The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 8, 1957 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1957
Page 22
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Upper fet Mefnw trmrttley, August 8, 1957 Tidbits From f ve/yn t often wonder how we manage to survive — gprm? on every Side of us nnd an allergy here find there, infections, contagions •— oh my — and now addod to the list is a skin ailment I never heard of — lichenplanus — Diane Kuhlman has it so her mother told me and gave a detailed account of it,. She is the youngest person to ever have it, according to specialists at Rochester. She is only twelve years old and the disease is very rare. It has been known to attack persons of 50 and over, but this is their first experience with one so young. It is not a contagious ailment, requires no special diet and the Victim isn't really sick. » * • Mr and Mrs John Schimmel at* tended the "glad 1 ' show Sunday at Spencer and report there were 1800 persons who viewed the blooms. The Schimmels raise "glads" and will be participating in the Algona show. There was a showing Sunday, August 4 at Sioux City and the State show is at Waterloo, August 3 and 4. » * » It wasn't my gremlin that messed up my copy last week and made Jones Sampson, James Sampson. * i, * * John and Dolores Hopkins have three little girls whom you might say are "Three P s in a pod" for' they have been named Pamela Sue, Patricia Ann and Paula Jean.' Paula is a wee bit of a girl, born July 29, and weighing 5 pounds and 11 ounces. The cards were stacked against the little tot and she was taken immediately after birth to Park hospital, Mason City where she had major surgery to correct an intestinal malformation. She was given a fifty-fifty chance for recovery and so far is doing well. » * * Lucile Crane, widow of the late Earl Crane of Long Beach, Calif., recently sent his "Memory Book" to me and I have had much amusement reading the things written back in 1908 by our classmates, and friends too, who were in Algona High. I passed it on to Bill Barry who had written in it. Bill is recovering from a leg amputation, hence has time for jeading. Mary says he is learning to walk with crutches and is doing a wonderful job. I told her tq tell him I'd run a race with him. Mary is betting on Bill. Well, she hasn't seen me perform. I'm pretty speedy. * * * When this hot humid weather descended, Mrs Bob Geigel was thankful to collect her daughters Susan, Micheola and Charlotta in the air conditioned family car and head back to the air-conditioned home at Amarillo, Tex. lowans are becoming "condition" minded and quite a number have been sold here in Algona. One friend suggested that I find out how many. I'll do it some day and report. * * * A clipping was sent me recent- the cob! * * * 1 had been scouting around for some corn and was told by two farm women the coons have been in the corn patches and are getting fat on what was planted for home consumption with a little on the side for friends. I told one woman I'd sit by and pop off the coons with a good gun, and suggested that she try for enough for a coon skin coat. Anybody got a son who wants to go to college armed with a coon skin coat? There's your chance. To take the corn is bad enough, but when the coons invade the chicken yard and kill fowls and Mallard ducks, that's almost too much. That has been the experience of Marie Schuffham. Eula Rich had coon troubles in her chicken yard a few years ago. She and John did some "hunting" and a fox also played havoc with her flocks. * * * Speaking of "pests" — what has become of skunks? I haven't ly from a friend in California — an article from the "Long Beach Press Telegram" in which Howard Genrich was shown presenting trophies to high school seniors, winners of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alumni Association for out-standing scholarship, The Genrich family, Ed, Genevieve and Howard, moved to California a few years ago. Ed and Genevieve have a trailer court at Duarte. • * * Corn on the cob! Can you think of anything more tasty? A strictly Iowa delicacy. But did you ever hear of it being served for BREAKFAST? Well, it's good any time you say. And I say so too, but it is unusual to say the least. But that is what guests of Mr and Mrs Ted Larson got one morning — and LOVED it. They even had more when thjey went out for dinner that night. Um-m- good old corn on smelled one for quite awhile. Not that I like the odor — I'll take Chanel, is it number 7? But occasionally one would awaken with* a very strong odor being wafted in on the summer breezes, and probably the animal was far away—you hoped—but it seemed distressingly close. * * * Mrs Charles Redemske is limping around with a "sick" toe. She dropped a jar of canned fruit on it awhile ago and the toe hasn't been the same since. I can sympathize with her. Not that I ever dropped fruit on mine, but I did have surgery on one great toe and it was MONTHS before I thought I'd like to do any toe dancing. And the first day I put shoes on, I bumped the toe, even as has Mrs Redemske! Why is it something always gets in the way of an ailing foot? * * * Mr and Mrs M. C. Thompson have been visited by the latter's mother, Mrs James Hinchliffe of Vermillion, S. D. and sister, Mrs William Leahy and son Rickey, of Washington, D. C. It has been six years since Mrs Thompson had seen her sister so the visit is an unusually happy one. * * * Another reunion which look place recently Was the Qufnn family — at the Herbst cottage at the Okobojis. Present were the mother, Mrs Mary Quinn, Madonna (Mrs Roland White) of Honolulu, Hawaii, Philomena (Mrs Peter Chubb and children, Jim, Linda, Mike and David of Santa Monica, Calif., Zeta (Mrs Roy Christensen) with her husband and son Robert, and Fran- ces.(Mxs Joel Herbst) and hus- bahB.Ind Laughlm "Bud" Quinn and wife Ernestine (Chubb), of Washington, D. C. It had been eight years since all the family was together. Mr White was unable to be here at this time. The Chubbs and Mrs White are leaving in mid-August and will drive the White's new car back, and of course "Donna" will take it back to Hawaii. Philomena's twin sons, Mike and David, now twelve, appeared in a few movies when they were little tots. I believe they were less than a year old when they appeared in one picture. * * * Dr. and Mrs P. O. Dorweiler have had as guests the latter's sister, ,Mrs Rachel Brown of Des Moines and Rachel's daughter Harriet, (Mrs W, L. Brown) and children Jennifer, Pamela and Rachel of Washington, D. C. They are former residents here and will be well remembered. It is odd that Harriet didn't change her name when she was married. Other oddities are Mary Barry Berrie and Opal Cronan Cronin. Mrs Dorweiler . had a bad case of ptomaine while they were here and when she "blacked out" Rachel, who had suffered back in a fall some time ago and Dr. Dor- ',* : CHECK IT NOW Clean out your medicine cabinet right now and check the date*. Don't let the calendar beat you. Old drug* deteriorate and latt year 1 ! prewrip. tion may not be right, See uf for your everyday health needi. THUENTE PHARMACY CY 44929 weiler who had had recent surgery, were unable to help her from the floor where she had fallen. She regained consciousness after a short time find was able to help herself but for 24 hours she was a very sick wofhan. The cause? Some nuts which she- thought didn't taste too fresh, and since she was the only one who ate them, she was the only victim. Lucky she didn't eat more. * * * the Missions aid society 6f the First Lutheran church is having an ice cream social at the First Lutheran church Friday evening, Aug. 9, from 5:30 till 9:30 o'clock. It will be served in the basement, away from bugs, flies and mosquitoes. The usual menu will be served—pie, cake and ice cream. * * * Mrs L. A. Winkel will soon be home from California where she visited her son-in-law and daughter, Helen, Mr and Mrs Jerry Garjulo at Los Angeles. The family has added a pair of twins May 25, Jayne and Jean. Lauri was only nine months old when the twins arrived. Do you think Mrs Garjulo has much spare time? * * * The Don McQuires added a new baby to their family July 13. He has been named Don. He has a brother Tim and five sisters, Janet, Patsy, Kathy, Betty and Sue. Mrs McGuire is undoubtedly a very busy woman too. * * * Over two different stations 1 have heard the new Methodist minister's name mis-pronounced. It is spelled Coughenour and pronounced Cokc-an-hour. I know because he told me. He is Pennsylvania Dutch, even as I am—half that is. My other half- Cady-is Irish. * * * Gordon Kuhn and his wife turned the clock back 25 years when they went to the Okobojis and attended the reunion of Cato's Vagabonds, a popular dance orchestra of quarter of a century ago. At that time they were the "Welk" orchestra of today, and Lawrence was just beginning his career. And WHAT a career to my way of thinking. He's tops with me. Mrs Kuhn and I had quite a chat, all the rnore interesting because we belong to the same era. She said Cato wal certain he and the 15 members who had assembled for the reunion could play the music of yesterday but he wasn't too sure of the "rock-a'-roll" business. The Kuhns were well acquainted with Cato who is now retired and lives in Des Moines. Those of the dancers of 25 years ago will recall Cato's vagabonds were once here at the Kossuth County fair. • Bancroft By Mrs. Lawrence Bergman Miss Emma Adolphson cattle Friday for a visit with friends here. She has been a house guest of Mrs Rose Murphy and the Tom Garrys. Friends here have received word of the death of Mrs Grace Hudson of Clear Lake and a sister-in-law of Mrs Nellie Lupin, who is now visiting in California. Dr. and Mrs Ralph Weber and family attended the funeral of Dr. Weber's nephew, son of Mr and Mrs John Weber of Irvington who was killed in a plane crash in Sioux City. Mr and Mrs William Fuchs left Sunday to attend a furniture convention in Minneapolis. Parents of the band pupils met for their regular meeting Thursday evening at the Croft Theatre. The same officers were re-elected: Mrs Richard Chipman, Mrs Leo Nurre, Mrs Glenn McCleish and Tom Garry. The regular Ham-Chicken supper will be sponsored by the Catholic Ladies in St. John's Church basement August 20. Mr and Mrs Richard Menke and daughters, Merideth Bergman and Marilyn Vaske spent Wednesday at Ames with the Tom Lensing family. In the eve- ning they all drove to Slater where they attended the State Tournament. SWEA CITY NEWS Among those from here who attended funeral Services in Estherville Thursday for Roy C. Brown, father of Mrs R. E. Bra- vendor, were Mrs Raymond Johnson, Mrs Ronald Johnson, Mrs Mancil Hurlburt, Mrs J. A. Sanft- ner, Mrs Lawrence Hanson, and Mrs William Guyer. St. Ann Circle met Thqrsday evening at the home of Mrs William Pech, with Mrs Melvin Krumm assisting. Members present were Mrs Jake Kockler, Mrs Louise Kollasch, Mrs Art Doocy, Mrs Junior Helmke, Mrs Eddie Kollasch, Mrs Kenneth Kollasch, Mrs J. A. Sanftner and Mrs Clarence Mogensen. Mrs Ora Simmons was a guest. ' Mr and Mrs Richard Winter of Grant Township are the parents of a son, David Aaron, born July' 16, weighing 6 pounds, 2 Hoz. Winter, who has been coach at the Grant School, will teach next year at Little Cedar. Jim Hardt has been named F.F.A. boy-of-the-month for July and L'arry Torine for August. Jim is the son of Mr and Mrs Marlin Hardt and will be a sophomore in high school the coming year. His project is a sow and litter. Larry, son of Mr and Mrs Francis Torine, will be a junior in high school. His prject is two beef calves. St. Benedict A 7 lb. 14 oz. son was born to Mr and Mrs Henry Pfeffer Sunday morning, Aug. 4. There are two other boys and two girls in the family. Annie Eischen woft high prize in "500" at Aggie Rosenmeyer's July 28. Mrs Ben Dorr had the party Aug. 7. Mrs Dennis Carroll haa surgery the morning of Aug. 5 at the Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge. She is a sister to Nick Arndorfer. Mary Lou Klemm, R. N., who nurses in a Milwaukee, Wis. hospital, has been visiting in the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Joe Klemm. IP IT'S NEWS WE WArfT IT IS OUR SPECIALTY at Cook's STANDARD Oil CASf A diving mishap has ended well for Frank Noel, 15 year old waverly youth. He is now {fee of a piaster cast which he wore for 9 days, after diving intB shallow water in the Cedar River. Bald eagles are so named because of the effect of the white feathers on their heads. in 30 DAYS or less, with a BUTLER steel building Your cash register will play • profitable tune months sooner if you build the Butler way. One of these pre» engineered steel buildings goes up fast because all part* have been formed and punched for • precision fit in a •Qodern factory. Erection cost* are surprisingly low! By combining wood, masonry, and plate glass with the regular galvanised or aluminum covering, you can easily individualize your Butler building. Clear-span interiors are well lighted—100 percent usablel Insurance rates are low. And there's a size to suit your needs. Ask us where you can see a new Butler Building ia use near you. It will pay you to get our price before you build. We will be glad to work with your architect or you can use our complete building service. Call or write «• ,.. todayl BUTLER: WILL CONSTRUCTION CO. Howard (Bud) West, Sales Representative BOS So. 15th Phone 43321 Fort Dodge, Iowa RAY KRANTZ Titonko MURRAY 11EYATOR Bancroft J. B. MERTZ Wttt Bend HERMAN NORLAND Cylinder Pigs Bid You A Hearty Welcome TO THE 1957 KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR AND CALL ATTENTION TO THE SALE AT 8:30 A.M., FRIDAY, AUG. 16, OF OUR FRIENDS THE 4-H BABY BEEVES But Don't Fail to Look Over the MEAT TYPE HOGS! WESTERN BUYERS, SELLING TO OVER 200 PROCESSORS OF PORK, IS YOUR BI$T MARKET , . . WE BUY THEM ALL, ANY WORKING DAY OF THE WEEK, PHONE CY 4-2411, ALGONA, OR SEE YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE V.. E. K- JOHNSON teuton WHITTEMQU CO-OP EUV, Whittumore DAli DUNDAS Burt GAYIE JOHNSON SWEA CITY MURPHY LIVESTOCK Uvermore * LuYerne * Carwith LOU NITZ lakola*ledyard

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