Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 8, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1896
Page 6
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SIMPLE AT FIRST. '.It Is Foolish to Neglect Any Form of riles, Cure Them at tho Beglun'tag. Hies are simple in tho beginning mud • easily cured. The ycim be cured even ! to the worst stages, without pain or ] loss of blood, nuicUly, suroly aud completely. There Is only one remedy tluit Trill do Jt—Pyramid Pile Cure. It allays tho intlamatlon immediately li«als the .iiTltatcd surface and with continued treatment reduces tho swell-'- ing aud puts the membranes into good, •ound healthy condition. The cure Is thorough nnd permanent. Here are some voluntary ;md unsoli- cited'testimonials we have lately received: Mrs. C. M. Hlnkly. 001 Mississippi St., iTtdiimnipolls, I ml., says: Have been a sufferer from the pain Ami aoinoy- ance of Piles for ttfteeu years, the Pyramid Pilo Cure and Pyramid PHls gave me immediate roliei' <uul in a ghort time a com-plete cure. Major Dean of Columbus. OWo, says: I -wish to add to the number of ci?rtlfi- • cates as to the benefits derived from the Pyramid Pile Cure. I suffered from piles for forty years ami from itching piles for twenty years aud two boxes of the Pyramid Cure have effectually cured me. Most druggists' sill Pyramid Pile Cure or will get it for you if you ask them to. It is one dollar per package and is put up only by tho Pyramid Drug Co.,' Albion', Midi. While sorting Japanese rags In a paper mill at Wcstbroofc, Me., an operative found a small metallic object, at which die picked with a pcnunife, nnd he lost three fingers and a thumb In the explosion that followed. "Boys will be boys," but you can't •fford to .lose any of them. Be ready for the green apple season by having DeWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure In the ' -ise.—Jno. M. Johnston. It is reported that the freshman class thils year at Harvard Is the worst, as far as appearance go, that the college- ing ever soon. They are described as » "scrawny, wild and wolly set." Subscribe for The Journal CAUSTIC IN MOTHS. Discovery of th» Substance U«o<l In Bi- cwplug from Cocoons. A most remarkable entomological discovery has been announced by Oswald Latter, the great naturalist. It is to tBe effect thai, the imago of the moth Diera- nura vinula secretes u pure caustic potash which it uses to penetrate I ho tough silken bng or cocoon in which It is inclosed, says the St. Louis Eepub- lic. Caustic potash is, as most everyone knows, a powerful cans-tic which destroys side and flesh when brought in contact with it. That it should be se- crcted or fanned in the mouth or internal anatomy of tiny living crcnturo is, BO singular imcl unlikely that the cnto- mologTsta were at first inclined to disbelieve the story as related by Mr. hatter, in telling of his discovery. It has long been known that this particular species of .moth used seme kind of liquid with which to soften flic cocoon when ho arrived at the age when nature hinted that it was time to got rid of the silicon envelope, but Mr. Matter's experiments have for the I'.rst time disclosed the nature of that liquid. Prof. Latter made tihis singular discovery- by clipping the ends flroni cocoons and catching the liquid when it wcs ejected. This ho subjected to chcm.cal nnatysis. LONG RANGE OF CANNON. One of Krapp'n Gnnit Carries » Shot over Fifteen Miles. The longest distance that a shot has been fired is a few yards over 15 miles, which was the range of Krupp's 130- ton steel gun, riring a shot weighing 2,GOO pounds, says Spare Moments,, The lll-lbn Armstrong gun has an extreme range of 14 miles, Jiringa shot weighing 1*500 pounds, .and requiring 000 pounds of powder. These guns, however, proved too expensive, being unable to stand firing 100 times, and their manufacture has practically been aliandonr.d. Tho E2-ton Armstrong gun hurls a solid shot for a distance of 12 miles, and tho discharge of the gun cannot be heard at tho place where the ball strikes. From 12 to 13 miles is the computed range of the most powerful guns now made, 'and to obtain that range an elevation of nearly 45 degrees is found to be necessary. Quick-firing guna are more to be depended upon at the present day than extreme length of range, and in this respect what is considered the most wonderful of guns, perhaps, is one of the Maxims, which can firo ns many as GOO Bhots n minute, and yet is so light that a soldier can carry it strapped to his back. The Ba.nlc of England contains silver ingots which have lain in its vault* since 1096. An Object Lesson A. Q. JENKINES, Assignee. $600 Finest Covert Cloth and Kersey Fall Overcoats 5 C.OO Choice of all, none -higher, Otto's price was $15 -and • Second choice, Otto's price wns $12, now $ 0 . a O, ^.00 and - *••>» , choice, $3.50, $3.75 and $3.90, Otto's price was : h choice v,-as .$5.50, now $2.75 and $2.90. Wonderful Bnrgams. It's a very desirable coat for Medium Weather. A. G. JENKINES, Assignee The British government owns over 25,000 camels. Several thousands are used in India to carry stores and equipments when companies are changing quarters by line of march. DID YOU EVER Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for jour troubles? If not, get a bottle now and get relief. This medicine has been found to be peculiarly adapted to 'the refllof and cure of. all Female Complaints, exerting a wonderful direct Influence In giving strength and tone to the organs. If you have loss of appetite, constipation, headache, fainting Bpdia, or ore nervous,'sleepless, excltn- We, melancholy or troubled with dizzy Bpdls, Electric Bitters Is the medicine you need. Health and strength are guaranteed by its use. Fifty cents and fl at B. F. Keesllngs. ' If'the armies of Europe should march at an eight-mile gait, five abreast, fifteen Inches apart, it would require nine and a half days for them to pass a given point. Theories of core may be discussed at length by physicians, but the Bufferew want quick relief; and One Minute «ough Cure will give It to them. A .mfe cure for children. It Is "the only 'harmless remedy that produces Immediate results."—Jno. M. Johnston. Prince Ademuylwa'or Jobu Eemo, In 'Western Africa, a jet 'black Methodist, ant by the side of the magistrate during a recent trial at the Old Bailey, London. Many a clay's work to lost by sick he«tache caused . by Indigestion and •tomacb troubles. DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the.moat effectual pill for overcoming such dlfflculttes.-Jno. •If. Johnston. The shipment of fish through Gainesville Is said by express messengers to be larger .than ever before In the hls : tory of that industry In Florida. Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents a jnonth. .„,, ' • - • • • Largo and rich gold fields have been discovered 'by government surveyors on-the east const of Siberia bordering on the sea of Ochotsk. If your children are subject to croup waitch for the first symptom of tbe disease—hoarseness. If Chamberlain's Oough Remedy Is given as soon as tbe child becomes hoarse It will prevent the attack. Even after tne croupy cough has appeared the attack can always be prevented by glvmg tnis remedy. It is also Invaluable for colds and whooping cough. For sale by B. F. Keesling, druggist 'Thandrig Crohoore," an Irish cantata, by Professor Stanford on Sheridan le Fanu's poem, Is to be produced soon at Norwich, England. CONDENSED TESTIMONY. Chas. B. Hood, Broker and Manufacturer's Agent, Columbus, Ohio, certifies that Dr. King's New Discovery has no equal as a Cough remedy. J .D. Brown Prop. St. James Hotel, Ft. Wayne, ind., testifies that -he was cured of a cough of two years etanding, caused by La Grippe, 'by Dr. icing's New Discovery. B. F. Merrill, Baldwimsville, Mass., says that he was cured awd recommended It and never.knew It to fail amd TVOUW rather have it than any doctor, because it always cures. Mrs. Hemming, 222 E. 25th" St., Chicago, always keeps it at hand, and has no fear of croup, because it instantly relieves. Free trial bottles at B. F. Keeping's. Poison 1'vy, Insect bites, bruises, aealde, burns, are quickly cured by De- Wltfs Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile cure.—Jno. M. Johnston; When Baby wu rick, ira gave her Castorfm, When ibo was k Child, iho cried '.or Cutcrla. When Ebo bocaiu* Miss, she clung to Cajitorl*. Then «>- bod Children, nhc gimitbom Castort» GAIN CC'RE '-ASTHMA A'NID HAY FEVER. A. Noted Physician.OffCTS to Prove This to nil! Sufferers in Logansport oaii Thmrsdny. 'i The mnJOTlty of sufferers from As- thmu a.ud kindred compleiJuts, after trying doc-tors aud iramiberless remedies '.-is ipositive cures without avail, have co'ine to the conclusion.that Uiere 1,3 no euro I'or tills most. dfetrossing disease, and these same persons will bu -the itfore in dowbt ami skeptical when they learn Uh'ronglv the eolnmiis of the press thtot Dr. Kndolpli Schilt- mann, tho recogulzed authoi-ity who has treated more cases of three diseases than any living doctor, has acli'iovod success by ptiTecUug 'a remedy whi'clmot only gives immediate roliof in 'the worst, cases but b;is positively cm-ad thousands of sufferers who were considered IncnraMe. These were Just as skeptl'cml an some of our readers now are. Dr. ScbiHIniaun'* reiniedy no doubt'possesses Wie merit whlich is claimed for it or he would not authorize tUis paper to announce th-a:t lie is not only vHlin'g to give free to oiiclv person suffcrlrvg from Asthmn, Hay Fover or Bronchitis in this city 0110 lilbei-Jia "free t.ri.-il'box" of his cure. but urgently requests .'ill sufferers to call at B. F. Kecslln-g's drug store, 305 Fountnv St., Thursday or Fi-id-ay. Oct. Sth-and Oth and receive a package absolutely free of charge, knowing thai: In making the claim lie does for his cure, a strong doubt may arise in the minds of many, and Hint a personal tost, as he offers to all. will be more convincing, n.u'd iprovo iis mortis, than the publishing of thousjuwls of testl- moniaD-s from persons who have boon permanently cured 'by the use of his Asthma Cure. "Dr. Schiffmaim's As- thrna Cure," ns.it Is called, has been ,sold by dragglsts of tfi'is c'ify ever yince it was first Introduced, ntthoufih many persons may never have heard of It, and It Is with a view to reaching these that he makes this offer. This Is certainly a most gtme.ro.us. and fair offer, and all who are suffering from nay of the above complaints should remember the date and place where the distribution will be mode, and. avail themselves of the same. ' Persons living out of the city who desire to test the efficiency of tlhis most wonderful remedy will receive a package free by mall by writing to Dr. Schdffmann-, 320 Rosabel street, St. Paul, Minn., providing their Iciiter Is received before Oct. IGMi, as oo free samples .can be obta'iiued after that d ! ate. B.'F. Keesling, the well-known druggist, authorizes us to announce that he lias received a quantity of samples flrom 'Dr. iSchiffmfliui which he will distribute during t:he Jioure mentioned in accordance with hlis offer. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Reported for the Journal by F. H. Wipperman, Abstracted Anna V. Osuiar and Tilman Stotter and wife, lots 4 <imd 5 Highland park. College Hill, wnrramry, .f350, Laura Burgina.n to MaiT Thoroton G9 x 50 Ct. of lot 37, O. P. city, c. side 'Second St., S. of Market, warranty, ?1,300. B. B. Richards and .Tanncs W. Hoi, man, ecc. 20 A, W. % S-W. % Sec. 29, .Tackson itp., <idmln)l'Straitor's, $800. Margaret V. Hamilton, to Zenitli Douglass lot 2, Mnlrgnrert) Hamilton •add, TalberviEe, waiiiranty,if250. Win, E. H'aney -to Eegc«n.e Gross lot 5, Dod-rts and Buohauein 'add, 'Westside, 'warranty, 51,300, Oh'ais. Wm. Burgmaii to Kaltharine Burgnram, lot C, City Paris add, raoAy, ,?,1SOO. • Mary E. Sliinley *o Jouo lot a'djolntaig W«iHton, warranty, 51,600. Tw'etuty-itnvo mortgages filed aggregating $13,278.23. IF TROUBLED WITH RHEUMATISM HEAD THIS. Annapolis, Md., Apr. 1C, 1894.-I have used Chamberlain's P.nJn Balmi for rheumatDsm amd found It to be all that Is claimed for It, I believe it to be the best preparation for rheumatism ana deep seated muscular pains oh tne market and cheerfully recommend it to the public.-Jno, G. Brooks, dealer In boots, shoes, etc., No. 18 Main St. ALSO BEAD THIS. .MechanlcsviUe, St. Mary County, Md. —I sold a bottle of Cliiamberlaln's Pflln Balm to a man who had been suffering with rheumatism for severaJ years. It made. Mm a well man. A. ,T. McGUl. For sale at 50 cents per bottle by B..F. Keealtag, druggist. The Darlington, WIs., Journal, says edltoi-taJly of a popular patent medicine: "We-know from experience that Chamberlain's Colic, Cholewi and Diarrhoea Remedy, -Israil that Is ola'lmted for it, as on two occasions It stopped excruciating pate and possibly saved us from an untimely grave. We would iH>t rest easy over .night without it to the house." TWs remedy undoubtedly saves more para and suf- ferlDig than any'other medicine in the world. Every famMy.'shouid keep'It-In' 'tiie house for It 'is : sure to be needed sooner' .or later/ 1 For' sale by B'. F.. Keealibg, druggftet ' '. , . ... RECEIVES. IN HER BATH. 8o»erelB" »' Mniliiuraxcnr TrnnBiioM State Affair* In Qor Tab. Persons who pride themselves upon what they coll their sturdy common sense affect to despise elaborate civilities under tho expressive term of "starch." None tbe less, says the Denver .Republican, do such sacrifices to exacting graces flourish, and certainly not less than in countries nearer home among the novas of Madagascar, who were, even before their annexation, nothing M not Parisian. Starch is, however, at the court of Antananarivo no mere matter of form; rather, if anyone may sny so; a form of matter, for it is the stnrch so indispensable in our laundries that, like Shakespeare's divinity, doth hedge around the Queen Eanavalo. She, like Marie Antoinette, is accustomed to receive state visitors in her morning tub. and quite seeing the disadvantages of having her bath water like her state po' iev ' to ° clenr ' th * 3 starch is thrown into, it to dissolve as a white veil around the queen. Among the dignitaries thus received by her was, according to the- Paris correspondent of the Times, a French ambassador, M. Le Myre de Vilers, wtoo, after a plentiful iisc of diplomatic "soft soap," retired Uighly confident. An old Hovu., however, more experienced in Madagascar etiquette, took a different view of tbe results of M. de Vilers' mission. "Oh, he u-ill not obtain anything," he said; "there was too much starch.' Excessive starch would seein to make queens and collars alike "stuck up." SHE KILLED THE BEAR.''""^ Her Method Wns OrlRlnul But None tho Lifsa Effective. Some Philadelphia sportsmen-hunting the deer in the wild portion of Clearfield county, in tbe center of the moun tains of Pennsylvania, were hurriedJy called out one morning by the guide, who had discovered two bucks a few miles away, says the New York World. Hastily starting, the men did not carry a large supply of ammunition and what they bad was all used or wasted in bagging tbe deer. Starting back to camp, they encountered a bcax and as they could not, shoot'they ran, each going In a different direction. The bear chased the guid* and he took the direct course toward the cump log house, where his wife wos preparing ft meal. With a yell he dashed Into the house and up into the loft. His wife, ran out of the back door, closed it, and OS tho bear had gone in- iide she hurried around, closed the frontdoor and made tbe bear'a prisoner. The intrepid woman then tied a dog to a pole, thrust the howling canine through the door and thus cobxed tbe bear out. As bruin appeared she struck him with an ax and killed him at Ihe first blow. One of the hunters commented on her mnnaer of fishing for a $50 bear with a dog worth $150, but the wnman retorted: "Wo generally shoots 'em, but we never runs from "em." SPANISH rVMNES IN TEXAS. There I> Talk of Boopenlne Some of tb« Old Ones. Th« curliest settlers of Bell county, Tex., found ;Uon<r trie mountains northeast of Helton ;unl m-;ir Nolan's creek what, appeared Hi bo old niiues that bud probably been worked'by the Spaniards, Indians or Actecs. Since then every once in awhile there has been talk of trying to open tho mines and see what was in them, soys t.he Galvcston News. They presented tne appearance of deep holes in the ground,, some of which had been partially :ind others almost entirely filled with dirt. In seme instances bushes had grown in these places. In one or two cases large cedor logs had been placed over these mine-holes nnd dirt thrown on tbcm. Some people have always contended that it would pay to reopen and work these oM mines, but until now no one who desired to put time or money in them. The recent discovery of gold four or five miles from Belton has given o new interest in these old mines. In one of these mines some men have begun work in earnest, and are keeping at it from day to day. They are not very communicative about their prospects for success, but this much they tell, ihot iri a short time they are going to sluy some of what they think is Hioir best- paying ore to the smelter nt eagle Pass. After it has been smelted they vrill krow more. Meanwhile there is a good dell of interestabout it around town. Hiffh Price for Whalebone. The market price of whalebone IB BOW something like $11,000 a ton, and It is appreciating in value all the time. This leads an English paper jokingly to suggest the. adoption of a whaleboro; currency, for there is no chance for on oversupply of the article, and it cannct be imitated. A MXSTE'RY. the human system ever recovers from the bad effects of the nauseous medicines often literally poured into it for the supposltive relief of dyspepsia, liver'complain*, constipation, rheumatism and other ailments, Is a mystery. The mischief done .by bad medicines Is scarcely less than, that caused by disease. If they who lire weak, bil- llous,. dyspeptic, constipated or-rheumatic,'would oftener be guided by the experience of Invalids who liave thoroughly tested Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, they would to. every Instance obtain the speediest aid derivable from ratiouM medication. This medicine is a searching and at the same time a thoroughly safe remedy, derived from vegetable sources,'and possessing. In consequence of its basJs of >pure spirits, properties as • a medlcinn.1 stimulant not to too found In the flrery local bittera and stimulants often restored to.by the debilitated, dyspeptic and languid; ' : : v ;•',.. . . • '•;.-• , - ' j ••' REFUSEDJTO GET UP. for Fifteen Yearn HHn« Huffman Stack to u Splcbfal AHHcrclon. Silas UuJl'man, the obstinate eccentric, who remained in bed for over 15 years out of spite, in the old HuiTman homestead on tho Bedminster road, near Far Hills, N. J., is dead^of senile degeneracy, caused by his long, self- inflicted coii'linemQij.t. Fifteen years iigo Silos was ti popular young man,, who owiwd fnsthorses. and hud spent a small fortune loft by his parents in n free and literal manner, leaving himself almost penniless at 33. He mortgaged the old homestend to his brother, who had saved his money, aud HE REFUSED TO MOVE. for some months longer continued to lead a g-ay nnd careless life. The end came when the interest was demanded on. the mortgage, and Jt was when his brother threatened to foreclose he uttered his strange oath: "If ye sell'me out, gol darn, ye, I'll go to bed and stay there, forever," The eale took place, <ind Silas kept his word. He retired to the attic of the house and Jived until his death in a bed in a corner of the room, to Die discomfiture of his family, who made frequent attempts to make him change his charters. He lived on food he foraged for at night on weekly visits to tho farmhouse pantry. Ten years'ago, when he had become, one of the celebrated characters of tho cunntryside, extreme methods were adopted to cause him to leave his room or bod. He was told his end was approaching, but he silently waved away his suppliants. Cloth was burned on a lower lloor and he was told the house was afire, but he sniffed bis disbelief. He refused to move, and force was not used,' as he was still a powerful man, and it was feared such procedure would >.ead to a tragedy. As time sped the hair of his bead grew until it covered half the bed. His beard was over four feet long T and both beard snd hairwhite as snow when his emaciated frame was buried. Five yearsngohelostbi- mind, but still" held fast to his determination to remain in bed. THE CAT CAME BACK. Bnt the Mule Sever Paid Another Vlilt to liUiidy'H Itnii^h' A dozen ranch hands and a St. Louis Republic correspondent were swapping yarns at a western Texns ranch one Sunday afternoon which, if otherwise spent, might have hung heavily upon their hands. "Talkin" of mules," said Banger Pete, "that one that Joe Brown owned was the orneriest cuss that ever flicked an ear at a blue fly. He was ns ornery as he. was ugly and as ugly as they ever make 'em. -Well, what should happen one Sunday but Joe's bob-tailed, blear-eyed flea-bitten mule took a,-notion to visit us? He wandered in smiling in «" »n- nercent way he had and afore .we knowed it he had worried three calves to death, kicked over a barrel of rain water and et the tops off of six sacks of. seed grain and he smiled innerccntly all the time he wag spreadin' death and devastation." '•Lnndy was foreman then and he didn't say nothin' barrin' the cuss words THE MULE AND THE CAT. except: 'Boys, get your ropes.' mule smiled and let us tie him to a post, but he looked a little suspicious and his left hind foot quivered with repressed steam when we brung- out a lazy Tom cat-that belonged on the ranch. Tom was blindfolded and tied on tho mule's hack and then n bigger circus than Barnum ever dreamed of was begun. A buolcin' broncho in the corral hid his head for shame when he saw that mule's tactics He was so ashamed that he never tried bucldn,' again. That mule were a past-master in the art. Every time the mule jumped the cat dug his claws an inch or so deeper than before. The performance lasted ten minutes to- the music of the cat and mule vocal 3uo. Then Mr. Mule made \ break for Joe Brown's ranch. 'The cat came back In an hour more tbe worse forw««,r,but It was the mule's first and last call at our ranch." " _. T«mp»r»t«»« of Cometi. .As far as calculation can decide the temperature of comets Is believed to be 8,000 times fiercer than that of red-Hot Cures " Cures talk " in fnvor ••• | | of Hood's Sarsnparill.i, • gl I If as for no other modi- • ** * "™- cinc. Its great cures recorded in truthlul,. convincing language of grateful men and. •women, constitute its most effective advertising. Many of these cures are marvelous. They have won the confidence of the people; have given Hood's Sarsaparilla the largest sales in the world, and' have made necessary for its manufacture the greatest laboratory on earth. Hood's, Sarsaparillais known by the cures it hasJ made—cures of scrofula, salt rheum and eczema, cures of rheumatism, neuralgia and weak nerves, cures of dyspepsia, liver, troubles, catarrh —cures which prove, ./;.'. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best—in f;ict the One True Blood Purifier.. «^.«f cim! " vcr ' Il!| ; cas >" w Hood S PlIlS take, easy to operate. 2GC.. Evangelist D. T. Black, Peoria. Illinois. Say brook, 111., Feb. 19,18»t Pepsin Syrup Co.:. Dear Sirs: While at Cerro Gordo, III.,. In my revival work, I purchased ** bottle of your Syrup Pepsin, I regard- it as most excellent I cannot get tt here in Saybrook. Is It on sale lifc Peoria, 111. If so. at what store? If not on sale there, if you will send me a dollar bottle there this week I wilt promptly remit. I will be home this week. Address Rev. D. T. Black, 1005 State St., Peoria, 111. Tours truly D. T. BLACK. For sale by B.'F. Keesling. THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. A bleb standard of aieeuence. Man» >wer» of tbe "MuDSOn" consider It THE ,BEST. You will find It a valuable assistant In TOOT office. Address/or partienlars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO- MANUFACTURERS. e»t Lake St.. Chicago, III. YOUNG we Ofler You a Remedy 'Which Insures SAFETY to LIFE of Botl ~ Mother »nd Child. MOTHERS FRIEND BOB8 COSrisEMEN* OF • • HORROR AND DASGEB, Makes CHILD-BIRTH Easy. Knttoned' nn* recommended by phT»l- mldwlrei »nd thow who have u»ed lmlt.tloiw. .. <*» S*ilS5f re!' containing Toluntarr MMUaonUU. BBADFIBLD BEOHLATOE 00., Atlanta, <ta.. BOLD BY ALL DBDOOISTS. The Logansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to" Women Children and Animals E. S. Bice— Pw». Goo. W. Walter*— Sec. J. J. HtldebriUHtt-Treiui. W. M. BJslioii-Hiimnne Offlcer. I. 'S. Rio*. J. C. Hafltj. V. C. Coolbou«b GeoW Walters, J.J. Hlldebrandt. Peeked .Tustlce, ^tSQ . Mrs. W. D. Pratt Mre. J. N. Neff. . Telephone No. 30. Be pott ca»es of cruelty to Secretary. and Scarlet Few. Taken iu time Brazilian Balm prevent, typhoid or scarlet fever. Al«o jnakei these diaeaseo very light and alj prevents deafness «nd throat trout which scarlet fever and me«sle»_so ol. IMY« behind., Alw«y» keep on toab :, -:^

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