The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 29, 1957 · Page 33
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 33

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1957
Page 33
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Tidbits From Evelyn the Kossiith County fair dates aren't just right — too late for some specie of, flowers, too early for some fruits. Had it been earlier Mrs Merle Webster could have enterecUa very lovely and unusual flower—a 1 lily named "Gold Bandit." One stalk was three fee't long .and bore four lovely blooms. When open, the flower,- one bloom, mind you, would cover a dinner plate. Helen tried to describe it to me and the best" I cati do is to say quoting her, "it is a white blossom with gold bands and red dots." From her description they must bo lovely indeed. She also had plums which certainly would have taken the blue ribbon. They were . extra large and most delicious. * * * Claris Kresensky and her daughter, Alice, left last week for Highland Park, near Chicago, to visit the former's sister, Mrs I. J. Riggs. On Friday Alice went to Buffalo, N. Y. to attend the wedding of a friend and then to New York for the same purpose. She sails September 5 for Edinburough, Scotland for a year of. seminary, work at the New College Divinity School. For a number of years Marilyn Tuttle (Mrs Walter Plumb) was pipe organist . at the Methodist church' and ,also the Congregational and she.always welcomed special music by my cousin Edwin Cady'of Houston, Tex. I listened to. them "talk shop' which was-way.-over my head of course. I was talking with Marilyn's mother the other day and told her Edwin had inquired about her and I reported that she is now mother of two little boys and lives in Pomona, Cal. Mrs Tuttle added that Marilyn is keeping up with her music and is organist in a church there. •, * *. Mr and Mrs Howard Beardsley have returned from a vacation trip to Cheverly, Md., where they visited their daughter Margaret Ann. They went via Cedar Rapids and visited their son, Tom and his family, thence to Evanston, 111., where they were joined by Mrs Beardsley's brother-in- law and sister for the trip east. * * * When I called Essie Sullivan for news the other day I asked, "What are you doing?" She re plied, "Cleaning my finger nails after peeling beets to can," I said, "Getting red off your fingers instead of on." * * * I had an interesting caller Thursday evening, probably trie youngest ever Louise Frances Black, 18 days old, who was accompanied by her parents, Mr and Mrs Hugh Black. From here she was going to call on grandma, Mrs James Black, my neighbor. She was guest Sunday of her maternal grandparents, Mr and Mrs Ed Hagg, so you sqe, for a little gal, she has already had quite a 1 social whirl. ' • » • We have been hearing hammering . and sawing over at the BE HAPPY Modern Thermogas FOR HOME HEATING IHERMOGAS COMPANY /'Eiigmeered Irtstdiafibhs'f ' Phillips Street Algona VCV 4-2841 Roy Hutzells for several weeks j and the other morning we were giyen the chance to see what it was , all about. Floyd Hutzell, industrial arts graduate, has been making furniture and what a beautiful job he has done. * * • I've read of a lot of mean persons and here are more to add to the list. First came word from LUcilla Grose Andersen of Los Angeles, Calif., who reported the theft of rugs from the church altar, beautiful and costly ones. Then Mrs Milton Norton told of rugs being stolen from the home of a relative in Massachusetts. • » • * Bill Bourne and Robert Percival were in an adventurous mood last week Thursday, so they got out their bicycles and pedaled to the Percival's cottage at Triboji Beach. They left here at C:30 a.m. and reached their destination at 5 p.m. Pretty good leg workl * * <? Mrs Milton Norton gave a "Do You Remember" party Thursday afternoon for her sisters-in-law Edna, (Mrs Arthur Ferguson) of Keokiik and Pauline, (Mrs M. M, Morrow) of Audubon. Now I have never heard this name for a gathering of old friends used before, but I thought flow appropriate it is, for nearly every sentence was begun with "Do you remember—?" A'lot of water has gone under the 'bridge sinca we were girls and there was much reminescing to be done. Other guests were Laura Norton, Beth Schemel, Dot Smith, Mattie Thorpe, Mabel Hauberg and myself. When I read Mattie's whipped cream cake recipe in the Des Moines Register a few weeks ago, I meant to clip it, it sounded so good. It was just as good as it sounded, for that was a part of the refreshments served. It was so delicious I recommend it be Used often and Mattie said it is easy to make. .» * * What has become of good old fashioned' ground cherries? I never see any on the market, never hear anyone mention them, and oh, they are so good. ., ' • » » » Thai "grand old lady" Mrs Helen Paxson has decided to give up keeping a home and has gone to the Roberts Nursing Home. This is a well deserved surcease from 'household obligations carried . on so faithfully these, many "years. ,. V <T-.—^-'"".j-: •*";»':"' V T* :••-"*"".'*••' v" 1 * My Esther has been up to her ears in canning and today made our favorite jam. It is so good I think there are many who would like to 12 large peaches, peeled, 1 orange, 1 small can of. crushed pineapple, 9 cups sugar. Mash peaches, add orah'ge, peel and all which has been through a grinder. Add pineapple and juice. Boil gently till cleat. Seal while hot. • * • I always Ihink of the Alcan highway as being a long, tiresome, scene'ried highway winding through a wilderness of trees and alternating wide open spaces ol not much of anything. It isn't ;i trip I ever thought I'd like to make, and that is something for I am always ready to take off for far away places. It seems I am wrong about this highway, for Ann Clark reports she met a woman and her two children, who were making the trip from Alaska to Columbus, Ohio, and reported the route wonderful. 15 Exhibits From Kossuth Entered At State Fair i •-. I :' Kossuth County 4.-K -g^rls will be represented at the Iowa State Fair by 15 top clothing exhibits selected from the approximately 1,000 entries exhibited at the County Achievement Show. These entries and exhibitors include: Cotton skirt with band Maxine Clayton, Lakota Luckies; skirt other than cotton, Merle Ann Harig, Prairie Pals; cotton blouse without sleeves or collar, Nancy Chambers, LuVerne Peppy pals; Cotton blouse with, collar, Mary O'Brien, Riverdale Rustlers I; blouse other than cotton, Marilyn Johannesen, Seneca Stars pajamas, Rachel Menke, Greenwood Girls; housecoat, Merle Ann Harig, Prairie Pals; jumper Kay Fitzgerald, Swea Sunbeams play clothes, Shirley Schwietert Burt Blue Birds and Betty Wag ner, Riverdale Rustlers I; schoo dress, Nancy Fischer, Lone Rock Lively Rockefc and Ann Smith Cresco Chums; dress for best wear, Pamela Andrews, Burt Blue Birds; 4-H uniform, Mary Kollasch, Greenwood Girls; formal or party dress, Madonna Gisch, Cresco Chums and longtime expense book, Theresa Thilges, Cresco Chums. Donna Blanchard Enters I.S.T.C. Cedar Falls—Donna Mae Blanchard of Lone Rock has beei' accepted for enrollment aKIowa State Teachers College for the fall semester, which opens Sept. 9 with orientation and registration of new students. Donna is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Donald A. Blanchard. A graduate of Sentral Community High School, she will major in elementary education at Iowa Teachers. Her activities in high school included dramatics, student council, band, and she WUF Valedictorian of her class. STOCK UP Big thirsty week end ahead! Going place? or staying home this week end . I . everybody'll be wanting Coke again and again. Coca-Cola ... so good iu taste t .. in such good taste. Have plenty on hand .. ice-cold and ready. Stock up ... Ma of Coke I I <JMA«OU. QUmffh Barnes, Laird, Elberf, Dreesman, Parsons, rttcnardson Resolution correcting final schedule of isscssmcnts and levying said assessments n accordance therewith was approved nd adopted. Attorney Gordon Winkle presented a ontract between the City and the sur- ounding township for fire protection and iskcd for tentative approval. The City Council met in adjourned scs- ion August 12, 1957, for the hearing on he budget estimate for the City of Algona for the year 1958. There was present the Mayor Dr. C. C. Shierk and he following Councilmen: Barnes, Elbert, .aird, Dreesman, Parsons, Richardson. Several citizens were present and qucs- ions wore asked and answered. Councilman Barnes moved that the proposed budget estimate be reduced by $12,000.00 in the Airport fund and clim- nato the hard surface runway. Councilman Laird seconded the motion. After considerable discussion the motion was withdrawn and the second also. ed and approved. The Vota was all ay««. 31st?'l957r"" B " General Government Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Salary .-$150.00 David A. Smith, Salary - 129.60 Albert Boekelman, Salary 39.10 Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Expenses - 18.70 la. Employment Sec Comm., Social'.Security -- 37.13 la. Pub. Employ. Ret. System, Retirement fax 57.75 City. Clerk. Advanced Cash 1.00 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., Service 23.10 IN. vv. pull luii^pnunu v^u., Upper Des Moinos Pub. Co , Pub. ._ 56.16 Koch Brothers, Office Supplies _- 32.94 Eugene Furst, Att. Council Meetings 60.00 Street Jess Lashbrook, Salary 137.97 Albert Pengande, Salary .1 |5."5 Slcnn F. Burtis, Salary 115.45 Richard Fr.imbach, Salary ' 99.65 Raymnod W. Metzen Jr., Salary -- 98.45 Donald Prew, Salary ... 11.T4S Darald D. Skilling, Salary 122.52 rr;d.C. Hagg, Sjlary , -^ 60.12 Iowa. State Bank, Withholding Tax 72.70 la. Employ. Sec. Comm.j, Social Setur-lty -j-'ii 223.57 lo f*ub. Employ. Rot. System, I 'Retirement Tax -. 335.27, N W. Bell Telephone Co'., Service 10.75 Upper Dos Moines Pub. Co., Advertising v 10.08 Gibbs-Cook Equipment Co., Merchandise 16.18 Taylor Impl. Co., Repairs 9.06 Ed Holecck, Refund 25.00 L S. Muckey, Repairs 2.70 Kohlhaas Hardware, Merchandise - 23.29 Ky's Champlin Oil Co., Sasoline - 364.20 Schultz Bros., Repairs 9.00 Dau's Garage, Repairs 5.25 Public Safety Albert Bookelman, Salary 150.15 Richard H. Groen, Salary 142.12 Ernest W. Hutchison, Salary 145.12 factor C. Jorgonson, Salary ------ 138.12 Kenneth J. McBride, Salary ----- 123.99 William I. Ankenbauer, Salary --- '128.99 James A. Voigt, Salary ....... - 114.85 Ira Kohl, Salary ------ ..... '.L'i- , 20.00 Ralph Elbert, Salary ........... 10.00 Icwa Slate Bank, Withholding Tax 70.10 Trust & Agency Fund, Policeman's Pension ......... ___________ 10.43 Lvnn Forshco, Radio Repairs ---- 2.70 Gene's Radio & Television, Radio Repairs _____________ ...... - 24.35 Ky's Ch.implin Oil Co., Gasoline _ 79.09 Kossuth Motor Co., Service Police Car ----- ...... ------------ 13.65 la. Employ. Sec. Commission, Social Security _________ ....... --- 318.85 la. Pub. Employ. Ret. System, Retirement TaS< ------------- 165.43 City Clerk, Advanced Cash ----- 1.94 N W. Bell Tclephne Co., Service 25.50 Algona Insurance Agency, Add. Premium ___________________ 10.11 Ready-Mix Concrete & Lumber Co., Material ________________ 3.19 Algo/ia Machine Shop, Repairs _- 7.75 Algona Machine Shop, Repairs .. 1.50 Hall-Strahorn Hdwe., Supplies --- 3.00 Sanitation Reiner Helmors, Labor --------- 13.19 Reakus Helmers, Labor --------- 7.54 George Weig Jr., Labor -------- 11.54 Albert Baas, Salary ------------ 163 Anna Courtney, Salary --------- 63 _ Chester H. Schultz, Salary ...... 229.68 Fred C. Hagg, Labor __________ 27.37 James A. Egli, Salary ....... --- 148.95 Fred Gronbach, Salary _________ 99.65 Iowa Stale Bank, Withholding Tax 48.70 la Employ. Sec. Commission, 'Social Security ________ ..... - 239.88 la. Pub. Employ. Ret. System, Retirement Tax ------------- 360.92 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., Service 25.25 H. J. Cowan Contractor, Air Comp. & Op ___________ ........ -- 4-00 East End' Foundry, Inc., Merchandise -- _____ ---------- ---- .. 16.00 Thursday, August 29. 1957 AFgona (Ta.) Upp«r De* MoTnes- 5 .63 ,37 Kassuth County Recorder, Record- in Foes . Dr, F. E. Sawyer, Rent Honsbruch Drug, Supplies jonn Kunnells, Hainti Twin News From State Two Beauty Advances For Algona Fareway Stores, Inc., Supplies --- iting Si ., Supp 3.80 45.00 .89 12.00 4.10 BILL Charles Hibbs recently acquired a $10 bill in National currency that was issued by the First National bank of Marengo. in 1920. Pictured on the currency was Wm. McKinley whereas modern $10 bills bear the likeness of Alexander Hamilton. Demonstration & Personal Showing ALGONA HOTEL TUBS., SEPT. 3 9 A.M. to 12 Noon Batteries' and service for most makes — you are invited to come m ' IOWA AUDIPHONE CO. 611 Fleming Bldg. 61h 8t Walnut Sts. Des Moines Authorized Zenith Hearing Aid Dealer Reliable Decorators, Material 87.18 Gity Clerk, Advanced Cash 3.77 Graybar Electric Co , Inc., Merchandise 28.80 S. Norton & Son, Materials — 5.36 Continental Oil Co., Fuel Oil 75.50 tandard Oil Co., Chemicals for Spraying 485.16 Recreation Howard W. Stcphenson, Salary _- 162.48 Donald J. Cook, Salary ! 4 ?'§ 5 Varilyn Lowman, Salary 102.30 ill Clapsaddlc, Salary 102.30 ackie VanderWaal, Salary 102.30 Mnrcia Stillman, Salary 'SleS Anne O'Brien, Salary 23.58 Arthur B. Olson, Salary 146.01 amos H. Geelan, Salary 139.11 v\arilyn Seller, Salary 02 '22 owa State Bank, Withholding Tax 133.00 Employ. Sec. Commission, 'Social Security --- 54.85 Pub. Employ. Rot. S/stem, Retirement Tax City Clerk, Advanced Cash 25.84 N W Bell Telephone Co., Service 8.65 Keith Rowley, Labor & Materials - 39.9C Honsbruch Drug, Supplies 92.08 Adolph Keifor & Co., Supplies _. 59.16 A'cst Disinfecting Co., Disinfectant 13.0C Robert Deal, Labor-Trees 45.0C The Chrischilles Store, Swim Suits 60.0( L. S. Muckey, Repairs 2.5( I'raver & O'Brien, Hauling 5.00 Thompson-Hayward Chemical Co., Chlorine & "Celito" 370.25 Gene's Radio & Television, Use of P. A. System 5.01 Fareway Scores, Inc., Suppliej 2.6. Sjogren's Grocery, Supplies 3.18 Airport Mgona Municipal Utilities, Water 3.01 Ko'hlhaas Hardware, Supplies 1.8: James Thorn, Painting !5, 2 Arthur Glaser, Painting 171.0' Horebruch Drug, Supplies ??„§! A. A. Kiecker, Repairs 220.3 Pinking M«ler.\ . Raymond J. Krebs, Salary -..-•_- 256.1 r*ncy Sands, Salary ,.-----.--- 82.0 Iowa State Bank, Withholding Tax 53.4 Trust & Agency Fund, Policemen's Pension . la. Employ. Sec. Commission, Social Security la. Pub. Employ. Ret. System, Retirement Tax °'- v 3 0 State Beauty Announces (MEDIA PETITE — Creme Colour Bath — By L'ORE'AL of PARIS ------ and — •) ---A New Operator Viola Berninghouse Both At Your Service June Simpson's State Beauty Shop 110 E Kennedy CY 4-3127 -Acre Farm to be Sold at THURSDAY, SEPT. 19 WELL IMPROVED ISO ACHE FARM SELLS AT PUBLIC AUCTION—THUR. SEPT. 19 At 2:00 P.M. ON THE FARM. Sale on the farm known as the J. W. Cullen farm located on highway 18. Four miles east of Emmelsburg, la. in Palo Alto County. South '/a of Southwest '/4 of section 24 and North Vi of northwest >/4 of section 25. Township 96 Range 32 in Freedom township. Possession March 1. 1958. TERMS: 20% of the amount bid will be paid as a down payment and the purchaser will be required to enter into a written contract at the time of the sale. Balance of the price to be paid when the deed and abstract are furnished. BROKERS: A brokerage fee of $1.00 per acre will be paid to the broker who registers the buyers with Lloyd Berkland, Broker of Fenlon, Iowa prior to the sale. This sale is under the management of Lloyd Berkland, Broker arid Auctioneer, Phone 803'SfFenton,. Iowa. For more detailed information kindly contact me. h Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper SLIP Mrs Marvin Staehlberg of Monticello recently received serious arm Wounds when she slipped while adjusting a window- shade. Her right hand and arm plunged through the glass. COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in regular session July 31, 1957 with Mayor Siiicrk and the following Councilmen: Barnes, Laird, Elbert, Dreesman, Richardson. Absent: v. M Parsons. ... , - m Minutes of meeting held July 10, ^^ and 24, 1957 were read and approved. Resolution on approving transfer of assignment of Earl Whotstino contract to Commercial Trust &. SavirKjs Bank of Mitchell, South Dakota, was adopted. The Council then moved to the consideration of the East Side Storm Sewer Project objections to the schedule of Assessments. There wore 25 objections consM- ercij of which 24 were overruled and I, Dwight Frambach, beina approved. 19 building permits were granted. Resolution granting Class C beer permits to East End Grocery, Sjogren's Grocery, and Council Oak Stores was approv- Mayor reported that a now Health Officer for the City will be appointed. Audit report was submitted to the Council. The City Council met in special session August 7, 1957 pursuant to a special call bv fhe Mayqr. There were present Mayor Shierk and the 1 "- following Councilmen: by Robert C. Preble 4 President Encyclopaedia Britannica Unravel the jumbled clue and see if you can guess the answer, which has as many letters as there are dashes. The answer is printed upsi<je down. NAT BANGS - Algona (Watch This Paper Next Issue For Another WESTERN BUYERS NEIGHBOR Nat Bangs, pictured here, is one of the members of the Western Buyers organization at the company's head office in Algona, at the Milwaukee Road stockyards. He is a native of Minnesota, and was born and grew up in St Paul, graduated from high school there, and then attended and graduated from Yale University. During World Wcr II, Nat served in the army with the paratroops, making six jumps. He was wounded in Belgium. In 1949 Nat joined the Western Buyers organization in Algonct. He is connected with buying and selling of hogs for the firm, and his daily work may have him in touch with packers and processors from coast to coast. Nat was married in 1949 to the former Jean Gridley, a New Jersey girl. They live at 716 South Jones St. in Algona. Nat's father, Nat Bangs Sr., who passed away two years ago, was a longtime friend and business associate over the years of Virg Smith, and often visited in Algona. Nat's mother, and a sister, still live in St. Paul. This grass grows 16 inches a day . . . reaches a height of 120 feet ... is put to almost endless uses, from numan food to baskets, water pipes, floors, walls and even ship s masts. It has been called "Nature's most valuable gift to uncivilized man." i 1LLBEFEX LOPE ; KINQ FAMUY SIGN OF GOOD TASTE Bottled yndor authority of The Cow-Colo Company by MINfRAl SPRINGS COCfrCOlA BOTTMNG COMPANY, HUMBOIPT, IOWA ANSWER; -piuiq joj apijna aajno pjeu. gjsBiu puB sadid aoj suojisos ' aoj pasn sjB ' s}oou.s GSOU.AV pus 'ssea3 e si ';uoq Sujdsaao SB 9H; puB 3[od sj anp 3U.J, We Pay For Good Hogs! These "Friends & Neighbors" Represent Western Buyers In Your Community . . . RAY KRANTZ Titonka MURRAY ELEVATOR Bancroft J. B. MERTZ West Bend HERMAN NORLAND Cylinder E. K. JOHNSON Fenton WHITTEMORE CO-OP ELEV. Whitlemore DALE DUNDAS Burt GAYLE JOHNSON Swea City MURPHY LIVESTOCK Livermoxe - LuVeme - Corwith LOU NITZ Lakola-Ledyard 5UPPIYINQ OVIS PBPCf$$QRS

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