Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 3, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1896
Page 5
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Up=to=Date Styles - FOR Fall and Winter. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER CHANGE OF BASE. Western Clubs Win Host of the Games on New Territory. Rei Circular, 1 Left at Your House. UP-TO-DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That'» He—My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show you through. H. G. TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. Tho change of position secinfd'. to give the Western clubs a now lease on life yesterday. Whereas they had been losing steadily, <lm yesterday they. nil won out except Chicago, who-lost to Baltimore, and St. Louis, who drop- pod two games to Boston. Cincinnati has broken the hoodoo which seems to. have bound them for eleven straight, defeats, and they signalized their rer,- turu to life by shutting New York put yesterday. Cleveland had nn easy time with Brooklyn, the "B.ig Cy" Young in the box. Following are the scores.of, the games yesterday: At Brooklyn—Cleveland 5, Brooklyn s. • .'' ..!.;, At Baltimore—Chicago 2, .Baltimore 4. • ...., At New York—Cincinnati 4, New YorkO. " ... ..,.,", At Philadelphia—Plttsburg 10, Pblln.; delphia 2. ... At Washington—Louisville 8, Washington C, . . At Boston—St. Louis- 3, Boston 18. (Second gnrno) St. Louis 8,-Boston 12. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. itto Kraus. New Shoes Otto Kraus. Ne» HatS otto Kraus Hew Furnishings. Otto Kraus < 3.' MONEY. • 'tiir has tfi 'oI1p\viri|i;;'tp--sii.v of -a 'former Logans ' • ' ' ' GREATER Ever Beyond the shadow of a doubt, our new arrivals in Stylish Shoes Stevenson & Klinsick 403 Broadway. Greatest Discovery ol the 19ti Century. Dr. league's NIWBttOEDT Medicated Air For the Cure of CaUrrh, A»thm» udall Pnlmonarj Dlwwei. It baa no equal lot Sick mil y snoot BMd- .•ohe, 1,000.000 people I die annual!? from the above named dlseawi. I Whj jofler and die, K!-v-|E4gj]}r r ««' u "'~ wten Medicated 111 U Jlfm CAT 10 A'* guaranteed to cut* jou. Medicated Air sad Drag Co., Blcbmond, Ind., C. 8. A. THE F1RSI RATIONAL BANK -07- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL 9250.OOO. A. J. Murtock, Pirn W. W. Horn. J. V. Brookmtrer, AMt. Cub. • DIBXCTOBS: JL 8, Bice, W. H. Bringhnrst. A. 1. MDTOOCK, Dwral* UW. a 9. Yanlto, *v M. Hanroort, w. r. vtuoD. Banking In ali lu Departments promptly and carefully done. Safety to Cultomen and Stockholder* •out ht for. BtroBf B4MfT« Fund mmlntalntd. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakes &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. The Looansport Humane society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Blco-Tres. Geo. Vf. WaltottH-rSoo, J. J, Hlldebr»n<lt—Treax. W, M, m»hop--Hniniu>e OBIcer. . X. 3. Bier. J. C. Hsu-ley. F. .C. Coolbougli Geo Wffalters, J.-J. BUdebrsndt, Peeked Justice, Isaab Aduma. Mrs. W, D. Pratt s,. Jfg(.>J«.N. Kelt. , Telephone No, 30, ... ....... Bejort cues o( cruelty to 8«b:etirj. ' ELECTRIC STREET LIGHTS. Report to the Station if Your Lights are Not Burning. There has been considerable complaint of late about the service the electric light department is giving. The superintendent has no means of knowing: the location of the trouble, unless complaint is made. It Is therefore desired that when anyone sees a street lamp that is not working properly, that notice of the fact be telephoned to the electric light station at once. The recent heavy storm of wind did much damage to the electric light lines, and some of the lamps are minus Klobes, which accounts for their not burning properly. If the lights are not in proper shape; report .to the electric light station. Clubs Won Baltimore TO Cincinnati ..70 Cleveland G7 . Chicago 05 Boston .Gl- Pittsburg GO Philadelphia ......54 Brooklyn ....53 New York 53 Washington ..... ,-Ai St. Louis '... .35 Louisville 20 Lost PerCt, 34 41 43 50 49 50 OS 57 Gl GO 7C 78 .091 .031 -.COS .505 .482 .482; .463 ^400: -315. .271 . 3JIi5 ! N.'-'-Sr'iinrti-'a -'representative, o " r -.iind Mowc : : Chicago, is at tlie Deui feoii'.'"'Jte'-.Is-.,ii Democrat and will vot fM-'McKliiloy.-. -He saysthe grcjit renp W 5 ^Svjfij;Bs V: !ir.d taking action on th j]ioiiffy-.:qucstion.-.-and will-organize r c.HilK The concern has .number of.-ti'iiveling-nieu, wh iirejf.or Jfc'Kinloy to'a'm.ih. ''Mr. Stn'ar ,':.'• •,."..;. '-"'over', the West and North the convention.-, He ih tbflt.'lndlana wilj.^be for Mo ijvl^lej'i'Riid'• says that -sentiment Is '•"•'•••'•'' •-"'-'• . j B the D/ikotn.s, Mbu and ^Minnesota iiuri'lt"ljis'i's"especialiy true^aniorig the with whom he has FOEilIEU LOGAN SPORT PEOPLE. ; Tho following was taken from the Sanduskyt 0.) Telegram: "Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pickering, of Oolumbus avenue, received a telegram yesterday' announcing that their son, Willis, was very 111 at Houston, Texas. This morning a message arrived conveying the sad news of his death. They had no previous news of his illness and the message was a severe blow. The young man was 29 years of nse." Mr. and Mrs. F. Pickering, parents of the deceased, are well known here, having resided In this city a number of years. Mr. Pickering was engaged n the stove and tinware business liere nt one time. FOR FIELD DAY. Arrangements are Being Pushed for Big Event. i At a meeting of those Interested In, tho field day movement at the Riverside cycle club house last evening, the, matter wns thoroughly talked over and- a great mnny of the preliminary., pr-, rnngements were made. The adrnis-; slon is to bo free. A committee coin- posed of Joseph T. McNary and John. IN A FALL. Iriv.-while -ill's,, Kate, Davenport •bicycle on the-South -piko very painful and serl- When about two-miles . . ciu;(-" ; ^jc;stni : ck'.a-sto'nc while-Tiding at it .ifliJiUT ritftand:: w;)s thrown to the S YdiMhl -'-Sn'd."rendered unconscious by ijjlljyi^ijShe'Tyas picked .up-by.Supt. 'a. few mluutes later ; and e was' taken "t.o-'lic'r 1 ;'Downey wns summoned ' the right .ankle .had . ,AX:N-UAL ELECTION. \yris the day 'for"the as- PICNIC OF FORESTERS. The Foresters enjoyed a delightful evening at the park last night. The Sisterhood of Foresters went out early and prepared an elegant lunch in one of the open pavilions. The brothers of Court Noble No. 975 were there on time for supper, and did Justice to the artistic spread. It was a social success. About seventy-five members ot he two branches of the popular order, were in attendance. The Sound ; ' PHAROS—Telegraph.- - •'"•' •"'• 'All the indications nre that the gathering will exceed expectations both In point of numbers and states represented. From the lists In the hands of Secretary Wilson It is certaJn that over 800 delegates will be present, repre- • sentlug forty-one to forty-two states and territories. Considering the fact PHAROS-Local Column, jTlTe^pemocrats of the country, who f%f§ij'.,!inaTuta!nlng the single gold a-ndaud, met in national convention a ; Zn^a^apqlls today. The attendance rf«li : .-far:6hort of the expectations of the' that the original call for the meeting.'-pp>jj8|l^K3';of.!l;fie''movement.' Mostfof of representatives of ten Middle -.and Western states was only issuel.July 20-; ff rce-Jflsir Jtw^eijjngs\ began with 'a ' ' ' '' the managers think they have reason' cjj to feel proud, of the result of their; •\\ work. All yesterday delegates . -were'.; : ; arriving by every train and the. hotel-,'! corridors were becoming choked. -> •-..'•;::!• ".' ANNOUNCEMENT. Sir. GiKirge Gonser, who has charge of the circulation department of The ournal, will also attend to general col- ectlons for The .Tournal. There is quite an amount outstanding, and The 'ournal company will esteem It a favor f bills are promptly paid when pre- ented. THE LOGANSl'OKT JOURNAL CO. Disease attacks the weajc, and debilitated. J£eejx -iyouraetif i&eohliy:'',' and strong :by taking Hood!s Sarjaparllla., Don't fOEgetvthc initial .ball.to.be given by,,tho Ea8t(.'nd-.plens.ure;clulMit Dolan &.,-,Mcpale's hnll, Labor day, Sept 7. ' . /; . v r . :•.-:. ".,'i . .. Special sale for two weeks- on boys' and children's TschooJ. "suits. .Parents should not. jnilss-.these baj*gatn's.'-r-J; ; D. Ferguson & Jenks, 322 MaVket'street. Do not mis* the .efcance.to hear' - W. J, Bryan at-Soft h'-Bentf,.; Sept, '3rd. The Vandallft .Iltievwitt; accommodate everybody . -at --the exceptionally. low rate,, of .? 1.35 for.. the round trip. , Train .leaves at 10:31 a; m. : G-EORGE 1 GElAR DEAD. Geoi'ge Gear, the well-known dairy- n'an of Washington township, died at an early hour this morning after an Illness of four weeks of typhiod fever, aged thirty-nine years. Funeral arrangements have not yet been made. The Terre Haute Manufacturing company employes under the leadership o£ W, H. Sporg, (i former Democrat, liave erected a McKlnley and Ho> bart pole, one hundred seventy-six feet high. They ratified last evening with nn immense crowd, .the address being by.,Wi W .Hallaway of Brazil,. Ind. The sound money club at the car works there nns'five hundred members. The RiUlroad Men's Sound Money club has seven hundred members, none of them '"bulldozed." One hundred fifty were formerly Democrats. They will be addressed shortly by Hon. >i. E. Ingalls, president of the Big Four, a Democrat who Is supporting McKinley. M. Johnson will .confer with Receiv.e Fickle of th> street rn'il way compon; and endeavor to Induce 'hlrii' to hav the baud present at the great e.venl It is thought that the request. Will' 1 1* granted. A committee composed p' Will Porter, Joseph Krels, Hai'r'y El liott, Line Pilling and Wnlter'CIcisson will solicit prlzes'from the mercliant's It is thought thad'flve thousand peopli will take advantage of the excelleii sport aud the fine music wlilcli whl iiii furnished by the lovers of the sport The entry books will be ope'ned in ,a few d/iys, a Held tnnrslinj will bej'se looted and every detail of the arrange ments will be completed. Numbers, of 1 athelets have signified their Intentipi of entering the contest and "It is prob; nble that every cvea.t will have a n'um ( - ber of contestants/ 'The next meeting will be held Wednesday evening, '^ep : '' '"' '•'• ' •'"" ''' tember Oth. All old members of the L. A. C. foot bnll team and all aspiring to bec"ome members of that team'this year are requested to meet at Walter B. Lewis's Broadway bicycle .store this evening to perfect an organization for the com- Ing'season. VERXON-PRICE. •' •Mr. Ed Vernon, who .is employed', at Elliott &. Sou's -n-Jiolesale grocery, .Miss Flo Price, n.. popular young lady of the Westslde, were united in marriage Tuesday evening nt the- residence 1 of the bride's sister, Mrs. W...M. Curnew of the Westslde. The ceremony which was performed by the -Rev^M. A.- Hnrlnn,. wns witnessed -by riboiit fifty, intimate friends and relatives ' the contracting parties. After the 'ceremony an elegant reception • was ten"- dered the young couple,.-nnd--tl*ey received the congratulations and 'well- wishes of many friends. The. ; .bride a very popular young lady. and recently had been employed as.sten;, ographer at the Bridge City Candy Co! They have begun housekeeping- lii n residence on Wheatland. street;: *•:•-•'•• •' Dr. Stevens, assisted by, Drs...Gould. and Busjahn, performed nn operafjpn for appendicitis upon the younj?..; so'iT of Mr. Evans of -Royal "CenteT."". Tlje. operation was .a very difficult "one'tis the patient was altnost'dead befo'r^"it was performed. The child ' : day morning. e.fltatea/were.represented -and -the of. stales. men among the Spanish forces, adults hn.vifljr f;tJleu victims to the yellow fever and other diseases in overwhelming numbers. Every shipload of Spanish troops which is landed at Havana consists almost altogether of schoolboys, who are, most of them, through starvation and disease, unable to handle a musket They In.nd and march up the barracks with the tears rolling down their cheeks. General Weyler, too, as the commanding Spanish general, is placed at. a great disadvantage. He hns to accept (he reports of his subordinates n.ncl dares not investigate anything for himself. He keeps himself within the walls of a. castle, and does not, even venture within the iuclosnros of the barracks. The insurgents Iinvo fifty men. all from the State of Xew York, and all' sJiarpshooters, who are expected to de- voto themselves to securing nn opportunity to get n shot at Weyler. Weyler knows this,' Aivnred says. I and by way of revenge lie orders his soldiers to assault all women and little girls. It is impossible, Alvared declares, to hint at the atrocities sup- posod to be committed by order of the Spanish general. A month ago he discovered ;i Cuban newspaper in the pocket of an American named Charles Churchill, of Pennsylvania. By Wey- Icr's command Churchill was wrapped in an American flag a.nd burned to loath. Four Amorlc.in sea captains wore witnesses of this. , The agricultural situation in Cub.i, Lieutenant Alvared says, is hopeless. Plantations are ruined, and even vegetables are not grown. Cattle are dy- ng, because of the scarcity of grass. The Spanish soldiers, Oie lieutenant said in conclusion, were utterly without mercy. They shoot little children 'list for a.pastime. After shooting prisoners the bodies of the latter are xea.ted to all sorts of Indignities, often >eing only partially buried, a hand or i leg being left sticking up above the urface. .No. care was taken to shoot L prisoner mortally^.There was no wast.iug of ammunition. If a victim vas not dead at the first firovhe was iuried alive. Republican Meetings. officers for the.Lo- 'gijnsiMM't>tJ¥;:-CrT.;l;J'. The meeting for frtendlcss o ' the Home yesterday ; nfter- ig'.officers were 1. VI! 'Overholser. :— 3fary/il. ''' ' ' Ed '• Ba.r- Tr 'JGrontmnn-. . 'fjConrwrponde'rtt— M'i-s. 'W.' T. •• OF . / A "speclai'lsays'i Lieutenant,Alvared, •'- • ,.nfo .T-).I;' ;•--• ••• ' •• •• -' of'Geosral Ma'ceo'si forces has-just a'r clty^a'fter an exciting trip to. CnoW-ljin ati: 'interyiew snottly .after lie^lai^cUi'lie'. said,that .he : lef t ,this port Ifuly iS'.lfl -comniaud .of the.-.ist«amer, T. t.'Hnrtwa.y. on board or w-lflch .were 500 oWc-bOdiedo recruits, :half-;6f whoni mid'natives of this Stater-nJid'ffie-'reniaiuder Cubans. ' ! -Tlie"'ma3ot v fty ''Of Uiese , men were sharj)feKabters..iy|Iip could be .depended lipoii ''to 'tife end to. , fight, -for ; Cuban liberty. In. addition to- the bombs, i;opO rifles 'flJid. provisions, for three w.ere. on .board. - -jBotli- en . . . •i.nd amraunitlon: were safely. landed at' ' Baj-tner- The, :y.left there tof. this port on jier return trip August 4,.:and when foifr day.giO,ut; spvung a TeaK nt '10:30 )'cl!oclf j; ..atvnlgJ]t' 1 and sa.nk. The crew yere picked up by a fishing schooner ihf .saved.;.,.- •;. ''L eutqwint; -Alvarod expects to be successful-,In lti : ndlng another body of recruits shortly. He believes that the striigfjle • f or Cuban freedom will be ended jwfore the cold weather sets in. 111 ^ue.tJiat Mnceo'lHis only 8,000 or ),(X 0 men with .which . to oppose the 0,'( 90 £ tr^»i)s .of j(Jeneral Weyler. But :he l|eutenapt ; -dec.laros .these 40,000 Ijeujtaiajit; declares .these 40,000 REPUDIATION FOR WHOSE BENEFIT. Chicago Chronicle: Altgeld roiter- tos the false assertion that half of the "primary money" of. . the world h.is been "destroyed"' and that the value of the dollar has been doubled. He claims that the English get the benefit of this change because they hold the great bulk of our corporate and other securities and they would be the ones who would suffer if the value .of th.s dollar should now be reduced . 'one-half. As usual, Altgeld misstates the facts. : It is not true, as he asserts, that "the great bondholding classes of Europe now find that one-half of the Interest 011 their bonds will buy fls much tabor and will buy as much property as all of It used to buy." The whole of the interest will not buy n.n hour's more labor than it would before 1S73. It is not true that "the great bulk" of securities Is held by "Egnllsh money lenders." Those who are best informed about such matters estimate the amount of our securities now held nbrond at about .f3,500,000,000, ajid no competent judge places the total nt more than .?2,000,000,00. But our railroad securities alone exceeded $10,530,.000,000 in 1893. Adding other corpor- -nte securities and individual mortgages aud we may safely say that not more than 10 per cent, of the totals is hold 'abroad. ' • '' Then there are 'insurance risks hi.' forjee to the amount of more than $20,000,000,000, of which at. least ."F20,-. 000,000,000 nre underwritten by Amer- ica.n'conrDaules, while all tho insured prrictlchlly, are Americans. .'. ; Without pursuing the subject further we see that American creditors would' lose at least ,?20 rmere our foreign creditors would lose .?! by halving the value of our dollar Altfceld must know that this is trne. It follows that he deliberately proposes so to legislate as to rob American creditors of at least $10,000,000,000 for the benefit of American debtors: Never before was such a; prodigious measure of repudiation proposed since the world began. Republican speakingswill be held at the following places in Cass county: Frank Swigart will speak at Ford's school house, Jefferson township, Saturday, Sept. Oth. Thursday evening. Sept. 3. Frank Swigart will speak to the McKinley club at HooTcr's school house. Friday evening, Sept. -i, Gceo. Funk will speak to the Clay township club at Oak Grove school honsc. Saturday evening, Sept. 5. A Miller will speak at Clymers. Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock there will be n pole raising .seven miles north on the Michigan pike in Bethle- hom township where S. T. McConnell will speak. Saturday evening, Sept. i>, Orlando Powell will address the McKinley club at. Michaels' school house, Bethlehem • township. Monday evening, Sept. ?, Lincoln, W. T. Wilson. Wednesday evening, Sept. 0. Center school house, Noble township. Geo. W. Walters. 'Thursday evening, Sept 10, Crittenden, Deer Creek township. W. T. Wilson. Saturday eveaiing, Sept. 12, Wintergreen school house, Adams township, Geo. Gamble. Saturday evening. Sopt. ]2, Calloway school house, Q. A. Myers. Monday evening, Sept 14. Metea, Geo. W. Steele, W. T. Wilson, J. G. Meek. . Tuesday evening, Sept. 15,. Young America, Geo. W. Steele. W. T. Wil- eon, J. B. Smith. Wednesday evening, Sept. 16, Galveston, Geo. W. Steele. D. C. Justice, . E. B. McConnelL . • . Thursday evening, Sept 17, Walton, Geo. W. Steele, D. B. McConnell, Claud Bishop. Friday evening, Sept. IS,, Center school house, Washington township, Geo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice, Geo. Walters. Saturday evening, Sept 39, Twelve Mile, Geo. W. Steele, G«o.'Funk, Mayor McKee. Monday evening. Sept 2J., Waverly, . Geo. W. Steele, S. T. McConnell, Mayor McKee. Tuesday evening, Sept 22; Clymers, Geo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice, W. T. . Wilson. Wednesday evening, Sept 23, West' Sand Ridge school bouse, Noble .township, Geo. W. Stecle, Col. Cromer, : Frank Swigart Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Lucerne, Geo.' W. Steele, Q. A. Myers, Geo. Funk. Friday evening, Sept 20, Calloway school house, Jefferson-township, Geo. W. Steele, S. T. McConnell, Frank Swigart Saturday evening, • Sept. 2C, Royal Center, Geo. W. Steele, Q. A. Myers,' D..B. McCojonell. Leave the money as it is—It i: only a Medium of exchanf e. Tht changing of it will not make more business or times better. Why should it? How can' you make more actual business by catling six inches a foot, or, if silver would rise to par, by calling a ;foota foot? Supply and demand make business. What difference can it make in the demand and supply if vou change the medium of exchange? You can ruin business by making the Medium of exchange doubtful, as free silver ) would do, but you cannot help it that way, Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents A ;• ",-A new feature of the State Fair. Sept. 14 to 39, will'be the scientific demon: str.ition of the X-rays by Prof. Day-, ton C. Miller of the Case Applied Schoo.l of Science. Prof. Miller's work in this-line>has brought.tlie best results of any experimentalist, not excepting Edison, and in his wcrk at the State Fair he will be equipped .with every appliance for perfect njidj. successful results. This is a great opportunity for the student teacher and especially for the doctor or surgeon. ;> BULLETINS. •"•The Journal will receive bulletins of the Sound Money Democratic convention which will be posted in front of the Journal office day and night, <VK/- : yv;.>;;f£K>|;

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