The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 29, 1957 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1957
Page 15
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MHTIM and by CLEM EHLAMOfift TIP.OP.tME.WEEK! Pa* • eft* <jf the " deadliest fishing lutes of all iim*" you might iftquire of a pwnttinant local fisherman who has been known io frequent Drybetry Lake up in Onlafio. Canada. f.™* h ? might know about it. This lute is & silver spoon hammered paper-thin, and has a fluttering action at •lewesi trolling pace. In fact, It's to "hoi" the Canadian camp owner won'i lei any out of his camp. • • • Well, July 29th was the closing date of our 1957 Big Fish Contest, and as sort of major domo for the event I realize we are a bit tardy in announcing the results — and the winners. I hope you will bear with me, however—for I had to take time off while a member of my family got "filleted" at Rochester, Minn. I am pleased to say that the job was done neatly and I don't think Junior Robinson, my favorite guide 1 on Lake-Of-The- Woods ever did a -neater bit of work withj Jthat 'special sharp knife of his; on a fresh-caught walleye. * * * The contest results, as announced on this page, will certainly show-that our area fisher^men (and fisherwomen) are no slouches when it comes to boating handsome specimens. At the start of -the contest, we asked a pretty fair local fisherman, Ray Irons, to whip us up a metal box in which to ice the entries for , display in the window at Larry's Recreation. Of course, we weren't expecting .many fish of the caliber of the Les Kenyon-Rex Taylor-Harry Goldberg-Ted Chris- chilles type of giant Florida Sailfish (the fish on which I gave a blow-by-blow account early in the summer, and which I am now pretty much convinced Kenyon DID catch!) nor were we anticipating anything like.the alligator gar caught in a Florida river by Gail Towne along about June 1. THOSE two fish were never displayed in our contest—and all we have for proof that they WERE CAUGHT is a bunch of photographs and affidavits that the boys in each of those fishing parties brought back with them. Nothing else. No actual fish. * * * Now back to Irons and his galvanized metal window display box. Ray said: ;'Well, I get fish about as big as anybody around here from places like Fox Lake, and I'd say if we made that box 5 feet long by 2& feet wide it would accomodate just about any fish the folks would bring in." I talked to Larry-, about it, and he said: "I absolutely refuse to lay out four or five hundred dollars to enlarge my display window just because YOU say there are going to be some big fish coming in on this contest." Also, of course, Larry had agreed to pop forthe ice, and as he said: "My gosh, a tank that big will require a 200-lb. block of ice!" Besides that, he said, I'm' something of a fisherman myself, I KNOW we won't have to handle any 5-ft. fish. Just to be on the safe side, I went up the street to the Smoke Shop and had a word with John Beiser, who although he hasn't been in a boat much this summer, is about as well-informed as anyone in these parts on what our piscatorial finny friends are thinking about. After hearing my story, John replied: "Well, I think I'd keep that box down/to about 4 feet long, and unless you get a terrific wide catfish in the contest you probably won't need it more than a foot wide." So Irons knocked out a fish box about 44 inches long and a, fpot wide, which nicely displayed all the fish entered with the exception of Don Frideres' 19-lb. northern caught in the river near St Joe. THAT ONE hung out over the tank at Carry's on both ends! ', . • » * It's been a IP* of fun working on this year's Big Fish Contest, and I've found that, for some reason, fishing pretty much takes in about everybody, men, women and kids alike... rich man, poor man, butcher, baker and candlestick maker. Along the way I've acquired some splendid personal friendships, and I believe that as long as fish swim in the lakes, rivers and ocean, these friendships will be cherished ones. * • * Quite naturally, since the Stor* Brewing 'Company people (so ably represented here by good fisherman Bud Morck) were so enthusiastic about our little old Algona fishing contest, to the point where they eyen sent a man from Omaha in a station wagon to trim Larry's Recreation window, it is hoped you may find occasion to request their product. Also, I am happy to say that Robert Hart Storz (who bought that 4-H Beef here at a premium price) has favored us by subscribing to The Algona Upper Des Moines, mainly, I guess, to read the poop about fishing in this area. Incidentally, and in addition to his fostering of youthful farm activities, Mr Storz is notably active in the field of wildlife conservation. The Storz (Continued on page 4) . 1 m ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, AUGUST », 193? • HERE COMES THAT BIG NEWS I I I I BIG FISH CONTEST Announcement Of The W "" ~ ' —•~~ ^^ -^^^f^ MHl ^^^IH^ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, , , „»,„, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IN THE 1957 CONTEST SPONSORED BY n,;u;: ILII1 ,,, ,„, ,„ ,„„„ „««,„»,„ „„„ „.,,,.,,,,,... • STORZ BREWING CO. • JAS. HEDDONS SONS • WHITE PINE LODGE • LARRY'S RECREATION THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES WALLEYES CATFISH CRAPPIES * * * FIRST PRIZE 1-Lb. % Oz. Crappie Caught By RUSS RENTZ ALGONA, IOWA Winner of HEDDON "Tiny Crazy Crawler" FIRST PRIZE 14-Lb. Catfish Caught By CHAS. SCOTT BURT, IOWA * * * Winner of HEDDON "Super Sonic" Bait Kit FIRST PRIZE 2-lb. 10-Oz. Bass * Caught By ALEX CARLSON BURT, IOWA Winner of HEDDON "Gamby Four" Kit of Spinners BLUEGILLS * * * FIRST PRIZE 14-Oz. Bluegill Caught By BOB MITTAG LONE ROCK, IOWA Winner of HEDDON Famous "Punkinseed" FIRST PRIZE 10-Lb. Walleye Caught By MRS GLORIA BORG WEST BEND, IOWA » * * Winner of HEDDON "Tiny Trio" Spinning Lures PERCH * * * FIRST PRIZE SVz-Oz. Perch Caught By JOHN SPENCER, JR. ALGONA, IOWA Winner of HEDDON Spinfin "Silver Filter" FIRST PRIZE 19-Lb. Northern Caught By DON FRIDERES ALGONA, IOWA ' * * » Winner of HEDDON Automatic Fly Reel Free STORZ Minnow Bucket to the Following: (SPECIAL COVPPCr* Rllfl/CT llflTLJ o vn **>•.» ..».._._ .,.___ ......._..._ - __ _ _ ^HlW (SPECIAL COVERED BUCKET WITH STRONG HANDLE - KEEPS MINNOWS BETTER LONGER - ALSO SERVES AS PICNIC COOLER) HARVEY GRAHAM, Algona, Iowa 6 Lb. Channel Catfish DICK CRAIL, Algona, Iowa IVi-Lb. Bass FISH CONTEST HEADQUARTERS And Headquarters For ED WOLF, Algona, Iowa 8-Lb. 9-Oz. Walleye TOMMY ANDERSON, Algona, Iowa 5'/2-Lb. Walleye MRS. FRED GEBKEN, Burt, Iowa 2-Lb. 12-Oz. Walleye PHILLIP EOEL, Algona, Iowa 4-lb. 16-Oz. and 2-Lb. 12-Oz. Walleyes NOTICE TO ALL PRIZE-WINNERS: You May Receive Your Prizes By Calling At Larry's Recreation, Algona, Iowa on SATURDAY AUGUST 31 Prizes on Display Up To That Time in Larry's Display Window ' f ~~ CRAIG LORENSON, Burt, Iowa 3 /4-Lb. Crappie LARRY BONNETTE, Algona, Iowa 12.02-Oz. Bluegill ART HEIDENWITH, Whittemore, Iowa 10Vi-Lb. Northern ALEX CARLSON, Burt, Iowa 5'/4-Lb. Walleye The GRAND PRIZE OF THE ONE WEEK FREE AT WHITE PINE LODGE IN CANADA It has been a real pleasure for us these past few summer months Jo be , *he "Big Fish . We hope you fisher-folk have enjoyed that Mve been displayed in oTr'^oV!"™ *f JS& fc B& LARRY'S RECREATION AJgana's Popylgr Gathering PJac» POLICE CHIEF AL BOEKELMAN drew the Grand Pme winner I A* shown in photo above, taktn at lira* oi drawing, Al U in the wt ef drewiatf the wiiww (It wa» thtiM«J drawn from the bo* held by tarry Knoll), Th* names of the seven first place winners w*r» placed in seeli4 •nvelopw, and drawn as above. No one, »e* even AJ or Urrj know the winatr'i nam* — not until they nud it fare in the Upper Oe» Moines I AT SIOUX NARROWS, LAKE-OF-THE-WOODS, ONTARIO, CANADA BOB MITTAG 10NE ROCK, IOWA Grand Prise Winner of a week's fishing at White Pine Lodae on Uke,Qf,The.Woods, was BOB MITTAG, vho farms with his D?lnew **one Rock Bob'i decision to take his Grand Priw yet this year, or duriner 19M dS»™fnd* «» the result, of a "family, conference" he sVd Whavelo Sid? BolvVlefiftyl (a true fUhwwoman) will of course go with him, and Bob wyslw might e--^ ?m his daughter, Robin, age 11 months. While the contest rtgulations *pwlfied and tajdiate ftgUf.w toy. learned that & -A*^a 11 ^-»^« 1 ^ extendw good ft oo ,. , With the Coropliineni* Q| WRITS PINE LODGE .. . and . ,, ALGONA UPPER DE8 MOINES

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