Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 7, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER YOl DON'T WANT A SUIT Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY G. TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. THE FIRSI RATIONAL BANK — OF — LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITA! $250,000. A. J. Murdock, Fre». W. W. ROM. Ca.b. J. F. Brookmeyer, Awt. Cwn. DIBECTORS: _ a „,„, W. H. Brlnglinrst, tiCrW . »HSoo<l &r.Y.nu, ^j.^'A^ tlnp In ali Its Departments promptly .and Stockholders Sealed Proposals, To Jurnlah supplies lor the NortHeru Indiana Hospital Tor Insane, For He MontU of November 1896, Will bo received by tho Board „ _ _ ..._i ..M til n'nliwlr III JJBUonal Ban*. BroiUerortha J, G. ROGERS. Medical supt- long C11H, Cct, 3.WM- DAILY JOURNAL, WEDNESDAY, OOTOBEK 7, 1S9G. ~~Tmn>Ww sale, 2c each. A-bargain.— Fox & Dunkelbcrg. SlltaaUon wanted — Lady stenographer, three years experience. Address, Pearl Lauplhoai-. Pipe Creek, Ind. For .information concerning' annual gas rates, see card of Logansport & Watoash Valley G-as Co., on first page. A Brjwi p»le w<is erected la«rt might on Toledo sferedt. Major McTVuUu spoke until discouraged, to a group of eMldron and interested ladles. The event was caa-ofnlly advertised, but as usual, there were . other attractions more enticing to the voters. Persons In the 'habit or leaving their horses stand In front of ,the down-town stores, and in front of residences, are •warned by the'police to-dteconitinue the 'practice, or they will bo punished tinder an ordinance compelling them to hitch -the animals. Runaways often occur from this practice ami Injuries to persons and property often result. The public has II titiie realization of the •embarrassments that sometimes comes to a dally paper. The Journal moved Into its netw press room yesterday. It's gas emglno was not In working order and It dopended upon wiater power. The college (Ire burst a main on Fourth street, -and there was mo water. Yot It appears as Interesting and a.s full cxf news as usual. It is seldom th'n.t any combination of circumstances -3top the publication of a dally, but the public tons no idea of the energy and resources sometimes necessary. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR. MOST PERFECT -——i.,, iv •: . #.!>'»« Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. F«* *~•:. I 1 Ammonia, Alum or anyother'adulUrant fj£.x ".:'••'• 40 Yrtts the SUndaJ& " CANTON TOflORROW. The HcKinley Train to Leave Tomorrow Horning. The program ot tttie Mc'KlnIey train wall be as follows: Tnalii will leave the VundalUi depot at 5 a. .m. tomorrow .pi«oinpi3y, and arrive at Canton at about 2 p. m., where the delegation will be escorted to -the McKInley home. The crowd will be presented by Hon. ^Y. T. Wilson, and after McKinley's address tho crowd w.ffl .look over the city •and'vetuni to the depot and leave at 5 .p. m. ..The crowd pledged for the Canton' train now numbers nine-two and tihose who have promised to go find Wave not given In their aames will please do so todiiy. Tlio guarantee is for 100 aoid ttet number should be on hand. B.\fBJ3'S;icHOOL HOUSE. Thoi-e was a most encouraging mooting in the cause of Sound Money-last niglut at Bnbb's sehoq-1 house near Galveston. Tlhe house was crowded with •iii'torestcd listeners, a.nd all remaJ-ned umtil 'tho meeting was concluded. -There were many Democrats present. The speaker' was DeWii.tit C. Justice, and his talk was .a forcible and logical argument -against fi.nt money a.nd half good dollairs. IN TWO DIRECTIONS. The Sound Honey Emissaries are- i Cordially Greeted. Robert ,T..LoyeiUuMl had-' a rousing mooting last night at Lucerne. There was an excellent turnout of the people, and the arguments of .tliO'a'ble speaker Cor Sound Money were heard wltfli the closest and most flattering attention fli-om first bo last The Royal Center Sound Money Glee eliVb, made utf ol nine young men, sang four cheering songs 1m fine styile, and received many compliments and congratulations. The mooting was 1 a success in every way. IP TROUBLED WITH RHEUMATISM HEAD THIS. . Annftpolls, Md., Apr. 1C, 1S94.-I have used Chamberlain's .Pain Balm for rh'eujnattem 'and found It to be all that •Is claimed for it. I -believe It to be best preparation for rheumatism ana deep seated muscular pains on the market and cheerfully recornnwnd It to the public—Jno, G. .Brooks,'dealer In 'boots, shoes, etc., No., IS Main St. . ALSO.BEAD THIS. Mochanlcsvllle, Sit. Mary County, Md. —I sold a bottle of Cliamib'erlia'in's Pain Balm to >a man who bad been, suffering with rheumatism Cor several years. It made Mm n, well man. A. J, McGlll. For sale at DO cente per bottle by B. F. Keesllug, druggist. . ... iv ALWAYS OX TOP. G. B. Hawthorne and J. W: MoOor- klo, 0,1' Sliawnce Mou-nd, . Tlppecanoe county, with about a .dozen .other delegates to (the- Nntton-ul mbetlng of the Horse- Thief Detective association, which has been holding at Warsaw, stopped (in -the city out of curiosity, to. soe amd hear Bryan, the faith healer. T,hey state t'hat a vote taken. In the couvcutiom of their association, showed 72 for McKiniley and 48 for Bryan. These men gathered from -all over the Union to protect tho. farmers., Four weeks from! toijay - Mr.. Bryan will be 'reading tho returns from Indiana. ...... VSubacribe for Itoe journal,.40 cents a month. IS RUINED The Old Smithson College Burned 4 o the Ground PILE OF BROKEN BRICK s the Site of the Once Beau* tiful Seat of Learning. Might^Have Been Saved but for an Unfortunate Accident. Loss Estimated at About $65,000, With Insurance of $35,000. The main building of the old'Sml-th- son collejre, better knowni as the Ml- cliiu.'1's college, is a complete ruin, lire 'h-avi'iig- sw$i>t through the t'onr stories and lcrolcci''l'he Inner walls, blackened the outer walls which wove left stand- in?, .and caused destruction variously esikiiaited ait frois* ¥50,000 to .?C,ri,000. T-he debached building' to tho North of. the niailu bnlldlnpr, and the kitchen and drnki? room '.adjoining the main build- In? oil', the North were alone saved- from destruction. But for the unfortunate burs-tin?: of a flue in the boiler of the fire engine, the two lower, floors of the riwiiii building would have been saved from complete wreck, .and the loss would have T>ecn materially lessened. As it. is, a'.'few bare ami blackened walls, piles of "broken brick and {raping holes where windows were, is nil that is left of the (handsome old college build in p. The fire started in a small room in the northwest corner of the main build- i-n-fr, on Hie t.Mrd floor, used as a'stor- age' room for stationery. .T, B. Williams, janitor of 'the buildings, was working on the lawn, raklnp up the fallen leaves on th-e NorKi- s;<7e of the •campus, when he happened to glance up to the corner ol! the m^n bulldinc •a,nd saw smoke issuing treat) the windows. It w,is just 2:55 o'crocl: when tho lire was discovered, amd Mr. AVil- ll.ains imm-ediaitely gave tlio alarm. Tho s*xry-ftve-students In the'buHding rusflied pell moll from the ^burning structure, and by the greatest of good fortune escaped scrloiis-tn-.lury iw so do- ins. There were some forty or fifty of'them wlw roomed in the dormitories and these succeeded in, saving -a.ll 'of thoh- person-ail effects. The .alau'in- was.telephoned In to the lire deportment and a general alarm was turned in, all of'the four companies responding. • The steamer tvas also brought-out, as H was impossible to get. pressure enough on- the water mains to reach the' bui'l^ings, though there Is a water plugsjiit the lower corner of tflie cnm.pus. The steamer was attached .to the waiter'plug/two .lines of •hose were strung, and the Bremen were sent at th-e flre, which wa* confined to the third.floor and a.ttlc so far. .One -line of hose was sent, to tlie root of tho kitchen -annex,'and"'the otlier to the roof of the detached ono-srory building on tire North of the main t>uildl»g. Tlio plpemen directed 'fj-c streams of water Into the windows of the'third floor, amd wore succeeding admirably in- checking the progress of the 'flames,' when a. flue in the boiler of the steamer "Mew-out and the department was pow- -orl-fss. As soon as the water ceased pouring In onto the third floor, the flanfts pained renewed life -and within twenty m'iuu'tos the whohs building was .V rnpf"*, of flairte.| The sight was a grand f&f though- nine tlie less a sorrowful one, and as the many hundreds who had gathered to lend what aid they could, realized that no-thing could save the 'building from total destruction, a imirnyur of' sympathy arose. The tall- tower on- the Southeast corner of the building'hjid' withstood' the' flames, and It seemed that It would stand through the fiery baptism, but -when the water ceased to pour In ori' tlac flames, the renewed heat sapped the already feeble supports and'the spire fell with a .thunderous crash-. Two chimneys on the North side ot the main bulldliDg, and near, the Northwest corner swayed and threatened to toppls witb every breath of the furious '.gale : .that'was blowing from'tho North, 'The, supports were burned away for .thirty feet- from their tops, and when finally: tlio second floor caught Wa ;blazcd up angrily, a sudden strong g'tts't'bf wind, •sent the one farthest west 'craanlhg'.'. against iSs neighbor and both fell,lnto : the soothing mass of flame below.,-; A., great :cloud- of dust and smoke arose from the ruin, lighted •.with millions'' of burning brands' and sparks, and lurid tongues of florae lea.pt/to the. top of. th : e skeleton' walls. The'.partition walls In the' Southwest. cornter fell shortly -, after this;- iand > carried with them: the South -•wail of tho mam build- : $44,499-41 . ; The stock was too large to sell in Bulk, and upon the petition. 61 creditors the Cass circuit court entered an order authorizing me to at once open the doors, employ a sufiicient force of clerks and proceed to sell the entire stock at retail. The citizens of Logansport, Cass and adjoining counties are respectfully invited to call at the Otto A. Kraus store and inspect the stock of merchandise consisting of Clothing, Hats, Boots and Shoes^ and Gents' Furnishing Goods, and assigned to me September 14th. The stock was appraised by Logansport merchants of sterling integrity and amounted in the aggregate to $44 499.41. ALBERT G. JENKINES, Assignee. A drat.t-was wli^fctbes! ••'•'•."•';:A- li - i 'iS. j .' : Vvi;' 1 -vV:iS;!j^i; i VC '.'V'iv.p'^iii-'wiwfo nion had been awaiting,-and as tho dust and smoke.cleared -a.wfl-y after ilie I'aill.^of the walls, fhe lurid flames darted 'hungrily up and within, live minutes the entire first .and second floors were a 'mass of flanii'. The destruction of the build!ug.w.'is assured;'-<ind'tha.t, too, a.Cter the liremoji had virtually gotten the upper hand. As soon as tho flue in flic steamer was blown out. by I'he im- .inenso -pressure of -stea'm the engineer had crowded on, tho engine was uncoupled from the hydranit and hnrriud -to town for repairs. In loss man an •hour the steamer was back, reiidy to take up tlio work, but the delay was fatal and no power on eart'h could.have saved the main building from being de- st.roycd. The steamer was still'useful, how- over, .and to its use .lifter the repairs had been made can be -attributed the fact'.tliat tho whole group of-build-ings were not wiped out. The one-story arad basement buiadiiag.on i-ho North a.nd East of -Klio main, building, nnd the kitchen building on- the West of it wore saved. Tbo firemen kept two streams pouring on the -mass of ruins until--a Lite hour last night, two companies remaining on the spot. Prof. Michael was at home when the flre broke out, but was on the scene shortly afterward. There -was nothing to do but to stand and watch the destruction of his hopes, and he had nvauy sympathizers as the crash of falling malls iiud the ronr of the flame's almost drowned tho hum- of many voices. The school opened tho fall term on the first Monday,of September, and the prospects were exceedingly bright for a successful year. There wore sixty-live or more students enrolled. 'Tho first school year had given the school'a good name throughout the Qourit'iry, and in consequence the out- look'was exceedingly bright. IT WAS A LANDMARK. TJIO Old College .Ha* Had An Eventful History and Its Destruction is, Regrettable. TJio destruction of the old.Smithson college nwrks an epoch in the history of Cass county. Founded originally as an institution of line Unlversalisc creed, it -hns passed through many changes and .has seen .adversities, and now. in the day which seemed to bo fraught with the greatest promise of a successful future, It Is destined to bo but a, memory, for it is extremely improbable tfliat it will evO'r be rebuilt: In the early 'Seventies Joshua Smithson nnd wife, residents of Vevay,' and strong -believers in the Universalist creed, devised two-thirds or their large fortune to -the church of their choice, for the purpose of founding a number ; of Institutions of. 'learning over the 'State; in the name of the Univeusalist church, *The most important of these •schools was finally, secured to this city, 1 when the widow of the late Philip Pollard donated a, tract of twenty-five acres of ground and twenty thousand dollars in cash toward the erection of tho necessary buildings. The site,was on rhe brow of a hill, commanding a view of the entire city, and .a- more .suitable spot could not -have been found. The corner stone of the college was laid in 1871. -and tho dedlca- 'tiorj of the buildings took place the following year. There have been many changes In the 'ownership' ot .the institution since that time. It did not prove a success as a cnurch. institution, and has been supported by the citizens of LognTisiport through many Changes, from normal^school, private -school, to a business university, and. the flnal venture promised more or success than any. of the previous ones,./ Prof. G. W. MielMiel secured control, of the Institution In 1S95, putting twenty thousand dollars of his own money 'toto'iit; in addition to a sum- sub'scrJbed by the enterprising citizens of Logansport. He has since expended some fifteen thousand dollars in Improvements so It Is said, and the on'ce neglected campus was made'to blossom like the roso : gardens of the East, while the buildings we're put In thorough good shape.; • . • ',.'-' Prof. Michael .was too much; dis : turbed yesterday to know definitely what his plans-would be/ The loss Is cstl'matcd to be about ?65,000, as fol-! lows: -.BulldtDgs,;-.$50,000; ;furniture, $7;i3ob; etatlonery' on hand,: ertocK used in'' supplying- students;' In. the,;epllege, r . '?7,50Q. /The tosuranee; ^ $34,500, the KODAKS KODAKS I have the agincy for the products of the EASTMAN* KODAK CO of Bochester, N. T.. tbe largest and best equipped concern in the world manufacturing PHOTOGRAPHIC INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES, Tbeir goods are taken as Standard the world over. Size 3x4 inches; weight S ounces. Takes a picture l ] /£x2 inches. Either film or glass plates can be used. Does perfect work. Price $5.00. POCKET KODAK. . . ./'.':V.;!/S'.SJJ!;:'-~.^^.'£^ltiaS^3K»l Takes square pictures, 3%x3% inches; size of camera,, 4%x4%x6 inches; weight 20 ounces. Price No. 2 Bullet. • This outfit is sufficiently large.for all.ordinary amateur photography:' Includes lamp, trays, two dozen sheets Dolio paper, solution," etc. Price. .$1.50. A.IB. C. Developing and Printing Outfit. Full Line of Supplies Kept on Hand. C. W. GRAVES, Successor to W. T. GIFFE, 413 Broadway. fly New Goods- Are here. G?ll and examine them^e- fore buying, AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor- MAZOi [ Will positively cureless of Mauhood, Weak Memory, Dizziness, Wakefulness, Night losses. All drains, Nervousness. Youthful Errors, Use--ojt Opium. Eto., which surely lead to 1 death or insanity, x - A Positive Cure. Large Boxes, $2.00. Sold only at the company's office, or sent by mail or express on receipt of price. • • INDIANAPQLIS MEDICINE CO. 120 Fort Wayne Ave.,Indanapol)«,Ind. policies -being 'held by the following companies: Ohio Farmers $2,500 Concordla of Milwaukee • 2,500 1'toyal of LIvei'pool 2 .- 500 Atlas Assurance Co., Liverpool.. 2.500 .Orient of Hartford , 2,500 Rockford of Illinois .2,000 Citizens of Evansville 2.000 Glcnos Falls of N. Y 3,000 Greonwfc-h. of Conn. 3,000 Alliance of Philadelphia 3,000 Hanover of, Philadelphia 2,000 St. Paul F'tre and Marine 2,500 American Central......' 2,500 In addition to this there is a policy of $1,000 on the small .building whWh was not burned, making.the total amount of : Insurance ?35i500. None of the furniture was saved to speak of, and the contents of tho stationery storage room,: where the.flre originated, are totally destroyed. KNIGHTS AND LAiDIES OF.HONOR,' ' . ' AITTEINTION. All mombers'of-Western Star lodge,. No. 1G01, Knights ..and Ladles of Honor, are requested to meet at thelr'hall tonight at 7:30 o'clock- to make arrangements: for the funeral- of Brother Leonard K-nlght,,. ' . . -' TILIJE" BOPP, Protector. ADAM SNTDEB, Secretary. \OLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. / AVilltum Doliin JI WEDNESDAY, OCT. 7. ~ •' Dont Call Mo G1IL" FUJI!) - FUN!!! THE QORHANS, John, d Georg«, tn ' 'The Gilhoolys Abroad' jltl New and Dp to Date. .Fun from First to tart- Prices, 25c, 35c, Me and 75c. FOSBPONED- Tho iregularTne«tlng ot tbe McKlnley club will -be-held- this week on Saturday e\-onlng, Instead of Friday night, at iue rink, on account of th« Loveland meet-. log for Saturdjiy.' The members are urged to turn out in. full force to meet Sir. Lovcland^ ; . . , . . iNo:-need to take «, lunch basket.wlth you on .sijecial 'train to Canton, Thursday. 'C-'B. Dykeinaii -will furnish a ; nlce ; luncii'and;cigars; : . Prices'-reasonf ' ' ' ' . BEGUIDAiR DRILL.; : Tie m«!m(bers of the McKlnley Escort Guards met tast'niglit for regular.drill, at the Gmble feedryard, the rink beinjr , entirely too small .for .the movement*/ n. :of the'large.'body of-,»niircijer8;:who at- '• tend the driUs. AJinost the fdll com pa'ny iWas present i.Iast;. n'g n t, showed 'mncbimp'rO'Temeiit.;; /}' -. pretty Chtoa at. Ben. Martin's.

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