Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1896
Page 3
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Almost Distracted ID YOt! EVEK MulTor from real ncr- vousutw? Wiiou ovory ncrvo soomod to quiver with a pcculinr, creepy nK, tlrst In ono 'place, and then another .and ;ill aucmcd llnuily w concentrate In a •wlthins Juniulo m Uio brali\, mid you bc- • como Irntablo, fretful and pcuvwh; to bo followed by an impotent, wciiiienod condition of Mio nerve centers, ringius In the oars, and sleepless, miserable nlihts ? Jirs - f'«? cno Soaries, 1J10 Simouton S;., Elkhart, Inti., says: "Nor- vous troubles had made l?SStOr6S mo nearly insane and -,- .,, physicians were unable Jie<Htll<«<»» toiioiDinel My memory -was almost; f»ne and every little thing -worried me until I was almost distracted. I really (oared I was becoming a maniac. I rlmaf ined all sorts ot evil thinps and would .cry over nothing. 1 commenced taking Dr. "Miles' Restorative Nervine and four bottles of this wonderful remedy completely cured mo, and i am aa well now as I over was." Dr. Miles' Nervine Is sold on guarantee, Brs», bottle will benefit or money refunded. Keep Cool by Using; THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose $2 XxpWBS id, 26C. Prevents Wetting Head 1'loot ot Walls. Hornless' Water Closets. Send for Catalogue •Frast Proof Water Closets, Self-Actliw Water Closets. Kelly Slop ana Waste Cock. THOS. KELI-YI& BROS., No. 30i Madison Street, Chicago. " STATE NATIONAL BANK tOOANSPOKT, IND.J S2OO.OOO J. F. Jobnaon, President, S, W. UUery. Vice President. H. J. HeltbdnJt, Cashier. DIRECTORS. m. V. Johnwn. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. . W. M. Elliott. W. H. BnliJer. Buy and «o'l Gtovemroent bwi<l». txian done? *n pergonal iiecurtty and collateral*. Issue special certincate« of deposit* twarlni- 1 p«r cent. Interest when left on« rear; 2 per cunt, per annum wb«n depoi- . Depo.lt V«dU of thU tank for the depo»lt of floods, Insuranoi MUolei, mortg«««« and «ther ralluablei, noted at from 16 to U5 r*r year. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers fcEmbalmers, 810 BBOADWAT. CHAS. L..WOLL, .-: UNDERTAKFR "•• NX. 417 Market 9 tott. . , Call* attended to proliptly, day « •Ifht. Cen intral Union and Mutual telephone!. OfBoe, No. 16; Residence, No. UL FOOT good iiboes go to Wal'den. S^c-Jl oysbeiw nncl clams at Klnncy's, BTonilwny and Market street. $1.00 kid gloves • w«h large .pearl buttons, all shades, for OOc, today.—Thtf Bee Hire. Natural gas bills for the month of October are now due and payable at the Company's office on Pearl street Low prices for 'high grade goods Is proving a ffrand success In our new cloak department.—Trade Palace. Fixtures, desks, ahonr cases, toWes, fomnerly the property of Onto Kmus, for sale cfheap.-A. G. Jenklnes, assignee. You* need Hood's Sarsaparilla to enrich and purify yonr blood, create an appetite and give aweet, refreshing *leep. , OUie Ijadlea Missionary society win . give a supper wit the First Frestoyterian <tourcih ifihls evenlns JSrom 5 *o 8 o'clock. All are toTlted.. Who would pay, $5.00 for the finest ladles' rihws, new last, wJien they .can .buy them- at the appraisement.A. G. JenWnes, assignee. Attemd tihe muslcalo at the G. A. R. luUl tonlgfttt, by Mra. Stella Setxastla^ 'McCtare, for 'the/benefit ot tJae ladles of tine G. A. E;- Admission 15 cents. The special sale at the Fair this coming •. Saturday .will bo sets of-dishes. Beautifully decorated to brown, blue and pink, for only $2.48^ CJornplete sets ol dtstoea Saturday at 2 p. m., for only *2.4S.-OJtre Fair. THE RAILROADS Wabash Asserts Us Independence of Rivals. RAILWAY MEN'S RALLY General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. 'lilie St. Louis Hues arc not anxious 'to revive Uio Wostciiu Fivigh't Association. Dspixjlally doas-Mio Wsilwsli object, wih'lcJi menus Bllttit it will bo di'C ; tkMil-t to induce Ms management to ••n.frnin Uix-oroe panty to any such or- wnniaiiWon. -VJco PrcsJd«nt und Goner«'l :Mnn;igar Rmansoy senit word to Olwilr man Midgley, of Ifflic Western- Freight Asscwtaidfon, to tiie effect -(limit tlie Wabash Is golns: to work for blie Wabash In tilie i'uiimro, iMid d-i> openly wlirat oilier iiKiils iKivt- been doing. secretly tor a loiljr time to -tlhe injury otf competitive 'twests. Tliis.Is looked upon by Mil- road ofllrJfljls ns signifying tlwit t.he W:i- hasili. will Imvc nottulnR to do with the IM-oposed new Joimt Traffic Association, w.h-idh the .pros'klnnits of Mie- Western f rol-gililt tvafll-c agrw>in<?n i t8, that its kick of confidence is excusable to a. cprtaln ostonlt The new rd«i, however, of flnuni-npr the .agroem-wit on tilio lines oC tho Joint 'Urn(He Association Is a good one. It is exceedingly doufbtfiil whether any resiiciWaitioii of dlie Western FrelgOi*' Association fc possible, The .present troubles ml<g« bo pntdlied up dn some"'way, but It would be a short- lived truce nit best. St. Louis Hues swys a general freight agent, can form a combi-iMvtlwii among themselves ^irons for : all practical purposes, and ifclie trend of optetom Is that softe movement of ttat clinracter ought to be begun. Sit Uouflfe 'Iras .played second fiddle to ifuese roattars long: enough and seems disposed to tat-Mo the first violin and play a few bars fortissimo just to soc Slow i't would sound. •• RAILROAD DAY. The Railroad Men's Sound Money clubs of the State arc ' .preparing to luive a monster demonstration at Indianapolis n week from today. From an ontMiie of the propn rations It would sown Unit It worild sorely eclipse the Bryan day affair. It Is pro'unWe that fully 25.000 people from outside of the city will.be there, and that 15,000 of them will be'railroad men. In tills imi-t'ter the railroads are lending groat assistance, and ha.vc 'agreed to furnish special trains for oH sound money, clubs 'and will give tow rates for all others wishing to attend. I-t Is expected tlmt there will be present tliirty-.tliroc sound money clubs from Chicago, three from Louisville, eight from ClncIuiMti, and other clubs from the following pinkos: St. Louis, Hast St. Louie, Frankfort, Connersville, Ashley, Xokomo, Seymour, .Tefferson- viiillo, Valparaiso, Cambridge City, South Bend, Baysvllle. Hammond, Lo- sansport, Itlchmond, Evansvlllo, Terre Hmito, Fort Wayne, Vlnccnncs, Columbus (0.), Michigan City,. Hiratlngton. Garrett, Decntur (IH.),' nnd Danville (111.). The principal address will be made In Tomlinson Hall at S o'clock by M. E, Ingalls, president of the Big Four system. He is a very pleasliis talker a.ud is a Democrat, but 'in this emergency Is doing all he can for the cause of soun'd monei-, regardless o-f politics. There will be a bi-g parade before the meeting and It will demonstrate the workings of a. railroad as well as it con lie demonstrated ia a street parade. .There will bo a track and «• regular train of cars on the street and a -handcar "brigade with a car will do the .work done by a section gang. HERB IS SOMETHING OBIGICS'AL. Billy Defb&tt, n conductor on the Missouri Pacific road,.has got \ip a political train ordo: that Is eivClrdly origi- Mna. It is In tihe form cvf 'a tclegraipluc order from" supei'lmtendent to engineer aivd coiiduotoi'. It speaks ior i Itself and-follwvs: Order No, 1, Wash'ing'ton, D. C., -, Nov. 4, '00. ' ' , To Conductor and Engineer Spec, iaJ Engine No. 100. 's SjHxdnJ will rum from Canton, Ohio, to Wiaslikigitioin, D. C., rcCT«r6Uess of.nll wost-bWnrt troJns.aina ,wlH pass Bryan's Salt Train at Crown <yf Thorns; piass Sowall's Slow Train alt Golden .Cross, and wmil pass .Watson's train wMih engine dismantled In middle of road at SldJng 50; pass Chnlr- nran Jones's train o)t PrcdlctlonTille, •and Senator Gorman's train nt H^ndl- aitlon; , pass Senator Hill's train at SUH- well. Keep dh'a.rp lookout for Hofoart's elegant iSpeelal following close .betolnd you. Ai>proacli Washingto'a wltih (train under control, aa Mark Hanna Is of you -wJitih ten special trains. '' ... • | O. K.,:6:30p..m. -, . .-' BOUND MONEY. '•''':' DEBETT, . Pac. By. ..RAILROAD/NOTES. ,; . W. C.'Airp, (supei^nite'nde-nt of motive ipwrei 1 of Hie Vjimdrtliir Wues, baa jfwio •to PJMslnwg tor a taw daya.- • D. K. Hendi-tolw of iihe Vandii.Un offices «t T-i'i-re I-hiutcs was lion: Wednesday on cowniMwiy's buslucws. -ray. Hi«' Piiiilraiwlle bag, 'has e»vcrtt«d a new residence on 'Market street In '(Hie Westen.d.. H. D. Lyons, chief olork inuiie motive power department at Olu'in-bns, Olilo, was De-re yesterdny visiting friends, WI.lli.ain Foster jind BuPtOgrborn will • po to Ohlcapo today to witness tue muii'Ster jiarade wlik'li will be given thwe toilny. Tilie big wheel lathe In 'the erecting department lias been niovetl from -Its ftwrnor location to a point obouit forty •foot diiret-U'y east. Tcri-c I-Itimte Tribune: ".Tack Rya.n, •Hie Va.ud : !illa engineer, . wlio was in~ jttred a't Losrnnsiwt several iiiontlts ago, 'has 'returned -to work." Thu Piui'lmndle «wiHKiay is using a •steam «1iovel to itiliicc n grade, and is using t'he dirt wlitali is cxcsivsiied to bn'lld -a new elfvaitor at Chicago. TJie re]x>rt 1« ciiiTeiit. tlifl-t tlie ts.vl-vaiu.ln is -moving to secure control olf 1'Jic Westonn Xw York & Peimieyl- vaiula. tliuit it, mny gain entrance to Bu-f- fado. George W. Hill, superintendent b£ signals at the Panllvii mile station, aowl wife, 'h«s rebumed fix>m a visit at Piittwbui-g and oOier points of Interest in the East. X.' C. D«uie, superintendent of tilie Vwfldal-lia niata .line, returned from PIntsburg oin Tneediiy, bringinff his faimd'ly wDUli Mm. He will Teiside In Terre H«u!te. •Mexico, wiiQi the new udleAge rccent- ily complatetl, has sewn thousand miles of ralilway. nnul miuch of i't-ls sal-d to bfc as gocwl track as a majority o£ the ronds in the United States. A few days ago tihe Pcnnsylvianla d-'ines ilraratlcd from Erie to Baltimore •anoHher big train, iit uumberlug oiglhty- ailnc cans wiWi ono locomotive. .Seveo'ty-ntoD cars were loaded witli •wheat, a caiboose nmking the eightieth car. Tflie hlgflier offici'ate of t!he Pennsylva- into lines will, t'he last week Ln this innnitlh, stairt on' tin? an/nuflil .insipeetlon of itlhe lines' West of PiiBtsbnrg. President Roberts hopes by tlmt ttrnc to be ..aible to accompany tlie . inspection . The Kaihvwy Jlan's Soiumd Money •club 'of Terre Hsurte will on Oct. ITtJi ttaJsc wiitili them to Hire grand Republican rally -in India mipoliis tlie big loco- raoti've Whidli was exlilbited in the process-ion recently ret Terre Htvnte; ami Billy Ban#ih,-tlie veteran -engineer, will ibe at the Uitortftle. About sixty of lihe.-sihapmer. and a numiber of -ttie road men, wUl go to Chicago todny to see tliebl'g parade given by tihe railroad men at *he city today. •'w. L. Shocmoiker will go to Reuving- t'on today for ft nnoubh's visit with friends and relatives, -The Goodtand ilelega.t-ion, whicTi passed tlM-oii-ffh this city Tuesday on tflietiv wy to Canton, OMo, to see Major William JI-cKinley, -pn'ssed .tJjrongh again yesterday enroute totiheir home. They were well pleiused witli tlictr trip and were enifflmsIasClcaWy olieerlng for. McKluley. ' ' TJi-o Lake Sliore this week placed an order wiitlh the Schcmcotndy loeomotJre works for ten ten-wheel locom'otives of the siiniiple tyi>e. • This is a 'h-eavler loromdUvo 1 tfhan the company 'has been In the Iniiblt of pnrcto«tng. ' but Its trains are getting heavier amd a saving is effected in .running fewer traln« wlrenever iwssllliilc. . Tlie Wabash' raiHrffad emipa'ny Is'mak- in'g a change In flie form of Ws time card' and in tihe future will Issue the '•same in book style for' tlie accommo. dsvtlon 'of their einployes'aMd patrons. The cards have been printed heretofore -on ta-rge sheet's,' whitfh are very unlhandy both for reference and to carry about. .Poni .Tournal: Tlie Wabas'h. ., and Lake Erie & Western systems ore becoming flttlte friendly. Begitmn-in-g 'day before yesterday Lake Erie & Western passengers fwm -potots south of h-ere, who are traveling on regular purchased mileage, 'can go to Fort Wayne, Toledo or Detroit by having tlie conductor tear ou.fc .the nrtleafre necessary •from the books aud receiving an ex- •dhwnge check to c-arry tlhem to their dostJl'martJlon. .The same kind- of ex-. dhanee checks are good returning, fro-m the points named when given by the Wabash comdutrtoi-s. A GBOWN-TJP--PRIM-I-IR; ', LessoH.II. See, tihe man has called his friends. He td'ls theim. .that, a mian wrote In. a 'book tlhat gold has/been used to buy inJl the grefct law : minikrers 64 our time. They do mot be-liicve Mm, sure-ly. Oh, yes they do. .They are. look-Ing for a cibiance to .bo' 'bun-coed. Hear. ;• them (howl. Wihait is their wail'? It is that .n .sll-ver ,dol4nr wa» neg-lectod. When was-that? Ob; some 23 yiears a-gone. Who Is .the fat mern /wtoo smites to one one sdde amd. winks? That Is' the man who sells sfl-ver bricks^ Aind do the Strange heaJthen be-togs with him sell effl-var bricks? Tes, and they .smile, too. Wlhy do, .they .smile? We stoall see.prea-aniHy.;' '••• ; ;.-.'.- '; : .., ••''.:':' ••'.-.'•.' CLOTHING. CLOTHING. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12,00 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.0O Our $10.0O Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.5O Our $5.0O Suits go for $3.5O 50C FOR CHOICE OF ANY STRAW HAT IN THE STORE. 25c choice of any of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys' Duck Suits one third off, they are bargains. Kow is the time to buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Go:ds, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money. These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G. GRACE & CO, 264 BROADWAY. •••:$ 1 : :Vl Republican Meetings. Republican speaklngswlll be held at the following places In Cass county: Friday evening, October 8th, Johnson school 'hcuse, Washington township— D. C. Justice. Mday evening, Oct. 9th, Boyal Center, Robert J. Lovelnad, Friday evcantog, Got Oth, Hoovers, Q. A. Myers. Saturday evontog, Oct 10th, Broadway rink, Logamsport, Robert J. Loveland. Friday evening, Oct. 9M1, CTymera, S. T. McDonnell. Friday evauitog, Oct. 0th, Onward, D. B. McOoranell. Saitnirday evening, Oct 10th, Hazel Patjcli school 'house, Betihle'hem township, Q. A. Myers. Saiturd'ay evening, Oct. 10th, Center school ihouse, Jefferson township, D. C. Justice, Friday af twnoon, Oct 16, Broadway rink, Hon. Frank Hanley. '.Euesday afternoon, Oct. 13th,, Broadway rink, Hon. James E. Watson, of Gonenals Alger and HowaiTd and Corporal- Ta;niner, Kopublicaiis, and Generals Selgel and Sickels, Democrats, will speak for Sound Money Tuesday, Oct. 13Ch, at 11 o'clock, a. m., Logansport. • Tuesday evening, October 6, Bab school house, Deer Creek township, D. C. Justice. Tuesday evening, October 13, Deacon, W. T. Wilson. Saturday evening, October 17, Center school house, Deer Creek towmship, Q. A. Myers. Friday eventog, October 23, Harness school house, Deer Creek township, D. B! McCennell. W. M. Kenaey, of Rochester, a former Democrat and a- witty and eloquent speaker, -will speak in Cass county .as follows: Monday evening, October 12, Young America. Tuesday evening, October 14, Calveston. • Wednesday evening, October 14, Walton. Thursday evening, October 15, Twelve Mile. _ t Friday evening, October 16, Lucerne. Saturday evening, October 17, Royal Center, . , Martin A. Qulnn, a Miami county Sound Money Democrat, will speak Monday evening, October 12th, at New Waverly. Tuesday evening, October 13th, Deacon, Mairttn A. Qirtnn. Wednesday evening, October 14th, Galloway school house, Jefferson township, M. A. Qulnn. Thursday evening, October 15th, Concord schoofJiouse, Jefferson township, M. A. Qulnn. ••'•';' ' Ffliday .evening, October 16th, Gransinger, school bouse, Adams township, M. A. Qninn. ' ' ' ' Saturday evening, October 17ti; On-: ward, M. A. 'Qulnn. Hon. Hiram Brownlee, of Marlon, will speak at the rink, In Logansport, Saturday -niglit, October 17th. A REWARD I Of Health is Happiness f The Indiana Depurator Company has? placed in Dr. J. B. Shultz office at 417 Fourttfc| street, one of their instruments, for the treatment of Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever. ]; Bronchitis and Consumption We do positively cure the above named diseases also Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skin and blood diseases. Il you are afflicted; or have friends who are afflicted, do not fail to investigate at once. See testimo^ nials of Leading Physicians; also testir monials of patients cured, on file at office Parlors of the Indiana Depurator Company : at Dr. J. B. Shultz'office 417 Fourth Street Logansport, Ind x»s •&$ STRAWS A-ltWAXS SHOW. A poll taken by the Chicago Tribune 'of 13,128 employes of mills, factories aind railway shops In nineteen towns •and dittos iu. IHtaois, showed 10,197 for •MteKiinlcy, 1.S81 for Bi-ynn nnd 384 for Palmer or undecided, gome of the pops of railroad employes were very signiflcanlt. At Aurora, wihich Is headquarters for the Chicago divJslom of tho Burlington road, 5C5 employes In the Butfltagton shops were for Mclvtoley, and only 77 for Bryan. In the Burllng- .ton shops at Gailesburg 42-4 men voted 'for McKtoley and 29 for Bryan. Ot- ;lt!lie engineers on tihe same road, 275 are for McKtolev and 29 for Bryan; of the trainmen, 025 for McKinley and 25 for Bryan; of the track-men, 1,125 for MeKilnley. and 25 for Bryan. The expression among- factory employes wii8 epually empihatic. Of 800 skiUed imccdiamllcs to the Elgta watch, factory, 75S-declared for McElnley, 8 for Bry- ftn and 37 were undecided. In the Illinois Steel company's works at Joliet, 909 employes were for McKluiey, 10G for Bryoji and 25 were undecided. The figures are a slgnlfloaatit Indication ; of th'e drlflt of sentiment among Intelligent workin^jnen and ebllled mechanics. EXCURSION TO CHICAGO. ,0a account of Chicago Day the Pennsylvania Line will "sell excursion ticket^ to Chicago and return for all trains, Thursday and Friday, October 8th and Oth, at one fare for the round trip. Tickets:good for return on any. train until Saturday, October 10th, Inclusive. •'.-•• SnlBcrlbe for The JomnaJ. HOW'S THIS. We offer One Hundred Dollars r*;|| ward for any cose of Catarrh that < not be cured by Hall's Catarrfi Cura^i .;?i|| F. J. Cheney & Co.; Toledo, O., We, the undersigned, have known B J. Cheney, for the last 15 years, aad b*§t| lieve him 'perfectly honoraWe la ^\Sy business transactions' and financially, : ||| able to carry out any obligations ciad*- 4?s by their. Hrm. » ' - ; WEST & THUAX, Wholesale Drag•-; gists, Toledo, O. WALDIKG, KIKKAN & Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, p. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken nally, acting directly upon the and mucous surfaces of the systeni/$.?| Testimonials sent free. Price 75c " "•'*'bottle. Sold by air druggists. .MARVIN;^ QUAHTEKLY Q.uarteriy meettng wiiU be held the Evangelteal clra-idb, beginning day evening .October 9flh. and ing over Sunday, Proaidiing . Friday / and Saturday evening, by the Ing Elder, the Ker. J. tt Evans. Greatest Discovery or jtbe Century. K»W BKMCOT • ' Hedlcikted Atr : • For the Cure ol Catarrh, Asthout Kedloaf FnlmonUTl It bus no eqiml I ._„ Sick wid Nervmi»He*l-> «ClMI, 1.000.000: DeOPtti4,,j, die annually from tt»-,-.g' abort HMMd-iiiaMM.^

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