Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 8, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnis e YOU DON'T WANT A SUIT Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY Q. TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. f THE FIRSl RATIONAL BAM -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL, $250,000. . T M,,rflock PreB. W. W. Bow. Ca«h. *• " . , A«t. DIKKCTOBS: . H. Bringhuwt, - M . ^ T wuson Bar.klnp In all Its Department, promptly '"" Gunmen, and Stockho.der. Sealed Proposals, To lurnlsb supplies lor the Northern Indiana Hospital Tor Insane, For ffle Montn ol November 1896, i5aUonalB»Blc. By order of the Bwrd. J. G. ROGERS. Medical Supt- lone CUB, Cct, a, 189C. . DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY, OCTOBER S, 1SOC. Merit In medicine means the power to cure. The great cures by Hood's Sar- saparllla prove Its unequaled merit. For .Information concerning annual gaa rates, see card of Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas Co., on first page. The regular meeting of.Charity Div, 4 w m be held today at 2:30 p. m., In their ball, corner Sixth street ana Broadway. All members are invited • to attend. By order of the President, Mrs. Joseph \Vlitaery- The lire laddies arc playing In tough luck lately. The business college fire was n hard one to flpht without water, and when they llnnlly did get the engine going again, they were compelled to work until 11 o'clock. The fli-e broke out In the ruins again yesterday morn- in~ and they were called back at H o'clock in the morning. Afterward they found that their lines were crossed and that led one of the boys to remark that "troubles never come singly." E. F. Wagenknecht, a traveling salesman from Peru, 111., was In the city yesterday and viewed the Bryan demonstration. It was not with favor, however. Four years a£i> Mr. Wagenknecht was ian ardent supporter of Cleveland and free trade, but lie snys 'that four' years of traveling over tbo contttry with a sample case, trying to sell goods, has taught him a lesson; that he knows when he has had enough and this year will vote for'McKinley. and Protection. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DSL CREAM BAKING ur... __ .. MOST PERFECT MADE. * f'teCrvic J~renm of Tartar Powder. - Frei ft * AromoiMa, Alum or.any other adulterant 40 Yean tne SILENCED THE "MASHER." How » New Woman Saved Ilcrsolf from Unwelcome Attoiitlou. He bad a smile as bright as hisgnyly- colored trap as he rode up alongside a demure young woman who \ v as walking In Centrn) park the other morning, upon one of the asphalt paths, reports the New York Herald. She heard the rmttle of wheels at her side, yet she turned neither to the right nor to the left. "Good morning," said the homdsome young man as he raised his straw hat with the dizzy bond, "wouldn't you like to take a ride with me this morning 1 ?" The g-irl didn't . say "Sir-r-r!" or ^.Whnt means this intrusion?" She slowly turned around and looked the young man. over from heed to foot. He bore "her gaze without flinching 1 , and started to get down fro™ his seat as if to assist her into the trap. The jr'irl looked at him nnd then at tho pocketbook which she held in her hand. "T don't know," she said, h.-vlf aJotid, "1 don't know, I'm sure. How much would you charge to take me to the art museum?" There was'a whirl of yellow trap,of briffht red hat band and flying wheels. "You'll do," the young man said, as be drove rapidly away. Horrent of the Sea. Sundays and fixed holidays exceptcd, $100,000 \vorth of fish are. daily dragged oat of the sea by the fishermen of England. Lawralt* In Slam. They have sometimes a curious way of Oeciding- lawsuits in >*or:h Siam. Both parties nre put under cold water, and the one staying under the longest, wins the suit WILER-WILEE. Mrs. Joseph Wiler and Mrs. Clara Wiler of this city were man-led Tuesday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. William Kmns-at Cleveland, Ohio. The ceremony which was perforin>ed at the Qioine of the bride's daughter was a private oue as only the immediate friends 'and relatives of Mie coma-acting p;i.r- 'tles were present. An elegant wedding supper was served, after which the happy couple left for a ten days' honeymoon trip at the-principal Eastern points. . They will return to this city and'take up their res'Ideucc at No. OOC Market street. SCHOOL HOUSE MEETING. At the Seven Foot school house in .Tackson township, in spite of the big meeting in town, there was an Immense Sound Money meeting, attended by almost four hundred people, Including about fifty Democrats. The speakers were Mafli'lon Bell ond R. J. Loveland, and the audience was enthusiastic to an unusual degree. The Galveston Ladies' Glee club was pleasing -as usual, OFF FOR OAOT3ON. Tho delegation from Logansport, more than one hundred strong, will leave at 5 o'clock this morning for Canton, to.pay their respects to Major. Mc- Klnley. Hon. W. T.. Wilson went along as spokesman. The members o'f the party wore neat badges. Miss Dess Diebert of rera Is the guest off rlends 'here. She is accompanied by little Martini Neit, five years old, who is famous over the State as the youngest bicycle rider. Allle nnd Palsy Whitesldes of Baltic Ground were the guests of their sister, Mrs. Harry Longwell, yesterday., -. ' ' - John. FAUcett of the Delphi Times was.among, excursionists to tMs cltj yesterday. .:....'•'• Mr. 'Owen Kearna of Hamilton, Ohio, Is the guest of relatives here. . > W.J; BRYAN Conttaueii from FourMi Page. no speaker appeared. Tho crowd became restless and demanded entertainment. Hue Hon. .lim Bnmyan »t Hnuttogton 'throw lilmsell' into the broach :iml sinved the air w!tli his long ju'ins. His voice- could not be heard ton feet from die stand ^on account of the diu. and he soon pave it up. Frank Kistler then responded to a. call and spoke a few words. When lie grew tired of trying to throw His voice into the audience, he Introduced. Prof. G, W. Michael ns "one or tne- leading educators of the land," and. Prof. Mi- chaol tried his hand at educating the people In political economy. It was 1:15 o'clock when ttie carriage bearing Mr. Bryan and the reception (wnni'lttee drove up to the stand, and afthe crowd caught sight of the Presidential candidate, a nilgnty shout arose. 'As -ho mounted the steps lead: ing to the platl'onn and appeared before the audience, anol.-her shout, went up which was sti'llcd by Judge Dykeman, who called for order. Mr. Bryan removed his hat, nud overcoat and as he arose to speak, his lort Iiand was Thrust deep tnto his tt-ouscr's pocket, while with .his right he waved in a deprecatory manner to' order, The.tu- innlt finally subsided nnd lie began to speak at 1:20. At 1 :~,2 he Had flashed ;i,nd was -rapidly driven away. Mr. Bvyan was driven to the stand, corner of Fourth and North, streets, where he a.gnin spoko for ten minutes and left for the train. As Mr. Bryan rode away an enthusiastic lady in a recklessly driven buggy, .handed him a bouquet which the candidate handled smilingly as he was driven rapidly to the station: The crowd took a long breath, expanded Its chest, and the inflation caused its • distribution- • over niany blocks Jn a short -ttnic.' The speaker to follow Mr, Bryan was a statesman from Texas, Bailey by name, and J. W. MJcGreev.y, master of ceremonies, was perturbed when Mr. Bailey failed to aliow up. It was learned that• 'the speaker had taken affront a.t some neglect or slight, which s 'lhe Po-pocrats are usually guiitiy of, and he snlked in his room a.t the Barnett'hotel, and refused to play in auy yard-suggested. . Ex-Gonfiressjnan. Brooks-hire, Elijah V. Brookshi-re, not Berkshire, OK the Pharos had it, but evidently Poland China, from his frantic espousal of the cause of free and unlimited silver at a fairy -ratio, appeared about this time under instructions from the conimitteej 'and' was' about- to-bogiu - <hls speeeli without an Introduction, being fearful •that the people would disappear, wheii Mr. McGreevy was a.wakened to the si'tuatiou. and "at once plunged to the fore, mid formally and wlttt apparent cntluisiiisnx. introduced the gentleman from Montgomery county, Ind.: -as Mr; Bailey of Tosas.' This met a protest from the Hoos'.or Popocrat, who discarded his silk hat for a fatherly talk with! the people whom lie was pleased to call "com mon." Ho duvoted .his time to .extended and over-y.ealous praise of Mr. Bryan, who had -addressed the audience twice previously, His abuse of the foreign aristocracy was alternated with attempts.to array the pec-pic in his audience against each other In the matter of business dealings. The speaker remarked tluat thn farmer or laboring man who voted for Mc- Kluley this year could "rap on his •bead and hear an echo, for It was as •hollow as a gourd." This break was. received In silence, except for the monotonous "Ilia's ri,"-of a hiccougliinn Popocrat near the stand. Dr. Dick Davidson, of Harford City, who was a rabid Knight of the Golden •Circle during the war, 'tolil the veterans in bhe andience how they should vote, winking at Ms record and telling in chea.p rhymes how the flag he sought • to dishonor-was and must be upheld. Then S. E. Cook, of Huntlrigton, who heard the speech' of Bryan- at Chicago, which speech Is still rolling around the world, spoke for a short time, until the people's paitience entirely gave way, and some one told him to stop. At the rink .last night most of the. seats were taken .when Johnny Branyan of Huntlngton "was. Introduced by Frank .Kis'tler., The young man has a pleasing voice of good reach, butin.bJt-. ting power It was weak and at random.: .When he -had worked up a destructive perspiration, he was called down for encroaching upon the next speaker's time, and dutifully gave way to his father, .Tames C. Branyan, a once snowed-nnder opponent of Major : Steole, who succeeded'in rldflirig.the benches of many hundreds of Popo- erat patient's, '.,.',' ,: ' • One prominent Democrat said 'that poor judgment -had been shown In 'bringing such maiterial as the Bran- yans Into the county, wrien Carter was on the ground, ready for business. The Fourth' and North street stand was not-the center of the seethlngysca of humanity that Bryan, faced, when the night meeting'was called to order" •by M. F. Malio'riey, who has been, told he ipoits Bke Bryan. ' , The first.,speaker was Hon. Elijah Vobrtiees Brookshlre, and! ne was. fol- $44,499.41 The stock was too large to sell in Bulk, and upon the petition r of creditors the Cass circuit court entered an order authorizing me to at once open the doors, employ a sufiicient force of clerks and proceed to sell the entire stock at retail. The'citizens of Logansport, Cass and adjoining counties are respectfully invited to call at the Otto A. Kraus store and inspect the stock of merchandise consisting of Clothing, Hats, Boots and Shoes^ and Gents' Furnishing Goods, and assigned to me September 14th^ The stock was appraised by Logansport merchants of sterling integrity and amounted in the aggregate to $44 499.41. ALBERT Q. JENKINES, Assignee. lowed by Mr. S. E. Cook of Huntington. The coolness of the air prevented the meeting from being enjoyable. There.'was a small group present, and 110 enthusiasm conld be aroused. N-OTBS. In the niglrt-para.de •there was only a handful of marchers from tiic city or- KODAKS KODAKS I have the agincy for the products of the EASTMAN KODAK CO of Eochester, N. Y.. the largest and beet equipped concern in the world manufacturing PHOTOGRAPHIC INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES. Tbeir goods are taken as Standard the world over. Probably the most uncomfortable equestrian in the morning parade and since, was Frank Kistler. An unknown lady fell In, a rush for the Bryan train, -about noon, and suC- fered the fracture of a leg. An old man was run down and sligliitly hurt by a Indy bicyolnst near the Panhandle station about noon. Tho "parade was a 1C to 1 parade, 1C boys and girl* to 1.voter. There were MS boys under age in, the morning parade. A burglary .was reported from the residence of Tims. A. Peden, but the police had not been notified of the robbery last night. Bryan photographs were loudly cried upon the streets yesterday with few 'takers, at a nickel apiece. They afterwards sold at two for a nickel. There were fourteen calls for the pa- trc-1 wagon and twenty-five arrests during the day, any of tihese were suspicious characters and vagrants. Over fifty Votes for McKinley are recorded as a result of yesterday's orator, yesterday's speeches and yesterday's parade. Let the good work go on. • r 'Epitomize was a'word that refused to twist itself about. Mr. Bryan's tongue. He stuttered and stumbled over lit, and'finally made it out "opito- inalixe." ' : A fight occurred maoad nnhm mfvo 'A-fighit occurred in the lobby of the 'fink while the spealdng was going on 1iis't'''jijffl)t, nnd a small riot scorned imminent for « time. ' Wing the speaking at t>he Tenth street lot a man whose name could not be learned wac? overcome flJid fainted; Whether the speech- or the crowd was rosponsiible'is not known. : The Columbia Brewing Co.'s wagon brought up the rear of tne procession 'ami'incidentally preached good Protection doctrine by inscribing on Ihelr banner. "Patronize Home Industry." The Pharos proprietors were so rattled that they went home leaving the electric lights burning nil right.. Adam Fclkcr tried to set into fhe editorial room to turn off the .lights, but failed. The- parade represented tho full vote of Brynn in this county. Every Bryan man 'turned but and shouted of course. The parade had loss than a thousand in line, ami not a third ot the crowd voters. • i There were many cases of. intoxication and about -I- o'clock a free fight 1 among Popocrats was started on Fourth street, near the Pharos office. There were several knock-downs, but no arrests. . The Popocrat committee raised Sf-100 for the celebration. One hundred'dol- lars went to pay for 1-be Brynn special train ami one hundred pa.UlTor fireworks. What went wlilh the balance nobody knows. The block on Fourth street between Market (Street anil the Pennsylvania station was the best decorated in the town: a poll of the same block shows twenty-two voters, four of whom are for Bryan and eighteen against. A number of large posters announcing that'.Tohn P. Irish: would speak for Palmer and Buckner at Peru next Tuesday, were posted about town yesterday, and were torn down and destroyed wilthin an. hour afterwards. ' The Pharos stated that the Canton excursion would start this morning at 4 o'clock. There, was no excuse for this! But when The Journal published the Associated Press report of the Bryan meeting here It was an attempt to 'mislead. ... An old man standing la. the crowd at the Fourth street station, was kicked by a vicious horse.ridden by one of the men' In the parade, and knocked down. He was-carried" a,way by friends and his name and the extent of .his injuries could not be learned. The most- sacrillglous allegory was that furnished by, Jefferson township. A man was seated on the float wearing on his head a crown of thorns. Behind htm stood a cross of gold. One man viewing the parade, turned red when •he saw it and tearing off his Bryan badge said, "That settles it with me» .Several of the townships sent small Size 3x4 iacaes; weight ounces. Takes a picture . inches. Either film or gloat plates can be used. Does perfect work. Price $5.00; POOKBT KODAK. . Takes square pictures, 3!&sS& inches; size of camera, 4%x4%x6 inches; weight 20 ounces. Prtc* $10.00. . , Improved Not 2 Bullet. .. TWs,. outfit is sufficiently large for all ordinary amateur photography. Includes lamp, trays, two dozen sheete Dolio paper, solution, etc. Price. $3.50. A. B. C. Developing and Printing Outfit. Full Line of Supplies Kept on Hand. C. W. GRAVES, Successor to W. T. GIFFE, 4 «3 Broadway. -!S=-=^=^ e=a==! ^ !5SH== fly New Goods- Are here. Call and examine them before buying, AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor. positively cure loss of Mambood, Weak Memory, ' '. ro E Nervousness. Youthful Errors, Use of Opium. Etc., er. ;;jjich surely lead to death or insanity, Large Boxes, $2.00: ceipt of price INDIANAPOLIS MEDICINE CO —•••••' MKWW, of from twenty to forty, and'there were at least three hundred iu line from the country, counting men, boys and girls. And yet Mr. Bryan said the farmers were with. him. The picture in front, of the Pharos office represented Bryan, a farmer and a workin'gman. Mr. Bryan smiled in au egotistical way, and- rising, lifted his hat as lie passed under. Some said that he was raising his hat to himself, while others, thought he had in mind the saying,, "When eihall we three meet again*" • ' ' A feature of the fireworks - In the evening- was a.human Roman: candle. A nicely' dressed man, thought to be •from Peru, had a bunch of Roman candles buttoned':up under his coat .A spark of'"fire 1 got. to them, and the whole bunch went off in a hurry. The gentleman's overcoat was burned almost off his back, Ms face was badly burned, and hie clothing was badly damaged. Tire decorations wore very scant. The vacant store rooms were decorated by the committee, a fitting symbol. Some decorations were strung along the poles in front of anti-Bryan- business men. A trick of the committee was to borrow a large flag from some business house and 'afterwards to ask permission to stretch it across the street Notwithstanding all this there were very few decorations. The whole affair was marked by confusion. ls 7 o one seemed to know when Mr. Bryan would get here. The parade was an hour late, Governor "Matthews had no meeting on account of his hour conflicting with Mr. Bryan's departure. Mr. Bailey refused to speak on account of some slight Mr, McGrcevey Introduced Mr. Brookshire as Mr. Bailey, and the Pharos made him Berkshire. Such is Popocratlc.management. When the railroad men had their ral-. ly there was much individual con* plaint because tin borns were takert away by the police. Yesterday the. On horn nuisance was at its height ana the police looked calmly on. "What!» the meaning of this?" asked a Journal. man of an officer. "The Superintendent has ordered us to let it go this time," was the reply. Thus the laws are enforced against railroad' boys but Iff- nored when the attorney of tbe millionaire silver mine owners is here. The crowd here was- not as large a» usual. The- Panhandle 'brought In 2,000, ; the Wabash 2,000 ana tne Vandalla 500. It was estimated that 3,000 from the farms of this and adjoining counties were in the city. This would make an attendance of less than 8,000. The railroads brought In 37 coaches in all, and as one hundred people can be crowded into a c-ir this would show only 3,700 coming this way. It is'custom- ary to estimate the crowd from- th» country the same way and this wool* show about the sam* result .Thfr crowd was not aa large as gathers to see the .parade of a. good circus, and massed on Fourth street, .could" be easily estimated. One striking feature was the shouts for McKlnley and th* large number of McKlnley badge*. ^ Subscribe for The JonnaL ",','.'•'•': i^iSiiSi;iiifei

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