The News-Review from Roseburg, Oregon on February 26, 1926 · Page 4
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The News-Review from Roseburg, Oregon · Page 4

Roseburg, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, February 26, 1926
Page 4
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FOUR ROSEBURG NEWjS-REVIEW. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26. 1926. ROSEBURG NEWS-REVIEW leaued Daily Exospt Sunday by The Nowe-RevievvCo. In The Associated Press Is asclustvHlv sntitleU to the um fur reDubll atlon of all aews dlspslcbs crstlilad to it or nut eliisrwise credited In tins paper and to all local news published herein. All nshls of repuDir aatlon ot spfclsl dii.slclu-s ht rwin aia sluo jtiiitii'ril;jM b. W. BATttg t-mniinnt aud Manager UEKT U. BATES Secretary -Treasurer tulbrwoTaa stcouuiaoiTaiiaLwr ayi.ii2u afUie posl "oflice ri Roseburg. Oregon, under lb ACT of March J, Dally, per year, by mall . iMlIy, tlx mouths, by mail Bally, U.-ee months, by Bi&lt- "6bB6CftlPTlON'riATk.S Daily, single mouth, by mail. Daily, by carrier, per moata , weekly News-Review, by mall, per year 34.00 ).U0 . l.Otl . M . .Ml ROSEBURG, OREGON, rHIDAV, FEB. 8, 126. OVER PRODUCTION. miMff'SFIBCUSSTO . Secretary of Labor Davis, in his annual report, calls at tention to the hard situation existing in many lines of industry, due to over population. He notes that many of the industries have expanded to a point where they can produce very much more in their various lines than the country needs. Hence there is a tendency for these factories to glut the mar-let, so that many concerns have to run on part time, with ihe result that workers are unemployed a good deal of the time. This is a big problem, but it does not just appear what Ihe government can do about it The socialists will say it occurs because industry is demoralized under private management Yet if the government were running the industries, or they were being operated by committees of employes on a soviet system, these discrepancies would be even more likely to occur. Under present conditions, it does not pay for an employer to provide unnecessary equipment, as money iised in that way is not profitable. Nevertheless, there is touch over production, with very harmful effects. One rea son why industry runs In a kind of "steady by jerks" way, is that the demands of the people are so changeable and whimsical. They will call for a certain style of clothing at one time, and then in a few months this all goes by, and they want something wholly different. This makes it necessary to run factories with a very big production for a short time, and then lie idle until the new trend of style can be foreseen. Producers will do well to study the advantages gained by operating their plants regularly, which in the long run will pay, even if at some seasons they hardly get a new dollar for an old one. When industries run in that regular way, they are not so likely to expand beyond the needs of the market, because they know 1n advance pretty nearly what Uie market needs. o JAZZ MUSIC. Br 8RTu.BATCS GOOD EVENINQ FOLKS Drlnkln' likksr la certainly a crime 'Specially whan , It coata tan buck Par quart. DUMOELL DORA THINKS A shot of today'a clear, unadult- PRESENT MIL BBWTYB' Qfil MS TAKE EXERCISE The senior class has selected as Its play, "The Prlvute Secretary", by ( burin IJawtrey, aud it will bo presented at the Antlers Marrn 25 Mint people liato exercise, hate .lit so niui-u tuat tots of them have to join Classes ana ao tnetr exercising ID company, just to keep up one another a couruge and Interest. Kxerctse in ltHelt probably Is a bote, but then, coid err-ann'lis: one's lace or Dowilerin you think you need. Doing It yourself may be dull, but It will be eood for you. Inquiring H. K. L. The se- "Tlie 1'rlvate Secretary" Is one's nose is aiso a bore. The rarcial comedy In three acts. The '"' tttiog Is to think ahead to New York Times auys: "This la 'the good leauns that will be uro- ratcd sunsiilne beats' all' tha liver without a doubt the runniest and iduted. pills in tha world - i cleanest furce comedy ever writ- You must exercise every day. . . iten, sud has enjoyed an immense Houseork may be suificient lor vogue among me uetier class or ,you, now tna nign acnool Tailors are Buml,Jur uepimus. ti is ms- sweat Jerseys, w wonder: "" nuveiiy anu a rare meairi- while cuttln' the evening's klndlin'7 , W swatted the first fly of tha ' season today, barely havin' enough ambition to do same on sect of Uie terrible epidemic of Spring fever now goln the rounds, ' v , , Some observers feel that modern jazz music incites people to undecorous conduct that it so affects them that they 1 act in a way they would not do in soberer moments. Yet the remark . was made by Dr. Van. Waters of Los Angeles, a speaker before the Child Study Association at (New .York, tKat jazz has a very important meaning to young people and li e should try to discover what that menuing is. Dance music of a strongly rhythmical character has always stirred jeople to vigorous expression, -and led them to dance in a more exaggerated way. Yet the volumes of old dance music en our shelves would show many old melodies that led to ex- aggerated pigeon wings. People who have a keen sense ot rhythm find it difficult to keep their feet still when the mu-ic plays, and the more marked and syncopated it is, the Jjiore they feel like kicking out. ,If people are trained to be gentlemen and ladies, they will not be led merely by jazz to do things they should be ashamed of. Much of this jazz is weak and commonplaco, a repetition of some threadbare musical idea over and over again. But some of it is regarded by O.usicinns as having distinctive character, so it can not all be rejected in a sweeping' way. Probably the young people are not any worse off kicking but the jazz measures than they are when Bitting in dark corners. It is up to the families to train their young people in such Ideals of conduct that they tyill not care to lower themselves by unsuitable doings. After they get that point of view, jazz music will do not harm, except that it may divert their interest from the great masterpieces of music which are so much more inspiring than the ordinary popular melodies. weann1 how many of 'em are aweatin' ca' teat. It la a suie cure for me oiues. The plot for "The Private Secretary'' Is that Mr. Marsland. by letter, engages as his' secre tary. The Reverend Robert Spauld-ing, who Is the meekest of the meek. For various reasons, Mary, Marsland s nephew, wishes his friend, Douglas Cattermole. to pass himself off aa the secretary. The movls sign "Emblems of The reverend gentleman arrives Love" on the rear of tha local lit. to fulfill bis duties. Then is when neys sometimes refers to the two 1 the funny complications arrive. accupanta in the rear seat i Joe senior play is being- dlrect- ! i ea uy unesier urouers anu Alias j Mary McCullagh. The cast select-Was talkin' to a feller who went ed by them and Miss Chriaiian- to a banquet somewhere or other sen is: Mr. Marsland. Roy Pet- yastiddy p. m. and he said he still tey; Harry Marsland, his nephew. had a hetdachs from some of the l.iurcd cooo; .vir. cattermole, food they gave him to drink. Norman Hess; Douglas Caiter- i u moie, nis nepnew, mud one; Air. ... . . i Sydney Gibson, tailor of Dond We heard today of a feller an siri r:ij iirmnn- KAv-r-nH ciosv inai wnen ns sent ms ciotnes Robert Soauldlng. The Private In jSecretatry, Maynard Dell; John Knox, a writ server, Tom Hodges; j Edith Marslund, daughter of Mr. Ths ,,,-u. n.Hjnt tkMM.k'ttiHi s. Aiarsiana, ineima u ra- i vilUo. and r?Udl7rS;teai: Stead. Douglas' lasd- e village daily and Judgin from . rtv nrnfhv rh.B.. mib. Ah- ford, Eldress Judd; Eva Webster, Kloy Strader. The business manager la Jean Singleton, and advertising manager Is JjOulee Douglas. "The Private Secretatry" was originally produced at the Theatre Royal, Cambridge, in 1883 and has been popular with both amateur and professional actors ever since. flames' Beauty Parlor. Expert operator to attendance. Phone I6SJ for appointment. to the laundry he hid hia tne pockets of hi pajamas. the the ahortags of spare tires carried by them, the crop this season will not b ao lucrative. , JUST SPRING I lov the emeraid pastures And I love ths buddin' trees, I love the ftittln' bluebirds And I love the Springtime breess. -I love ths brilliant crocus And 1 love the balmy air. But oh, how I hate this heavy Itchy, winter underwtarl Lotsa fellers who think thoy married a cook have found how ahe waa just a can opener. This Is t! time of1 the year when a feller wonders whether to buy a new adit or a tire for the flivver. "Sym'' 0 & or the ennuruff months resl- "mnen you can't stand criticum 'dents and visitors In KooeburR It's tim to quit." ("Ill be greeted by highly colori-il o moltms and striking pieturus See our larue display of Arm- .clrawiug their attention lo the atroog linoleum. Powell Furniture 1 Important of religion in person al aim community me. mtse religious atl vertlnements art to be In tlie ftrru of hue bilUmr.rd posters, diuI will occupy b oster-Klulser siKnbourils iu tho city. Thoy are the gift Qf Ilov. Hurry O. Audursun, who on Sunday night concludes a aO-duy evuugol-iHtic service in. Kosetmrg. Mr. Anderson has purchased the posters and space is beijii; given them frbe of ihurge by the cora-pauy. Mr. Aiideinon is a firm be- , itever iu the power of advertising and these posters will un serve in a great way the etrtocu of uis or you may be able to get in a brink: walk, even doing your bimrfthuld enauds aud snopping. Thais better than nothing, ilut ihe bousewurk of a small apartment ibn't enough exercise for the day. U may be tiring, that's duferent. Sork that repeats certain motions over and over again to the point of semi-exhaustion is nut exercise not beneiicial exercise at least. Ileal exercise must develop the muscles all over the body, or certain sets of muscles not ordinarily ustd. If, for Instance, you no Id your hands over your head, and theu bend down, keep i me your knees stiff, and touch or strain to touch the floor with your finger tips, you'll feel a pull ulong the backs of the legs and tlu ducks ot tne knees that will tiurprise you. After a few day's practice, you'll be able to bend easily, and you won't I eel the strain, neither will those muscies be sore. Kven your second at tempt at bending over will be much more sueeessful than the r ft VlABrmrm diment In the bottom of the bot- i tie Is the sulphur included in the Store Keeping The successf ul retail business of today is the result of practicing daily the true principles of merchandising. We do our best to serve all who enter our store with dependable merchandise, bought at the right price Then sold at the right price. The values we give please our customers, and such treatment is mentioned to others. FOR SATURDAY WE OFFER 3 lbs. P. S. C. Blend Coffee .J $1.10 2 Loaves Bread 15c 3 lbs. Bulk' Dates : 25c Broccoli, head ..... ..5c Oranges, 2 Dozen ..25c 3 lbs. Bulk Spaghetti 25c Bulk Umpqua Mayonnaise, Pt 25c Libby's Pineapple, No. 1 Cans, 2 for 35c Tomatoes, No. 2 J Cans, 2 for 25c f Stores at Roseburg, Suthcrlin, Yoncalla, Myrtle Creek niitf merely UtfPaune. vou ve- BUM triltiK-arplnrf h:rrr trtrftffTtrfftulirt lie those muscles. T-ti nife' ThiB ych"fshake the tonic! Kach day you should practice 'each time you use it. so that the j a bending exercbie. a waist revolv- sulphur will be distributed thru I ing or waist bending exercise, an j the tonic, and have a chance to j arm and a leg exercise and deep! get on the scalp. ShSulphnr does! breathing. If yon have special j not dissolve but it is, neverthe- I weakiit-bges, exercise to get rid ; less, very important l& ft hair i of tlieui. And it yon do not know tonic, aa It purifies the scalp so ' what to praclfi-e. ask your doc- j that it can resist most scalp ', tor, he'll tell you..' Of get book troubles. . I on exercise, and choose the ones j Tomorrow When Showing Kara Efficient fausek Laura A.KipKmor CONTRIBUTED REQUESTED RECIPES ' r. i IS QUALITY MEATS Roasting Beef,. lb 15c Boiling Beef, lb , , : ... 122c Fancy Veal .... .'. Hams, half or whole, lb 30c Pickled Pork, lb. .27c Light Bacon, lb 35c Fresh Made Hamburger, lb 15c Pure Pork Sausage, lb ,20c Sirloin Steak, lb 20c ' Light Bacon Backs, lb. 28c ' Heavy Hens . TOMORROW'S MENU Breakfast . Apple Sauce Cereal r.rolled Slice of Ham Top Over Coffee Luncheon Baked Potatoes Catsup Ci'lery Boston Brown Bread Jelly Tea Co. OREGON AND IDAHO DEBATERS LOSE TO WASHINGTON DUOS (Jtsnclstrd I'ras Usae Win.) EUtiKN'E. Ore., Krb. it The University of Washington debate team won an unanluioua decision over the University of Owiton debaturs here last evening, tii oue section of Hie aunual Oreviin-WsshlliKtou.liia- ho triangular debate. William doubted ly I kin and Angelo lellegrinl upheld to continue the negative fur Washington, and I most successful revival campulgn llmllev Ijurlt anil II., Wnhlnwrtn I Q upheld the affirmative for Oregon, Visit us see our large display oue-half tablespoon of any kind of pieces; fry them with some finely-1 ol tne QtieslKin, "Kesolved. Unit ot sunnily useu turniiure at nan RipplingRluimos . j. ' r i i ii u.j 'v .isw rutilH, one pound of beef suet, one , aiiU oiie-tia.f. yuaru ot flour, oue tetuipoon ot txtii, oue teaspoon ot ' bakiug powder. It liked, add cit-1 rou, cauuied orange peel and lemon peel, cut in smalt strip. Method: j cnup tue .Buet by hand; buy tne Km a that comes next to the kidney (you will have to pull all the loose Bkm and threads off before I chopping It). With tne hand a, mix j together this chopped suet, the i fruit, and Ihe flour. Then add cold, I sweet milk (or water) until the j mixture cau be rolled up like a loaf I ol bread; slip this loaf into either! one large or two small cheese ! cloth bags and steam for two ! hours. It may be boiled. Instead, j but In this case put a saucer in ! j the bottom of the kettle to prevent i The following excellent recipes the pmiding from burning. Serve j were sent in In roupouue to read 'with Tauiila sauce. This pudding! era' n-uucsls: lis better every time it Is warmed, "My 1'iain American Chop Suey: "P H will keep in a cool place Dice oue-half pound of veal and -or a -ou im- My mother used t one-hulf pound ot pork. Vy these 10 n;ako u every yer tor Christ-uttat-cubes in butter or drippings, j ma8" a lew at a time, till well brown-j Mrs, Q. N.: "The following an-' ed. Add two cups of water, one swers a recent request: Onion! small stalk of celery shredded, two Cake or Zwiebelkuchen (copied 1 medium-sized onlous thinly sliced, ' troin an old Bavarian cookbook).) and let cook 15 minutes. Then add j 'Cut a few onions in long, fine: Dinner Vegetable Soap Iteef Loaf leaked potatoes Cauliflower I tiuce Salad Fruit Gelatine Coffee PEOPLES SUPPLY CO. Grocery Phone 145 Meat Market 363 ' , Free) Delivery rST.T.r.i.iT.i.i.r.r.w.-i.uj.i.-:.i.iTt' IS molasses aud to tablespoons of the , diced bacon and a biff Dlece of but r national UeienHM be organised itlm price of uuw. Powells Furnl- reKular CUu Buev 6auce (bich;ter for a few minutes, then let all u under a single department with' three co-ordinate divisions, army, navy and air forces. The Oregon dtbatois defeated Idaho, I to 1, at Moscow, accord.iig to word received her. while tiie Unlvi'i-Miy of Washington won an unanimous declsiou over Idaho at Stattle. Lawn and Garden Tools We are prepared to supply the needs of Roseburg and the county with anything and everything for the caring of lawns and gardens. We have a Splendid Assortment of Lawn Mowers, the best makes and the prices are low. See our Window Display This Week MYRTLE CREEK BOY DIES THIS MORNING lure. Line a pie pan with S ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY IN SCHOOLS RECORDED - THE TIGHTWAD. Ja.ier Jangle walked alone, every time he went abroad, tor the fact was widely known that the dollar was his god; de was never known to pcnd seven cents to aid a friend ; lie would neither give nor lend, he wi.3 married to his wad. I'cople do not like the gent who, has kopecks on the brain yho can only spare a cent with excruciating pain; who is deaf to wail and sigh when the hungry tecler by, who enn scorn the widow's cry, treat the orphan with disdain. No one iutres to walk beside auvone with miser soul, who with cords tit steel is tied to his evor-srrowinir roll : so old Jasner had to "1" ir .broth.., AitiL..rt, wend up the brae and doon the bend without comrade, with-!r,l,"B5'ki cd u, r:'nl n" cut friend, who would conform or condole, lint upon a fate-1 ftinimi ptni m tx 'hi'id ful day we were with him as he waiked, and our hearts were blithe-and gay, as we tittered, as we talked; at his heels a hundred stept and we woke him when he slept and we joshed him when he wept and we chortled when he balked. For the fact was bruited 'round that old Jasper had been stung, that his weak spot had been found by a man with oily tongue; fulling for the gins and snares he had bought hundred shares In a' farm Jor grizzly bears, sorely were his withers wrung. When a kind innn strikes a snug all the neighbors sympathize, and we tarry him a bag full of prunes and custard pies; oh, we hand him words of cheer and a stein of kickless beer and we wipe away the teir he is shedding with J"mi.--t i.-niraiur. y,-Mrry ", . Uiost lrmrinmuri last nltthl IMS eyes. JjUI mo mean man is it ji-pi wnrn ne Ruuers a ir- i'r-i.iailim last 21 h verse, when from out hia treasure chest some vile faker fills ';'' i'ip im im his purse; and we laugh to hear his groans for the lost la- ?oi"pr'P"fmb mented bones and In loud triumpnaut tones all his misdeeds wo rehearse. The following punrtuulity atti'ndiince record tf the Rnse-burg schools has been compiled by City Superintendent M. S. all large grocery stores sell), t become cold. Thicken with one tablespoon of good pastry. t curuaturch mixed with a little cold cold, mix them with one-half quart I water. Tliis chop suey sauce is; of sour ereaiu, from two to four I g I raoier sally, so add additional salt j eggH, enougli salt to suit individual ' to taste. Serve with rice. Tills : liking, and some caraway seeds. reciii serves four." j four this mixture into the pastry- I .Mrs. C. E. B. : "Some time ago lined tin, put a lew pieces of butter and one of our column sisters asked for I on top, and bake at once'." the following: Plum Duff: One Tomorrow Ths Houkptr's pound of raisins, one pound of cur-1 v Annoyancss. Churchill Hardware Co. THE IRON MONGERS Mam m, covering the month ending lYhruary lj): TotM. puptU etirollt-d to date, ir:t5. Avorr.eo number pupils VUi,k-injr. ATraKe Dally Attendance, 129s A. IVr cent of Atti'ndanco, 17.5. NumNT tardintus, ;t;. al3Mit nor tardj. Vlliu C. Bhflton. of Myrlh' Crwk, pasptMl it way this murniiiR at Mi -rry hoxpttal, follow ins an 111 nvs of Home wwt krt. rehultinj froui menlnKltta. The younx man, a native of Douglaa county, waa twen- ty-ont t-am of a (to Jaruat S. tie u.h bom In t.aiUn Valley and la PopUs nt'lih in aim of Mr. and Mrs. Frml 901. Slifhon. I'UtliiK hit rvauh nee at dumber Tinitf by parrnti, 2o. Mrtle Cretk he made many ( oinhin"d rt o.i of Htti nil.utct' intTd. BurvtvlnR besides hia fmr and iiunrtuiillty by buildtnK and KtncU's accurains 10 ran it , is as follow: i All arhools. $.7; Hlnh School. S,7; Huae. y.y; Ht-nnon. t sl ; KulUrtou. lil : t'ntrn'. HS.2. Uone, r.l, and h. If!. 7; K. KB, PH. 4: Rose, ft A. PP.4: Ku 'SA. PP.S; Rom. 4th. P. 2; FulUr- ton. 7A and SA. 0 1; lituh hod. 'Junior, PP.t; Hose. 3rd. PP 1 KulUTlon, 6A and S hool, Kreabnu-n, and 7H, V, lu-nnon. ID and Zti. Siitunlay afternmin at i o'clock at 'the Kosehurg I'ndertaklns Chap.-I, and will be conducted by Rev. 11. L. Caldwell. Interment will take place at the Masonic cemetery. j A nest of S glass mixing howls 1 for 6!c a set. all day Saturday at roweii a. DAILY WIATMIR REPORT 'fS; Rose. J, WW; Henmin. 4,h i.l; Itenma. 3rd. .; Full, r-iton, 3A and , i S: Ucutnn. . Mb, ti 7: D.nsDii, 2A OS. 7. Kul- U. B. Neatbrr Bureau, local of i,.,,0. ia and SA. !s.7; lliK!i ftce. Ilnsebur. Oregon, It hours School. Seniors, as.f; lienen. ending 9 a. m. ith.4a.6: Central, l. :s- Prscipitatien in Ins. A Hundredths 2A.HH.4, Hlsh School. Snlu- (I mores, US.: Ileoxm. Mh. s I: 4 lfoe. 1 A. S: 1A. ; l'r.--l.Hatlim last 21 hours 0 Benson. 6th, t7 S; Central. 3n. month. C77,and 4th, ;.; Koje, iu and :ii. s month i it . Diet-JHealth. STMOfr imt mHOtmHk am4Jimtf tJaWal aaaj VVSxtrs TO MOTHFRS Cod could not b evsrywhers; mrnlned vegetables, 2 level table- !S itis.v,. m Ha mads mo.ncra. fctitfou.uis or mote. See tiirecuons. Jewish p:ovrb. uuue, good sized, with no free tat v rataini) bcnsauiea From Btrrto jr meal on it. lo bile on, 2 or a lin hienin. umes a wees- , gi If )ou did uot tKiiiu to fted your p. m. cereal, same amount as g buuy bliHiueu ceieais'auu Diuuis gelling at 10 a. ui followed by HI iti ihe bill uiontu, uu bad better ; uursing or bottle. ibtgm wuu oue levti ieaspoouiul4 iu p. lu. pursing or bottle. jot any new loud you add aud iu- Ninth to Twelfth Months. ciease it about a leanpooniul every ( a. in. Nursing or bottle. 3 ;utuer day. until the baby is geiuiui f V a. m. Oiange Jules, 2 or 4 M . tne amount allowed. : tableSDOonfula at least. : ! 6A, : High I u 1HU ule for feediug the I lu a. m. UiesJt or bottle, tire- sSi a; Rose. tUi ',:tk aud -in months last r'liday.l (ceded br strained cereal. 4 level S ny wtu cooked cerei.1 or etfe-1 tabiespoonfuis, or more. Pleca of a W&&&l!l'jIK'l Met-O-Maid Is Welcomed by Exacting People It Meets Your Requirements ' -1 AND BUTTER OOOTLEO KINO ACCUSED OP tilm with di frntullng the IT. 8. OOOOINO BIO INCOME TAX (Asmrlsl.4 ITim lssnl Wlrr.) KfW YORK. Feb. 25. Emanuel H. "Manny" Kmslrn Known as the bootleg king of Broadway, waa ar-rt.ttd todajr oa afarraut thvglni Sept 1. 192a, to date 30.19 Average preclp. from Sept. 1, ls7 Total dellcleuey from SepL 1. 1HS5 ... S.ii Average precipitation 'for 44 wet seasons, tSepiember lo May, Inclusive) 31.13 (leneially cloudy tonight and Eat barbecue saaiwlches and.otuiday. uioderale temperature. goierument if more ihan I.Miti.ii'a. due aa Imnme tax for l:i22. He mas held In ball nf 1750 lo awall action by tha grand jury. Lat barbecue sandwiches and llva forever. Brand's Road Stand. llr forever. Brand Road gtaud.1 ViiL Hhl.U UetswielufUb 1 DR. NERBAS OENTI8T Painless Extract'en Cas Whan Desired Pyorrhea Cured Foods 4S alaaonlo Hldg.4 tabie that the lamlly u--es. cau oe U17 toasL Add small amount of given to the baby. U is wis to butter to toast by Sth month. Egg uue spuiacn two orlhree times a yolk 2 or 3 times a week, or often-' Iwei k lot' 11s bigb Iron and vuauiin er. Begin this earlier of babe la leuntint. It Is also wise lur all li-faneniic. Can be slirred Is milk or lines 10 be bsvlug pure cod liver oil. jiasen on toast. 1 (it ia a pn.ventivu and cure 101' 2 p. m. Nursing or bottle. Dry irickeis.) BeMU with outjuaiter 'toast and butter, one-half to one Measpuunful aud Increase alowly to slice. Strained or pureed vegeta-one leapooniul. Has can be giv- bles up to 3 or 4 lablespooaluls. ea beloie one of the meals. Ke- linked potato. 3 lo 4 tableapooufuls member that sunslnue is aiso ef- or more. (Ilegla soiall amounta, Kctire In preveuung aud curing Increase gradually.) r'rulu 1 to 3 rickets. ' j tabiespoonfuis. fresB (scraped) or j Kevd th baby at 6 ltr 3 1 6 ; stewed. stewed, Tery little solid, gar. 1 Eighth Month. a p. m. Cereal, same amount as .6 a. in Nursing or bottle. getting at lu a. m.. followed by 3 a. 111 Orange Juice, up to ( nursing or buttle. Add a little labtespucufuls (:n water at lirst.) .milk oa cereal. No attgar. lu a. m. Breast or bottle, pre-; Id p. m. Nursing or bot tie. cedi d by strained cereal 3 to 4 (Omit by loth month ) level tabu siKXvufuls. fiecs of dry I weaning. ust to nibble. 1 j Except In tbe beat of tha sum- 3 p. ui. N arsi or bottls. 1 1 Continued oa p4 T.l . ; Your family will praise the sweetness and payability of 1 Mel-O-Maid Products Your guests will inquire who fur- nished the Butter and Ice Cream for the dinner Douglas County Creamery quality always meets approval. Our Creamery Products Are Available to You Fresh and Pure Daily Ask your Dealer to supply you with Mel-O-Maid It's guaranteed to be satisfactory. The Douglas County Creamery I Phone 340 i 1

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