Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1896
Page 4
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m+*am*~ ........... i 1^1. .1 i.i- . . . -. John Gray's CORNER. Da fall and winter underwear, he has MW cornered the largest lot of under- nr«« ever brought to Logansport at ' fcard times prices for cash. Theie (•ods are direct from the factories and •f the best values In all lines for Indies, flWfat and children; go and Investigate •ad It will not take you long to decide where to buy your underwear. -'DAILY JQURNAJU" •WMUhed every d»y In the .week (except /•-tiday) by-the Logansport Journal Company, WRIGHT.. .President . S. ................... Secretary BOYER.. ........... • ....... Treasurer per Annum price per Month Official Paper of City and County Otatered as second-dais mall-matter at IfcTl^gansport Post Office. February i. FRIDAYT OCTOBER. 9, 1800. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For President, yqss&d A. HOBART of New Jersey. For Governor, •AMES A. MOUNT of Montgomery Co^^ For Lieutenant Governor. I o C.DAILET of BOOM County Tfvn. Treasurer of btate. . SCHOLZ, of Vanderburg County For Attorney General. A KETCHAM of Marlon C», For State Statistical J. THOMPSON, of Shelby County. or aud B e f^Appenate Court D. W. COMSTOCK JAMES B. **^ Conty. arton County. FWth Dl»trlct. U Z. WILE*. of Benton- County. .: H G . .n "Repre»«ntatlvo. • T. WILSON. , of Cass County. RepreDentatlve-CHAKLEB B,LONQ- : KEES- •tor ' HAM 8HIDEL.ER. COMPARE THEM "Tbe Republican party Is unreservedly tor sound money. It caused the - •nmctment of the law providing for the twomptlon of specie payments In 1879; •luce then every dollar has been as good as gold. "We are unalterably opposed to . «rery measure calculated to debase - «ar currency or Impair the credit of •or country. We are therefore opposed «o the free coinage of sllverxexcept by International agreement with the lead- Ing commercial nations of the world, Which we pledge ourselves to promote, AOd until then such gold standard must . . be preserved'. "All our silver and paper currency mast be maintained at parity with' gold, and we favor all measures de- •Mned to 1 maintain Inviolably the obligations of the United States and ell our money, whether colu or paper, at the /present standard, the standard of the most enlightened natlons».ot the earth." —Bepubllcan platform. • "We demand the free and unlimited coinage of botb.gold and- silver at the present legal ratio of 10 to 1, without waiting for the aid or consent of any •thea nation. We demand that the Standard silver dollar shall be a full legal tender, equally with gold, for all debts, public, and firlyate, ,,and we.fav- •r inch legislation as VlH prevent the demonetization, of any-kind of legal •tender money by private contract"— Democratic platform. "We demand free and unlimited coinage of silver and-gold at the.pres- "wt legal ratio of 16 to l."-Populist . platform, 1898. .,,-..,, "We hold to the use of both gold and •liver as the standard money of the 'country; and to the coinage of both goldand silver, without discriminating against either.metal or cnarge for mintage, but the dollar unlt-of.coinage . «t both metato must be of equal Intrln- glc and exchangeable value or be ad• Jnsted through International agree- ,,ment or by such safeguards of legls- .latlon as shall Insure the maintenance 'of the parity of the two metals' and the .equal power ot every dollar at all times In the markets and In payment of debt, 1 «nd w- demand that all paper Currency •ball be kept at par with and redeemable In such coin. WE MUST IN; iMBT UPON THIS POLICY AS ES- /•:ipBCIALLY NECESSARY FOR THE :'«.; PROTECTION OP THE FARMERS •. AND LABORING CLASSES, THE V 'iflRST AND'MOST DEFENSELESS > TTCTIMS OP UNSTABLE MONEY '-"."AND A : FLUCTUATING OUR- y.—Deincicratlc platform, ,1892. BRYAN UTTERANCES. Folios-ling ill'.' Bryatfs v,i •through, wli'at" did -lie say? * out the demagogical iappeals to the 'common people," by the attorney of the millionaire mine 'owners wliat in tlwa-e lu Ms speeches? IBs Foun;h street speech docs not contain a thought of any d-ascription: There Is nothing in lit but appeals 1.0 ignorance and prejudice. In his Riverside park speech, om'itlting the .appeals to the soldiers, 'tilie railroad men aad the com- mon'people, are found the following "Tljc gold s*anda.rd is not an Arncrl- c'am idea." PossMy mot, but why is it wrong on that account? Why does In'teruti- tiioim-l.agreement of -MseH make a good ? Why, if Jones nnd Smith contracted wiltl! Brown to do the car- pcjrter work and tlio mason work on a house, 'is it worse -tli'-in if Brown had said, "outside agreement Is wrong. I ca.iiu-ot bu-ild tMs house mlou,e but ns a imntter of principle, I will build thu best -IIOHSO I am fllane?" prices mean teird times," says Mr. Bryan. Four years ago : h« sni/il tliait free -tirade was nc<xletl ibecause it would make a'alllilug prices. .. „ ": "I ask you to remember tta-t tlte Re. ubL'ic'.'i'ii par-by in Mils carui.xi-ipn floes not present a policy," says Mr. Bryan. Mr. Bryan *ki»ws that this is not time. The Republican party- ix>tnts to lllio prosperity of protection times ajicl says, "Lot the .money alone. Give us a protective tariff and restore prosperity. Ou tluis issue Xihc Chicago platform and Mr. Bryan are equally silent, Mr. Bryan atteroptis to Influence the ..i:Uvoa.<l employes.by'stating-''*hat the' reason the higher, officials favor sound money is because they know it is to their interest against- thnit of their employes. Hhiiis If a merchant saw his place of business burning up rtnd should shout to Ms employes on tlie top story to come down a* onoe it would be proof 'dint ho minted them to come clown so that he could impose on them. : . •Mr. Bryan spoke of tlie car coupling bill. He does not. state ifliat President Harrison first suggested it to. Ms mes-i sage a-nd that it received the Republican support. Nor does 'he stintte that Senator Watson, whom' lie -now Ignores inrtrcxVuced tlie .bill and denoira'Ced Democrats for opposing. A .great fraud is "Billy Bryan." "Our platform declares dn favor of nrWtraidion of differences between, railroads 'and their employes," says Mr. Bryan. -, MJ-. Bryan has made thils statement before. Probably DO- one has .called Ills nitrtwratioin to tile 'fact that titiail plank in tlie Republican platform and Is not in the Chicago platform; Mr. Bryan announces a now financial proposition, in his* acceptance speech in Now York -lie stated that silver wonM rise to gold at 16 to l,.an<] be ^-ortli .fl.29 per ounce. Now he says: "I believe tlhat uind-er fr«e coinage a silver dollar will be ns good as the „.._ dollta.r, whetlher it is coined or. melted here or nnj-wtoere in tlie world, TJion, you say, If 13ie silver dollar Is -as good as a gold dollar, h<rsv Is-that " _ to help tlhe people In this coun- itry ? >My f nlonds, when -we have silver •as gold as standard money you stop the rise dn the purctoaslne power of an ounce of gold and bring jit down to (.he place from whloli Jit started, w-h'On legiistatioin puit'the value iipon Hho gold dollar, yet the . pureliasiiig rf a silver dollar and gold dol- not be as groat as the piircb-as- : ing'power.of tlhe gold dollar Is today." ' Thus silver Is-tbTlsetotihego'ld va'nie '• bv gold dropping to the sliver value. TMs is a queer -way for silver to rise.: Biit whait will make gold drop he does not s.'iy. . "My friends, there is no end to the gold standard. Our opponents some- tiroes say, 'suppose that deroonetlza- tlon was 'wnom-g.' shall we do:aooth«r wi-ong by restoring silver? My -friends •Ohe evils of demonetization have not yet ended." ,, „_ what If demonetization was an. erJl and the evil has not.ended 1 / How does -Vtiait make two wrong's a right? How does flhait Justify bringing gold | down to fifty-cent silver? The only: rwisoniiible .proposition l«,,"Stop:where- we are. Coin sHver-at 32 to 1." Thus tie weakness of every statement is shown. No space Is wasted on /tlhc demagogy surrouading each of these staitemeafts. There is 'no argn- •ment no truth-to that The Jou-rnal does not liwult.ctlheJMtelllge'nce of the public by showing the fallacy of It It is assumed thftt every man, whatover h-ls politics ea-n dtebtognlsh a sit'ntement of. a proposl'tlon- from IT IS NOT AT ALL EROBABKE THAT THE NEXT. HOUSE WilLt HAVE A MAJORITY FAVO'RABLT;. TO THE FREE COIN1AGB OF SILVER AT A RATIO OF 16 TO 1. WHEN IT BECOMES ; A DEMONSTRATED FACT- THAT THERE IS NO DAJV'G-ER OF-THIS COUNTRY ADOPTING THE SILVER STANDARD IN OONDUOTI'XG THE BUSINESS OF THE COUNTRY, PROSPERITY WILL COME AGAIN AND, WITH LOWER TAXES ON . THE NECESSARIES OF LIFE, EVERY KIND OF BUSIN3«S WILL BOOM AGAIN.—Plharos editorial, March 12, 1896. A grent many Republicans were condemning The Journal today for its wild statements about tlie Bryan- demonstration. The.pnper is welcome to all the glory it can get out-of Its misrepresentations,—Pharos. Ah! Here is'a statemeui. ol fact at lust. Now Svc 'wiill have some fun. Who were the Repu-blJca-ns and !n what respect did Tlie Journal misrepresent? It ga.ve Mr. Bryan's speech m f,ull, and gave the best report of a demonstration over made by a Logansport paper. WJiy, the Pharos wouldn't even announce Mr, Ma-gee's meeting! : According to the Pharos one of the transparencies read: "Our Granaries Are Full, Our Pockets Are "Empty." That is what President Buchanan said in 1S5T In -his message to Congress. Ami yet that was under a Democratic administration, and : under free ' coinage,.:Is it posstb'ie'any number of voi- ers can be so grossly deceived? Another transparency read: "Sixteen to One Bryan Will Bo The Next President." This is a genuine Popocrat statement. The betting is two to one, on McKlnley. . • ; Tlie special correspondent of the Chicago Chronicle, speaking of yesterday's, "•demonstration, says: "In" no place since -his campaign first began- has Mr. Brj-an receivetl a more liearty welcome than he received today at -Logansport."—Pharos. . . •If this was his bdst meeting according, to population, some one has been lying Mr*'Bryan -has come and gone and in his coming and going Injured his cause. His speeches in cold, type more than offset any possible gain his magnetism may iiave secured. There is nothing to them. They are 'empty -and devoid of fact or-'argument. They appeal.to prejudice, attempt to array the larger ciassejs against the.lesser elates, ai?^ in every way disclose the demagogue: The honest free' silverites will look in, vain in his speeches for any fact or argument to sustain them. : There, is one striking difference bej tweeii Bryan and Coxey. Bryan as ; d candidate Is able to-travel .by train) while Coxey -had to go horseback.. Otherwise'the resemblance Is striking.! Both are insanely egotistical.. Both depend upon fanaticism. Botli evade! argument and fact. Those who gazed! on Mr. Bryan's face saw its weakness-! They read-the-mlngled hy-pocrisy and: deceit in. its lines. Coxey -had large! audiences,' 'tout, they .indicated curiosity only. , No one really thinks that the voters of-Gas's county will give a plurality for free silver at 1C to.1" when, the market ratio is 32 to 1. Every, reader of history knows that the struggle has been to make the government ratio conform to the market ratio, 'If the government had to change from 15 to 1 to 1C to i to meet the market changes, how Is It ;golng to; establish bimetallism and keep it going when the ratio Is 32 to 1? , Cue of the striking features of .the day was ex-Postmaster. Louthain and Postmaster Hanawalt, two dppotateea of Cleveland, riding .la.the.same carriage ,. In - an. anti-Cleveland parade. ,TherD's,-gratltude and .loyalty. ,for youi What kind of a government would we liave, run "by such traitors? And what confidence can anyone place in their political pretensions? The' demonstration yesterday was spontaneous.—Pharos. It seemed to be all the way through. RediareHanawalt's fireworks were certainly so. They went off all at once and iRedflro shot up an alley. No one seemd to be,at th« : ;nead of the thing. That would be a jreat way to run a govermrien't' \ • * If, as Mr. Bryan says, the Republican party draws -tflie bad men from the Democratic ranks,'"it Is hard to umder- ridand-Woiv tihe apotloss 'Mr. Bryan forced htoself to so long join .with the • "ba'd men" In, Uhedr wileKedness, oven allowing foimself to be classed as a -lender. In'ttoe "bad men's" Congi-ess. - l£r. Bryan advocates ruin In 'the name of prosperity. : 'Like the. devil •who promised everyflMog in. prd-er to doatroy' he mutes glowlnig promises, but' -states no facts: Hto words 'arc glittering but the argument Is all the other way. . .-. . .-' The reports of .votes made,by -Bryan -jfor McKlDley^ontlnuedvto come In all dftjr)y i es|teid.av ;> .;,,K Bryan wUl cotne aigaln tte, Bejmtiilcans will pay a|l ex- 40T'*,*jR*Nb OPENING SALIi OF EXQUISITE UNDERWEAR at the WHITE HOUSE,YTODAY Everything from a 50 cent Suit to the Finest Garment made. We solicit an inspection. n. GRACE & Co. The- White House Clothiers and Furnishers 316 Market Street. WILL SPEAK Ex-President Harrison to Here. TOn. B. REED AT PERU Arrangements Completed With These Distinguished Hen. It is definitely arranged that ex- President Harrison will speak here some time next week, and that Speaker Reed will speak at Peru.. Each will make three speeches. The Logansport speech will be Mr. Harrison's only (speech in Northern Indiana. The. Peru speech.,will be Mr. Reed's only speech in, .Northern Indiana. Both occasions will be:made.special occasions,. Pre-. parations should be begun at once. Every,McKlnley club in Cass county must be represented by all its members. .The various-presidents are requested to Igsue calls at once. Special rates will Be, secured on all railroads and railroad clubs in Northern Indiana ,-jyill,be.invited.. „..,.."... ;.,,,. ,. . ! , TllEjRE-lwAS NO QUORUM. Top Much Rally for the Democratic Councilmen. Tlio city council was billed to meet in regular session Wednesday night, .but the- attractions of the "grand torchlight parade" .proved- stronger than- the call of duty, and none of the Democratic members were present. As: Mr. Kinney was out on his run. to Chicago, a quorum was lacking, and no business could ;be attended to. The .meeting was called to order, the roll was called, and "no quorum" being announced by Clerk Winters, Mayor McKee adjourned the meeting until lasi n>ight, when it was supposed that Dr. Habtery, Mr. Graff, Mr. Woll and Mr. •Dykeman - would have time to attend. .',,.When time came to caliche meeting to order, there was still a lack of members for a quorum, Mr. Graff and Dr. Hattery not leaving recovered from the effects of tile' Bryan celebration, and three of the Republican members having gone oa the excursion to Canton. There was no business attended to. therefore, and there can. be no business done until the time for tne next regular meeting. PERSONAL. WILSON TONJGHT. * Hon. John R. Wilson to Address Sound Money Democrats. Horn John' R. Wlteon, Governor Matthews' confidential 'adviser until Mr. Matthews went astray, will speak at the rink tonight. Mr. Wilson is a ineniber of the legitimate Democratic National committee. He is for sound money and'don't care who knows 'It. He Is'a •member of the Sound Money Democratic National committee and is one of the ablest speakers In the country. •-•• '•"';'. . /•'.. 'Candidate J..H. Southgate, running for vice 'president on the Prohibition annex to the free sliver circus, Ills party being known as the National Prohi- bition.party, '. was In town .yesterday, but no bands: greeted him-, and no 'champagne corks. popped. He spoke last night ut the North court room to ; v people. •. ' . ', ; . ,.,, Robert Moore end wife of Cuba, p., Mrs. D. L, Bush is seriously 111 at her home on Broadway. •Otai-les Rogers . of Sf uucio,. was in- the city .Wednesday visiting friends. •• Mr. John G. Penrose and family of Jletea, Ind., liavo moved .-to West; Plains, Mo. ' • ! Kerivjiiiua Herald: Dan Dibert of Lo-- -giaiulspor-t, has moved his family and. in take si position on tflie section here.' Mr&s%iice Shurte has reHni-ned to -her home af Lcvwdl, Ind., Iter a visit of, two weeks with flic famiily of G. H.- Shaver. Aaron. Long's delivery horse ran away on Market street yesterday morning.;. The animal was stopped by DaveClymer. There will toe a supper at the First ; Presbyterian church Friday night, by| the Ladies' Missionary society. The : hours are from 5 to 8'o'clock. South Bend Reporter: Misses' Grace 'Hosmer and Ida Forsyfch, two : of Lo-j ,gian.sjpoTt''S biiigihltest young ladJes.made itilie Reporter office a pleasant call yes-, tcrday; on tilieir return hoiiie from Elk-: •hart, wjjero they have been vfe.iting for swnc time. Monticello HeawM: Mns. Sdwaitss; ihas dlna-niged her plans and will keep : house for her son, Curtis at Kouts instead of her son WJlbex at Logansport Clay Linvi'lle and his mothor of Lo- giansspaiit, rotnii-ned' home Tuesday; mlnK after a tih'ree days' visit with friends and relatives here. Miss Gertrude Blassingham reported in shorthand for The Journal the Bryan Riverside Park speech and the Canton speeches, and Misa Zoa Qualntance the Bryan Fourth street speecl). Both are experts and did excellent work un-^ der many disadvantages. At the Bryan, Fourth street meeting there was not even a railing for the press reporters to rest their books upon. Mrs. Julia Sturgeon, wife of Warren Sturgeon died at her home on .the Southsldc Wednesday evening after a lingering illness of consumption. Tlie funeral will be held this afternoon' at 1:30 o'clock from (he residence, services conducted l>y the Rev. 3. C. Kauff man. Interment will be had in the Hahn cemetery at Anoka, All members of the Kindergarten Association are asked to meet with Mrs. J. B. Sliultz •tlnte afternoon from two tM five o'clock. Tlie ladtes are requested to bring 'their tibi'mbles as tlie •Dime will be spent sewing. All are urged to be prompt.' Any one Interested In the work iwdll 'be weilcome. Henry Herman Pauck died yesterday morning at 0 o'clock- at his 'home at No.', 90 Bates street, -aged 74 years, 8 months and 12 days. The'funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock from the German, Lutheran church, services conducted by the Rev. Mr. Tirmenstein. . -» John J. Hlldebrandt was on exhibition in his window on Fourth street a snake three and one-haW feet long, which was captured by Clarence John- sou, the driver of the express wagon, while he was hunting in the Seven Sections: . " ' '•' The funeral of the late P. Ll Knight will be held this morning ar 1 o'clock from the Southslde U. B. church. Interment will be had in the Earner cemetery, nine miles southeast of this city. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Frazier Thomas of Delphi was here- Wednesday. Misses Carrie and Dora lioore were among the excursionists to Canton, O., yesterday. Mrs. James Pomcroy has returned, home from a visit to her sister at Detroit, Mich.. Walter Chandler went to Chlcago- this morhing to witness the big parade which will be given there today. -,The orowde on Fourth street were- attracted by the 'bankrupt sale now going on—A. G. Jonklnee, nssignee: ••"No-thing succeed^. '•• like success,"' Tills motto is proved dally 'In^our new. cloak department—Trade Palace.^ . Merit In medicine means-tUe power...*) cure. .The.-great'cures by Hood's'.E&r- saparllla.proTe its nnequaled-merit.' 'For inifoumation' concerning--.-annual' gas rates,, see card .&(< Loganstport & Wabash Vailey^ .Gas;<3o., :> pn'ifl»*t;.pa«€. Souiffli B^dV-Reporteir:. J/ulids- Sliir- peel and jilian'-gus^J^ipinjj: ha've been.^ d'ischaii-ged from theitong'Cliff-asylum-. ai Logansport. . l The young son of William Bopp-was- run down by a runaway horse Wednesday at the corner of Third and Broadway and was slightly injured. Graham T&be'r will accompany hls- brother Edwin to his Western home In Washington this afternoon and spend ' the winter at points along the Pacific coast. John Barshop was injured at Cash's- livery stable Wednesday, being knocked down and-rendered unconscious several hours, by a costless- horse. Great interest Is shown in-the coming : of the patriotic veterans who will ad•dress the people of the city and vicinity Tuesday .between 11 and 12 o'clock: in the forenoon. ••.-.The .Ladies' Pleasure -club gave, a dance at the Dolan & McHale hall last evening. .About sixty couples were la attendance Fornoffs orchestra fur- : - nlshed the music. All members of the K. & L. of H. are requested to meet at their ball this- morning at 10 o'clock to attend the fu- 'rieral of Brother P. L. Knight. By or- - •dor of Adam Snider, secretary.. Mrs. IX W. Jones aad Mrs.-E. B.: Cool went to St. Louis Tuesday morn- . ing. They will go from there to Lebanon, Mo., to visit relatives. They will {hence go to Kansas City and'' then.; home. /' ''*-.-. Eddie Gray, the'five-year-old son of Charles Gray, the'Pan-handle baftgage- man, broke his arm in a fail one day recently. It 'has been but a few weeks since the boy broke his arm at the.- same place and In the same manner. Carl Neff and Adam SnMer and wife- have returned from Indianapolis wberc • they attended the session of the Grand r Lodge, K. nnd L. of H. They report' a rousing meeting and an enjoyable- ftime. The next raeetinp will be held at: Terre Haute one year hence. If your children are subject to croup>- wateh for the first symptom of the disease—hoarseness. If Chamberlain'* ~ Oough Remedy is given ae soon as the child becomes hoarse- It -will -preyent • the attack. Even' after the croupy cough has appeared the attack can always be prevented by giving this remedy. It is-aleo Invaluable tor colds and • whooping cough. ^For. sale by B.- F.. KeesUng, drn'gglBt; ,; ;,...',. .- Highest of all in Leayening Strength-Latest U; S. Goy't Report. ...Robert Moore end wire or ouoa, y-v „-.., >,..,., ..•,.. l> c.';.;.-*»P»«^»pf*f^! ' ; arethe«uwt8:ofLew [ Klng'o£;th.iiB.:Cl^. •••/. -:.' ..'-*- r.;' •-,.. ><• •,,.^.^:: : K^: ;..| [^^•,:-,^: : '^ : i

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