Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 7, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1896
Page 8
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3,000 Pairs of me Celebrated Foster, Paul & Co's Kid Glows Bought at a sacrifice. Another big deal made toy having the ready cash. Read letter toelow. CARSON, PIRIE, SCOTT & CO., WHOLESALE DRY GOODS. -.,, . -v:-;-.-;:-.--...,-•-.,•.,..;.-. 'CHICAGO, Sept.'2C, IS'JO. MESSRS. SGH'Mrra' & HEXXLY, Logauspovt, Ind.: Dear Sirs—Is you are no doubt mware, Foster Paul & Co. are going out of business, and we being til largest importers of their kid gloves In the United States they have kindly given us the preference in clostag one of the best Jobs over closed In the country, of the weH-known glove, quality William (which Is our Dresden brand w-Mch Is one of the best retail dollar gloves In -the country. Goods come unstamped. The lot consists of 10,000 dozen nil new goods, 5 Hook ;uid new point and -large hook, black and colors, perfect In every color and quality and will give you the flwrt refusal of the goods for Logaoisport at the low price of ? spot cash for a, quantity not less than 230 down. Our idea is only to pi-ace Hue goods w.ith one concern in the -town, believlaig by so doing that vou can have the greatest glove sale that was ever 'held In your city at a price tha.t no one can touch, and we will protect vou. tovln? every dozen of the gloves iii the United States. M Uhe deatt Interests you, teLegrapl ..,., .. „ .,-.., . •„ • Respectfully, '."'-"""-'-'-'"•' -, STEVE HENXESY, General Salesman Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co will protect you, 'having every me at once -at nry expense. The gloves liave arrived and we will place on sale all this week till every pair is sold, at the low price of 69 Cents. THE GOLDEN RULE Schmitt & Heinly. For Your Own Purse Sake Visit Our Store this week. We heed the demand of the times. Better Goods for Less Honey We rJse to the occasion and overshadow all possible eompetliOkm with unl- formally low prices that seems miraculous. . Every bargain we name is here and innumerable more. You will never be disappointed by any printer's :lnk over oiir signature. 200 men's all-wool, fall overcoats. Tlhey consist of black cheviots, fans and drab meltons. No overcoat In the lot wortih less than $7 or-58, we sell .them at ;••• ? 4 -°° 150 men's fall suits, the Itoe includ es Tweeds, Cheviots and Cassimores honestly made and trimmed. Value positively ?C and $7, we sell Bhem int.53.50 , 100 men's extra fine fall overcoats, including twelve different linos of all wool covert cloth tap coats lined with silk or fine Itallca cloth worth $14.00, 515.00 and $10.00, go at • ?10.00 200 men's very finest suits, embracing fine famcy worsteds, neat plaids and checked cbevJots, taiiiored with proper regard for perfect nt and satisfactory wear, unquestionalbly equal to .the best ¥10.00 salt you see elsewhere. .We sell thorn for $10.00 Thte magnificent display of men's, -boy's and children's fall and winter clothing, hats and furnishings surpasses anything ever seen.. The prices tave been made so low that not the slightest .stumble block remains to bar any m-an or boy from being comforta bly and stylishly dressed. We invite you to call and inspect our line. ; THE GLOBE. • • - CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. |»fsl^^ PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co., The well-Known Specialists of Nnw York hiiva nppotntn J>. A. H:VUK ;LS agent for their celebrated Spectacles and Eye Glasses, every pulr cuarantefld. D. A. HAUK tins complete assortment and Invites all to sattstjr tbemsaivas of the great suwrlorltj of tlie.ie gooasover u.nj manufactured, at the store of D. A. HACK. Sole agent for Loganspoitlod. No Peddlers Supplied. $2O.OO Will Buy a Good Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. 4a6 Broadway, Second Floor. Natural gas 'bills for the month of October are nosy due. Solid silverware, cut glass and fine (China at Ben Martin's. •Positively the best cup of coffee In the city at Dykeman's cafe. The finest range ever made. See It at Flaneglm's mew stove store, 810 Market street • . For information concerning annual gas rates, see card of Logausport .& Wabasi Valley Gas Co., on rfrst page. .A range you want to see; one part for winter and another for summer at Flanegln's new stove store, 310 Market •treet Tumblers, 2c.~Fox & Dunkelberg. Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents a oxi nth. Jolm Flack, sr., one of tiie pioneer settlers of Boone township died yesterday. All meralbers of the Democratic drum corps are ordered to report at the hall this morning at S o'clock prompt. Mrs. .ToJm Hawkins Is at Converse attending the Women's Home Missionary society conven-tiom. :The doors at Dolan's theater wffl not open until 8 o'clock, and the performance, "The Giilhooleys Abroad," will m>t commence: un'U19:00 o'clock to- .night The flit-st voters of the Popocrats held a meeting last 'nlglit In Dolan & McHale's hall, but were driven out by a local speaker who cleared the hall Inside of ten mlnutesf The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Har- nragtom died nt Anderson yesterday. The remnllns will be brought here at 11 o'clock this morning -and will be taken to the residence of Midhiiel Burns at No. S21 Race street. The funeral will be Jimnounced later. Jay Oox was 27'years of age yesterday, 'and lie gave a birtMday banquet •at-his home on Third street, to the stage foands at the New Dolan opera house. It was an elegant spread, and the boys enjoyed It hugely. Charles Snell of Dykeuoian's Oafe, -was the cor terer. ••'.'•'. HON. R. P. FLOWER The Distinguished Democrat to Speak in Logansport New York's Ex-Governor Will Talk for Sound Money. Among -the thousands of Democrats still loyal to their party principles is •Roswell P. Flower, the distinguished ex-Governor of New York. Recognizing the danger tha.t threatened the country in a cheap dollar, he immediately declared against tiho Chicago platform. He and Hon. John. R. Wilson, the confidential -adviser of Governor Matthews, w-lio wiil-1 speaJ: for sound money next Friday evening, arc among the most brllli-unt orators of the -nation, and Logam-sppit will be well entertained. SINCERE SYMPATHY. Destruction of the flichael College Awakens Much Regret.' Tho Ci'ga.mna.kers' Union, as a body, was the first to act upon tlie misfortune that visited the college on the hill, and the city, yesterday. They find the following -was ordered pri-iited, by a unanimous vote of those present. Hall of Clga.nuaiUeps' TJuion No. 2^5, Logansport, Ind.. Oct. Oth, 1SOG. At the regular meeting of Cigarmak- ers 1 Union No. 215, held last night, .the following resolutions were adopted, iResolved, Tlnat tlie Ci'ga-rmnkcrs' Union of tlris city learned with regret of the destruction, by fire today of the •Michael Commercial college, and therefore it was iRosolved, That we, as a body, express our sincere sympathy with. Prof. G. W, Michael la his misfortune, and also condole with the citizens of Logan-sport In-the loss of such a Hue ajirt er.etlita.blc educational institution, ' P. H. MARTIN, Pros, H. DF/NBO, Fin. Sec.' 1 I I. B. JOiHjNSTON, Treas. C. EUiPHR'AT, Rec. Sec. THE VETERANS. Big Four Sound floney Generals Next Tuesday. COMRADES STIRRING To Greet the Warriors-Sons of Veterans to Assist. BURSTED THE F1AINS. High Water Pressure During Fire Causes Break. During the lire at Michael's college on Hie -hill yesterday, a "break occurred in the water main on FourUi street near Broadway. The leak wws repaired in a short time, .and the streec will be relaid over tire'trench early today. An- O'thca 1 rumor located a break m the b'ig pipes in the'EasteriiJ, near tiie Panhandle shops, but as no complaints oar reports oE the break were filed, the su- .pertotendent was not called upon to fix It. The Fourth street break was a lengibh distant' from, 'where the pipes parted some months ago. The ordinary pressure in the .pipes IB Crom 50 to 60 pounds, but when, » fire, calls for water, the pressure often reaches from 00 to 100 pounds, and yesterday, when the main broke, the pressure was 115 pounds. "'To reach the first floor of the Michael coBege building the water must bo forced u.p a grade of 175 feet from the level. With' the highest power on, it Is necessary to use the engine. ' Matt Selmeebergor. wants It understood today that the Bel Rliver stable on Third street, near the Eel river bridge, Is prepared to: take care of teams to first-class -nape. He Is running, the place as a feed and boarding stable. ..',,. . • •' ... , ;• Tho eo.ni-mi.noe i«i an-a.ngfMiMui.ls for the Itig do.inonstra.tiion to be given wliu-ii f.lic Mfiliiijiry heroes visit Logansport Tuesday, Odfo'ber 13Mi, 'lias mado i|:he following report of suD-couimittecs IIOJ- the day: RECEPTION. D. H. Chase, r. B. McComiell, Frank Swigavt, W. T. OifCe, J. B. Winters, Stcpheni Willis™*. Ira Clijdosl.cr, Geo. W. Ha.lgli, S. A. V.'ui-u'hn. .T. R. Grain, .T. C. Nelson. 0. .T. SroufCor, Allen L&w- is, John Koi-s, Ira' ESdsou. AA 7 m. Richardson, S. B. Boyer, .T. C. Hatlley, Geo, P. McKeo, .Michael Morrisscy. I. N. Cra.wfoj.-d, Win. H. Snydor, D. IT. Mull, Henry- Murdock. Moses Crockett. Rodney Str.-i.iu-, H. C. Cusihrnan, .7. C. Clikl- estcr, Chas. Jones, .Ta.p Cohen, Frank H-lglit, David La.ing. .T. A. Chappclow. A. J. Rotbfcnson, .Tno. A. Redmond, Joe Onilft, D. J. Forgy, Asa, Coloman, C.. L. Thora.-is, J. A. Burrows, J. C. McGivg- or, J G. Mock, Isaac Shideler, Joe Whincry, M. E. Na*di. D. P. Putnam, Wm. Shaddin-g, W. R. Wones, James llillcn, Henry Letter, Henry Tucker, E. T, Parker, J. C. Howe, S, E. Howe, Oyas. Flske, Rev. E. L. fiemans; .T. F. Gotty, I. N. Watki-ns. Alf Porter. Robt. Iromer, Cornelius JI-cGreevy, Stephen "yrus Fiske. Rev. E. L. Se.ma.ns, .T. F. Shields, Jolm Rice, Goo. F. Harris. M. W, CcJlett, Orl-n-ndo Powell, D. E. Pry- o.r, .T, X. Mac. Johnston, C. E. Hale, A. W. Stevens, J. IT. Slniltx, Geo. Horn, 3eo. K. Marshall W. H. B. Moor Tolm Btint-a, .B ; B. Chilcott, Samuel Oarr. Tyre Douglass, Wm .Grace, Jolin Douglass. Mart Enyart, Jolm Lux, B-ert Stevens, A. N. Donaldson, Win. Buyart, Wm. Livingston, Lon Burns, Le\-\ Binney, W'iu. Sedn.in, John Ensfield, Olias. -Ban-on, Robt. Patterson, W..G. GraJi-iim, -Nlixon TeaJ, Joe Qibsou. Wm. Bra-ut, Fraidc Smith, Geo. Smith. Wm. R.-i<lenhour. M. J. Morgan, J. C. vauffmau. .Taeob Z. Bdrron. Wm. H. reiser, Geo. Linton. Joe Goldy. D. D. -cnnon. Wm. Stuart, John W. Cost, L, H. Land-is, Alex H.arciy, T. C. Barnes. Mat Rood, Morris Sellers, Sol ;-mi-|;li, F, H. Ewell, Ed Anderson. Wm. Yllkinsou, .Tamos Will'inson, Jolin -R. iloorii, .Tno. M. Thompson, Chris Jean- lerrotte, John L. Maurice. Wm. Bauta. rii'omas Jain-teon, Henry Gra.n-t, Isaac Jrii.nt, Win. D.-ividsoo. Wan. Stevens. D.r. Dutch ess, Lsajic Huddlc-son, John :hkha,rt, Rujssell Deacon, T. S. Kern. Lines Chambers, David Morrison, Tenry "Enslebrecht. ' Harry Ki-ller, riiomas D:irni'h. David llatroffi, John ilartln, Hcury White. Porter AVhltc, Elihu Hewleft, Jord-a.n Tyncr, Wm. Tyner, Thomas Kendall, Dnmicl Kin-na- nia.n, I-iichaTd.KiiHia.innn, Win. Justice. Geo. W, Oclen.' Amos Hart, Peter Etui re, D.'miel Madcr. O. W. Nile.s, William H. Harrison. Abram Sillier, Geo. Dale, Abnun Ellis, AVairon. L. W.agon- .cr, Siumiel ''PeauelV Robt.. JtcEllmu.v, Au'thony Bskcw, A. J. Stover, James Tolca, 'Tohn H. Perslugea-, August Ebe.rliine, Maurice Co.nn'or, Jacob Rich- .•iird, Harry Richard, -T. T. Murphy, '.Tesse. Oldhkm,.' J. AY. Liulon. Franfc Moore,' Harry Brown,'H. C. Grismond, .Tolra F. Long. B. F. Tilly. J. K. EcK- a.rd, James Trover. John H. Walker, Geo. 'HMison,. .Teronio Chidcster, Geo. J: Snyde'r.'Geo-. T. Linnborn, Geo, Hen- sou, . The following Sons of A r oterans arc appointed on. comimitteo to take charge of and 'organixe Ca.m.]) of S. of V. for this de-monstrafioit. Ch-as. E. Swl- giirt, Ciwis. Livingston, Bei'i; Gotty, George'Chase, George AA r a!.t.ers. ADA'S/RTITSING QOMMITTrEiB. Jefferson .townshiip—Win. Banta, Joseph Gray, A-bra.m Miller. Boone townslilp—Henry Grant, Dr. Gould. Harrison fowjisMp—Ed Dalzell, Wm. Stevens, Ed Rogers, B. F. Tilly. Bethlehem towns-hip—Orlando Powell, M. W. Collett,. Lovl B. Horn. Adams' town-ship-;Wm. Carson, Win. Murden, Thorn-ton Tyson. . Clay 'townsStlp—M. J. Morgan, B. F. Campbell, Samuel Carr, Brice Scott, Dallas Orwin.- Miami townshiip—L. L. Brink, D. X For^y, P. A. Fair, Jolm Ividd, Benja- iniln Klnzle. Tipton township—Frank Raiks, Geo. Bishop, John N. Cost. ^Washington ' township—Geo. .-Gra- Iham, Russell Deaco-n. ' Jackson tpwnshtp^J. S. Smith, M. D,,_ B. B. Richards, Framk L. Justice. Clinton townshlip—Alf... Porter; Frank Justice, Frank Porter./ . '•• GO'MIMlEl.ti'MB ON STANDS. J. E. OrflJn, p. J. Stouffer, Allen Lewis, L. B. Stevens, Robert' Patterson, John Me. Johnston, George Harris, Wm. Sh'add'lug.. " 'QOMMFl'JWaE! ON MTJSIC. . . iWon. Grace, H. C. Customan, Isaac .Shideler. '. - ••.•'.-. OOMMIHTEB ON;.CA.RRIAGES. ,Wim. M. Stewart, S. B. Boyer,.-W. H.. At Last A Long Felt Want Supplied Not everybody wants to pay $6.00 for a Hat. We can supply you with one for = $3.OO = the celebrated Howard inDerbys and Fedoras Every hat is warranted to wear as well as any $5.00 bat you can buy, for sale only at THE HUB Clothiers Hatters and Furnishers. Successors to H ARRY FRANK To Be Sara < Ct THIS 15 YOURS. We want you to understand that we are running- this laundry for you and thait your wishes are to be regarded In every particular. We will give you just exactly what you want if we can find out what that is. Perhaps you believe Uhait it is impossible to have yon<r laundry work liandled without irritation and -annoyance. We are sure that you arc mistaken. May we have an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS.^ Successors to Campbell Bros. Snyder, Rodney Strain. CaMLWJnT'EE ON FINANCE. First ward—John, E. Barnes. John C. Beatty. •Second ward—Alex Harcy, W, E. H:i.ney. Third ward—Win. H. Kiser, Geo. Lintou. Foim-th ward—J. T, McNary, C. F. Ranch. Fiflli xv«rd—I. N. Cravrrord. Wm. Hagcnlbiick, Is.oiic HimTOelborger. Tho above named com-miltces ai-c requested to meet at oneo svnd nrrango their work without further notice from this coni-ni'ittce. D. H. CHASE. D. B. M'CONNl^LL. FRAJX.K S^A^GART. w. T. G.IFFE, J. B. WINTERS. —Committee of Arrangements. SUDDENLY OVERTAKEN. Death, the Destroyer, Summons P. L. Knight. P. L. Knight, who for the tast five h.os 'been employed at Stevens Bros.' .planing mill, expired last evening about 5:30 o'clock while enroute to his home in Shultztown. He had worked hard all day. and when he quit at ~> o'clock was in Oiis usual good health. In comjwuy witli a follow workman he stn.ntod for his home. When, on'the-bridge .from Blddle's Is- land.to the south 6ank of the W.Tbash river die met-' a farmer named James Austin, who lives in Carroll county, between Delphi amd Montieello, and got into his buggy to ride home. After .they -hnd traveled some distance Mr. Austin saw that KuJght was becoming stupid, and later he lay back nffa.lnst the back of the buggy and'rest- ed Ills bead on Mr. Austin's shoulder. When near hiorne Mr. Knight drew two long breaths, and when Mir. Austin looked luto his face he fouufl that he was dead. The coroner was summoned and viewed flic remains, but •has not yot flieM aTi Inquest The deceased leaves a. wire and five children, the oldest of whlcn Is a.son of ten years. The family is in almost destitute circnmsfauiceis. and. the case Is a sad one. Mr. Ivnight's fatter IB .1. farmer, -who lives near Blue Ball church in Washington township.' The deceased wa.s a yard man at Stevens Bros' mill, and was a trusted employe. His wife and family have I>een sick, t3ie most of the summer. He was a member of the Kroignts and Ladies of Honor, aMd was formerly a member of the Good Templars. The time of tbx; funeral wl'H be announced later. THE GIIHOOUETfS ABROAD. At the New Dola.n tonight the greatest-success of the Qormans, who set the pace several years o.go that is be- iug lieiw by all (the minstrel companies on the rotid. today, will appeal' for the IhNt time in Logansport, On account of counter attractions, the curtain- will not rise t-his evening until 9:00 o'clock. Speaking of i.he show an Altooua exchange says: "A small aiudienee was present at.the Eleventh Avenue opera house last oveiiing to witness the presentation of "The Giilhooleys Abroad." a farcial comedy in three acts. Tlie play abounds in numerous humorous situations and the audience is kept lu a good humor from the beginning until t:ie end of the play. George Gorman, as "Owen Gilhooly," and John. E. Gorman, as "Jonathan Tubbs," were excellent In their parts. Miss Lottie LeVyne gave am excellent portrayal of the character of "Daphne Green;" the widow.' The other characters were also well taken and all in all the production !s a good cue of its kind. The singing, and there was a great deal of it, was excellently rendered.'' Tou need Hood's Sarsaparllla to enrich and purify your blood, create- an appetite and give sweet, refreshing sleep. Buy your Red/ire at Ben Fisher's drug store. TALKINGJRICES THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BCSI'NEPS- GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. AVomen!s nice seamless rubbers, new and pointed toes, new '90 goods. Price - ....23c * * .»• .Women's storm seamless rubbers,' as good as some ask 50c for. Price.., .28c * • * Women's Arctics, nice new goods, good raJue at $1. Our price 59c * » • Women's feid button, shoes," patent tip, njiee .pointed toes, medium heels. Price •• • • •>• -O^ * * • • • Women's satin calf button shoes;, a good serviceable winter shoe. Price 98c * * * Women's Vicl kid button shoes, patent leather tips, alee' dress shoe. Price 9Sc * . * * Infant's embroidered leather mocco- slns, just the thing for flic little ones. Price .....l»c Men's rubber overdoes, nice new goods; a bargain. Price. ".... .SGc Also please see our line of fine dress shoes. The most stylish and best fitting goods ever brought to Logansport. , 412 Broadway.

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