The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 1, 1957 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1957
Page 16
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Ufflpl* 5* Meffttt thurWey, Au0u«f 1,1W Cat* Lak». Mum. All dfwtt ftr» and a §»niif Wat- ing take have something in comnion. If you watch either of them for a while, the effect is hypnotic and you find yourself forgetting all the little tasks you should be doing and you sit there completely masted. ,We don't have an open fire place up here but we have plenty of lake with the Mississippi river thrown in for good measure. If 1 get much more relaxed 1 won't be able to find ambition enough to eat a meal, much less cook one. i• • - * * * 1 didn't tiati eui thU vacation that way. .The first two days 1 was up in the morning from two to three hours before the rest of the family and t raked the beach, went for walks, started a sun tan and watched the birds before breakfast. 1 did a small laundry every day and put in a couple of hours at the typewriter. But the spirit of the place has finally caught me and t have decided that ambition is entirely out of place on a vacation. • • * Thorft it plenty of wild Ilia up here. 1 am beginning to think that the creatures who live in the woods are tamer than the two-legged variety .we have running in and out of our cottage. The kids were quick to shed what thin veneer of civilization they had and it is getting more difficult .each day to distinquish them from the Indians. Thero are flocks of lovely little yellow birds, in the marsh back of here. They fly in pairs arid perch on the reeds so close to th.c back porch you can almost reach out and touch them. I've been calling them wild canaries, but the kids have corrected me oh it. They are Goldfinches. Early in the morning there's a whole rChoral club of birdsr^inging^a^lfj Their throats would burst;/At ; ,night we go to sleep to the tune if the.frogs juid that£«a'jsurpris- mgly pleasant sourfd'^also. The mosquitoes sing a different tune. In spite of spraying the cottage before we go to bed, we hear little dive-bomber noises all night, They frequently hit their target, too, but either the wind has changed or we are becoming immune for the bites don't bother us as much as they did when we first got here. • . » Every night we have a visitor — a nice little striped kitty we Call Flower who is determined to scrouge a free meal from our garbage can. She makes a fearfu! racket with the can's cover, but so far she hasn't been able to get it open. I'd like to tell her, if I thought she could understand me that her efforts are futile. Our appetites are so good up here that the garbage consists of a few potato peelings and some egg shells. • * • The other night on my way to the Forest's Prime Evil, the little brown house out in back, 1 surprised Flower at her foraging. To tell the truth, Flower surprised me a little bit, too. She looked at me, I looked at her and both of us retreated qu'ickly. Fortunately, Flower didn't leave her calling card. The chipmunks who live under the cottage are still here. I swear I have picked out the very fellow Bill fed the ginger Snaps to last year. We have a new supply of ginger snaps but the chipmunks seem to prefer acorns this year. • * * The lake is extremely high this year and the river is completely out of its banks. Yesterday both had gone down several inches but it rained hard all night and now everything is back up again. Father and the boys have been doing most of their fishing from the dam 4 and though the catches have been poor, we have •had several fish dinners. '. '.,- .''•-. • * ' ," * Our nephew. Denny Waller, who is up here with us is an enthusiastic fisherman. AD yeaj long hfe listens to the fish storjes of, Henry Becker, Gail Towne, his Uncle Harlan and the rest of v ,***• AWNINGS As Low, As 12.94 Windows 26.40 Door Hoods CONSTRUCTION CO. Jl-2595 1014 N. Main don't f ry... with YORK Conditioning Live In Cool rt -wilK- The Quality Brand * > * Of Air Conditioning ALGONA I tHBSE WOMEN I * ''***) *M*M* I *" < ^^^^ M ^^ M ^^^^^^^ M ^**^^^^^^^^^ ~ ~'7-- r . ~ ^^^^^^^aagsatiii^iatiiiiiasiattUHa^il^ '"HA Mid. 'Marry me and make me th« b 48 *tat«t'... 35 New ViMclfS Sold, Two Wwki New car and truck sales declined during the past two weeks, with 35 vehicles registered at the* county treasurer's office. New owners and make of vehicles C. H. Sttyder, are: . * intiWalional Fdtd ««• Mrs Emma Hurlburt, Lone Ttock; Algofta Rendering Co« Algpna; F. J. Nemmers, Bancroft; Al Richardson. Algona; John Roelfsema, Lafcota"; Harvey Hubbard, Swea City; F. C. Ryg, Ottosen; Arthur Kohlhaas, Bode, L. J. Ricke, Wesley; R. J. Campbell, Fentoh; T. 0. Johnson, Swea City; and R. L. Nelson, Titonka. ChAttoUl — Roy N. and Leota Walrod, Wesley; M. J. Kisch, Jr.. Algona; Peter Arend. Bancroft, M. H. Kueck, Lone Rock; R. L. Woods, Algona; B. D. Dundas, Burt; Walter Janssen, Lakota; Pioneer Hibred Corn Co., Algona; Fullerton Lbr. Co., Whittemore; 1. F. Hildman. Wesley; and R. W Gade, West Bend. Cadillac — J. P. Mersch, West Bend. Mereuty — Pratt Electric Co., Alfeona; L. W. Smith, Algona 1 ; W. O. Brlggs, Swea City; and And- Soft, Left* Sock. V0i*W*§B» « && Tlttiatn, toftf nocjs. , FfhpWltl ~ V. C. Smith, Al- AfeJfcA eifpifrtif & Son, Joe tt. Cutb*rtsffn & ^ M. tt. Peters, Lorn Sott. ' Wnlttefftofe; and Ralph LlfHi- horst. Algona. # Irvlngton News Tim Colwell of Livefmote i|i*nt several days at the B. O. Davis home this week aftd also visited at the home of his grandparents, Mf and Mrs Lee ColwelL Pat Ffankl aecofflpanied Mr and Mrs A. M. Lemkee to Seott- Sbtuff, Neb., for a 2 weeks Visit at the Wayhe Bbwn home there and then on a trip into Colorado, accompanied by the Bown, family. Mrs Bown is the former Helen Lemkee. Mr and Mrs Frank Harness of Walworth, Wis. are visiting at the Ed Ditsworth home. John Hayes of Burlington, la. visited this week at the nome of Mr and Mrs S. J. Hayes. Mr and Mrs Chris Gales spent last week at Techny, 111. visiting their three daughters who are Mr ind Mfl ftitmait Bfccfcef liftd family are spending thi* wetk at Lake Okoboji. fa m Mr* llmffl- feott fefat#. Id one of their antique cars in the parade at Clear Like Sunday at dfevfcrfion Bay Celebration. WHAT il \ong term-low cost FEDERAL LAND BANK LOANS Wheft yea MtA ftiofttsy to cemsoHdate debt*, buy land et HveWock, tt>od«ftil*e building*. Of ftntnce opertilottt, notMwt could be better than a tiftd Bftttk Ldifl with la* cost and long temfc ttftd fianfc Lofths on your land are available for any cortitructive purpose through your NFLA, where you-can borrow with confidence. for lull InfdMfiaHoft/ «•«»*•«> — National Farm Loan Association EUGENE H. HUTCHINS SeoTfeas. 110 8. Dodge 8t, Algona. la. (31-32) the Algona fishermen and from the looks of the tackle he has acquired he's prepared to deal with almost any kind of finny creature. His success at catching them has been rather unspectacular. The other night I was sitting up by the dam watching the anglers when Denny got a go6d strike. Th fish took off but in spite of Father yelling instructions, the line broke and the thing got away with Denny's favorite daredevil. Everyone' was most sympathetic, Denny re-equipped and it wasn't long before he had anther big tug. This time it was a snag. Bill rowed him out in the boat to untangle it and when they brought it up they had a real catch — two goldplated spinners, a plug, four leaders, seven sinkers and several hooks lost by previous unfortunate fishermen. Most of the other Algona women who have been to the Outing Club cottage — Nelda Finn, Mrs Towne, Irma Lee Deim, Marie Dutton and others have tried it and seem to enjoy it but so far I've been too busy taking it easy to find time for it. But after watching the bobber go under pn Father's line last evening and Waiting, anxiously while that nice big Northern chewed on the bait, and holding my breath until it was safely landed, I can see what they mean when they tell me fishing is a great sport. • ', » • • But the chief fascination of the North Woods for me still remains' the sense of getting away from it all.:; I would be extremely unhappy living this way all of the time, but for a week or so, no telephone, no dead-lines and no immediate problems are a rare treat. And now that we're away fronj it, we are realizing how much that one-eyed monster, the television dominates our lives. Most of the time I enjoy it, but I wonder why in the world we spend so much time at home staring at programs which have almost no interest for us. * * • We. have seen but one newspaper since we arrived, we have heard no radio programs and the only mail we have received is a letter I wrote myself before leaving Algona to test the speed of the Cass Lake mail boat. Tell me, how are things in the great outside world, anyway? —GRACE. Livermore , A baby girl was born early Monday, morping to Mr and Mrs. Fred Struthers of West Bend. Mr Struthers is employed in Algona. Mrs Struthers is the former Phyllis- Sykes of £ivemore, John Renquist, Peter MalKr mus, Mike Enjman and John Miller attended the American Legion meeting and chicken dinner in Webster City afternoon. Mrs Keith Logue and Mary Colwell plan on attending the state American Legion Auxiliary convention in Des Moines next Thursday and Friday. They are President apd secretary of the local organization. Mr 8nd»Mrs Charles Howard have gone ,Jo spend the'rest of the summer*, at their cabin at Pine Rjver. Minnesota. Audrey Jtwlfcf, Daughter of Mi 1 and Mrs Harry RUte who is employed at St, Olafs College in, Nprthj3e}d, M» n n-, is spending 3 twp week's vacation with fy re ° stiver g»»'ls <?n a trip to-Cajifor* Mr and Mrs Henry Zeimet hacj a phone PftU ftpm California Sunday, froni tfteir, son, Corp Msrvu gejmet Re Had just arrived » the States after 15 months o service overseas, and h< to b'e nome on leev? soon. ; John Fredericls;, gtos&ved hi$ 80th birthday; Jast, Saturday. Vist tors that day- yielufied Mr an<^ Mrs Harold Frederick, Mr Paryf Frederick flhifly" can»e to, this vicinityjo Jive a young roan from He has 3 sons, 4 _ 4 great grandchildren - Tht faniflm {?u^U.rv<n -tilw found in 1805 weiglfil 3,106 ats in the rough. 4 BIG DAYS OF ENTERTAINMENT HUNDREDS OF ENTRIES IN LIVESTOCK, SWINE BIG CAR RACES STOCK CAftRACES .. \ . • MIDWAY CARNIVAL Mario Shcws'TAIR VOGUES' N D ;,. ;- * i "\ f il * •'- '. -.,-F^i- NO INCREASE IN ADMISSIONS XCITEIflEN TWO HORSE SHOWS DAILY EXHIBITS 4-H CLUBS PARADE TALENT CONTEST ALL AT KOSSUTH COUNTY'S WED. THURS. FRI. SAT.

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