Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated^ STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnis e |i YOU DON'T WANT A SUIT Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If 1 make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY Q. TUCKER The Pear! Street Tailor. "JDOHJ S.OMIN3A3 Htf • Prices $1. 75c, 50c, 35c and 25c. • Seat! on sale at Joharton's drug store. FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF- INDIANA. L 1RT. CAlr. ^\ X X Murtock. t . W. ^- Ro»- CMD J. P. Brookn.. -. A§«t Cash. DIKKClx irlnghuwt. In all Its Departments promptly and 3tockh.ld.ra Btront Biwrv. Fund maintained. Sealed Proposals, To .furnish supplies lor the •. Northern Indiana Hospital for Insane, For me Montn of November 1896, Will be Deceived bi the Board of Control, at fte Hospital, until 12 o'clock noon on Tue«dw, October 30th. 1898. See spMlncatloru In State National Bank, Bj order of the Board, J. G. ROGERS. long Clltf, Oct. 3, JS96. Medical Supt DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY, .OOTOBEB 9, 1896. . Subscribe for The Journal. We guarantee our shoos.—-Walden. .,_ E. & W. collars, two for tlie price oH one.—A. Q. JenWnes. , J. J. R. 'brand atoefca and Java coffee fresh today <ut Rothermers. Qtnlte a lltffle of thait 30-cent-on-th?,; dollar u&denrear still on our bargain counter.— The Bee Hlv,e. •Khe Lad'ies of thfi Trinity Guild made $85 on tibetr supper served Wednesday. Mise Anna-Nell amd Mr. Arthur Renter of Peru, were the ffue»t8'of Miss Mtonle' Nelson Wedutesday, Awarded" Highest Conors—World's Fair. -DHL- f t i .;•-;• -. .-r _ „. MOJT- PERFECT'MADE. •*'.• 'TeGrat* Opam-ofTartar Powder,- Fr«, Ammonia, Aliim or any other adulterant 40 Y«ais the StawML, > WILL MEET AT WINONA. General Assembly of Presbyterian Church to be Held There. Wabasli, Ind., October 8.— The next' Presbyterian General Assembly will meet nt Winonfl. A committee o£ the Preslbyteri-nn General Assembly, consisting- of Dr. J. L. Withiw,v, modera- •tor; Dr. W. H .Roberts, stated clerk, ••was In session' at the Winona assembly jri'onnds, Eagle lake, Mils mora-lng. At its close tlie following action -\v.as tak- 'c-n, nddressed to.. Oliades H. Couner, .pr'esideut ot tlie Assembly: "The committee on the'next place of meeting of the General Assembly of me Presbyterian chm-ch In the United States having, by authority of tlie Assembly, consulted ivitli- your boai'd of directors, having visited Winona, and having received from your board explicit and. satisfactory assurance that everything in its power will be done for the comfort and convenience of the Assembly,; have decided tliat_the way is clear to- hold Wie Dieetiu'g of the Assembly In May, 1897, at'thc Winou-a grounds, and that it will be so 'held." THE "CROWD." The Popocruts are not disposed to ac• cept the figures given by The Journal on the slze of the crowd that turued owt to greet the "Boy Orator of the Platte," A .perfectly -fair, unbiased estimate made the crowd as the figures given. If the Popocrats are not willing to -accept the figures made by The Journal, perhaps they will take those made by the members of Mr. Bryan's party, which accompanied him on the siJeclaJ : train on his trip through Indiana. The i coaches in- which the party traveled on the trip were returned to tlie Panhan- e yards here yesterday, and in clean- lug out the accumulated trash, two sheets of paper covered with figures were found. One of them contained the following: "Indianapolis, crorv<3 at station; John G, Shanklln, National Committeeman, Gov. Matthewf, Leon H. Bailey, re- caption committees; Noblesville, 4,000, fifteen minutes; Judge T. P. Davis presided, great crowd Of school children; 'JClipton 6,000, 30 minutes; Kokomo 15,000, 25 minutes; Logansport 15,000, 1 hour 45 minutes, Judge P. D. Dykeman; Winamac; 15 minutes, 4,000; North Judson, 15 minutes, 4,000." These figures were made by the press correspondents who accompany the Bryan outfit. KUHN-SHANLBY. At 8 o'clock last night Mr. Raino Kuhn was -united in marriage with Miss May Shanley. The young couple is now happily settled in a home prepared by the groom on the Southside, the cottage being warmed with a reception given to the friends of the happy pair after the ceremony last night. The wedding occurred at St. Vincent de Paul's church, the ceremony being performed by the Very Rev. M. E. Campion.. , ESCORT GUARDS A'tfTEIJTION. There will be a meeting tonight lit Republican 'headquarters, of the Me- Klnley; Escort Guards,.'for the' transac- ;lon.of.?yery -important business. There ihould be a full attendance. •: • Fflil.overcoats, $2.90, ?3.00, ¥3.50, $3.-S 75, Vortih '$6:00 to $10;00.-A. G. Jen-1 Idnee, a«Bl'gin.ee' : : ''.'",' , • ' One Hundred Excursionists Visit McKinley. SPEECHES OF THE DAY Hon. W.T. Wilson's Intrdouction and the Reply. flajor McKinley Shows His Pa triotism. Canton, O., Oct. Sth. -Spix-inl to The Logaiisport Journal: 'niio Logansiiort delegation arrived at 1;30 p. m. and went immeaiately to •tlie home-of Major McKioiley under escort. Hon. W. T. Wilson presented •the delegation In Me following words: Tlie dtsloga'U'on of your-frieaids congraitulfliMows and greetings- I have t\he pleasure to voice today comes from tl>e Oi'ty of Loganspoi-t an the State of lud'torui -and iits violnity. T!hc industries which ttey represent aro much diversMed, one -fertile farm's of the W-abush Valley, the Railroad men,, whose Sound Money Club flit Logansport is over 700 strong, tlie factory, the store, the court room, she" traveling salesmen, the hotel, all send their representatives. I should not forget the med'l'cal profession for firom its'ranks we have chosen Dr. Jehu Z. Powell to cast our vote for you next winter in the Electoral College, and he too is here. "With these diverse employnieu'ts these men. all come' from 1 American' homes most of wlUch are owned by their occu-j pantos, where whether the surroundings be plain or atihei-wise, ilihere is constantly taught and emphiatslzed Dy exanipk- an uprJghit roaiiliood and integrity, a; love for virtue and Iionesty, a rever-' ence .for God and'a devotion; to OUL{ common counitry. Im these homes'arq bred men •tart women who lH>ld"anion J their most priceless 'treasures the wel-: tore iimd good naime of their native land, and who >are -willing to risk their; lives aaid all else <£bey. possess in its. defense, ' '•'•,••.' I It is natural ..that, such man should: greet witih emitltous'rasm as- ifch.eii: ..choice foivcihief magistrate and headlofirtht nation, one, who, like yourself'stands as a type among Americans of -the;de- vrted husband, the upright citizen, the volunteer soldier and the. iionesit maai in private life; who in his public career has ever been rtfhe -defender and advocate of the imAoiial tenor and aiitMr- ity, of home rule and protection fpv home neighbors. He lias been chosen by his nefehtoors, who best know him, to fill public trusts in the.National legislature and as tfhe. head of 1lhe Sfcaitc government, -but.he hns the dignity and self-respecting good seins^' to await the choice of Ms coumiU-ymen, not .In. ft Pullimiiui car on Dbo' ligih'tin'iiig express solloiWiug their suffrages by frantic appeals 'to prejudice, but amid the peaceful surroundings of Ills own* fireside. . •' ' - . ' . . . • • To your Ti'ome we come 'to greet you and to hail you as tilie iiexlt President of the United States. Mr..McKmley eaid: "My fellow citjr zens—Your presence from a 'neighboring state, 'bringing ns you do,, assurances of devotion to the Republican •party, tiie support, of tine ticket tiiis year, Is most gratifying to me. I welcome you all to my ciity and my home. Your presence .here .gives .me, ^much pleasure, it means that you have the •deepest concern for.tihe welfare of your country, ond we believe that the welfare will be best subserved by Eopub- llcam trtamph on the 3d day of November., . . "In tlie financial plan advocated by our •allied opponents, .1 hey say or mean that the framers of our ..constitution. idled away much time and wasted very .much effort In providing a plan to raise money to conduct the government. If this hew dcpairtu're can be In any sense correct lihen -we do not meed any tariff laws in. fehis country, no tax laws In this counitry, no'cueto'ni houses Iti this $44,499.41 The stock was too large to sell in Bulk, and upon the petition of creditors the Cass circuit court entered an order authorizing: me to at once open the doors, employ a sufricient force of clerks and proceed to sell the entire stock at retail. The citizens of Logansport, Cass and adjoining counties are respectfully invited to call at the Otto A. Kraus store and inspect the stock of merchandise consisting of Clothing, Hats, Boots and Shoes,, and Gents' Furnishing Goods, and assigned to me September 14th. The stock was appraised by Logansport merchants of sterling integrity and amounted in the aggregate to $44 499.41. ALBERT Q. JENKINES, Assignee. counfly,. no :tfli\ ctolJectors anywhere, nothing by a mere act of Congress it Is idleness to impose a tax xipon. tlie people to pay the expense of conducting the government If the'mere flnt v whether : it be fiat to the extent of sixty cents or flat to 'the extunc of one huudired cents, if Uhe goverocietit by a mere act of Congress can make money then all Ihe'ts-oi-k of Washington, Ham- ilton'and Clay aaid nil of tlie financial statesmen of filiis country wns mere idleness and folly. But tueir work was neither idleness nor folly. The KOvernment of tte United States cannot create something- out of uotliing, 'and tlie man or. the party who teaches thn.t 'doc'Uine is teaching something 'tflini: is false.. That which costs a nia.n nothing is not worth nudi over iit, and if this government can make money without any cost to itself then money is valueless'for every purpose. • It is because there is value n money that makes it a staple medium of exchange among the people. The point I moke is tiuls, my fellow cit- zcns, that we must get over the idea this country that t!he government m«kos money. The government gets ts money as the citizen does, by'giving .oinet'lilng for it. The government •aisos from four to flve hundred mill ions.,of •Collars every year, by'taxing tfs people <unV lihe-products.of every people 'coming, into uhe United States'. And tlie latter is the policy of the Ee- mblicfln party. (Loud cheers.) We do lot believe that for the government to make money it simply nas to set its iriutLng presses and mints •«> work rat we believe in putting 1 .a tariff upon very product that is brought' here'of very kind. Let us have individual oc upntion and employment and look af : American liome which your peaker h'as so eloquently described Mie American home lies at tdie founda ion of society, at the foundation o: every comin-uniity, of every state aoid evei-y nation. 'Not only, my fellow clt) zens, do we want a good tariff, but. we want good money and we want the money to be worth one hundred cents, and we do not want it to be worth a penny less than a hundred cents. We want it to be as honest as lilie government Itself, and we wont it to be current everywhere in tlie worM, aud wo want it respected by every people just as our flag is respected everywhere (applause). Then we 'propose in this country to maintain Che . government by law, a goveriiimenil; under law, and we propose to sustain public order and public tramquili/ty. There was'never a :.n'aine that the Re.pitbl'i'can party'e'ver had •that did not <sm'brace the good of all'the people.' "Never was a' Repiiblf- can principle that did not preserve the ; honor and 1 -integrity of the gbverntnent •of the United'States, and there is' one tiling that our party never did, it never struck si blow except for human freedom (applause). It never made a law that did not embrace every American interest. It never had-a principle that was uot patriotic and It stands this year >ns it stood all the years of .tlie past, for public safety, public honor, pood morals, good government, good laws and a country whose currency will not be questioned anywhere in the world (applause). It wouW give me great pleasure, I 'assure yon, to meet each and all of you personally." Each member of the delegation then shook hands with.Mr. McKluley. Tlie afternoon Associated Press report of the visit said:. "Canton, O., October 8.—A fine delegation from Logunsport, Ind., arrived in 'die city this afternoon.» The delegation was met by the Canton Mounted Troop, and*the reception committee iind escorted to lihe McKinlcy res!-' dence, Few delegations have made a better sliowing. and none. Iras b'aen more enthusiastic. Delegations from •Pennsylvania also arrived this afternoon." The Canton visit .was due to the earnestness and energy .of Mr. Sol D. Brandt, who arranged the details and guaranteed the train. The excursionists returned at 4 KODAKS KODAKS I hare the agency for the products of the EASTMAN KODAK CO of Bochester, K. Y.. the largest and beet equipped concern in the world manufacturing PHOTO9RAPHIC INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES. Their goods are taken as Standard the world over. Size 3x4 inches; weight 8 ounces. Takes a picture l%xZ inches. Either film or .glaM plates can be used. Does per- feet work. Price 55.00. POCKET KODAK. Takes square pictures, 3%x3% Inches; size of camera, 4%x4%x6 inches; weight 20 ounces. Prlo» 510.00. . • • , y o'clock this morning, snouting.^for M^ city liHss: Warner wiffl TSiDley: -.' .'.'.••".'•'".-.:/•''.' ^' '' ;V '- ::;i .^ : -home-to^he*l^f.'""'' : :' Improved No. 2 Bullet. .. This outflt is sufficiently large for all'ordinary amaJteur photography. Includes lamp, trays, two dozen sheets Dolio paper, "solution, etc. Price. $1.50: A.;B.1C: Developing and Printing Outfit. Full Line of Supplies Kept on Hand. C. W. GRAVES, Successor to W. T. GIFFE, 413 Broadway. fly New Goods--—. Are here.. OH and examine them Tbe- fore buying, AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor. MAZOi I Will positively cure loss of Mamhood, Weak Memoir* Dizziness, WakefulneBS, Night, losses. All drains,. Nervousness. Youthful Errors, Use" of Opium. Eta. which surely lead to death or insanity, , . .., A Positive Cure. Large Boxes, $2.00. . 'Sold only at the company's office, or sent by mail or ezpress on »r celpt of price. INDIANAPOLIS MEDICINE CO. 120 Fort Wayne Ave.,Indanapolis,Ind. CHAS. H. YALE'S Mngolflcent Production of tb« Famous Slfeottcle^ ... Tbc Twelve Temptations Be-embelUbed «nd added to §o It Is now ' '*'• 365 DAYS AHEAD OF THE YEAR Introduelng In Its portrayal ~0 people. __ SEE The Coming: Women Tlie Going Men Tlie Ballot of Fads . Battery Park Ton Should All In a Bow Yon Hunt Over the Bridge Yon'vo Got to HEAR The Vauiou» Bonnrle* The Great John Hurty The ramouH Lnnch SPECIALTIES •NnnAy Gnu Bruno, Jr. Pretty Joale Sisiron Th« Brothers Elliott first Appearance in America of Iwo Famous Dancers MLLE. MARIA FERRERO AND MLLE. OISELDA BASSEGGIO THE PRODUCTION INTACT. GREATER THAN EVER, Mites Bwi'lne Werner of. Wheeling, W.. Viai, and Mrs. Sarah. McOaslIn of Zaneeyille, OWo, after a visit of several wl«h Mir. and Mns, E. W. Cock- bum, returned to Zanesville yesterday r. \A*(iera, sihort stay In this wdJl return .to her Dr. PiltaaLm acknoTvledges the re- celpt of a double mefes of ftsb this week from Messrs -Waldron. and McSheehy. He says there "were so many of then* and their flavor so fine that he Is not* prepared to believe any. flahr' story wWoh fen McSlieeoy may hereafter teM,.'whTfeer aooonipajiJed wltih an,<tf' fldavtt6r6dt ; '' ,'''"''' ; " ; ''/'. ''•'.'''/' ; ." li^^^Mi^i^^^M^^^^^^^^^l^^^^^

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