Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 8, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1896
Page 8
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jjjjPllil^^ 3,000 Pairs of me Celebrated Foster, Paul & Co 's Kid Gloves. Bought at a sacrifice. Another big deal made by having the ready cash. Bead letter below. CARSON, PIEIE, SCOTT & CO., WHOLESALE DRY GOODS. CHICAGO, Sept. 20, 1S96. |: . MESSRS. SOHrMrTT & HEINLY, Log a.nspart, ind.: ;$••"'' dozen nli new goods, 0 took and new point and ^*™ __ cash for a quantity •- and will Sire you the first refusal of t*e goo d. ^ JJ^V^TooS^l ie town Ix^vtog 'by so del.. , not 10.8 than 250 dozen. Our Idea is only to^taco tie goods ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ that you can have the greatest glore sate » th at *«« cu» HcW ^ y £ M ^ ^ ^.^ ^^ te]egrnph ' will protect you, 'having every dozen of the glo>es in me unueu Respectfully, .me at once at my expense. -STEVE HiENNESY, General Salesman Carson, Rifle, Scott & Co. The gloves have arrived and we will place on sale all this week till every pair is sold, at the low price of 69 Cents. 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Value positively $G and ?7, we sell them at. ?3.50 , 100 men's extra 'fine full overcoats, Including twelve different linos of aU wool covert cloth tap coats lined with silk or flne Itallca cloth worth 414.00, $15.00 and ?10.00, go at. . . . ................. ..... ............ * ' "00 men's very finest suits, embracing flne laacy worsteds, neat plaids .lOid'ehecked cheviots; tailored with proper regard for perfect flt and satls: 'factory wear, unquestionably equal to the best 515-00 suit you see elsewheie. We seU them for .............................. •'•••' .................. Thto magnificent display of men's, boy's ^children's fall and winter tog, tats und furnishings surpasses anythW ever seen. The prices been made so -low that not the slightest stumble block remains to bar ^7 mm or boy from being comfortably ^d styttehly dressed. We invite you to call and itospect our line. THE GLOBE. < : CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., The well-Known Specialists of Nnw York Muve appomte D. A. HA.BK as ajjetic lor taolr celebrated Spectacles and Bye Glasses, every pair guaranteed. ». A. HACK has complete assortment and Invite!-all to satisfy fhemselviH <>t the (jrent superiority ol theso goodsover any' manufactured, nt the store ol D. A. HAtJK, Sole ae«nt for Logansport 1M1. ... ..- . .. ; V . No p«ddlers Supplied. ; ' . r *>«GtASStS** $2O.OO ; Will Buy a <k>od Winter Suit OF- W.D. CRAIG. ' 436 Broadway, Second Floor. m« ,,";; -i; Pay you* Natural gas bills before Oc- ;itQb«r 10th. Natural gaa 'bQto for the month of I October are now due. : • Positively th« best cup of coffee in • the dty at Dykemaj>'» cafe. -. The flneat range ever made. See it •at Flanefftn'a, new .rtove store, 810 v Market street , . . For information concerning annual CM rates, see card of .Logansport & ^Abash Valley Gas Co., on first page. ; A mmjfe you, want to BOB* one pwrc for winter and another toftaaaam at ,vteoeghV* new rtOTir'itore, 810 Market Subscribe for Tne Journal, 40 cents a month. . Tou need Hood's Sarsaparllla to enrich and purify your blood, create an appetite and give sweet, refreshing sleep. A. B. W-hite of Ft. Wayne was down to see the Bryan demonstration yesterday. He was the guest or Aaron G-reensfelder, the shoe man, while in the city. Mrs. Walter Sturgeon died yesterday at her late home in Shultztown, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, of lung trouble, aged twenty-nine years. Time of funeral will be announced later. Ttte -funeral of, P. L. Knight will occur Friday morning at 11 o'clock from the TJ. B. church, services by the Rev. Howe, Interment to toe in Bayner cemetery, Washington township. Tlie infant son of Mr. and Mrs;'Joseph Harrington, whose deatih. occurred alt Anderson Tuesday, will be Interred^ in Mt. St. ..Vincent cemetery. Funeral" service from the residence of the grand-parents,. Mr. and Mm: -M. Beem,. 821 Race street..this morning at 10 o'clock.. • . ' : . •••'•'" •Born, to Matt and Mrs. Obenehaln, Eighth and Spear streets, yesterday afternoon, a boy.' The lad' -opened his eyes,to the world and gave a lusty cry just at the' moment when Bryan was .beginning hla speech, nnd as Matt .is a Bryan follower, he may be depended on to train the boy that way. SOUND MONEY DEMOCRATS. Will Hear Hon. John R. Wilson at the Rink Friday Night. The National Democrats will be addressed by one of the ablest speakers in the State tomorrow night at the Broadway, rink. The Hon. John R. Wilson of Indianapolis, who is recognized as being one of the _foremost Sound Money Democrats in the West, w-ill speak in the evening in the interest of the NationnlrDemocratic ticket. OFFICERS ELECTED. Annual Meeting of Cass County B. and L. Association. At the .seventh annual meeting of the 'Cass County Building and Loan association -which was held Monday evening at the law office of Mngee <& Funk the officers were elected to serve during the ensuing year:. : "' ; ' Board 0C Directors^Tohii Gray, Stephen Boyer, John C. Devon ter,' J. 'O! Hadlcy, TohD Y, Wood, Rirfus Miigee; Dr. H. W. Bell, .T. C. EOgeworth, .ToH'ri H. Lux, Joseph Wller and WHl'TSlli'ott The Board of Directors then CUOSG 'the following officers-: ' : '•' Pres.^Tohn Gray. ' ' ' : ' Vice Pres.—,Tolin C. Dewenter. T.reas.-^C. 0. Hndley. :. Sec.—Edilih Matt. •' , • • ° Atty—George W. Funk. The association Is In a prosperous condition and for the last year the net earnings were 10% per cent. RHPUBLIOAN RAiUTJY—OLD. SOLDIERS-AND M'KINLEIT QDUBS PARuiDE. For above roeetinsr at Lafayette,.Ind., Oct. 13th, a- specinl train on tlie Wa- bftsh railroad will leave Logansport at S':4S a. in.', arriving at 'Lafayette at 10 o'clock a. in. Returning .trains will leave Lafayette at 11 o'clock p. m. Fo.re ?i:il for tlie round trip.' C. G-.. NEW'ELL, Agent. Dir.'.T. P: Hetli'Oi-Mgton is suffering froro a badly, .laruised'. he.-id. ..M.pnday night hio'.was driving In. from a'profes- sional call at Adamsboro. The night was very dark and Ms horse became frightened. He got out oC the buggy and started to take hold, of the bridle bits when the horse lunged and the shaft struck Dr. Hetherington'over the left eye, inflicting a.n ugly wound. Miller TIM 'has a just kick coming. It was reported that he was in the lead of the Bryan parade yesterday, when In reality it was John Fox, who resembles Mr. Uhl somewhat. Mr. Uhl wants it distinctly understood Idiot he did not participate in the parade In any way, and that he does not belong to the party of Popocracy. The wedding of Harry Cowan, the popular drug clerk at B'. F. Keesling-'s store, and Miss Ada Hill of Danville, 111.,-is announced to occur Wednesday, October: 14, at 8 o'clock, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Frank HHl.'oi Danivlile, 111. After the marriage Mr. and Mrs..Cowan wlllitake up their residence in .this city. , • ,••' THEIR BIGDAY Popocracy's Two Parades and What They Looked Like. VERY TAME SHOWING For so Distinguished a Guest as a President—Nit. <Jus Freeman, the Kokomo. tough who was shot-by, a special officer at the Flora.falr, Is reported la a serious con- dWonrat the Kokomo:Jall hospital, and may die,as a result of "fats wound. His attending physician thinks that It: will 'be necessary to amputate his leg. wanted—Lady pher ithree years experience. Address, Peart Lauptoaar; Pipe Creefc; Imd, Popocra.cy's grand parade of voters, as a, prelude to the coming of William ,T. Bryan yesterday morning, was a sorry spectacle indeed, if it is viewed from the standpoint of numbers. From the thorough advertising that had been fiiiven. the great event, the people had been led to -boll-eve that: there would be no less than lia.il! a. million voters marching for free silver. The truth, as gained from a count of every man. woman and child in the procession, makes the totaJ number of six hundred and forty-eight. Some haul it as high nine hundred and thirty-six. This count is verified by throe who kept tab. The evening' torch light procession had probably two hundred more, the Peru delegation swelling the number that much. The Peruvians arrived too late to enter the morning parn.de-. The morning parade formed on Market street, with the right resting on Third. It followed the line of march heretofore published, shirting an hour late, until the head of tlie column reached the Market street bridge, en route to the West Side. when, the line was turned and inarched back up Market street to Fourth and up Fourth to Broadway, where the leaders fell In with, the rear guard and the whole procession passed in- review down Broadway again. M was an endless chain, with the line of march along Broadway, Eel.River avenue. Market and Fourth streets, and there Is no telling when it would 'have stopped', if Chief Marshal ; Woll had not returned from the West Side, where he and his staff had followed the line of march with Hie Military band,' while the balance of -the procession.: broke away at the Market street badge to watch the excnrslon'on the State Line branch unload its passeuegrs. Following is a, complete count of the delegations: Col. Woll and staff, Military band, big wagon'drawn ny four black horses and filled with boys, one meant-to-be gold colored' norse with sixteen white ones following, the yellow horse was the only sound one In the lot, seventy horsemen from Adams townsMp, Adams township glee club, another yellow mare wltfi sixteen white ones following, thirty-eight men and .boys on foot, First ward Bryan club, 'thirty-six strong, Union cornet band, another "sixteen to one horse," delegation, with the yellow horse in the lead; two bay horses -and sixteen of every other line, South Side band, Geo. Layne and forty-four -horsemen, from the vicinity of Royal Center, three carriages, Jefferson township Bryan club in a wagon, "drawn by sixteen white horses, with the dun in the lead, in. •the wagon- sixteen, boys and one man, who leaned against a cross painted yellow ami wove a crown of thorns, a suggestive emblem-truly,' thirty horsemen from anywhere, fifty-two men carrying stalks of corn, big . wagon drawn by sixteen white horses, and one gold in the lend,-thirty'boys and two men in the wagon, another big wagon filled with--ladies, two "sixteen to one horse 1 " delegations, big wagon filled with boys and men, a martial band, bis wagon filled with ladies, delegation of thirteen men from Montlcello. representing the White county Bryan clubr'Monticollo band, fifty men and 'boys, Monticello drum corps, sixty men a.nd boys, Twelve Mile band and a dozen stragglers, alien the parade began all over again, the'leaders trying to fool the people into believing that It was "some more just got in," After the parade, the marchers were massed on Market street and on Fourth, to await the coming of Mr.Bry- nn and party. The train was late and when it finally pulled in, there was a rush toward it that threatened to upset the two cars. .Fourth street was a sea of faces, with bare patches of brick pavement- plentifully, sprinkled In for seasoning, from' the court house to the Panhandle station. The crowd was greatest at and about the station of course, and when the candidate and •his party alighted, It looked as though It would be Impossible for them to get'through, 'A cordon of police surrounded Mr. Bryan and party as they alighted from the train, and pushing and .lammingthe crowd 'back, cleared the way to the carriages In waiting, at'the North side of the station. Men rushed at the candidate as If they would tear him in pieces and fell back from" the -banked up police like waves buffeting against, a, rock. Hands were outstretched to' grasp the hand • of the mighty ' Bryan, and in spite of his continued .refusals to "shake" they fairly tore their clothes trying to get to him As he stepped into the carriage and glanced up Fourth street at the mass f c ,,. r At Last A Long Felt Want Supplied Not everybody wants to pay $5'.00 for a Hat. We can supply yon with one for = $3.00 = the celebrated Howard inDerbys and Fedoras Every hat is warranted to wear as well as any $5.00 bat you can buy, for sale only at THE HUB Clothiers Hatters and Furnishers, o Successors to ||f HARRY PRANK To Be Sure < of people, .1 pleased smile broke over his face, the while he was warding off the persistent attacks of Ms admirers. These lafiter climbed up on the carriage, 1 they fairly threw, themselves under Its wheels as the horses slowly moved out into the jam. One man caught hold of the top* of the barouche, which was laid flat, and leaped onto tire shoulders of Mr. Bryan.- He grasped the candidate by the shoulders with both hands and. gave him a hearty shake. The next instant he was hurled back into the bank, of people who followed m.idly. after the carriage. As rapidly as possible the party were driven to the residence of Judge Dykeman where they were to dine. They followed the streets instead of going through tire block, as the Pharos said they would'do, and arrived without accident, .fudge and Mrs. Dykeman entertained the. pasty in royal,'style, as the following menu will show: Oysters on Half Shell. . Crackers. Brown-Bread Celery. Bouillon Bouillon Wafers. Fillet of Beef with Mushroom Sauce. French Fried Potatoes. Olives. Pickles. Salted Almonds. '-Ice Cream, Gaffe Noir. Fruit Champagne. ' The guests .were William .T. Bryan, Mr! Davis, his private secretary, Chairman Martin o_f the Democratic State committee, .T.'G.,Shauklin, Gov. Matthews. Judge McCa.be,! John E. Lamb. Dr. ,T. G. Rogers, Congressman Toialinson, of Alabama, ex-Congressman Brookshire, Judge McX-utt, and the following .-newspaper correspondents: C. M. Pepper-, of the New York Herald; M. J. Hntchius, of the New York World; H. S Brown, of the New York Journal; ,T. W, Faulkner, of the Cincinnati En-, quirer;' Robert F. Rose and A. E. Hunt, of the Associated Press, and R. V. Oulahan, of the United Press, A plentiful supply of "Mumms Extra Dry" and cigars finished the dinner, and tlie party was then driven to the speaking points. . BY TORCHLIGHT. A Howllng,DIsorganized. Band of Patriots Wandered About With Torches. The night parade was a corker. If there had been any intention of having a systematic column, of marchers, It- was frustrated by the small boys who ran from one end of the procession to the other,.blow!ng tin horns and shoot- Ing roman candles. There was but one organized.body of men in' the eight hundred that carried* the.. flambeaux, and that was .the Hendrlcks Club of Peru, one 'hundred strong. They wore silk hats and a mackintosh; and kept step and alignment Tor the rest, tney wandered along In droves The night THIS IS YOURS. We wamt you to understand that we are running this laundry for you and thait your wishes are to be regarded In every particular. We will give you just exactly whait you want If we can fi-ad out what that is. Perhaps you believe «hfl* It is impossible to have your laundry work handled without irritation and annoyance. We are sure that you are mistaken. May we have an opportunity of demonstrating It? HADLEY BROS., Successors to Campbell Bros. parade was even worse than the day exhibition, and that is saying much. Redtire Hanawalt met with misfortune. He had a. wagon loaded down with -boxes of redfire, and a lighted taper was dropped into 1 the bunch and the whole of the display started skyward in an instant. Rcdflre deserted the wagon until the smoke cleared away and then quit the proces- THAT JOYFUL -FEELING. • Wi* the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and internal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of Figs, Is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old- time medicines and the cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the well-informed. Charles Stevenson was appointed secretary pro tern for the Pottawatomie club at a meeting wh;ca was held Monday night The vacancy was caused by the departure of the Hon. W. D. Pratt from The city. The regular election of officers will not occur until next November. ! Mrs; Stella Sebastian; McClure will give a concert at the G. A/R. hall, Friday evening, Oct. Oth. TALKINGJRICES THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. « • • Women's nice seamless rubbers, new and pointed toes, new .'90 goods. Price..... ••• .....•»<.• • * * .Women's storm seamless rubbers, as good as some ask 50c for. Price... .28c • • • Women's Aretics, alee new goods, good value at $1. Our price 59<: • •* • . • • Women's kid button shoes, patent tip, nice pointed toes, medium heels. Price 65i * • * Women's satin calf button shoes; it good serviceable winter shoe. Price 98: * * * Women's VdcJ kid button shoes, patent leather tips, nice dress shot!. Price : ••••• 98c '"•'••. Infant's embroidered leather mocco- slns, Just the thing for the little ones. Price ...; • 19c Men's robber overshoes, nice new goods; a bargain. Price.. v - -3<Sc Also please see our line of flne drew Hhoes; The most stylish and bert fitting goods ever brought to Loganspott Lime W PIIHn*, 412 Broadway n J- <

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