The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 5, 1957 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1957
Page 15
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Sentral Schools Opened Doors For 1957-1958 On Tuesday; Sept, 3 (» Mrs Marlene Thorson t Tndinnnpoh'a. Tnrl. wore |iv..nin:; di.'in.-'- i!u:'.*tK at. the ' Genii DrWaanl l>.orm> near Ti. tonka. Mrs Be! tin Poin;m-r of Aijiona v/:i- ai.-so .1 i'!i"s;. I Mi an i Mr.- Oiai h-s Beaver i spent !as! wc'-l-- <•>.'. :, 'tip t" UK.' 1 Hlaek 11:11--. i The BIak.rr Worn* n's Mis-ion• ;.iy FIT|I ;ati in me! Thursd'iy alte: nc.iii .1* th,- chinch parlors. Mrs Pi lei- Thorson ^-.ivr the i.Ujic lesson and Mrs Klnter Ki ;:ie ; e «imported on the hi.-lory <>: tl'.e local W.M.F, li.i : -le?.-e.s w.-r.- Ml- Kenneth Thompson an.-l Berth.' Olson. Mr and Mrs Ted .Tcnsi n and daughters and Mi and Mrs Clarence Osborn and David .--pint th" past week vaealionini; at L:!i;>. Okoho.ji. Mr and Mr> C.iH-in Vatidl ani : family vi.--.:!'.'d list \vei-krn ! ;;! the Forest llaliiLui at !)•> salt. Nudine Dm ,. daughter of M: and Mrs Hans Dui i. IMS e"inpleV ed final prep.-HMli-ins for I'li'ei-inf' Di'i'.ke University in Septeniher. Iliek L< oil oi Inrli;,!). poi.s, Ind. and Klaine Wisiiholf of Or:-, yon. \V;s. arrived at t!u lliMiry LooM hoir.i 1 Thiir-'day 'nn 1 . nin;: tor a live da\- visit. I.)iek \v::s an attendan! at his hrutlu r, Jaek's \\eddinii Saturday. Mabel Gerling School bells sounded for the • time during the 1957-5;! school year in all schools o!' tin: Sentral Community School liis- trict Tuesday, Sept. 3, at 9 a.m. According to Supt. K. M. Chase-, school bus routes .-from Fenton and Seneca will operate on approximately the same schedule as last year, while Lone Rock's schedule will be about ten min- .'tes earlier. Kindergartens in year, also. Mrs Naomi Chiprnun J:h;i V/ivsing each of the towns \v;ll ope! 1 :!;-. ; all day e\'ei-y day timing t'.ie i The' faculty al Loile IJork V.-!i! ; include Miss Ya.uer. kinder'.';ir!r:r. , Mrs Pingel, first ^'i-ade; .M:ss ; Gerlini;, girl's coach an.i .--.-li'fici : Mrs Christiansen, EnjJish a:..; j French: Mrs Hypse, hoiiie econii-j mics; Mr Morris, English ;av'i ' boys' basketball: Mr Waller. math and assistant; Mr! Meyer, shop: Mr Wirsin". com- | mercial; Mr Cram .si\-i; ; l stiidU'-: ' SEPTEMBER SPECIAL COOKIE DROPPER , ii&tv&£f |i > »-i»«ft»» COOKIE SHEET I Mr l)!.,.-u-hi:rtl, ririncipal and jiov- . Ciiase, ehem- ^ms^^-m^mm^^^^^^--- Save $ 1,14 on this COOKIE KIT Fine aluminum cookie sheet bakes quickly, BOTH FOR evenly... 14"xl7", edges turned for strength. Handy cookie dropper dips in dough, re^ leases perfect-sized cookies neatly t easily." ci'.i-e-:, Mrs En.nelby. kine'i: Mr.-- I'lupnian, lirst and ,i;i-:;di.t: Mrs Beaver, sec- onii; M:> third: Mrs Thor- si'ii, iourtl:; Miss Pelersen, filth.: and Mrs Ki ueyer, sixth. T!u- r^enloii l'acull\» will be found on th;- pa,.;;' in today's issue of the Upper Di'-t Moines. *\'t--\v in.slruetors include Mi- Cram, Mrs Chipman. Mr Meyer. M ; 'S Gerliiifi. Mrs Bras, Robert Norris, iylr Bras, Mrs Thorson, Mr Wirsin:; and Miss Petersen (UDM Engravings) Shower Honors Mrs Kennedy Whittemore By Art Heidenvyith Mr and Mrs Cud Salisbury of. Lakeville. Minn, were Sunday ,<;ue.-ts at the home of Mr aiul Mrs William Laiirk. Mr and Mrs Harold Kueek"r and sun .lay. Mr and Mrs Roy r.jnslroni .Arthur Locke and M' 1 and Mrs Lloyd Walker and son Gary of Albert Lea. Minn, were Sunday dinner quests of Mrs Bessie Walker at the Johnson House in Ai^ona. The occasion At Seneca Retail va/ye $2.?4 I. Kohlhaas Hardware Seneca — Mrs ]>>n;:ld Kennedy was hopon-cl at a po^t-nuptial ••liov.'e! »;von I'm 1 her Friday cv niii; 1 , ,it me Se;;ec:i school t;yin- nrsiuin. A sl'.irt proju'ai'i \\'as presented. The honored f ;iu-st llien opened hi 1 !- jul'ts assisted by her • 'ster.'-i'v !a\v, Nanc\' Kennedv ;-nd 1 Kli/-ib.-th Rubier. M'ii"n; wei'e si !''.-ed M r ; ALGONA OUR OWN HARDWARE STORE (JH£ FAMILY STQRi THAI'S FUN TO SHOP, •s iochided Mrs Rus'.,.( i o.i:-,n. Airs Ktta Thomp- M -s M.M-. in Wilbei-L!. Mr-' Oh,! < 11 i .;;.Ml. M::r ;e Thompson. Mr I 10 CuAvley. Mi,- Kohor 1 Bit.-' Mr- Clady-- Ferguson. Mrs Loo i:u"i-,iet. Mrs Cassic Klocko JVhr L'-I:I Ki niiedy, Mrs Franei; .Sulhv;,,i ; n-l Mis' FU.yd lirekkc. M. ,-u.d ML-. Sheldon Merrill o! 1 ad i.- Io. A(O. visited relative.; "-.!: •::'•! Mi -- Henry l.ooft and David, K.laiae Wischholt of On ••on W'--- and Dick Looft ol - • • ' •- on l P.lay. ' • '• I at the u.ecnta' "•' ! i:!•',:>• ( v. iniiL! • •_•' -! Akona spen- ; ' . • v. i! M h'"- pa', - 1 1 i hiane Dan an,I • --• ' -- :nt- ' of Mr ami 1 >.m. ' v .i' • '.' -I'r.-id Sa!< I'll am' ' ilu-'iii.ildt spent the - : 'lie home of Mrs :••• ''he:-. Mrs . Myrile ; ': :et C'onvelltion of !hi ' -1 ! West is held this ' 'I:-- Walther Lca.uur ^' Okoboji. from Auti St. Paul's • i i :>: ptrd hy the liev. V/' .--.liold. Teacher: Rcii- .piid a I t e r n a t >• • ') 'v. ,.ld. K.i: rker. daughter o( '•-'. ! hi;. 'Id Kmeker ol • . accompanied her i: • .h ri AicKean and .Mi -Mi.l son Gary o[ : (,'lear Lake wnerc •'! !'•" weekend. ' M .- Joe Kollaseh am 1 ol V'lniore. Minn, \veii i :nni•:• ;.;llests at the honir • i M'< 1.1.11 is G re inert. \'..ud' of F.stlu'iville v, n-kend iiere \\'ith he; A'r.- (,'lara Vaudt. i Mi - Terry 15. Behlnier ;'t• : household lurniture ! • KinmelsliurK v.'here :.:• •• \vill he employc'd F.Mimetsljury Democrat. ' Mr.-. Klls-vvorth Ileiden- ' Mi an.-I Mrs Bert Seely i \'.-ei. ker.d with Mr and •i.f'-i llurlhurt in Iowa iH Mrs Elmer Ostwald ..nd Mrs Ellsworth He:and son Lyle \vere Mon- •riK- callers at the home ' i Mrs Arthur Ileiden- lleideiuvith, aeeompan- ..- daughter, Mrs Dorotfiy ::1 and her daughter. Kay Frances. 1 \rerp in T -"'iit H ' l:;e. Monday -if!ei m-oii. Kav h,:d 'M' i misfortune to frill Sim-T.y .ii'i-r- ; noon and injured In r i :::h; wi ;.• : i which c.msc'd eonsjdi , .nilr pair. ; and a specialist " , ; s ( - in ' suited. ; Mr and Mrs llaiold Km kr: ' and son Jay and daimhtt ' Jovi-i '. were Tlur. sday i-vi-nm:: d:iu:.-- quests at the home ..I Mr am! Mrs Roy H.mstiom in Al:;p r,:i Other uui-sts were M: an! Mi- Leslie Walker. Mrs Bessie W.'Ike- am! Arthur Loi-ke of Alynna and Mr and Mrs Arivld 1'oiipe o.' l.'edar Hapids. Mr and Mrs Kalph Wal!,.-r a'i.1 family attended (hi- stall !:i- Satiirday and Sunday. Mr and Mrs James BeiuU r an,' laniily of CJrand Rapids. Minn arrived here Saturdax .it !!,• home of Mrs Bender's parcn's. Mr and Mrs Louis Sunday dinner quests at the l-'.raat;- IIOMII- were the Benders. Mr and Mrs Robert Waite and family o! Ventura and Mr and Mrs (.'l\de Ginecrieh aivl family of West Bend. Huih Braatx. who spent hi r summer vacation here witl'i hei parents. Mr and Mrs L<uiis 1'raatx. left Tuesdav for Waterloo, tffursdny, Sepf. 5, 1957 Alaofio (lo.) Upp«f dtl Mdffrtt-il eoiisin. Ah -. m :l M; -• Cai ; S!^ •.!'•< ki r. < >'; Tim-,- d..y -:i-,i- v. ill l( :l\ i 1 tor F'oi 1 Waj In J!i,i. -,vi;,'. i !i;J will resuni: lie! It ;:i-' ,:e: Mr ;-.nd Mr- Aiihnr Ih-ilei: ',\ -th and m ;.n.ld:inc' '• , . Kay !• ranees RO--I nvlalil. wi n- in Ai o'-rt Lea. Mii;:i. Tii!i!'--:.t.,\ \\-hei-c ihi'.v visiti-d at ti:.- iioa ( i ; 11,,.j daujjhlei. Mi .,,,d M:- Llos d \VaJkcr and aH.-nded the S :i ;•- hurn (..'ounlv Fair. St. Benedict News Mr* .lark Kulsehara and Mis Nick Arndtiilci attended ;i pn-- tii.i|)1i;il shuwc i in honor of Dele; es Thompson. iiaiiL',li1ei D| Miami Mrs John Thompson of Al- yona at the Doan church tin 1 past Week. !.)•: lol'.'s V. ill become tho In ide of Lai ry Johnson S. pi. !;. Mr ;UH! Mi-.-; Don Hitter d Washington. I.). (,'. and the lal- lei's sister. Virginia Simony, both daughters of Mi- and Mrs George Simons, visited at tin 1 lionic of their aunt and uncle. Mi and Mrs Nick Aindorfcr Sat'.udav. Barbara Kurikel visited irom I Toi -day tlmniHh Saturday at tiif | honie of her aunt and uncle. Mr 1 :nd Mrs Leo Hnni.u. Mr and Mrs Vincent Maxheim of Clinton call;*d hrieily at the Dan Frnehlieh, ! Si.. home locf'iitly. Sister Mary De Rales and Sis- Mi r Maiy Marcellim concluded a work's visit Aug. in at the Nick Aindorfer home. On WedneS'luy • they motored to their Kistcr 9 i home, that of Mr and Mrs Albert i Gai man of Wells-. Minn, and I Thursday another sister's home, that of Mr and Mrs Roy Pit-hefts ;<if Storm Lake and Saturday to another sister's home, Mr and Mrs Dennis Carroll of LuVerno. ! On Sunday a family pienie was i held at the Nick Aiiidorfer home. I Sister Mareollino tenches at Ban| i-roft and Sister De Sules at Qar- ! tu r. j Mi and Mrs Philip Arndorfer 1 and family were among those ; pn sent at a pienie at the M. H. i M< Enroe home Sunday honoring , an uncle and mint of Mrs Am- :doitei who came Friday from i Eau Claire. Wis. j Envelopes were not used for I mailing purposes in this country until about 1843. When You Come to the Fair at now BULK SERVICE with Swift's Plesnt Foods Just call us for quick, dependable plant food service. We'll help you select the right Swift's Gran-u-Pels Plant Food* for ench of your crops. Then you can make n dale to have ona of our trained operator- deliver the Gran-u- Pels right 10 your field and spread il according to your directions. No need for you to buy expensive spreading equipment or take lime from your field work 1o do the spreading job. \Ve do the job accurately and in minimum time. You gel (he same liiijh-qualily Swift's Plant Foods in bulk as you do in the bag. (Iran-u- Pels is made by the exclusive FLO-FUSION process that packs each particle with supercharged yield-power. Call us today for complete details on our bull-; spreader service, CY 4-4206 ROBINSON PRODUCE ALGONA - WESLEY Spencer . . . EXHIBIT Under the Grandstand See Armstrong Gas • Oil - Coal Furnaces and Summer Air Conditioners All . . . Learn how easily and economically you can say,goodbye to OLD FASHIONED discomfort — and start enjoying" Armstrong indoor comfort. Armstrong... We'll see you at the ARMSTRONG EXHIBIT on SEPTEMBER " Make this your day at the Fair P. R. IRONS, Pumbing & Heating 812 E. McGregor CYpress 4-3640 PIKES T PICKUP CLIMBS THE HARD WAY ROAD! 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CHEVROLET TASK'FORCE 57 TRUCKS Only francltisi'J Chevrolet dealers / |i1i| : ^^Vy display this fuiuau$ H See Your Lqpal Authorized Chevrolet 1 1 -A V "• '- U -m,^^^ ^ '' •fej&^iff.

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