The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 18, 1957 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1957
Page 13
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Tidbits From Evelyn Mt and Mn Albert Bleb* at. IWUng Visited by Mr Slobe's moth- r, Mrs James Slobe of Calif. She makes San her . horn* there with a daughter who ftt present is touring Europe witn her husband. When I talked with Mrs Slobe, the latest word she had received from them was that they were in Amsterdam, Holland. What an interesting trip that would be. 1 wonder it "Holland is cool. If so, I'd like to be there today, July 12. * * ' « M« Edgar Campbell has be*n most cooperative and has helped me greatly with news bits so it was with regret 1 learned from her that the family is moving to Seattle, Wash. Mr Campbell has Employment awaiting him in Seattle. Mrs Campbell's sister, Doris, R. N., lives there and has recently purchased a rfew home and has offered it to the Campbells till they have the opportunity of finding a place. Edgar will leave in a short time but Mrs Campbell and children will not join him till September 1. They will be with Mrs Campbell's parents, Mr and Mrs Homer Young at Garner. * • * Maurice McMahon delivered a very lovely bouquet from his mother, Mrs S. E. McMahon the other day. Thank you, Mrs Me- Mahon. The flowers were lovely and arranged most artistically. Maurice had read my item on tars and theif disturbing noise when 1 wanted to mi. He re* marked about* the things wftieh annoy one. Me lives in Mihnea* toolis and cars, trucks, sirens and PLANTATION BALLROOM 'WHITTEMORE. IOWA » " ' "- 1 - l "••••••••••a Fri. 1 , July 19 Western & Old Time KGLO TV Dude Ranchers Sunday, July 21 TONY BRADLEY Sunday, July 28 BOBBY LINDEMAN Sunday, Aug. 4 HENRY CHARLES Sunday, August 11 LYNN KERNS No Advance Booth Reservations — Doers Open at 8:30 Friday, July 19 FRANK BUHR AND HIS RAMBLERS Saturday, July 20 Midwesis Newest Singing Sensation THE PETTIT FAMILY Also RALPH ZARNOW and His Orchestra Tuesday. July 23 TEENS DISC HOP 8 to 11 Dick Coette Spining The Platters — Prizes Also Geo. Hamilton IV For Special Entertainment Teens Dancing Only Parents Welcome. Adm. 90c COMING Thursday, July 25 Modern America's Man of Music . STAN.KENTON and Hi's World Famous -Orchestra what— not do not disturb him ih the least. But let him come om here, the country noises cut down his sleep while city noises lull him to slumber. . * * I love barn-yatd noises in the early morning, if not too close. The lowing 01 the cows, the crow of roosters, subdued of course. Remember the old gag. A rooster says "cock-a-doodle-do." The old maid says "Any dude'll do." Corny but -quite a laugh getter in it's day. * * * Supi. utd Mf» O. B. Laing purchased the house they lived in some time ago,, from D. D. Mon* lux. He bought it of Mrs Fred Wehler, 1 believe and the Wehler's bought it of William K. Ferguson Wno got it from the.Mink- ler estate — if my memory serves me correctly. 1 don't know who built the little sleepingoorch over the living room bay '\phdow, the Laings probably whqn Ed and David were youngsters and used it. The house is being painted and the sleeping porch removed. Mrs Laing said it is to be enlarged and placed on the south lawn as a summer living rdojn. What a fine idea. Wish I had one in my yard. The Bill Daus have a nice one in their yard and what a comfort such little "rooms" are — cool breezes and no mosquitoes, for even with the spraying a few of the pests must have nine lives. * * * > I kinda hale io see thai house on East Nebraska street being torn down to make way for parking cars. A nice lot like that given over to commercial uses. The Ed Pattersons lived inxthat house years ago. Remember the daughters Florence and Helen? Florence was a very good friend of mine. She and Zada Brunsqn and myself made a youthful trio of playmates many years ago. 1 recall being there one day, all dressed up in my Sunday best because a Phelps boy, grandson of Mrs Carrie Bourne was going to take pictures of me, Florence, Helen, and Zaida and Helen Dingley and our dolls. T still have the picture and cherish it greatly. It was there too 1 first he'ard the song "Please Go Way and Let Me^Sleep", as rendered by Earl Wallick who worked in the furniture store for Mr Patterson. Poor fellow — nbt many years after that he was drowned one Sunday morning in the Des Moines river north of town. Harry Leckey, his companion, was more fortunate and swam to shore. • • • One seldom hears of making soap anymore. It used to be a common household duty. My Esther has some she uses and which she made a few years ago while living in Minnesota. Mrs Melvin Olson and Mrs Loyal Young made some at Mrs Harry Seeley's in Whittemore not long ago. I told her the story of the very costly soap made at my grandfather Tom Henderson's years ago when mother was a two months old infant. The "hired girl" was saving wood ashes -to make soap, put them in a wooden container in a back addition to the kitchen. There were live embers which caught fire in the night and the whole house was ablaze and completely burned down in a very short time. Grandma was frantic because the baby couldn't be found and she feared the worst. Mother and the maid had taken refuge at the Weavers close by, parents of Mart who lived in the Wernert home on North Jones street. The Henderson house stood on the site of the house where the Paul Ostwinkles live. Due to this fire I have a very lovely walnut chest- bureau — which grandma' sister, Sarah Call (Mrs Asa Call) contributed toward furnishing a new home. • t • Dick Ristau, son of Mr and Mrs Arthur Ristau accompanied his aunt, Eleanor Rahnf, to 'her home at Richland, Wash, following her recent visit here. He has graduated and hopes to get employment with G. E. on the west coast. ^ t ^ "Jack" Clatftnee Stebbin*, oi Good Thunder, Minn., was here last week and visited the Claude Samsons and other friends. He got here jUst in time to see his sistet-in-law, Mh Edna Stebbins who wss here front Pomona, Calif. Her husband was Ross Stebbins, prominent barber here years ago. Ross lives at Pomona but has been retired a number ot years. Edna had flown to Dayton, Ohio to visit her sister Mar? garet whose *husband died a few months ago. * • * H«wi msly gels around, ac- .coraing to Mrs Walter Blockhus of Upland, Calif., who has made an extensive ,visit with Mr and Mrs Art Wiese. She is a former resident of this vicinity arid among her friends at Upland is a man who formerly lived at IrV- ington. Mrs Blockhus reads weekly papers from here from page to page, ads and all, then passes them on to this former Irvington- ian who passes them on to his friends who are interested. By the time the papers have been putused from end to end, they are, pretty well tittered. I.told Mrs Wiese I have an in- tefgsl in Uplands. My cousin MJBhrln Hendersdttv is secretary- m&hager of a citrus packing h<Suse there and commutes to his home in Pomonat ' , * • » Things have been happening in the Chris Bowen family in Des Moines. Chris is a grandson of Mrs Anna Ma&ori. A daughter whdm they named Karen Kay waV born to them last week and the following day Chris had nose surgery* :He had it broken several years ago while playing football. It began to give him some trouble so an operation was advised. • ' • • I'll close with a siory told me by the late Earl Crane a number of years ago. The weather had been much like it is today. The bashful swain was calling on his ."heart's delight." She sat at one end of the davenport, he at the other. He couldn't think of anything to say and finally in desperation asked, "Have you sweat much this summer?" Kossuth Boys, State 4-H Meet Kossuth county's delegates to the annual sia'e 4-H boy's Short course at Arnes are shown in the above photo. The 16 boys who attended from Kossuth attended a series of meetings and talks at Iowa State College June 25-27 dealing with new developments in agriculture. Left to right, front row, are Jack McDonnell, Whittemore; Jim Kain, Plurti Creek; Wayne Arndorfer, Algona; Thomas Nurro, Ramsey; James Erpelding, St. Joe; Darrell Wicfttendqhl, Lotts Creek; Jack Munch. Fenton; and Norman Clapsaddle. Lakota. Back row, Daniel Skow, Wesley; Dean Dodds. Union; Curtis Will, LuVerne; Roger Dreyer, Fenton; Billy Wiskus, Swea-Hanison; David Stewart, Portland; J. D. Andrews, Burt; Phil Tokheim, Grant;'and David Kollasch, 'Greenwood. Dean Barnes, county extension director, accompanied the boys. (UDM Engraving) Thurtday, July 18, Atflc-fto (la.) Upp»f leave for California to vfeH theif sons and her sister. They thefi sail for a year in Hawaii with their daughter and family. Other guests were the mother and uncle of Mrs Groh, Mrs Nina Notestine, Livermore and Archie Notestine of Hardy. Mr and Mrs John Camelin of Kanawha were guests Sunday in the Mr and Mrs Ralph T. Davidson home. Mrs Arthur Maass, Lavonne, Maybelle and Bobby spent Tuesday to Saturday in their cottage in Rivervicw Park, Cedar Falls. have banking facilities tmt we dbfi't!" The Oralow Savings bank was one of the strongest in the state. •, RETIRES C. O. Lightfoot is retiring after 31 years as postmaster at Onslpw. He likes ,to recall a time during the depression when he remitted his surplus funds to Des Moines by bank draft. The Des Moines office wrote him, "Please make your remittance in cash, you may By Mrs. Fern Biglngs "Tomorrow-This could be The annual picnic of the congregation of the Evangelical United Brethren Church was held Sunday, July 7 in the Call State Park, Algona. The Sunday School and morning worship services were held in the Park, followed by pot-luck dinner. Mr and Mrs Wilford Berryhill of Superior, Wise, visited Friday to Tuesday in the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Frank Gronbach here and his mother, Mrs Marcia Berryhill and family at Livermore. Mr and Mrs Walter Schipull and family of Washington, D. C. have arrived to visit his brother Albert A. Schipull and family here, his father Charles Schipull, 91, at Renwick, also brothers, Rudolph, John and Carl Schipull families at Goldfield. Mr and Mrs Bertie C. Ramus and Sheri spent the July 4 weekend visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs L. C. Seim and. family at Decorah. Rev. and Mrs J. Paul Stevens, Timothy and Mary Ann returned Friday from their three weeks visit with relatives in California. Mr* and Mrs Delmar Blankenhagen and children, his mother and sister, Mrs Charles Blankenhagen and Lila of Fort Dodge were Friday evening dinner guests in the Mrs Martha Schneider home, grandmothen of Mrs Delmar Blankenhagen. Guests in the George A. Eggleston home Sunday and Monday were his cousin, Mr and Mrs Floyd Eggleston and Sharon of Chico, Calif. Sunday guests in the Eggleston home were his sister, Mr and Mrs A. C. Rupplc of Webster City, Mr and Mrs Arthur Henry, daughters*. Janet Henry and Carol Block, Pocahontas, Mr and Mrs Vernan Eggleston and daughters, Irvington, Mr and Mrs Charles Nygaard and children of Wesley and James Block, Gilmore City. Mr and Mrs Jerald Miller and children of Sargeant, M i n n. were weekend guests in the home of her mother, Mrs Dean Bowman and family. Mr and Mrs Donald Porter have returned from a week's vacation at Spirit Lake and returned Sunday to their home in Fort Dodgo. Thpir baby Debra Lynn stayed with her maternal grandparent:. Mr and Mrs Bonnie Ellifril/ wnile they were away. Garland Danny Ellifritz also enjoyed tlu week with their sister at tnv lakes. Mr and Mrs Harold Larimci and son Dennis of Des Momes spent the holiday weekend hen., in the home of his sister, Mr and Mrs Cecil Williams and othei relatives. Attending the Carroll family reunion in Call Park Sunday in Algona from LuVerne were: Mi and Mrs Dennis Carroll and family, Mr and Mrs Alvin Hardcopf, Mr and Mrs Guy Andre and daughters, Mr and Mrs Billy Hardcopf and Mark, Junior Hardcopf, Verlaine Johnson, Mrs LyU 1 Penton and children. Phil C. Lichty, Lichty Hardware, left July 4 on the annual IRHA bus trip for two weeks. They will attend ^ the- National Hardware Convention in Dallas Texas. Other points of intere$t to be visited are Lake of Ozarks, Little Rock, Ark., Abileen, Texas, White City, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Nevada and Denver, Colorado. Guests July 4 In the Laverne Jeffers home were Mr and Mrs Olaf Oleson of Bode and visitors Saturday were Mrs Howard Hamilton of Ogden and Mr and Mj-s Ted Henderson, Jr., .anjl children of Newton. Mrs Hamilton is a sister-in-law of Mi'$ Jeffers, also the mother of Ted Henderson, a nephew of Mrs Jeffers. Mi and Mrs Ervin Barton anrt Virginia spent July 4, with their daughter and sister, Miss Alice Ann Barton at the Ed Schoelv woHer home in Garner where she is employed. Lewis V. Block brought his children Paula, Phyllis, Danny and Douglas to the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs Max Block for a visit from Fnday to Sunday. Guests Monday in ITie Arthur Maass home were her brother, Mr and Mrs Paul Weiner, daughters Pauline and Bonnie of Cedartown, Georgia. Mr and Mrs Roland Walline and daughter spent the weekend wisiting friends near Pequot Lake and Brai nerd, Minn., their former home. James Dunbar of Britt has now taken over the management of the Hefti Locker Plant. He took possession on July 1. Sharon Fox of Perry is ph vacation for two weeks With her friend Patricia Burgess in the Harold Burgess home. Mr and Mrs Carl Groh and Diane attended a gathering evening of July 2, in the home o? her aunt, Mr and Mrs A. J. Saxton, Hardy. Mr and Mrs Saxton DEMONSTRATION & PERSONAL SHOWING ALGONA HOTEL TUES.. JULY 23 9 a. m. to 12 Noon Batteries and service for most makes — You are invited lo come n. IOWA AUDIPHONE CO. 611 Fleming Bldg. 6th & Walnut Sis.. D. M. Authorized Zenith Hearing Aid Dealer. It's wrong. all wrong for us to keep on 3 v*-V spen ev cent we earn !" Bte^jtoc^allyJ strong by plac- injg your mb'riey where it QRQWS! Open a profit;earning Savings Account with; us arid receive liberal dividends on your savings WiqjE YEARLY. 'Stop in TODAY. Home Federal Savings & Loan Association ALGONA, IQWA All Deposits Insured To $10,000 Originally Organized 1917 Titonka Annual EXPLOSION At Clarion, Mrs MorrJs Anderson poured some gasoline on gome trousers Which had tj<eefi soiled with creosote and left them in the basement. A few minutes later the pants exploded. The pilot light oft a gas water heater is thought to have ignited the gas fumes. Connie's Column fey Amateur Talent SHOW Needs Acts Cash Prizes DEADLINE JULY 20 Write, call or phone Louis Bartlett (phone Tike 17). He will assign yog spot on program for Tuesday, July 30. Prizes will be awarded by audience applause rating. Deadline July 20 Titonka > INDIAN DAYS Monday and Tuesday July 29 and 30 Toddler* Cupboard, Art Cart and "Stew for Two" To keep little ones out of cupboard shelves, place a small bookcase in the kitchen for them. Stock it with smaller canned foods, an old coffee pot, old pans. Keeps them busy as bees... and out of your cupboard. Paintings are Precious Never, please, use oil, soap or strong household cleaners on a printing. Don't even try to clean a painting unless you have received directions from an art store. Neglect docs less barm than Inexpert treatment. Set The Mood Here's an extra tip for your 15-mlnute afternoon break. Turn on" the phonograph or radio. Find soothing, restful music ... preferably classical with no vocal. Puts you in a lovely frame of mind for the evening. Out Driving This Summer..« , You're almost certain 'to see some of the towers that say "Northern Natural Gas Company." These are compressor stations that clean, compress and cool natural gas and then send it through the pipelines on its way to your town and your local gas company. These stations are a vital link in the transmission of clean, dependable 1 natural gas from the field to your local got company. • Especially for Two, a recipe sent us by Elgeno Fah- renping of Bel- « grave, Minn., cal- }j..i led "Stew fox Two"; Brown % lit. veal (cut up for stew) in 1 tbsp. fat. Add 2 cup water and stir well to take up all the "brown" in the bottom of skillet. Now add 1 large green pepper cut small, 1 small chopped onion, 2 large fresh cubed tomatoes, and 2 large cubed potatoes. Simmer over low'heat on top of your gas range one hour. Season as you wish: salt, pepper, a bit of chili powder, or yon may prefer herbs. 1957 by Northern Nplurpl Cai Company Biacrest Sellers.. .because they're Biaaest Savers! ^^MMMV^pr ^^^^Wi^PWPBMM^P^^^^^^^^W^^^^^^^^^^" . ^Mr ' . ^^^^^^W ^jj^ ^jy^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B . . . and, fire can destroy everything! If you ««n't afford to completely replace your home and belonging* with an all-cash paymenl, then tee us about low- cost fire insurance tb»t brings you protection, even at today's inflated costs. US TODAY Handy/thrifty.., JIM KOLP, Manager ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY IT'S BETTER TQ HAVE JTeed ti Than To tfEEP tod NQT in* tfol Have It Mode by KRAFT from throne onj only MIRACLE WHIP and special celisbs _, Sandwich Spread Turn a Task-Force fruck loose on a tough haul and you've got It made, Yow've got a truck that'll stay and save on any job/ From that big six-wheeler, above, right down the line, Chevrolet trucks offer the most advanced hour- and dollar-saving features you'll find anywhere. Chevy pickups, for example, offer htgh^capdci- ty bodies up to 108 inches long with no wheelhousing bulges in the payload area. They bring you-the latest in cab comfort, too, with n\any de luxe features at no extra cost. Then look at Chevrolet's ad« vanced truck V8's. These modern, lean-muscled engines are standard equipment in heavyweights a»d most middleweights. Here are * super-efficient V8's with the shortest pistpn stroke under ah y truck: hood. Right off, that means less wear, less money going out tor upkeep. If you specify a 6-cylinder Ta,$k-F,Qrce, engine, you're s,ur,e of th» mriftifsj brand ef trwek pdwer money cam buy. Your Ciievrolet Dealer's the man with; th§ djkails. See him and start a Taski-Fonje hauler saving on your job riglit away. Only franchised Cheirolet dealers See Your Local Authorized this famous tradM0ik '*, M -V ' ' r aj ..'.t^'l* - ~ t ,,,1 Vl4 rt«J.. 1

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