The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 25, 1957 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1957
Page 11
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fc»ih%* Tidbits Fttom Evelyn feat from a vacation • of a month in which she co^eHd interesting territory most of us woula Bke t<? duplicate. She, "says in part-i^ first ' rie.«Uriaftteft was 'D<?nvfer which I had missed on other trips to Colorado.!' She took the Gray Line Tours' to 'points df • interest, the first being a tour of the city. She had intended to take the tour of the Mt. Evan* road, highest in the United State but over 50 feet of snow had not- been cleared yet. She went tb Echo Lake Lodge where Sandra Shum- wny and Cheryl Vender Waal are employed but they were off duty the day MVss Quinby was there. Other places of interest were old mining towns; Central City,, with. . its famous, Teller House, full of beautiful old furniture the Old Opera Hduse; and another tour 1 took her tb the Denver Mountain Parks. This trip included Lookout Mountain .and a visit to Buffalo Bill's grave. She also went to Estes Park, going via Boulder, Big Thompson canyon and Loveland. The Rocky Mountain National Park Was snow blocked and closed. A visit to the museum of Natural History and the Capitol concluded her visit in Denver. » • * From there she went to Colorado Springs and to the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun on Cheyenne Mountain. She was on the "world's most crooked road, a seven mile long road in only a one and a half mile square area, with 22 turns. The Pike's Peak auto road was being opened for the fourteenth time. • • • At Sante Fe, New Mexico, Miss Quinby had planned to stay at the LaFonda Hotel but no room could be had as the hotel was filled with a large number of movie personnel actors, technicians, etc. She 'went to what is claimed' to be the oldest church in the United States with the old- est bell, aftf! iVie oldest hotise also The lattef point was-qaestibft€c 5fe'<yfe;have been told the oldest JibSise. is in St. Augustine* Fla. .The {answer Miss QUindv gaiped was > thai the ! Stmfa 4 " dwellfng had "not been restored as much as the one in Florida. •• • • * - Ctee day was *pefit swing !ha three Taos—a mission, the town with its artistic galleries and Taos Pueblo. Kit Carson's grave was also visited as well as his home. The party ate at a cafe which had been a home and was built 175 years ago.. After being in Sante Fe with so much Spanish language, Spanish and Mexican , aftd Indian population it seemed indeed a "foreign, land", and lo^reacli Al» buquerdue seemed like getting back td the Uftitfed States. .There still were Indians »whd "'were busy selling their craft work, baskets, pottery,! bead Jwork and pictures. • ' • j k * En r9ute to Flagstaff she stopped at Holbrook for a side trip to the Painted Desert. Her stay at Phoenix, Ariz., was 18 hours— a plenty with the temperature at 112 degrees, t hot for tours that day. Nine days were spent at El PasofWith a cousin. The heat there ranged from 102 to 107 but the humidity being less than here makes , the temperature more bearable. El Paso has had only 1.2 incHiis of »-ain from January 1 to July 1. She went to Cnrlsbad Caverns, Ruidoso and Cloudcroft in the mountains and cool, and saw White Sands National monument. She also went to Juarez, Mex., with its interesting market* At San Antonio she toured the four old missions, Fort Sam Houston, Breckehridge Park, Me Nary art institute, museum and the Alamo. She also 1 saw "Around the World in 80 days" which I wish we could have here. The rest of the trip home was TITONKA INDIAN DAY TUESDAY, JULY 30 BIG via Dallas, Tulsa and Kansas City. A perfect vacation I'd say. HI (tod Mr* >r^k Vara have had tKeir fcraSkisons; ted,'J<*> and Torrirny Hutchinspn n£ Cedar Street Parade At 10:30 In The Morning Street SPORTS FOR EVERYONE In The Afternoon Home TALENT SHOW $75 CASH PRIZES In The Evening RIDES - CONCESSIONS - SHOWS The MERRIAM MIDWAY SHOWS will furnish amusement and entertainment Monday evening, July 29, and all day Tuesday. JOIN THE FUN! s1e$I1ig Jrft%ftom" the olher night he called to grandmt ih-lhe adjumirtg r6om." Grandma,'* there's . bears in ,Uie trees? Grandma dtdift argue the poifif trtit told hini td get In bed with hef. " The litUe fellow ios no time in accepting, but Haze said as soon as the child wa asleep, she went to his bed, total ly unafraid of "bears." 1 had an inle««<lng chat wilh Mrs L. L. Snyder the other day The£ love camping out and add- fc$ to a vacation to the west coast on which they camped the entire Way ; they were, recently at : , Clear Lake fot a ".weekend, ot'"' ' "' We got to ^comparing camping tife 1957,; wajrto; 1912-13 ;wheti a group of, girls 'Damped at Irving 1 ton. I am trot'sure I can name all 'of thenVbut- Pll give it a 'Vty. Beginning witfe myself,, iftof- ence Patterson (Howard), Edrt« Norton (Ferguson), Pauline Npi}- ton (Morrow),; Dot Carl oh (Smith), Mattie Dewel (Thorpe), Zaida Dingley (Nugent), Helen Dingley, Helen Quarton, Florence Quarton (Nugent), Renon Cole, — oh; .'J, need the Rddak pictures to refresh my memory, Anyhow, it was a far cry from the tents w;e "i .to the present,', day mobild- houses. The running water, modern facilities,' alt' conditioners, •eSrJgeration, elc-^Our rc'frigera- or ^was an old Wdoden cracker bqjc ^unk in a hole and the ice coveped with gunny sack's and strips of carpeting, Beds on the ;round, straw ticks, but I'll admit I had a deluxe model. My father wouldn't let me go anti run the risks, of colds by sleeping on the damp ground so I took along an bid 'fnattress. Florence Patter* son j slept on a cot and -Helen Quarton was a female tarzari and slept under the trees in a lammock. • • * * Yes we had mosquitoes a plenty. ThQo Chrischilles came the rescue and .brought a >ottle of repellent f and we pur- hased yards and yards of netting at the Irvington store the day after we "pitched camp." * * * As I have oft said — " 'tis a mall world." Mr and Mrs Theodore Hutchison and Tom recently attended the wedding of Tom's o u s i n, Nancy Hutchison at ?uscon, Ariz., and from there the amily went to California to visit he son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs John Carroll and fam- 11. En route home they stopped at a motel in Cody, Wyo. Tom saw a man and his wife in a car nearby. He was certain he had seen the man not long ago and went to him and asked, "Weren't you at a wedding re- dently in Tucson? The man replied in the',affirmative. "Well," said Tom, "I knew I had seen you at my cousin's Namcy Hutchison's wedding." * • * Mr and Mrs A. L. Spongberg have returned from Birmingham, Ala., and say while it was hot there, up to Qfy the heat was quite bearable. It has none of the Iowa humidity, which is a blessing. They went from here to Davenport and stayed overnight with their son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Vernon Spongberg. The next morning both couples left for Alabama. En route home the elder Spongbergs-stopped in Des Moines to see- their son-in- law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Tom Thompson. * • • Mr and Mrs Claude White have had interesting cpmparty from Redwood City, Calif. Mr" and Mrs Otto Vahr, the latter 'a cousin of "Whitey" flew their own plane from San' Francisco." Mr Vahr has 'participated in f a' "powder puff" derby. Added to that she has , a Chihuahua .dog called "Skeeter" which has appeared on 4-H Judging Meeting FREE! A 2-For-l Ticket to,a Conning Attraction ^F You Can Take This Thrilling Double Shocker I ... (le.) • Portland Twp. Mrs. Vfew Fifth 4*Him«nl»r* attended llvetlo-ck {udatatf meeilhft* tafl week to help them in Ihi selecUon of their pHHtett tot nexi year and io work out for the county livestock Judging teams. ' Meetings were held it the Cecil Thoreson farm, Francis Erpelding's. Howard and Dennis Schoby't and Claude and Kent Seely farm. Members U years of ag* and older will compete lor a place on the county livestock and dairy teams that will represent Kossuth County at the North towa Pair, Iowa State Fair and Dairy Cattla Congress. Pictured above U a group of 4-H'e*s at the Judging workout looking over a Shorthorn heifer at the Claude and Kent Seely farm near Algona. (Extension Office photo—UDM engraving) T.V. • '. * » Mr and Mrs,-Eugene Hutehlns and sons David k Bob and Richard left Wednesday for an eastern vacation and will be in New York ity where Eugene's brother Paul and wife live. I hope it is coolct there than he'rc. • • • • • Have you teen "Tee" Post and his family Washing around on a skooter? They have been having a lot of fun, Dick sits at the "con- rols" and the kids sit in the side basket. Looks like tun, that would be a good idea for my Esther and me! It belongs to 'Dutch" Honsbruch who keeps it n the Post garage. Added to this "Dutch" has a station wagon, airplane and a boat get- :ing ready to ply the waters at Storm Lake. He sure believes n "getting around." Wonder if '. could trade him my wheel chair for the skooter. • * * During World War II a Mr and VTrs Murphy of Detroit, Mich. ;ook service men • under their wings arid did many things for ;hem that the absent parents would have done, meals and entertainment and other deeds of affection. "Mom" and "Pop" as they are lovingly called by the various lads, take three weeks vacation each summer and' visit he boys. Dick Post was visited jy them last week and from here hey went to Corwith to visit a 'son" there. • • • Just another little story to add o the "hot days" tales. Hattie Jurlingame took a dish from ier cupboard the other day. It was so hot she held it in front f the fan to cool before using it or food! • • • My Esther and I had some of the nicest, biggest bullheads the other day. Lee Hopkins had >een on a fishing trip and brought hem to us. Lee is sort of an "old )uddy" of mine. We sat together n the double seats in high school^ he old Bryant, back in our lophomore years, We did a Jot if whispering, much to the dis- [ust of Miss Coate who repre- manded us occasionally! ST. JOE By Mrs Syl Wpgner THURSDAY For 3 Days! uwm JEFF MORROW LAWRENCE EMERY Petty Officer! 3rd Class Allan J. Becker, son of Mr and Mrs JPeter • Becker, arrived home Thursday for a 30 day leave from Iteesler, Miss. ,Qn Aug. 20 he reports back ,,^o San Francisco from where .he expects to be sent ; to Hawaii. Allan, a 1956 graduate of St. Joseph's; high ^school, has been in Service the past year. G&ry Ferstl," 'Ion ^f Mr and Mrs 1 Bill Ferstl, was given a party on Tuesday afternoons-July 16 in observance of his 3rd birthday. The afternoon was spent playing games and birthday cake and ice cream was enjoyed by the group. Those attending were Johnnie Blumer, ; t(inday Daily and Marion and .Marvin Kohlhaas. Gary received a. number of gifts in observance of the (jay. Arpapda fierte, student nurse in St. Joseph's 'Mercy Sanatorium in Dubuque, was called home to attend furierif service for her grandmother/ Mrs Susan Berte, Saturday ;mcvMfg in JS;. Joseph's Church- , IIV f Mr* David (BwnhawJ?.attended a pre-nuptial;shower in honor of her sister-in-law, Miss Mary Celeste Bernhard,. daughter of Mr and Mrs. Maurice Beunhard of Bancroft in St. John's Parish Hall on, Sunday afternoon. Miss Bernhard is a sister of David Bernhard of here. The annual K-C. - AD-A- family picnic was held on Sunday noon with a nice crowd in attendance with the afternoon spent at games and contests, on St. Joseph's Parish grounds. EXPLODED There was $2,QOO damage at Hawarden 'recently when a crankcase explosion occurred in the Hawardon light plant. The 1,000 horsepower en$in,e which generate? electricity wa« involved,, No one wa* hurt. , The Great American Desert covers an area of 1,050,000 square miles. Marie Krueger of Kansas City, Missouri, arrived last Saturday mot-fling to spend her two week vacation with her parents, Mr and Mrs Paul Krueger. At home with her parents. Mr and Mrs Chester Smith, for a two week vacation, is their daughter Sharon. She is employed at the first National Bank in Austin, Minn. Mr Clyde Moore and family called at the Victor Filch home. Mr mid Mrs Gene Ringsdor£ nf Des Moines spent the weekend at the Donald Ringsd.orf and Henry Radmaker homo. Mr and Mrs Gene Ringsdorf of Des Moines, Mr and Mrs Donald Ringsdorf and Barbara and Mrs Lulu Rirtgsdorf of Burl were picnic dinner guests Sunday at the Henry Radmakef home. Mrs Elizabeth Kennedy mid Mrs Earl Miller went to Foil Dodge Thursday where they visited Mrs Kennedy's daughter and family, the Dick Samuelscns. Mr and M,rs Howard Picht of Shelrock were dinner guests last Saturday at Uie home ot Mrs Elizabeth Kennedy. • : Mr and Mr-s..Chester Smith; and family, the Charles Ellistonp of Ottosen, Clalr Robingonn of Des Moines, Earl Hobinaons of Wesley .Daryl Robinsons of Algdna, Kenneth Gatona of Titonka, Delbert Sankeys of Buffalo Center .and RtMBsell Hilderman of Waterloo enjoj-ed a picnic dinner in the Call park in Algnna. Mr and Mrs Herbert Nelson and family, Mr and Mrs F.arl Zwiefel and family. Mr anr) Mrs .tauriee RilsboroiiRh and family. Mr ntic? Mrs MarolH Schlei ami family of Fenton, Mrs Mary Mich- aelscn, Mr and Mrs NPM! Mirhaol- scn and family and Mr <;r\<\ Mis Donald Michae).«en and family attended a family pionir dinner at the F,d ?.\viefel home in Ti- tohka, in honor nf Mr and Mrs Lee Davis and family of Los Angrtlcs. Mr. and Mrs Vrrlo Nelson nn.-l family railed Friday evening at the Herbert Nelson homo. Mr and Mrs Herbert Nelson visited Sunday afternoon at Hit? Henry Nelson homo in Titonka. No matter how widely you have trawled you haven't soon the world if you have failed to look into tlio human hearts that inhabit it. SATURDAY MIDNITE Rock 'n RoH Thrill Show "STRANGE ADVENTURE" With JOAN IVANS DRIVE-IN A New Arrival Wesley — Mr and Mrs June Noble are parents of a baby bov born July 13 at Britt hospital They arc former Wosleyans and Mrs Noble is Uie former Maxitte Seder, daughter of Mr and Mr? Tony Seller. The Nobles now have five daughters and two sons, Inspect Oats Plots Fifty or more farmers enjoyed a meeting at the oat variety demonstration plots near the Good Hope Church the evening of July 10. PLUS Its Got The Beat 1 O 'N'KOLL OUY MITCHELL BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS THE CREWCUTS In 30 MINUTES OP ROCKIN' RHYTHMI . . , A TOP DOUBLE PROGRAM SUNDAY and MONDAY could stop the last Wagon from coming through . . "The Lost Wagon" with RICHARD WIDMARK FELICIA FARR (In CinemaScope & Color) If you don't really enjoy fhljproqram your mon,ey cheer- *ully refunded! Dick Phillip. Manager . wji w«r. ^n Y PJBJ ^^ mmiL. ™ jMk ^^^»sm-^^P»* ^§m ^^^^^ , ^^MHM| ^9Hir For Embezzlement, Impersonating a 6-Man, and things like that 'thereI, It's "Anniversary Week" And "Laff Week" Too . . and Look at our Lead-Off Twin Fun Program ! . . . DRIVE- IN Tfumfae SUNDAY and MONDAY .He'll send you up for a Lifetime of LAU6MSI FUPPEN AUYNJOSIYN ICINA Riy ty tn4 PiMuctd by HMRYTUOfNO - OkKM by NORMAN jMMfife COSTEUO A MILE-A-MINUTE CROSS COUNTRY LAUGH RIOT!! PLUS THIS COMPANION HIT

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