The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on April 26, 1996 · Page 2
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 2

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1996
Page 2
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A2 The San Bernardino County Sun FRIDAY, April 26, 1996 Boomers should warn kids about marijuana, panel told The Associated Press WASHINGTON Baby Boomers who used marijuana in the 1960s and 1970s must learn and warn their children that the drug poses a greater danger today than when they were growing up, a Senate panel was told Thursday. "There's no question that parents are ambivalent and finding it more difficult to talk about marijuana use with their kids," Joseph Califano, a former health, education and welfare secretary, said after appearing before the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control. "But this is important because the drug is much different today." Califano, who heads a substance abuse research center at Columbia University, also re leased a study suggesting that the vnnneer a philri is whpn hp first experiments with marijuana, the more likely he is to try cocaine and other harder drugs. The release of Califano's study comes amid growing concern about increasing drug use among teen-agers. Last year, for example, the National Institute for Drug Control Policy reported that the percentage of eighth-graders using drugs has climbed from 11 percent to 21 percent since 1991. Califano's study also makes clear, however, that drug use has not returned to the high-water mark of the late 1970s, when more than 50 percent of the seniors surveyed used drugs. Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, the panel's ranking Demo crat, repeatedly stressed the need for parents to take a more active role in educating themselves and their children about the increased potency of marijuana today, compared to the quality of the drug being smoked on college campuses in the 1960s. "It's like comparing the buckshot in a shotgun shell to a laser-guided missile they're different," Biden said. "It's much more dangerous to their children than it was to them." Alan Leshner, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, explained that while the amount of THC marijuana's active ingredient has grown from 1 percent to 4 percent over the past two decades, the current practice of lacing marijuana with cocaine or other drugs is what makes it more troublesome. Welfare: Fewer cases in county Continued from A1 signed to wean people off welfare and get them back to work. It's been two years of temporary work mainly unloading trucks but the 48-year-old Col-ton man finally got the janitor's job at Patton State Hospital he's wanted so long. He credits the county's program for keeping him motivated. "I had worked before, but they helped me with my resume and they kind of give you the motivation to not give up," he said. Banuelos and Kehne, of Red-lands, said they can see small improvements in the job situation, if only because they are employed themselves. "It's getting better somewhat," Kehne said. "It's hard to tell because I'm not out there having to look for work anymore." "I guess it's getting better," Banuelos allowed. "But I still know there are a lot of jobs moving out of state. That's kind of screwed up the whole state." McDonald attributed the drop in welfare numbers to a concerted effort by the county to quash welfare fraud and to help people find jobs. Keith Lee, head of the county's GAIN program, agreed that . finding jobs for clients has become the top priority. GAIN placed 1,010 people in jobs in March the third time in a year that the program has found employment for more than 1,000 people in a month. Pay averages $5.53 an hour. "The opportunities are out there. The clients themselves clearly don't want to have the stigma attached to them," he said. "They really do want to work, but just don't know how to. We point them in the right direction, polish them up and stand beside them." For every 1,000 people put to WELFARE POPULATION " , ' v i of city ' ' - ' population Aug. 1994 Jan. 1996 ' change on welfare City km San Bernardino 73,190 tai Barstow 7,352 Adetanto ' ' 4,070 Fontana , , 30,048 k , m Colton 12,199 e,s Needles 1,408 Yucca Valley 4,417 , , Rlalto 18,830 ' M Victorville 14,404 M Hespena 12,549 Apple Valley " " ' 11,081. , Montclalr ; . . 6,625 fe; Ontano 32,818 5 ? Big Bear Lake 1,226 : s Highland 'V 7.171" i - .Jwentynine Palm L 3,211.,. K Redlands 9,610 ?; Upland 9,160 Yucaipa 5,070 Loma Unda " 2,667 k j Chlno 8,527 fm Grand Terrace 978 Rancho Cucamonga 5,428 ChinoHilf& s .' '1,632 67,824 6,678 4,013 28,855 11,872 1,477 4 425 18,168. 14,139 12,667 11,617 6,123 29,300 1,215 7,084 2,376 8,854 8,690 4 938 2,524 7,417 . 936 ' 6,309 ' 2.159 iiriUnwiiiimfiHftiiiHi -7.33 -9.17 -1 37 -3.97 -2.68 4.93 0.19 -3.52 -1.84 0.94 123 7.58 -10.72 -0.90 -1.22 26.01 -7.87 -5.13 -2 61 5.35 -13.02 -4.29 16.23 32.28 36.0 29.3 28.7 26.8 25.3 24.8 22.4 21.9. 21.9 20.6 205 19.8 19.7 19.2 16.8 14.5 13.0 12.7 12.6 11.5 11.2 6.8 5.2 - 42 work, the county saves $200,000, Lee said. "Sure, some of the people will come back to us, but for everyone we can get out there and keep out there, we all win," Lee said. "It reduces the burden to every man and woman in the county." The city's welfare numbers may be down, but people still need help with day-to-day things, such as paying utilities and buying clothes for their children, said Lois Ziegler-O'Donnell, executive director of Children's Fund. Zeigler-O'Donnell said the agency designed to help families in areas not covered by public SUN STAFF social services has had more requests for help this year than last. "The amount of work we do daily is up about 15 percent from last year, she said. "I get a sense from the letters we receive that families have less income than before and they're not able to deal with emergencies." She said she is optimistic about the state of the county's economic health. . 'If the economic reports that we read are accurate I would, hope that we would begin to see some decline in needs, Zeigler-O'Donnell said. "But to date that hasn't happened." Budget: Congress finally breaks logjam Continued from A1 federal funds. The San Bernardino Employment and Training Agency found work for 550 youths. San Bernardino Assistant Police Chief Wayne Harp said he was unaware if the budget contained any new money for his department. In 1994, San Bernardino received a $1.4 million grant to help put new officers on the street. Enactment of the bill would mark the end of the long 1996 budget standoff, which included two partial government shutdowns totaling 27 days. And it would mark the start of political maneuvering to claim credit and assign blame for the outcome as well as the opening shot of the battle over next year's budget. "It's time to move ahead with fiscal year 1997," said Rep. David Dreier, R-Covina, expressing a near universal sentiment of lawmakers of both parties. However, some conservative Republicans weren't happy. All 'no' votes in the Senate and 20 of the 25 'no' votes in the House were cast by Republicans. The bill covers nine Cabinet-level departments and dozens of agencies. The savings it represents over 1995 spending about $20 billion, according Congressional Budget Office represents a Republican win. They said it was the most significant reduction in spending since World Warll. "In a situation where we have a liberal president trying to get more spending and trying to get more bureaucracy, it was a remarkable achievement," said House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga. But Democrats claimed victory in the reordering of spending priorities over the original House spending bills, which were vetoed by Clinton. They won roughly $5 billion more for education, environmental protection, job training and other domestic priorities, such as Clinton's cops-on-the-street and national service programs. Much of that was offset by reductions in funds set aside to cope with natural disasters. They also succeeded in getting Republicans to retreat on va- Lottery - rious environmental provisions attached the bill that would, among other things, have permitted more logging in the Tong-ass National Forest in Alaska and ended EPA regulation of wetlands development. "The president of course did very well in these negotiations," said Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D. "We feel we came out quite good." Meanwhile, as he has over the past two days, Clinton appealed to Congress to resume work on a plan to balance the budget in seven years. "We have an opportunity," he said. "We can't let it slip from our grasp." But Gingrich said he and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, R-Kan., the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, would develop a "yardstick" to measure the sincerity of any new administration balanced-budget proposals. "If the president's prepared to do something real, of course we can reach agreement. But no more phony photo ops," Dole said. "It has to be real reform, implemented this year in a real way." DAILY 3: 3, 6,3 FANTASY 5: 3, 11, 18, 26, 33 DECCO:9? 8 JO 64 SUPER LOTTO: 6, 17, 30, 39, 40,48 JACKPOT: $8 million Picked Wednesday. Winners: One ticket purchased In . Corning matched all six numbers. PAST SUPER LOTTO DRAWINGS 420:18,23,31,39,44,49 417:13,15,27,30,32,51 413:10,12,35,43,50,51 . '410:7,21,22,26,46,51 46:7,9,28,29,48,51 43:1,16,18,19,21,22 330:15,16,18,19,21,22 327:9,20,26,37,43,48 323:2,11,15,35,44,47 Lotto Information: (714) 708-0585 (English) (714) 708-0583 (Spanish) (619) 492-1720 (English (619) 492-1742 (Spanish) Frlday,Aprll26,1996 Vol. 127 No. 221 btaMMMdlnli94 The Sun (USPS 526-540). a Gannett Co. newspaper published every day of the year at a rate of $257.85 or $332.68 per year by The Sun Company of San Bernardino. California. 399 N. 0 St, San Bernardino, CA 92401. Second-class postage paid at San Bernardino, California. Paalmaalan Send address changes to The Sun, Circulation Department. 399 N. DSL, San Bernardino, CA 92401 How to roach lie Pag B2 raofcaMiMoaPublisrier Arnold ft. QaraoaEditor RobMt lamrAdvertlsIng Director Mil ogcctProductlon Director Jack HofanCirculation Director nice) CaawftdyController Judy RueaaljPersonnel Director Robort ft. atotsaoaMarketlng Director auttavoOrtlVMIS Director Road. Than racycte. More than 75 percent of the newsprint used to print the Sun Is recycled. The recycled fiber content of that newsprint Is more than 40 percent Read. Then recycle. 1996 The Sun A Gannett Newspaper Give her something that will touch her heart V $147 Mother's Heart Pendant with diamond accent in 14 karat gold Helzberg Diamonds has been making dreams come true for over 80 years. HELZBERG DIAMONDS Inland Center Galleria at Tyler Moreno Valley KISISI? SOiF" E'VE GOT A HOME SHOW THAT'LL MAKE YOUR MOUTH WATER. The Inland Center Home Show April 25-28. Ideas for your home - all under one roof. What a sand-Sational Stadium Come see our "Field of Dreams" sand sculpture of the new Stampede Baseball Stadium at Center Court. INLAND ENTER 1-215 AT INLAND CENTER DRIVE Managed by General Growth C 1996 CAA J

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