Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1896
Page 2
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I N » young gill's ,Hft thtre comes a time •when the careleM innocence of childhood chantres to the modest, blushing maidenly self -con- Lscionsncs3 of ap- •preaching maturity. f The eye is brifchtet ; the form is rounder: there is a touch of shy coquetry in the jclance;— the jrlrt ha3 | t become (x woman. 1 She has entered that | critical period so full fiof happy possibil- |i ities, yet <o liedirccl I about with the phy- I sical sufferincs and n dangers peculiar to her sex. U, It has been said I that to be a woman is || to suffer. Toooftet 1 this is tnie. A woman's who'.c nature is so bound up in the ^ special functions of »tr womanhood that any disturbance of tins Sensitive organism throws the whole system •ut of harmony. "Female weakness" SSses nine-tenths of all the wretchedness which women endure. It can never be pcr- -mancntly relieved by "local treatments." That is generally an expensive, embarras- tor useless, make-shift. What is needed la TO? 'Pi'crce's Favorite Prescription to reach fie innermost sources of the trouble and ttrtore health and strength directly to the Internal onran*. This stops the weakening drains which sap life's foundation ; bea s Si ulcerated conditions, (rives the ligaments elastic power of themselves to correct mis- 4 Dr. Pierce is the Chief Consulti.it; Physicia t cil, but Kenerally iisden, "local treat- -rw enty-one (21) one-cent stumps, to l rf mai?"nV«<k will b^V ™g useful book. Address. World s,D» edkal Auociauon, KuffiUo, ».Y. A MYSTERY: How the hnruaa system ever recovers from tho Dad effects of tlie nauseous medicines often literally poured Into it (or the supposltive relief of dyspepsia, liver• coni'pIuUi't, constipation, rheumatism and other ailments, is u mystery. The mischief done by bad medicines Is scarcely' less than that caused by disease. If they who are weak, bil- lious, dyspeptic, constipated" or rheumatic, would e-ftener be guided by the experience of Invalids who have thoroughly tested Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, they would to. every Instance obtain the speediest aid -derivable ftoin rational mwlicittton. This medicine is a sau-ehtag a.nd at the same time a thoroughly safe remedy, derived from vogotaib'Ic sources, -and possessing, in consequence of Its basis of pure spirits, properties as a medicinal stimulant not to be found In. the flrery local bitters and stimulants often restored to by the debilitated, dyspeptic and languid. Tnoorles of ewe may be discussed at lengt'h by physicians, but the sufferers want quick relief; and One Minute Gough Cure will give It to thstn. A gafe cure for children. It Is "the only, harmless remedy that produces Immediate retmlts."—Jno. M. Johnston. WHY IS IT, If catarrh Is a blood disease, as some Claim, that physicians frequently ad- Ylse change of air and climate to those .•offering? Catarrh Is a climatic affection, and nothing but a local remedy or a change of climate will cure It W> Cream Balm Is so efficient as to do ..away'with the necessity of leaving lome and friends, causing Instant relief and Is a real cure 6t catarrh. John L. Griffiths and James A. Mount e to .great audiences at Ft. Wayne Wednesday. "Boys will be 1 boys," but yon can't j afford to lose any of them. Be ready .for the green apple .season by having DeWitt's CoUc & Cholera Care In the • -- lse ._jno. M. Johnston. The magnolia tree at Mt. Vernon, planted by Washington in 1709, the year of his death, was badly damaged In last week's storm. ,-• Secretary Olney 'has rebuked Consul General Crittenden, of Mexico, for T*e whole system Is drained and nnderm'ined by Indolent ulcera and open sores. DeWItfs Witch Hazel Salve speedily heals them. It is the best pile core known.—Jno. M. Johnston, A Chicago firm has purchased the en- An Object Lesson A. G. JENKINES, Assignee. $600 Finest Covert Cloth and Kersey Ml Overcoats *J-» : Choice of all, none higher, Otto's price was $15 And ' «• •'Second choice. Otto's price was $12. now $5.50, $5.00 and *•£ " Third choice, ?3.50, $8.75 and $3.90, Otto's price was =• ' Fourth choice was .$5.50, now $2.75 and $2.00. Wonderful Bargains • It's a very, desirable coat for Medium Weather. A. G. JENKINES, Assignee ^ i TESTIMONY. Ohas. B. Hood, Broker and Manufacturer's Agent, Columbus, Ohio, certifies that Dr. King's New Discovery has no equal as a Cough remedy. J .D. Brown Prop. St. Jaimes Hotel, Ft. Wayne, Ind., testifies that be was cured of a cough of two years standing, caused by La Grippe, by Dr. King's New Discovery. B. F. Merrill, Baldwtasvllle, Maes., .says that he was cured and recommended It and never knew It to fall and would rather have It than any doctor, because it always cures. Mrs. Hemming, 222 .E. 25tb St., Chicago, always keeps It at hand and has no fear of croup, because It Instantly re lleres. Free Keeellng's. trial bottles at B. F. SCHOOL CONVENTION. There will be a Sunday school eon-, venbion at Cortolli U. B. church, In Adams townsMp, Sunday, October llth, at 2 p. m.. Tho- program is as follows: Devotional exercises led by Pros. G. D. WMson. "Shonfld th'ca-e be a Samenoss in the Open-tog Exerolisos each Sabbath Dur- dng'tlhe Y.eiar?-P. E. Thomas. Objects and Aims and Needs of the Indiana Sunday. School tl-Bion,"—D. L. Oveafhol'ser. "Sunday School Mistakes."—!. C. Cordnll, GEO. D, WILfSON, Pres. FlttAfNK OBENCIIAIN, Sec. Lord Eoseberry has resigned the leadership of the Liberal party In England, in-the interests of harmony. Sir . William Ilareourt -will .probably suc- ceed'him. . , T—- 1, Wfcen you find w persoQ who haa tried Simmons Liver Regulator you are •nre to hear them say Bdmcthlng to Its favor. Mrs. G. T. Judy, Blue Grass, 111., recently wrote: "I cannot do without Simmons Liver Regulator since I know the value of It aa a family medicine." And Dr. W. P. Globes, of Beaufort, S. C., Bays: "I prescribe Simmon* Lfver Regulator and know It to be a first-class liver medicine." Diaz 'has been re-elected President ot the Republic of Mexico for a term of four years beginning December 1. It doesn't matter ranch whether sick '.headache, biliousness. Indigestion and -eonsttpatlon are caused by neglect or by unavoidable circumstances; DeWitt's Little Early Risers will speedily cure them nll.-Jno. M. Johnston. r .., . its-.- The Ctirlstla'n Scientists of Topeka, K«s., have filed a protest against the teaching of phy«lology W the public •CbOOlS. . . . .-: • Poison Ivy, insect:bites, bruises. Jicalda. burns, are qnl«Wy cured by De; ,-Wltt's Witch Hazel Salv«, the great pile M.. JoUiniton..' DID YOU EVER Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for your troubles? If not, get a bottle now and get relief. This medicine has been found to be peculiarly adapted to the relief and cure of all Female Complaints, exerting a wonderful direct Influence In giving strength and-tone to the organs. If you .have loss of appetite, constipation, headache, fainting spells, or aire nervous, sleepless, excitable, melancholy or troubled with dizzy spells, Electric Bitters Is the medicine you need. . Health and strength are guaranteed by Its use. Fifty cents and $ 1 at B. F. Keeslings. Do You Use It? It's, the best thing for the hair under all circumstances. Just as no man by taking thought can add an inch ; to his stature, so nt> preparation can make hair. The utmost that can be done is to promote conditions favor-able to growth. This is do lie by Ayer's Hair Vigor. , It removes dandruff, cleanses the scalp, nourishes the soil in which the hair grows, and, just as a desert will blossom under rain, so bald heads grow hair, when the roots are nourished. But the roots must be there. If you wish your hair to retain its normal color, or if you wish to restore the lost tint of gray or faded hair use Ayer's Hair Vigor. A DELICATE HINT. A Western 1 pu'blisiher conveys 'a dell,carte Writ as follows: The', editor of -flute paper iis eonCronited witlh a "eoodl- tlon not Ji theory." Our "gold reserve" ]« getting dangerously' low. In .the face of the existing conditions we. canlt raise" OUT tariff schedule suffl- olemitly to produce the required revenue to run ibhe 'business and 'redeem' matured i'fltaresit-ibearlnff bonds. Besides Dirts, on ncpunt of physical conditions. we,.feel tho* a Large appropriation will be'inecessary to meeit-the expenses of our interior depai*mein l t for the coming year. .Initarest boniitag bonds are maturing 'and will soon, be presented 'for -rcfleinjpittoiu. In tire fJice of these facts we miust either have more gold reserve or .issue more boindis. As Ve understand that most, lif not all, of 'our dc- .Itaaueot subsct'llbers are opposed to tetter bond issue, we would respectfully ask thorn to respect the little gold reserve we have left by handing In a JltHo gold, silver or paper standard or ".token" money in any amount they con spare THE TWELVE ' TUio OMcngo Tiiibume says of tilife-at- tiwJtilon billed for DoTam-'s for Tuesday: "At tihe H-'aymitrket last eveiidug a pro- tlibdllon sipecteKUitar cOwss very preten:- tlous, was given to'tile pa-trons of tilvls popular West SMe theatre. It was the fli ed-iltiont of Clh*rl«s H, Yale's dra- mnWC paotomiraic and ballet -spechv cfle. The costnimw wore rtt* and tasteful; i/toe songs ariglniali and cn,tx*y. wiWle rtlho machtoery an<l luechon'cal nitaiwTi'ces were very effeetive.Tibere te no quesitiion l>uJt wihait Uhe Hay mnirket Is In for one af its largest wecfos of the senson. The engagement Is for one week w-IIHi Wednesday and Safturdtty mnitlncos." WANTBD^-HAEVEST FESTIVAL; At the Broadway Presbyterian chnrdh nexttSabtotlhrnorntog there will bo a "First Fratts" service,.. Dona- •ttoos of fruit, flowers, vegetables, can- incd firulit" etc., may : .be sent to the ohuirdh on. Saituirday. These articles may be dtstnlbuted :••. by a competent conwniittee among the poor.; We look for'a J'ilbenal response as we have had a bountiful harvest.—Comml-titee. The Rev, George E. Stokes, pastor of the EpwortJi M. E. church; of Sedalia, has resigned owing to,-a dispute In. the board. . ; Old papers for sale at the Journal office. 20 centi a huniJred. ..•.,', ANOTHER STRAW. The Rev. E. L. Semans, W, R. Wones laind M. A. Hfci-lara vt the three M. E ^^iirohos of tllie dity, have been aittend ing the annual meeting of tlhe mtaisiter- i'al IJyceum of .the Kokotno .district, at Oonvarso th-is ' week. -TJic ' m'eetimg was entirely successful and profitable Dining Its sessions a vote was taken •whiclh showed McKlnley 20, Bryan 2 National ProJifblliion 1, wW3i one min. dster declining to'express himself. TMs Is a big. gain for McKinley, as many of tlhe clergymen rtttlng liiave previously been with t!he ProMlibitloii'iSts. RBPUBMOAN RAMJiY-OLD. SOL DIERS AND M'lONLEY CDUBS PARADE. For above meeting at Lafayette, Ind. Oct. 13th, a. special .train on the Wa bash railroad will leave Logansport a 8:48 a: m., arriving at Lafayette'at 1( o'clock a. m. Returning .trains wil leave Lafayette at 11 o'clock p. m. Fare-$l.ll for the round trip. •..' : 0, G. NEWELL, Agent. . How Two yonnit»tor» Experimented with '•'-.. Poison Ivy. Superintendent Kimball, of the lifesaving service, told a story of two boys, and it is so "boys all over," as mofit mothers would say, that.it ought to be )rinted. The now accomplished officer lays that when he was a boy he had a chum, and both . were poisoned year ifter year while running about »he woods by poison ivy. One day, says he Washington Star, they heard or-read something to the effect that if persons would swallow two or three leaves of ;he ivy they would never again be iif- 'ected by it. To relieve themselves of •he regular summer and often-recurring- njinoynnce they decided to take a ( ew leaves of it as medicine. Mr. Kim:all wns of an investigating- turn, of mind, and found out that on the; under side of (.he leaf there was a very fine dust. He told his companion that as ;'hey were experimenting H would be well to see if it made any difference whether one side or. the other contained-the poison. .He rolled up his three .leaves 'so ns to cover the dust, and iis friend rolled his so as. to leave the dust.sicle exposed. With n glass of water nnd as little chewing- as possible they swallowed their doses. The result was somclh'iiig horrible, especially for the boy who took the dusty side of the argument, Tor weeks after lie could not shut his mouth on account of the terrible condition of his mouth and-throat. He had to be fed with liquids by n.quill, and it. was only a mirach: that lie d id not die. Mr. Kimball fared somewhat better, especially as to his mouth and thront, but there was trouble enough on the inside,to make up for it. And there was no cure worked. The next season they suilercd as before. "Wow, was't that like o- 'boy?" !s what everybody said 4 nnd what all will. say now. A MISSED KISS. The Be»ion Why Two Amb»««ador« to«t Their 1'lttces. Two ambassadors have lost their places throug-h their failure to take advantage afforded them to kiss tho hand of the czai-ina, Bays the Seattle'Post- Intelligencer. Count. Montebello, the French ambassador, lost his place. It Is bot made known whether he only obeyed orders or not, but he had to suffer the penalty. It wns very unfortunate for him that when the French people through their government hod undertaken to show their friendship for Russia by a most lavish display of ostentatious ceremony and the expenditure of many millions of dollars the entire effect should be lost by. the failure of the chief functionary to press his lips to the imperial hand. 'The other ambassador who lost his position is Prince Kadalin, the representative at the Russian court of the German empire. No reason is given for his omission to observe a customary act of homage. He had not the excuse of being 1 the minister from a republic. He represented a court where such ccrc- moriies are strictly observed and an imperial roaster who is ns strict in requiring observance of court etiquette as the Russian emperor. .These punishments should be a warn ing to all men never to lose n 'favorable opportunity to kiss a lady's hand. Many a man has lived to regret that he has not seized a suitable occasion to.snntch a kiss; there seems to be more daEfjor.in being too remiss than in being too bold. Where the danger lies.and how great it will be either in abstaining- or acting Is a matter for individual juclg-ment. But it, is sometimes worth risking, it would seem. CURIOUS CLOCKS. Lands How Some People of Forelgq Reckon Time- Neither cloctf nor timepiece IB to be found in Liberia. The reckoning of time is made entirely by the movement nnd position of the sun, which rises nt six a. m'. and sets nt six p. m., almost to tho minute, all the year round, and nt noon is vertically overhead, says Popular Science News. The islanders of the South.Panifte have no clocks, but make an ingenious nnd reliable time marker of their, own. They take the kernel from the nuts of the caudle tree ond wash and string them on the rib of a palm leaf. The first or lop kernel is then lighted. All of.the fcer- enls are of the same size and substance, and Mich will burn ft certain rumber of minutes and then set fire to the cne next below. The natives tie pieces of black cloth at; regular intervals <Uou£ the string- to mark the divisions of time, .Among the natives of Singar, in the Malay archipelago, another peculiar device is used. Two bottles are placeJ neck and neck, and sand is put in one of them, which- pours itself into the other every half hour,'when the bottJes ore reversed! There is a line near by, also, on which ore hung 12 rods with notches from one to twelve. SOIflMEB'S RETINUON. ,Th'e four'teeiuhh' annual, reumilon of the Still Ind.""Cav. will be 'held in the city, art Grand.Acmy hnll, (JJnimenctag October 14tlh, TO hold a -two dwys' session. All elblaens and porsone Interested are faivJIted to atteiid. The old soldiers are especially invited. ;••..'.' John Dalzell, ..of ' Penusj'lvanla, Is speaking In Indiana. He addressed a big. meeting at Blchmond Wednesday night./- ..-.,-•.'. , -'' : ;..'' ',; -.','•;'. Dlaease attacks'the weak and debilitated. Keep yonwelf healthy/ an/ itron« by taking Hood's SartaparilU. [CARTEI •IITTLE IlVER • PILLS !•• SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these Little Pills. They abo reiicve Distress from .Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating.. Aper- •fect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsi. new, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue Painlh the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Regulate the Bowelf, Purely Vegetable.. ' •maU PHI. Sniall Dose. : Smell Price. LIVER CLOGGING. When Your Stomach Clogs Your Liver See to Your Digestion. Not one person, in a thousand knows :hftt the cause of billiousnoss is the jloggiug of the liver by the poisons of adigestion. Nor the only proper cure 'or It is a tonic to aid the stomach. But modern medicine declare*- the truth of It. And the Shakers ha.ve proved it by tlie wonderful success of ;helr Shaker Digestive Cordial. One of the most important uses of the liver is to arrest and destroy .all poisons which try to find their way into the blood. When it's clogged, it can't do this. Undigested food ferments nnd putrefies In the stomach, and the poisons of putreflcatlon"' clog nnd paralyse the :he liver, after which they find their way into the blood. .Hero is the true explanation of all the distressing disorders and complications caused by indigestion. Shaker Digestive Cordial Is the only touic cordial which aids the stomach in a natural way to digest its food. By this means, it cures indigestion, re- itores the -'liver, and' frees the body from poison and disease. Headache, dizziness, neuralgia, mental depression, weakness, bad taste, fever, flatulence, constipation, loss of appetite, anaemia, rheumatism, and many obher disorders are relieved and cured by Shaker Digestive Cordial. At druggists. Ten cents for a trial bottle. . Write for book to The Shakers, 30 Reads-Street, New York. . The traditional-peace of the conducted at Fairmount.l>y the Socjety 6i£ Friends was'broken by a cane rush yesterday. ' The .funiors got after the seniors, who were flaunting canes, and a llvdly racket followed. The taiebers were unable to stop the rough- and- tumWe fight, and it did not end until ail the canes had been broken. A GOOD BRACTICK If you Want a Good Appetite and Perfect Digestion. After each meal dissolve one or two of Stuart's- Dyspepsia Tablets in the mouth and, mingling with the food-, they constitute a perfect digestive, absolutely safe for the most sensitive stomach. They digest the food before it has time to ferment, thus preventing the formation of ga« and keeping the blood pure and free from the poisonous products of fermented, half-digested food. Stuart's Dyspepsia, Tablets make toe complexion clear by keeping the blood pure. ' They Increase .flesh by digesting flesh-forming foods. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets is the only' remedy designed especially for the cure of stomaich troubles and nothing else. One disease, one remedy, the successful physician of today is the- specialist, the successful medicine Is tne medicine prepnred especially for one disease. A whole package taken at one time would not hurt you, but would simply be a waste of good material. Over six thousand men' and women to the Staite of Michigan alone 'have been cured of indigestion aaid dyspep sia by the use of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. Sold by all drupgiiste at 50 cents per package. Send for Free Book on stomach diseases to Sturirt Co., Marshall, Mich. There •wlB 'be a two days' pigeon shoot at Liberty, beginning October 20. Dr. R. A, Creek, secretary of the Liberty club, under whose auspices the Shoot will be given, TV!)! furnish .detailed, information. . BUCKLBN'S ARNICA SALVB. The Best Salve In the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, *>rM and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Kees- Ung. Isaac Capers, age seventy, an old veteran, while going to a political rally at Valparaiso, Wednesday afternoon dropped dead In the street .Don't trifle away time when you Save cholera morbus or diarrhoea. Fight them In the beginning with DeWltt's Colic & Choiera Oure. Yon don't have to wait for results. They are Instan taneoiis and It leaves the bowels »n healthy coaditloo.-Jno. M. Johnston. Dr. B. D. Miller's flour mill, at Wa<r- riugton, Hancock county, burned. The loss IB ?9,00b; Insured for $5,000. Many a day's work Is lost by sick henAvhe caused by Indigestion and rtomacb teouWw. DeWltt's Little Early BIsers are the.most effectual pill for bvercWMln* ««* dlfflcultIw.-Jno. M. Johnston, •.•.-.- : .;...-..- .. .•:••.,;<• ;;. Sales Talk With Hood's Sarsaparilla," Sales Talk."and show that thin medicine has enjoyed public confidence and patronage to a greater extent than accorded any ether proprietary medicine. This is simply bec-ause it possesses greater merit and produces greater cures than any other. It is not what we say, but what Hood's Sansaparilla does, that tells the story. All advertisements of Hood's Saraaparilla, lite Hood's Sarsaparilla it- eelf, are honest. We have never deceived 'thepublic, and this with its superlative medicinal merit, is why the people have abiding confidence in it, and buy Hood's Sarsapamia Almost to the exclusion of all others. Try It, Prepared only byC. 1. Hood &Co.,_I/>well. Mass. _.,, are tlie only pills to take > PlllS with Hood's Sarsaparilla.. THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. A Ulgn standard of eicellencs. Msu» «wer» of the "MunsoD" conilder It THEjBEST. ' Sou will find It a valuable assistant In jour of- Hoe. Address for particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. 240-21* West Lftkc St., Chicago, III. "MOTHERS' FRIEND" Shortens labor, lessens pain, --- •-•> diminishes danger to life of both mother and child and leaves her in condition more favorable to speedy recovery. "Stronger after than before confinement" , says a prominent midwife. Is the best remedy FOR RISING BREAST Known and worth the price for that alone. Endorsed r.nd recommenced by midwives and, all ladies who have used it. Beware of substitutes and imitations. Makes Child-Birth Easy, Sent by Express or mail oni""^ °t|2S:- «i nn nSr battle. Book "TO MOTHtKS milled free confining voluntary ustimonials.. BB1DFIELD IlEGDMTOR CO., AtLHiTi, 8A»'- SOLD BY AM. TRtJGGISTH Evangelist D. T. Black, Peoria- Illlnols. Saybrook, 111., Feb. 19,18M1 Pepsin Syrup Op.: Dear Sirs: While at Cerro Gordo, I1L» in my revival work, 1 purchased » bottle of your Syrup Pepsin. I regard* It as most excellent I cannot get it: here In Saybrook. Is it on sale In Porla, 111. H so, at what •tore? If: not on sale there, if you will send me ••• dollar bottle there this week. I wli»- promptly remit. I will be home tbli week. Address Rev. D. T. Black, ,t005- State St., Peoria, 111. Yours truly D. T. BLACK.- For sale by B. F. Keesllng.. . . The Logansport Humane society {INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals .E. S. Rice—Prcn. G«o. W. Walter*— Sec. ,T. J. Hlldebraiidt-Tniw W. M. BlHliop—Huinmie Officer. I. S. Hlce. 3. C. Hartef. F. C. Coolboiigh Geo W Walters, J. J. HlWebrandt, _ Feeked Jiuttca. Isaah.i Mrs. W.-D, Fratt Mm. J. N. «« Telephone No. SO. • Be pott cates of cruelty to Beoretftrj. Typhoid and Scarlet Fever. Taken in tim* Brazilian Balm prevent* typhoid or scarlet fever. Also makel these diteases very light and alwayi prevents deafnew and thr»at troubl«s,. which scarlet fever and aeaalei »o oft** Alway»_k«epon tan*.

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