The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 15, 1957 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 15, 1957
Page 19
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Estel Rasmussen Jr.; attended his brother as best man and Richard Lenz, brother of the bride, was usher. Cleo Meier of Whittemore was the soloist. She was accompanied by Reuben Butzke, organist. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the bride's parents' home, ' ...,—,.,„„, Mrs Waiter Lenz, aunt of the bride, served the caKe^Mrs Paul Dietrich, aunt of the bride, poured, Mrs Fred Lenz,' Mrs Ja'mes Chapman, Mrs Ernest Lenz and Mrs Orlo Allen, aunts of the bride, and Caroline Lenz, a cousin, assisted in the kitchen. Waitresses wore Mrs Estel Rasmussen, Alice Ryswyk and Marilyn Jensen, ,all of Des Moines. They also had charge of the guest book and the gifts. The bride attended Rodman school, graduated in 1956, and has been employed with the Bankers Life Insurance Company in Des Moines. The bridegroom attended the schools at Casey and graduated with the class of 1955 and enlisted in the navy in September in 1955 and has been stationed at San Diego. A few days after his wedding he was notified that he would have to go on *. six months cruise. His wife will join him upon his return to the states (Photo by Isaacson-UDM Engraving). Swea & Eagle By Mrs Emil Larson First Lieutenant Roger Hoi- comb, soon to receive his discharge after two years in military service, will teach vocational agriculture at Plymouth, la. school next year. He will assume his new duties about Aug. 15. Grant Hustlers 4-H boys club met with Keith .Waterbury July 18 at an evening meeting. Report on short course at Ames was given by Phil Tokheim arid Laverne Klocke reported on Clear Lake- Camp. Joan Irmiter was hostess of the Swea Sunbeam July 1(5. Rita Walker reported on the demonstration work shop which she, Kay Fitzgerald, Mrs Ed Fitzgerald and Mrs Ralp Walker, Jr. attended. Betty Clark told of her experience at State Convention, Janet Walker and Maxine Clark of their stay at Clear Lake Camp. Swea Sunbeam 4-H Club held their local Achievement Day Saturday, Aug. 4 at the Community Hall. Mrs Ralph Walker Jr., Mrs Leo Engessor and Mrs Ed Fitzgerald assisted by club members, Lois McGregor, Rita Walker and Betty Clark. A style review contest was held. Mrs R. I. Anderson acted as judge and O'Green. The Eagle Ette 4-H Girls gave a demonstration. Mr and Mrs Elmer Berg and family of Emmpns, Minn., were Sunday night visitors of friends, Mr and Mrs Virgil Jensen. Mr and Mrs Leo Guerdet and Mr and Mrs Robert Burt, Fenton visited Saturday and Sunday at the home of the, woman folks' brother and his wife, Mr and Mrs Ralph Flier, Amory, Wis. Mrs John Larson played and sang at the K.S.V.M. Fair booth at Fairmont. Mr and Mrs Glenn Olson and son Richard were visitors Sunday with Glenn's aunt, Mrs Kate Brown, Jefferson,. Accompaning the Olsons home was Glenn's mother. Mr and Mrs Ralph Walker Jr. and daughters Rita and Janet, Mr and Mrs Martin Dahl and son Dick and Lowell Farland were week ago Sunday visitors with Ralph Walker Sr. and Mr and Mrs Earnest Witter Rockwell. on sml nofnfnatlons were not* fn or. Oe> to fill the vacancy. Robert Barnes , motion duly made and seconded an* . bnllots were then cast by the en prosent. The Tellers tab- tilntpfl the vote nnrt submitted the fol- If'H-mjT results to the Mayor: 5 ballots anon t f T l M 0r RobPrl Balws w h"ro- apon the Mayor declared that Ttohert Barnes had been duly elected to fill tnp vacancy. The council spent the rest of the meeting considering the 1958 budget *n<l adjourned to July 24 1967 The Council met July 24. mi with ' P™ Tempore fi. Richardson. chair, and the following Coun; BaVnes, Laird, Elbert, Drces- fnan. Parsons. Proposed budget for J9S8 was again considered. B-i^'L °f ?, ub " c I mpr - salar y shall be fcunll <mi ° W , S 4 °'i ou< * General .. men P men. R. dlSCt " <! "<"l the 1H58 bl.d- was adopted. The vote : Ayes-Elbert. Parsons ! Laird ' Rlchsrdson NayR.-BaiW Meeting adjourned. M lty Council "»Pl J'-ily 10, 1!>57, Mavor Dr. Cameron C. Shlerk i> "; f , hp f °»°«''nK council- irst, L. Laird. A. Elbert. J. . V. Parsons, B. Richardson. Tun f t.U?l, nUt in Se - or thr ""^'nK "eld proved WPrr rcad and ap ^ n ,T" l *' ion accp P!inR donated truck If,i o vT n 2 pl from the NTf)rth Cen- tMl Public Service Co. was passed and approved. Resolution approving drainage ease- i 4, r °. r temporal^' storm sewer outlet in the are* lying between McGre- IK i nd statc east of Durant Street, was passed and approved. , Resolution approving contract be- if' 66 " Paber Constr. Co. and the City w Algona to do some street work In the east part of town was approved • Resolution coae.«-nih$ sale O f house to Walter Peterson by the City of Al- R°na located on Lot 7 ttock & Orlgi- , tial Plat was passed and approved. Claim filed by the Concrete Products Corp. Against thfc Whetstine Co. for materials furnished for the East Side Storm Project was read. Da'e of hearing for the East Side Storm Project was set for July 31. 1657 at 7:30 p.m. 11 building permits were granted. Cigarette permit granted to Frank & Em's Place. Preliminary budget hearing was set for July 22. 1957 at 7:00 p.m. General Government F«nd David A. Smith, salary ______ _ ]2ftBO City Clerk, advance cash ______ .69 Joe Heiderscheiclt, refund „_ 1 00 Uniform Building Code Association — building code books & membership fee ..... ______ 180.75 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., typewriter stand ________ " '3005 Russrll G. Buchanan, legal fee anil expense _________ ..... 1,007.80 Advance Pub. Co.. legal pub. 84.13 Street Fund Jess Lashbrook, salary . ..... „ 137.07 Albert Pergande, salary _______ 123.37 Glenn Burtis, salary ___________ 122.24 " fteakus Wetmers, !at»r 3f87 Rlener Helmers. labor 41 47 James Egll, salsry _. 148.95 Fred Gronbnch. salary 99 85 Jowa State Bank, withholding Hilton's Super Sen-., gas 828 Wagner Cities Serv., fuel . 125 Advance Pub. Co.. l*£al puW. S8.4fi East End Foundry. Inc.. tfrntes 36.00 Miller Lumber Co.. materials 55.00 City CIc>rk, ailvanrc cash . _ . . 28.31 Cities Service Oil Co., fuel 16.50 Kohlhans Hardware, supp 07] Herbst Tns. Agency. Ins S04.35 Hall-Strahorn Hardware, supp. 9 90 Norton Machine Works, repair 1048 Prfttt Electric Constr, Co.. ser. 4 10 Helmers Bros., labor & mat. .. 752.35 fteefeatloft Fund Howard W. Stephenson. salary 108.32 Donald Cook, salary . 99 no Jackie Vahder Waal, salary 88.20 Jill Clapssddle, salary ..." . B8.20 Marilvn Lowman, salary 68.20 Mercia Stlllman. salary ... 68.20 Arthur Olson, salary 102.24 .Tnmes Oeelan. salary .. 97.64 Marilyn Seller, salary 68.20 B»-n Herhst. salary 28.46 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax .... 87.00 Norton Machine Works, repairs 49.91 Thompson-Hayward Chemical Co., chlorine 76.50 Hutzell's. supplies 2582 L. S. Muckev, labor 86.20 Pratt Electric Constr. Co. . _ 28.08 Kefth Rowley, material & labor 81.54 Strayer & O'Brien, hauling 5.00 Kohlhaas Hdwe., supp. 21.65 Coast to Coast Stores, supp... 7.71 Advance Pub. Co., supp. 2.40 Hutzell's. supp. _ _. 292.36 Airport Fund Bohannon Insurance Service. insurance ._ 25.10 Hall-Strahorn Hardware, supp. 8.12 Cresco-Unlon Electric Co., serv. 33.94 Paul Ostwlnkle. labor & mat. .. 92.50 Lelghton Mlshach, supp. .. 8.52 Parking Meier Fund Raymond Krebs, salary 188.07 Nancy Sands, salary 82.02 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax 38.00 Vrust & Agency Fund, pension 2.IB Advance Publ. Co., supp 2.40 City Clerk, advance cash .... 2.10 TiutJ ft Agency Fund Viola Melnnd. Guardian for Linda Counley. pension 10.00 Viola Meland, Guardian for Dennis Counley, pension 10.00 Richard Frambach. " salary 99.65 . ____ Raymond Metze-n Jr., salary ___ 98.46 Donald Prew. snlary __________ 119.97 Darald Skilling, salary ______ 76.64 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax ------- v , ..... ... ...... _________ 63.50 Mid -Iowa-Industrial Supply, md«e. ------------------ ........ _ 16.20 Bradley Bros., tires _____________ 47.10 Kossuth Mutual Ins. Assoc., rent __________ . ________________ 10.00 Kohlhaas Hardware, supp. _____ 10.60 The- Algona Ins. Agency, add'l prom. ______________ . _________ 32.96 Miller Lumber Co., materials __ 14.17 Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co., repairs 23.06 Algona Imp], Co., repairs ____ 3.50 L. S. Muckey. repairs ________ 6.26 Kent Motor Co., repairs 47.07 Cities Service Oil Co.. fuel -_ 70.18 Norton Machine Works, repairs 69.32 Ky's Crmmplm Oil Co., gas .__• 140.07 Ernie Williams, repair 3.92 Hilton's Supor Serv., service ... 87.54 Creenberg Auto Supply, mdse. 7.S1 Percival Motors, serv. 5.90 Algona Machine Shop, repairs 13.82 Algona Welding Works, trailer hitch - 2.75 Herman M. Brown Serv. Co., repairs - 42.97 Public Saiety Fund Albert Boekelman. salary 208.23 Richard Groen, salary 184.88 Ernest W. Hutchison, salary ... 192.27 Peter Jorgenson, salary 153.02 Kenneth McBride. salary 146.47 William. Ankenbauer, salary .. 156^6 James Voigt, salary 150.QO Iowa State Bank, withholding tax — 109.50 Trust & -Agency, pension fund 13.44 Ira Kohl, salary . 20.00 Albert Boekelman, service 17.00 4.51 APPLE-PICKER Floyd Thompson of Bedford, whose muscular ailments keep him on the ground with crutches, has designed and built an apple- picker. picked articles to County Fair, Rita be tuken to Walker, and »,^**«ir*(i,w* tit 4i y . Money bftcTguarantee. Kuy Fitzgerald gave their demonstrations. Mr' and Mrs Carl E. Anderson and son Maurice left Tuesday from Omah» by bus for Baton Rouge, La. where they will visit their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Gordon Gillson and their daughter Deborah. The Andersons will return here with the Gillsons who will visit. Mr and Mrs Francis Torine and his paretns, Mr and Mrs Perry Torine, Banrorft, visited Sunday with Cneryle Torine, Fayette. Mr and Mrs Lowell Larson and children left Saturday morning for a week's slay at Spirit Lake. Lowell will make daily trips back; to his work in Swea City. Mr and Mis Walter C. Peterson and Mr and Mrs Emii Larson visited the Larsons at Spirit Lake on Tuesday. Darrold Gable of Akron, Colo, who has been visiting his parents Mr and Mrs M. Gable, left Saturday for Truth or Consequences, N. M., being transferred tram Akron. Darrold's work is with the CivU Aeronautics Commission. Mis Mt-rton Roalson was host- e*$ §t her toou; W^(jyoj$d%y afternoon to the Eagle Assistant hostess was Mis Emil At Armstrong, Mr and Mrs Andrew Hansen recently entertained as house guests an old friend from Seattle, whom they had not seen for 50 years. HI was Andrew Monson, who had gone to school with the Hansons. COUNCIL MINUTES The Council met in adjourned session on the 22nd day of July, 1«57, with Mayor Shlerk, in the chair, and the following councilman: Furst. Laird. Elbert, Dreesman, Parsons. Richardson. Resolution accepting a letter of resignation from Councilman Eugene H. Fuist was passed and awu- Q ved. Mayor declared thai a vacancy exists in the membership of the City POUII- City Clerk, advance cash The Algona Ins. Agency, add'l prem. 4.42 Kossuth Motor Co., service 15.95 Peter Jorgenson, expense 99.18 Ky's Champlin Oil Co., gas 196.13 Algona Electric Co., repair 5.75 Hunter Manufacturing Co., rep. 10.15 Cone's Radio & Television, repairs 23.80 Hilton's Super Service, gas 4.09 Algona Fire Co., 183.00 Sanitation Fund Chester H. Schultz, salary 229.68 Norman Gade, labor 17.17 George Weig Jr., labor 28.87 it's grand qs a sauce g salad dressing spread! M?d«by KRAFT from the pin ond only MIRACLE WHIP gnd ipetiol pkkie relishes BUILD with BUTLER buildings Own the BEST of •t*») building* at no prict premium! Particular corporationi - larg* and •m»U-i«lact Sutler building*. Why? Pr»-«ngin««rlng provld»t tht dMlgfl-deUil, ttrsngth and perma- U*oc» that mean mor» value. Y«t buildingi co«t no mortl etatn WILL CONSTRUCTION CO. 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