The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 18, 1957 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1957
Page 11
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fio§s ttayg are supposed Jo come in August but the way the weather has been, lately, I'm about to conclude they got here ea . rl y *hi8 year. I don't know why they call them Dog Days anyway unless it is because this is beastly weather and not fit for anybody — even a dog. There are several expressions m common usage regarding dogs and if we are going to get analytical arid examine them closely, I don't believe they are too apt. For example when we have been getting in a lot of labor we say we ve been "working like a dog " Excepting for an Eskimo sled dog, I ve never heard of a canine doing much work; In fact, I'd be very happy to lead a dog's life if I could have it so good as our dog,. Wienie. * * * Wiener is nolhing if not luxury loving. She fileeps 18 hours out of the 24 and refuses the basement as her boudoir. It has to be a special chair in the Master bedroom. She loves to ride in the car and she insists on the best place in the back seat whether or not the kids have to sit on the floor. The most exercise she gets is wagging her tail With delight after being fe-admitted to the. house, after we've sent her out to get sdme exercise. * * * Wiener ha& a terrific appetite and she prefers sweets if she can get them. Once she got hold of a cud of bubble gum the kids had dropped and she nearly went crazy trying to get it off her teeth. She has the nastiest habit of begging while we are at the table. Our kids have some bad manners also, but they don't get away with nearly so much as Wienie. • t >. Ajt a party. Wieftfe hs* fo lay right in the center of all the activity. On Jefenie's birthday this year we had 20 or so youngsters playing Bingo on the living room floor. Wienie refused to budge. We were' shoft on those little wooden pills that mark the numbers for the game so I substituted handsful of Cheerios. The little guests were winning candy bars and toy cars right and left when 1 looked Up from the calling to find one girl sobbing quietly. 1 inquired into the matter and the child said, "That dog went and ate all the breakfast food off my card and now I won't be able to tell when I've got Bingo!" * * * Wienies; appetite nearly proved her -undoing a couple of years ago when she got so fat she couldn't walk. She's a long little doggie with very short legs and the veterinarian said that- the excess fat- was.putting pres* .sure on the nerve that controlled 1 , her. hind legs. »Wc put her on a iSttrict diet-and nb reducing mat-' ron was ever more impatient with jit. The inability to walk became 1 serious and We carried Wiener outside and lifted her into her chair. Having her put painlessly to death seemed to be the only solution to the problem and even I, who never particularly liked- dogs,' was heartbroken at the* prospedt. Father was considerably ;dffectedi-'too and although he agrees ' that the job lTHESE«iWOMENI 1m**tmmimmwntrt-mimmmmnmm»fi "Naturally I wa* weeding! Thit u * terrible h*y fever and I was trying to get out as fast a* I eouldt* SUN- BRELLA HERE! Get out and go! And take along lots of Coke! Call 'em Sun-brella Days ;:: time to plan picnics, broil barbecues, time for family outings! Good times, when the unique good taste of Coca-Cola fits right in. World-famous for the pleasure it gives ... so good in taste, in such good taste ... and so easy to serve! Coke is the best-loved sparkling drink in all the world. Your grocer suggests heat-and-eat meals ... and cheeses and crackers and cold cuts and enacks. All the summer favorites that taste great with Coke. Shop lor the summer specials your grocer is featuring now! REGULAR " V KINO "FAMiwT SIGN OF GOOD TA?TE Bottled under authority of The Coca-Cola Company by Mineral Springs Coca-Cola Bottling Co,, Humboldt, Iowa should be done, he kept putting It off for just a little longer. It was a good thing that he did, for after several weeks, Wienie got wobbily to her feet and in a few days was frisking around like a puppy. * • • Wiener's birthday ii this month and she'll be nine years old — a ripe age for a dog. She was a second-hand dog when we got her and she was billed as a genuine, purebred, long - haifed. spayed Dachshund. Since she gave birth to eight black puppies a year or so after she came to live with us, we also have wondered if there really is such a thing as a long-haired Dachshund. * * * I don't know what there ii about a dog that captures a person's affection so thoroughly unless it is that the animal gives such unquestioning love in return. Certainly they are a nuisance when you want to go some place and the house could be kept much cleaner without a dog around. Wiener snores loudly all night and then wakes me when the boy brings the paper about 6 a.m. She barks at the mailman and rolls in dead fish wTien we go on Vacation. She sheds her fur and has been harder on the rug and furniture than any of the children. But do I want to get rid of her? I should say I do not, for she is so much a part of the family. However, I do object when the neighbor kids refer., to me as "Wienie's Mama", * * * , If anything happens to Wiener it. will absolutely and positively 'be the last dog at our house. 1 say this quite often particularly when she has been up to some mischief. Father grins at me and reminds me that I gave out the same ultimatum after our two previous pets. And I wasn't nearly so attached to them as I am to Wienie. * * * I made quite an impression on our daughters the other day and these occasions being rather fe\y and far between, I am basking in the glory of it. The girls were singing, "Love Letters in the Sand" and I joined in with them. They were amazed that their poor old broken down mother knew every single word to it! "Gosh, Mom", Mary Ann said, "I didn't know you kept up on the new songs." I don't usually, but I didn't think the kids had to know that I learned "Love Letters" way back in 1932. I remember Olive Herbst and Lottie Kain singing a duet of that number in a home talent show about that year. * * * Jackie Waller was riding in a car past the Presbyterian church recently. He said to his boy friend, "That's 1 where I go to Sunday School." After a little pause, Jack added, "And that's where they sprinkled water on me and I got appetized." I{ yo\i are like we are at our What a difference Inl a 'phone call makes! ^here's nothing like the telephone to, bring good friends together for a, good time. And there's nothing like the feeling of knowing a bi that any time of night or day, you're nevei alone when there's a telephone near, North* western Bell Telephone Company, telephone sejwe. makes , . , II . , , antf how little ii cost si ^(IB^H^ house, the fUll course meals are out during this hot weather. We lean heavily toward sandwiches, salads and fresh fruits and vegetables. I have a couple of good salad dressings for this week's recipes: Fruit Salad Dfetsing 2 eggs 3 tablsp. melted butter 3 tablsp. lemon juice % teasp. salt 1 cup whipping.cream V4 cup powdered sugar % teasp .celery salt % teasp. vanilla flavoring J /4 teasp. paprika 3 drops onion juice, if desired Beat eggs until light and add gradually, while beating constantly, melted butter, lemon juice and salt. Cook over hot water, stirring constantly, until mixture begins to thicken. Cool, add cream, beaten until thick but not stiff, and remaining ingredients. The other recipe is for Mayonnaise: 2 egg yolks 9/ 4 tsp. salt 1 tsp. sugar '/4 tsp. paprika % tsp. mustard few grains of pepper 3 tablsp. vinegar 1 '/4 cups salad oil. Combine egg yolks, seasonings and 1 tablespoon of the vihe- gar. Beat well and while beating add salad oil, beating thoroughly after each addition of 1 tablespoon until % cup is Used Then add 1 tablespoon vinegar. Beat in remaining oil gradually and then the last tablespoon of vinegar. Makes IVfe cups. —GftACE, 85 At Annual Jensen Reunion, Ringsted Park Seneca — The Thirty-first annual Jensen reunion was held at the Ringsted city park, Sunday, June 30 with approximately 85 in attendance. Guests registered from six different states. A short program furnished the entertainment. It consisted of Scripture reading and prayer by Maynard Jensen, who also read several poems; a number by a mens quartette composed of J. M. Jensen, Ralph Jensen, Gormen Wilberg and Cecil Thorson; and a solo by Janet Wilberg. , During the business meeting the same officers were re-elected for another year. They are Cecil Thorson, pres.; Norman Wilberg, vice pres.; and Larenzo Helgason, secretary and treasurer. Mrs Palmer Jensen was named chairman of the program committee along with Mrs lone Ahart, Mrs George • Jensen and Mrs Rlaph Jensen. ,. The food committee named was Mrs Virgil Jensen, chairman; also Mrs Norman Wilberg', Mrs Millen Jensen and Mrs Deloris Lemke. Karen Larsen was hostess to the Seneca Stars 4-H club July 1. Achievement Day will be Thursday evening, August 1st the Blakjer Lutheran church basement. Mr a.nd Mrs Ole Pederson accompanied Mr and Mrs Edward Mitchell and family to Northwood, Iowa Sunday where they visited at the John Micklick , July 18, 195? Algeria (le.) Upper 5«4 MftlM**S hannesen left Saturday, July 13 for Missoula, Montana, where they are attending the International Luther League Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran church as delegates from the local Luther League. The Seneca Modern Mixers club were entertained at the home of Mrs Lawrence Mueller Tuesday afternoon. The annual business meeting was held with the election of officers. Officers elected were Mrs Calvin Vaudt, pres.; Mrs John Johannesen, vice pres.; and Mrs Gernie Spear, sec.- treas. Mrs Fred Johannesen, past president and Mrs Gernie Spear had perfect attendence records for the past year. Mrs Calvin Vaudt was the honored birthday member. Donna Dee Hartman of Buffalo Center spent the past ten days at the home of her grandparents, the Fred Wienbergers. Jerry Wilberg concluded his leave with home folks and left from Mason City by plane Friday morning for Norfolk, Va. He expects to be on aft ait craft carrier Mr and Mrs Olaf Oftedahl received word Friday mottling that the former's mother who lives in Two Harbors, Minn, is very ill. She is 87 years old. The Seneca Thursday dub met last week Thursday at the home of Mrs Gladys Preston. Mrs Glen Cage had charge ftf the entertain* merit. Mr and Mrs Lawrence Mueller and Mr and Mrs Victor Streuck- er spent the weekend of the 4th on a fishing trip in northern Minnesota.- riMGER Elmer Urich of Garner lost an index finger recently, when his hand became caught in a hay baler which he was repairing. Lois Wilberg and Marilyn Jo- ENJOY . DRIVING with CONOCO SERVICE Let Our FREE TOURAIDE SERVICE * • ' .* •' • ( ^i Guide You To A Happier Vacation Stop in Today and Investigate CONOCO Free Nationwide Trip Planning Service. 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