Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1896
Page 8
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3,000 Pairs oftne Celebrated Foster, Paul & Co's Kid Gloves, Bought at a sacrifice. Another big deal made by having the ready cash. Read letter below. CARSON, PIRIE, SCOTT & CO., WHOLESALE DRY GOODS. CHICAGO, Sept. 20, 1S9G. MESSRS. SCHMITT & HEINLY, ^ K ?,. ^ ^ ^ Dear Sirs-As you are no doubt f'^^'/Xteftl Mve » fifvcu m the preference in clos-tog one largest importers of their kid gloves In the "*££££%££ '^Vty WJlltom (which I. our Dresden .brand) -of the beat Hobs over closed in the counbj. of be ^* OT ™£ ' ^ unstated. The lob consls-ta of 10,000 which is one of the best rcta.il dollar g lov o In the commy. 0,00 ^ ^ ^^ . .dozen all aew goods, 5 Hook and new point and -huge hook WaO ana c ^ __ and WU. give you the first refusal of the goods for Jj^^^f J ^ ,J 1C to J^« by so doing . not less than 250 dozer-. ..OuuUlea is on y to , lace Uie goods v me at once -at ray expense. STEVE HENNESY, General Salesman. Carson, PMe, Scott & Co. The gloves have arrived and we will place on sale all this week till every pair is sold, at the low price of 69 Cents. THE GOLDEN RULE Schmitt & Heinly, for Your Own Purse Sake Visit Our Store this week. We heed the demand of the times. Better Goods for Less Honey We rise to the occasion and overshadow nil possible' competition with unl- formally low prlces'tliat seems miraculous. Every baryta wo mimerto here , .^numerable more. Yon will never be disappointed by any peters Ink over our signature. \ ' : '•• ' ' 200 ^'saliUrool, fall overcoats. OJhtey consist of black cheviots, fans and dmb Heltons. ,.No overcoat in the lot worth less tban ?7 or ; $S, we^eU • • ' • • them ait 150 man's fall suits, the line includes Tweeds, Cheviots and Casslmeres honestly made and trimmed. Value positively $0 and $7, weeeU ttiem at.?3.50 100 TO «n's ertra fine fail overcoats, Including twelve different lines of all wool covert cloth tap coats:lined with silk or fine ItaJJca cloth worth »14.00, $15.00 and -?1C.OO, go ait : * lu ' uu •'• «00 men's very finest suits, embracing fltle «ancy. worsteds, neat plaids and checked cheviots, taJlored with proper regard for perfect lit and satisfactory wear, unquestionably equal to the best $15.00 suit you see elsewhere. We seUthem for .- "• '-• Tbfe magnificent display of men's, boy's and children's fall, and winter clothing hats and furnishings surpasses anything ever seen. • The prices fcave been made so low that not the slightest stumble block -remains to bar way man or boy from betog comfortably -and stylishly dressed. We Invite you to call and Inspect our line. THE GLOBE. --;< CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co,, The well-Known Specialists of Naw York fcave appolnte D. A. HA.PK us iigent for thalr celebrated Spectacles and Eye Glnswwi, every pair guarantesd. D. A. HAUK him complete assortment and tnvltef, all to. natlsff tneDisBlvBs of the great superiority o! tlie-m tfoottspver. anj manufactured, at tfie store of D. A. HACK, Sole agent for Loganspoit Ind. No Fiddlers Supplied. < "COIN" HARVEY REBUKED. Patriotic Generals Are Not "Paid Wrecks of the Civil War." " A special from St. Louis says: The Kepuibiloiun.'patriotic' 'l>a&talion, composed of Generals' Slcklos,''•' Howsiixl Ailgeir'nnd Ste i wa«rt', and Oorporal Tannor, arrived in Belvlilte, 111., at 0 o'clock this morning over tihe Eltnods Central nud made a stop of ne.'ufly an hour, dairittg •sVhlch short adaresscs were -miade by the memibers or vhc> pa:ny -from tihe plialfform of thalir-car. John R. Twniner, Repuibltcnn nominee for Goveiraior of fllipols, was also in- the ipaiiDy.-'Encampmettti No. 00, Union yotenans'.Legion, preceded by a tomul •a.nd follmved'by the Rei>u'blleaii clubs of tilie dt}vm.arciiied'-t»-,rhere-the ci-owd .was assembled to hear die sipeech'es: Dui'fcng- 'their' speeohes-at Olin'ton, la., Generals Eoiwai-d. and Ste-Tviaint^iv ed scrttflilii-g -rebukes ' to "Coiin"' Hnr- v«y for i-dfewl-ng to the dlfitlnguisJi party ais ".paid wrecks of'. tihe civil war." Two thousand people were Jtur-ned away -unable to'get. into tl« opera liouse 01 near enough to hoar at Uic overflOTV. The generals and lihe dis- tinguislhed corporal -will be here ncxi Tuesday. The ci>mmDttc<« are hard ai woi-k -niTan.ging for a reception. The l>artj- avrives at 11 a. m. over the Tan dalia from Sou'tih Bend and remains until 12 o'clock. Jin tlie afternoon Hon. James E. Wat son wiffll speak to tlie people ait the rink. LOVELAND AT THE Republican Speaking Saturday Night—Turn Out. Salbui-day night, October 10th, Rober J. Doreitend of Pem, whose- orators •iluw-'jbeen- wlmn'ing .votes in- Oass coumltj '-for a week pnsit, -will 'address .the-pcopl on the issues of tihe campaign at tih - Broadway nl-nk. As usual -the public is assured of -a welcome and a. .good sWrring ttaie. -M-r ; Lovel-'vnd is a speak $2O.OO Will Buy a Good Winter Suit -OF- W;D,CRAIQ. 436 Broadway, Second Floor. Pay your Natural gas bills before October 10th... • Natural gas bHls for the month of October are now due. Positively the best cup of coffee In the city at Dykeman'i cafe. The finest ranee ever made. See It mt Flane«ni'8 new stove store, 810 •Maikot street For information, concerning annual gM 'rates, see card of JJogonsport & ^Vabasli VaUey' O«i Go:, on first page. A range yon .want to see; one .part fat winter and another for anramer at .FUuoegtn'a new stove rtore, 810 Market Ncrvv 'Ivats for Saturday, Lucy Krauss, Kays' waists.—A. G. Jen-klnes, assig- .noo. We iinaninfacture ouir own slhoes,- Waldcu. ... . .' .- Spccl'al holiday amt linen sale at the Bee Hive today and tomorrow. .. Transparencies taken out of your •wen by J. J. Hlldebi-andit, ,uhe plumber. All wool double'Kersy'-capos with button rind strap 'trimming, $4.38 at the Bee Hive. . ' ; ' 5c, lOc, 15c, 18c, 25c, boys' and girls' caps, former price,' 25c to $1.00—A. G. Jcaiklnce, assignee. Siftuattoa WJimted — Lady stenographer, three years-experience. Address, Pearl LaTiphear, Pipe Creek, Ind. Onion* lodge No. 272, F. & A. M., will meeit to regular .session 'tails Friday evening, Oct. 9th, .1896. There will be work; • •. . • Everything new In our cloak department. Xew Jackets, new capes. ' No old styles to show, you.—Trade Palace. The -Christian cburch Indies will serve a clhllcken -pie supper at the resl- idonee of J. B. Wdttters, 100 Eighth Street, rtOi'ls evening from 5 to 8 o'clock. Suippeir 15'cenlis. " '. How <are Your Kldmeys? I tried Dr. Hoibbs Sparagus Kddoey Pills and find Slhey are all they are recommended'!-to be. TOiey are superior to any kidney medicine tlhiat I have, ever-trledi aiid. I (have -. tried *heim . on ,n»yself; 3. E. Hope, M. D., OollinstxMi, Cfowa. : -goraeitM4ne'to 'tiitok a-bouc; • ' ' '/rhy'McK'i'nieiy' club's wguliar meet ing Is daferr'ed.iiW.,. Friday to' S'atur clay night, and the members, ai-e urge to aititend iln full.' -Ladies BTO espeolallj iinrviHied- -to hewi 1 good, sound money doc tirine and good - rousdc. Tte mieetlng I Saturday n-iigihlt, pctobc-r 10th, at th n'nk. . . SOUND . MONEV DEMOiCRATS Will Hear Hon. John R. Wilson at the Rink Friday Night. The National Democrats will be ad dressed by one of the ablest speaker In the State tomorrow night at th Broadway rink. The Hon. John R Wiilson of Indianapolis, who Is recog •nized as .being one of the foremos Sound Money Democrats,In the West will speak in the evening in the inter est of the National Democratic .ticket ISTILL OIHEY COMB... John. F. Toddj-of Madison'; In-d., Dem ocratlc -nominee for ; .counity treasurer and.one'of the'-most popular youni men'of -Shelby township, yesterday sent a letter to.-County Chairman- Cm vecs withdrawing f-rorqi the'ticket aric party and declaring himself a Eepub llcari, •-'•'• '- :.''' ~- : '- ' ; / ".'• -;• • ;•'.'• • George W. Stoner, last Democrat! nominee for county recorder, 'has als repnunced free sllYer .and Is w.orkln t openly for McKinley and Sound money WILLCLOSETODAY ury Will Get the Saxon Case This Afternoon. Damaging Testimony Against Defendant—Who Miss Plausse Is. Tlio on.se- of the State ol! Indiana vs. lonxo Saxon closed -yesterday cven- ng, so far a-s the .testimony. Is cou- cyrned, and it,only waits tlie oratory of tlie attorneys In arguineu.t to give t'into the hiiml-s of the Jury for decision. It is generally conceded that, the 'State has -made a srrou« case, though 'lie defense -has successfully combattcd the evidence at points which are not vitally, material. As a-n instance. It was shown by a iraui'ber of witnesses tliat the prosecut- in'g wi-biess, Miss Ptausse, drank freely of intoxicating I'i.quors during her stay in the city, and there were five witnesses who swore that she dr.inik in company with Saxon on. the Sunday irtoruirig on which tlie assualt was committed. These witnesses swore that the two drank at Mrs. Schubach's and at Jerry Sullivan's. The only evidence to contradict this is that of the woman herself, in which she is faintly corroborated -by Otto Jjowrey, Samuel Cotncr and young Marvin, who testified thnr at the time they talked with her, they could detect no smell of liquor on her breath, nor did she or Saxon exhibit signs of.having drank liquor. In fact, both seemed duly sober. The defense closed Its direct testimony with- Saxon^hiniself. He testified to- many thinwsV and while claim- Jug criminal action-with the complain- 1 ing witness, swore'that there was no force,used. He stood the severe cross- examination made by Judge Nelson very well, and stuck closely to his original story. ' • Jn the rebuttal tlie State Introduced Mrs. Dr. Tayitor, who declared positively that the young, lady is a virgin. This .testimony is conceded to be extremely damaging, to the: defendant. Though Drs. Bus John. HoMoway, Ballard -and; Hetherington were put upon tjie stand 'by the defense as experts to combat the truth of Mrs. Dr. Taylor's statement, In. 'each' instance they sup- pq|tcd" : her .testimony with the facts as s4ie stated, them. . ^ • .The State Introduced a"number of witnesses to prove the character of Saxon,'.and succeeded in showing him uip In a rather bad light. These witnesses were Patrolman- Limsford, Wlr- wiUih'i Morgan, Morris, Kleclcner and Superintendent Morrissey, '-and James I'omeroy. , . . f Tlie argument of the case' will begin jtm the opening of court tci-s -morning and it is thought the Jury will get the 'ease by the middle of tlie afternoon. A Verdict may. therefore be expected yet today. _ • ; ..'The evidence throughout the case has (been extremely foul, and the court -anc .outers'will be glad when, it is ended. ". Some-'little light has been thrown-on : the history of Miss Plausse within the past few days. She is twenty-seven years old and is a native of New York We. Her.mother died when .hei daughter was six years of ag«, nnd she 'w'os taken to raise by Mrs. Durkee 'who has been present at tlie trial. At 'that time Mrs.. Dui-kee llveC in New York, but has since removed to Corona Mich'.where she now lives. Mist. Plausse lived in the Durkee rarnlly tin .til she wns twenty-one, when sliC'W; ,tb Pittsbuiig and taught for some time Ju the city schools of -that city. She 'also'taught a country school, but gave •up that work -because of ill heal*, s took a position- <as a traveling sales woman. 'Sue is o£ good family, and is well'connected, as Is her Coster-mother Mrs. Dnrkee, a.nd if was for this rea son," so It is asserted, that the youufe lady lias been so reticent concerning 'herself. She keenly feels lier posi Won, and did not care for the notoriety which attaches to it. From -all the Information, -that can to gained, the young lady is entitled to respect, there 'being but one bad ha-bi to mar her n-nme. She has admitted on the stand that she was addicted to the liquor habit, and says that she beeam< so addicted through the use of liquor a med'lcine. She came to this city fresh -from a two-weeks' stay at the Martha Washington Home, in Chicago, wher she had-been tot treatment of the habit .irat" unfortunately, k seeme, was-no entirely cured. The defense attempt .ed'to introduce testimony to the effec .that-'Mlss Plausse had solicited fund! from business men in this, city, and had obtained subscriptions to a chai'i-t atfle object, through false representa tloh, but the objection of the States attorneys' to the a'dmlssion of the -test) mony was sustained, Judge Lalry rul Ing tha,t it had no relevancy to the case .-^ • _ .! AOTDAQiaSD AN OFFICER.. .A gang of roughs assaulted Patrol man Hfckey yesterday afternoon-, on ; ithe- Istomid, in nni attempt to preven 1 ;-dhe"a-rre«t ofi'Chns. McCarty, .one o' .their number.' Mi. McCarty,. with hi Ji«id bleed ing "and lumpy, was regls tered as a drunk afrth«:.county jail. ' At Last ' '' i '. ' x A Long Felt Want Supplied Not everybody wants to pay $5.00 tor a Hat. We can supply you with one for the celebrated Howard inDerbys and Fedoras Every hat is warranted to wear as well as any $5.00 bat you can buy, for sale only at THE HUB CIoth«ers Hatters an Furnishers. Successors to HARRZ PRANK To BeSar THE FIRST GAME. Foot Ball Season to Open This Afternoon. The L. A, C. foot ball team will meet tlie eleven Hiiph school playei-s this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock on the gridiron at Spencer park and play the first pame. of foot ball of the season, Tlic L. A. G. 1iad--a good practice in the Dykeman feed yard last night while Cnpt. Parker of the Hiph school team practiced his men at tricky pla.ys and^. signals In,'the High school athletic club hall oil Market street. Both teams are in good slia.pe considering tue work' done, and an interesting game may be .looked for. The H*gli school students: arc going out en masse liberally be-! decked with their colors, red and bhu*,; while the L. A. C. admirers -will be' there weariujj purple and old gold, and 1 cheering for their favorites. . .The ground :has been cleaned up and dlvalkcd off,;and new goal posts erected. As both are home teams only, a small admission fee.will be charged which will'go to dcfraj; the-expense of fixing' 'the grounds. Following is the line-up of the teams for the game this afternoon: . L. H. S.—Hoppe. lc>; I-Iowe, It; Brug- Keinatt, -Ig; 'Barnes, 1 c; Mattli&ws, rs;" Routb, -rt; Medland, re: Cragau, qb; Wrijrht, rlub; Powell or Sine, llib; Park- ea-, fb & captain; Ellison, Pierce and Collett, su-bs. L. A..C.—Marshall. le; Knowlton, It; Keene, )g; Coa.tos, c; JIcGreevey, rg; Rogers or Gordon,' rt; Newcomer, re; ,0-sborne, qto; Howard,'rhb; GemmlH,- Ih'b; Barnard, fb & captain. , •' «OUN!D MONEY DHXIOCKATIC - . : STKENGTH. Indianapolis Journal: Chairman Pickens, 'of the National -Democratic State committee, held a conference yesterday -af ternoon with several leaders from various parte of the State and some of the men who have been making speeches. They feel very much encouraged over the outlook in Indiana. Mr. Pickens said last evening: "Our advices from all parts of the State lead me to believe that not less than 40,000 and possibly as'many as 60,000 Democrats in Indiana-will refuse to vote for Bryan and the Chicago platform. We are making «n earnest effort to gained as.many as possible of 'these to the Palmer and Buckner ticket, and our chief menace lies not in the possibility of these Democrats voting for Bryan,^ but in Uie':.McKInley sentiment -we encounter among them." ; Governor Flower' has promised to make four speeches In the State, be- glning Oct. 14. He has been assigned to Ft. Wayne, Hunfington, Marlon and Logansport. ; ' THIS 15 YOURS. . We -want you to understand that we ; are numliig this laundry for you .and I that your wishes aire to be regarded In 1 every particular. We, will give you just exaotly what you want If we can find out what that Is. Perhaps you believe tihflit it is impossible to have your laundry work liandled without irritation and annoyance. We are sufe.that you are .mistaken. May we have an opportunity of demonstrating if? HADLEY BROS., Successor to Campbell Bros. • !• DEATH OF MRS. C. D. HIATT. Ida Hiatt, wife of C. D. Hiatt, of Wabash. died at* o'clock yesterday af- tenioon at the residence of her mother, Mrs, Sarah Zook, in, Shultztown,''alter nine months sickness of consumption. The deceased was 25 years, 7 months and 12 days old. 'She had been here for six mouths, and will be buried at the Stone school house in Clinton township, the funeral being 'held from the home of her mother. . The time of the funeral will Ire announced later.^ The deceased loaves a husband who is employed by the Big Four railway. The rfcusband. arrived last night .from Wabash. THAT JOTFUI. FEHMNG. jtVltb the exhilarating sense of renewed Irealth and etrength and internal clean- Unees, which follows the use of Syrup of Figs, is unkno-wm to the few who :have hot, progressed beyond the old- itiuie medicines and the cheap sub&a- -tutes sometimes offered but never, accepted by the well-informed. ," TW-nity Guild will meet this-after- tuoou ait 3 p,. m. at Mi-si S. A. Vaughn's Important business. A full attendance 3s desired. TALKING PRICES THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. " - • *"!» • / . Womea's nice seamless rubbers, new "and pointed toes, new '96- goods. Price 23c ***,-... Women's storm seamless rubbers, as good'as some ask 50c for..Prlce 28c Women's Arctics, nice' new goods, good value at $1. Our price 59c * * *' Women's kid button shoes, patent tip. nice pointed toes, medium heels. Price • • • • • 65c Women's satin calf button shoes; a good serviceable winter shoe. Price 98c * • • Women's Vdcl kid button shoes, pat- { *nt leather tips, nice dress shoe. Tirfce * • 98c Infant's .embroidered leather mocco- slns, just the thing for the little one*. Price 19c „ Men's rubber oversTdoes, nice ne,w goods; a bargain- Price .......36c Also please see our line of fine dress shoes. The most stylish and best fitting-goods jever brought to Logansport Line. W. Pilling, 412 Broadway.

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