The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 29, 1957 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1957
Page 17
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Most of us would cut down considerably on our talking if we had to eliminate our favorite, tired-out cliches. I am certainly no exception and if 1 had to leave out from my conversation such expressions as, "Well, that's the way it goes", "Your never know" or 'Nice day, isn't it?", my i°" si ls would get a good rest. But then thete'd be all those gaps in the small talk and other people would be sure to fill them in with their own favorite, tired-out cliches. * * * Perhaps a good solution would be to do as one local man threatens to sometime when he is greeted with, "How are you?" This guy says he's going to take the question quite literally and instead of saying, "Fine", • he's going to answer, "Well, not so good. You see I've got this 'ache in the back' 'of my neck, that twitch in my eyebrow, my feet are tired and I must have eaten something that disagrees with me." That .should put a new twist on an 'bid cliche, but I doubt if ariyone will dtick around long 'enough to hear 'all the answers. ' • * • Personally,* >'$ould like -ainftlss conversation la. Jot better, if once in a while pio&le wduTd reverse some of the\>ld cliches and 'try saying some of the following: "Things are built so much better these days than they used to be." "Money sure goes a long way these days." ' "I simply love gossip, and I like to have it known around that I start things but I can't tell you the latest one about so-and-so." "Oh, those men drivers!" "I just hate to cook but I simply love doing the dirty dishes." "It's not the thought behind the gift that counts; it's what it costs." "She's got a lot of virtues but at least her intentions are bad." • • * "I read the book but I didn't see the movie." "We didn't have much jnoney in those days, but boy, were we miserable." "Come on in. The house is all slicked up and I'm ready for unexpected company." "Funny thing about men; you can live wjth them or you can live without them." : "A penny saved is a penny wasted." "You don't hear much in a small town but what goes on makes up for it." "Ah, the sad, worried days of our youth!" "I know all there is to know about Modern Art; I just don't know what I like." * * * "It's a man's 'privilege j o change his mind." "We wouldn't take a nickel foe any one of our kids and we'd give a million dollars for another one." "I don't care if a joke is funny as long as it's dirty." "If I had known then what 1 know now I would have ended up in the poor house." "The trouble with me is I have no sense of humor." "Kids today don't get by with near as much as we did when we were young." "Twenty dollars down and twenty back breaking payments." "He doesn't look like much but after you get to know him he's one of the dumbest clucks alive." "She's not good looking but she sure is a '-poor sport." , "We'll never have much money, and we'll never have many friends,,,£jther." ^ ' "He's pracflcajly a genius and he's so depenjjyble, too." , "I hate kitfc© but I just' Ibve them when tih'tey grow up to&be cats " • " < M' ' •' ? t'p "I'm from Missouri. You |?pn't have to shov^j|j£." . £.' "I may get ^little carele$$> how and then, bul^wien the chf]js are down I really JSow up." \ "If you want a thing done right, ask someone else to do it." "She has a peaches-and-cream complexion — yellow and fuzzy." "You can tell he's dishonest because he looks you right in the eye." ;. "I'm married and my wife is, too." "We are repeating this offer, because so few of our customers asked for it, .We had plenty on hand so we didn't have to make an extra purchase." "You see, my wife xinderstands me completely." * « • And if somebody will Just tell me who it is that is doing the talking when, "they say", or who it is that is wearing red because, "they aren't wearing blue this year", and who is doing the brain-work when "they'll think of next", we'll have this cliche business pretty well whipped. Well, that's the way it goes; you never f know. By the way, incidentally, I'll see you later. So don't take any wooden nickles. • » • One lady of my acquaintance has had to change her wardrobe around lately because of an expected visit from the stork. She went to the store, chose some material with a nice colored design* on it and proceeded to sew a maternity dress. About half -way along In the project she discovered that the design on the material was not mere abstract figures but realistic pictures. And they were most appropriate for a maternity gar- m ?, nt for tntv Portrayed little setting hens on nests! * * * Who is Olive fteid? Margaret Durartt and 1 were wondering about, this recently. Several times;in Harlan Miller's column ]« Me Des Moines Register there s been some verse signed by Olive Reid of Algona. All the Mrs Reids we know have first names otter than Olive so it must be a pen name. Come on Olive, 'fess up!' Or if anybody else knows her identity, please squeal on her. * • * Father and I had a g-ay. mad evening Ijfst night and today we are feeling a little the worse for wear. We didn't go out on the town, we stayed home and canned tomato juice. Fath'dr likes home canned tomato juice Setter than any other kind and this being true, I hold some sort of leverage bh him. If he likes the stuff so Well, he can help me can it. So Stu McFadden fixed him Up with a bushel basketful. It is surprising 'how much faster the process goes when there are four hands working and if you don't have to stop half way through and prepare a meal. Besides, I always ( show off a little, when somebody is watching me and I work twice as hard to prove what a powerhouse I can be. * * * Our own garden has produced ample tomatoes for the table and enough cucumbers for several quarts of dill pickles. It's an amazing thing about cucumbers; you can go over the same territory six times and there will still be several that hide long enough to grow too big • for pickles. I know what to do with them, though, which brings us to this week's recipe. It's for Cucumber Relish and it came to me from Mrs Margaret Fraser of Cylinder: 4 quarts cucumbers (grind and measure after they have been put through chopper) 2 large onions 1 tablsp mustard seed 1 cup sugar 2 cups vinegar % cup salt 1 tablsp celery seed 1 teasp. ground mustard Put onions and unpeeled cucumbers through food chopper. Add salt and let stand overnight. Drain. Add vinegar, sugar and spices. Boil ten minutes. Seal in sterilized jars. This is good used in sandwich filling, on hot dogs and as a spread on meat loaf. —GRACE. TREE An apple tree that was blown over and presumed dead, recent- Jy was producing apple blossoms on Frank Strover's property in Grinnell. LONE ROCK By Mrs Clarence Kraft ..It and Mrs Donald Blancnard and family, Mr and Mrs Elmer Frank and family of Swea City returned home Sunday evening after a two week vacation out west. They went as far as Salt Lake City, Utah. Mr and Mrs Frederick Schultz and Dawn visited over the weekend at Marshall, Minn, with Mrs Dora Schultz. Mrs Kenneth Kackson entertained Friday evening in honor of the birthday of Mrs Jesse Blanchard Jr. Guests were Mrs A. A, Krueger, Mrs E. A. Le«, Mfs Merton Larson. Mrs Harlan Blanchard, Mrs Milton Madison, Mrs W. G. Flaig, Mrs Clarance Kraft. Mr and Mrs Claude Whitehall of Algona and their daughter Sally of California called Monday evening on Mrs Maude Blanchard. Mrs Clarence Kraft entertained the following ladies for coffee Wednesday morning: Mesdames W. G. Flaig, Merton Larson, Jesse Blanchard, Milton Madison, E. A. Lee, Harlan Blanchard, A. A. Krueger. Mr and Mrs Gerald Angus were hosts to the Ricker-Angus reunion Sunday at their home. Guests included Mr and Mrs Art Cruikshank, Mr and Mrs John McNeil and sons, Roger Grefe, Joe and Will Ricker all of Algona, Mr and Mrs Harold Angus and family, Mr and Mrs Delmar Angus and family of Burt, Mr and Mrs Lawrence Dittmer and girls, Lone Rock, Mr and Mrs Duane Christenson and daughter Shirley of Cedar Rapids and Bob Angus. Mrs Letha Webb and sons. Mrs Maude Bilsborough and Ilia of Algona, Mr and Mrs Frank Richards and girls were Sunday guests at the M. O. Richards home. In the evening Mr and Mrs M. O. Richards called in Titonka at the Maurice Bilsborough home. Mr and Mrs Ronald Christenson and family, Belgrade, Minn., spent Sunday and Monday at the E. A. Lee home and visiting other friends. Will Christenson was also a dinner guest there. Mr and Mrs Claude Berray of Waterloo called Saturday afternoon on Mrs Maude Blanchard. Mr and Mrs Harold Angus and Grace and her husband visited there Friday evening. Mr and Mrs Gordon Blanchard and family spent Friday afternoon there. Sandra Rich of Algona was honored at a miscellaneous shower Monday evening at the Lone Rock Presbyterian church. Hostesses were Mesdames George B. Long, E. A. Lee, James Long, Lawrence Dittmer, Harlan Blanchard, A. A. Krueger, Maude Blanchard, Jesse Blanchard, Don Houck, Lyle Marlow, Joe Cul- bretson, Glenn Householder, W. J. Cotton, Leo Ramus, Edw. Blanchard, Merton Larson, Fred Dransfeldt, Ed Ohm, Louie Bern- inghouse, Woodrow Pettit, Mary Flaig,. Ruth Krueger, Lawrence Newbrough, Jack Quinn, Eldon Marlow, Dennis Priebe, Mrs Alfred Schadendorf and Mrs Leon Marlow. Mr and Mrs A. D. Newbrough, Mr and Mrs Edw. Blanchard, Kim and Pat met the Delbert Blanchard family at Ledger State Park in Boone Sunday for a picnic. Mr and Mrs Clinton Rath and family called Tuesday evening at the Junior Hurlburt home. Wednesday afternoon Mrs Victor Dreyer and Vickie and Mrs How- THESE WOMEN 1 By d*Ale99lo "She just $aid her first word — 'gimmieT* ard Krause visited there. Sunday afternoon Mrs Alfred Kramers- meier and sons of Ledyard visited. Mr and Mrs D. J. Ryan and family of Orange, Texas, are visiting this week in Algona al the A. L. Jackman residence. Sunday a dinner was held in their honor at the Jackman home. Patty Person and Phyllis O Donnell are home on a two week vacation from school at Mankato. They will return Sept. Mr and Mrs Emil Person visited Sunday afternoon in Fenton at the Floyd Duncan home. Mr and Mrs W. M. Rotterman of Elmore, Minn, called Sunday afternoon at the Owen Berhow residence. Mr and Mrs A. F. Krueger, Mr and Mrs T. Welch, Fairmont, Minn., Mr and Mrs Chas. Morris were Sunday afternoon visitors at the P. M. Christenson home. Mr and Mrs Louie Berninghaus and family were Sunday evening guests in Fenton at the Arch Mather home. Cynthia Kueck. daughter of Mr and Mrs Melvin Kueck of Des Moines, spent the week here at the home of her grandparents, Henry Kuecks. Mr and Mrs Art Person and family attended the funeral of her grandmother, Mrs R. H.s Davis at Buffalo Center last Tuesday. Mr and Mrs Erich Seegebarth entertained the following at a pot luck supper Sunday evening at their home: Mr and Mrs Lawrence Zwiefel, Swea City, Mr and Mrs Glenn Sabin, Judy and Jam> of Algona and Gail Rich, Mrs Clara Marlow, Hurt, Mr and Mrs Robert Harma and family, Mr and Mrs W. O. Dreyor, Mr and Mrs Victor Dreyer and Vickie. Mr and Mrs Frank Flaig and Mrs Rose Kraft called Sunday afternoon in Fairmont, Minn, a't the Ted Krueger residence. Mr and Mrs Delmar Fischer visited Sunday evening at the Roger Jensen home. Mr and Mrs Roger Jensen and family returned home last Tuesday after a vocation in Minn, and' Wisconsin. Mr and Mrs Clarence Kraft and family called Sunday evening at the Agnes Goetsch home in Fenton. Mrs Frank Flaig, Mrs Ruth Krueger and Mrs Roger Jensen entertained a week ago last Tuesday afternoon at the Jensen home in honor of Mrs Art Sprank from Wentzville, Mo. 5 New Faculty Members, Tyke Titonka — The Titonka Consolidated school opened on Wednesday, Aug. 28, with five new teachers assigned. They are Verla Toppin, Betty Schwartz, Arlene Jansen, Janice Hobbs and Donald Kerker. Other teachers who have returned are Yvonne Olson, Mr? Cleo Nelson, Deloris Stroebel. Mrs Betty Gartner, Betty Taylor. Gladys Helland, Mrs Novella Budlong. Mrs Doris Sathoff. Russell Schaub, Gladys Sleichter. Jack Easton, Harold Rood. Sylvan Tniessc, principal, Mrs Margaret Govern, Mrs Betty Brandt, Lyle Opheim, Harley Lehman and Phillip Faaborg. Superintendent is W. P. Truesdcll, and school Thursday, August 29. T957 Atgona (ta.) Upper Out secretary is Elaine Sonnenberg Ricks. Custodians are Edward Harms and Donald Dallmann. Cooks are Mis Lem Stockwell, Mrs Eilert Boyken, Mrs Helen Krominga and Mrs Alfred Boelkes, the same as last: year. Bus Drivers are Wilbur Sexton, foreman. Robert Lang, Richard I.sebrand, Ted Dunmire. Will Gerard, Earl Stott, Tom Loats and Miss Greta Smidt. MlLfe A milk truck driven by William Halstcad of Coggon smashed through a hay wagon and rolled over recently when the driver swerved his vehicle to avoid striking a farm tractor. 85 milk cans were destroyed or damaged in addition to the loss of 10,000 gallons of milk. It is more important to love than to be loved. Open a Savings Account With Any Amount Start the entire family off to a happy future by saving here. We have special accounts for children. All savings are protected up td $10,000, and earn interest I Home Federal Savings & Loan Association Originally Organized 1917 All Deposits Insured To $10,000 ALGONA, IOWA SPEAKING: Need A Miracle To Do All Your Housework? When ypu caVf afford a staff of five servants and it takes a fairy godmother to finish your housework, forget magic wands and turn to the modern miracle electricity. It does the work of a whole staff of servants for only a few pennies a day — a loww cost today than ever before. Algona Municipal Utilities Phone CY 4-2333 switch to Ifstoeetsoftdr&t&s faa»eyiw Msfy... never an after-thirst » What a difference! Unlike syrupy soft drinks, Squirt really quenches your thirst. Squirt is refreshing, not filling. You'll like its clean, fresh flavor of pure fruit and the tangy sparkle that makes Squirt the perfect mixer. Buy Squirt in the thrifty 6-pack Tartan Carton. CRYSTAL SPRINGS BOTTLING WORKS, ESTHERYIUE, IOWA

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