The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 12, 1957 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1957
Page 19
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Tidhits From Evelyn A few yea*! 890 young married women organized a sewing club they named "The Needles and Pins" club. Dues are 25 C a month, and after being }. n the treasury for all this time, wu na & p £ d off in a bj g way- When "My Fair Lady" was booked at Des Moihes, they got busy and sent for reservations, paid for put of this fund. They are driving down Wednesday morning, will take in the matinee and drive back so there will be no hotel bills. Members of the club J> artl £jpating are Mrs Don Asa, Mrs Max Bartholomew, Mrs Marvin Calhoun, Mrs John Hopkins, Mrs Raymond Johnson, Mrs Glenn Jones, Mrs Don Krause, Mrs Charles Hardgrove, Mrs John Lavigne, Mrs Dean Taylor, Mrs Rex Voyles, Mrs Herbert Weydert and Mrs Milton Will, Mrs Richard Burt and Mrs Roger Phillips accompanied the group. - • • * Friends el the Kenneth Samps who moved to Santa Mdnica, Calif., a few years ago will be interested in knowing the son Jerry was married last June 30, the rites taking place in the Methodist church at Santa Mon» ica. Another son Dick is in set- vice and is stationed at Fort Sill, Okla. He is engaged and his marriage will take place in a couple of months. * There* is a third son Wayne, who, I believe is In high school. 'Jerry and Dick were graduated from high school here. • * * Dick Pott recently sold hi* plane and now mother Elizabeth can breathe freely. Every time she knew he was sailing around in the air, she felt uneasy. Wonder how an "air truck" would be? Maybe Dick should get rfd of his ground variety and get an air vehicle. Wouldn't that be something? A ''sky-line", sb to speak. * • • I thought when the dial system was established, there would be no more wrong numbers. The other day I dialed and asked the answering party, "Is Lizzie there?" The voice answered "Yes" and when the next voice answered, it didn't quite sound like the Lizzie 1 was calling, I asked her for a cake recipe she had given me recently and I had mislaid, The voice said, "Cake recipe? 1 haven't given any recipes — who are vou supposed to be talking to?" I said, "Lizzie Post." She answered, "Well, this is Lizzie Erickson" and we had a good laugh. Then t dialed ftfloihet tittmba* a few nights ago. Before I could say a word a man's voice said, "We're on our way." "1 replied, "Where are we going?" A few words cleafed the air and 1 learned 1 was talking to Jack Allen who had supposed of course the phone call was for him and his parents, Mr and Mrs Jim Allen. They had been working at the new little store and were expected at the Dick Allen's for supper. » • * The biggest story of wrong numbers happened a few years ago. Whe"n I answered the phone a man asked "Is there?" I said "No, you have the wrong number." He wouldn't believe me and started a line of patter. I decided I could patter too. Then he said, "I'm at the hotel in room —. I have some nice stockings for the right girl." Well, at that time stockings were hard to get and he was offering quite an inducement. I told him he would be bitterly disappointed if I were to take him up oh the stocking deal. He never kneW who he was pitter- pattering with. • * • In the Fain family the Bills should be named $1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The fifth Bill is young Bill recently born to Joan Fain and Vincent Bernado. There is Bill I, grandp*a Bill Nesbit, an uncle Bill Nesbit, an uncle Bill Fain and the Fain's son Bill. If that won't keep the family in a tizzy, what would? * * * I can plainly see I must change my views on house "face lifting." It always seems to me Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Finds Healing Substance That Doea Both— Relieves Pain—Shrink* Hemorrhoids H«r York, If. Y. ( _ For the Brat time science has found a new healing; substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain—without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving- pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all —results were M thorough that sufferers toad* astonishing utatements like "Piles have ceased to be a problem I" The secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*)-discovery of a world-famous research institute. This substance it now available ia suppository or ointmtnt form under the name Preparation H.* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. spring Is the only time for painting and papering but my ideas are antiquated. Lillie Foth told me her house is in an awful mess having some decorating done. The Mesing are going through such an of deal too — nothing where it belongs and such an upheave! it's thought unlikely the place will ever get back to normal. But isn't it nice when it's all done and everything is spick and span? • * t t had a chai wifft MM William J. Becker the other day. She told me the son ftichard N. Becker has gone to Boston, Mass., and has enrolled at the New England Conservatory of Music. He received his discharge at Myrtle Beach, S. C., after four years of service. Enroute east he stopped at Fair field to visit his brother Bill and wife who brought him home. Bill and his wife are teaching at Parsons college at Fairfield, and both attended summer school at Ann Arbor, Mich. • • * There haft been a family re* union at the Adrian Sterlings which was greatly enjoyed, but all good things have an end and now Jeanette and her husband Stanley Miller are headed for home, Costa Mesa, Cal. The daughter Oenevieve and her husband Tom Lundell and children came from Ankeny and joined another daughter Helen Passmore and David here at the parental home. • * • I heard a knock at my front door Saturday but couldn't get the door open in time till my caller had gone to the back door. Thank goodness she came to the front door again. I would' have hated to miss the chat with Maude Hutchison Dorweiler, and I would have missed the ground cherry preserves she brought. She too had read of my fondness for them, and like my first donor, Maude Blake, this Maude had also shared her stores with me. Bless you both, and my verbal thanks. • • • Mrs Clarence Fraser was here one afternoon recently. We got tp talking about "family trees." Her's is a very interesting one— she can trace her family back to English nobility — and she has promised to bring the book for me to read. I haven't found any Lords or Ladies in my geneology, but we do go back to over 300 years of residence in the New World and I enjoy reading it. I go over it every few years to refresh my memory. • • • I wish you could have seen the perfectly beautiful bouquet of pink asters Florence Hagg (Mrs Albert Hagg) provided for the gift table at the shower a few friends gave for Dorothy Hagg Saturday afternoon at Mabel Hutzell's (Mrs Roy Hutzell) They were perfect blossoms and such as different from ordinary heaters AS TV IS FROM RADIO! WITHOUT COSTLY, DIRT COLLECTING PIPES ANb REGISTERS $38,342,OOO ef heater experience Cut Out State Street U-Turns £>ue to actioft of Algona's city council Wednesday night, Atif. 28, screeching tires may be a thing of the past, generally speak' ing, on State street. The council, following A suggestion offered by Police Chief Al Boekelman, approved elimination of the final U-turn on the street at the corner of State a»d Hall streets. The corner, located southwest of the court house, has always been a nuisance arid at times resembled the paved track at Indianapolis as drivers jockeyed with others for position and a chance to turn around. Boekelman also suggested mak* ing McGregor street a through street, with stop signs ori the north and south side of the street at each intersection all the way through town. The project has been discussed previously, but never any action taken. It was tabled for further discussion by the council. After a short discussion of the possibility of a new building for the street department on north Hall street, a project which was defeated by vote a couple of years ago, building permits were granted to the Farm Bureau, St. Cecelia's church, Masonic lodge, Irvin Etherington, Richard Frambach, Leon Laird, Carrie Durant, Mrs Bertha Pommer, Ted Hoover, Sr. and M. J. Cunningham. big ones. • • • Connie Jergeiuon (Mrs Harold) sent her regrets. She is having a siege of hay fever. That is another invention of. the devil—if you will pardon the expression. • • • We were sorry Hazel Burns (Mrs Jimmie) had tp "regret" too. She would agree with me on the subject of arthritis, for she has been troubled with it for sometime. • * *. Would you like to know the other' hostesses? Well, Mabel Hutzell at whose house the shower was held, Mrs Albert Hagg, Mrs Elizabeth Post, Mrs George Scuffham and daughter, Janet and I. We had each person bring their favorite recipe for the bride-elect. • * • I'd like to write a column on decorum. It would contain some sharp criticism of teen agers who slump in theatre seats and drape their legs over the tops of the seats in front. Girls, I am sorry to say, are the majority of the offenders. And while I am in a critical mood, it will relieve me to remark that directors are laboring under a false impression if they think picturing a man guzzling liquor and tea carts being shunted back and forth with full and empty glasses and bottles is funny. • * * A card this morning from Dorothy Campbell, Seattle, Wash., where she recently moved reads, "We arrived a week ago today. The trip was beautiful. The weather has been quite cool. In fact every-evening,we've had a fire in the fireplace. Soon as we are settled I'm looking forward to getting the Algona paper again. I really miss it. Regards to all—" Jbhn Adams was the first U.S. ambassador to England. Whittemore Sy Art Htldifiwlth Mr and Mrs Kenneth Brooks and son James, of Wildrose, Wis. spent the weekend at the home of Mr and Mrs Herbert Zumach. Wilfred and Alvin Schmeling. and Ralph Sebers, spent Monday in Des Moines. Mary Oreinert of Decorahi is spending a few da}% with her parents, Mr and Mrs Louis Greinert. Mrs Tillie Nottcher, and Lucinda Brandt, of Waterloo, visited at the home of Mrs Edward Greinert, Monday. Other guests at a dinner Monday at the Greinert home were Mr and Mrs Louis Greinert, Mr and Mrs Edwin Greinert and family, of here; Mr and Mrs Fred Greinert and son Randall and daughter Christine, of Cylinder; Mr and Mrs Elmer Greinert and son Teddy of Fairville; Mr and Mrs Eugene Maahs and family, and Mary Greinert of Decorah. Men of the Foxbilt Bowling team entertained their wives at a steak dinner at the Johnson House in Algona, Friday evening. Mr and Mrs Joe Nordseth, and Mrs Louis Braatz were Monday evening callers at the home of Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith. Lyle Heidenwith spent from Friday until Monday at the home of Mr and Mrs Lawrence Fredrickson in Bradgate. Monday his parents, Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith and Mr and Mrs Fredrickson and family, went to Callendar, where they were accompanied by Mr and Mrs Henry Fredrickson, to Dayton, where they attended a rodeo. Mr and Mrs Duane Wallukait and family of Humboldt, Mr and Mrs William Faulstich and daughter of Algona and Mr and Mrs Forrest Gilmore and family of here were Monday evening dinner guests at the home of Mrs Dora Faulstich. Mr and Mrs Melvin Heinrich, Pred Heinrich, of WMttemore, and Edgar Heinrich of Fairmont, left Friday morning for Addison, 111., where they attended the funeral of Mrs JEdwin Rrage, sister of Fred Heinrich. She .leaves her husband and two sons. Mrs Hilda Jessen of Elmjiurst, 111., arrived here Sunday evening to visit with Mr and Mrs Erwin Siems, and old friends. Mrs Jessen was a former Whittemore resident. Mr Jessen was a former school teacher in St. Paul's Lutheran school. Mr Jessen passed away several years ago. x Mr and Mrs Otto Ruhnke, Mr and Mrs Herman Zumach, Mrs Adela Meyer, Mrs Arela Leininger, of Whittemore, Mr and Mrs .William Rusch of Fort Dodge, '•(Mr and Mrs Oliver Lents of Sac •City, Mr and Mrs Fred Kprtegflst of Racine, Wis., and Mr and Mi's" Arthur Rusch of Lotts Creek, helped Mrs Nick Gengler celebrate her birthday Sunday evening. Alvin Ruhnke visited with Mr and Mrs Edward Bredehoeft in Emmetsburg several days last week. POTATO? Wm. Thompson of Kanawha recently discovered a potato plant that grew not only pota toes, but tomatoes as well. The plant yielded small potatoes un der the ground and small to matoes. above the ground. SPEAKING: Outdoor Cooking Lesson Held Forty-eight women representing approximately 30 clubs took part in a outdoor cookery lesson at Call State Park, September 4. Aluminum foil methods, as well as tin can cookery and barbecuing were the subjects demonstrated and discussed by Mary K. Staudt, county extension home economist. The ladies then each made their own meal in aluminum foil and had an opportunity to sample other foods prepared. The meeting sponsored by the Family Living Committee served as both a "kick-off" get acquainted party and teaching experience for the leaders present. Family Living members present included Mrs Ervin Gerber. chairman; Mrs Owen Berhow. Mrs John Ludwig and Mrs Ralph Walker. The next event on the year's program will feature an all day hobby show in Algona the first week in October. Any women's club wishing to be included in the Extension Program may contact the County Extenion Office. Ottosen News Sunday dinner guests at the Olvin Haug home were Mr and Mrs Oliver Kinseth and Mrs Marie Haug of Bode. Mi and Mrs S. T. Johnson of Story, City were Saturday overnight guests at the Antone Speich home. Other guests Sunday afternoon were Mr and Mrs Eldon Walter and Mrs Fannie DeMocy of Renwick. Ruth Speich of Ames is spending the weekend at the parental Anton Speich home. Nancy Hellickson and two friends Mary Morgan and' Elizabeth Mulligan of Hines, Illinois are at the home of Nancy's parents Mr and Mrs Howard Hellickson. The Misses Morgan and Mulligan will return to Hines on Tuesday. Nancy who is transfer- ing to Denver, Colo., will be at home about a week. Mr and Mrs Alfred Lemke of Fpntenelle came Friday for a visit with her mother Mrs Anna Longseth and with the Harold Su»det family at Algona. Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mrs Longseth were Mr and Mrs Lemke. Mr and Mrs Harold Sundet and family of Algona and Mr and Thursday, S*pt. 12, 195? Algeria (la.) Upp«r DM M*fn«-f Mrs Joe Longseth and family of Neveda. The Joe Longseth family came Saturday and were overnight guests there Saturday night. TIRE A runaway tire narrowly missed hitting the small son of William Thomas of Marengo. asleep in a trailer when the tire rolled down a long hill and came to rest against the trailer. The wheel slid the trailer an inch of more off its base. The boy was sleeping less than two feet from where the wheel hit. tr IT'S NEWS - we wAHt tf You've Seen It ON TV Now Get Yours FREE Terramycin ,„,.„,., ,,,,,1,,.,, .,„ * TUBE, SQUEEZER IP with purchase Of tots special 12 tube ca/fpnof ' Robinson Produce W State - Algona 60,000 Miles Without Accident of Any Kind ******** ********: Safe Driving Trophy To Algona Rendering THRII'IN.QNE HIATMAKIR HIATS LIKE MAGIC IVIN WITH THI OAf TURNIP OFP CUTI OAI »IU9 TMMINDOUIW look Bt tfcfii Hfgltr foytntioRi awl fMrtvm . IUIIT IN AUTOMATIC COMFOIT COMTIOlf • f UMMH COOUN9 AT THI TURN W A IWNTCH > TtWICAl RQOJ MAT fOt WARM COZY IWPM • IXCUMiVI THMW*. ONI HUTMAKU • OUUT CASTIIPN UWQN lUUUi • f HINT rUMlQATIW MOJO* MOUNT • fcWAY PIIK- flONAl ROOI HIAT COOTIM ' SUMP QW|T CAft (ION CONSTRUCTION UflfflMI rOKUAIH BtAMK f INI} H • rinnAci erov PJIIX OIAM MONT t MCOIATOIPUIWUX-APP* CHAW TO Y9UI HOJtf • eoMwmr AKIMIHW NO GCTIAI w iw • AM AWOVW *ei cowwi twin ^^nHBHIw^rCBFw ^•^^rPATINTIPJr AUTOMATIC %^f»AT GAS HEATER b*b AM WWM«M| --- •« ---- *-- __A>^^_ iJJ.«-A_ __ •_- . ^,_j _ .» •* fc ... ^ ri PI ifVOTM nfpmf piHpi wfw MM wptf iMMMavy Mtnr ( Sto/frt «*c!wiv«, pfttmtmi toYMtta, ttw THR88-IN-ONB HEA TMAKER inner unit, «U*M tripl*-u« of the bettet best wMch ordinary hwter» vtjt* up fbt chimney. Tak •uper- heat u forced down through tM tan* beat febej tet in pmsura. Only Steglv jpvM yon tWi gtavuM Tropical Floor Heatl Yw get warn, co*y floor*, .relw in comfort in «v«y room MV» tmwadomiy oa |M UN* With § gtyfer yw'tt M wina and t»ppy for ywn (9 wo» • II A Pill HOT DIMONITRATION TODAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! North Central Public Service Co. 109 South Hgrlgn Yowr QAS Company Phon» CY TOMORROW IS NOW TODAY It was just a few years ago when we said, "The age of electricity is coming," But that tomorrow is here today. Today we have the services and assets that were then promised for tomorrow* Electricity makes our tasks lighter, our leisure more enjoyable, and remember, electricity costs less to use now than ever before. * Algona Municipal Utilities Phono CY 4.2333 Company President A wards Trophy, and Presents Elgin Watch to Each Driver of Algona Rendering Co. Pictured above at a dinner held at the Algo na Hotel, Tuesday, Sept, 3, honoring drivers of the Algona Rendering Co. here are, left to right, Robert Fleming, Des Moinw. president of NaUonaJ By! Products Co.. Inc., Harry Blome, Lakota area driver. Jack Getiman, northwest area drivw, Don R»U». ers, scrap truck driver. Fred Beits, driver for poultry processing plants, Albert FoiMitgh; ptaiiwK man and emergency driver, John SchJmmel. Jr., driver for Humboldt County and south. K«wu*L «& Al Rode, Algona Rendering Co. plant manager, «*«»»*«», ««» ., *? £ on n r 5 f * he . winning of this Safety Drivi ng competition among all forty-one' plants of Na. tional By-products in 5 states. Mr. Fleming presented the traveling brorwe trophy to AJgonilSn. dermg. and in addition presented each driver with a 17-jewel Elgin watch. The driveni pictured ACCIDENT OF ANY S KIND d °* *PP roxima ' e V»°' 000 milw to B *•*• period, WITHOUT They Drove In All Kinds Of Weather To Win Driving light and heavy trucks for a total of 60,000 miles — even under the most favorable of driving conditions — and doing it without a single accident of any kind would normally be termed an impossible feat. But to do it under all kinds of road conditions — ice, sleet, snow, rain, daylight ajid darkness — and in the worst weather that » twelve-month period can bring — that is an achievement that was fittingly recognised by National Byproducts Co. Inc.* when Robert Fleming, company president, came to Algona in person to salute the local area drivers pictured above. 41 Plants Competed These drivers "competed" with those from all 41 plants of the company, located in five states, The period was from March I, 1956 to March 1, 1957, during which about 60,000 miles were covered by Algona Rendering trucks in delivering company products and picking up dead stock. This truck travel took in all kinds of roads and highways, city traffic, farm lanes, etc« and was.made under §11 forms of road and weather conditions. Manager Quoted As explained by Al Reds* Al- gona plant manager; "When „» farmer calls, we come. . .even if a bliscard is raging* or if the thermometer is regfetering uo degrees. We go anywhere and everywhere in seven Northwest Iowa counties, and prompt service is a watch-word with »•, Naturally, we at Algona Render, ing Go. are mighty proud «f this unmarred yeajrti safety driving achievement and I can auur* you we are working hard and diligently to keep our driving record the sam* w»y^ Community AcWeveawnt In view of urgent which ing Gt „ tyj can "liluJi prid*.

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