wns troubled (jrltb nervous.debillty bordering on ner- \09 prostration and had eczema. Dr. Jreene's Nervura produced very satls- Sfil'ctory results." • H'Serintor George A. .Morse, of/Morrls- Ille, Vt, says, "I have /used p'r,. |Or;eene's Nervura in ray family. It, I been of bcneUt to us In.sleepless- arising -from nervousness. I amend It to anybody." jfj/Lud now comes the strong testlmon- which - j produced nervousness whifth might \h,Tve been serious and at times tfoYibled :< licf '.jrreatly. .We .liad.',.tricd iniuij; tjiIijLgs for iier relief,, but.- with-' out success-. •••••.- • - ••"-••••' '•' •• j "I:.sfl.w..th«:wojiderfud cures claimed fottDr.-'G-i'ee'ue's Nervura -and resolved to-^lve'lt a'-trtiul; and it gives me plea;s- uro to siiy, t'am glad I aid.. My, wife now sleeps well and Is greatly benefited from indigestion, hiving had only one slight return, (whcre-they- had been (biMy).- since taking the- Nervura, I give permission to print this unqualified testimonial." • Can anyone 'hesitate to use this, great cure, Dr.. Greene's Nervura. blood , ; and ueryo 'remedy.;, . when so many emiueu t statesmen., public officials '.in'd'. prominent, men known- all over. the country •advise you to use It because It 'cured them or their families? You. kn.qw. that the words of these great .men are given only In the. cause. of truth and .because they, know Dr.. Greene's Nervura cures and ..they deside to see the sick ' made well. . Dr. Greene's Nervura Is a physician's prescription,' the discovery. of the most successful specialist In. curing ncryous nnd chronic diseases, Dr. Greene, of 3D, West 14th St., New York City, hence It is of necessity perfectly adapted to cure, and health and strength always follow Its use. Dr. Greene can be consulted without. charge In regard to any case, personally or by letter. n Object Lesson A. Q. JENKINE5, Assignee. Finest Covert Cloth nnd Kersey Fall Overcoats ...'.*.? C.OO Ihoice of all, none higher,'Otto's prfc'e wns $15 and :.' 18,00 econd choice, Otto's price was ?i2, no w .fu.iJO, ?iJ.OO and ... 4.50 Wrd choice, $3.50, ?3.75 nnd $3.90, Otto's price was ,' .' :• • 8.00 'ourth choice was J ?O.DO, now $2.75 and'$2.00. Wonderful Bargains, t's a vei-j-desirable, coat.for Medium .Weather. . ... G, JENKINES, Assignee Flic statistics show that nearly 30,000 ans ot" rhe old union army nn- ?ere<inieir final roll'call the past ieorles of care may be dlscusaed at by physicians, but the .anfferers quick relief; and One MInut* agh Cure will give It to them. A fe core for children. It Is "the only tnleM remedy that produces tmmedl- "—Jno. M. Johnston. JOOD'S SarsapariUa has over and Ij'-oyer again proved by,.its cures, "j»n all other preparations failed, that i the One True BLOOD Purifier. ••The growth of the Argentine Republic since' ISCt has been .remarkable. In that year the population was placed at.330,000, while at present it.Is said to be 4,000,000, Poison Ivy, Insect bltesi .bruises, scalds, burns, are-quickly cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile cure.—Jno. M, Johnston. • •TWELVE TEMJPATIOXS." " Yale's "Twelve-Temptations." which will perform at the New Do'.an Monday niglitVOct,- ; 12,'i.s noticed by tlie Chicago Inter Ocean: It was an expectant throng tlmt gathered into, the four walls.of Mie'lTiij-niarket last evening to see the last.edition'of Charlds H. Yale's "inaguiflcent spectacle, "The Twelve T.enjiptatioiis." There was not the slightest thing 'to reini'nd of i'his jilay's 'former ropixwentatio'ii in'this c-ity, • Tlie : company is'composed' of •some seveiity or'eighty people! pnrtlcn- 'liirly stt'ong .witli" its comedhuis, anil .with'a dramatic coanpajiy far'above ithe-nverngo. Also n pan-tomimic ti-pupe who aro-not 'only"clevet'liut- artistic, •Ttte'-'scrtie'ry'.-of'-w-hielithei r e'-ii<';fii' ; abuu- 'd.inee. is' bpautlfully' painted, -nricl with' Hit? "various llfthts is .shown' to be very effective. The ballets are beautifully cosltuned, while the dancers IH\' young, pretty .nnd grnecfnl. 'The specialty fentut't'S are imnJerous nnd.nre carried a.Il -iln-ough' the play.":' The third, act, which i : s eall-ed "the g'rcmt bridge scene" was. productive of much --novelty and sensation. The piece, embodies all' tho (he-salient points-of almost.airklnds ot stage amnsenieu'tj). '.The' performance last' niglr-t in'ovod- with .a'Vd'nsh and a vim that was renlly'inls'rilrinic;,' and sent ,-nv:iy one of (lie best pleased audiences o-f tlie season. ' It.Is Foolish to Neglect Any Form of Piles, Cure Them at the Beginning. Plies are simple In the beginning and easily cured. Tlie yean be cured even la the worst stages, without pain or loss of blood, quickly, surely and completely. There Is only one remedy that will do it—Pyramid Pile Cure. It allays the Inflainatlon Immediately heals the Irritated surface and with continued treatment reduces the swell- Ing and puts the membranes into good, sound healthy condition. The cure Is thorough and permanent. Here are some voluntary and unsolicited testimonials we have lately reed ved: Mrs. C. M. Hinkly, 001 Mississippi St., Indianapolis; Ind., says: Have been a sufferer from the pain nnd annoyance of Piles for fifteen years, tlie Pyramid Pile Cure and Pyramid Pills gave me immediate relief n,nd in a short time a complete- cure. Major Dean of Columbus, Ohio, says: I wish to ndd to the number 'of certificates ns_to the benefit's derived from- the Pyramid . Pile Cure. I suffered from plies for forty years and from Itching piles for twenty years nnd two boxes of the Pyramid Cure have effectually cured me. Most druggists sell Pyramid Pile Cure or, will got it- for you if you ask them to. It Is one dollar per package and Is put up only by the Pyramid Drug Co., Albion, Midi. • Tho experience of Miss Lizzie Gr.iff- mycr. of Pittsbnrg, .Pa., should serve as :L warning to other young women to beware of in,'iti'iiiioiH;il burea.us. Miss Graffmyer became entangled In a correspondence with one of these institutions and in the course of time obtained a'husbnnd by paying ,f2r>. Her newly- acquired and enterprising "lord a.ml master".borrowed $25 of her before she even had time to fix her rui.nje in her memory and ha,s not appeared since. Miss Graffmyer is fortun.i.tc.In getting rid of. him so soon'and with so small n .loss, but-other confiding 'women may not be so fortunate. DIAMONDS AS A WASTE PRODUCT That the manufacture of hard steels may be attended with n. by-product in the shape of dl.imo'hds is a consideration which has not yet been reduced to any practical element, ad one that may cn.use some surprise. Yet, strictly speaking, the statement Is true.^ Several yea.rs n-go M.- Molssnu proved that Iron was saturated with' carbon at a temperature of 3,000 degrees Centigrade, nnd afterward cooled under heavy pressure, a portion.of the carbon separated out in the form of minute crystals, which were to be true dla monds. In the Co-niptes Rendus it Is stated that it occured to M. Rossel that tho conditions under which very hard steels are now made should result in the formation of diamonds. He ex- a.mlned a large number of steels now made, and found that 'h:s tneory was supplemented by fact. The diamonds arc obtained by dissolving the metal and then submitting the residue to the ini'lnt'iice of con.sentrated nitric acid, fused potassium chlorate, hydro- llourlc and snlphui;ic acids respectively. Tlie diamonds obtained are almost microscopic in Iheil- dimensions, it is true, but they present all the physical and chemical properties which distinguish the ii'iio gem.—Indus-tries and Iron. 'Signs, common now, -advertising that ice cream will bo put up lu boxes in which it. is guaranteed to keep hard for one hour, may give way soon to more satisfactory ones, as a. Lcwisf.on (Me.) confectioner has applied for n patent on a- process for.Treating pasteboard so that ice cream packed ia boxes of it will keep for twenty-fom hours.—New York Sun, X" Rays 01 severest trial and test prove In regard to Hood's Sarsaparllla 1st, Greatest Merit I Secured by a peculiar Combination, Proportion and Process unknown to others — which naturally and actually produces 2 d, Greatest Cures Shown by thousands ol honest, voluntary testimonials —winch naturally and actually produce 3 d, Greatest Sales According tn the statements of According I druggists all over the country. In these three points Hood's Sarsaparilla Is peculiar to Itself. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best— Ills the One True Blood Purifier. u 1 «« rt'ii are the only plus to take HOOd S Fills withHooflsSareaparllla. THE Monsoo Typewriter Is a Good Machine* CONDENSED TESTIMONY. Chas. B.' Hood,' Broker and 'Manufacturer's Agent, Columbus, Ohio, certifies that Dr. King's New Discovery has.no equal as a Cough remedy."; J .D. Brown Prop. St. .Tamos .Hotel, Ft. Wayneijlud:, testifies .that he wris' cured of a cough of two 'years standing; caused by' La Grippe,' by Dr. King's New Discovery. B. F.'Merrill, Baldwtosvllle;- Mass., says.that he -was cured- and recommended it-and never'.ktiew: It to fall and would rather.lmvelt'than any-doc- tori because It always- cures, Mrs. Hemming, 222 E. 25th St., Chicago, a'l- ways-keeps it at hand and has no fear, of- croup, because • It Instantly- re r lleves. Free trial bbfctles at 'B 1 . F, Keeellng'e. •. '., '•'. FLIGHT OF BEES. An agriculturist, of Westphalia .made a bet tlint twelve -bees,'released• at a distance of three miles from the' hives nt the same'time as -twelve pigeon'*, would travel over the'ground as qnlcfc- Jy as the birds.' Tho'flrst-bcc entered the'hive one-quarter of a n^lnute before the llrst-pigeon reached its.co'lumbary... Three olhoT.bees arrived..'before, .the second pigeon;, a.nd the remainder 'of the'competitors .reached home simul'- 1 taneously. ... ' . '•" The lobstenfactories along the Maine coast have closed for the seasoi). Taken ill] together the season was not'succe'ss-' ful on account-of the numerous gales which -iKi.ve visited "the coast -this season, • • • A MYSTERY, ; How the -human system.ever, recovers from -the -bad effects of the nauseous medicines often literally, p.oured Into it for the suppositive re-lief o'f dyspcpslo, liver complaint, constipation, rheumatism and. other ailments, is.a mystery. ThG : mischief-done, by bad medicines' is sca'rcely less than that'"caused .by disease. If they who nre weak, bil- llous, dyspeptic,-:constipated- or rheumatic, would offerer be guided by the experience of invalids 1 who have thoroughly testcfl Hosteller's Stomach' -Bitters, they would- in every instance, obtain the speediest aid derivable from rational.medication. Mis. medicine is a 1 searching find at the' same time a thoroughly 1 safe remedy, derived from vegetable' sourcesV'anil" possessing,. In consequence of /.ts basis of pure spirits, properties as a medicinal stimulant, not to be found . in the .Crery local bitters and stirnuJa.nts often restored' to by the debilitated, dyspeptic and. languid. 1 ' ..... '.;-. 1NS.YNE ON A TRAIN. . .Courier: When the Wa- basli i).'issenger train.from tho east arrived .this forenoon, the trainmen put off the cars a woman 'and her child, bound for Austin, Texas, turning the foi;mer over to a policeman. She is subject, to sudden fits,,of insanity, and when in such a. condition trios to kill her child. The mother had shown signs of vioIcU't.murderpus insanity on fho train, and for'safety's sake she was turned over to the officer here. Shortly afterward she resumed her ordinary number and^'exphnned rhe situation to the police.-,..'it is ^a particularly sati case.'..;T-ho woman declined to give Iier name,-'a.n'4 wa.s placod-on'a late a'fter- iioottftrnln'to be taken on to Austin. 1 Negro emigration .from -.the. United States to Liberia has never been extensive,, arid -the fa.te which lye-fell the last party of colonists will probably have .the.effoct of .-discouraging further emi- grutloii for a long time-to come. .A party of-six..persons wlw>,,have jii-st re : turned. : repprt"lhat of the.202.emigrants who were laidcd a.t Monrovia hist spring nearly one-half are dend ami the remainder arc "enduring great sufferings. 'The^rehu'ii-'of the negros to Africa. li.'is'bJeu the dream of many persons, but it ,seems to be, .at. the , REVISED FRKE LUNCH. , X.'Y. Letter to Globe.De-mocrat:—The fie lunch is now spread in all the hotels- that started off to strictly obscrve-the. 'free lunch clause of-.the -Rainos law. Along Broadway the (l-rinkin.g,-m'an cau now got a good stow, paudwicli: salad. ;uid all that.'Sort of thing for the price of a. drink, an :iddo<l nickel and a tip to the waiter. If- the latter require- , meut Ks liberally acknowledged, one ca.n secure a full meal Unit will be sevval. The new-liquor-law seems to be working satisfactorily all oversown. A hlgb standard ot excellence. Manj -isers of the "Munson" connWer It THE ,BEST. You will find It a valuable assistant In jour office. Address tor particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. 2*0-241 West Lake St., Chicago, III. Evangelist D. T. Bias k, Peoria Illinois; NEARLY J1HREE CENTURIES OLD. Senrboro (Me.) boasts of an apple tree that has been bearing apples for 2CO years'. This year it had Due a. dozen or so,'but these are described-as fair- sized, smooth-skinned, pink-cheeked and of a. good flavor. But the strangest tiling of aJl about this veteran-is that the early settlers of the town, about 1030. found it growing and bearing fruit. As the apple is not supposed to be ii.-natlve-of-this country, its origin was a mystery. . . present, .time, .nothing dreaim.. '...--. more than a Man> a day's work Is lost by sfck e»<»M<:he' caused by Indigestion' and stomach troubles. 'DeWltt's Little Early Risers are the most effectual r>ill for overcoming such difficulties. M. Johnston. .'...' The price of a stolen kiss has been fixed by a court in Illinois. A farmer purloined a kiss from a pretty girl and she asked for .flii.OOO.. The court gave her .?2.50. An Investigation of the knowledge of school children in a. large city showed tha.t a per eentage of them had never seen a cow.- That's nothing. The same .thing'may. too often' l)e sa.id of the'res-, taurant bntter. -. • . . ..'„ . '' " T-tie whole system la. drained and nhdermined by .Indolent tilcew and open gores. DeWItt'g Witch Har>l Salre speedily heals,them. It is the best pile core kno.wn.—Jno. M. Johnston- DID YOU EVER«;' Try Electric BItters r as a re.medy...fpr your troubles? If not, get a bo.ttle now and get relief. This-medicine has been found to be peculiarly adapted to the relief abd'cure of all .• Female -Complaints, exerting a: wonderful direct Influence in glving"strehgth and tone to the organs'. - If you have loss o'f appetite, -constipation, headactic, fainting spells, or ai'e,ner«>.u&, sleepless> excitable, me-lancholy or-itronbled with dizzy spells, Electric Btt'ters -is -the medicine you, need. Health and, strength,.are gnai-anteed by'Its.use. Fifty cents and $1 nt B. F!.Keeslliigs. .GROWN-UP PRIM-HR. ' Lesson III. Here are the beard-cd ' re-form-ers Why do t'hoy. mis-treat the donk-ey? Ivet'iK call « hu-mane 6f-flcer.' Oh, no'. ; Why "should we iu-ter-fere? They are try-iig.to ii]Hkea. ; Lit-tje.wii-I«; goat of the (lou^-ey..-.BuitHhat : is rot pos-sl-ble. Why does tho.'youug m.iii'at the head talk so lond-Iy ? He has leanied a. piece and a man''named 'Jones says he can .speak.it as. O'ft-on <is..he.-wftnt« to." Is that why the pco-pie leave the neighbor-hood? Ask them.' ..-So rapid has been .-the change In the English language" that Vlie English of today bears no more resemblance.'to the English"of 1,000"years .ago.than it does to German. .'.";'. ... ; •....•• Old papers for sale at the Journal office. 20 cents a hundred. ', "A pocket bicycle is the latest French evo'iution'of the "biko."You can't ex- a.ctlj- carry it 111 your vest iwckct,'but you can take it, apart and pack it away in a very small case or trunk made for the purpose. They are considered as of especial ..benefit to drummers. The-machine is now on tho Paj-js.market and will soon be brought to this country. ffben Babj- wiw Kick, vn g&ve her Osrora. mien «he wa* a Child, she crted 'or Castor!*. ' chiu^r (O CastorilL T-HE IJONDON A> T D FARTS TiKCOKD -The journey fromj.London to Paris via Dover and Calais has been nccom- .p'lishod in six hours and twenty-live 'minutes,' reducing the record by on<c hour and thirty-five minutes—a re- 'markable diminution. Fourteen minute's-were gained'behveen Victoria and Dover. The straits wore crossed in 60 minutes by the steamer Empress. ... EXCURSIONS TO WASHINGTON, D. C., via PENNSYLVANIA MNBS. ; s October llth, 12th ; and 13th, low; round trip excursion tickets to Wash- .ington, D, C., will be sold from ticket stations on Pennsylvania Line.s for. Union Veteran legion Annual Encampment, return coupons valid October 26 a Jj.M J -I "I H1 { rt.,#aM,£iJ. ti£ in^a.i.V^...^.^ Saybrook, III- Feb. 19, 1894. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sirs: While at Cerro Gordo, III., In my revival work, 1 purchased » bottle c? your Syrup Pepsin. 1 regard- It as most excellent I cannot get it here In Saybrook. Is It on sale In- Peorla, 111. If so, at what store? It not on sale there, If you will send nie.a dollar bottle there this-week I wlt» promptly remit. .1 will be borne this \voek. Address Rev. D. T. Black, 1005 State St., Peoria,-111. Yonra truly . ':. :.'.. ./ D.T.BLACK. For sale by B. F. Keesling. A SHORTJOURNEV TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route—Mew Orlean* •' : - ' -• • to Los Angeles and San. Francisco. • Was discontinued Apr<l 16th. Th« JBperlor accommodations, given the jr«*t number of patrons of the aboye mln during the past tourist season, warrants tlie announcement of plan* "•r next season of finer aervl<:e with wjalpment superior to anything yet tnown In transcontinental traffic. , .. .Look'for early re-Inauguration of •8DNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Suniet •Sonte" In connection .wltb ,U)\.v "Queen ind Crescent Route" are 1 running the mly Une of through tourist Pullman Deepen .leaving Cincinnati erei^ Thursday evening for Los Angeles an( j*n Francisco. ; • • • ' These, excursions art specially col. • lucted, and the object Is to enable thoi who do not care to buy the flrst-cla^ •• •onnd trip or; one way tickets, to enjoi t «>mfortable ride with sleeping car privileges and no change of can at toe »try low second-class rate. For farther Information, addren Vf. a. CONNOR, Commercial Agt. 8. P. !•., Cincinnati,,0.: • ,.-;.'; ; ..,, ^^^/'^x

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