Spearfish Daily Queen City Mail from Spearfish, South Dakota on July 30, 1988 · Page 8
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Spearfish Daily Queen City Mail from Spearfish, South Dakota · Page 8

Spearfish, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1988
Page 8
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Saturday. July 30. 1988. Paae g Lawrence County Newspapers ATURDAY - SUNDAY SATURDAY JULY 30, 1SS3 KOTA KELO KEVN HBO ESPN CBN USA KPSD WTBS WGN I WWOR I NICK I MAX I LIFE I NASH O 3 3D Q OH) 10 B OS O O O Q9 O O O S 4:00 Mrblehed Out of World Baseball Not Necetter- NFL' Gree- Wagon Trim "The Hearse" Cwnping Baseball It' Living A-Teem Mr. Wizard Movie: "Malta Prin- Voluntaar Jam :30 ABC New CBS New New Hy tha Madia taatMomanla Monroaa Cont'd Hobby Shop World Cham- Mama Star Trail "Praam- caaa" Cont'd XIII: Part II ibo Dom DeLuiaa New Road To Saoul Movia: "Mar- SportaCantar " Cartoona Doctor Who pionahipWraa- Major Laagua Mafor League Oadgat acapa" Movie: "Cap- Kitchen :30 Wheel-Fortune Barney Millar It' a living tin'a Day" Sparkler Cy- Campbaila " Ming Baaabalh Chi- BaseoaH: Pitts- Count Puckuia " turn of Qrliily flock Palaca 6:00 Hea Haw Kata Alii Tha Sheriff cling Crossbow Trouble Movia: "Obiec- cago Cuba at burgh Pirate RowanMartin Movia: "Que Adama" Or. Ola Opry :30 " Frank'! Place Mama Arena Foot- Croaabow Check HOutJ Family Marten tive Burma Philadelphia at New York RoomDaddy Who' Coming " (trend Opry -7:00 Supercarrier Tour of Duty Facta of Life Movie: "No- ball: Arena- Had Town AirwoH Upataira, " PhiHie Met My 3 Son to Dinner" Preview Volunteer Jam :30 227 thing in Com- bowl 'M " Downatair Donna Reed " On Hollywood XIII: Part II !00 Ohara Waal 57th Golden Girl mon" Paper Chaae New Mike Lawrence New Nawa Milter Ed Country Mudc Cagney ft La- Kitchen :30 1 Amen Hammer Welk " INN New Mama Mad Movie " cey WlahHr iM Hotel New Hunter Movie: "Soul SportaCenter J. Ankerberg Movie: "Day Mydary Night Track H.'a Heroea Mort After Uncekrt Unk Movie: "Club Lady Blue Country Mueic :30 " He Haw Man" . AwA Wree- Zola Levitt of the Dead" Sherlock Movie: "CahlH, Dark Monk Paradlee" " Rock Palaca a rM New New ding Mutic of Com- " Summer Night Night Track U.S. Marahal" " Movie: "They " Dr. Ruth Show Or. Ola Opry I U:30 Movie: "And All Star Wr- Michael Jack- " Autralian paaaion Music: Saie- " " " Uva By Night" Movie: "Blind On Hollywood Grand Opry a a :00 Million Will Ding ton Around Olivia Newton- Football: Syd- Soioflei A. Hitchcock phone Night Tracka " Am. Top Ten " Data" Invettment CountryCHp I 1:30 Die'' Movie: "Blood the World John Surfing Mag. Reagan Ray Bradbury Nash. Skyline " SCTV Mmdpower Advlaory " a O:00 Feud" Star Trek Movie: "Pretty SportaCenter Jewith Voice Movia: "The Sign-Off Night Track DarkakJe Home Shop- Movie: "The Movie: "Preda- " Country Muaic mI .1:30 Fri. th 13th Smart" Downunder Breakthru 'M Terror of Tiny At the Movie ping Overnight Son of Monte tor" " Outdoor a .00 Serie " Sign-Oft " PBA Bowling: Praia the Town" Night Tracka INN Newa Service Crieto" " " Sign-Off 1 :30 ABC New Dark aide Movie: "Pay- Hammer Lord Night Right Tony Randall J -00 Sign-Off Sign-Off cho III" Open, from Ed- " Night Right Night Tracka Movia: "The " Movie: Movie: "Op- Inveatment :30 mond, Okla. " Night Right Wild One" " "D.O.A." posing Force" Advltory io6 Movie: "No Surfing Mag. "On tha Old Night Flight Night Track " Home Shop- " " " :30 Mercy" Sporttlook Spaniah Trail" Godley j ping Movie: "Bol- " 4' io6 Auto Racing: NewSight 'M Movi:"Tha World Tom. Alice MuHKrim Cur. George ero" 30 Chritophen " Off-Road Intro, to Ufa Terror of Tiny H I Written Monitor Rpt. Succea Spartakua io6 Insight Movie: "Drug- SportaCenter Kenneth Cope- Town" Tom A Jerry' J Kennedy Point of View Lithe Koala " Investment :30 Jimmy Swag- neT Bodyshaping land Night Right Funhou R. Schuller Sunday Mm Maple Town Movie: Advisory ioo oart " Racing Jama Ken- Night Flight Rintatone Chicago'a Slime Time Elephant "Dream- World Tom. :30 Can't Take It Discovery Animation: PGA Tour nedy Night Right Torn Jerry Heritage-Faith Treasure MsH Mr. Wizard ecape" HI Written ' -700 New Gidget Robert Paha Sapa Cartoona Motorweek Our Sunday Night Right Sam Street Rintatonea Sunday Mat Jettons Dennis Movie: "A Investment InsideRacing :30 Lundstrom Schuller Kenneth Cope- Travel of Magic Veer Bert Qodley " Andy Griffith Popeye Bug Bunny Turkey Telev. Fine Mesa" Advisory Outdoor ibo Jerry Falwell Jerry Falwell land Marco Polo Lighter Side Lloyd Ogilvie Calliope Sesame Street Good Newa Visionaries Steampipe Al- Monkeea " " Performance :30 Day of Discov- " Jimmy Swag- Little Woman Thi Week in Oral Roberta Movie: "Claah Captain Power ley Bad Newa B. Movie: "Man- CookGeorge Hidden Heroea ioo ery Sunday Mom- gart Tom Sawyer Sports Gerbert Cartoona OWLTV of the Titans" Movie: "Angel Knight Rider Cant on TV nequin" Cardiology InsideRacing :30 World Tom. ing Celebrate Movie: GameDay Gospel BUI Nsturescono " and the Bad- " NICK Rock " Fam. Medicine Motoworid a fyOO David Brinkley " Robert "Spaceballa" Tenni: Volvo Champkxwhip " Rock school " man" Superman Count Duckuta Movie: "Shan- Physician' Rodeo I U:30 Sportsman Schuller International Kidsworld " Newton Movie: "The " Grandstand Gadget ghai Surprrae" JrtW " a a :00 Bua. Work) CBS Sport NFL Pretea- Final. Stmt- FHpper Nova Postman Al- Lead-Off Man Baseball Laesi " Internal Med. Show 'N' Go I 1 :30 Your Business Special ion FootbaH: Movie: "The ton Mt Campbell way Ring Major League Major League Zoo Family " Orthopedic " a rt:00 Grandstand " San Francisco Zoo Gang" Stadium Moto- Movie: "Brim- Cartoona Bradthawon Twice" Baseball: Chi- Baseball: Pitts- Little Foi Movie: "Crash ObQyn Outdoor Newa I -:30 Daytona Air " 9or vs. " cross rtone" the Fmiry " cago Cub al burgh Pirates " Dive" Cardiology Motoworid a :00 Show " Miami Dol- " BasebaN Hall " AH-American Myitery Major League Philadelphia at New York " " Physician' American 1 :30 Boning: Buddy " phim Truth About of Fame Wrestling Sherlock BaebaH:At- PhiHie Met Cedlchonl Jml Sport Cava!- ioo McGirt v. Ho- " SportsWorld: Alex Bodybuilding Gunsmok Master Television lanta Bravaa " " Rated By Kids Movie: Internal Med. cade :30 ward Davis PGA Golf: NFL's Fastest Billy Joel Racing: G.I. at San Fran- Basebal Kiner1 Komer Finder Keeper "Lloyds of Fam. Medicine IntideRaclng ioo Auto Racing: Buick Open Man " Joe'a Gr. Prii Empire Movie: "Blood " ciko Giant Puttin' on Hit Hawaii Five-0 Tough Girl London" Failing Heart Performance :30 IROC 1 Final Round " "Lethal" of Portland. " Alley" " " TandT " " Hypertension Auto Specialty :rvica Dirrr' : Sp-artls!! Vision C7,r; ; 1230 N. Ave., 642-4656, SptwO Norlhwn H.'"s hsurtnea 140 W. Jackson Blvd., Sprp -h ' 842-2624, 642-2525,642-76 , Equipment Scrvics . , Profcst!on-l3 . Spearfish, S.D. 642-7767 . Farmers Insurance Group ' timer Eartscn -1 1 6 W. Hudson, Spearfah, 642-227 Dr. Keith ton, Optometrist . 825 Main St, Spearfish, $42-2644 Diet Center 104 12 Sherman. Otadwood, 578-1000 Deadwood Trading Post 629 Main, Deadwood, 578-2656 Dr. Mike Richey, Optometrist 1710 N. Ave., Spearfish, 642-6480 Steve's Yard Service ' 642-7284, SpearfisK . Dr. O.A. Jewett, Optometrist 615 FBth Ave., Belle Fourche, 892-4171 ' Olsen Brothers' ; Construction Box 235. BeOs Fourche, 892-3183 Stonerberger Construction . Geoeral Construction, 578-1269 : Collins Construction 578-2546 Spearflsh AA&Alanon Rifle Club, Sot-fish, 642-3037 or 642-4301 Service Directory Christopher J. Baumann, Attorney 1140 Mam, Spatriish, 642-8261 Spearfish Eye Care Center 1710 N. Ave., Spearfish, 642-8430 Folker's Painting Box 396, Deadwood, 584-2922 The Recovery Room Barb DaJong, Spearfish, 642-7430 State Farm insurance Coreen Lerwick 734 Main, Spearfish, 642-8141 " Spearf ish Fencing C6.T,; Free Estimates -642-5572 K&L Car Wash Downtown Pluma Watkins Products Shirt Shack .114 W.Hudson, Spearfish House For Sale -Rodeo Area, Deadwood 578-3273 after 5:00 or weekends D&S Service Hwy. 85 S. Pluma, 578-3001 The Bookkeeper 578-1924, Ask for Jeff Ziebart Roofing 642-3192, Spearfish The Grubstake Pawn and Gun Shop 692 Main, Deadwood, 578-1011 SUNDAY JULY 31, 1983 I KOTA I KELO I KEVN I HBO I ESPN I CBN I USA I KPSD I WTBS I WGN I WWOR I NICK I MAX I LIFE NASH a 313$ a 0CB10 o qb a o cd 09 a o 0 0 a a A :00 Wild Kinodom Barney Miller Runaway 'lethal" Racing: G.I. Big Valley Movie: "Blood Wonderworks: Major Lgu Movie: "A Boy National Geo. Mr. Wizard - Movie: "Good- Rheumatism Motoworid pm 4:30 ABC New CBS New NBC New Cont'd Jo' Gr. Prix " Alley" Cont'd Home at Last BaebaH:At- Ten Foot Tar " Star Trek bye, Mr. Osteoporosis Hidden Heroes 5' ioo 21 Jump 60 Minute Star Trek: "Morgan Ste- SportaCenter Father Murphy DeGrassi High lanta Brave " Movie: "Con- King Pma Chip" Fam. Medicine American :30 Street NertGener. wart' Coming NFL: Dalle " Check ft Out! Family Matters at San Fran- " tract on Count Duckuta " Medicine Sport Caval- 6' ioo Movie: "Sun- Murder, She Family Ties Home" Golf: NFL Cla- Animal Africa Wired 3-2-1 Contact Cisco Qisnt " Cherry Street" RowanMartin " Physician' cade :30 day Drive" Wrote My Two Dad Movie: "Disor- tic Snapshots Heatwave " At tha Movies RoomDaddy Movie: "84 Jml InsideRacing -:00 MacGyver Movie: "Vital Movie: "The derliea" Amateur Body-In Touch AirwoH Nad. Audubon National Geo- Star Search " My 3 Sons Charing Cross Cardiology Motoworid :30 '' Signs" Killing Field building " Society Spcl. graphic E- " " Donna Reed Road" Internal Med. Hidden Heroes 8' ioo Movie: "Ob- Movie: Snooker Chall. Ben Haden Tales of the Masterpiece plorer New News Mister Ed " Ob Gyn Outdoors :30 sessed With " " "Spaceball" " Rock Alive Gold Monkey Theatre " INN New Benny HHt Mad Movie Movie: "Over Fern. Medicine Amer. Horse 9' ioo Married New I " " SportCenter " Mike Hammer Wild America All in Family Darksid Entertainment Lancelot Unk the Top" Orthopedic Rodeo :30 Woman" 30 " " Ed Young Club Date Jerry Falwell Dempsey k This Week Monkee Internal Med. a r:00 News Face Nation News Movie: "Long Surfing: O.P. Larry Jones Cover Story Independent " Makepeace Dallaa Stock Market Movie: "Man- Physician' Performance I U:30 America' Laurel and Magnum, P.I. Gone" Champ. John Osteon Hollywood In. " World Tom. Movi: "En- Keys-Success nequin" Jml American a a .00 Entertainment Hardy " " America' Cup To Be An- Robert Klein One on One Chid. Fund signPulver" Dallaa Self- " Inveatment Sport Caval- I 1:30 This Week Meet Press " nounced Time McLaughlin J. Robison " " Improvement Movie: "Week- Advltory cad a rt.OO Mlndpower Sign-Off Sign-Off ' VletnlmWar SportaCenter 700 Qub ' Ktys-Succe'ss Stfrhe Babies Fletcher Bro. " Home Shop- Movie nd Warriors" " Rodeo Ml C.-.30 Movie: "Tha Tenni: Volvo. " Cooking Pi Larry Jones At the Movies ping Overnight . ." . " ; a :00 Sign-Off Nightwatch Fourth Proto- International Movie: "The Financial Free- Sign-Off Helen Keller INN New Service " Movie: "OR " Sign-Off 1:30 Sign-Off coT Semifinals, Bridge of San dom Movie: "Terror Carson " " th WaW" 2' ioo " " from Stratton Luis Ray" Discover in the Wa Mu- Movie: "Po- " Movie: "Up- " Investment 30 1 Movie: "Lucky Mt, VL Where Will seum" session" stairs snd Movie: "Over Advltory 3' ioo " 13" " Sign-Off PGM Sale " " Home Shop- Downtir" the Brooklyn " 30 Getting Fit PGM Sale Green Acre " ping Bridge" 4' ioo CBS New Movi: "Re- Aerobic TodayMarilyn Credit New Alice ZoobileeZoo Cur. George " Information :30 Agrl. Report Agri. Report turn to Horror Nation's Bust- J. Robison Europe Hair Scooby Poo Faith Twenty Comic Strip Little Prince Movie: "Sweet Cardiology 5' ioo ABC New CBS News Ag-Day High" tie Today Superbook Youth Secrets Tom A Jerry' Muppet B. Hill Teen Dr. Snuggle Country" Ob Gyn 30 " New Before Hour Movie: "Disor- " Wooster Sq. Perfect Diet Funhouto Spiral Zone Jetton Menace " It Figures 6' ioo Good Morning This Morning J. Swaggart dertiet" " Gospel Bill PGM Sale To Lrfel Yoga B. Hillbillies B010 Bugs Bunny Lassie " It Figures :30 America I NBC Newt " SportaCenter Gentle Ben Discover Tch. Adult Bewitched " Dinosaucer Spl. Today " Mothorwork -7:00 " Today Movie: "1001 Tennis: Volvo Father Knows where a Will Cologne Orch. Little House Smurft Martian Pinwheel Movie: "Sam- Nurte Fandango :3Q " '' Arabian International Hazel Perfect Diet 11 on the Prairie Teddy Rmpin Jeanme son snd Deii- " Be Star 8' ioo Donahue Family Feud " Nights" Finals. Strat- 700 Club Cartoona In Recital Movie: "For Incredible People Are " lah" Kay O'Brien Crook :30 " Card Sharks " Tom Sawyer ton Mt Lovers Only" Hulk Talking " VldeoCountry 9' ioo Growing Pains Price It Right Wheel-Fortune Movie: "Brian- Getting Fit " " Body Electric " Charlie'tAn- " Elephant " Attitude Amer. Mag. :30 Home Lot or Draw ton Beach Me- Basic Twining Am. Baby " Madeleine " gel " Maple Town Movie: "Her- " New Country a r:00 Ryan's Hope Young and the Password moirs" Aerobic Straight Talk " Justin Wilson CHiPs Gtraldo New Pinwheel cules Un- Mother's Day Movlr "Git 1 U:30 Loving Restless Scrabble Bodyshaping Frg. Gourmet " chained" Baby Know Along Uttto A A :00 All My Child- New Day of Our Olivia Newton- CFL Football: 2nd H'ymoon Movie: "Blood Pet a People Movie: "The New High Roller BeHe " Wok with Yn Doggies" I 1:30 ren " Lives John Blue Bomber Bach. Father Alley" Sesame Street Time Mach- " Love Connec. Little Prince Nerds II Nerds On Hollywood Fandango A O:00 Noon Show As the World Another World Movie: "Sum- at Roughriders Dori Day " " ina" Alice Newtywed Spl. Today In Paradise Regie Phitbin Be a Star I .:30 B. Hillbillie Turn " mer of '42" " Flying Nun " Rock school Day at a Tim Dating Game Star Trek Show Crook A :00 General Hospi- Guiding Light Santa Barbara " Australian Dobie Gillia " Immortals Tom t Jerry Kotter Cannon Lassie Movie: Attitude VldeoCountry 1:30 tal " " Footbalr. Syd- Green Acre That Girl Newts Apple Flmtstones Chostbuster " Gadget "Splash" " Amer. Mag. 2 ioo One Life to BoldBeautrful Sale Movie: "A Legends Of Hazel Make a Deal KnowZone Flmtstones BraveStarr Bamaby Can't on TV " Movie: "Turn- NathviNe Now :30 Live Captain 11 CI. Cone. Man for AH Wrestling Father Know Percentage Sesame Street Brady Bunch Transformer Jones Monkee " Ing to Stone" " 3' iOO Oprah Winfrey World of Dis- Flintstones Season" Sport Trivia Lone Ranger Hot Potato " Beaver G.I. Joe Hawaii Five-0 NICK Rock Say Goodbye " " :30 ney DuckTale " Cycle Sports Rifleman Press Luck Mister Roger Laveme Jem " Dennis " " Now Country MONDAY AUGUST 1, 1988 I KOTA I KELO I KEVN I HBO I ESPN I CBN I USA I KPSD I WTBS I WGN WWOR I NICK I MAX I Lire I NASH O 3 TT; O , O 33 10 O O 8 O 83 8D 13 9 O O 89 S 89 Q 4:00 Jeopardy! New The Judge Movie: "Bon SportsLook Big Valley Tic Tac Dough ReadRainbow New Beaver Good Time TJ. Hooker Finder Keeper Say Goodbye Cover-Up Fandango :30 Lose or Draw CBS News People's Court Voyage Char- Sportsman Jackpot 3-2-1 Contact Carol Burnett Jeflersons " Pont Sit Movie: "Spa- " Be a Star ioo ABC News News NBC News lie Brown" SportaCenter Remington Chain Rea. Kangaroo Andy Griffith Barney Miller Pyramid Can't on TV cial Delivery" Foley Square Crook :30 News Hollywood Sq. News Ivanhoo Baseball Mag. Steele Bumper Stum. Business Rpt Andy Griffith Benton Barney Miller Double Dare Eety Street VldeoCountry iOO Baseball: Pir- Blue Skies Facts of Life " America's Cup Crazy Like a Dance Party Mac Neil Movie: "Gar- Movie: "The Evening Mag. RoomDaddy " Cagney A La- Nathvill Now :30 ate at Met " Family Tie Movie: "White Magic Years Foi USA Lehrer goyles" Ratings Ent Tonight Mister Ed Movie: "The cey " -7.-OO or Reds at Newhart "alF Water Sum- Diving: U.S. 700 Club Cartoons Adventure: Fat " Game" Morton Dow- My 3 Son Karate Kid" Movie: "To Kill :30 Dodger Design W. Hogan Family mer" Outdoor " " Man on Bike Movie: Vit- ney Jr. Donna Reed " a Cop" New Country ioo Magnum, P.I. Movie: "His Movie: "Brigh- Championship Straight Talk Airwotf Garden Line lag of the News New RowanMartin " " Crook :30 Mistress" ton Beach Me- Rodeo: 67 Na- Conversations Damned" INN New Car 54 VldeoCountry ioo Wheel-Fortune New " moir" tional Final Remington Tale of the Directed by " Twilight Zone Benny HM Monkee Movie: Cagney (La- Be a Star :30 M'A'S'H I Hunter SportaCenter Steele Gold Monkey William Wyler Movie: "Child- Trapper John, Baretta Susie "8plah" cey Amer. Meg. a r-yOO New New Movie: "No Ladies' Bowl- Paper Chase WWF Prime Innovation ren of the M.D. " RoomDaddy " MacGruder ft Nathvill Now I U:30 Nightline Movie: "Copa- Tonight Show Way Out" ing: South " Time Wres- Frg. Gourmet Damned" Movie: "The Street Mister Ed " Loud a a .00 Ent Tonight cabana" " Bend Classic Bums A Allen rJktg AkveOff Cntr National Geo- Candidate" Joe Franklin Donna Reed Movie: "Re- Inveatment " I 1 :30 Movie: David Letter- " Baseball Mag. Groucho " Pressler graphic E- " " RowanMartin vengeofthe Advisory Movie: "QH a n:00 "Johnny Nightwatch man Olivia Newton- SportaLook -700 Club A. Hitchcock Sign-Off plorer " Home Shop- Car 54 Nerd" " Along Uttte mI -1:30 Tigre" " Sign-Off John SportaCenter " Riptide Alice ping Overnight Monkee Nerds II Nerd " Doggie" a :00 " Movie: "In- Racing: USAC To Be An- " Hardcastte INN New Service I Spy In Paradise " SigrvOff 1 :30 New " stent Justice" Sprints Cars, nounced Edge of Night Rhode iioo Sign-Off " Indianapolis. To Be An- Search Tom. H'mooner Movie: "Sum- " Movie: "The Movie: "Blood Inveatment :30 " Movie: Auto Racing: nounced Success! AH in Family mer of My Qer- " Little Prin- Diner" Advisory iOO "Jock" Amer. Serie Man from U.N- " Green Acre man Soldier" Home Shop- cess" " " 30 " Getting Fit .CLE PGM Sale Gomer Pyte ping " The Secret of ioo CBS New " Aerobic TodayMarHyn PGM Sale New Alice Zoobilee Zoo Cur. George Love - Three Information :30 Agri. Report Agri. Report Movie: "Dead- Natkw'a Busi- J. Robison Discover Scooby Poo Faith Twenty Comic Strip Little Prince Rakish Tsles Phytlcian' iOO ABC Newt CBS Newt Ag-Day time Stories" nest Today Superbook Stop Smoking Tom A Jerry's Muppett B. Hills Teen Dr. Snuggle Movie: Jml :30 New Before Hour Movie: "No " Wooster Sq. Perfect Diet Funhou SpirslZone Jetton Menace "Splash" It Figures iOO Good Morning This Morning J. Swaggart Way Out" " Gospel BM Perfect Diet To Life! Yoga B. Hillbillies Bozo Bug Bunny Lassie " It Figure :30 Amenc " NBC New " SporttCenter Gentle Ben PGM Sal , OilWater Bewitched " Dtoosauors Spt Today " Baby Know -v:00 " Today " Rodeo: Cat- Father Knows Youth Secret Amenta's Tea- Little House Smurf Martian Pinwheel Movie: "The Nurse Fandango 1 :30 " h gary Hazel Weight Loss lament on the Prairie Teddy Rintpin Jeannie " Outlaw" Be a Star iOO Donahue Family Feud A Mountain Stamped Fin- 700 Club Cartoon Frg. Gourmet Movie: "Joy in Incredible People Are " "Kay O'Brien Crook :30 " Card Sharks " Little Women oH Flower Shop the Morning" Hufc Talking Movie: "Hurry " VldeoCountry iOO Growing Fame Price Is Right Wheel-Fortune Movie: "Jews Getting Fit " " Body Electric " Charfe'aAn- " Elephant Sundown" Attitude Amer. Mag. :30 Home Lose or Draw the Revenge" Basic Training Cable Kitchen " Madeleine " gejs " Maple Town Hew Country a r:00 Ryan' Hop Young and the Pauword " Aerobics Straight Tafc " A. Jackson CHiPs Geratdo New Pinwheel " Mother' Pay Movie: "Young I U:30 Loving Restless Scrabbla Movie: "Fid- Bodyshaping " W. Aloiandor " " Motherworka But ate Bill" a a -.00 Al My Child- New I Days of Our dteronth Morwtar 2nd H'ymoon Movw "East Collectors Movie: "Et- New High Roear Bade Movie: "Blind Wok with Yen " I 1:30 ren Live Roof' Trucks Racing Bach. Father of Eden" Sesame Street cape from " Love Connec Little Prince Pete" Cm Hollywood Fandango a rt:00 Noon Show As the World Another World " Table Tennis: Dori Day "Fort Bravo" Alice Newtywed SpL Today " Regit Phittwi Be e Star 1 I:30 B. HiHbea Turn U.S. Open Flying Nun Movie: "Union " Day al a Tune Deling Game Star Trek Movlr "To Sir Show Crook a -.00 General Hospi- Guiding Light Santa Barbara " Horses: Dates Dobie GHk " Station" Tom A Jerry Kotter Cannon Lassie with Love" Attitude VldeoCountry 1:30 tal " Movie: "Pro- Or. Prht Green Acre That Girl Flmtstones Ohottbutfr " Gadget " Amer. Mag. 2' ibo One Life to BoM Beautiful Sale ject X" Legend Of Hzl Mak a Deal " Fkntstonea BraveStarr Bamaby IcenlonTV " Movie: "U Nashvia Now :30 Live Captain 11 CI Cone. " Wrestling Fattier Know Percentage Sesame Street 1 Brady Bunch Tranttormer Jones Monkeea Movie: "My Against the " 3' ioo Oprah Winfrey World of Dn j Flmtstones " Sport Trivia- Lone Ranger Hot Potato " Beaver aL Joe Hawaii Frve-0 NICK Rock Name It Juka World" " i :30 " ney IPuckTaiet Making Mr. TractorPu Rremen I Press Luck Mister Roger Laveme Jm " Pewits Ro" " New Country Service Directory ! , Waddell & Reed, Inc. Donald J. Snorteland 1140 N. Main, Spearfish, 642-2511 Advantage Capital Corporation Bemle Reausaw & Larry A Mann , , . Twin Cfty Mal 584-2180 American Family insurance Ramsey Kendall 104 Sherman, Deadwood, 578-1419 B&D Plumbing, Heating & Irrigation , 642-7839 McKie Ford Sales & Leasing Jerry Perrett 348-1400. Box 740 Rapid Cly 57709 Jan's Star Windshield Repair! &8-36640T34-5954 , , Dan Kratz, Sturgis V Dakota Professional Home Cleaners . : 578-3255 Tom & Gary's Body Shop '11 Charles, Deadwood; 578-3656 , . Triple K Tire & Repair Hwy. 14A,Certrcly, 578-1471 Black Hnis Medical Center, P.C. - Hearing Aids 71 Charle. Deadwood, 578-2364. Ext 315 Bergen Construction Co. 700 Main, Deadwood. 578-1924 Hydro-Lavm, 578-1585 or 578-3510. Deadwood

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