The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 15, 1957 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 15, 1957
Page 17
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••_.<fc.-:i' .'TV.I ^^^^^^BOiMMHH^H Tidbits From Evelyn .Mrs E»l Millet ha*t Rielrf lfe*t **M*»M ,_ Mf "**,*&» E»l fifillit „„„ leturned from a vacation of a wpf-k spent at Aurora and Grand I*£? ' Neb " Mrs Miller '« the lonrior Jessie Cox. so you won't Hi? ^u he two Earl M " jller *««m- iiifs. They were accompanied by Mr and Mrs Jack Mahoney of S U n nby -., n Th(? y visi <*d relatives at Burville and attended a rodeo, second only to the ones at Chev- enne^ Wyo They also visited tho Pioneer Village and found all »]o old lore very interesting, iney report corn crops in excellent condition. * * * "THE QUILT" is finished and n is a beauty. I will confess now to whom it belongs, for the engagement and wedding date have been announced. It is for Dorothy Hagg whose wedding will take place September 22. The groom- elect is Bob Tolsdorf, of Cylinder. The quilt was started in March nt Evelyn McDougall's and the few of us have met each week to work on it. I have the honor of taking the first stitches in it and the last. The final stitches were taken in Ambrose Call State park at a picnic celebration. "Now for the quilting which is to be hired done—and lo! A family heirloom! Ricki Pott *tcBtnp«rf*<i hi grandmother Elizabeth and me to a matinee the other day and on the way home we stopped in a "dime store" to carry out a bargain between Rick and grandma. A price had been agreed upon and Rick, like all of us, chose the more expensive things; but was amiable when told it went beyond the agreed cost. But I thought he said "a.mouthful" when he remarked philosophically. "I get so disappointed when I don't get what I want." My Esther it returning today from a two weeks vacation in California. She accompanied her sisters Nellie Van Allen, Bernadine Allen and Jim and Jack Allen. Esther and Nellie were to be guests of Nellie's son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Lloyd Keith at Burbank and the Aliens were guests of the son and dau- ghler-in-law. Mr and Mrs Bill Allen at Santa Monica. Among the interesting things they were to see was a Lawrence Welk broadcast. Esther wrote they went to "The Ten Commandments," and 1 am sure they will see Knott's Berry Farm, Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Disney land, and they'll probably see "Around thf World." find Cine- rama. * » * While <** were suffering with the heat a scant fortnight ago Mr and Mrs Hnrold Kuchen- reuther, Larry, Barbara and Karen were enjoying the chill of Pikes Peak up some 14,000 feet and doing the interesting sights at Denver, Colorado Springs and Yellowstone National Park * * * Abdul thai tame time Mr and Mrs Floyd Shackelford, former residents here now living at Davenport, were visiting Floyd's brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Les Browning at Los Angeles. Going across the desert would have been quite an ordeal but for the air conditioner in the car. It was 100 degrees at L. A. and Californians may say "Oh, it Wasn't so bad," but Floyd summed the whole thing up when he said, "It's HOT anywhere at 100." They were not particularly impressed with California and were glad to get back to Davenport. The congested highways are the first thing "foreigners" complain about and the ShackelfoYds were happy to head for home. Floyd is em'- ployed as traveling salesman for the Midland Cutting Tool company of Rock Island, 111. "Oh Come, Phyllis. You've Heard of Travelers Checks." Protects you against loss or theft. Cashable anywhere, anytime, without question. Avoids necessity of carrying large sums on your person. Costs only $1.00 per hundred dollars. Travelers Checks - best way to check money worry and care when you travel. IOWA STATK Quite frequently we hear of persons having surgery to correct the shapes of noses—in fact quite a number of movie anc professional persons have hac such surgery done, so now Chris Bowen, grandson of Mrs Anna Madson has joined the ranks 01 the famous. His surgery was not in the interests of beauty— it was to correct a break of some years ago when he played football. The injury had begun to affect his breathing. Mrs Madson reports the surgery has greatly improved his looks as well as his physical condition. • * • Mrs William Shackelford was recently visited by the Rev. and Mrs O. R. Brooks of the Open Very Whole Gospel church at Topeka, Kan. They previously lived at Titonka till four years ago when they moved to Kansas. The Rev. Brooks was pastor at the Grace Gospel chur-ch at Titonka. * * » When I mentioned Prof. Pike recently, I couldn't think of his first name. Neither could Laura Palmer to whom I was talking. She phoned me the other day and came up with MILTON. That doesn't ring a bell with me, but she may be right. If anyone hinks of his name, phone me CY 4-3796—I'll pass the word on .o Laura. [THESE WOMEN! V|MMl»«|ijiia*|gM^ii«aii«>^^ /few** Wft«M«|fftn wasn't out by noon, did yoq alto charge HIM for an extra day?? ""* Bill and. Mary Barry were made, happy by a call from their niece and husband, Mr and Mrs Jerome Voigt and Susan of Mount Pleasant.' Mrs Voigt is the former Kathleen Holtzbauer. She will be remembered as a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs-Joe Holtzbauer. Bill's sister, Mrs C. B. M. Smith, of Des Moines has also been here. She is the former Mayme Barry whom I recall as being very attractive. Her hair was naturally curly and beautiful. How I envied her years ago The Voigts also have a son Steven who was unable to ac- company the family. They had also been at Eagle Grove to see Kathleen's Sister, the former Roseanne Hdltzbauer, Mn angry man is Sylvester T. BJjt, Who today was sol(j a piece of "blue skjt 11 : He'd stepped in a showroom-out of 0»« rait, Was sold a new car before he could explain! i How he hated the styling-so high and square And in new features it was realty bare, "I got a real bargain-the buy of my fife- But how do I ever convince my own wtfer Let this be tf leuon to faoul*- wives who use floor wax' too generously. 'A young friend \>f mine is going around with a stiff back and has learned to seat himself carefully while a few broken ribs mend. His wife, a bride of a few weeks, ih housewifely zeal to make things neat and "shipshape" had waxed the floors and hadn't thought it necessary to mention the fact. Her young husband was called to the phone, hadn't quite finished dressing after a shower and didn't stop to put on his slippers. Dashing out onto the newly waxed floor, his feet shot out from under him and he was unable to even get up off the floor for awhile. A doctor taped him and the young husband recalls the old story about Adam and the rib he lost to Eve. And I won't tell the names of the young couple. «• • • Mr and Mrs Glen Snider celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary August 10. The day was somewhat marred by the :houghts of going to Iowa City Monday where Mr Snider will enter University hospital. It is possible surgery will be necessary. Mr Snider has not been well for some time. Last week I should have written BETTY Barry Berrie. Instead of I had Mary, Betty's-mother. The sub-conscious does queer things now and then—and sometimes oftener. When Mrs Harold Peter told me she had Leatrice Joy as a weekend guest, my mind sped back to 1924 when a movie actress by that name was a gopd box office attraction. She married a Gilbert-Roland was his first name I believe, and they had a daughter. Leatrice was a very lovely woman. Wonder what has become of her. * * • When I had a card from th Abner Longs saying they wer heading west, I. wondered jus where they would be—the wes covers a very large territory. Mj curiousity was appeased thi. morning when a card came say ing they were in the Jackson hole country up in the Teton mountains. LONE ROCK By Mrs Clarence Kraft Moral: You're paying for a new car... make sure you get one! When you buy a new car, put your money on tomorrow—not yesterday, Swept-Wing Dodge actually obsoletes other cars in its field. Should you invest- in high, boxy styling when Dodge offers the low, low look of tomorrow? Should you invest in outmoded coil springs when Dodge offers new Torsion-Aire Ride? Should you'invest in an old-fashioned lever-type transmission when Dodge e£ers the ease of Push-Button Driving? Jn other things, too—engines, brakes, interiors—Dodge is years ahead. So put your money on tomorrow. See your Dodge dealer. Join the swing to the Sw^t-Wing Oodge! Mr and Mrs Kenneth Richards and family were guests for dinner Sunday at the M. O. Richards home. Last Sunday the Richards attended a Richards reunion in Wisconsin at Prairie Du Chien Mr and Mrs M. O. Richards returned last Monday after spend' ing a week in Wisconsin. There were 28 from the Richards families there. The first time in two years that the M. O. Richards' sons were together. Mr and Mrs Gerald Angus and family, Mr and Mrs Harold Angus and Toni of Burt spent Sunday evening in Algona at the Claude Whitehill home in honor of the birthday of Mrs Whitehill Joe Mockery of Titonka was a Sum !l y d 'nner guest at the Andrew Thomsen horn*. Lawrence Newbrough, David and Jerry were at the A. D Newbrough home for dinner Sunday. Mr and Mrs Virgil Zwlefel and family, Mr and Mrs Clair More all ot Dolliyer, Mrs Lena Schmidt and Martin of Penton, Mrs Louise Lieb, Arnold and Ella enjoyed a picnic at Tuttle Lake Sunday. Mr and Mrs Duane Dreyer and Jackie of Humboldt were Thursday evening visitors at the Frank Dreyer home, Mr and Mrs Rolland Baxter and family attended a picnic dinner Sunday at the Ed Kenyon home near Whittemore. Mrs Alfred Schadendorf and iris, Mrs Kenneth Fischer and Daughter Da Fawn of Bancroft, Ruth Schadendorf of Algona visited at the Junior Hurlburt home Saturday. Sunday afternoon Mr and Mrs Maurice Weisbrod and family called there. Mr and Mrs Joe Behrends, Wilmar, Minn., Mrs Detman Taconite, Minn, visited Friday evening with Mrs Emma Hurlburt and family. Mr and Mrs Maurice Weisbrod and family called there Wednesday evening. Sunday afternoon the Clinton Raths visited there and Mrs Wilma Bush and son of Algona spent the weekend there. Mrs Frank Flaig visited Sunday afternoon in Burt at the C. W. Heerdt home. Sunday evening Mr and Mrs Earl Ackerman of Burt visited at the Flaig home. Mrs Maude Blanchard, Mrs Darryl Hanson, Kurt and Katheryn, Mrs Fred Genrich visited in Ottosen Friday afternoon and were supper guests at the Alfred Schultz residence. Mr and Mrs Ralph Reidel and Curtis visited Sunday with Mrs Margaret Householder. Mr and Mrs Harlan Blanchard and Jonathon also visited there this week. Mrs Robert Angus and Susan, Mrs Duane Christenson and daughter all of Burt visited Fri- THURS., AUG. 15th PEE WEE HUNT And His Twellh Street Rag Band FRI.. AUG. 16ih KENNY HOFER SAT., AUG. 17lh HANK SCHOOLEY And His Modern Orch, TUES., AUG. 20th Teens Disc Hop 8 to 11 p.m. Dick CoEtle Priieg -. Top Recordings THURS., AUG. 22nd WOOPY HERMAN And His Third Herd Adm. 1.61, plus tax, tot. 1.80 YOUR FINEST HOLIDAY in th * h °PPy; « ro , wd « far Iowa's greatest fun ... 10 wonderful days . , , IQ glorious nights, 200 acres of marvolous thing, to we, and do, and enjoy at the great IOWA STATE FAIR Aug. 23 -- Sept. 1 Auto Races - Aug. 23-25-29-30 Stock Car Races - Aug. 24 - Sept, 1 Rodeo with Rex Allen - Aug. 29 thru Sept, 1 Horse Races - Aug. 27-28 Thrill Day - Aug. 26 Musical Revue with Lennon Sisters and and Brenda l«e - Aug. 23 thru Aug. 28 * <33»> dfly afternoon with Mrs Ruth Krueger. Mr and Mrs Fred Genrich Mrs Darryl Hanson, Kurt and- Kathryn visited in Livormore Sunday with Mrs Mery Hauck, Clarence Wells and John Hauck families. Watson Dittmer of Rooking, S. D. (spent Friday and Saturday at the Florence Schrr.dor homo Sunday Mrs Schradrr. Mr and Mrs Elaine Saxtnn and family visited at the Stanley Black home in Hurt. Mr and Mrs Jesse Blanchard Jr., Mollie, Jill and Cynthia returned homo Saturday aftor vacationing at Wisconsin Dells, Red Wing, Minn, and St. Paul. ff<M Werner Plaster of Sumner. She tiippr-d over the pet as it slept on a stairway, fell down stair? nnd broke hr-r ] r ft ] f ,g in three places. , KILLED had lurk to Mrs Kussell Lilly, 31, nf Dalle* , , Center was elrctrncutfd recently when he apparently picked up the end of a live extension cord. IP IT'S JfEWS WE WAift ft piiinii!!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiii<!iiiiiiiiiii|||||||(| ( ||||||| W „ woftce P tT «w» Council of 1Jip Town of . Iowa, does now proposr to soil vacated portion of Minnesota Avr- mie °<_the Town lying brwocn the past ne of Fifth Strprt of tho Town and the west line of First Strop! of the Town. The Council will meet in Iho Council nambers of thp Council in Burt owa. on the 2nd day of September! 1957, commencing nt eight o'clock p m „, icn tlrnp and Place the council will receive and consider bids or proposals for the purchase of said land or jarts thereof. The Council reserves the right to reject any or all bids or proposals ,Ti 1lE ,, notic<? is Riven in compliance with the provisions of section 368 3fl of the Code of Iowa. By direction of the Town Council Marion M. Chipman _ Town Clerk (Published Aug. 8 and 15, 1957 In he Algona (Town) Upper Des Moines) PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMORE, IOWA Sunday, Aug. 18 DON HOY Friday, Aug. 23 GRAND OLE OPRY with Frank Buhr Sunday, Aug. 25 GUY DE LEO Friday, Aug. 30 Teen-Ager Dance Hugo Neuman Orch. Sunday, Aug. 1 EDDIE SKEETS No Advance Booth Reservations — Doors Open at 8:30 Tuesday, Aug. 20 AT BRITT IMMMMMMMMMM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^HHIMIII^MBiMPI BIG MIDWAY WITH SHOWS, RIDES ALSO OPERATES EVENING OF AUG. 19 FREE ACTS MONDAY EVENING ATTEND AND AVOID THE CROWD m^^mmgfUj*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^••^^^•^^•^••••^•l MAMMOTH PARADE AT 10 A.M. ELECTION OF HOBO KING Big Mulligan Stew Dinner Free Acfs, Afternoon and Evening Giant Midway with Rides and Shows HOBO DAY AND THE NATIONAL HOBO CONVENTION IS THE Biggest Event of the Year EVERYONE ELSE ATTENDS YOU ATTEND TOO HAVE LOTS OF COKE COLD AND READY! What do you do on Sun-brella Days? Have fun out where the housekeeping's easy . . . with backyard parties and family cook-outs and plenty of time for play! What pleasant living! And what a special pleasure, to enjoy the world's favorite sparkling drink aa your refreslunent, Coca-Cola ... so good in taste, in such good taste! Stock up on Coke today! ' IHI KKUfOOU eo»M«r A L II VOMI> 8unbrell« (Day* 'burgers and I franks . . ,i quick-fixing meals.., cold euta and cheese spreads and a whole ruft of sandwich and salad makings. Add Coke to the list and you're sot (or fareeze-flasy livingl You'll find 'em »ii «t erocsr'» today I SIGN OF GOOD TASTE Bottled under authority of The Ccco-Cda Company by MINERAL SPRINGS COC^COU 80mW0 COMPANY, HUMIQL&T, * - i ^F*""Tt&-< ^L

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