Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1896
Page 7
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ArrlWB .No 15 dailr except Sundar.™... ......-..• 8*5 pm For complete time card, giving a" '™ln» Jd .Utlon«, «nd for full Inlomatlon ai ^^ ^ Ind. Or B. A. Ford, Qenermi 'Pamenger Atfint, St. Iioull. MO. TIME TABLES. Kun by Central Trai* O rofciows t leave for Chicago 3:15 a m; 5:00 a m: 1:15 pm Airlve 2 iroroCWcBEo'izao am; 12:30 p m; 1:00 p D Leave2 «adia %0 a m; 7:60 a m; 2,15 p m Arrlve 4 f?om Bfadford 8:00 a m; 1236 pffltiao pm I,eavefWrRm;: jSrtie from EBner 7:« a m; 1 ;0» P m; 8;8G Dm. Leave for Blchmond 1K» am;5:d6am,l.Wpm Airlw : r?(Sn m klchm«nd 2:55 a m Leave*!™ Lom>v?ll™12:55 a mU Arrive from Loulsvlll* 8K)0 a m; 1 = J. A. McCULLOUQH. Agent. Logangport Manhood Restored. iwiaiiiiuuu fit'OKKAM*** -rhlV uattiw* , • •igitUtUj,' all drain? pho«o|f»pb*» ftwailft. " % i joii-i or pt/wer o •HP ki( . Kittinger, a leading: physician of Wilmington, Del., asked the proprle tor of ErazUJan Balin to send him a dol lar bottle. A few weeks afterwards the doctor snicl: -I had-a conple;of cases o old-Cough on hand that complete! j baffled ice. I h«d got to the end of niy •tnnif. But the B«lm made « promp ctue in both cwet.: It it a remarkabrf MONKEY IN A HANSOM. Pittsburgh "Woman Creates a Sensation in New York. THREE MEN IN A BOAT-TO 'JAY NOTHING OF THE DOG. —San Francisco Call. LOYALLY ENTERTAINED. Chicago Policemen as Hosts of a Bucolic Guest' Cnolo Jn»t Strntton, from the Vicinity of Saclimw, Mlcli., Boon the SlRlits of u t.rout Cltr Wlillo Waiting to Bo Culled l r or. Uncle Nathaniel St'ratton, who has spent most ol' his 81 years in bucolic jursuits .near Saginaw, Mich-., is in Ghi;a£o looking'for his son-in-law, nenmm Dlaussen, a teumster, whom he intends a visit if the relative will come forward and say where he'dwell*. Thinking everybody, of course, would know Herman, who has been driving wagons over Chicago's streets for 20 years, the aged father did not bother about remember- ng his street number. As Mrs,.Stratton preceded Uncle Nat to Chicago by several dnys, bringing that information on a scrap of paper, there is now no way for him to get the points he needs until Mr.' Claussen announces himself. Pending word from the • son-in-law Uncle Nnt is the guest of Capt. Schuettler at the Sheffield Avenue police station. He has been having such coure- ous attentions from newly found friends since he blew into town that he really dneen't care whether the home folks show up in a hurry or not. Uncle Nut has been doing the-town. TVhen Mrs. Stratton greets her husband again she will hear greater tales of life in a big city than the fairy stories of her childhood. As the ngud farmer has been making his rounds under es- cort'by members of .the city police and fire departments, he will have none of the unpleasant remembrances which rural visitors often take home with, •them. Uncle Nat stepped off his boat at the Graham & Morton dock on Saturday. Notliing- was further from his thoughts sit that time than neglecting the homo folks lor seeking his own plensurc. Approaching the first dock hand, he asked: "Have you seen Herman around the last few minutes? Herman Chuissen, what married my Lizzie? Don't know him? Why, he's lived in Chicago nigh on to 22 year. Teamin' business right along nncl doin' well. Don't you know Herman—why, how long yon becn.livin' llQI'C'?" But thajmaii hnd never met Iff. Clnus- en that he knew of, and neither had tuc next, nor anybody else approached. Somebody guided the old man'into Randolph street and.told him he might "DOX'T YOU KNOW HERMAN?" find the folks by talcing a Lincoln avenue car. He -was ushered into the police station after a day of vain quest, and was exceedingly homesick and tired. His quainf clothes -and ways stirred up an immediate interest among Capt, Schuettler's men, and they persuaded Uncle 'Nat to forget his troubles. He was introduced around among the blue-coats and the fire Jaddies next door in company No. 55. Alter eating a good dinner "on thn boys," .says the Chicago Tribune, the farmer was persuaded to put on some city togs which they furnished him. His drooping straw hat was dofEed for a silk tile, a tail white collar-was added to h.is bine gingham shirt, and a red neckscarf was added. He was introduced to Theodore Stultz, the little tailor next door, who kindly creased his extremely short and tight pair ot trousers in thfi approved fnshion. A barber nlso offered his services, and after some hesitation Uncle Nat agreed to have the corners cut ofl his whiskers and his hair-cut, singed and sea-foamed. As the visitor had but 15 cents left ho one would accept remuneration for any of these attentions, . Then, in company with Policemen Jack Lorch and Joe Phillips, the Sag- Inaw man went out to see things. He •pent a good p_nrt ot gie nighVgpjing; ~ '"'" '" "' from ttie parictr TO tnc jevec unct cm;* agiiiri. The guest said he had never seen a place change more i n his life than this town since his last visit in 1S57. He indulged in reveries \vhen old laud- marks he nsked for could not be located. While in this nioojl he remembered a fellow had robbed liiiu of $100 on that visit, and he asked the police to see if they couldn't get it back' for him. In the face of all these attentions the Snginniv farmer says Herman Claussen can "lay low" just., as long as he wants to. He has promised, 011 return- Mig to the farm, to send the little, tailor a pair oC fine boots which were presented to him seven years ago, and which linve hardly been worn at all because they hurt his corns, Capt. Schuettler has been promised a'f;it sho;\t lor Christmas, and most of the.rnembers of the police''and fire departments havn accepted invitations to take their families to t,ho Strntton'farm and spend next summer. ^ VERY LATEST FAD. M You Do .Not C»r7y a Babbifd Foot Ion Are Not In tbe Swim, To receive a rabbii's foot, mounted ns per specifications, mny now be con- pidered a very lucky thing. If the recipient of the gift is not superstitious, and values a rabbit's foot only as a rabbit's foot, neglecting its Voodoo associations, he has still much reason for rejoicing,' He or she, usually she, may throw away the hairy abomination that, is supposed to form the piece dc resistance of the gift and still have amounting of gold nnd jewels worth several weeks' allowance. A rabbit's foot with the customary accessions is a gift not to be despised. How the custom .of carrying a rabbit's foot made its way from its origin in the mysterious depths of Voodooisin to the present lodgment in the sacred circles of upper tendom is a question which must be left to the specialists on fads and degeneracy. Intrinsically, the rabbit's foot is not a beautiful ob- 0»re Her rt>t an Airing E-r»ry D»y— In Central Park tUe Simian Wa» Allowed to Frmlc Around Among tUe TreoH. Jogging along the beautiful roads In Central park and Riverside drive at New York every pleasant afternoon for the past month wont a hansom cab which attracted a vast amount of attention. It was not the cab which attracted attention, but the occupants. These were a good-looking woman dressed in mourning, an att-raetivcly.- drcssed little'boy and the third of the party a monkey. The woman, is Mrs. E. M. Eyers, of Pittsburgh, Pa., the boy is her EOD, Charles, nnd the monkey is one of the handsomest little 1 specimens of a South American tribe; ever brought -to this city. Mrs. Byers, who has traveled extensively, returned to New York on a South American steamer on July 13 last, and went immediately to .the Imperial hotel, wher she, her son and her monkey were guests until a little more than a week ago. Late each pleasant nffernoou during their stay in the city, a hansom cab was driven'up to the ladies' entrance to the Imperial and in it the woman, child and monkey took their afternoon spins iu the park. It was easy to see that almost the sole object of those drives was to give the pampered pet outings. Everything possible was done to make him comfortable and enjoy himself to the fullest extent. He sat in his mistress' lap as haughtily as any proud pug, winking and grimacing at the staring crowds as the vehicle rolled •along. Often the party would alight in som? secluded part of the park or on Eiver- sid« drive, near Claremont, and let,the "little dear" frisk about on the lawn rmd shin up trees in true monkey style. But he was well trained and would invariably scamper back when Master Charles whistled, Monkeys make doubtful household pets. Even,Mrs. Byers admits tliat. Occasionally'one hears of a monkey ina home, or, perhaps, sees the comical little beasts carried about by fashion- THE LUCKS'. RABBIT'S FOOT. • ject. It is dirty-looking, and its hairy covering has an irradicable tendency to get mixed up "promiscuously with everything- ia ixa immediate neighborhood. A glance at a jeweler's Window, however, says the ChJcag-o Inter Ocean, will show how great a demand for the ornament there is, and the demand evidently cannot arise from the pure aesthetic effect of the.ornament. We are driven to believe, therefore, that its wearers are, in search of the supernatural assistance attendant upon its possession. It is just here that they are making a fatal error. Of course, no student of folklore can do.ubt the efficacy of this charm, under proper circumstances. Here is where the trouble tirises. There must be a grave doubt as to whether or not all the formalities are carried out. Every child knows that the rabbit mxist be what Ts known as "a "graveyard rabbit," and that it must be captured and killed by an elderly colored mnn under a peculiar combination of astronomical and physical conditions.which seldom occurs. An enterprising firm of jewelers have taken advantage of this and putout the following- advertisement, describing their rabbit's feet: ' , "Killed in a country graveyard at midnight during the dark of the moon, on Friday, the 13th of the "month, by a cross-eyea, left-handed, red-headed, bow-legged n igger, riding a white horse. It is'hard to And a colored man ,with the above characteristics; it is harder to find one who can obtain a rabbit while riding ti white hbrse on Friday, the 13th of the month, in the dark of the moon. Graveyard rabbits., in addition, are by.no means abundant. Is it' possible that all the ra"bbit feet on the market'nre obtained under these circumstances? Tlieiirtelligeaitinvesti- gator thinks not. Yet the market is flooded with alleged- genuine .charms. •It is to be feared that the public is being 1 deceived, ' ' •Dr. Core has furnished tlie'Anthro- pological society with an account of tho smallest adult, human brain evar examined by a professional anatomist or physiologist. It is a well-known fact that the brain of the adult male averages 49 ounces, the. female 43% ouncen. The adult human being who had tho smallest brain ever weighed waa a fe- male'of 42 years of age. She was five feet high, and her intellect was infantile. The brain, without the .membranes; weighed, ten ounces and fiva grains, being the smallest mature brain .on record; .__..-.- •- .- . ••• ' ; MONKEY TRAVELS IN STYLE, ably dressed women at seaside resorts. But, akhoug-h they may be docile enough for u, long time at a stretch, i hey' are sure sooner or later to break loose and perform most undignified pranks. Their owners may be par- cloned at such moments for wishing their jungle pets dead. However, as they are too near human even to think of killing them, their possessors usually compromise by trying to give them uwav, " • -•..'. Mrs. Byers all but reached the "gifing away" stage before she left the Imperial, trying .to make a present of her troublesome charge to other guests and even to the bell boys, but none of Uiem would have it. Occasionally the beast would break away from Master Charles and go scampering through the corridors of t.he hotel, frightening timid chambermaids half out .of their wits. Onue it got out'of Mrs, Byers' apartment through' a transom, went downstairs to the main parlor and jumped into the lap of a'terrified woman who was waiting there. But that monkey has a penchant for riding in hanioros, and is as ^vell be- hav.jd as any '.pet; could possibly be wliiIe out for a drive. Kerosene Bill* Monqnltoen. Chestertown, Md., has found kerosene elective in getting rid of mosquitoes. "Some, citizens," says a resident, "had experimented with coal oil as a rfmedy, and were surprised at the effectiveness of the liquid. The attention of the authorities was called to the matter,, aud'after a series of tests the peopje were given official notice that everybody should pouiva little coal oil in rain barrels, stagnant pools, and wherever water.had collected.- A teaspoonful is suflicient for a barrel of water. A diminution in the number of mosquitoes was easily noticeable, and now the pest has almost beeu gotten rid of.^ • J ' A Sallor'n Remarkable Escape. , A seaman on her majesty's ship Edinburgh recently "had a/remarkable escape. He was at work on a ladder in the bow of the vessel as she was going into Portsmouth harbor, steaming ten knots an hour, when the ladder broke and he was thrown into the water directly under the keel. He came up"ag aiu in the wake of the ship, two length astern, unhurt, having escaped the suction of the vessel and contact with the propellers. Bloomer (Girl does Too Far. A Missouri girl dressed up in bloomers and- went to surprise her grandparents." They, in turn, tore her bloomers ofl, compelled her to put on a dress, wnashed her bicycle, arid then gent her home. 'There is such a thing as.goto? too_far with some of the old folks. •^^-*^~ " ziiian balm TKEGMTSOBTHAMEBICAOttSSMl ', MACHO. FIAC!CA.U.y CURBS JCATARRH1 r,'iS^ it clears the head of foul mucous; heals the) V i Xf'''vlsore3 and ulcers of the head and throat; "•' sweeteus the breath, <uid perfectly restore* the senses of the taste, smell and hearing.; Stops headache and dropping into tho, throat Also destroys the germ which caunel; HAY FEVER, making a perfect cure in a few days. Never fails! No fatalcsseof JvAGRirraeverkuowa where Brazilian Ballli vis faithfully used. « destroy \eerippegencandqiiicldyremovea £r bad effect. I N F AISLE in ASTHMA,CROUP.BROH* ;Y. PNEUMONIA, ZIVSPEPSIA, VTif.M, TVPHOID and SCABJUJfl MEASLES, and any disease wherfl uncut, .'nflamraation, I'ever or Co&gesfion.' Greatest relief in Consumption ever di»« covered, L. Cures 8 KrCSh Cold IB one day. Stop* in Uie headend relieves deafness. _ As :tiijln3cc«« QUICK CURE FOR COMSTlPAYlON AND PILE*. . ts Healing Power Is Almost Miraculous. The Best Family Medicine In Existence DO Cent Bottle contains 100 Doses, or Tio leeks Treatment for Catarrh 91.OO BOTTLE EQUALS THREB SOo, BOTTLES' HOME TESTIMONIALS: "Urazilipn Balm cured me of inveterate catcrrh which I tad for over 20 yesrk It is the most wonderful triumph of medical science."-^./. Porkc Ponies, «M • Soup, cold and the worst form of gripp we have fow<? Bvaahan RUm invaluable.*, ~/"w W.S.Boothe,D.D., Pastor Del. Avt. Bap. Ot. "Mrs. Lore has used th« Bra^flian Balm and thi O k 3 'it did her much «xxL»-«M. Oua.£. Lore, Cb*fJ** of Del "Oiie bottle of Brazilian Balm cured a fneud of mine of hay fever. •-/ has, t "I was ver deaf for 10 years from catarr oe o razan . M Culbtyt, "I was very deaf for 10 years from catarrh. Brazilian Balm warm In wy ears every 3ay soon restored my ^^"-Mrs.johnScottcn Pa -It is the best thing for dyspepsia I ever sawtned.''-/^^-^ . "I was worn almost to the grave with a racking cough that all the remedies and the doctors foiled™ relieve. It was cured with one bottle of Uranium Balm. It shall b° my docror through life.-'--^./. Galloway Potlstow*, Pa. ".Twas fearful^ Crippled v.p with rheumatism, could not get my hand to my head. I took ten $0- Set bottlss of Brazilian Balm in six months. Am now entirely cured and as mm. We as I was at forty."— *MW SurrM, aged 84. A lady m Cincinnati w» M afflicted with asthma that during the winter for seventeen years she was unable tO sleep lr ;g down, was entirely ana permanently --ired with Brazilian Balm. . F. JACKSON & CO., Cleveland.,0, For Bale by the following druggM*' B. P. Keesllng, general agent; B« Fteher. Johnson Bros., W. H. BrluRburst, G. W. Hoffman, D. B. Pryor. Q. A. Means, H. D. Battery and A, R. Klatl •*» 1PM THE WORL-Pji, !n For sale by B. F. EEESLING. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••^^^••^••M^V SUHMER TOURS . VIA "BIG POUR" TO THE flOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES Solid Vestlbuled Trains W4tti Wagner Sleeping Cars to Hew York and Boston from St, Ix>uls, Peoria. Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, GLEVEL-AND AND BUFFALO "The Knickerbocker Special." • "The 'Southwestern Ltauted." Six Terminals at tbe Great Lakes. •hlcago, Beaton Harbor, Toledo Detroit, Sandnsky, Cleveland. TOurlst Rates In all Directions. B.- O. McCormlck, Pass. Traffic Manager. D. B. Martin, Genl Pass and Ticket Agent « —•^—•i^^^g=i^ GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE. g e ndi2 cents in stamps to John Se- baBtraS^Gen'l Pass. Agent 0. R. I. & P. R'y, Chicago, for the slickest pack of-playing cards you ever handled, and on receipt of such remittance for one or more packs they will be sent you postpaid. Orders containing 60 cents In stamps or postal note for same' amount will secure 5 packs by express, charge* paid. . If you have ever seen, a little child In tha agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble and appreciate tbe value of .instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWltts Colic & Cholera Cure. For dysentery and diarrhoea It Is a reliable .remedy. We could not afford to recommend this ts a cure unless ft were a cure.-Jno. M. Johnston. Whan B«br w«»«lck. we g»w> herOMtorta. When «ho WM • Child, «he crletf 'or OMtorta. When she became MlM, »he cluug W C*Bt6i*. bad Children,!** jravethem Caston» A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN ;' FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. 1 "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route— New Orlean* to Los Angelca and San Francisco. M discoatlnced April 16th. Thi iiperlor accommodations given • th» jre»t number of patrons ot the abort t»ln during the past tourist season; warrants the announcement of pltn* for next season of nner service wltft jqulpment superior to anything yrt known In transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-Inaogtiratioo o« •SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacjflc Co. "Sun»el Route" to connection with tho "Queea ud Crescent Recite" are running thp >nly line of through tourist Pullman Sleepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Lo* Angeles an( Ian Francisco. ' These excursions art specially co< lucted, and tbe object IB ta enable tbo« who do not care to buy the nratrcla^ found trip or one way tickets, to enjoi. » comfortable ride with sleeping cat frivlleges and no change of cars at tbt, »«ry low second-class rate. For further Information, addrew W« H. CONNOR, Commercial Atf. 8. P. le., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMYER, G. W. Agt 8. P« to., Chicago. IU. • g. F. MORSE, G. P. * T- Atf, 8 - B io.. New Orleans, La, EXCURSIONS TO PITTSBURGH. Brotherhood of St Andrew Annual Convention, via Pensylvania Limes. October 12tb, 13th and 14*h special low rate excursion tickets will be.sold to Pittsburgh, via Pennsylvania Line*, for annual convention of Brothcrhooa of St Andrew; return coupons will Da valid through to original starting point on or before October 20th. ^ P ERFECT »« d permanent are ttie cures by Hood's Sarsaparllla, bo- cause it makes pure, rich, healthX life and health-giving BLOOD. _

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