The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 15, 1957 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 15, 1957
Page 20
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'••$? -- : - : -3 ihe summer months television programs sink to new lows.. The following summer replacement manuscript is offered m keeping with this trend. Anv resemblance to any other TV show is purely premediatated Lan I help it if somebody gets my ideas first? The scene is a cloud of smoki which dissolves to show a commentator seated in a chair: Edward H. Morrow: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. The name of the program is People to People It's all live: there is no film. Tonight we are going to visit the home of Harlan J. Sigsbee, plumber, fireman and fisherman. He and his wife. Grace, whose column, Woman's World is syndicated from coast to coast in one newspaper, live in this palatial residence at 209 S. Williams in Algona, Iowa. (Scene dissolves to shot of our house) Good evening, Mrs Sigsbee. Can you hear me? (Scene dissolves to shot, preferably Cheesecake, of Orace) * » * Graces Yes, Mr Horrow, I can hear you. I'm right here lounging in the living room, catching " on a little light reading E. R. H.: Thank you. It's nice to be here. Tell me,-£?race what's tne name of the volume you'r reading? J Grace: The Purpose and Pre servation of the Primitive Peo pies of Populated Portions o Plantoganorio—just a little thing I picked up. 6 * • • • E. R. H.: Very interesting. But ?° n * y°" think you should hold it right side up, so that our camera man can get a shot at it? ay the way, where is vour husband? y s Grace: He's very anxious to you, Ed. He's right-over here in his shabby old. arm chair he clings to. Darling! We have company, precious 1 F»*K«,. Huh? What? gnort Pie is the quiet type. He just sits for hours in his comfy old arm chair, just meditating—. Father: I can't very well get out of it. That goldanged broken spring is caught onto my pants Grace: (laughingly) Ha. Ha. Honestly Ed, such a dry sense of humor! (high voltage glare and well placed kick in Father's direction.) But you must meet the rest of our happy little family. We've let the children stav "P late just for your program. Kids! You can untie yourselves now! I mean—Children! Come m and meet Mr Horrow. (Enter Bill, Mary Ann and Jean, unaccustomedly clean) These Ed a j e jny Jewels! Say, Hello to Mr Horrow, darlings! Bill: Aw, sheddup! Jean: Ma, how come you got your hair combed? Mary Ann: Why for have you got lipstick on and that stuff on your eyes? Who'd you borrow the velvet pants from? .Grace: Ha. Ha. Mother's pre* c i°Wr ht ,! le sugar P lums know that Mother always wears casual little lounging ensembles at 1 mean, my land, that Is a dog Grace: She's friendly just lik the rest of the family. Wiener Stop growling at the earner man! And give the seat of hi pants back to him, immediately E. R. H.: Tell me. Mrs Sigsbee are any of you musical? Grace: Indeed we are! Bil plays on the comb and Mary Ann plays the flute. Maybe we can persuade her to play for us (Mary Ann is already half-way through the second chorus of Row, Row, Row Your Boat) Tht precious little genius has had only 364 lessons, too! E. H. H,: Thank you very much. Mary Ann. — I said, that was fine, Mary Ann. — For crying out loud can't somebody stop that awful squawking? * * ' *' Bill: I wanna show Mr Horrow my collection of shrunken heads! Jean: I wanna show him how quick I whip out my switch blade knife! E. fl. M.: We'd like to continue this most pleasant visit but unfortunately we are running out of time. I hope. And now some of the people show possible: Grace: (strictly aside) For heavens sakes, wake up! Put your shoes on, the television show is on. Father: Huh? What? Snort! Glub! 'si£b?e. H>! Goodevenin *' Mr Father: Who the heck took the sport section of the paper? It was right here a minute ago E. R. H.: Your wife tells me you are quite a fisherman. How are they biting up at Cass Lake these days? Father: Not worth a . • » * * ; Grace: Oh, Father doesn't care it he doesn't catch any fish He loves to sit down by the dam and meditate, don't you darling? Father: Not by a dam site. If you think — Grace: You see, Ed, Lamby -»».. u .n 6 cijatiiiuiliB al home. We love to spend our time together, Ed. We're such a happy little family. * * * Jean: Mamma said she'd break our arms if we started any fights while you were here—. Mary Ann: And she said she'd wring Daddy's neck if he didn't take a bath. Grace: Now Sweetums, you Jean: How come she's talkin» so nice to us? ° Mary Ann: I dunno, but lets not waste it. Ma can we have a quarter? E. R. H.: Tell me, Bill, what does a young man like you do to keep busy? °' at ; e! Well for one thing, Ed he g ve ry hterary. He spends all his time reading— Bill: Yeah., Who took my Blood ana Orore comic book? Jean: I didn't. Mary Ann did. Mary Ann: Didn't either, so shut up. Stop hitting me, Bill! Grace: If my little lambs will excuse me, I'd like to show you ome of my collector's items here £• J fr (Dissol ve to bedroom. Kids follow, scrapping all the way) This is.where I write my coUimn and he>e is my set of antique porcelains. They've been in T.rlA TQmi Itf fnvt ~ 1 . j • who made this ....„., j/.«,a«un.-. Dick Phillips, chairman of the Society For The Abolishment of Television: the Jukes and the Kolikeck families- Iowa State Parole Board; Kossuth Chapter of Encouragment of Delinquent Children; the Acme Finance Company. And now — I Grace: But, Ed, I really think you ought to see—. Father: Huh? What? Glub' Snore! And this, I maintain should break Edward R. Horrow of his nasty habit of poking his nose into people's home life. * * * This week's recipe is for Delicious Sliced Pickles and it came to me from Phyllis Lovstad, .- „„ ..,_ .LLV^III j. lljrjLJia .LjlJV! 1 gallon sliced cucumbers, medium size. 1 gallon water 1 cup salt. Make a brine of the water and salt, put cucumbers in it and let stand six days. Stir each day. pram well and boil ten minutes m water to which a rounded teaspoon of alum has been add Dram and boil ten minutes in water with 2 tablespoons ginger add. Drain and boil in the following mixture until transparent- 1 tablespoon celery seed 1 tblsp. whole cloves 1 tblsp. allspice 1 tblsp. stick cinnamon 1 quart vinegar 1 pint water 3 pounds white sugar. Put all spices, except celery seed in a bag. These pickles are very crisp and clear and a beauti- Till tft*nttn ful green. —GRACE. . e e ««f m mily for a lon S time. BUI: Tomorrow she's got to take them back to the neighbors. * 7 And th<§ man «, n < man at the furniture store said television show or no television show she's got to bring back the rug or he'll charge her for it. Ha Ha. Why don't ., . y on't Mother's little honies go out to the kitchen and mix up a nice batch of Kool-ade. Over here Ed, m the chair is another mem-' En °f lV e famij y- Weiner, say hello to Mr Horrow. Early Resident Dies In Tacoma R. L. Pabgett, 63, passed away at his home Aug. 6, at Tacomd, Wash, following a heart attack. He was a long-time resident of £,T,? n « and move d to Tacoma in 1947. He was an architect and brick mason. r^J* survive d by his wife, Ella; three sons, Terrance, Harold and Bobby; six grandchildren; nis mother, Mrs Emma Dehnert and one sister, Mrs R. A. Johnston °f Algona; one brother, Paul of Springfield, 111. Services will be held in Tacoma. 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