The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 11, 1957 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1957
Page 22
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«-A»0ono (la.) Upper DM Mofnet Thursday, July 11, KULLEN KRACKS UP AT SMILIN' ED KULtEN KOHLHAAS HARDY/EAR Is selling stuff en 'RidiKolus Date' at prices which prove you can still walk around with a hole in your head. J Ed put a price of 59c on these COVERED ALUMINUM CAKE PANS, which anybody in his right mind knows are the $1.50 kind. They sure sparkle nice, and <£d says io lift up ihe cover, slip in a cake, and you're all set. £d sure \made a mistake on the price, but he said: "If us Kullens make a mistake, we like to make a big one." So, ladies, come and grab these Cake Pans for 59c Ed pulled another boner here! He got in some of those great big, real Jumbo size PLASTIC WASTE BASKETS, and the invoice said right on it io sell 'em for $2.98. But you couldn't hold Ed by this time. Me up arid priced 'em at $1.50 for Ridikalus Daze . . . then added 3c sales tax, then Ed ups and says he'll pop for the sales tax, so the price is still $1.50 even. Ed just don't know what he's got here, he could clean up a fortune on these Giant Waste-Baskets, but he insists on giving 'em away for $1.50 You just cah't hold a Kullen down 1 Here conies Ed again, 'and this time he's putting out BROOMS, the finest kind of good korn sweeping broom, with extra long handle for reaching under the bed, 'actually the $1.69 broom, it says on Ed's invoice. But what does Ed do, he 'thinks the invoice\says $1.09 so Ed says to himself, I'll mark these $1.10 and make a penny! Before he starts checking up, ladies, get in and grab these. BROOMS away for $1,10 each. A great broom for ________________ $1.10 SO THEN WHAT DOES OLD DO ? (Quote) "As long as I'm krackin' up, I might a* well krack up but good!" (Unquote). So Ed says: Ennybody what comes into Kohlhaas Hard wear Friday or Saturday will get a HALF-PINT OF BEACON FLOOR WAX FREE!" On further questioning, Ed said: "Why not? If we're going wacky, ha! ha! we'll make the whole Beacon Wax factory wacky with us!" 1 — There You Have It Folks. Sad Case. Better Grab , a Taxi for Kullen's Kohlhaas Hardware and Get All This Stuff Before Lindhorst Gets There. N, I Cotton Of Lone Rock Has 91st Birthday t,one Rock — N. L. Cotton of Lone Rock, celebrated his 91st •birthday on July ^th. In honor of the occasion N. L. Cotton, Mr and Mrs A. L. Cotton, Mr and Mrs W. J. Cotton and son John, Mr and Mr§ Kenneth Jackson and Michael and Jennefer spent the day in Spencer at the home of Mr Cotton's daughter, Mr and Mrs H, S. Shellito. Pish Fry Hosts Mr-and Mrs Wilfred Radig, Mr *nd Mrs Gerald Radig entertained the following to a fish fry-Friday evening at the Wilfred Radjg home. Guests were Mr and Mrs Herman Radig of Breckenridge, Minn. Mrs Martha Radig of Pasadena, Cal. Mrs Herman S. Mueller of Cedar Rapids, Mr and Mrs Alex Radig of Fenton. Mr and Mrs J. A. Wells, Elmore, Minn, Darrell Wells, Beaver Dam* Minn, spent Sunday at the A, P. Newbrough home. • Mr and Mrs Sig Orvick 01 Elmore, Minn, called Sunday evening at the Henry Kueck home. Mr and Mrs W. J. Cotton attended a family reunion in Algona at the E, E. Morgan resi-, denpe in Honor of Mr and Mrs William Jaden and son of Morton, HI, who are visiting here, Mrs Jaden Is a niece of Mrs Cotton. Jifr and| Mrs Everett Hanna called on Mrs Margaret House- bolder Sunday evening. .. Mr &Ji4 Mrs Roscoe Schuitz of Milwaukee came for the fourth and visited till Saturday evening e Frederick Schultz home. Mr Mrs Bill Faulstieh and Yvonne of Algona called at the Schultz jSKne Sunday evening. Mr an4 Mrs John Genrich of ukee. Wis. arrived Sunday wait at the Fred Genrich They are brothers, y afternoon Mrs Deimar and Joyce, Mrs Hiram and girls of Burt call- Ruth Krueger. Mrs George B. Long djy evening at the erson home in Wes- afternoon Mr and Aekerson of Wes- at the Long home. tveiling Mr and Mrs and daughter visited at the ph Biergtedt A eve Donna Mae Gardener of Lakota returned home after visiting a week at the Milton Marlow home. Mrs Hattie Weisbrod of Council Bluffs called Sunday afternoon at the P. M. Christenson home. For supper she was a guest at the Charles Morris home. Coffee guests Friday morning at the Dale Schroeder home were Mrs Emma Hurlburt and girls, Mrs Albert Shaser, Mrs Lawrence Rath, Mrs Martha Rath, Mrs Ray Utoph and Rodney. Supper guests Saturday evening at the Raymond Bierle residence were Mr and Mrs Hugh Matern and family of Staurtville, Minn. After supper Mr and Mrs Dick Harmon and family of Nevada, la. called. Mr and Mrs Roger Jensen and family called in Fairmont Saturday evening at the Elmer Rosen residence. Mr and Mrs Herman Kramer were dinner guests Sunday near Ottosen at the Roy Tel ford home Mr and Mrs Arden Hovoy and family railed Saturday evening on the James Reed family of Algona. Sunday evening t h e Hoveys were visited by Mr and Mrs Alvin Schwandtson and family from Swea City. For dinner Sunday Mr and Mrs Mar tin Meyer and family, Janice Meyer of Ai- gona were guests at the Hovey residence. Mr and Mrs Mike Weber of I Mitchell, S. D. spent over the • weekend at the Dave Weber home. Mr and Mrs Gerald Angus and family, Bob Angus visited Curlew Sunday with the Blaine Drown family. Mrs Drown is a sister of Gerald and Bob. Sunday callers at the Walter Thompson home were Mr and Mrs Sid Orvick, Elmore, Mr and Mrs Russell Rentz and son Wayne of Algona, Mr and Mrs Leo Sankey, Britt, Mr and Mrs Russell Thompson and Julie of Burt. Mrs Ethel Walker, Lake Park was a house guest from last Thursday till Monday at the Wal•lace McArthur home. Mr and Mrs McArthur took Mrs Walker home on Monday and were dinner guests in Lake Park at the Alvin Wicse home. Thursday evening Mr and Mrs Otto Richter of Elmore visited the McArthurs. Friday Mr and Mrs Ralph Harberts of Algona called there. Mr and Mrs Maurice Weisbrod and family were Sunday evening supper guests at the Clarence Kraft home. Mrs Ralph Bierstedt entertained a five hundred birthday party Saturday afternoon in honor of her birthday. Mrs Merwin Marlow won high, Mrs Lylc Marlow low and Mrs Milton Marlow travel. Mr and Mrs Wm Knoll and family, Mr and Mrs Russell Jensen and family were all Sunday dinner guests of Mr and Mrs A. L, Jackman of Algona. The dinner was in honor of the July birthdays of Linda, Russell and Mrs Knoll. Patty Person, Phyllis O'Donnell returned to Mankato, Sunday, after spending the fourth with their parents. Evdlyn Earing accompanied Mr and Mrs Ornie Behrends of Des Moines Sunday where they visited Bernard.Pettit, patient at the Veterans Hospital there. Mr and Mrs Frank Dreyer entertained in honor of her father's birthday, Henry Tieman of Fenton Sunday evening. Guests were Mr and Mrs Henry Tieman, Mr and Mrs Art Tietz of Lakota, Mr and Mrs Jack Tieman and Terry of Burt. Mrs Alice Bierle and daughter Norma, Mrs Roger Palmer ' of Algona left Saturday morning for Castleton, New York, to visit the son and family of Mrs Bierle.' Mr and Mrs J. W. Campbell of Decatur, 111. have been here visiting since Wednesday at the Leo Schmidt home and with other friends and relatives. Sunday Mr and Mrs . Campbell, Mr and Mrs Leo .Schmidt, Mrs F. Sullivan, Mrs G. Kracht of Seneca visited at Hampton and Iowa Falls. Mr and Mrs E. A. Lee and family left Friday morning for a vacation in the Black Hills. [THESE WOMEN ! Goldfield, la. visited Sunday evening at the W. 3. Cotton home. Mr and Mrs John Ruggio of Azusa, Call!., Mrs Tom Etenson of Burbank, Calif, came Tuesday afternoon to visit at the George Kissner home and friends of Lone Rock and Burt. Tuesday evening Mr and Mrs Clarence Macumber, Mr and Mrs Leonard Warner and son, Mrs F. Macumber all of Algeria came to visit. Mr and Mrs Marvin Kueck accompanied Maynard Kuecks of Algona July 4th to Mason City airport to get Larry Kueck who is in the air force. IJe is having a 14-day furlough, and then will be sent to Germany for three years. Larry is a former Lone Rock student. Mr and Mrs A. A. an- 1 Kermit, Mr and Mrs J"rc:!r~ici Schultz and Dawn and Mr? Hufi Krueger attended a family clinnrv Sunday in Fairmont at the Harold Krueger resident. Mr and Mrs L. T. Jncfc?nn r .ru sons Jack and Michael of Batten Rouge, La. spent Monday tt the A. A. Krueger home. £. ; !io is t daughter of Mrs Maeuir.bcr. Mr and Mrs M. O. Richards en tertained for dinner Sund;:y, 1,1: and Mrs Kenneth Richards tnr. family, Mr and Mrs Frank Kien ards and family and ( Ralph Ilich- ards. The dinner was in honn. of the birthday of Frr.nk T.L-n ards. Mr and Mrs William Farr and son Donnie of Des Moines spent the weekend at the Herschel Martman residence. Sunday dinner guests included Mr and Mrs Richard Sorenson of Rjngsted. , Mr and Mrs John Junkermflk-Jr and daughter Efbrothy of Bakersfield, Cal. Lewis Junkermeier of Paft, Cal., Mfs Lena Jurikermier of Albert City, Mr and Mrs Carl Berina and family, Mr and Mrs Omar Smith and family of Sioux Rapids, Mr and Mrs Junior Murl- burt,' Mr and Mrs Kenneth Fischer and Defawn, Ruth flcbadeh- dorf were all guefets the. fourth at Ihe Alfred Schadendorf home. Mr and Mrs Melvin Kueck and Cynthia of Des Moines, Mr and Mtrs Henry Kueck returned home Saturday after spending eight days in Canada and Minnesota. •1A- fMark my words, a friend of mine who knows a man who lives next door to a lady who does the Mayor'* •vife's hair, will hear of thisl" Mollie Blanchard, M a r 1 e n e Nordine, Dawn Schultz, Cheryl Weisbrod,. Phyllis C h e r 1 a n d, Chcrly Krause, Linda Knoll, Janet Hammerslrom were all guests to a birthday party Friday afternoon at the Clarence Kraft home in honor of Judy's 9th birthday. Mr and Mrs James Walker and daughter Charla Jo of Algona, Mrs Rose Kraft were supper guests on the fourth at the Clarence Kraft home. Judy was celebrating her 9th birthday.. Mrs W. J. Cotton's aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs E. D. Clark of Charlotte, N. C. and her mother, Mrs H .E. Morgan of Algona were guests Wednesday all day at the Cotton residence. Mr and Mrs Erich Seegebarth visited Monday evening of last week in LuVerne at the Richard Bristow residence. Mr and Mrs LeRoy Klepper and son Tommy spent the Fourth at Emmetsburg with her parents, the Floyd McCains. , Mr and Mrs Edward 'Blanchard spent from Wednesday evening till over the fourth at Nevada, Iowa with their son and family, the Delbert Blanchards. Mr and Mrs A. A. Krueger and Kermit accompanied Mr and Mrs Richard Behrends and family to Osage Wednesday where they were supper guests at the L. V. Johnson home. Mrs Jerry See of Waterloo, cousin of Mrs Donald Blanchard was an overnite guest Tuesday at the Blanchard home. Wednesday Mr and Mrs Blanchard and family spent the nite in Swea City at the Elmer Frank residence and were dinner guests there the fourth. They were joined by Mrs Maude Blanchard for dinner and in the afternoon they all returned to the Donald Blanchard home for supper. Mr and Mrs Ray Snydcr of My company offers all 3! 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