The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 25, 1957 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1957
Page 16
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MM0ftfttt (to*) if** DM Mdfo* Thursday, J»»y 55 ' *•*** »"«•• *"* ""• V '" * ''- :: "' ^-•-' -••'•-- f . ' FEDERAL FUNDS DO IT that the west coast, California in lor, ij .enjoying .,*» cdnMnuajion of a wartime boom Jj without i|vfestidr)t . But if anyone believes that this boom is e result *rr*dly et private business enterprise, normal business demand, and a sound end prosperous general economy they are only kidding themselves. Uncle Sam is the boy behind the California boom. Uncle Sam is shelling out tax money In huge sums to keep the aircraft factories and their subsidiary industries rolling, to keep shipyards busy producing vessels, to keep electronic industries and guided missile industries going full blast for military purposes. Uncle Sam is the boy who meets many of the huge payrolls ;ln San Franciso, Seattle, San Pedro, Long Beach and San Diego, as well as other places, to provide p constant flow of cash into the economy. We are not saying this is all unnecessary. But we do say that in a day when It is being intimated that there is something immoVal about any effort to bolster the economy of the agricultural section of the land, it is also considered good and sound to completely subsidise a vast segment of industry along the west coast. What would happen if someone pulled out the rug from beneath this setup operating on a cost- plus basis which has taken over domination of most west coast cities ? We doubt that conditions will change. But don't ever worry about the small pittance that ANY price support program would ever cost the taxpayer. It's pretty small potatoes, compared with the tax money being poured out to support these industrial giants of the west coast. * * ' * TODAY'S WIZARD Boone News-Republican -- In the old days the man who saved mdney was regarded as a miser, today he's considered a wizard. '• • . .* • * * ,' FAXES TOO HIGH Chicago Tribune — Taxes are too high. They are "too high because the ' federal goverruneht" is wasting billions of dollars annually, > , 111 E. Call StreeU-Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa Entered as second class'matter at the postoffice at Algona. Iowa; under Abt of Congress at March S, 1879. R. B. WALLER, Managing Editor C. S. JSRLANDER, Advertising Manager 57 RATION A I r I T O R I A L AFF.HI ATE MEMBER MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF ' CIRCULATIONS NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth -Ave. r New York 18, N. Y. 333 N. Michigan, Chicago 1, 111. SUBSCRIPTlb'N RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, in advance ... . _„.-„ $3.00 Both Algona papers; in combination, per yean $5.00 Single .Copies _;w5.j.,,...,_ii... . —__„_ ioc SUBSCJUPTiON 1RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One YeSr, In a3vapce »,.;.^™.__^_,,--~^.,'..S4.00 Both Algpna papers In combination, one year-___88,00 No subsckiptioii )e«p jthun 6 mbhthis. ADVERTISING BATES Pisplay Advertising, pep Inch •„„ , f .^,,,, , 63c OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER SOMETHING ON THE SIDE •*» the Vaxpoyer — whether h» krtowi it or not — pays o tidy sum to keep members ef the U. S. Congress in tip-top physical condition. How much, he may never know, for we who help pay these personal bills, fdr our $22,« 500-a-yedr lawmakers are bdrred frbm this Information. It's almost as secret as the formula for the H-bomb. Congress passes its Own regulations. Even the President of the United States or the Supreme Court cannot touch the rules by which Congress governs itself. And one of these regulations is to keep mum about the taxpayers' money the members spend on themselves — the type of expenseslhat the working man must pay out of his own pocket. A congressman or senator receives thousands of dollars in fringe benefits — in addition to his $22,500-a-year salary. There are things like free haircuts, free telegraph and long-distance phone privileges, free imported spring water, free masseurs in their own private gymnasiums, ttnd so on. Then, free vacations for themselves and families — sometimes under the guise of "official inspection trips." This came to more than $2,000,000 last year. One of the closest-guarded secrets Is the amount of hospitallzatlon — in the most modern hospital in the country, the Naval Medical Center in Bethesda. • Each year, hundreds of thousands of dollars in public funds go for the care and treatment of our lawmakers there. To help determine just how much money we donate to this cause, a reporter recently made a routine call to the hospital's public relations man. Specifically, he wanted to know how many of our lawmakers used the facilities of this this year. The chain of action was almost amusing — if not ridiculous. < The request was referred to the commanding, officer. • It was passed back to his, .assistant who roused the reporter from bed the next morning with a phone call that he was buck- passing the hot potato to the Capital physician. > The t physician, Dr. George W. Calver, got the request. Then the.reporter received a letter. "I regret," it said,' "that professional ethics do not permit me to give the information you request." Since when is it "professionally unethical" to let the taxpayers know where their dollars are going? :;..,..•.; Certainly, the security of our nation is hot involved in the disclosing of these figures. Paying taxes Isn't "professionally unethical." It seems more nearly correct tb say, however, that the current "public be damned" attitude in Washington toward the lowly iax- payer is. * * * SMALLER CARS Rock Rapids Reporter — One thing that we have observed the past couple of weeks while we've been away from home — is that there are a lot of people who a're buying and driving foreign made cars. All along the west coast we found that was true — and it is even more true on, the, islands — where the price of gas runs about 40 cents per gallon. Of course a lot of these cars are sold on "snob" appeal — but there are a lot" of them being sold because they'll travel a lot more miles on the same gallon of gas. We're wondering what reception Studebaker's new low price line will have. We're beginning to suspect that maybe Americans are ready to change from the bigger and more powerful cars we're producing each year and start buying lighter cars with a much lower operating cost. * * * BE CAREFUL IN WATER Lake Mills Graphic — The swimming season reminds us to remind everybody, young and old, to be careful in the water. WSSSff/SSSSSSSSSSSS//^MySS/ffl^ FARMERS YOUR AY! These sturdy hog feeders are ovailqbie iri 10x10, 10x12 and 10*14 foot slzei, there are hundreds of these fine feeders already iti use in Kossuth count ty, Juit ask the man who own* one about their worth. ConatrOtJtion With Quality Lumber 1 I! jjyLt. t.ji..... .11 »7*. ESS Toa want to punch wti^body ? Next wtooW, iwwu wre*, are 38,fl&0, with an Jjeni« fitM «t ?« feetftti p« •HWi . : .* i township, Wfti selected as Has* suth's healthiest girl durifffi a contest with eight othct girls Tuesday afterhtfeft. Besides the oise was to re- diififil judging tiif wheh the ill ism *tt Id be mother In Algofla. tF IT'S if filfe® *t* V?E WAHfT" tt harfiW 8tea ir w»7wf i*f liWi.._.-—. _.. tt» 8.8%. >, white btead JiHf.ttfi 8.8% aoowniftW- Tt 1 ft lofctn'GVide A eggs in „. „ c,o.itngt5n, t). 6. Mere the other day. •?. .QMitoemnMi Mettrlf! Coed L*n« Seek Roekth The Ldtie Aock LiVfely Rockets 4-H Club met July li at the home of Linda Kftrnus. Talks were given by ftay Geititenauer and Nancy Fischer. Demonstration fend a talk were giveh by Linda RarnuS aftd Janice Kissner. Quest Mothef was Mrs Delrnar Fischer. vjfcw/ -JKM •p.jC', i trVttte K'^/ttfflW fr*<r<Mft< ^//^w^*t*BiAai«ikiJM FROM THE FILE* OF THE ALQONA UPPER !K£ MOJMES JULY 29, 113? LAKOTA NEWS Mrs Guy Beemer, son Silly, Mrs Robert Beemer, Monica, Becky fend Pat are spending five days in a cottage at Okoboji. Rev. Calvin tjkena and two sons bl Lincoln, Neb. are visiting his brents, Mr and Mrs Ukena and other relatives this w"eeki Rev. Ukena. is pastor of West' minster Presbyteriari church !n Lincoln. The tfkehas have" also had their daughter Gertrude, Mrs Claire Hanson and her husband as their guests. They are from Chicago and are also visiting his frmndtf, July flS STAN KENTON and ftis w*rid famous otehistia Friday, July 26 Leo Greco and h& Pioneers Baiuidayi July*' Don H6y and Of eh. Sunday, July -28 8:30 p. m. Coronation Ball Jules Htttnan and Orchestra Tuesday. July 30 Teens Disc Hop Dick Coetre Coming Aug. IS Jimmy Dorsey Orch. t>H ED KOTSR8A Guard If Well! HERITAGE' — ^ any congressmen ar* sore about Treasury George Humphrey as fake over certain 'Mtpv fprlpial their whipping boy in the 195.8 fSJtiSJS campaign, even though Humph- That's'fine, say the County Auditor E. 8. 'Dukt" Kirrstey learned a little about domestic aniffifil claims during the week. Ah irate citifcen. of the cdtlnty walked into the auditor's Your Income is tha eornersterra ?&. a H dc r a ?d h iomiu u wi?h t «< »»>-™**. <*«**^ pet retrieving dog had thrown Let me shew you how you can L&ffi S^Sftetf^ PJ- yoOr Income when-ae- top of the vehicle, getting the eldehfs or sickness strike, stick and scratching the finish. Duke and thfe man talked it over, and decided it wad a matter to be f rom . ... . . , . t-~ time — force the administration ican public is paying about $12 billion mbre in taxes, every'year because of increase in U.S. spending... Humphrey; they say%a S ^^raT^rr^ ^s^9o been responsible for this ... Much Der cerl t of the takes 'naid in that of that spending is due to heavy f tat e ° ™ e taXes - p • M that government interest on its increased debt. The Democrats will refer to it as "The Humphrey Heritage." •' • . GOP COUNTERATTACK — The Republicans, to counterattack charges 'that the' GOP is respori- sible for the current "inflation/' point out these facts: From 1939 to 1953 (under one wanting to make a claim the owner of the dog. have been & sure-footed dog. • • • A car. owned by W .N. Wagner of Mallard,, caught fire Monday oh the main -street of Whittemore ' of the Rusch Barber was a good place to happen, because Mr Rusch happened to be Whittemore's firte chief. He rushed out- si6e with' an extinguisher and put out the blaze, which was caused by. defective wiring. Damage to the auto was slight. Phone CY 4-4529 State & Thorington Sts. RepresenHng WOODMEN ACCIDENT AND LIFE COMPANY ARNIE RICKLEFS Democrats), the dollar dropped in Wgioutjobs. --- -- SOIL BANK LIMIT — Great- test soil bank complaints from farmers have', been : centered around. , .the ..fa,ct ,> that .thg tojfie _ 'tnosr TO v\ne benefits. ''. Keri Halverson of Fentori suf• In some cases, especially in thtj .fefed a painful injury last week " tv i, rand-owners have'put their Stffa'fle s cfkhTdiigr-4 traetor.v The into the soil bank, and left crUnk slippedXbUt of; place ppme tenants- and share-croppers ; Way . and Hit-:Ken in the forehead. lit- irtHo - '• ' * ' •• ft . t - •- * 'IL-'-J ^i\.'_ j »•*- 4''- i,- '» . . < • : law — a limit per farmer. . „ -. . L .It took sevferfil v stitehes to close However, under the revised thewourm:' '•'-', been set, $3,000 Refrigerators were advertised ' ' fftjnv $^.50 .to' $119.50, new fall —o^— dresses were brily $1.88, two quart Miscellany —.The sa.le"qf ,goy- i^ ^cfejsrh 'Ireezers .were selling ZHUKOV MEETING Tenta- er . nin(e nt savings , bonds ^ keeps 'for- 8j)ct and' portable type writers slipping despite the could be" purchased as low as crease in interest, rajes v..-.-. " ' Rep. Bob Harrison of Nebraska reports that many farmers jn the Midwest, are now using their irrigation equipment to pump water'OFF their fields'... ' .Stiff opposition is developing against the proposed $21,942-a- year.pension for Admiral Arthur value from 100 to 52 cents. From 1953 to the'present time, the dollar dropped only 2% cents. Democrats have not yet challenged these figures. tive feelers have already been sent out for a meeting with Marshal Zhukov, new Russian defense minister and Ike's wartime "buddy", and Jhis country's secretary of defense. CIA BUFFALOED — Diplomats here are whispeying it $39.5.0 according to ads in the UDM. (And in 195.7 they say inflation has beeh halted) • iv,n» Delia and Edith Welter and Katharine Van- .Ness, all of Algona, ,were planning to leave on a thrfee weeks tour of the west coast in. Delia's car. 'Enroute the K.icVi TMK-VI £. ••i»»..Mj»w«i ivt .nvuuuai /nuiui cua$fr iu.UPHBs ttti. jbmuvue me J±l' h ^'- W -,Radford, who's quitting as girls planned Jo visit in Wash- twUh ftfinTel? of the Joint Chjefs of pending Kremlin sha . MORE JAP WORKERS— The Labor Department is expected to okay the importation of thoii- nights hill sands more Japanese into this s •" country as temporary f a r hi laborers ... To date, 1,000' have been brought in — most in California. praise from colleagues for the, deftness and masterful finesse they've employed in the Civil THE FEDERAL TAKE' — ington and Oregon and at the famed Grand Canyon. » • . * : Mr and Mrs. Nathan JStuder of Wesley celebrated, their €5th wedding anniversary recently. Mr Studer was 87, his wife 84, and they had eight children, 43 grandchildren and 28 great- grandchildren, They had beept residents of Wesley since 1881. .' • * • This one in a million story came in from Four Corners. Everett Witharn went to Mason City on business Saturday and while there covered many blocks S»3»tt£««8*V port a move to.provide relief for and spenl most of the day. He Let A Damaged Title Cost You Field time Save Your Time and Money by Letting a "LOANER" Tire from Jack's OK K««p Your Tractor Working for You While Your Tire is Repaired at JACK'S TIRE SERVICE TIRES FOR ALL YOUR FARM NEEDS WHAT'S FREE? — The booklet, 'Insurance for farmers", which discusses all types of insurance protection for farmers. Write, your congressman, Capitol Hill. Washington, D; C. IT WELL / /ffcP&L / Congressman Comments 6th District Congressman From Ipwa Reports On Washington Activities \ small business. ' I believe it is time the small business people had some taxation consideration, pd I remain ih,favor of a tax ad* justment which would place the small businessman in a more equitable position. ..FAMILY FAJRWIS T , .Farmers are definitely, moving pff the farm was ready to start for home when he discovered his check boot, and driver's license missing. He drove home without them. Mon- qSy morning Mr Witham went over to look at a new threshing machine just delivered to Wallace Simpson, a neighbor. In the bottom of the blower he discovered his .missing cheek book and driver's license. The. machine abld, This trend, is the family COM|x|JTTEE HEARINGS *- Thjs wegH the Banking and Cin> rej\dy Committee has before Tit Williatn Martin, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board a n H ictor , a n4 fantily own ed i4rm. M6re gind ttiore'.pub' Jicatio^s are glaring ; thfclr aHioles <W* pWlq^ophy jn tBe direction of threat to Sttopsbn, ftfr Wittt8rti; Jphri Mon!/P e 8i* p arch and Henry .Sehultz, .^ , Pre«tor., daughter of Mi sod Mrs Joseph Preston <*f Swea o be the list word Howe,y£r,Jajst..W( *''t riI*OLl£f h. lOV^3 I \Vfl5 Viefor""jT Ha r ns'e f n'of a |he M^ n I ! a >% ( ^4 i$ , fe'$* Anti-Trust Division, Department-' F* th district) .WhicR is being Of Justice, , gfhe bill under cOn* J^med by paid laborers using a fiidemionf :< is ihe Financial initi' P lan a <, $ fe f"Us^ngj to « alf ,e tutions Act, which is highly teih" F r( ^H c lr n j • rig j ch * ; mca,! and- detailed. Tiiero Ire P &% th< : weed ,f Mtead of many aspects of the operations'ofc' V^WS- AetuaUy, ir j never our $ ; e.conorny find pf financial? ptted in ordeiv to -write; the h$§tt J —sible provisions into this bT .,- eed-patch m rriy life. am ' IOWA FEBP PRICE I»PI ers for commercial feed; at percent of the base period av age, repjjesants a pjie point- crease' during the month end April 15. The? currant index £J? inay^be conysared with ; for 'Marco* 15, and dtnth. '306 13 ttefpte MNrest irt tlte^ - -^ *i$ng is i way ol life, y AV,e-ought to think ajionfi jefol'e ^we^ swallow uje fde^ Ot jorporaUon firining 9$ tne. uHU Tl 3runf X CUT - With se, hfad of f" --- v - ie. Presid within le 1957 so, out true yew. and would not Sy nday, July 28 BOEBYLINDGMAN . 6-7 The;Jifly attle Tunes carried an bif _, ,._ ble feed crop has, in the "- - L! Sunday, AuQuit 11 LYNN KERNS ^IF JHM^^^wPi ' New LYT-ALL PLOWING FLAT DUUnctive Calibrated Colon for beauty and harmony. Exceptional scrubbabilify (or long life and economy, Easy to »pply. No painty odojr. VITRALITe ENAMEl _ ong-life enamel...eillier GloMorpgggheU.inthesaine glamorous colors as New Lyt-all Flowing Flat.Briiihej e«»Hy, flows Jinoothly, Chip. •nd-wear-reaiitauL HOOR VARNISH Roll it oo landing up or it. tpo^s jbeautiful (W4 we^r* remarkably well, lo c^r? (or, Never heed* . Clear Glow, Satin or Dull. f w T-v"w- i"*-f »•• wwwfvrqt •»»•«» «4ff*9*9ir9 p^ are rapidly putting more acres Building Supply Co, t i , . WMWfS and WAHPAPIB 00 fifllt Stoti Rhone CY 4 3737 Ditfrikvteri »* Prett ond Uunbtrt Paint, Wall Covering! and Gifl«

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