The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 29, 1957 · Page 30
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 30

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1957
Page 30
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j 2-Alflona (fa.) Upper DM Maine* Thursday, Avgutf 29, 1957 Pe$ utees FOREIGN AID RGHT Indications are that PretidenF Eisenhower Is deformincd to moke »he strongest fight of hi* prosent lorm in an effort lo gel every dollar ho has asked for the foreign aid program. He has threatened lo call a special session of Congress If his aid program does not receive the complete appropriation he has requested. Tho ultimatum might get fhe appropriation ho wants; on the other hand, it might solidify Congressional opposition against the request. At the present time, party line* seem to mean little, There are Republicans and Democrats alike against the appropriation requested, and members of both parties can be found in favor of the huge sum. Strangely enough, the White House pressure is being exerjed in behalf of the foreign aid program, but has been lacking in the civil rights and school aid bills, also before Congress. Supporters of the cut in federal spending for foreign aid have some pretty potent arguments on their side. An investigation has disclosed that tho foreign aid funds appropriated in Ihe past and STILL UNSPENT totals $3.7 billion, which would run ihe foreign aid program for two full years at the rate of the $3.3 billion Eisenhower has asked for this year, v/ithout an/ new appropriation whatsoever. In all, 56 notions are expected to get American aid of one kind or another, including Communist Yugoslavia and such countries as India and Burma, where It seems aid is also being extended from tha Soviet Union. In the years during and immediately after the ravages of World War II, a foreign aid program v/as understandable. But wo ourselves are in the process of runaway inflation and near-tyrannical taxation, with no relief in sight. We agree with a national policy of being a "good neighbor" toward others in tho v/orld v/ho (hoy/ any signs of friendliness, But with enough money already appropriated, and still unspent, to carry on thisjjro- gram for two more full years, it is a dubious point to ask for still more appropriation; far time eternal, « * * SUBSIDIZED JUNK MAIL Mason City Globe-CazoHe — It's hard l/j I'ompi'-hiTid tli« it-ruler Kolidlude of Corii!ie,-;« tur uninvited and unv/elci/inir /nail, variously referred lo at "nui;:.'ifK'<?" or "junk" wail, Th/-ie iis abundant, pioof that it doe-.-.ri't pay UK wuy, thul it'll a rontrihutiir to the rncurrlnit ili'ti'-il in Ihi; Jjnuliii K«:;-V)<:<'. Why th" relueliirn-i,' lo i-fjl.ab!i:-.b a rate ::t.nir- luiu U> aw/i/l Uijij i:unililinn •iinl, p'-/hap;:, to al- Ji-viate rnoil boxes 7 • • » COP TJIOUBLKB Lynn County H«port«r — The WV.hinnlon ad- /iiiliUUallon is havifi)/ a lot of tiuiibli- with i-'in- K/<•:::•; ,'illd 'Hi: ;-.l|;-.p<"-i-l that. Il Will ll.-i'/i- mill': tumble v/lth the people, The «'i,|| fin ninn- and moM' money for foi<-iKn aid i:-.n'l h'-mi; iireiyed with any Hi''lit, eiiUiils-.ia-im In i-onl'.i >•;.•: or out liinoii|{ thi- lax -payei!!, Mor i;. DM- evident luck of lav/ eiifiiiei-meiil. a:-, far a - i lacl-.i-ti-i-ri-. an- con- cein.d. Iki-'d pi-Kional |iopiilailly will nol In- uilli- nllii-i viilmy. To win ai;ain Ihi- <JOI' mir.l make Main- pinHMT.;-, luv/linl-i llekliiK Ihi- faun |H in- it • nation; mlinl tihuw moic re;.nil;: I'm tl|i- hillinii:; thai we have pnun-d into olln-i i-nnnli ii-. all over Hi'- win Id In help Hi.,,i Inwaid". il' -mnei.ii •/ and inn wuy nl llmil'.m/;, ,md it niii'.l develop a labm pulley V.lllili will iiilierl |ne:;enl enndll Inlei. ,"iii I.H We have nut :.ei-|l eniill);h pliil'.M-,.. In ll.lVe linpl-. Ihe-.e |il < i] ,\i -| I n; will be Mllvi'd bill Iliele I'. ;.l|)| linn- i! Dm ,. m i i .Ulm.illi I III lln- lepiiblleiiii j'larly walie up .-.null + * » Tlllli: TIIODlH.i: COMING t.Vdni- Iliipldu Ciix«llu • Tin- Dutch elm di :.c.i:.e b.e. miived Wr.-.,t ;i . tin a , ,md I. .1 Hi .11 lillil plei.enl line,it In Juw.l. * * * Sidll liviu iitnrrtiii|<> lieoiinn hmbiili in Cliicnijo; "Onl In lunch. Mil iliiwn mid Hunk il ovnr." l:.:.iii',l 'l'|uu»ila\i, 111 1 1)1)7 Ity VMI: uj'i'i:H in.u MOINI:S co. K It W.M.I.l'H, Maiiacmr Kdilnr I' S Via.AMlKU. Advi-ili.-.ii'u: MaiiaiU'i i n i IIHUH ciiisa r -7 I J VmOimillJlO J / N A 1 I O N A I I 0 I 1 O K I A I ^11 A S S O v.' Il A I I O N ' Mf.NBk'.K AUDIT HUHKAU Of CJKv.'UL.VnONS NATIONAL \\\\U\ New>e..j 4-.U fc-'UU- As. i.;.< N .M:.-i: KATt:S IS KO3SUTH CO. U: A.H A . V . . $,; vS ) -• - - '.•.'.' .,:,'•• vv,; -, ^ ., > ;v <V "T10N N.VVtS OUTS1PE KOSSUTH [STRICTLY .BUSINESS * - • *.- ...-. III K I'dll Street I'll. CY -I MM Ali'.nnn. Jnwn l-'lilrli-il na nniiliil il.e.-i III.ill,-I ul Illii piiBliilllMi at Alii'iii.!, liinu. uiiUi-i Ai'l of I mmiiw uf M.u.-h J. IIIVII HE JUST TOLD THE TRUTH Iowa's Governor Herschel Loveless has managed to get along pretty well in his job since taking office, with a minimum of adverse nev/s and publicity stories, which is scrying a lot with almost all Iowa newspapers inclined to be in the Republican column. As a result, even the little things concerning the Governor are now getting more than their normal share of attention, such as criticism from Republicans for remarks recently made on the west coast. Speaking at Los Angeles, where he had gone to attend an Iowa picnic, Governor Loveless discussed the loss of population and shift of population as it concerns the State of Iowa. He said there had been a loss of population from rural areas and that the result of this migration was hurting the leadership available in many sections of the state. He said that for the most part state legislators v/ere looking back on a way of life that has been made obsolete by the technological revolution in agriculture. He said there are abandoned schools and half-empty classrooms in depopulated rural areas, and that the cost of public schools is higher than it need be because of schools with enrollments so small they cannot be operated efficiently. He said that while population had dwindled in some parts of the state, the cost of county government had risen, and that because of population shifts, rural areas are now overrep- resented in the legislature. What the Governor said at Los Angeles is only the truth, and it is wholesome to find the state with a leader willing to face facts and discuss them in a mature^ manner. NEW GLAMOUR AT OKOBOJI Emmeliburg Democrat—All Ihis sudden urge of glamorizing veleran West Okoboji resorts leaves us rather unlhrilled. First, the New Inn and its million dollar setting made newH headlines. It now ranks with the swank Florida motcU and is a plush spot, with its striking wrought iron stairway and railing:;, il« heated pool and its veddy-veddy colorful landiieapirig and tiered approaches. But it doesn't have nearly the wide sweeping view of Okoboji's blue waters that the old frame Inn had, nor does it have the quaint New England-inn atmosphere that its pioneer predecessor had. » Hut the old had to give way to the new and no doubt about it, the new edifice boasts the ultra in comfortH while the old {structure, al- way:i a definite fire trap, had the "walk-down-the- hall tolbe-bath" facilities. Last week the lakes pape/H featured a pictorial story of tho history of the Inn, from its earliest days to its present rejuvenation. And, no hi-lp us, the lovely old photo- Cr.-iphs of the rarnblinn hotel, with its wooded :-.iiiroundinKK and its carriage trade, looked so nun ii more jeiilful and romantic than its uijccessor. Hut that';', progiews, so they tell MH. And now the popular Manhattan Heach cot- lai;e;, ;fn- lo i'.i-t the axe, in be replaced by a eo- opi'/alivf npaitmerit project. These jot-age apart- mi-ntii are to be uold In any one who has from 12 lo M Uinimand buck.'i and upward, plus an annual maintenance fee. The new buildings will lake over the famed Manhattan I'oint area, now dotted with tiny modern cottages, l''m year., Inwu families anil others have Viu'H- linned m them, comfortable little huts a stone's Ibiow from Manhattan's tsand beache.'i. Bui now I be ciiliani-:, an- lo vanish to make way for the en opeialive units, which the icaltnis hup< - to ;i|| In Okiiboji admirer:i. We have liilked In vai ions ManbaUaii .'iiiinfiU'r dent-, (who own their places there) and none i enthusiastic abiiul Ihe drailtic cliiill^lrH ;ide We who me lucky ennui'.b to IlllVf hllle plaee'i there won't be a/fecti-d, but • l,muhe:i wlm like tu Hpeiul u wcc'k Ql' in (be Miiall rental i-nltagi'S on the I'nilll, it them mil i;|' a choice vueatjoii urea on WuHt I il-.i,bn|i. A-. ive mulleieil befure, ('.iii-iis that's piourofis. Hut we'll l.ike the more i u:,tlc «tinii:iphere for iilll 1 Sli.iiu;11 1 ,a. HAVING Tlin HOII. Lynn County llopQrlor — Hcllllcd effort In mi: invide al Slniin I,nUc to ".siivi- Sliirm l.ulu-,' J'.iniil.ii miivcii air iili'li-r way n:i I i-f.iii il:i iillirr i> r.Uili- 1 :. iiuliual liil'.k'b wtlU'li have ijcli-l loiutci illv HI liven! yi-iir*. Wr rrjI.iinl.Y a/'.n-i' Hint Homi'thini; t.|ioiild bt c l,i .ivr llii-:.r lulu-:, and lll.ll We hud bcl li\ In ;,.ivc Ho- ijuivi We Unvc ial|n-r til. ill ti "If it was just myself I wouldn't care about a raise, but there'* the grocer, tailor, landlord . . . " ' £0 KOTERBA — A GOP SENATES? —Sen. Matt pedal anli-Soviet talk to help Neely, ailing Democrat of West bring on a closer understanding Virginia, is sinking rapidly at and a possible end to the cold Bethesda Naval Hospital.. .Should war between the U. S. and it be necessary to appoint a Russia, successor, the state's GOP governor would name a Republican. Then, if a Republican wins the meeting with Marshal Zhukov, vacated McCarthy scat in Wis- his wartime friend. consin, Republicans would con- : trol the Senate at the outset ol,. 1958... It would be 49 Repub-. licans to 47 Democrats. Note: Insiders say the President still would like to have a Fr ends of. Sen. Wimam Know- «;•-«>>-•-'«••»••" -«~> "•-•-—-y- band of Ca.ifornia are now saying• «; ^men for gc,od p= ure. We GALS CRITICIZE IKE — Washington newswomen express bitterness toward President Eisenhower for his apparent lack of concern for his, wife during her hospitalization ; . ..They point out that the President, for one thing, didn't bother to visit her. after her .operation — until he finished, an afternoon of golf. KNOWLAND TO BOW OUT? Friends o£ Sen. William Know Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON Hollywood, Calif.—"Ah! Those were the good old days!" Whenever old-timers reminisce, someone is certain to toss in the above he mav • forsako a ice ft?' •.'-always suppress ^ bedeviling urge " " , e mav • orsao a ice he Renubtican nomination and to add - " You wanna bet? " tk-k t h H home as gov- Most folks, in reliving the past, ernor should he win over Good- are inclined to focus sharply on win Knight outstanding moments oC pleasure, nn-icnn for t n i «4 temnercd Timu-has a' way of dimming our Ihnkin' is that nation™ pom mt ' nt " 1 P k ' tures of less pleasant .shot overwh±ing public favi!" """nents and minor tragedies. Vice President Nixon over Perhaps its just as well! If State.s. -o- Knowland u;; possible QOP candi- the reverse were true, what dates... Knowland may wait it would become of race tracks? out until 1 !)(I4 before trying to Slot machines would be relegated fulfill his lifelong ambition to be- to museums and widows and come President of the United widowers would circle the block .rather than walk past a marriage 'license bureau. • * * True, Iho early days of picture- milking offered more light- fun on the set. How- m''" you'"can place the credit on <-'ver, production costs were but me thing' u fraction of what they are today. Constituents are bitter that A" lll)U1 ' wasted on an involved irsl-cUss mail should be raised practical joke didn't nick a pic- ,.i it is this one classification lure's budget for the price of n well-built home on the right sicltj of M"' lrnck/i. And, unless memory falls us, our salaries did little to expand costs or threaten a studio with bankruptcy. — Even when we worked for a reliable company and actually was filming "Man Of A Thousand Faces," makeup man Jack Keyan unearthed an old Universal Studio payroll ledger. Neatly en. tered on its yellowing pages, was the weekly salary of the late Lon Chaney and other bright* stars in the Universal galaxy of that day. Kevan presented the ledger to James Cagney, who stars as Lon Chaney in the story. Cagney, aware of its historic value as a record of Hollywood's early days, will present it to tha Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences library. • • * Let's take a peek over Jimmy's shoulder as he turns the pages for the first time. Hmm! Seems that Mr Chaney was a busy man during 1914-15. He appeared in 52 pictures, starring in some, directed six three-reelers and wrote a number of scenarios. His top salary? FIFTY DOLLARS PER WEEK! Let's read on. Louise Fazenda, a top comedienne of her day — $30 per weekl Wallace Reid, later to become the silent screen's matinee idol, — $100 a week. Here's Louise Glaum, "vamping" like mad for $60 per. The late Herbert Rawlinson is down for $75 weekly in 1914, Box-office demand boosted this sum to a princely $125, a year later. * • t • About this time, Universal's dressing-room door with the largest seal bore the name: J. •Warren Kerrigan. Salary $300 in 1914, jumped to a "fabulous" $500 in 1915. T * * Robert Z. Leonard, (POP Leonard), the much beloved veteran director, was an actor then and, as always, a top bracket man 'in this line, too! His $200 per week placed him with the top-ranking names. We read on: Here's a "J. Holt @ $17.50." Not much, but it served as a springboard for Jack Holt's later career. • » » Not until 1919 could Lon Chaney get above a high of $75 per week. Then, his memorable fake cripple in "The Miracle Man" coaxed a tidal wave of coins into the nation's box-offices and Chaney's fortunes rode in'on the crest. In 1923, he appears again on the Universal paymaster's roster for "Hunchback of Notre Dame," at $1,500 per week! "Phantom of the: Opera" followed, "at a. salary increase," At his death, Lon Chaney -was. under exclusive contract. to MsG-M with salary, options calling for $12,000 per week. * * ' * ' There's no record of Lon looki ing back beyond 1919', with nostalgic thoughts of a $75 peak salary, and sighing for "the gbod old days!" Chaney's fake cripple in VThe Miracle Man" was good::to Lon. In fact, made'him a famous star. And, if Jimmy Cagney had not already reached stardom long before he recreated the role, as Lon Chaney playing the cripple, in "Man With A Thousand Faces," his performance in the "Miracle Mart" sequence would have elevated him to the status of a top ranking corn, bnlcd.hay and fflW silos. Piii'lntt 1937 he farmed 140 acres o"onti nnd djdn't lose a day's work during the entire season, m fnct, hnd never missed any time except several year Sj ago when h(> suffered a fractured foot whlie shredding corn. .Nobody knew how many threshers he had worn out during his 67 year* in the fields. * -» • A former Penton man* August SEPT. 2. Algona's much-dl»cus»ed and long-awaited post office began W do business Tuesday morning. Post office employees mnde n hurried overnight change of equipment Monday and Tuesday morning. The building, which cost in the neighborhood of $50,000, was completed after a couple of years wrangling over red tape and letting of contracts. * « * According to an announcement from Iowa State Fair officials, Ed Mawdslcy of Irvington won first in the best ten ears of yellow corn and A. B. Schenck of Union township won first in the best ten ears of white, corn nt the annual fair at DCS Moines. Both men had won corn honors prior to their latest entries. • * * A couple of the boys in the Fred Will family near Algona were in the mid'dle of a streak of bad luck. Ten year old Junior nay. a bolt of Minn. t ... Laubenihal of the West •ighborhood was .seriously Thursday while making nay The team of horses he was driving, which was hitched to a buck-rake, became frightened, tipped the rake over and tossed Mr Laubenthal on the ground. He injured his arm, fractured a bone in, his shoulder and was Everything was in readineis for the opening of the annual th County Fair. The big was set to begin Sep$. 6, *•-" round of auto races, presentations, thrill a large mid- livestock and 600 bushels of oats, rolled over near Irvington Tuesday night. The drive? Of the truck fo unknown 'reason took off He was name nis pony wneii u "•- "»~v»"o- -•• — •-— - . rode into a barbed wire fence and not been found since the crash. Junior received a gash in his right foot which required eight stitches to close. The same day, his older brother, Harley-Will, was helping cold pack some tomatoes when one of the jars exploded, scalding his right arm from the wrist to elbow. Mrs Roy Christensen and son, B,obbie of Graettinger were guests of Mr and Mrs Joel Herbst here Wednesday. The. Christen- sens don't have to drive so far to visit, as they have been Algona residents for many years,- Their son, "Bobbie" will become a graduate of medicine from the University of Iowa soon. • * * • .« ••'A Corwith man,-Jake Higgle, 82, recently completed his 57th year of threshing in that area. Mr Riggle, who .went into the freshing business-the year he arrived ^at' Corwith,', .also -shelled Algona Upper'Des Moines, Algona, Iowa ' ' Gentlemen: . ' • The other day Mr -Harold Nyquist of; Fai'rchild Co. called to see us and showed us' your very fine "Ridiculous' Daz'e" e'dition of July 11. ~ T,' : I. wish' to congratulate -you on this excellent,'job, .and would be very happy if you. would sefcd us several copies ,ofj this edition. We think'it',fyas outstanding! Andrew -M.. Bowe, Adv. >.M'gr.' • : Daily $e,pUljlican Eagl« " Wipg, : Min'n. ' omorrow-- ' •. t .'. This could be SUBSIDIZED, MAIL — Should the increase in first class m.'iil rates he blocked in Con^rcs;;, which seems likely at this writ- hearted b new ai lificnil Ulu- which will ncvoc in behin ihe vi in mi. i YftiTlSlNw RATES .' -. - -i • ,-- - . • W crvv ANP COUNTY NEWSPAPE Ii will iniibiiblv CKSI a Inl uf inniicy In riislorv .im L.iKr iiml nllii-i Mind' iSlu-;, which have r.l ii|i .mil di led up in Ihe hisl lew yuiirs l \\i- : .vi-,(ii'i-l (hut it wmilil In- worth thf 'cost. Wh\ h.ivc lhc;.c JUdMUll UlUi-:,, :.llled M|>V Tliat ,ni e.c.y ipier.lliin In iill;:wei We tlldll'l ttlkf u- i-f Ihe hiiul iirniinil them. KulKs timk awyy Ihe -K-. wlucli luieil the jihnivs ilredKed a lol of e line lu.ide the liiiluiid lienelu'S yiul iidjiiinini.: Kind Wii.'i nnl fjinni'il us cure- it .-.limiM li.ive been The culli- Mi.isr.hl n'Wi,, heavy i\uiu vv.^hcii llu- (In- :.|IIMIII» «iuul lliu lake !><>W il is i Ih.ll thl-IC IS I'lVC tVel of Mli-ll !-llt OH m ol SliMin 1,,'iUiv II I.-; ii trjf.eily luith to ,uul In thf laiul ..i\\ ex^iuipU'W- of this KIM- of M'tl U) the '.'.",:. ol ciil'u- led of ncii Uud tiom ripos i i;,.eK eoiiiilie.s hi-ie ,n..i \vc e million:, nune tei-l ol 1. von v-ovmty :il liowii the liver tv'vi Proper eulllv.iUv'll. .. \\.\ ,,iui oiher :-oil COIIMM \ .iliou nu'.» ..lj 1 1. „!><.• ^lyv'li icl.udw.4 the i un oil 04' >-•'... u.itei Tin' I'.vec, ol' t'utnle .;ene: ati ' -, ;•!-!'., I on h,-\\ \\vi' u,' ,io i!> iol< tiv.'. hat'ii ciirninn a profit ($511 mil- inn last year) . . . Meanwhile, Ih'J ;ovcnmH-nt siibsldi/es second- lass mail for bin businesi to Ihi} nni! of $^, r >« million a year. Jonslitucnts' complaints lo con-have bwii heavy, -u— t FEUD— 'er.'iolial alllrnnsily-is developing lelween Speaker Sam Haybnni uid Republican lluiii.e Leader Martin',' Until ''ivil Kii'.lilJ |.;nt hoi, Ihti two were the ut'st of personal friends. t An example of thb perMonal (llsJjki 1 : ftayburn?VMi'ted Klini)! bis iii;sl< lii.Jiis offjri 1 - ul u newpapor headline thu,t s.ucl Martin W,!^' (living (.'nn«i W* an "utlimatujii" in puas Civil 1 Hiijhis lurned tp this ix'porlor ami said bltlorlv: "He (Murlln) said imthini: like that lo me. U's abmit limn people stnp lalkini? behind yum 1 buck . . ." . LAWMAKERS' SKIDDOO ~ Almnst OlH-'-third of' cnni'.re::;i- meii lef'li \Vushmi;tniufiir Ihe weeks bi'li'i'' Ihi' i-fibK'led .id- jouniliicht . . . must tif tnem madu Ihuir departure i|melly sn ,i : ; nut In iii'DUsc critifiMii frmn iheir Th got our pay. While Universal; In ternaiionrf. Market Day At Ottosen, Sept. 3 Otlosen — Tuesday, Sept. 3, is the date set for the Fall Ottosen Market Day Sale. Because the annual spring Market Day sale is such a tremendous success Kennit Fowler, sale manager, has had requests for a fall market day sale at which time seasonal equipment s\ich as plow's, corn pickers etc would sell good. Some furniture and machinery •' has already been consigned and anyone having anything they would like to sell cat* consign their items by getting in touch with Kermit Fowler at Ottosen. Starting time for the sale and other infcrmation will be given 1 J. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AGAINST DISEASE Our 10 Most Dread Disease Policy pays up to $3000 for each person stricken with CANCER. Up fo 810,000 for POLIO, DIPTHERIA. LEUKEMIA, SPINAL MENINGITIS, SCARLET FEVER, ENCEPHI- UTIS and others. Will pay for doctor, hospital, drugs, nursing, transportation and iron lung or other mechanical apparatus. CALL US TODAY CY 4-3716 JIM KOLP, Manager ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY REPRESENTING EQUITABLE LIFE INSURANCE IT'S BETTER TO HAVE INSURANCE and NOT Need It Than To NEED INSURANCE and Not Have It STORES, "''".A' '' '\ SPORTS MODEL SAVE *15°° SPORTS AND TANK MODEL | THUNDER JET BICYCLES ** pf^i - 'MODEL/ * AMERICAN MADE THROUGHOUT ^ POPULAR MIDDLEWEIGHT BiC'uUF.S * U. S. CHAIN WHITEWALL TIRES ^SPARKLING CHROME "1Mb YOUR CHOICE I COMIORT. ABLE TOUKIST S«AT PHEDICTIONS in Nuvomber unless it's un t'liK-rgoiu-.v mailer mvulv- inu mitioiud security Tho Ihl'i'e hottest pnhliral it- jiiu's Jur CVinfivss in ly.)ii will bo labor I'iu'kct K'isijil.iMim. .1 new farm pulicy, and foreign .ml Luuk fur ii drive next year Dull would change IMIIKI e; si'SSiDiis brciiktiiK liuin up iiiLij l\vo periods, Jamuu\ in July ^nj Ucloucv t'» December VAiUF KID I'lesuU'll! ljiseiihov\ei \vitli nt 1!1 JUC^i eonlcrciu bl.tmed the Syriju v A vepoilci' L-\ U\ Ti-. .-..lid. e rvesuieilt i well. Ue ii^uu .uy k'iidei m.,y vc ti'.e eiu':ii> V V Thu«dtr|»» T)HMi4*r]*t mm MOW. TANK MODEL •Trlplf lir C9n^«\|«r from, *Ct«««rt«frJ« $ P ri ng • J9IIF l»t T)T|L« Haadltb«r» • F«w»rf«| H.adlight • Deluxe H«a4Hght I

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