Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on January 19, 1938 · Page 1
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Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 19, 1938
Page 1
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mmm The Day's News By The Associated Press ISSUED EVERY MORNING EXCEPT MONDAY Western South Dakota's Only Morning Newspaper SIXTY-SECOND YEAR DEADWOOD, (Black Hills) SOUTH DAKOTA, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JANUARY lg, lo38 PRICE FIVE CENTS I Alfonso's Daughter Seek 85 Millions 17 Lose Lives In Dormitory Fire ROSS CASE KIDNAP SOLVED For Drouth Loans i:W:4-: : Hp) sh Flames Sweep A Quebec Boy College Trapping Students and Instructors While Sleeping WASHINGTON, Jan. 17, The house prairie states bloc committee drafted recommendations day for an appropriation of $50,-000,009 for rehabilitation loans to farmers In the drought-stricken states and for approximately $35,-000,000 for feed and seed loans. Slayer of Chicago Man and His Partner in Kidnaping, Arrested at California Race Track ST. HYACINTHE, Quebec, Jan. 18. (Canadian Frets) Flames which flared In the night swept the College of the Sacred Heart for boys here today. leaving 17 known dead and 27 persons missing . Two faculty members from Rhode Island were among the teaching brothers and students missing and four others from New England were among I The committe will report Wednesday to the bloc the results of informal conferences with relief officials to determine how much relief funds are needed in the prairie states affected by the J drought. the 21 victims in hospitals with seri ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 18. VPf Handcuffed and shackled, a prisoner believed to be Peter Anders, who was said by J. Edrsr Hoover to have confessed kidnaping and killing Charles S. Rocs., arrived at the St Paul airport tonight with a party of guards. One of the guarding party was reported to be Hoover, chief of the federal bureau of investigation. The prisoner, so closely shackled that he had to be carried from the plane, was lifted Into one of a fleet of waitinr automobile niuir th. .t,hi .u Still Fasting of federal agents armed with machine . . . Deadwood Woman ! Adjudged Bankrupt Marjorie Trussell, doing business un-' der the name of the Faust Drug store, THE NATIONAL WHIRLIGIG "News Behind the News-FDR Thinks Business Thrives On Hospitality Flood of Jap Propaganda Is Under Way Administration Welcomes Filibuster Alabama Election Was No New Deal Vindication Business Men Suspicious Of Today's Meeting Wheeler Is Smart Hombre Despite Bluntness guns. Latest In Slacks The huge (TWA) plane in which the party arrived was taxied into the 109th ous injuries or burns. I One of the dead was identified as Rev. Brother Jean Baptiste, 64, who jumped to his death; another as Joseph Vincent, 15, a St. Hyacinthe student. I Provisional police said they feared a majority of those missing perished in the flames that destroyed the 37-year-old four-story brick building. , Many of those in hospitals were injured in jumping from the top floor dormitory quarters where the flames trapped students and brothers. Some suffered from exposure in below-zero . weather. I The Are was believed to have had at least one-half hour's start when it was ' discovered about two a.m., by a passer- squadron hangar and the doors closed. Newspapermen and spectators were barred while the prisoner was transferred to an automobile. Edward P. Guinane. head of the St. 681 Main street, was adjudged bankrupt in an order signed here yesterday by Francis J. Parker, federal referee in bankruptcy. The action was taken after she had filed a voluntary petition i bankruptcy. Schedule of assets and liabilities was not disclosed. ! Notices will shortly be mailed to creditors setting the date of the first meeting to consider settlement of the Paul office of the federal bureau of! investigation, refused to affirm or deny tnat me prisoner was Anders. V K V 1 The plane was reported to have come Dog puis on dog posing with his mistress, Infanta Marie Christina, daught.r of ex-King Alfonso of Spain. This is her latest portrait. here from Wichita, Kas., and was to remain here overnight. iby. The flames spread rapidly thru the wooden interior before all of the !K) boarding students and 31 teaching Arrested at Santa Anita Park i brothers could be aroused. LOS ANGELES, Jan. 18. P Re lentless department of justice agents, j The ruins of the school, on the outskirts of St. Hyacinthe, 35 miles east matter. t RAYBURN URGES LESSSPENDING Holds Unbalanced Budget Is Party Responsibility of Montreal, were being searched for at the end of a four-month manhunt, marked the kidnap-slaying of Charles S. Ross of Chicago, "solved" today as WASHINGTON By IRA BENNETT more bodies. they secretly whisked a man they said Crumbling wreckage of the brick structure still was blazing 10 hours Calls For A Mass Attach On Recession was the confessed killer back to Chicago to stand trial. after the Are was discovered. COUNSEL: The president's apparent unconcern over the business recession amazes everybody except the advisers responsible for his nonchalance. They A checkup was being made to ac count for others who may have es caped. . WASHINGTON, Jan. 18.-CP)-Ma-' nf,veJ s"Ppea nlmJne tnery that. dustry thrives better J. Edgar Hoover, chief of the FBI, announced Peter Anders, 30, former logger, admitted he slew Ross two days after $50,000 ransom was paid near Rockford, 111., October 8, 1937, and then shot and killed his confederate, James Some had scampered to homes for under adminis lni T T3 V .,, shelter after escaping, virtually all in scant night clothing, thru windows and cut down spending, pleaded with the; ," , In 1933, they note. Mr. Roosevelt 'house today to help balance the gov- acquiesced to the industrialists' de down crowded Are escapes. The fire's origin was not known. Senator Bulkley Would , cr"ment s budeet At wood Gray. Anders was traced across the country by a trail of ransom bills he lav mand for an NJI.A., but after a brief i During a debate on an amendment to Gather Best Minds the 1939 postoffice appropriation bill l"e 5"nimer " eariy lau, an ishly spent at race tracks. Hoover, said, and last Friday was taken into custody of Nation which would provide a 10 per cent "niavoraoie reaction set in. In 1834 increase in the $11,250,000 item for 'h!re arose the that enactment of here at Santa Anita park. 'rent, light and fuel, Rayburn said: j"e securuies ana exenange act wouia WASHINGTON. Jan. 18. WV-Sena- -I am from nm on when hP an-1 destroy private enterprise, but it was Agents recovered $14,402.28 of the ransom on Anders and at his hotel. tor Bulkley (D.-O.) proposed today propriation bills come up. going to wis period that recovery started, that the nation's "most intelligent and t:,k m. n,v,H,,nit ih . The holding company act and the un- Hoover said. JAPAN RECALLS ENVOY; CHINESE HALTINVADERS Counter-Offensive Slowing Up Nipponese Troops The bodies of Ross and Gray have forward-looking elements" pool their nfinn r,t h hn,,o t iv, ennrfitinn distributed surplus tax in 1935 and The fasting Dean Israel Harding Noe. who is known to have eaten nothing since January 2, is shown in Memphis his features drawn and sunken a few minutes after conducting his regular Bible class. Dean Noe said he hoped to prove that he could exist without physical things. BEARS TO LEAD THKEVENINC Came With Gold Diggers Is Moved Forward a Day ! not been recovered. Hoover said, add experience in a national council of eco- of Government finances. 1936, respectively, precipitated more :Z'l i (' I r "I it - . If ' i ( M - .'::$: V ' ,?' - i.-.Mfaa-- i ing: nomic problems. "Some of these davs. whether we wa'ig. but they turned out to be the "We are certain the bodies are not Bulkley said the senate manufactures want to nr nnt w mini tn hav rosiest years of the new deal. in the state of Illinois, where the actual committee, which he heads, and about (Q do what any sane individual would Contrawise, his experts continue, it murders took place. This fact gave the 100 private citizens have been studying do balance outeo with income. The was not unlu "e suffered severe de- federal government jurisdiction in the the idea for months. ; amount here is sufficient I feats on capitol hill last summer that Whatever our decision may be as to ' "i want to dead with this house and slgns of recession appeared. Busineses case. Anders shot the two men thru the temporary, immediate remedies for the especially those on this side of the and lndustry threw him for a loss on TOKYO, Jan. 18. (h-The Japanese government today instructed its am present recession," ne said, "this more aisto (democrats) that when the budg- u,c '8'-"'Vve ux""- DUl auH " prolong time, permanent approach which ct continues to be unbalanced, the . age on lheir own account So they con- bassador to China to return home and reiterated its determination to have no head, but all we can say for certain is that the killings took place on the outskirts of Rockford, about 100 miles west of Chicago, and that the bodies apparently were hidden somewhere we have ben working on should be dif- responsibility is going to be on the ma- ; . ferentiated from plans or proposals Wiiv mriv whore it holnnoc" ! fhamKnw f Vvmmsiw further dealings with the Chinese gen- The D e a d w o o d-L e a d basketball eral government of Generalissimo Chi- which so proliflcally spring up under. Yesterday the house tentatively ac- TT . J . i i the spur of immediate pressure." cepted increases of $2,326,000 in the Hears AOOUt AlaSka the spur of immediate pressure." i cepted increases of $2,326,000 in the ' r over the Wisconsin line. game, originally scheduled for tomor-.ang Kai-Shek. U- .nij i 1 ii : ... It was Anders' irrepressible urge to ic nvi uic iuiiiui fin mi uiK.uiita- appropriation Dill, ine raises wouia De. lion or me council would go out in the used mostly to augment the present Miss Kay Kennedy, Rochford, who row evening will, instead, be played at 1 This repudiation, explained Akiro the high school gymnasium in Lead Cazami, chief secretary of the cabinet, this evening, school officials announced was stronger than a declaration of war. yesterday. iSuch a declaration would mean recog- near future. number of mail carriers. recently returned from an extended "play the ponies" that led to his capture. He was passing some of the ransom money thru the pari-mutuel windows of Santa Anita, Hoover said, when he was seized. ine council would draw its members The amendment to increase the rent.' visit in Alaska, spoke on life and coa 'from business, labor, agriculture, phys- ljBht and fuel items was shouted down. I ditions in the northern territnrv at the The game will start at 7 o'clock with nition 01 iniang 1s.01-or.eK s regime as a preliminary contest between the see- the government of China, he said. But.icai ana social sciences ana sucn pro- Four senators, meanwhile, undertook . regular weekly luncheon of the diam Previously he had been trailed to ond teams from the two schools, the Japan today considers it only a local lessionai groups as lawyers, engineers, to revive the war referendum proposal, ber of-commerce at the Franklin hotel Spokane and Seattle. Wash.; Portland, historians and economists. Their ad- which the house recently shelved after vesterdav noon, eivine members of that main aame coming on at 8 o'clock. regime. Hence, there will be no dec Ore.; Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D. C; Miami, Fla., vice would be available to congress and President Roosevelt denounced it I organization an interesting outline of the president at all times. j Senator Nye (R.-N.D.) said he and, the resources and activities as she ob- Mrs. Francis Taylor, daughter of Senator McAdoo, of California, goes for a stroll on the beach in Florida attired in slacks. Both teams are reported in excellent laration of war. trim for the game and a lively time is I Indications strengthened that Tokyo anticipated. A large crowd of fans from ' eventually would recognize the Peip-Deadwood is expected to follow the in8 regime, created under protection uuiKiey saia most oi me cooperative throe colloaeues who have introduced served them. and New Orleans, with federal operatives "close behind him on every move," Hoover related. efforts suggested so far had been re- slightly different constitutional amend- Transaction of routine business mat of the Japanese army, as the govern- stricted to government, business and i ments would agree on one measure and ! ters concluded the meeting over which Bears to Lead and watch the game. A retired manufacturer of greeting tduui. itrv to obtain a senate vote this session. Z. t) (border, vice-nresident. nresiried. cards and valentines, Ross was forced ment of China. Premier Prince Fumimaro Konnoye expressed belief that the regime "certainly would become the mainstay" of the new China that Japanese expect Myrtle Morrison Former Secretary of State Is Dead from his car September 25 on a lonely Illinois prairie, while his former secre "I think we have an excellent chance." he declared. Nye said the new proposal would differ from the house resolution by SCHOOL BOILER BLAST CLAIMS Learns of Death of Husband of Famous tary. Miss Florence Freihage, pleaded COBBLERS WIN FROM BISON IN GAME AT RAPID with his assailants that the 72-year-old to come into being after resistance to Swedish Opera Star ! Japan is crushed. man's health was poor and they would Q-nri-virv ATPfllf ReP- Ludlow D.-Ind.) in that it would Ql-Ay'Uil U V mj 1 llil make a popular vote on declaring war I unnecessary if a foreign nation invaded SIOUX CITY. Ia Jan. 18. (4V-The anv nart nf thl western hemienhpr. VERMILLION, Jan. 18. OP) Miss Mvrtle Morrison, former secretarv of endanger his life. Ross and Miss Freihage were return- jta,. died at her home here last nieht Playing at Rapid City last evening the Cobblers defeated the Hot Springs explosion of an auxiliary boiler Sun-J The Ludlow resolution would have ing to Chicago from nearby Sycamore, ionB illness. She had been in day afternoon in the basement of the required a referendum unless the Unit- where they had dined, when the gun- critical condition for weeks. men blocked then- way. Born and reared in Vermillion, she Jenerson. s. u., nign scnooi claimed its ed States were invaded. Bison cagers. 47 to 22. in a one-sided contest described by spectators as lacking in interest Official circles said the recall of Am- Mrs. A. H. Oleson, of this city, yes-! bassador Shigeru Kawagoe from terday received advices from Stock-1 (Contlnaed On Pg 4) holm, Sweden, telling of the death in that city on January 3 of Hanns Th. I OTV If TTTV TV Todsen, prominent business man of , JlV I lil ilil f Hi that city and husband of Mme. Nanny I . , Iodse, celebrated Swedish - IM QUARREL Mr. and Mrs. Todsen were friends of second victim shortly before noon While fears mounted for Ross wel-, was graduated from Vermillion high fare, a $50,000 ransom demand was school and later attended the Univer-met October 8 but failed to win his sny of South Dakota. She was elected release. j county auditor in 1922 and reelected in Associated with Nye in the new campaign were Senators Capper (R.-Kas ). LaFollette P.-Wis.), and Clark (D.-Mo.l. In the senate itself, southerners kept up their "talkathon" against the anti-lynching bill with Senator Ellender (D.-La.) in his fourth day of Deadwood Man Fined For Reckless Driving RAPID CITY, Jan. 18. C. J. Lang. Deadwood. was fined $75 by Municipal Judge W. W. Soule last Saturday when 23,680 LISTED long standing of the Oleson family, the latter taking a great interest in advancing the musical career of the late Florence Oleson when the family re Brother Shoots Down Relatives On Wisconsin Farm Tuesday when Henry Hladky, Tabor, S. D., 24-year-old athletic coach, succumbed in a hospital to severe burns. The first victim was Theron Harmon. 25, Springfield, S. D.. a history instructor, who died here Sunday, five hours after the explosion. A coroner's jury Monday reported that Harmon was fatally scalded and Hladky severely scalded by an explosion "caused by operating an auxiliary boiler without knowing how and with no authority to operate it." The jury cleared the school board and school officials of blame in connection with the accident he entered a plea of guilty to a charge 1924. Afterward she went to Pierre, where she was connected with the state tax commission for four years, the first two as tax statistician and the last two as secretary. She was the first woman ever to hold the office. Miss Morrison was elected secretary of state on the democratic ticket in 1932 and served until 1936. Surviving are her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Morrison, and two sisters, Mrs. Nellie Gunderson, Vermillion, and Mrs. Marrd Beste, Hartington, Neb. Weather Forecast AS JOBLESS IN SOLTBDAKOTA 573 Unemployed and Want Work, Lawrence County of reckless driving. Police records show Lang was involved in an automobile accident Friday when a car driven by him collided with a truck driven by J. E. Kammerer. Rapid City. Both cars were damaged. sided in New York, and Mme Todsen was appearing at the Metropolitan op-1 DURAND, Wis, Jan. 18. W) Six era. Mme Todsen, court singer to the ' persons, four of them children under king of Sweden and member of the 10 years of age. were dead today from Swedish opera in Stockholm, was loan- bullet wounds inflicted during a bitter ed to the Metropolitan opera for five quarrel between two brothers working seasons, later returning to Europe a farm 16 miles southwest of here. Two where she has appeared in all of the others were badly hurt, leading operas on the continent j The dead are Lawrence Leflay, 37; Mr. Todsen was a wealthy and prom- his wife, about 36: Virgie Leflay. 8, fair today; somewhat Generally colder. SOLICITOR GENERAL NOMINATED FOR SUPREME COURT WASHINGTON. Jan. 18. on-South Inent business man of Stockholm and his daughter; Beulah Leflay, 7, his had been knighted by the king of Swe-' daughter; Phyllis Leflay. 8. his niece; j Dakota has a total unemployed population of 26.002 with 23.680 others work den for his services in Denau or uie , Virgil Leflay, s, his nepnew. ing at WPA. NY A. CCC or other emer Marvin Leflay, 35, brother of Law government rence, and his wife. 36, were injured. gency activity, it was disclosed today by figures on the unemployment census by John D. Biggers, Sheriff Victor Seline, of Pepin coun ty, said the mass slaying was committed by Lawrence while he and his The compilation, based on the recent brother. Marvin, were doing the chores survey of conditions between Novem on the farm last night. Both families ber 16 and 20. fixed the percentage of lived on the farm in nearby homes. totally unemployed at 3.8 and those The Pepin county sheriff said the working on WPA. etc, at 3.4 per cent shooting followed an argument con In arriving at these figures, the table cerning a bam on the farm which j estimated the states population at burned down last March. He said Law 692.000. rence accused Marvin of setting fire to -VOIR Total unemployed in the United it and that the two had frequent quarrels over it ever since the blaze. States was placed at 5421.035, with mil mi i inuum m m ... !. i. . i- imiwmtiiy u; m i ) mm BY " Lawrence. Seline said, shot Marvin below the heart shortly after the fight Z CCS i started, and then struck the latter's wife over the head with the butt end FRENCH CRISIS (ME TO END Cliautemps Succeeds in Forming New Government PARIS, Jan. 18. (J5) Premier Ca-mille Chautemps tonight succeeded in forming a new government composed principally of radical-socialists, ending in its fifth day the longest French cabinet crisis since the World war. The question of continuation of the 19-months-old people's front a coalition of leftist parties, remained undecided. However, the premier, whose resignation early Friday created the crisis, was assured of socialist support for the new government in the chamber of deputies, but socialists, who participated in Chautemps' preceding government did not take posts in the new cabinet Their communist allies in the people's front decided to await ministerial declaration of policy in the chamber Friday, then "to judge the government's program" whether to continue supporting Chautemps and keep the people's front intact Even if the communists vote against him Chautemps appeared sure of parliamentary majority with the votes of socialists. radicaVsocialists and two smaller leftist groups. Radical-socialists, long parliaiitnitaiy keys of succeeding governments, again predominated with II of 20 full-ranking ministers chosen. of the revolver, felling her. Lots of people dont seem to under Lawrence then entered Marvin's house, took the two children to his In Lawrence county, with a total population of 13J20. based an the 1930 census, there were 573 persons who registered in the census as wholly unemployed and seeking work; 310 were working on WPA. NY A. CCC or other emergency work, and 271 were partly unemployed and wanted more work. 1.163.769 of these listed as males and stand why I am building a log cabin home and sent his two daughters to back in the hills. It's jest because I gether with them to a bedroom, ordering the four children to lie in bed. the sheriff said. He then shot the four children thru the chests, fired a shot thru his wife's forehead, and then 1.657.266 as females. Emergency work was brought up in a quiet place and noise seems to git on my nerves. It's all accordin' to what a fella is used to. I remember a city man that come down home one ers totaled 2.011.877 of whom 1.662,444 i turned the gun upon himself, ending were males and 339.433 females. Thus," said the report, "the volun- bis own life. Seline added. Roger. 4. son of Marvin, escaped. Information of the tragedy was re tarw registration of totally unemployed 'Deluding the emergency workers was ceived by authorities from Mrs. Marvin Leflay. Sheriff Seline said the wom- 7.822412. of which 5 .826.213 were males rod 1596.699 were females." he went to Papa and said Tm going an crawled to a neighbor's home aft-' The figures for South Dakota showed 20.533 males unemployed and 5.469 females out of work. For those doing back to the city I cant stand the er she regained consciousness. He said quietness around here.1 Papa says she told him she feigned death so her "Well, if it's noise you Ye look in' for 'brother-in-law would believe her to be stick around a couple of months the 'dead. Both she and ber husband were frogs oughta be croak in' down at the removed to the Lake City hospital in WPA and other emergency work the This picture of Stanley Reed, with his wife and son. Stanley, jr, was made when Reed was appointed solicitor general of the United States. President Roosevelt has sent Reed's nomination for the supreme court to succeed Associate Justice Sutherland, to the senate for confirmation, t Harris tt Ewinf photo from Associated Press). division was 19.323 maws and 4357 Dond by then. la serious condition.

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