The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 8, 1957 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1957
Page 18
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4-AI*»fMi (to.) Uppot DM Matof* tNrtwfaf, 8, ttSJ r*. it t A* I wrthk this, I am still up nt Casa Lake, Minnesota, on my vacation but by the time you trad Ihis, I'll be back home again in the same old grind. Now, I'm having a wonderful time and there nas been enough variation between quiet, restful, living and seeing people and having fun so that I'm not A bit sick and tired f talking facation. But after two columns on the subject there is a good chance that my renders may be a little bored even if I am not. So, let's talk a little bit about a subject I've touched on frequently before—the anniver* sary of Woman's World and run the risk of your being bored with that. • * * Eight y««i «$o this AuguU 4, I was an apparently normal housewife. } had a husband of W.hom I was extremely fond and I 'still am. I had three youngsters -^-one in the diaper and formula stage* one in the training pants ahd sandpile stage and the other gathering pencils and king-sized crayons for his debut into first grade, As yet, I didn't have any Btay hairs in my bangs, there Weren't quite so many outstanding bills as there are now and, after I got the biggest pieces of tfash swept from the house. I could spend my spare time having coffee with the neighbors. You'd think that I would be willing to Idt well enough alone and continue the status quo, wouldn't you « V V But underneath It all I had this itjph, I wanted to get into print. I've always like to express my opinions on each and every sub- (joct but 1 seldom found anybody. v|ho would sit still long enough to hear me all the way through. Way back in the English classes ojf Algona High School I tasted toe satisfaction that comes with putting one's ideas down in black, and white s and writing a few stories for the Algona Upper Des Moines after graduation gave me a'sample of the thrill of the printed brain-child. It would have all remained but 'a vague longing if I hadn't caught a certain editor in a weak moment. '. * * * We had a family dinner party o e evening down at Helen and Curley Pratt's.\ We were full of roast beef and browned potatoes and the chief entertainment oi the evening was watching that new fangled invention — television, Never before had we seen it and the Pratt's set was one of the first ones in Algona. After the programs signed off, we got to talking about the future of television and newspaper advertis* ing. The editor in the crowd made a remark that he could use more items of women's interest for the paper and although he didn't think I'd take him up on it, he said if I'd send a column in, he'd consider printing it. • • • One of tha reaaoni 1 remember all this so distinctly is that while we were talking, somebody turned on a tape recorder machine. It rises up to haunt a mercenary person such as I em, but there it is for all posterity if they care to hear it. Editor: "Of course, if you do hand in something, we'll pay you for it." Grace: "Well, if you'll print a column I write, I'd even do it for nothing!" It hasn't yet come to that, but you should hear me holler if I think my check is a couple of inches short. • • • t had my first offering up to the newspaper office so fast it made everybody's head swim, They printed it, too, but in case it didn't go over, and to draw a little reader interest, the first first several months the author was supposed to remain anonymous. Grace is my middle name, as you all know, and Woman's World was a stock head they had from one of those newspaper services. I had an awful time keeping my mouth shut when people would speculate on who Grace was within my hearing and it was quite a relief when the identity was officially announced. After that, Clem Erlander drew the little sketch that heads tihs column and I've always liked it even though the youngsters pictured \ &CB now several sizes larger. -And, if wo come right down to it, so am I. • • • The fact I am most proud of in regard to the column is that in the eight years I've been writing ,ft>, I haye not missed one single issue, '<! realize full well that some tfrwfcs It Is pretty lousy but at ^ least it is always there. Most en the time it has been tapped out on thft kitchen table or on the desk Father rigged up for rne in our bedroom. Sometimes it ^as been sent in from far points when I've been on %-dWtion. I am blessed with unusually good health, but there have been times when 1 had the flu, a sick child or a headache and the last thing I wanted to do was write a column but always there has been something turned in. And it has always been for purely Selfish teasohs. The check 1 re* ceiye for writing it and the dicipline of turning it out which is better training than any of those writer's courses. The booboos I've pulled are better re* bukes than a slap on the wrist and if any of my readers write or comment that they have re* ccived a laugh, a tear, or a lift from my typewriter it is purely gravy1 • • 4 There have been many criticisms of my work through the years and not all of them have been favorable. I try to remember when somebody gives me heck for something I've written, that at least it shows that the column is read but sometimes I'm not too successful at it and it gets me down. But there are those comments dear to any writer's heart and in my case the most flattering of all is, "The stuff you write about in your column is just the way things go at our house, too." • • * If you don't mind my sneaking in a little more about the vacation, I want to toll you a little bit about what we've been doing. That skunk I mentioned last week came back and brought several of his friends with him. We wore awakened in the nigh I by a dog who had one cornered and the resulting odor all but as- phixiated us. The man who owns the resort where we live killed five in one day! The Craig Vinsons, former Algonans, now of Rock Rapids, arrived here Sunday after Father had returned home to got a little work in. They have a station wagon with sleeping arrangements for two or three plus a trailer built and designed by Craig with accommodations for two or three more. It's a very slick outfit and they were all prepared for a week of the rustic life in the north woods. But the daughter Janie had t>ree or four boiis and the son Tom, an infection from some bug bites so they stayed a day or so longer at the Outing Club Cottage .than' they had palnned. Secretly, I didn't wish them bad luck but I was mighty glad they holed up here for Betty and I haven't had such a good chance to catch up on our conversation for years. • * * Yesterday, Auniie Mid and the ttldfi who ate Slaying af ©afc Grove Point at Ossawinamakee Lake, arrived to spend th« da with us. We had 15 tot Itfri'H. with the guests bringing all the food and We really had A reunion* Today, just as 1 started th column, Father arrived from gona with another unexpec surprise. Uncle ftarl Beardslej from Lincoln, Neb. was With him and they are trying their luck ft fishing. * * * Fathat brought the a«cumulaie4 mail with him. Weiner had* letter! It was a birthday care from Joyce and Kenyon Gabrielson, Trippy, the dog. Sunshine Boots and Taffy, the cats. There was an air mail letter from Mat ilda Hood who is vacationing it Colorado-, She sent a copy oi Hazel Bunker's column, Woman's World in the Free Press ol Colorado Springs. Matilda Writes "It gave me a nostalgic feeling even though we are having at exciting and interesting trip— ] also want you to know I enjoy your column much more anc with my meager knowledge o] journalism think it superior to Hazel Bunkers." * « * All good things must com* lo an end and so must this vacation I hate to think of getting back tc work but there is quite a bit oi consolation in looking forward to tub baths and other indobjr plumbing, clean sheets minus the buckets full of sand we have hef6 BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD Representative HOMER DOWNS Titonka, Jowa ( Phone 113 With headquarters at the Farm Bureau Building, Algona, Friday's 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. See me for either group or direct enrollment. 3SL-33 Plymouth sales are snowballing! Big volume means you get terrific savings in ,"»*»„ 30 days of savings ' on'thttonemwrn vt that's going to STAY new! " »<•*/ <*• ^ Plymouth thus shpts 'i "Top HOW'S THE TIME MK THE BKf DEAL TJi0 terrific success of Plymouth -sales growing fester by far than the "other two'Vmeaijs your Flymouth dealer can give you the greatest deal of your life on a 8-years-ahead Plymouth BIGHT Kowl Prices are low~trades high! Learn how little it costs to ojvn the only car ia the low-price 8 that brings you fortfQn*Aire,fiifa ,,, years-ahead Flight-Sweep Styling,, . <Pws/t- Butiofi TorqueFlite (optional) ,,. many other vital advanogi that m«an your new Plymouth wll] lAfitf with Not having to heat a tea kettle full of water before doing dishes is another convenience I've long nnd but failed to appreciate. It's a c Jiny remark, but it's still true -- the nicest part of any trip is coming homC. —OftACE Finger Amputated Wesley — Billy Loebig had the tins finger of his left hand amputated at Mason City re- 6nt!y. The finger was badly crushed in a Water skiing accident several weeks ngo. Change Draft Hours Effective July 29th., the hours the- Local Board Office will be open are from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon: and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mondays thru" Fridays. Selected Per Camp Marlys' Goeta of the Was)** Wfearda 4-M club wa§ Selected to represent Rossuth County at Conservation Cathp. Delegates are selected by tht couftty $*H committee and ilttetttion staft oti the basis of th*lf interest in conservation, conserved oft activities and all-around club work. She has been an active member in club work for eight years. Women Voters Board meifcbers of the League of Women Voters met Tuesday morning with Mrs L. J. Reed. Mrs Cecil Will was chosen as chairman of State Item 2. Mental health will be study topic for meeting which will be in Sept. There are more than loO breeds of domesticated dogs. titftiipiriM l f* »4W dnngrt wrf hwttflw! — —---» » .«• -,•*,+ ww IVwf PfnI*'*RwvpS C9M Wnj •vw Ml w SMjM 1*2*3 mtMnWI Mini IttIV Iflfft Ml MflMNtf! Kelly Lumber Co. — Everything In Building Material* — DOORS OPEN at FRIDAY & SATURDAY Compelling Savings in Every % Department 9 SHARP! BE WISE... BE EARLY 1 To 3 and 3 To 6x SHORTS _._ INFANTS TRAINING PANTS — MENS DRESS SOX __._ BOYS GUARANTEED ANKLETS MISSES BOBBY SOX WENS HEAVY WORK SOX „__*. V ';. " ' '•*'" * «•»•' »•,. 4 MENS STRAW CAPS .J1..1'..'. 2 for $1 5 for, $1 3 pr. $1 4 pr. $1 4 pr. $1 5 for $1 2 for $1 WOMENS SUMMER DRESSES .$4 „„„ $5 Values to 10.95 In Cool Summer Styles — Sizes 9 to 2416 MENS SUMMER SLACKS $3 Finely Tailored — Solid Color ; Linen Like Fabrics — Not All Sizes __. LADIES COTTON SKIRTS $2 Attractive Styles and Patterns to Choose From — Sizes 22 to 30 BOYS STRETCH SOX Colorful Blazer or Argyle Patterns - Nylon For Longer Wear ___ A 0 for LADIES BLOUSES Never Before Such a Selection - AH Styles, All Colors in Sizes 32-38 . Ironing Board Pad & Cover Set $1 54" Set of Silicone and Tufflex Water Repellant Surface ^_^._ Girls Bermuda Shorts - 8 to 14 _ _- $1 Mens White Handkerchiefs 10 for $1 Ladies Dress Gloves ~~,-, ,.,.. 2 for $1 Mens Linen Sport Coats „„ $7 Boys Shirt and Short Set „ ,„ 2 for $3 'r. Boys Sport Denim Slacks ______„,„ „ $2 Wood Folding Stools —. $1 Hemmed Dish Towels „ -,» ,.6for$l Colorful Sofa Pillows ^--— $1 Terry Bath Towels ~-~ -—, 3 for $1 Thick Terry Hand Towels „, ,5for$l Women* Shorts .»,„ _„_,_,_ $1 Ladies Summer Hats „„„„,,.„_.,-.-,..„» $1 Mens Canvas Work Gloves __-,_4fpr$l Olrb 1 PC, Girls Pedal Pushers Fine Fitting Half Boxer Styles* Sixes 3 io 6x and 7 to 14 •;__ 28 PC. Set Carlton Silver Plate i •• ,i. /..•> * •6 Each, Teaspoons, Dessert Spoons, Knives, Forks, 2 Tablespoons, 1 Butter Knife, 1 Sugar Spoon Magazine Rack Wrought Iron Black Satin Finish — Rubber tips on on Legs ....... — $1 Fine Percale 80 Sq. Percale in Many Attractive Patterns — Sew and 4 Yd ,$l Save Outing Flannel 27" Wide in White Only, lop quality — E Limit 5 Yds. M Yds. Ladies Canvas Shoes Bed or Slue with Foam Rubber Soles For Walking Comfort •*- Sizes 5»/z to 9 — -*- Ladies Mocs Leather tops with Rubber Soles — Sizes 5 to 9 — Assorted Colors w *ir $2 Ladies White Flats Still lots QJ Summer I*tft — Ejoy Cool 5 to 9 Ladies Half Slips Tricocel with Nylon Trim. White Only, S-M-L ________ . ..... Girls Makers Gay Summer Patterns. 7 19 O 14 ,. for Girls T Shirts ggvf 50%, 7 to 14. Ql Styles vl Mens Denim Sport Jeans Sport Denims witty. Bolt Loops, Small, Medium and Large Mens Bermuda Shorts Polished Cotton and Linen Type. S-M-L— Beat the Heat Mens Boxer;, Style Shorts New Fall Patterns in Fine Fitting Boxer Style. 32 to A 38 for $1 Mens Undershirts Special Purchase From Nationally known Manjufac- Jurer. 36 to q 46 ---. V for Mens Straw Hats Lightweight open novelty weaves. Fancy or Solid Color Bands — 6 3 /« to 7V* Mens Stretch Ankfets Anklets of Genuine Helajica Yarn. One Si*e « Fits All * r. Children* "Seottie" Shoes * Mothers, Here IB Back ,*o School Saving — Boys or Girls 10 to 3 mn Boys Oxfords 2 Styles to choose from Bugged construction. 10 Jo 3 , , Boys Cotton Cord Jeans Sturdy Corded Cotton Suspender Style — Zipper Fly 2 to § Girls Gym Shorts AI - IP I Blue Only, Reg. — 10 to 16 Girls Sweater Wonderful Orion. 7 *? 14. Plain car decorated /

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