Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1896
Page 6
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ON IOWA'S SOIL. ' on tlie wash board, because it was washed week after week with cheap \ soap that was inejFectual to dissolve \ the dirt. There's another kind of cheap soap that's too strong—eats the clothes as well as the dirt. If you want the soap that's neither too weak or too strong, get SANTACLAU5 SCAR It drives the dirt out without injury to the clothes. It washes equally well the coarsest, dirtiest woolens and the finest, most delicate linens and laces. Preserve your clothes and your strength by using Santa Claus Soap. *• 8old everywhere. 6c. the cake. Made only by THE N. K. FAIRBAKK COMPANY, CHICAGO. •"-" Mr. Bryan Helps Burlington Dale- brate Her Semi-Centennial, M i. I • To Be Given Away this year in valuable articles to smokers of Blackwell's Genuine Durham Tobacco You will find one coupon inside each 2-ouuce bag, and two coupons inside each 4-ouuce bag. Buynbag, rcadthccottpon and see how to get your share. Makes a Speech at the Coliseum In Which He Describes Two McKinleys. Burlington, In., Oct. 8.—The concluding ceremonies Thursday of Burlington's celebration of its semi-centennial had William J. Bryan as their principal (tttraction. The city was profusely decorated and great crowds of visitors filled the streets. Mr, Bryan arrived from Chicago at six a. m. on the special car which he will have at his disposal for the rest of the campaign, mid took breakfast at the'house of John J. Secrley. At nine o'clock Mr. Bryan was escorted to the courthouse where he held a short reception. A parade in wliich brass bands and mounted and unmounted organizations, including a number of ladies on horseback, took part, escorted the candidate through the principal streets to the Coliseum in Crapo .park'. Here he delivered his principal address to nn^ immense crowd of people. John .T. Seerley, who presided, introduced him. Several other stands had been erected in the park, and from these Mr. Bryan and others made short speeches. Mr. Brj-un'H Collnoum Speech. "Mr Chairman, Ladles and Gentlemen, Fellow Citizens: We are passing through a campaign which means a groat deal u> the American people, aye, more than that, It means a Rreat deal to the people of-the world. There are crises in human affairs. V/hile every day la of equal length with S-ery other day, yot into some days vast importance Is crowded, and into the 3d of November vast importance will be crowded Upon that day the American people choose a president .who shall occupy the •white house for four years.' On that day they select a house of representatives, and on that day they select legislatures, which will choose United States senators, llucn depends upon the result of this election i-or the first time In the history of the United States a party appears which declares that the sold standard must be maintained in this country until foreign nations Join us, or permit us to abandon It. Never before have the American people been ashed to declare In favor of a gold standard. Every step that the gold standard has taken heretofore has been ta.ken in the dark and without the consent of the American people, and now, for the first time, the advocates of gold ask the Amor- lean people to Indorse the gold .standard at the ballot box. "It It is rlb'ht, if It is good for the American people, It ought to be indorsed. My friends nothing Is too good for the Amer- can people, and If the cold standard will be good for us, we ought to have It. Jf the gold standard will bring blessings to our people we ought to maintain it If it ivr ncs cursings we ought to abandon It. This is the question submitted to the American people I stand upon a platform, yes, ratio of sixteen to one, without waiting for the aid or consent of any other nation. Drrt RB n<1 Out ot tbc 1 ' lirt ''' •. O ur platform haa driven from us some Gladness Comes W ith a better nndersta-ntllnij of tlic transient, Divtm-e of thu many physical ills, which vanish before proper efforts— ireutle efforts—pleasant ettorts— rightly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms of sickness ore not due to uny actiiul'dis- ease but simply to a constipated condition of the system, which the pleasant family laxative, Syrup of Fips, promptly removes. That is why it is the only remedy with milKonsof families, and is everywhere esteemed so highly uy all who value Rood health. Its bendioial effects arc clue to the fact, that itis the one remedy which promotes internal cleanliness without debilitating the 01-jrans on which it acts. It is therefore all important, in order to get its beneficial effects, to note when you purchase, that you have the Sfomunu article, which is manufactured by the California Fiff Syrup Co. only and sold by nil reputable druggists. If in the enjoyment of good health, and the system 'is regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed. If afflicted with any actual disease one mav be. commended to the most s,kii Lin' physicians, but Jf in need of a laxative, one should hove the best, and with the well-informed everywhere, Syrup of Figs stands highest and is most largely used and gives most general satisfaction. "WHERE DIRT GATHERS, WASTE RULES." f GREAT SAVING RESULTS FROM THE USE OF c * — been able to keep those men with us had we been willing that the democratic party Jho'ild be made the Instrument of plutoc- K^4 ri sri5ssriSsff^ Some nave 1Ll ^.^..,,.7 m ,, T u hm,irl »av that SAP K K«pr«fcen«ole introooctlon OT Custom» on Ami-rlcnn Soil. Four athletic youngr girls find daily employment at'.a small coal mine m the Mahoning valley, several miles ftom Jhamokin, says the Atlanta Constitution The colliery is owned and operated by Joseph Mans, a hard-work- ng German, who says he has simply introduced the custom of his fatherland m having his four daughters-assist him in oreparing the fuel for market. The "iris are six-footers, good look- Ing and well formed, each tipping the ' Bcolcs at about 200 po.unds. Kate, aged EO years, has charge of the breakers; Annie, aged 1C. runs its mine pumps nud breaker engines like a veteran eti- Fincer, toie. aged 13, drives a mule Attached to a gin' for the purpose of hoisting the coal from the slope, and Marv nn-ed 10. sees that the slate is picked from the coal by her little broth- fers whom she helps in the work. T The girls wear short skirts, not bloomers, as might be supposed. ~ Mans formerly worked iu the mines Wt -Shamokin, but, during the last 1&ears. with the' assistance of his wife, (who runs the farm, and their daughters fat the mine, he has managed to buy this icon! mine and a large amount of timber land beside;;. ^ IMPKOVED DINING-OAR SERVICE ON THE WABASH. Meals will now be served A la Carte on all Dining cars on the Wabasb. Line. This will be a great accommodation to passengers as It will enable thiem to •elect from the bill of fare Just what they want antl pay only for what they get '• ", ' • DISEASES OP THE SKIN. The intense itching and Bmartintf inct dent tuWm,iftter, ^ rhe . um '?,^ e0dthbe j diseases of the skin is instantly allayed OT auolvinc Chamberlain's. £yo and bKin fitment. Many very bad cases havei been 'oermnnently cured bv it . It. is equally Tobacco'in WUooniln, "It is not generally known," says a Wisconsin man, "that the state of Vtis- consin is a. large tobacco grower. Of cotirsR, only the lower grades can be raised in so cold a climate,.but wo supply the western plug manufacturers with almost all of their coarser filler leaf. If one cares to see a beautiful growing crop he should take a, drive through lower Wisconsin at the present time. To nil appearances a finer yield never stood in the fields of that state. The recent copious rains, coming as they did just after a good proportion of the early set had been tapped, insure a large growth." Tunned llor Brntnt HnHbnnd. AHoUlcn (Mo.) woman followed her husband to the rock pile .the other day. after he had been heavily fined in the police court for beating her, and sat there and Tanned him while he worked out his sentence. - Tlio 'A'wo McKliileyii. '•»*,. nrvan-"My friends, 1 beg you to re- un, c. • Mains, iroa 1 . uiw;^ «"« —-.--- . . FortSle by,druggis|snt_25 cents per box TrrDr Cady'8 Condition Powders, the; •»roiBrtwhftta-fi6rscMeds'whcn'in>dcondi- tioa Tow* blopd porifir-and verawfoje; RHEUMATISM fr , ~ Bad: Li»vx and can be Cured by Using Dr, J, H, McLEIH'S LIVER IND KIDNEY BALM A Certain Remedy for Diseases of the Liver, Kidneys and Urinary Organs . . At Drugglito. Pric* 11.00C*r Bottlf the Sherman act, on the would, increase the amount 01 J"°"«f. ,, Ve nut in circulation among tne people.-. vve do for four years. We propose to g ve to he country «. silver bill that will take all m' the "liver practically, of tho United 6 atcs, and "make It available for Uie use of the people,' Again, he said. So, Mr. Bpeak,?, this bill is Just to the silver pro- durers of the United States, for It does what the present law, as demonstrated by Jvcry administration for ten years has not done It takes every dollar of silver bullion thut la purchased In the United States 'und places It at the disposal of the people aS "That e was the McKinley of 1800. Let mo read YOU the McKinley' of 18%: 'It Is not more money we want. What we want la to put all tho money we have already »t work ' In 18%, when he advocated mora mortey we already added f».«O.MO to the Srculatlon each year. This year we have no such provision. We have wealed the Sherman law and Bland <ict. Mr. McKin- r"y ™ld in 1891 that Mr. Cleveland had .been discriminating fcealnst silver, had been trying to degrade It, »«£'»«'"'»£« to contract tho currency, und that By less enlnq the currency ho made money dear-, er by maklnB It scarcer, and making money fhn master and all things olso the servants If It was wrong for Mr; Cleveland to make money, dear by in a k ' n f. {' ^f*"" and money the master and all-things eUa the servant, is it right for McKinley to iry to rfteke money the master and all things else the servant? . ••We can support every contention we make by quoting republican authorities, ^,d therefore republicans who come ,to us In this campaign do not change their convictions They simply change their party name when their party has abandonedxtho position It used to occupy, and now_ae mands that you shall surrender tho convictions of a lifetime," ' mino'ii. To Clote Hl« Campulen ' n . uun ol »- .:-.. . Chicago, Oct. S.-WilliaKi J.Bryan •will close his campaign in this, city anil state. At a. conference held- Wednesday night in his special ear at the union depot, at wliieh there, were present; besides himself Chairman Bentley, of the jstate /speakers'; "—-»'•" R^retarv •ft,'T n 1^.AH~ •, nn^^'Tk .. tional executive committee, it was decided that Mr. Bryan would ^st serve the cause he represents by devoting the lust week ot .the campaign to Illinois. This means that he will give seven days to the jrtnte central committee, which is already planning just how it can beat make use of him. QUAD ^TO SEE HIM BACK. Citizens of Indliumpoll" Eiproiw TUelr Joj at Gon. Harrison'" Return. Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. S.-^ep. Harrison and his wife arrived here at noon Thursday and were greeted at the 'union station by a crowd of 1,000 people. The appearance of the ex-presi dent was the signal for cheers, and in reply to culls for a speech he was conducted to Jackson place, directly in front of the depot, where he spoke foi nearly five minutes. His remarks wej--: confined almost entirely to thanking his- hearers for the ardor with which they received him buck home a.fter an absence of several months. He wat frequently interrupted by cheers. Aftoi this altogether unexpected incident in connection with his arrival,. the ex- president and his wife were driven tc their North Delaware street home. TlilK Happened 111 England. The church, in the person..of the wife of the bishop of Winchester, has taken to cycling, says the Lady's Pictona . Eev E. Husband, by the way, the well- known vicar.of St. Michael's, Folks-tone, preached a special sermon to cyclists recently, in which he not only followed some of the old divines by seeing no harm in taking a punning text— They toil not, neither do they spin, —but further remarked he firmly believed that, had velocipedes been in existence 'in ancient days, tbe sacred writings would have contained approving references to them. It may interest the excellent vicar to know that In a country church of which I have heard a cyclist figures in a stained glass window. !\li»tctimaklnB,ln Sweden. Sweden has the oldest and largest match factory in the world. Matches were made there long before the old roughly trimmed splinter of wood tipped with sulphur was <Jiscarded with the tinder boxes for which they were used. In 25 years the exp° rt u-ade °' Sweden in modern matches increased to 1,000,000 boxes a year. Some of tne machincsformaking the matches which we use in these days make 200 revolutions a minute each and turn out ^out 2500000 boxes •nnun.lly. Altogether there arc in Europe about 50,000 factories,'and they yearly produce matche* valued atS-W.000.000. . • GEORGIA'S ELECTION. Democratic Cmiillilntu forOoviirnor Elected liy 3fi,OOO Mitjorlly. Washington, Oct. 8.—Chirk Hcnvell telegraphed from Atlanta. Ga., Thurs- day'rooming as follows: Indications iire that the democratic ticket lias carried' Georgia by not less than ai.oOO majority, this being tliu majority of Atkinson over Wright for governor, •while the majority for thu remainder of the state ti'cltet'will probubly be not less than 44,000. Atkinson runs somewhat behind the other democratic nominees on account of the vigorous effort* of his populist opponents and their appeals to unfounded prejudice against liim. His majority of 30,000 is 11,000 more thnu that received by him over the populist nominee two years ago. Returns received by the Constitution indicate a large increase in the democratic vote throughout the state. M;uiy of the counties which the democrats lost two years ago give large majorities for Atkinson, ajid other counties which pave majorities of from 200 to 500 then will give Atkinson from 500 to 1,000 majority now. In the Tenth cl'strict, which is the residence of Hon. Thnin:i,s E. Watson, the populist nomin-ec fur ii:e vice presidency, the aggregate democratic vote is la-rg-er than that of the populists. Tin: legislature is overwhelmingly democratic, the indimtions being that the populists will not have as many members in the next legislature as in the present, in which they have nearly -10 members. The probability is that i!ic populists will have less than 25 members in the next general assembly out of a total of 210. Vulmer and Kiirknxr In ClilcHsro. Chicago, Oct. S.—Gen. S. B. Buckncr, the vice presidential candidate on the nation;!! democratic ticket:, arrived in this'f : tv over the Monon road at 7:30 o'clock Tluirsrln.v moruinfr. He was met nt the station by n reception committee nnd escorted to the Palmer house. Gen. Palmer arrived in the city lit two o'clock in the afternoon. Both gentlemen were escorted to the Aurli- torinni in the evening, where 1hey opened ihc "sound money" democratic campaign in Chicago. • May Ilosult In Settlement of Strike. Leadvillc, Col., Oct. 8. — After a session of. the Miners' union-, Wednesday night, lasting over four hours. Peter B. Turnbull was elected president. He takes the place of A. M. Burns, former president, who has mysteriously disappeared. Turnbull was vice president. It is said that with this change in executive officers there may.be a change in the policy of the Winers' union and possibly a settlement of the strike. M£RITED_REWABD. SALES OF LYDIA~ E. PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND. Unequalled in the History of Hediclne. Honesty, Excellence, Faithfulness Fitly Rewarded. [SPSCUL TO OUR LADY IBADRJS.] Never in the history of medicine has the demand for one particular remedy -•— for female diseases equalled that attained by Lyiia E. Pink ham's Vegetable Compound, and never in the history of Mrs. Pink, ham's wonderful Compound has the demand . for it been so preat as it is to-day. From JIaine to California, from the Gulf to the St. Lawrence, come the glaf fadings of woman's suffering relieved by it; and thousands upon thousands of letters arc pouring in from firatefnl women saying- that it WILL and docs positively cure those painful Ailments of Women It will cure the worst forms of female complaints, all ovarian troubles, inflammation and ulceration, falling and displacements of the womb, and consequent spinal weakness, and is peculiarly adapted to the change of life. Every time it will cure Backache. It has cured more cases of leucorrhoea by removing the cause, than any remedy the world has ever known ; it is almost infallible in such cases. It dissoNes and expels tumors from the uterus tn an early stage of development, and checks any tendency to can•s Liver Pllli Z'OpUliHt ,.I,1. U 1«.*.. Kichmond, Va., Oct. S.—Col. Thomas J. Goode, populist cand-date for 'congress iu tlip Fourth district, has withdrawn from the race, with the approval of the district committee of his party. Appointed to West Point. Washington, Oct. S.—Allen C. Keyes} of Minneapolis, Minn., has been appointed a cadet at the West Point mili- ti.ry academy, with George Leach, ol [inncapolis. alternate. THE MAliKETS. Grain, EroTi»ion«, Etc. .Chicago, Oct. S. FLOUR —Quiet but firm. Quotable as ollows' winter —Patents, SS.GtKftS.SO: tralBhts, S3,IC<J7,3.GO; clears, S2.8»«?3.00^.sec- ndp, $1.7502.00; low grades, $1.75fr2.00. prlnpr - Patents, J3.SOJf-l.00: straiphts. 310(3)3.30: bakers', $2.50<g>2.90; low grades, l.'50@1.75; Bed Dog, tt.20fill.-40; Rye, J2.00 ©2.20. WHEAT—Active and unsettled. Octo- ier, -6G'4@6Cl£c; December. G"U<8 ;( > s 'Xic: May, and ck headache. . lanative wash is frequently; foundof K reat value for local application Correspondence is freely solicited Oy the Lvdia E. Pinldiam Medicine Co. Lynn, Mass., and the strictest confident » pound in three forms,—Liquid, Fiiis, and Lozenges. 'couldn't uSnipeli W»tn*»»*s to Tentlfy. . Columbia, S. C., Oct. S.. : — At an ad journed meeting of the state board o control Wednesday the investigation oJ the recent dispensary scandals came to an end, owing to the board's lack pi power to compel the attendance of wit nesses. The matter is now ended unti the general asembly meets in January No additional information has been ad duced. AmerloanK an FroR T E»terii. Prom present indications America will soon be outdoing France in the COTI- .nmption of,frog flesh. The city^ot New York alone consumes 600,000 "hams" of frog* during ' the year These delicacies are now sold In tin St Louis, Oct. S.—The American Hoofing company, doing business a 1501-07 South Second street, ass.gne. Wednesday night to Harry G, Kmipp trustee- for Creditors. The assets ar .stated to be $25.000 and the ass.gnmen is subject to a de.d of trust for $12.800 The failure j s ; attributed to slow coilec tioria. • ' ' '. Cull for National Bank Report.. -Washington,'Oct. 8 - Comptrolle Eckels Thursday issued' a call for.th report of the condition of nation* buki at the close of business on Tues day,. October 6. ' Old BolcUor »nd rollttc.1 Speaker DaXL Waahington, Oct. 8.-<Jen. George A • Louisiana, once a famou FASHIOJfS CHANGE ' BtJT POZZONI'S Complexion POWDER REMAINS A1WATO THE SAVE. The finest, purest and moBt ^a» t W,?? toilet powder ever made. It is sooth»" oe ing. healing, healthful and when rightly used I It you have never tried POZZONI'S IT IS SOLD ETEKTWHEKE. CORN-Hlsrher. No. 2. 22Vl«5>22-V d <-; No. 9 Yellow, 22 ! S!!? l 23Vic; October, 22y<i8l2254c; Da- ember, .22%®23'X;c; May. 2CSp2CV6c. OATS-Moderately active and stronger, •with fair traOiiiB. No- 2 cash, 17H:(S>17%,c: October, 17@t7%c: May, M%@W%c., Samules steady. No Grade, 13@15c; No. 3, HV»W 7c: No. 3 White, lSS>21c: No. 2, 3S@J9c: <fo. 2 White, 21@23c. MESS PORK—Market moderately act- ve and prices firmer. Prices ranged at C 70@G.7S for cash; $li. 7000.72% for October: .li.75Si>6.77% for December, and 5..jO<8)i.o<l3 r or January. L. \JFlD—T'radlnn fairly active and prices hicher. Quotations ranced at R22%!g)4.25 for-cash; W.20^,221* for October; $42^ jfl.25 for December, and J-l.40@-l.-4o for Jan- BUTTER—Market flrm at SijSJGVic for •reamertes, and »®14e for dairies. LIVE POULTRY - Quiet, Turkeys, 6 @Sc- Chickens, 6V*<5>7c; Ducks. SW9c Ptr pound: Geese, per dozen, J-l.OOiJIIG 75 WHISKY-Steady on the basis of J1.1S Dor hJghwInes. New York, Oct. 8. FL'OUll—Steady, unchanged. WHEAT-No. 2 Hed steady, dull. Do- ccmber, 73«®7S^c; May, 75WT«c. TORN—No. 2-dull, lirmer. December, 2!Fi@2!>lS-16c: No. 2, 2S',i«M9>,ic. OATS-No. 2 quiet, firmer. December. SKc bid; Western, 20@30c. • POBK—Firm. New mess, J7-75@S,GO. BUTTER-Good demand, firmer. 'West- •rn dairy 7V'.@Uc: do. creamery, U!i<g>17ttc; do toWW. iWlc; Eleins, WWTVio; Im. itatlon creamery, 9®12c. ',-«,.,,„. CHEKSK-Flrm. Part skims, 3%©6<4c; lull skims," 2fi)2V4c. • ^ EGGS-Cholc*. flrm. Western. 1614® )8c. . Live Stock. Chicago, Oct. 8. rATTLE-Market generally lOc lower, Fair to best beeves, *3.<0®5.I6; stocked ltd feeders, $2.6003.75; rnlxc^^Cows and 'tlawEwWDSoiSOW pcnnanonttt laircfl In 15 to35 d»T«. Yon can bolreatca M !ty. liyou prof'*? tocomohcrowowtlloon* ;SESSS"SSs ss^s^saras^ss^ ^rtf^sss^^^onpSiHaf vS sniranteo to core -.We solicit tbo mo« obrtE ,!. '- i-ru-os and cuallcnco tho world ror a ris-o w" annotcurc. 1'hls dbe.ro has olways ease ^".jJJ^jLiil oftl , 0 most eminent- pliys*- HINDOO REMEDY TRODOCE3 THE A11OVE rArcpip.Dicvi".-,-"^ •tonx. etc., cnu»(-'d It? t��«hm • urttJ) to Bhninkcrt orpa, -- .hootfjn ^.^^jl*"* rocu.-t. Vi wrillcn bKiran TtZ™2»*'sp i ™J™*£ ID, y r,d leidinc dru=aist» elsewhal"- heavy packing and shipping;, Save The Children 'When-children are attacked cough, cold and croup, Dr.v •Cough Syrup will prove a qmck and surtTcure. Mr. Elmer E. Bakei, : B^m1on, Pa, writes: "We have used Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup for cough, col d and croup, and found it the bes, cough- medicine and cure fo tl e e affections. We never i-un out of,., but always keep it on hand.". Di. Bull's Cough: Syrup is sold everywhere v for 25 cents, flute* on having lt - ^,. Alter Hf ly Years' Eipertence Bra if and Nerve Tonic rr^5,?!UTS^fi.^>«s,isi 'rs 1 EXCURSION TO BLUFFTON, IXD., Via Vondalla Ltoe, October 13th to lBth,-On October. 13th to 15th the Vandalia Line will sell excursion tickets from all stations In Indiana to Bluffton, Tad., at one fare for the round trip, account Baptist Convention and Young People's Union of Indiana. Tftkets good to return until October ,19th, inclusive. For ftS f^ff™ call on nearest Vandalia Line Ticket Agent, or address B. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, St Loute, Mo. Subscribe for TOw Journal, 40 oentt m month. ... J

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