Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 8, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1896
Page 2
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She Pleads for the Life ef to fatad 9® te W fe fails So s A Sturdy Wolverine Farmer, Weighing i®S Pounds, Ro* , duced to a Mere Skeleton m Four SM Months. , . After Being Turned TITO f he Pliysisian's Door to Die, He Lives fo Besome His Former ;' Self, He Tdls foe Story. Pills tor Pnle People I wns fthlc to do ray etiore*. and before ihe fourth wns iini.shed J From the Dtmocrat, Caro. Mich. '• "Fourteen vears ago," said II. M Under- Wood, who has for the' past live years neld *Iic office i)l School Director in Distriui Ho 7, Inilianliehls townsmp, mid is we.li KIIUWII throughout the county, "my Drutiiet uiin 1 moved into this county. 'Twos u wilderness then. un<l we located in tin- pines uero •with nothing l>ut our Hands to c.urvi- out our homes. It was mi unequal struggle But hard work and economy won tin- ilny mid two yours ago. with my tony acres nearly clc«r of debt, I begun to feel that tin- worst was over. In April of thiit spring I WHS as- •isting iu clriviiiLC logs down the Goss Kivor, when I was taken with u slight bin constant pain in tin- left side below tin- heart As days passed the trouble increased; my appetite tell (iwny and I visited one of the^hest known nnil most successful doctors in Curo the county seat. I was informed that 1 hud An inward abscess nnd miisl. cease work. "It was hard to quit work when I know too -Well that it only meant another mortgage -on my little farm, but within n few days I w«« obliged to return to my home. The -medicine- furnished by the doctor gave me -•light relief but 1 could detect no permii- •nent 'bcnclit. ily appetite was gone: J •could not sleep, an<l each day t'otinil me growing weaker, i next visited Dr. A. L. Seclcy, of Muyvillc, who, from the first, snid that he had but slight hopes of benefiting me •nd recommended that I go to 11 sanitarium. With 'iio money this T could not do, even though it would save my life, and with medicine that the doctor furnished I returned-to-my home feeling thtit the hint ray of hope that I ever would bi; my former self W3B <lU.«t disappearing. Days passed and I w» rapidly losing tlesh. During the awful mouths which 1 passed that summer—and I c»n never forget them—1 wns reduced in flesh from weighing 168 pounds to 110. "SJowly the Ion" days and the awful nights pained unt.il another seven days hud been added to the awful days of torture: and still no relief, and my weight was now MO pounds, nerves shattered and my system in a deplorable condition. At this juncture my •iJe said that something must be done, ami with assistance I wns taken to Mayville, where Dr. Seeley was again consulted. After milking a thorough Examination my wife earnestly pleaded that he do something for me. He said that he could do nothing; relief might be found at a sanitarium, but otherwise he would .give me just one more month to live. Sorrowfully she turned from the physician'" door, and what 1 considered my last journey home wns soon to he undertaken. I had read in the Caro Democrat of Dr. Williams' Pink Piils for Pale People •lid the; benefits ninny had received from them, and with faith less than the.'.Lcniin of mustard seed,' I asked her to step imo the drug store and secure a box. Tills slit 1 did, and after a joltine ride over a poor road we finally reached home, tired, worn nnd in •sorrow. I took the first pills tlmt night, and Jeft my wife sitting sorrowfully comparing •the Iliekering hopes of my Ml',! with the fnint •r»ys of light, (torn my bedroom door, while I •thought only of what the doctor hull said. The forepart of the night I was restless ns usual, but, do you believe, during the latter part of that very night I ciiught. a :i:ip, the iirst Hwi'et and resting sleep I hail ct.'jnyed for months. I continued the medicine the .next diiy, nnd the following night I slept, yet «ir:"slept a greater portion of the night. "Oil, you can't, imagine how brightly the •nn shone on our hunie before tlnit week was •over, and how the fnint rays of hope we're •fcnned into a flame. But, my father and inany of my neighbors shook tht'ir heads and fi.'iid : ' Simply something C|iiieting nlioiit those! pills; 'twill he buck again, look nut for the: after olteets.' Hut here are the after effects," said Mr. Cln'lorwoocl standing ereo.t ; the 'picture of health :imi weishiir, 1 }(!."> potmds. " From the second day after celling the pills the change set in. I eouhl sleep. ; my appetite enme back, and hr-fure I l»icl . " '" 1 the third box of Dr. Williams' Pink, cluing my I'arm work. ily cure was complete uncl in'i-nmneitt. and 1 have not x,'c:i u sic-k ilny sinc'f .uiti yun bet J)r. \\'il- liams' I'ililt lii'll.- for I'alc- J'euple i:re iisntig- u'et.-. of ucihl nt onr Inrnsc." •Swi-nr to the statements 1 hnve made? Why. i:i-ri!iiuly inul with pleiisiire," snid Mr Uti'Ii-i-woml. wl'.en Ihe i-t'j,0!-ter M:g- ^'esled that some- penpli 1 who were not. ac- cinuinred with him might he skeptienl, and In- la-ucimptuiie'.l Ihe reporter lo a justiee's "Iliee, where the tallowing ttekuowleJ(Jiiicnt was taken : S'l'ATH OK JltCIIIliAN, I Ooi'NTV or TI'SUOI.A. j Persouully uppesiri'il before me, H. M. Underwood, win., ninler iKith, oli-ehired that the ssarenuMits made in ihe above imerview were trn«- nnd eorrcet in every ro.^pceL. Signed : C. D. PETEKsnAKS, Jfotary PiMif.., in unil for Tnseohi County, Jlieliignn. Orson Livei'more, who wus present at the interview with Mr. Underwood, suid : "Yes, neighbor Underwood's cure is ccxisirlcrcd » miniele by the people of this locality, and the siory it, told over and over iignin." "Wliy,"(itiiil Jlr. IJncJcrwood, "if you hare any doubts about the matter, jus! cull on Samp. Wells, J. H. Weaver, Guy Wilson, Andrew Thompson, my father, T. K. Underwood, or any of the (lo/.ens of reliable farmers in this section ; they know nil about it." During the conversation which followed after the interview, the reporter learned that l)r. Hendris, of Mayville, recommends Dr. Williams' Pink Pill's for Pale People in his practice, and thnt Mrs. Thomns Anderson, living hut n few miles Hway, hud received marvelous help from them ; also Hint John Smith, Sr., living near Akron, this county, an old gentleman eighty-nine years of age, who had been a sufl'erer from bilious rheumatism for years, had been entirely cured by their use. But ns night was approaching the reporter could not pursue hi» investigations further. A Muscadne Woman. On the second floor of one of our neatert business buildings, located at No. 125 West Front Street, is the home of Constable and Mrs. M. C. Briggs, nnd it was visited to-dny for the purpose of speaking to Mrs. Briggs on a question of considerable weiirht to her. The reporler upon culling found .Mrs. Briggs it little indisposed (not however with her former complaint), but nevertheless in a very congenial mood. Upon inquiry ns to the benefit, she derived from the use' of Dr. Williams' 1'ink Pills for Pale People, she said : " About eighteen months since I -was token down with sciatic rheumatism in my lower limbs, especially my right leg, and so fierce was the attack ilint I could not walk at all. After trying various remedies, all without avail, a" htdy neighbor of mine, Mrs. .loliu Voder, who, '.I think, is now living in Eklon, mentioned Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People unil said she had used them fir similar trouble and had found them yery bene- Ik-iul. 1 purchased n box of pills'at i'. Nesper & f'o.'s drug store and before I had taken all of the first box I began t.o feel much improved ami the pain began to ease. I continued to take them, buying a second box. and when 3 hud nearly linished the second box I wiiMihli! to walk about usably as ever :md have not hail an attack since. •' 1 heartily endorse Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People and feel confident, that anyone all'.ieU'd us J was could be easily restored to their usual health by their use." — Ji'roin tin' Juiiiiuil, Musrat-hic, Jmrn., Dr. Williams'Pink Pills for Pale Pcoplo (ire now given to the public iis an unfailing blond builder and nerve restorer, curing all forms of weakness arising from a wntery condition of the blood or shuttered nerves. The piils are sold by all dealers, or will be nent post puicl on receipt of price, 50 cents ft box, or<i:; boxes for ?-'.50 (tliey arc never sold in bull; or b\ the 100). liy addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Sclienectady. W. Y. i Beautiful Dolls Tho F.rnch Poll. FREE . Five beautiful dolls, lithographed, on cardboard, cightinchcshigb. Cnn bo cut out and put together by the children — no pasting. Each doll hits two complete suits. American, French, Spnuish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Swiss, Turkish and Indian costumes. All pnrts being interchangeable, many combinations can be made, affording endless amusement and instruction. A high-class scries of dolls, patented and manufactured for ns exclusively and not to be compared with the numerous cheap paper dolls on the market. ./' How To Get Them. Cut from fivooutMdo wrappers of Xoiic Such ilnoo Mint tho ho:id of the girl hokrri.it,' pic.-. Sond the.so with ten ceut« In xllver— wrapped In paper— and your full numo find address, iincl wo will send tho dolls postpaid. Or wo will soncl tbora rroo for twenty heads of tho girl. Soucl only the • heads to avoid extra postage, MERRELL-SOulE CO., SYRACUSE, N. Y. ii is =<B 1* m IMPEOV'BD DINING-CAR SESTtVICE ON THE WABASH. Meals -re-ill now be served A la Carte on all Dining cars on the Wabasb. Line. Tills will be a fjreat accommodation to passengers as ft will enable them to select from the bill of fare Just what they want and pay only for what they set. DISEASES OF THE SKIN. The intense itching and smarting inci dent tu eczema, tetter, salt-rheum, and other diseases of the skin is instantly alliiyed by applying Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment, Many very bad cases have been permanently cured by il. It is equally jfficient for'itching piles nnd a favorite rera- •dy for HOre nipples; c)i:i|ip«l kunds, chil- ilains, front bites, nnd chronic sore eyes. •For aalc by druggists at 20 cents per bos. Try Dr. Cnily'8 Condition Fowlers, they jxe just what a horse ne«b-when in liml condition. TOPIC, blood puriCr-and vermifuge. G-RBAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE. Send 12 cents in stamps to John Sebastian, Gen'l Pass. Agent C. R. I. & P. R'y, Chicago, for tlie slickest pack of playing cards you ever handled, and on receipt of such remittance for one or more packs they will be sent you postpaid. Orders containing 60 cents In stamps or postal note for same amount will secure 5 packs by express, charges paid. FKIENKS AND FOES. If yon have ever seen a little child In the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble and appreciate the value of Instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure. For dysentery and diarrhoea It la a reliable remedy. We coTild not afford to recommend this •» a cure unless It were a cure.—Jno. M. Jotuwton, . , Bryan Greeted in Indiana by Gold and Silver Advocates, Former Wear Distinguishing Badges and Yell for McKinley—Bryan Gives Them a Suggestion. I'lKliiii.apolis, Ind., Oct. 7. — W. J. Bryan loi't this city u.1 S:i.< Wednesday uiorninjj- on ii I'ltn-Ikmdlu spwiul. lie urosu ILL 0:30, fouling 1'rush nnd rested, nnd took breakfast with JMuyor Tug- giirt nnd 1'riviite Seeretury .Davis. A biy crowd wits in \vaitiDg 1 :it the Grand hotel, nnd when the citudiihito tippuarcd he \viis greeted \vitli cheers. He was at once driven to the Union station, where another bit; 1 crowd hnd nasembled. As the tr:i.in pulled out there wns a round oi! lusty cheers. Before liis dcpurttiro Jlr. IJrynii expressed himself: iis delighted with the big reception g-iven him here. At MolilMvllle, Noblesville, Ind,, Oct. 7.—This town witnessed the opening of William J. Bryan's second dny oil cniupaig-nin^ in Indiana. Noblesville is n banner republican town in a stalwart republican county. The republicans there had announced that they would have a "g-old- cnrod" parade nt the Bryan meetiug-. When the train arrived, just as the clocks were striking- nine, the parade was not in evidence, btit the number of people ,who wore goldenrod in the crowd of 3,000 gathered at the station was sufficiently la.rge to be noticeable. Mr, Bryan's sympathizers were numerous, however, and cheered frequently. Hon. Theodore P. Davis, chief justice oi the Indinuti appellate court, Introduced Mr. Bryan. In his speech Mr. Bryan broupht In «c- Prosldent Harrison and contrasted his attitude on silver now and when he was In the white house. He said; "This campaign Is resulting In more political changes than nny recent campaign. We tire told that tho democratic party Is losing some of Its prominent men. Wo are told that the democratic party must succeed. If It succeeds, without the support of certain former democratic leaders, but we rejoice that If we are to lose democrats, -we are also to gain from those who have heretofore ncted with the republican party. There Is this difference between those who BO from us and those .who come to us — those who go from us advocate what the democratic party has never advocated before, the gold standard, whllo the republicans who come to us come because wo advocate the same bimetallism that the republican party has advocated. The republicans are able to act with us without changing the convictions of a llfo time, while demo- carts who go from us, have to desert all that has been democratic In tho imst, "They tell us that'we cannot affect silver by legislation. Tho republicans who net with us can take the report filed by Secretary Rusk, In ]Si)0, and they can point to pags S, where Mr. Rusk shows the effect ot silver legislation on the prices of products, and also adds that the rise In tho price of silver has raised the price of farmers' products. . It' rising prices with the farmers were good then, they arc good now. You did not hear nt that time this talk about rising pi-Ices hurting the laboring men. They were boasting that their legislation brought rising prices, b<;- (MUISO when the farmer was prosperous, it would bo shared by the laboring men and the merchants and every legitimate business, i Knfcrx to IlnrrlHon. "Ton have a distinguished citizen here in this state who was president during the time when Mr. Rusk sent In his report, find on the 1st ot December, 1S90, President Harrison sent a message to congress, In which he used these words: 'The enlargement of our currency by the silver bill undoubtedly gave an upward tendency to trade and had a marked effect on prices.' Mr. Harrison said that, not In a campaign speech, but In a deliberate message to congi-ess. He also said: 'But this natural and desirable effect of the silver legislation was by many erroneously attributed to the tariff act.' '.'.'hero he went so far as to put aside those who attempted to credit the McKlnlny bill with the effect that had come, and attributed that effect to silver, arid yet when wo say that legislation nan affect ihe price of silver they say we don't understand anything about the subject. * J'urty Allegiance, "Yon say you owe something to your party. Ah, my friends, your party, owes more to you than you to the party, anil when a party leads an Invading army against your home, yon have the right to r j sl? and protest against that party. A party Is like a suit of clothes. It is good' us long us It Is useful to you, but whcii it Is full ot holes and ceases longer to protect you fi-om r.hc elements, you ought to throw It awuy and get a suit of clothes that will be of :iome use. ISryan SuggoHtM a Gold liuclgo. "I understand that son-.e of your people were invited to wear golden-rod to testify that they were republicans. J^et mo give you a better badge this year. Take a yellow card and write upon It: '1 think my nation Is not big enough to attend to Its own business,' and then they will know Urn you are a republican," "• Cicero heard the candidate for a. mmutcTTind the iText stop was at Tipton,reached at 9: -JO, whore between 5,000 and 0,000 people had assembled. The local committee had to take .Mr. Bryun through ii stable filled with horses to reach the public square where the speaking: took place, J. P. Fippen presented Mr. Bryan to the audience.. At Kokonio. Several hundred wog-ons and carriages were drawn up on the outskirts of the crowd gathered in an open field where Mr. Bryan delivered n. speech at Ko-komo. The assemblage was large, numbering- probably 7,000 people. McKinley sentiment was strong. Many people in the audience wore yellow Blips of paper similar to those Mr. Bryan saw at places in West Virginia, each bearing the name of the republican candidate, and there were cheers for McKinley along .the route taken by Mr. Bryan from Kokomo Junction where the train halted to the speaking grounds scveral'hundred yards dis- Stant. The audience was fairly enthu- iastic. Joseph Heron, chairman of the Howard county democratic committee, Introduced Mr. Bryan, whose remarks were a repetition of other speeches on the republican financial plank and its declaration for international bimetallism. . ' ' BOUND TO PREVENT FUSION. Mr. Bryun FaUa In an Attempt to Brlaf It About. . Ir-iiantipolis, Ind., Got. 7.—It devel- opou Wednesday after the departure Gladness Comes W ith » bettor underskiudinfr of the tr.-insicnl. nuttiru of tho uiiiny physical ills, which vanish before proper ef- forts—ffontlu efforts—pi eu-sun I, c Herts— rightly directed. There is comfort in thJ knowledge, that so m;my forms of sickness arc not cine to any actual disease, but simply to a. constipated condition of the system, \vhieh the pleasant family laxative, Syrup of l-'ijm. promptly removes. That is why it is tho only remedy with millionsof families, and is everywhere esteemed so Iiighly by all who value prood health. Its henefk'ial effects are duo to the fact, tlnit, itis the one remedy which promotes internal cleanliness without debilitating the organs on which it acts. Jt is therefore nlfitnportanl, in order to get its beneficial effects, to note when yon purchase, that you have the yenuino article, which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by all reputable druggists. If in the enjoyment of good health, and the system 'is regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed. H afflicted with any actual disease, one may be commended to the most skillful physicians, but if in need of n. laxative. one should hove the best, and with the well-informed everywhere, Syrup of Figs stands highest and is most largely used and gives most general satisfaction. of Mr. Bryan that he held n conference late Tuesday night with Messrs. Runkin and radgett, populist leaders o£ the fusion faction in this state. The significance of the conference did not leak out until Wednesday morning when Mr. Padgett, who is the populist nominee for appellate court judge, announced that he'had resigned from the state ticket. Immediately 'following this announcement a conference of the populist nominees was held and it was agreed to retain the ticket at all hazards, fill Padgett's place and certify the ticket to the election board, thus forestalling fusion. GO SIGHT SEEING. Prcitldont Jfauru Conduct* Ills Iloynl GiumtR About Furl*. Paris, Oct. T,—A cold, drizzling rain fell throughout the forenoon, bu1 despite the discomfort of being out of doors, thousands of people assembled in the vicinity of the Knssian embassy, hoping to catch a glimpse oi the imperial visitors. President i-'aiire with Mine. Faure and Mile. Faure drove to the Russian embassy at nine o'clock Wednesday morning for the purpose of accompanying the czar and czarina in their sightseeing tour of the city. The czar expressed the thanks of himself and the cxarina for the courtesy shown to them by the president and his family, and invited M. Faure to occupy a seat in his landau. The party started on their trip half an hour behind the time fixed by the programme. The czarina wore a gray dress and looked bright and fresh, but the czar looked pnle and wore n serious expression. The party were driven to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, where they were received by Cardinal Richard, archbishop of Paris, who was clad in hi« archepiscopal robes. Assisting the cardinal in the reception of the visitors wore the vicar-general of the archdiocese nnd the members of the Muropo- jiitnn chapter. The streets through which the pnvLj" ptuuied were lined with people and the great square fronting the cathedral wa.s densely pricked. The enthusiasm of the people along the route a.nd in the square was manifested by nlmost incessant cheering. 'The czar and czarina, after leaving the cathedra!, visited the Palais de Justice, the Pantheon nnd the Hotel DCS Jnvalides, returning to the Hussion embassy for luncheon. In the afternoon the czar laid the first stone of ihe new bridge across Uie Seine, to be knnwn as the Alexander III. bridge, in honor of the. late czar of Uussia. Uie father of ]S' icholas II. The weather wns showery. The cznr while at the Pantheon paid a visit to the lomb oC the late President Cttrnot. upon which his majesty placed n magnificent wreath of white flowers. Mme. Garnot and her sons were present, MICHIGAN BANK FAILS, Financial Difflcultlesof Its I'rosidont Cause. Its Downfall. Ithaca, Mich., Oct. 7.—The First national bank of Ithaca closed Wednesday morning. Robert M. Sieele is president of this bank, as well as of the one which failed Tuesday at Mount Pleasant. Steele failed at St. Johns recently for a large sum. Capital of the bank is $85,000. Washington, Oct. 7.—The failed First national bank of Ithaca,.Mich., had a capital of $50.000 at the time of ita last report, owed individual depositors $93,000. A bank examiner has been placed in charge. •y,-,::7C MIGK OFFICE. Frank S. J*luclc, Kopnbllr.in Candidate for (;ovoriic,r of Nru- York. The nomination of Hon. Ki-n.nk S. PlucK as the republican candidate for ^•cn'cnior of New York was a gemiiue surprise 1.0 a great majority of the people. It seemed almost, eei'i.:iiii at the outset of tbc convent ion, snys Leslie's Weekly, thill; ius choice would f:ill in another direction, it became apparent, however. 1,0 the party leaders t hut.either one of the seloci.ions which seemed the more probable would be likely to nlip.nate t.he support of a very largo body of republicans; and ns the outcome of this condition new forces asserted themselves, and Mr, Black was chosen a.s best representing the principles of that element of tho convention which, while in sympathy \vit.h the so- c^licd machine, was hardly prepared to slap in the face the opponents of tho dominant, organization, Mr. Blnck is not altogothcrunltnown tO|>ol!t:cs. His participation in the movement, for the overthrow of the desperate gang of bullies who hod so longniadon.ir:i\vsty of elections in the city of Troy. :ind especially his effort to bring to justice the murderers of Robert Ifoss, the young republican watcher at the polls who \>-::s slain while in tjie performance of FOR THE , BLOOD, 1 NERVES, j LIVER j —AND-— J KIDNEYS.! 4 3. B. B. B. cured ino of ;i bad ', case of La Grippe and Lung Trou- ! ble. EDWARD L. PERDIMK, j 1122 E. Jackson St., MuncieJ Indiana. • \ < B B B B are purely vegetable. J j Put up in capsules,sixty in a box. j I Thirty days 1 treatment in a box.j | Price $1 per box, or six for $5. j ! Manufactured by H. C. BRAGG, | \ Conncrsville, Ind. ! For sale by all drug-gists. J ' Homo-rod for Offensive Partisanship. Bcnton Harbor, Mich., Oct. T.—11. T. Jarvis, democratic postmaster here for the past three years, received notice of dismissal from that position Tuesday night for alleged offensive partisanship. E. H. Nichols, a gold democrat, will succeed him. Mr. Jarvis is a candidate for congress in this district on the silver ticket, and has been open and vigorous in his denouncement of the gold standard and its advocates. Bamboo for C»Talry Lancet. It is proposed to substitute bamboo ft>T oshwood for the lances of English bavalry regiments, as tlie ash, used is paid to be brittle and not to be trusted to actual warfare. B. F. KFF8LING, Drogtfm. FASHIONS CHANGE BUT POZZONP5 Complexion POWDER REXA1XS ALWAYS THE SAME. Tho finest, purent and most beautifying toilet powder ever made. It is sooth- ii>K, healing, healthful and[harmless: and when i-ightly used IS ISTISIBIE, If you have never tried POZZONI'S von do not know what an IDEAL COMPLEXION POWDER is. IT IS SOLD EVERYWHERE duty, hod brought him into conspicuous itotiw:. There is no doiibtat, all .fruit it was largely due to his efforts thai c-er-. tain :i:r,L".itlnicni-s were m:i<lo in the 1ion laws which are calculated to put an c>iul lo the frauds -which so long 1 prevailed hi our populous communities. The blank-ballot law of 1895 was one of the results of the agitation which waa begun at Troy, and vigorously prosecuted throughout the state. Mr. Black is a member of the present congress, having been electee! in 1S94. He is agraduatoof Dartmouth college, having made his way by hard work and great self-denial. He is BOW in the 44t.h year of his ajje. Those who know him best believe that he will bring to the discharge of the duties of the oflipe to which he aspires genuine conscientiousness of purpose, with an intellectual equipment adequate to their creditable performance. Vienna will celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Franz Schubert next year by an exhibition of objects connected ivitb Uie composer and a series of performances nf his works. THE MARKETS. Grain, Provisions, Etc. Chicago. Oct. 7. FLOUR— Quiet but firm. 'Quotuble RS follows: Winter — Patents, $3.CO©3.SO: straights, JS.tOcyJS.CO: clears, S2.SOiff3.cjn: seconds, 51.75(fi/2.00: low praties, ?1 75^2.00. Spring: — Patents, JS.SOij^.OO: straights, SS.lOifM.sn; bakers', $2.50fl2.SO: low sradea, $1.50@1.75; Red Dog, $1.20@1.-IO; Rye, 12.00 .32.20. WHEAT— Active and unsettled. October, OG'TJcjiW/ic ; December, C7%©GS%c;-Ma5 r , 71%(f()72W,c. CORN— Stoady. No. 2, 2254c; No. 2 Yellow, 23«;c: October, 23HC: December, 23© 23%o and 23%c: May, L'GV.,@2G%c. OATS— Moderately active and lower, with fair trading. No. 2 cash, ]7i40)l7f)So: October, 17 ] Ajfl7%c ; May, liiyiMOiic. Samples easier. No Grade, 3i'(5>iric; No. 3, ny-tj?i?c: No. 3 Whlto, JS@i21c; No. 2, 3S©19c: Xo. 3 white, 2.1fC23c. MESS PORK—Mnrket moderately active aivl prlcos firmer. Quotations ranpfcl at XC.(!Ot5Xi.i)5 for cash; $0 0000.05 for October; f0.52^iiM.C2' / a for December, and $7.27Vi ®7/i7^i for January. LARD— Trading fairly active am] prices higher. Quotations ranged .at SJ.IO^.]5 for cash; $I.02Vj5i;4,12^ for October; JJ.Oi'^fi) 4. IT 3 ,*, for December, and ^,2.">@4.-10 for January. BUTTER— Market firm at !)l(SlC'Ac for crcumerios, nnd fl^ilc for dilirios. LIVE POULTRY - Qni.'t. Turkeys, 5 fikc: Clilckcjns. CM;(i7-7c: Ducks, M?!>c per pound; Geese, per dozen. W.OOtffC.M. WHISKY— Steady on the basis o'.'Sl.:S for lilffhwlnea. New York. Oct. 7. FLOUR— Firm, unchanged. WHEAT— No. 2 Red, dull, steady. December, 7-iy J :y>7-t : ;4c; Jnnunry, 7GU-]ii@75';;c; May, 77 ;MGt(i77'!;c. • CORN— No. 2 dull, easier. No. 2, 2SX6I Sil^c: Dofrcmljor, 2U^;c; May. 32 1 /i i c. OATS— No. 2 dull, easier, Western, 20 Turs! Turs! D. LEE.EWER, Manu'ncturcr at Ladies' Pine Furs 163 State Street, . CHICAGO. The Leading Fur Establishment. In Chicago for Hiph Grade Furs. Artistic Workmanship !i:RemodellnK Seal Garments ai. very c:oderar.e charues. Gonds sent on approval. Correspondence solicited. - Hobbs is YourLittle Liver .Liver? net Reutly yet promptly on the Liver, Stomach aad Bowels. ThcydispclSick Headaches, Fevers and Colds; cleanse the system Ujorouglily; cure habitual constipation. They are sugar-coated, 1 don't gripe, very small but frreat in results. Recommended by Physicians and Druggists. llobbi Urardr Co, Chlnpi ul 8u FnaalMn, , ror Sale in LOGANSPORT, IN'D., hy ( Bon Fisher, sii Fourth St., nnd John F, Coillson. 304 Market St. . PORK— Firm. New mess, J7.75l5iS.ijO. LARD— Quiet and steady. Steam rendered, $4.45. BUTTER— Choice and firm, good demand. Western dairy, 7VfjS>llc; Elglns, 17e; Western creamery, 'ny^nc; imitation creamery, 95Ml',ic; do. factory. 7@llc. CHEESE— Firm. Part skims, full skims, 2fi-/2'/jc. KGGS— Steady. Western, Livestock. ~—rat Chicago, Oct. 7. CATTLE—Market steady. Pair to best beeves, $3.50(125.30; stackers and feeders. J2.50<5!3.S5; mixed Cows and Bulls, Jl.-JOjj S.CO; Texas, $2.CO@3.20. HOGS—Market active and CijMOc higher. Light, K.93@3,47V4: rouprh packing, M.70(rJ l.SB: mixed and butchers;, $2.00tg>3.47M:; heavy packlnc and shipping, $2.90®3.33; FlKS, $2.00@3..Ji. :ir>- iSLoop FOI6ON permanently cured In 15 tooi days. You can lietroatcd at ihoiiaofors:LmopriceunOerpnmoR:«^ran* % ty. ifyouprcfortocomelierowewilicon. tr.ictlop:Lyr:tilrc-)adfftro.T.nclbotoli)lll5,anct ' ,. sury, iodide nobiKli, and still have nchcs anil nnlns.-lIucoosl.'atcHcK in rnoutli.Soro Throat, Ptmplon, Copper Colored Spots, Clecr* on any purl oi HioWly, U:ilr or Eyebrows falltnjr aut. It 19 this Secondary BLOOD POISON rcKuarantcotocuro. Wo solicit the most obstt aato cafes and cliallaiigo t!io world for a ' lannotcure. O'his di>-eaflc tons always S.IOO.OOO cnnlt.il behind our inicondl- t-O'in' cm.irunty. Absoln tc. proofs font Honied on -"-Itcntion. Address «X»OK KISMKDY C '•>£", :-;aiouJc Xvuiptu; CHICAGO. itX» Manhood Restored ' ^^ tec to cure all Nwv» ous Ufpoo-''"-. •such M BnUa'rowtM-/ lititid- A<7ic» ^*"' ; <?f u' ncrtf List Manhood. NeiT- otsncss. A y t rophy, LtaiitntkV n.11 drnln* IUV1 lORS Of JMj^'t'T o( l>y oToi^oxcrt ioii, exe!)ssJ' F o ti^e oC lobo/»- SJf. K-»lmc, LOGANSPORT. IND Save The Children. When childreu are attacked with cough, cold and croup, Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup will prove a quick and sure cure. Mr. Elmer E. Baker, Blamlon, Pa,, writes: "We have used Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup for couch.) cold and croup, ami found it the hes-i cough medicine and cure lor these affections. We ucver run out oi' it, but always keep it on hand." Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup is sold everywhere for 25 cents. Insist on having it. JtlK w i» A m remedy for „„ Clftet.. D pi'rinftiorr^>-n u n n n LU r .' dis- n, or any -lidJiniinar t»on, irriiAlton or uic*:r* tion of n^uco u H mem- Sold by J*r«i|ntl*t»» ^or sent in plnin WTJIppflr. fl.OO, or 3 i>oHl(*. $J.75. Gircnlar none on rvjuosl t . Kittinger, a leading physician of Wilmington, Del., asked the proprietor of Brazilian Balm to send him a dollar bottle. A few weeks afterwards the doctor said: ''I had a couple of cases of old Cough on hand that completely baffled me. I hud got to the *nd of my string. But the Balta made a prompt cure in both cases. It is a remarkable remedy."

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