Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1896
Page 8
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' ,< i 3,000 Pairs of me Celebrated Foster, Paul & Co's Kid Gloves. Bought at a sacrifice. Another big dea! made by having the ready cash. Read letter below. CARSON, PIRIE, SCOTT & CO., WHOLESALE DRY GOODS. CHICAGO, Sept. 20, 1SOC. scri'Mnrr & HETNLY, L . D«ir Sirs-As you are no doubt iiiwarc, Foster 1'a.ul & Co. iu-c going out of business, niml we being the _ imiporters of their kid gloves in the United Slates they h-avc kindly given us the -prof ore-flue la closing one ' «f the best jobs over closed iu the country, of the woll-knowii glove, quality WJllto.m (which .is our Dresden brand) (Which is one of the best retail dollar gloves iu -the country. Goods come unstamped. The lot consists of 10,000 -flozen all new goods, 5 hook aud new point and targe hook, black ami colors, perfect in every color and quality and will give you the lirst refusal of the goods for Logiuisport at too low price of if— spot cash for a, quantity Hot less than 2oO dozen. Our idea is only to place t'he goods with one concern to'the-town, txsltevfag by so doing •on can have the greatest glove side that was ever 'held 111 your city at a price thait no one can touch, and we dozen of the gloves in the United Sratos. I'f ulie deal! iii'toi-es-ts you, telegraph •Respectfully, STEVE HEN2SE-SY, General Salesman Carson, PLrio, Scott & Co. protect you 'having every toe at once ut mv expeiise. uicai«m.t, The gloves have arrived and we will place on sale all this week till every pair is sold, at the low price of 69 Cents. THE GOLDEN RULE Schmitt & Heinly. For Your Own Purse Sake Visit Our Store this week. We heed the demand of the times. Better Goods for Less Honey We rise to the occasion and overshadow all possible compeftliWon with unl- tormally low prices that seems miraculous. Every bnrga'ta we name 'is here and innumerable more. You will never be disappointed by any printer's ink over our signature. i.i'.j&j.^.'iv •„:•.' j...j..^--- .•: ...... •• ' 200 men's all-wool, fall overcoats. Tliey consist of black .'cheviots, fans And drab meltons. No overcoat In the lot wortlh less than ?7 or ?S, we sell them at ............................ 4 -°° Republican Meetin gs. 150 men's fatl suits, the line includes Tweeds, Cheviots and Cassirnercs Jionestly made a:nd trimmed. Value positively $C and $7, we sell tihem at.?3.DO . 100 men's extra fi-ne fall overcoats, including twelve different linos of ill wool covert cloth tap coa'ts lined with silk or fine Itallca cloth worth $14.00, $15.00 and ?1G.OO, go at ---- ' ....................... ........... ?10.00 200 meal's very finest suits, embracing fine famcy worsteds, neat plaids and checked chevJots, taillored with proper -regard for perfect fit and satisfactory %veair, nnquestionalbly equal to the be-st iflo.OO suit you see elsewhere. We sell thorn foi- ................................................... $10.00 This magnificent display of men's, boy's -amd children's fall and winter Clothing, liftts iand furnls-hnigs surpasses anythltag ever seen. The prices bave boon made so low that not the slightest stumble block remains to bar .any 'man or boy from being comfortably and stylishly dressed. We invite .you to call aud inspect our line, THE GLOBE. CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., TDe well-Known Specialists ot Nmv York-.h.'ive appolote . D. A. I1.-1DK us agont Tjr tttulr celebrated Spectacles and Eye (•Hastes, every pair guaranteed. D. A. HAUK hart compote assortmont and invltfs all to satisfy tliam.selvn.H ot'tiio croat supuriorlty of tlia.-is gooJsover any manufactnced, Bt fas utore of D. A. HACK, Sole ugeut lor LogdtiSDOtt Hid. No P^dlers Supplied. Republican speakings will be held at the following places In Cass county: Wednesday evening, Oct. 7th, Red School house, NoWe township, Orlando Powell, Robt. J, LoiveJand of Peru will speak at Wavoiiy Monday evening, Oct 5th; Lucerne, Tuesday evening, Oct Oth; Lincoln, Wednesday evening Oct. 7th, Friday evening, October Oth, Johnsom school heuse, Washiingtoa township— D. C. Justice. FinM-ay evauitmg, Oct. 9th-, Royal Center, Robert J. Lov-dand. �� F.rklay evepinig, Oat. 9th,. Hoovers, Q. A. Myers. '; Sii'timlny jivcinitag, Odt 10th, Broadway rink, Loganspoirt, Robert J. Love- •lajid. '' '. ' Fi'M-aiy eveibiing.'Oclt. Otilu'ciymeii-s, S. T. McOoaiin-cai. . .' • ••'- iFaiidaiy evemilmg, Oct 9th^ Onwaii-d, D. B, "M-eOoDin.ell. ; 'Salfcurdtty ev-qnltog, Oct '10th, Hazel Pateh -school 'bouse, BeHMeham town- sllilip, Q. A. Myers. 'Saifcurd'a.y .everatag, Oct. 10th, Center school 'h'ouse, Jeffleraon to^vnship, D. C. afternoon, Oct. 10, Broadwaj' rink, Hon. Frank Hanley. Tuesday alfiternoooi, Oct. ISflij Broadw«.y -rinlc, Hon. James E. Watson', of $2O.OO Will Buy a Good Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. 4*6 Broadway, Second Floor. .Natural gaa 'bille for the month of October are now due. Positively the best cup of coffee In .the city at Dykenmn's cafe. The finest range ever made. See It '«t Flanegin's BOW store store, 310 Market street. Sideboards, dining tables nnd dining «Jtair8, the latest patterns, at Ash & Hadley's. JPor Information concerning annual gas rates, see card of Tx>gansport & Wabassli Valley Gas Co., on first page. A ramge you wont to see; one part foc-wlater and -another for summer at jyfenegln's "new stove store, 310 Market •teeet Tumblers, 2c.—Fox & Dunkelberg. New cai'pcts just opened at the Trade Palace. Men's fine all solid shoes, lace or congress, $1.23.—WaWen. For sale. — Household furniture. Good. 20-1 High street. . Fired G. Six will build himself a tooinu on the Northside, on Clifton avenue. Underwear for everybody at the Trade Palace at a saving of 20 p» cent. Stella Lalng, daughter of Charles LaJng, of 901 Fourteenth su-eet, is HI of diphtheria. Mr. Jemkines expects to close out the Otto Kraus stock resigned to him be- forffthe first of November.. 50 pieces of novelty dress goods today 'and tomorrow at 4Sc. They are considered cheap at 75e.—Trade Palace. Visit the, largest and most complete stock of underwear and hosiery ID Northern Indiana. Prices were never so low.—Trade Palace. Melvln G. -Harley, the jeweler, baa purchased a lot in J. T. McNary's addition at the corner of North and Twenty-fourthi streets, and will a-cct a dwelling. •Mr. Fuller and Ms nssttants are bus- B.y engaged In marking -hats and furnishing goods in plain figures, as appraised, to facilitate the sale.— -A. G. Jenklnes, assignee. smd Ho^v.;i.rd amid Corporal Tji.naer, Republicans, nnd Gen- ei'fil'S Seiigel and Slckels, Democrats, •n-iill speak for Sound Money Tuesday, Oct. 13th, at 11 o'clock, a. in., Logaas- port, Tuesday evoufng, October 6, Bab sc-h'ool Iiouse, Deea- Creelc township, D, €. Justice. Friday even-ing, October 9, Swamp school -house, Deer Creek LowmsMp, E. B...McCoiiiiieU. Tuesday ovouiiug. Octdbor 13, Deacon, W. T. Wilson. iSa.turday evoning, October 17. Center school house. Dew Ci-eek to^vushlp, Q. A. Miyers. Friday eve.ntag, October 23, Haj-ness school liou.se, Deer Creek, township, D. B. McConucJl. W. M. Keuney, of Rochester, 'a former Democrat and a witty -and eloquent speaker, 'wMl speak la Cass county as •follows: Monday evenini?, Octobe 1 . 1 12, Young America. Tuesday evening, October 14, Galv^- 'ton. Wednesday evening, October 14, Walton. Thursday evculjig, October 1C, Twelve Mile. Friday evening, October 16, Lucerne, Saturday evening, October 17, Royal C en tor. - UP FOR TRIAL Lon Saxon Faces Charges of Assault and Attempted Rape. The flysterious Miss Moreion Repeals a Part of Her Identity. Admits Her True Name to be Annie E. Plausse. Tile triii.1 of AloiiKO Saxon, charged with assault with intent to comm,i't.;i nvpe, was begun'in t,he-Circuit coui-L yesterday morning. The whole of the morning and 11 part ot the afternoon was consumed in the eltort to select a jury; and Llie following jurors wore fi- ittiJly accepted by bol:h sidos and sworn to try Hie case at' 3:15 o'clock: Patrick Koiirnoy, .W. Ii. Ridanoui-, John C. Clary, Charles H. Holbruuer, Harry G. Werrlck, Charles Newman. Benjamin F. Campbell, Robert Whit- •sett, A. :r. Ford, A. J. Sliavts, George A. Hummell, Martin Carl. The opening statement of the prosi 1 - cutlon was made by Deputy ProiSiHsi- tor Gamble. Mr. Gamble reviewed the line of evidence which 'rtie prosecution would introduce, and stated what it was expected would be proved by this evidence. Briefly, it is ehuimed that it will bo proved that Miss Moroton. as she .is known i.u this ca.se, the complaining witness, met 'the defendant alt the R. R. Y. M. C. A. rooms on July 12. Sunday, and talked with Dim there; that she complained of feeling ill, and defendant suggested flia.c he could take her to a physician. She consented and they started ou't: Saxoii asked he if -she did not wanit sonic strmulan -and she assented. Saxon Wed to ge some whfckey but failed. a.ud said tha they would go on to rhe doctor's res: dence or office. He led Ihe woman o to the place where the assault is a] leped to have been committed, the dc tin.!Is of which tire told ta language 'to vile for publication. Mr. Gamble sail that the evidence of the complatnlnj witness'would be corroborated by tha of five other witnesses, namely, Ed ward Murray of Peru, Mass Eva. Fei gnsou of thils city, who were driving along the road fluid were appealed to fo aild by Miss Moraton; Otto Lowroy, Gif ford M.imln mu<l Sn:muel Cotuer. wh assisted 'her to reach the city after thi WE'RE HERE AND HERE TO STAY. You are cordially Invited. We look for your acceptance with eager anticipation, for we are confident of your enthusiastic commendation of our efforts. We assure you thai no finer stock can be found iu this country, aad you will agree with us that it surpasses anything ever before seen in Logansport. We havu entered this field as leaders should, avoiding the time-trodden path, shunning the policies that bave hitherto prevailed, but with unequaled facilities and characteristic cnery we have sought the best, that you may enjoy the convenience of finding here at home those exclusive styles you have hitherto been compelled to seek In other markets. ' The management of all our departments is in our hands. We've had a life long experience to guide our judgment, we VDOW every "Fashion Inlet" and "Quality Harbor" in this and foreign countries. Behind it ere our capital, our enterprise, our broadguage methods. Such a union of tact and talent must succeed. We've gathered .a stock that is artistically perfect and marked at prices that will be an agreeable revelation to you. Bearing out the reputation that we will win for this store and your confidence. Yours Very Truly, THE HUB. Bcrwanger Bros. & Co , Successors to HARRY FRANK HO! FOR CANTON. Special Train, Fast Time, Good Accommodations. There -will be a good crcnv-d aboard •the .McKlnley special to Canton,, Ohio, mext Thursday. .In-the first place, there -will be ample, accommodation for jlll without crowding, 'and secondly, the train,'beta'g a special for the benefit of the Casa county McKInleyites, will run through to Canton with the least possible delay. Those who do not care to be bothered with taking lunch, can secure something to eat on ttie train, as Charley Dyteman Intends taking a supply of chicken, ham, . etc., along. ' The train wild eave the VnndaHa station promptly at 5 o'clock Thursday morning. In order that there may be no mistake as to their befog ample, nc- eommodaltlons lor, everybody, those Intending to go who have not already Wanded their names to Sol D. Brandt, should do so not later than Wednesday .morning. Moreton wais plajcod upon Ui staml'b'y "the iprosecution, amd the di rect examination was concluded a nJbout 5 o'clock. Tlie witness stated tha hei'tnie naiin-o.is Anne E. Plausse; tha she laid .registered a;t hotels over th country at different 'times under varl ous names. She detailed the story o her' arrival in this city from Chicago and her nations up to the time of meet tag with Saxon art tiie.R. R. Y. M..C. A rooms. It was wtth the greatest diffi cully thsvt counsel for the State dre^\ from the witness the story of the as s-au'R and what followed, the language being so vide, ns to cause a blush to •mantel tire cheek of even the 'hardonoc curious, who crowded the court room The witness spoke In a. vory low tone and J't wns hard to distinguish her words out in Che audience T>ack of the rnilli'iig. Oa cross examination. Mr. Kistlei n*ke'd 'I'lic. witness where she was .previous to coming to this c-Wy. She .answered, "In Chicago." 'But where were you stopping?" "I was stopping with friends.' "Who a re they?" Tlie witness hesitated -n. long time l)e- .fore answci-iiig, bur finally «t tlic iu- stawce of counsel for tlie Stole, said she was at tlie house of a friend on Western avenue; she (lid not i-omembcr th.fc number. • Further cross questioning brought out Hie fact that sne was stopping at tlie M'arthsi WasMngroii Home, aaid that tae'hom'e Is h. hospital for the tveabmenit of women who,are 'addicted to the use of morphine, opium, liquor, cigarettes, etc. It was not siiown that witness, was there for. treatment, but that she stolid there two. weeks, and left there *o come directly to Logons- port. ^ Further questioning brought the ad- mllsslon that witness had registered at various hotels under the n'ame o,f E. W. Morgan, Emily Graham, Florence Moreitan and Annie E. Durkoe, but that her true name is Anne E. Ptausse. Court adjourned a.t 5:25 o'clock, and i'W.iH convene at 8:30 this -morning. The prosecuting witness will be subjected to a further cross-examination -and it Is not likely thiit the prosecution will finish 'much before the middle of the afternoon, Tlie line of defense Is not known, as the defendant's attorneys elected to withhold their statement until the State has closed Its evidence. Judge Nelson Is assisting Prosecutor Hale and Deputy Gamble on the side of the State, and F. M. Kistler and A. G. Jenklnes are defending Saxon. It was hoped to conclude the case before Wednesday, but there is no protatolHty that the evidence will be closed by that THIS IS YOURS. We wain* you to understand that we are running this laundry for you and thait your wishes are to be regarded in every particular. Wo will give you just exactly what you want If \vu cim find out what that is. Perhaps you believe thoit it is impossible to have youc laundry work bandied without irritation and annoyance. We are sure that you are .mistaken. May we have an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS., Successors to Campbell Bros. uiine, liiuch less Hie •argiinion.t of the ease. The aiir of mystery which has surrounded Miss Moroton. or more properly. Miss PJtmsse, is luilt ' parti-ally dcared up. What her object was lu coming to this city has not yet been expki lined. Who .she i* has been staled. She is the foster-daughter or a Mrs. Purkoe, whose home is in Michigan. Mrs. Diirkee i« in ii'l-.twidance on Hie •ti-in-1, mid 'iiuiy be used as a witness by the StalteTo establish the good character of the young woman. IT^STANDS ERECT. A McKinley Pole Erected in Ben Banta's Yard. Ben Bantu and his neighbors have "Old Glory" ••i»rt "• McKinley streamer floating from the top of a sweaty-foot pole, raised amd planted .to the corner of Mr. B:uit,i's yard in Jefferson township. This ds iJae pole which has caused the Pharos ;i great deal of worriniont and. that pa.per \yill no doubt be glad to know iliaL it is up'iind'llauuts iv the breeze the flag njitl Billy McKluley's iiiiine. The pole .was. raised yesterday by a good crowd of Hepublicans. The Tefferson township glee club wns present and, sang a number or good songs. Short speeches were made by Joseph Barr and Abe Milder, which were on- thiislastically received by the crowd. This is it-he fn-st political pole raising in tliis part of the county since the election to the Presidency of AbraJhani Lincoln in 1SGO. It stands in. the corner of Mr. B.anta.'s yard, is seventy feet ibove ground, and bears at ihe tip a streamer with the name of McKinley painted thereon, which cam be read ft quarter of a mile. A handsome flag floats just below the streamer, with a star for every state in the Union. AL OF VIRGIL WHITMORE. 'The funeral of Virgil W-hitmore held yesterdny afternoon at 2 o'clock, from the home of hies parents, Stephen and Mary Whitmore. l.jlC Spear street Deceased was 'born August 7.1856, and died October 3. ilSOG. A father, mother, o.ne brother. Schuyler, living at Springfield, Mo., who was unable to attend to ihe funeral on account of sickness, and a sister. Mrs. George Seybold, survive h.ini. IntcTOiout was made in' Mt Hope. THAT TOTFUOCi FEELING. With the exhilarating sense of'renewed health and strength aod internal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of Figs, is uuknowin to the few who have not progressed beyond the old- time medicines anQ the cheap sutwti- tutes sometimes, offered but never accepted by the well-informed. CHURCH XMPBOVEiMENT. The Ladies' Oburclv Improvement Society of the Market street M:E. church will hold its regular meeting this, Tuesday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock Instead of Wednesday afternoon. MRS. .TOHN COOPER, Pros. MBS. CLAKEXqB DOOLITT^E, Sec. TALKING PRICES SOUND MONEY DEMOCRATS Arrange for two Heelings to be Held in the Near Future. Hon. ;Tohn E. Wilson, who will speak or sound money at tlje rink Friday ighit, opened the sound money cajn- >algii at Lnporte with a fine address. lie Is a member of the National Derno- ratlc committee and was the couflden- Hal adviser of Governor Matthews un- M that gentleman wandered after false g<*ds. Mr. Wilson is one of the ablest paakers In the country, and his hear- •rs will enjoy a fine Treat. Keuesaw M. Landls. who was Secretly Grosbnm's private secretary, will peak under the auspices of the Demo- ratlc Sound Money club Oct. 17th. The lub now numbers over five iun- red to the city alone. THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. » * * ATomer's nice seamless rubbers, now find pointed toes, new '96 goods. Price 23c * * * Women's storm seamless rubbers, as good as some ask OOc for. Price... .28c • • • Women's Arctics, nice new goods, good value at $1. Our price 59c Women's kid button tip, nice pointed toes, Price . - shoes, patent medium heels. ...65c Women's satin calf button shoes; a good serviceable winter shoet Price 98c * * • . Women's Vici kid button shoes, patent leather tips, nice dress shoe. Price 98c • • • • ' • •Infant's embroidered leather mocco- sins, Just the thing for the little ones. Price .; 19e Men's rubber overshoes, nice new goods; a bargain. Price ^ .30c Also please see our line of-fine dress shoes. The most stylish nnd best fitting goods ever brought to l/ogansport Lime W. PilHng, 412 Broadway.

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