The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 22, 1957 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1957
Page 17
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Tidbits From Evelyn Music lovers will be disappointed at not hearing my cou« sm Edwin Cady of Houston, •f, ex 7 Play pipe organ in the Methodist church Sunday morning. He is organist at the Riverside Memorial Methodist church there and has held that position over 15 years. He is rated among the top musicians of the city and many who have heard him here are aware of his ability. 1 had promised several persons who love music that when he came'again he would play at the church. Circumstances prevented him from playing Sunday morning. 1 was greatly disappointed for 1 love his music so much, and many friends will join me in the regrets. » * * 1 have been looking over the Lawrence Welk fcook my Esther brought back from her recent trip to California. There are autographs of most of the personnel and a napkin bears the signatures of Lawrence Welk, Maurice Pearson and Dick Dale added "To The Hen House. Best Always." He also dedicated a song to the Iowa visitor, the Aliens, Van Aliens and guests. * * * In 1924 mother and I saw the first "Ten Commandments" at Grauman's Egyptian theatre. It was a wonderful show and was booked at the old Call theatre several months after we had returned home. We went to see it the second time. My Esther saw the 1957 version and I hope it will be at the Algona theatre before too long. The Algona group also went to Cinerama, "The Seven Wonders of the World" and as I have so often said, " 'Tis a small world." Among the hundreds of persons who were seeing the "Commandments", in walked Mrs Alex Dermand and Kathy and Mrs Kenneth Samp and youngest son. Esther could hardly believe her eyes and the eji-Al- gonans were equally astonished. . • • • Other ex-Algonans whom they saw were Mr and Mrs Jim Hudson of Fillmore. They called on the "travelers." Jim is a brother of Oran Hudson and son of Mr nnd Mrs Paul Hudson of Fenton. He is a nephew by marriage of Esther. • Esther also called on Elizabeth St. John Libott. I have mentioned her from time to time in my column. She has had multiple sclerosis a number of years and I was pleased to learn she is In better condition than I had thought. Mrs Owen Hurl was a liltle perturbed that she might gain weight during the fair. She had charge of making chocolate malts for the young "4-Hers" and with temptation on hand — what can a person do? I am susceptible to chocolate malts too so I can see the predicament Mrs Hurt was in. Everything GOOD is so full of calories. Calories — I HATE the word. • » • Again proof of mtf favotlte quotation — Mr and Mrs Har« old Palmer moved to Denver, Colo., some time ago, and one day recently she was -sitting on the porch. A familiar looking person walked past, aftd there it was, Ralph Faith of Longmont, Colo. She called to him, sure enough, it was a former Al«- gonan, and Mrs Faith and the family were contacted and all had coffee at Mrs Palmers. • • n My cousin Edwin asked about Dr. Janse. I gave him the latest reports I knew — said he was fine after his sickness of last Winter. Edwin added that he played for the wedding of the daughter of Dr. and Mrs Hector Janse of Houston. The bride, you see, is granddaughter of our Doc Janse. • * * ..... A note from Esther E. Uhr of Swea City gives the interesting information that she went to Ft. Dodge, August 8, to meet a "pen pal" Mrs Richard Muhleman of Kirkwopd, 111., with whom she has been in correspondence since 1937. Algonans will recall that the Rev. W. .G. Muhleman was district superintendent of the Methodist church here a few years ago. He is at present Chaplain at Friendship Haven, the Methodist home foe the aged at Fort Dodge. The Rev. Richard Muhleman is a cousin of W. G. M. and he and his wife and daughters Gloria and Linda witl> the former's parents, recently came to Fort Dodge to visit the relatives and arrangements were made for the."pen pals" to meet. * * * . Glenn Maudain sent a "Rotary News" bulletin from Rock Hills, S. C. with -this marked 'paragraph. Mr Ainsley H. Roseen, associate editor of the Rotarian, informed us that they would use in our magazine the article and pictures of our club giving the physical therapy equipment to the York county hospital. Mr Naudain added that the club raised $2750 for this project and that he had written it up and New Pastor At Swea City Baptist Church * Rev. E. L. Carter, new pastor of First Baptist church, moved here August 1 from his former pastorate in Comanche, Iowa, and began his duties Sunday morning. He was born in Wellman and completed high school in Kalpna. He attended York College, York, Neb., and graduated from Iowa State Teachers College. His theological studies were taken at the Bonebrake Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. t Both he and Mrs Carter began Work in the ministry in the Evangelical United Brethern Church, serving Grand Meadow Jn Cherokee County; Hudson, Iowa; Lushtott, Nebraska; Phillipsburg, Ohio; Cedar Rapids, and the First Baptist Church in Comanche. The Carters have two sons, Kenneth. 11, and Daniel, 10. The Baptist Church here has been ivithbut a pastor since last spring when >the Rev. Everett Seal left for-Carterville, 111. A large number were present Thursday evening at the recep- ;ion honoring the new pastor and lis family. Music was furnished by a quartet composed of Walter Peterson, Junior Ellis, the Rev, A. L. Rutledge, and Lowell Larson; and a vocal duet by Sam 1 Link and his daughter, Mrs Torn Preston. Sam Link, chairman of the deacon board, welcomed the Carter family for the congregation. The Rev 1 . S. H. Hammer, pastor of First Methodist churchy extended a welcome for the Swea City Ministerial Association. • , 7 Join Swea City Lutheran Church, Sunday Retarded Child ' Unit To Meet < , The regular meeting of .the Kossuth Council For Retarded Children will be hald in the Presbyterian Church Basement Monday, August 26th at 8:00 p.m. Don Potter, Special Education Director for Kossuth, Winnebago and Hancock Counties, will be guest speaker. All members are urged to be present as well as all other interested parties such as doctors, nurses and school teachers. . , Sww Cily -*- Rev. teroy **» man announces that the following adults were received into the membership of Immanuel Litth* eran Church,.Sunday: Mrs Lillian Taylor, Mr and Mrs Harry Looft, Larry Looft, Mr and Mrs James Mullarkey and Orville Rinpen- trop. On Friday evening Larry Looft was baptized in the presence of the church council. Bajb* tized children Who were received into the church,With their parints were Gloria aHcf Patricia Taylor and Margaret and Daniel MuQarke^. ! , Mrs Pfearl Griffith V f<jf, Mason City ha$ been a recent visitor at the ; home of her daughter and family, Mr and Mrs uh^k Van Norman. Mrs Griffith will again teach 6th grade in Mason City. , Betty Bell, who has been at*: tending summer school at Creighton | University, is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Robert Bell, Marion Smith of Schaller'has been a recent visitor frf Hhe home of Alma ; Jo JoHnson.HMar- ion's parents are .Mr and Mrs Russell Smith, former residents. Mr and :Mrs A. 'ft. Liricte J?nd sons, RohbKi and''. Ara a vachtioA _ _ .Wisconsin. , _,._„ visited refttlves ; and attended some major league*ball games. John andfBob Boland s stoent Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Finds Healing Substance That Does Both- Relieves Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoids W«w York, M. Y. (Special) _ p or the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain—without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most nmnzini; of all —results were te thorough that sufferers mad* astonishing statements like M PUu have ceased to be a problem!" The' secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne»)-discovery of • world-famous research institute. This substance is now available la suppository or ointment form 'Under the name Preparation H.* At youf , druggist. Money back guarantee. •an. D. a. p.t on. sent the article and pictures to the Rotarian which were accepted. RUPTURE SHIELD-EXPERT, H. L. Hoffman of Minneapolis and Chicago will demonstrate, without charge, his "Lock-O-Malic" Shields in ALGONA — HOTEL ALGONA THURSDAY, AUG. 29 from 9 A.M. to 12 Noon. Please come early. Mr. Hoffmann says: "After 30 years during which I have personally fitted over 20,000 cases of hernia, I have produced and patented the AMAZING Lock- O-Malic. It's exclusive LINK-LOCK adjustment to everyone's need virtually guaranty perfect Retention of your Rupture setting a new standard for effectiveness and comfort. Why wear antiquated and unscientific trusses thai always enlarge the opening. Remember: The Best is none too good, if you are ruptured. Caution: If neglected, rupture may cause weakness, backache, ner« vousness, stomach and gas pains. Those having large ruptures which have returned after operation or injection'are especially invited. HOFFMANN'S SURGICAL APPLIANCE CO. Factory, Box 84 Prairie Du Chien, Wis. 34* * # FOR ALL PESK WRITING FOUNTAIN PIN PESK SETS WITH THE RIGHT POINT FOR THE WAY YOU WRITE The world's largegt selection of point styles. AH points instantly interchangeable, instantly renewable in case of damage. MADS 6Y THf MAKERS OF FOUNTAIN PEN$ it'ti'VK WRITING SETS $rfft PENS UPPER DES MOINES PUB. CO. OFFICE SUPPLY DIPT. Algona CY 4-3535 The older Algonans will remember Mr and 'Mrs Andrew Norwood who moved to Tacoma, Wash, many years ago. And if they are like me, the first thing that' comes to mind is the "Lady Norwood, a little steamer that plied the waters up the Des Mpihes river to a picnic spot two miles distance. As a little tot I rode that boat and will never fdrget the thrill of trailing.-my hand over the edge -^ prpbaibly trying to reach water. '' '.' To Mr and Mrs Norwood was born a son Thomas E. Norwod and to him and his wife Ruby M. was born Thomas Eldon Norwood at Puyallup, Wash., March 5, 1931. The family moved to Tacoma when Tom was three years old and have resided on McKmley Hill ever since. This son Thomas was ordained to the Christian ministry Sunday evening, July 14. This item is of particular interest because the Rev. Thomas Norwood is a great-nephew of Cleve Barton. • * • The Rev. and Mrs Robert Holzhammer of Dubuque were callers here Sunday and brought with them a lovely bouquet from Mrs Holzhammer (Meredith's) parents Mr and Mrs Glen Raney. The children David and Kristine went home from church with grandma and grandpa but I will have a chance to see them,later. Mere-, dith and the kiddies are to be here a couple of weeks while Father Bob attends a course of study at Omaha. Neb., for ministers, i * * * i Yes, I h.a v e reached n>y| "thirty-ninth" birthday and here will take the opportunity o| thanking those who sent mq birthday cards. It was nice tc have my anniversary remembered, i - • « ., » 3 How mail does! pet fowled un now andjthen. MyrEsther had an; important bit of mail she wanted forwarded to her. as soon as ll came to her address here/so she! bought an air mail stamp, ad-> dressed the envelope with the name and to the place she was to be guest, and put her return address in the, upper left hand corner. The mail was received 9t my front doer,. I placed it in the envelope and by the time tho carrier came pasi on the rest of the delivery, it was placed in his hands. A few days later the le{ter came back stamped. "Urj- known in Burbank — Return to sender." And the joke is the address was correct and the person has lived there many years — name perfectly correct too. So— what happened? A rookie mail clerk? I suppose if I were to see all the mail that is handled, I'd wonder how ANY of it gets to. the right place. * • » I am about Jo embark on making "Rosebud diapers" to send to the "Hobby sales" f|r the handicapped. Looks like a very complicated affair from the pieces of the pattern which were recently sent me by a friend. The pattern looks very much like a jig-saw puzzle. Good luck to me, and if I get stymied I'll cail an S.Q.S. to some new mother, Obadiah, the fourth book of the Minor Prophets, with 21 verses, is the shortest book in the Old Testament. i Wednesday iKForest City visftirig their sister, Mrs Art Strorhmen. Linda Pulv^r, daughter of Mr and Mrs LyAn Pulyer, gramiate'd Wednesday from Hamilton School' of Commerce in Mason City. She is employed in the law offices of Winkel and Winkel, Algona.. Mr and Mrs Beryl Butterfield and Mr and Mrs Alvin Beck left Sunday ph a £n day vacation trip through the eastern states. , Work' began last Sveek on the construction of the medical clinic, sponsored by Swea City Building, Inc., Lundquist Construction' Company has the contract. Music Boosters held a special meeting Tuesday at the school, at which time they voted to contribute iabout $250 toward the purchase of drums for the marching band. A picnic at Clear Lake Sunday was attemded by Mrs Edla Ovens and Walton Ovens, Mrs Florence Manthei and Joyce, Mr and Mrs Earl Kvamsdale and family, Mr and Mrs Ole Kvamsdale and Lillian Kvamsdale and Miss Emily. Moline. i Miss Iva Moats, who has been a patient at Holy Family Hospital, is now being.cared for in a rest home in Estherville; Mr and Mrs Elmer Swanson, David and Sarah left last week on a vacation trip to Boise, Idaho, to visit relatives. They also toured points of interest in the West. Mr and Mrs William Christensen, Bill Christensen, and Mrs ; A R. Harner of Good Thunder left Saturday for Burlington to .attend the wedding of the Chrigt- ensen's granddaughter, G we n Haugen. She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Ingmar Haugen, who formerly lived here. Andrew Anderson, who has been in poor health, was visited last week by his son and family, the Godfrey Andersons of Forreston, Minn.; also the Helge Anderson family of St. Charles, ill.; and the Bud Warshams of Kalamazoo. Mr and Mrs Anderson; who are in their eighties, wHl observe their 60th wedding anniversary in December, The third mosquito spraying took place Thursday evening. The spray program has been financed by voluntary contributions of residents. Mrs Fred Moellering and Leland, Lorraine ahd Paul attended the Dawson famjly reunion Sunday in Owatonna. * Mr and Mrs; Gordon Christen- geri and family moved Thursday from West Bend to the Conrad Linde house in'the south part'of town. Christensen will manage the Swea City Cooperative Creamery. '«nw ,ir A i: In a special ^election Wednesday, Aug. 28," at the town- hall, from 8 a.m.-t£)-'8 p.m., voters will decide on a 1 $55,000'bond issue for a municipal swimming pool. The Safe Driving Club meets A diversified, managed Mutual Fund, organized in Canada, with investments in over 75 Canadian corporations, seeking possible long term growth of capital through; • . . Investment* 10 com* panies expected to participate in the d*. velopment and expan. •ion of Canadian natural retource*, in* diutry and commerce, • i. Retention and rein. vestment of ill _ earning* • t » Low i«* WADDELL ft REED, | N C -, -r-^.^jp^f,, tf-.^.f.fTg, w , wp*y "OMesi Fro» Cewt to CtaMf JOHN Q* Box 1W. NAME ,,„„.„ APPK CJTV, Monday. August 26, at thf Legion Hall, at which time the group will consider its constitution. All boys and girls, 14 to 19, are eligible for membership and invited to the meeting. Irvington Marguerite M. Hayes (Prom Last Week) Mr and Mrs Milford Plathe and family spent the week of Aug. 3 to 10th at Vacation Village on West Okoboji. Mrs Mary Dole enjoyed a family gathering at her home on Aug. 9th in honor of her birthday. Mr Henry Hahle is now at the home of his son, George, after having been a patient at St. Ann for several days. John Dole is now at home, having completed his six weeks ROTC training at Fort Sill, Okla. Mrs Joe Bird and four children will arrive next week from La Mesa, Calif, to spend several weeks at home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Elmer Dole. Mr Bird will come later on and accompany the family back home. Jeffrey and Terri VanderWaal of low* : City are vacationing at the hpmes of their grandparents, Mr and Mrs Le Colwell here, Mrs Jim Elbert, Ex-Resident, Dies Mrs James Elbert, 51, former Algona resident died Aug. 6 in St. Francis Hospital at Waterloo after an illness of about two years. She was born June 4, 1906 at Ledyard, the daughter of James H. and Dorothy Arnunson Palmer. She was married Jan. 5, 1930 to James Elbert at Rockwell City. She was well known in Algona, haying been employed at Chris- chilles Store for a number of years. She is survived by her husband, Waterloo; one daughter, Shirlee F 1 a m m a n g, Council Bluffs; her mother, Mrs Dorothy Palmer, Algona, 2 brothers. Clayton, Spencer, and Harold, Denver, Colo.; three sisters, Mrs Hilda An- and Mr and Mrs VanderWaal in Algona. Mr and Mrs Geo. Skare and children visited a few days this week at Waterloo with his sister and family the Howard Robert- sons there. Mr Skare is local depot agent and is having his annual vacation. They will spend Cart of this week at Lake Oko- oji. A relief agent is on duty here at the depot. Mrs Jack Schulz and Jan returned Saturday from a week's visit in Racine, Wis. with her sister and family. Results Of Years In Research Thafs what is reflected in our complete line of the finest pharmaceuticals, the finest available. Your doctor and we pharmacists work together in bringing the product of long research and study to help you. When you want help most, we are prepared to fill your prescriptions immediately, while you wait or whenever you wish to call back. THUENTE PHARMACY Phone CY 4-2528 OUR BUSINESS IS PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH Thursday, August M, 195? Algona (la.) UppWf Oil Mdtftfft-t cell and Mrs Neva Nute, Waterloo and Lorraine Dale. Algona, also three grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her father, one sister and one brother. Services were held in the Sacred Heart church and burial in Mt. Olivet cemetery at Waterloo. A host of relatives and friends from here attended. Graham Store Newly Decorated A painting and redecorating program covering both interior and exterior store front has just been completed by the Graham Dept. Store here, and is being signaled this week by the firm's annual Back-To-School event. The redecorating program, handled by Richardson Bros., called for a complete change in PROCESS quality controlled cleaning store appearance, with the store front being redone in jet black, and the interior in pale-pink and green combination. There are 42 state parks ifi the State of Illinois, with a total area of 28,000 acres. STOCK HO back to school Starting out the new season in outfits Lustre-Sheen cleaned and fresh as Pall weather! Quick dependable service! MODERN DRY CLEANERS & TAILORS 111 S Harlan CY 4-4277 CEE Gigantic Exhibit! 9EE of Cattle, Horses, Swin4, Sheep and Poultry. Biggest in History. Other Main Features aret • 80-Acre Farm Machinery & Home Appliance Show* • Spectacular Night Show, Climaxed by Fireworks. • Auto Races, Every Day Except Aug. 28; Featuring Special "North Star 350" labor Day Stock Car Race. • Thrill Shows - Nite, Aug. 24; Day Show, Aug. 28. • Agriculture, Horticulture & • Home Activities Shows. • 7 Nite Horse Shows, Aug. 25 thru 30, and Sept. 1; 3 Matinees, Aug. 30 and Sept. 1 and 2. • Royal American Shows on World's Largest Midway. • Dairy, Honey, FJne Arts, School and State Exhibits* 'Buy RticiW Tlthfe by Ma?/.' Grandttand, $2 & $2.50 f£xc«pf labor Da/ "North Star 350," $3 t, $3.50), Hortt Show, $1.50 & $2. Stnd Chtcfc or Money Ordtr, Mfnniiofa Slat* Fair, St. foul 8. • Ouktdt Cat* Admluhn. 50e. < MINNESOTA STATE FAIR UPCHS SATURDAY CLOUS .1.ABOHOAY. - Sept.2 i AIR CONOrnONfNO-TEMrfRATURES MADE TO ORDER-AT NEW IOW 'COST. GET A DCMOflSntATIOHt NUMBER ONE IN CROSS-COUNTRY ECONOMY TEST •CHEVROLET! Drive the car that recorded up to 17% greater fuel savings in a con* elusive transcontinental economy test of the three leading low-priced cars—sanctioned arjd certified by NATA,* Running from Los Angeles to New York, Qievy proved that it costs least to operate of all three! It just goes to prove that Chevy offers more of the important things that make for happier driving. H*0»E Bunarkahie pep and handling ease; that kincl of road-holding ability usually associated with sports cart; and, to round it off nicely, outstanding economy. Drive one soon at Chevrolet dealer's, taM» fctfew* Your Local Authorised Chevrolet m -w >i-& ' '"+$*$£&-'*'•*. & '• . .^.i**li

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