The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 11, 1957 · Page 25
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 25

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1957
Page 25
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Dazed Ridikalus Komm/ffee Kommenfs , CHRIS WALLUKATT — "It's only once a year, thank goodness" CHARLIE WILLIAMSON — "who took my'package of bubble gum?" BRAIL WRIGHT — "at these prices, who wouldn't cry? BILL RESSLER —"we'll all be this wa^ by Saturday night" , C. V. FOWLER —"this beats anything Scars ever did" BOB WILLIAMS —"all we gotta do is just act normal" DICK PHILLIPS —"popcorn, lOc, or two for a quarter" WES BARTLETT — "don't let that man with the net get me" GENE ZENDER — "we'll haul down that inflation spiral" ' BEECHER LANE — "just a town full of wildest traders" PHIL DIAMOND —"who cares about heat? We got jackets" BILL STEELE . —"us girls is /all going to be there" Pick 3 County Men/ Entries In Soil Contest C. W. Schlichting, T. E. Lagerstrom and Leslie Johnson were selected as the three Kossuth County Soil Conservation District winners in the Iowa Soil Conservation Achievement Contest, according to announcement made by the District Commissioners. The winners were chosen Monday when three judging teams vfsited the 12 farmers that were nominated by the District Coop- era tors. C. W. Schilichting lives in Union Township north of Algona. He became a District Cooperator last fall and is farming the rolling portions of his farm on the 'contour. T, E. Lagerstrom, a District Commissioner, who also lives in Union Township, was selected as the best owner operated farm in that group. ' Leslie Johnson, who lives east of Lakota, was (judged the best in the tenant operated division. He operates one of the J. J. McGuire Trust farms. Johnson has been contouring for a number of years and has lived on farms in Dickinson County that have been operated under a soil conservation plan. Following in a close second in each division were Julius Baas, Carl Reinhardt and Herman Wise. The judging committees consisted of J. C. Skow, Ernest Heidecker, Joe Skow, Glen Jenkinson, Burdette Hoeppner, Ralph Morgan, George Olson, assisted by Dean Barnes, Lyle Riedinger, Sidney Johnson, Gene Arndorfer and Bob Fritz. 15 Fines And It's No Joke! Fifteen persons paid fines for traffic violations in Mayor C. C. Shierk's court this week. Thomas J. Arndorfer, Corwith, and Raymond Metzger, Algona, each paid $5 and costs for speeding; Lee Johnson, Waterloo, Frank Smith, Carlisle, Marilyn Wolfe, S'cranton, Kenneth Rosenow, Tennant, Irving Opheim, Dakota City, Roy Boughman, Ankeny, James Jondle, Fort Dodge, Ira Cunningham, Des Moines, Kenneth Dally, Des Moines, and Ralph Kieder, Mokena, 111., each paid $6 and costs for speeding. John F. Gaffney, Mason City, paid $5 and costs for going through a red light; John E. Hardgrove, Algona, paid $5 and costs on a careless driving* count; and Glen Lewis, Fort Dodge, paid $6 and costs on a stop sign charge. Beauty Shpp At Wesley Tp Close W es i e y — Mr and Mrs Russell Schaub have rented the S^m Alne house and will move August 1 from Al Loebig's apart- m Mrs Alne has sold her beauty salon equipment and will close shop July 20. . . Mr and Mrs Alne plan to visit th»ir son Leonard Alhe and family in Washington, D. C. for several weeks. They will have a household sale in Iftte ivtof. , Fire Destroys Old Fenton Elevator, 15^000 Bu. Grain Fire wiped out a 25,000 bushel capacity elevator and damaged 21,000 bushels of corn and oats in an early morning fire Monday. The building which was destroyed was owned by the Fenton Cp- Op Elevator Co. and was one of the oldest in use. Total damage was not immediately estimated. Curtis Lura, elevator manager, was at the scene of the blaze soon after it was discovered by Richard Bpr- chardt at 1:50 a.m. Monday. * Firemen from Fenton, Lone Rock and Whittemore battled the blaze and controlled it so that damage, for the most part, was limited to the old elevator, which was an iron-clad wooden structure that measured about 30 by 40 feet at ground level. Remains of the 18,000 bushels of government-owned corn and 3,100 bushels of elevator-owned oats were still blazing at times late Monday. When discovered by Borchardt, the alleyway of the elevator was burning furiously and flames had undoubtedly reached the upper portions of the structure. As the fire proceeded to gain headway, grain fell from the upper areas and slid downward, with-most of it remaining inside the four walls. Slight amounts poured out on the railroad spur to the south and on vacant ground north of the building. A huge tank, full of beans and located next to the elevator on the ' west, practically escaped damage. There was slight smoke and water damage. Firemen went on top of ,the tank and poured water .on the elevator. -Another storage building, located east of the inferno, which was full of corn, escaped damage entirely. Firemen from Lone Rock and Whittemore assisted the Fenton department for at least three hours, and the Fenton fireman remained on duty through the morning. Thousands of gallons of water were poured on the blaze. The fire was the second of major proportion in the town of Fenton since the first of the year. The Thompson Lumber 1 Co. yard was destroyed by fire at night, Thursday, Jan. 24. The elevator and lumber yard are located in the north portion of Fenton. I "ill /*' I Little Girl, Truck Victim, Burial July 10 Funeral services for little Sandra Kay Hansen, IVfe year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Ronald Hansen, who farm five miles north of Whittemore, were held at 9 a.m. Wednesday at the Angel mass and burial followed in St. Michael's cemetery. Hyink Funeral Home of Whittemore was in charge of arrangements. Pallbearers were Lyle and Terry Dean, Carl Vigdahl and Bernard Hansen, cousins of Sandra Kay. The little girl was killed accidentally at 9:20 a.m. Monday when run over by a truck driven by Fred Erickson, 20, Algona, driver for the Lotts Creek Cheese Factory. Erickson was making a cream pickup at the Hansen farm at the time. He drove into the Hansen yard, stopped, made the cream pickup and chatted with Mrs Berniece Reynolds of Algona, grandmother of the little girl, then got back in the truck, went on around the circular driveway and continued on his route. Mrs Reynolds discovered Karen's body a short time later, and Erickson was called at the factory in Lotts Creek about a half-hour after he was at Hansen's. Erickson stated he didn't see the little girl before or after the accident. According to Dr. John Schutter, county coroner, the little girl was probably crushed under the truck, although it is doubtful the wheels passed over her. A basal skull fracture was cause of death . Karen is survived by her par ents, two sisters, Kathy and Patricia, and two brothers, Mike and Randy. Besides Mrs Reynolds, Mr Hansen's parents are also surviving grandparents of the infant who was born Nov. 30, 1955, Corn Borers Corn borer spraying suddenly came to life last week. Many farmers were surprised to find 90 to 100% of the corn showing leaf feeding. Egg laying came early this year and was heavy on the earlier planted corn .which was larger than the majority of corn in the county. Robert Bickeri, Virgil Smith, T. E. Lagerslrom, and Howard Schoby are some of those who have, sprayed for corn borers this past week. Algona Woman's Parents Killed Attending funeral services, Saturday afternoon, at Victor, Iowa, for the parents of Mrs Lloyd Pratt of Algona, were Mr and Mrs Ray Cook, Mrs R. B. Waller and Mrs Harold Hobson. Mr and Mrs Merle Pratt of Clear Lake also attended. Mr and Mrs Frank McGahey, 68 and 62, were instantly killed last Wednesday when their car went out of control and skidded into a power pole, 8 miles west of Knoxville. Both Mr and Mrs McGahey had been occasional visitors in Algona. Four daughters survive them. Lou Nitchals To Head Lions Club Lou Nitchals succeeds Frank Moulton as president of the Algona Lions Club. He will serve for the coming year. Named $s first vice president was Gordon Winkel, and Jim Milder and Craig Smith are second and third vice presidents. Oliver Carlson received the honor being named Lion Tamer, while Miles Sloniker becomes the Tail Twister. New directors are Ted Herbst, Dean Taylor, Rev. Nelson, and L. L. Snyder. Township ASC Committees Are Elected Results of county A.S.C. township elections were compiled yesterday in the Kossuth county ASC office. For each township, five names are listed. The first man named was elected township chairman and delegate to the county con-, vention, July 27, at which time the county committee will be selected. Second man named Js vice chairman and alternate delegate; third is regular member, and fourth and fifth names are first and second alternates. Election results:, Buffalo—Clarence Brandt, Arthur Rode, Herbert Rakow, Wm. Fritz and Irvin Schmidt. Hurt— Merlin Madsen, Duane Habager, O. T. Cherland, Fred Davis and Ralph Thompson. Cresco — R. E. Morgan, Robert Deal, W. H. Bosworth, John P. Simon and Bob Buscher. Eagle—Richard O'Green, Duane Erickson, Walter Hans, -Jim Rock and Virgil Tokheim. Fenton — Ervin Borchardt, Donald Radig, Ray Dreyer, Marold Schlei and Jack Gerhart. Seneca — Donald Bollig, Chas, Osborn, Fred Johannesen, Earl Crouch and Ed Johnson. Swea — Reuben Holcomb, Verne R. Johnson, Peter Troff, Eugene Peterson and Elvin Swanson. Sherman — Carl Swanson, Charles K. Hanselman, Harold Nieldsen, Robt. Bormann and Henry A. Hefty. Springfield — John Kramers- meier, Ted Green, Marvin Blome, Elmer Anderson, Earl Haas. Union — Kenneth Strayer, Lee Schenck, Otto Harlan, Richard Sarchet and Peter Erpelding. Wesley — Andrew Reising, Robt, Bolc-nus, Theron Hansen, Ralph Tjaden, Richard P. Madson. Whittemore — Charles Bormann, Mike Mergen, Paul Ludwig, Fred Kollasch, L. G. Fuchsen. Lincoln — Menno Limberg, David Grimes, Henry Sleper, Ernest Heidecker, Ray Johnson. Lotts Creek — Wayne Gade, Leo Kollasch, Ervin Ruhnke, Wm. Hannover, Cecil Bjustrom. LuVerne — Albert Girard, W. Raymond 'Legler,. Edwin Marty, Charles Sorensen, Harding Hansen. Plum Creek — Ronald Gardner, Ed Mino, Richard Young, James Spear, Everett Steven. Portland ' — H. W. Presthus, Lloyd Bartlett, W. J. Stewart, Robert Lensing, Roger Scott. Prairie — Dan E. Froehlich, Geo. Kunkel, Nick Arndorfer, Arthur Plathe, Philip Arndorfer. Ramsey — Leander Vaske, Floyd Yackle, Rudy Rahe, Art Blocker, Don Degen. Riverdale — Anton Becker, Bernard Thilges, John Origer, George Wagner, Harold Frideres. Present members of the county committee are Richard I. Anderson, Swea City, chairman; George W. Wolf, LuVerne, vice chairman; Andrew A. Fangman, Bancroft, member.* First and second atler- nates are Donald Bollig of Fenton and Andrew Reising of Wesley. Virgil Rohlf is ASC officei manager. 3 SECTIONS - 24 PAGES ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JULY 11, 1957 VOL. 94 - NO. 28 Tractor Mishap Kills Armour Co. Is Sued Here For$J6 Armour & Co.,- meat packers, and Clifford Paulsen, driver for the firm from Sioux City, are joint defendants in a damage suit filed yesterday in Kossuth district court by an Algona man asking $25,306.30. Plaintiff in the case is Aloysius Erpelding, guardian of the property of Richard Dornbier, a minor, of Bancroft. On June 20, 1956, Dornbier was driving a truck owned by Elmer Schneider of Bancroft. At a county road intersection at the east edge of Seneca, the truck driven by Dornbier and one owned by Armo'ur & Co. and driven by Paulsen, were in a collision. The Bancroft truck was thrown by the impact into a car owned by Kenneth Mulligan, also of Bancroft, parked near the intersection. The plaintiffs charge that as a result of this accident, Dornbier was permanently disabled and will be for life. He was in St. Ann hospital in Algpna from June 20 through June 26, 1956, and was treated for a brain concussion, fractures, and other specified injuries. The plaintiff is asking for a jury trial. It is contended that the Armour truck was being driven in a negligent manner and at high speed. A total of $25,000 is asked for straight damages and $206.30 to cover medical and hospital ' Seek Talent For Show At Fair The Kossuth County Women's Chorus is again sponsoring the Home Talent Program at the Kossuth County Fair, on Thursday evening, August 15. They are looking for talent from Kossuth County and surrounding territory, such as dancing, singing, instrumental groups or solos, or any other special talent that would appeal to a large outdoor audience. To select talent tor the program, auditions will be held the last of this month. Watch next week's paper for audition dates and places. This is not a competitive program, but there is a small remuneration for each Chorus members on the committee in charge of planning the program are: Mrs Lewis Gilbride, Algona; Mrs Virgil Schrader, Burt; Miss Florence Reynolds, Titonka; Mrs Merle Hoover, Sex. ton; and Mrs Everett Steven, Sexton. Everyone's Crazy! Join Us! For two days — Friday and Saturday of this week —Algona is going to put on a "Hidkalus Daze" attire for the two-day event which staggered everyone last year. "Staggered" in this usage is merely a figure of speech and not to be confused with any other interpretation. Sidewalk stalls, crazy cos- fumes, zany promotions, odd give-aways and contests, all will be included in the program. And by the way, you can find out all about it in this 24-page Ridikalus Daze edition of the U'pper Des Moines. Saturday at 2 p.m. there •will be a tug-of-war between teams from east and west (Dodge street the dividing line) at the Iowa State Bank corner. Friday evening from 8 to 9 a Ridikalus Band will play, and again Saturday afternoon. This didn't lake much work to round up. Bill Steele reports. Incidentally, the report thai the parking meters would not be operating Friday and Saturday was really ridikalus— they will be. But there's plenty of free parking elsewhere, including the city parking lot. License To Wed One license to wed was issued the past week in clerk of district court's office, by Anita Theisen, deputy. It went to Eu Claire Meyer and Barbara Dittmer, both of Burt, July 9. West Bend Supt. Ends Trip East Supt. of schools W. B. Officer of West Bend, and Mrs Officer, have just returned from a trip of over three weeks into the northeastern part of the United States. Mr Officer was formerly superintendent at Burt. They visited their son, Lt. Cmdr. W. B. Officer Jr. and family, stationed at Winter Harbor, Maine, and enroute home with another son, Naval Flight Surgeon Dr. Charles Officer in Minneapolis. Each of the sons have two boys and two girls. Coming home on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence river, they encountered 36 hours of solid rain. Burial For Thill Infant, Monday Final rites for the infant son of Mr and Mrs Orville Thill of St. Benedict were held at the cemetery there at 9 a.m. Monday. Fr. Charles Ernst officiated at the graveside service and Hamilton Funeral Home of Algona was in charge of arrangements. The baby died Sunday at St. Ann hospital. Survivors include the parents and two brothers. Roy Burris Is Winner Of Pony An Algonan, Roy Burris, was the winner of the puny, saddle and bridle, at the second annual July 4 program and fireworks display presented by Schultz Bros, at the fairgrounds Thursday night. Soderbergs Hold Reunion At Burt A Soderberg reunion was held at Herman Soderberg's, Burt, on Friday evening, July 5, with 3(i present. Those that came from a distance were: Mrs Teckla Ab- ramscm of Geneva, 111. Mr Marvin Abramson and son, Tommy of St. Charles, 111., Mr and Mrs R. C. Roba and son, Bill, of Moline, 111. and Dennis Clasen of St. Paul, Minn. Others attending were: Mr and Mrs Harold Roba, Swea City, Mr and Mrs Oliver Mathson, West Bend, the Russell Roba family! Elmore, Minn., the Cecil Anderson family, Lakota, the Gien Klocke family, Ledyard, and the Gerald Soderberg family. Oiler Catches Fire, Whittemore Whittemore — A street oiling machine in Whittemore caught fire early Tuesday afternoon and caused some speedy work on the part of Hurry Schmeling, town light supt.. and street foreman. The burners on the oiler caught the tar on fire. The oiler was hooked to a jeep. Schmeling jumped into the jeep and made a flying start for the edge of town, where the fire department overtook him and helped put out the flames. The jeep was somewhat scorched also. To Handle Edsels Schultz Bros, of Algona have taken the first agency in Iowa for the new Edsel, a medium- priced car to be manufactured by the Ford Motor Co., it was announced last week. Alfred Schultz is associated with his sons, Armin and Wesley, in the garage and dealership on South Phillips St. The Edsel will be introduced in early fall, it was stated. Farmer i Rippenfrop, 53, Titonka, Dies Wednesday A Titonka man, John Rippentrop, 53, became Kossuth county's latest victim of tragedy wheti he was crushed to death between a tractor and trailer load o{ silage on the Clifford Krantz farm three miles south of Titonka at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Mr Rippentrop and three other men, Clifford Krantz, his son Deverg Krantz, and brother, Kenneth Kruntz, had been filling a ditch silo in the farm yard for about it week. Only person near the scene o£ the mishap at the time was Deverg Krantz, but ho had gone to another area and unhitched some chains. When he returned, he found Mr Rippentrop pinned between the tractor and trailer, j Aid was summoned immediately. Dr. Lesiak was called from Titonka and Clifford and Kenneth Krantz, who were in the field at the time, were called and the men moved the trailer and released Mr Rippentrop. He was dead when the doctor arrived. County Coroner, Dr. John Schutter, was also called. Cause of death was a crushed chest. Cause i if the mishap is not known. The tractor, in some fashion, backed up instead f^ pulling ahead, and the force o4' the machine against the trailer gate resulted in Mr Rippentrop's fatal injuries. The men had been tilling a pit silo with chopped grass, using an end gale and chain from wagon to tractor to pull the grass out of the wagon. Mr Rippentrop and his family have lived on the Krantz farm where the mishap occurred Cor the past 13 years, lie is survived by his wife, a daughter, Irene (Mrs Donald Aukes), a -son, Kent, both of Titonka, and several brothers and sisters. Funeral arrangements, which are in charge of the Swan Funeral Home at Titonka, were incomplete Wednesday evening. Ex-Wesleycm Is Scientific Leader Wesley — Gordon Giddings went to Ft. Dodge July 3 to visit his brother and sister-in-law, Dr. and Mrs Glenn Giddings who were spending several days with her parents at Resthaven. They were enroute to their home in New York from a riational convention in Denver, Colo. Glenn was born and raised in Wesley and has attained a hig/n place in science and is much in demand as a speaker on that subject.

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