Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1896
Page 6
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How iippea laiionm:s way iv'cii ',o woman d o;i;yMhe . Iv.v.iil'. hui'ii ;.uul unpleasant, 'u-c u ThcvVc boiler fitted for ^t use Pearline (^™V'\ ar :, do if. Thev won't mind it. ,£•*. ^17 *<>/ • ? - x u?" y j^,^U • .- - %M^fe "It Bridges You Over." PLUG if 'Battle Ax" bridges a man over many a tight place when his pocketbook is lean. A 5-cent piece of "Battle Ax" will last about as long as a JO-cent piece of other good tobaccos. This thing of getting double value for your money is a great help. Try it and save money. TO FIGHT COERCION Secret Organization of Workingmen Being Formed at Wash&gton. "Ca-nps" to Be Establishsd Ail the Country—To Be Known "Minute Men of '96." Over as WashiiiR-toi.1, Oct. 5.— M. J. Bisliop, general coiumaiult-r and A. K. I'iodstom', ii<l infant floral, of the Knig-lits of Lti'bor. of this oily, have issuwl a. cull for n new oi-ffnni/alion 01! workinyniiMi, with hKiidt|«!\rtcvR in this eit-J', to be known :is thu -.M'in'Hc Men. of '!)(!." It is to be in part u sciiret org-aniy.a.tioix ci.nd "(.'iinips" are lo be oi-^uiiwd nil over Hit.' country with secret instructions as lo the manner in which the oi-q-:inii;;it,ion propose* to -carry out its piu-posos. The call says ; : "The conditions which confront the workers demand that immediate stops be taken to orffiinlze In flerensc of n fi-cf: and untfiiinmelud siiffratrc. Wo have thore- fore nstablishtd a r.atirmul pnirlotle us- soclat'on, to Uc known as tlin 'Minute Mon of '35,' for the purpose o£ ofCseltlng the intimidation and coercion which la bt.lr.s iiracllced In every state of the union, "Stringent measure* must be adoptwl to malce the punlslimonc for intcjrfcronci; with ircu ballot adequate to the crltnu. Organize your cami)H and' report to headquarters at once State post commanders will be appointed quickly und the work systematized as rapidly as possible." Adjt. Gen. A. E. Kcd.stone wus one of "Gen." Coxey's aides in this city oil the occasion of his good roads and nou- interest bearing bond campaign two years ago. _ _ NEITHER SIDE READY TO YIELD. Progruss of tbc Tclc^rnphcrs- Strlku on t)i» C»«ft<ll»ii 1'aclUu Koail. Montreal, Can., Oct. D.— The Canadian Pacific railway telegraph strike is now verging- on its second week. In reply to questions as to the progress of the strike both • the company and strike managers say all is going well with their respective interests, High officials of the company still refuse to entertain the proposition of hearing o£ grievances in 'the way the striker's desire and the deadlock continues on this technical point a-part from the merits of the grievances, alleged. .' ' i According to Messrs. Powell and Pierson, the question of their side's surrender under the present conditions hits never been raised and they say they have' the funds, the inclination and the prospects of ultimate succcess to induce them to keep on in the hope of winning the gremest railway strike. that Canada has ever experienced. DETROIT FIRE. Gladness Comes W itha/better nnc!i;i'.st;i.ndhi;; of the t.-ansionv, u:i.tiii'e en UK- many physical ills, which vanish before, proper efforts— "-ei-itU; efforts—ploawmt.olVovte— rin-htly dinicted. There is cumlort in tlK! knowledge, tbii.t so mnny forms of sickness arc not due to :iny actual disease but simply to a. iKinstipatucl condition of the system, which the ploasiiut family laxative, ijyvupof !Tigs. 1ivotr.pt- ]y removes. Th;it is why it is tin; only remedy with millions of Homilies, ami is everywhere esteemed so highly by all who value Rood health. Its lionoiieiii.1. iiifeets are dnc to the fact, tluitjcis Mu; oiifi remedy wliich promotes intomai cknnliness -without, debilitating- the or"-a.ns on which iVaut.s. It is therefore' nlfiinporfcinC, in order to got its IHMH--' licial effects, to note when v.m purchase, that you have the ffemimo :n-ti- cle, which is manufactured by Uic Cuh- fornia Ti'ig 1 Syrup Co. only and sold by all reputable druggists. If in the enjoyment oi good health, and the system is regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed, i. afflicted with any actual disease, om- may be commended to the most sku h r. I physicians, but if in need of a laxative, one should have the best, and.with the well-informed everywhere, Syrup ot Fi cs stands highest aud is most largely used and gives most general satisiaction. Throe ' Upper All Kinds of Drawings Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Logansport CHASING A That » Chlneie Awbam»<l« Kxperloaced la Fro nee. ' Tbc proisent voyage o£ Li Hung Chang bring-s to memory the trials of Chang How, ouce Chinese ambassadoi- Jo Prance. In 1870, says the New York 'trimes, he -went to Europo to settle the •Contentions which had arisen follow- Ing the massacre oi Ticn-Tsin. When Chang- Uow left China the French empire still existed; when he landed in JTrsace the empire had been over, and he did not know to whom DISEASES OP THE SKIN. •The intense itching and smarting hie. dent to eczema, teller, salt-rheum, and otha dbeucs of the 8kin is'metnntly allnved by wMw Chixmbcrlnins Eye «ncl fclan Omtmcnt. Many very baa cased .aye been • pemmncrilly cured by 5l. It w equally , IfficTer.t for itahiBir piiof •>»& » tavor-u. ten,- edv for W ro nipple.; dial^xxl. u-ancta, clu blain,, .rost l.itos nml rhmmc ».«; <•>* Fovsaie liy ilrupt'istsuixS^ c«i«a ^ IJOA. TryDi'. ftidv's Cow«H'.nn Pf-wler:--, Iho- »ejS«whatafi-wnecA.rlwn in bjincpud/ fiai Tonic, blood purifi«-«Dd vermifuge- •im snoum i-aarcss himself. At.Jlarscilles they told him that a government had beeu installed at Touvs. Chang How went there as soon as possible, but ,?ouc3 that IvLM. Cremeienx imd Glais XJuxoin, who thon re-presonted the gov- Ernmcnt, hnd gone to Bordeaux, "Let us R-o.to Bordeaux," said Chang How, philosophically, 'but when he armed the old difficulty arose—to whom, should he present himself,Cremcicux or Admiral Fouriclioir? No one could tell him. Gambetta was coming in a balloon hut it was impossible to reach him. Then Chang How went to-'see Jules Favre. He. was told that the assembly had gone to Versailles. "Very well," he said, "let ns go to Versailles." So the entire embassy left for that city. At last M. Thier." had been appointed head of the government, and Chang 1 How -wonld be able to «ponfc to him. Not at all. They demanded the ambassador's credentials for the new government. He had none. "In that case it |a impossible to present you. . Go to Peking-, get your papers made out in flue form, return, and. you will be pre- jented. to M. Thiers.". So Chang How- took his departure. J . Floorn of Old Free PrcHS j.nIUlliic Gvttod.. Detroit, Jlich., Oct. 5—Fire Monday Tnorniiigbacllydaraaffecl the three upper floors of the old Detroit Free Press building, n five-story briclcstrnetureon the corner oi'Larncd and Shelby streets, causing -1 loss-of about $75,000, which is well covered by insnrnnue. The cause of the fire wns the boiling over of. n'pot o( pnrnffin in ITaWm company's establishment. Habbin's- loss is $0,000, and Cl« & J'tiffgrins, $3,000, both well covered by insurance. The loss to the Free Press company cannot yet be estimated, but !,he firm carries $35,000 of insurance. TWENTY,, MEN INJURED. Accident at 11 Warn Hninlnir May Itcimlt In Tlirce Dciiths. Wooster, 0., Oct. 5.—While raising; a burn on the ftirm of Bunicl Wile, near West CanaaTi, 0., the framework broke aist MS the men hud roof timbers in position, letting the heavy mass of oak timber Tn.ll upon 20 men engaged in I lie M-ork. All of tlioin received injnnts, six having limbs hrolteii. Cyrus JSwinff. who hatl'hi-s. iiiw broken, and Hany Snt-11 all of whose ribs on the leftside were frnctured/it is tl:oug-lit will die. The accident was witnessed by ;)00 people who had gathered to wi.itch the work. Uqaor Leacuo of Pennsylvania. • Pittsbiirg-li. Pa.. Oct. 0.—The annual convention of the State Liquor league of Pennsylvania will be held in Pt.ts- burgh tliis week beginnhiR Tuesday. It will 'be in session four days, 'iwo hundred and fifty delegates tuid 2,000 visitors s-re expected. The league will probably indorse tne plan proposed by Senator Quay, to take the granting of licenses out, ol the hands of the .indg-cs and have the work done by a commission appointed by the governor. The liquor dealers favor this, as they say they will then be assured of uniform treatment and of no political interference or ^influence. Cnil»er JlantToft Benches Gibraltar. •Washington, Oct. 0.—The little cruiser Jipncroft, on her way to duty as American guard ship nt Constantinople, reached Gibraltar Sunday and relieved all doubts as to her ability to cross the Atlantic. She had not been heard from since September 25 when she arrived at the A/ores. She irmst have left Fayal soon after that time. Cnpt..Johnson, of the Cincinnati, said that the little ship hiul been delayed by heavy head winds, but that all were well on board. The Detroit arrived at Shanghai Sunday. INTEREST IN FLYING MACHINES. Prof. 8. 1'. Lunacy Sfty» Sclm.tuts Are lit Work on tlio problem. Prot. S. P. l.a.ngley, secretary of the Smitlisonian institution, whose experiments in, the field of aeriivl navigation have attracted world-wide o-fteution, has returued from an extended European trip. Secretary Langloy found that the problem of anvigiitinff the nir was attmcting attention abroad, and in all' the countries which he visited men of science were much interested in the successful results obtained' by him in his latest experiments-. The secretary said that his trip was i.n- evii-ntfnl. In KnglnEd he visited Mr. Maxim, who is at work on a new %- ing machine differing in some nsu-ticu- ]nrs from the one he formerly con- xtnic-tcd. The new .Maxim machine \\ill be cjujtc inrge, and will bo capable of carrying 1 a mn.n to control it. Its practical" tv'ittl will bft witched with groat interest, Mr. Maxim's. '- oxp'.-riments have been conducted partly :i.lo:is the same grncral lines a.s those which Secretary r,iuii;-ley contluctefl. Tims "far, however, he has confined hi* experiments to m.-hints held down lo a • track. Secretary Langh-y said that lie had' no further experiments in view nt the present time. He has demonstrated thato 11 yhiff machine ca-n fly by actually bavmV Hown one. He concludes to leave to others the work p-f pfiictit ly opplyiug 'o commercial nsi-s the principles which he has estnl.ilishcd. His experiments developed nil t.hir essential features of a Hying mcielnnc and some that would rot be essential in a commercial machine. The construction of o. flyirgwnachine on a crm- mercial scale is now only a question of money, Secretary I.-ang-lcy swys Though he may conclude to make <>"••• thor experiments, the matter i.s nt a standstill for the present. BODIES IN.'THE WRECKAGE. Firured Thai Many Corj>«m I-"" I5i"' 1 ''< 1 UndiT it- « «• Wreek. Cinnberland, Md.. Oct. 5.—The niim- jer of dead in the wreck on the Pittsburgh division of the j'.aitimoiv .feOhio nilvond. near Bowman's station, will lever be known until the ilehris has n cleared away, and this will consume several days. So far only rlie edge has been cleared nway soastopi'r- mit tlic Jnying of a track for the pas- re of trains. Up to this time four bodies luive been taken out of the wreckage. Three were while men who could not b<> identified ami the. fourth was ;i colored man, who was identified as Ceoi'gii 'SYojcuii!. :i colored printer vho founded the J'iotioi.-r press at Mar- j tinsbnrg. W. Va. Weleum was rc-tnrn- ' ng to Mnrt.insborg from a visit to his notlier at 'Wheel':!]!,'-. W. Va. The injured tramps now at the Western Maryland hospital say that in about the middle of train in a box ear were about 15 of the gentry who had the rloor eloped vo keep out the cold. This statement: is corroborated by that of l.rakemnp Cornell. If these Men wrvc not caught in the wreck, they hurried •iway in the scones of cxcitciJiont that followed. The belief is general that many more bodies will be found. 1'lood is found on splintered wood away from points where the dead and injured so far known have been take.n out. Two men were nt the wreck Sunday 'ooliing for a son and brother-in-law, who were in Cumberland attending the T!ry;,ri meeting. The hat of the sou va's found, bnt no trace of his body. Superintendent Thomas Filxgernld, oi tin- Baltimore &• Ohio, stated that it was the worst wreck that he had ever seen. How Are Your Kidneys? A CvcrTiave youe back ache? A Dr. Hobbs Sparagus Kidney Pills s LOSSES Extent »T Daumi BY FLOODS. Dr. Hobbs Spornjfus Kidney PHIS SeurnlKia. O o " '•. ..fil'H.Di-oi.FV.Ecziimii, AniDiain. 1'niiit in JVbdcinnn. Jincknclie, Kulnnv V'ciikii.-F-. nml nil Inflnmmnuon of Um Kid !"•>•<. l > )i)vicfnii«»nrt'lniitpiKl» °'>roii>in.«M\ll>i>n). 5O Cc«t« u box. I'M., .» ,^. JL 1/07 S:>1^ in LOGAN S1'0:<T, IND , liy -_!_. *QI jjuii l-is]i,-r, 311 1-niirtli Si. and John TT !•'. CoalbOii, 30.1 Market SI P Trade Murk B B FOR THE BLOOD, ! NERVES,! LIVER j '—AND— J KIDNEYS.! i • -1 'B. B. B. B. cured me of a bad', I case of La Grippe and Lun«? Trcu- j jble. EDWARD L. PEBDINK, j 1122 E. "Jackson Sfc, Muncic,! Indiana. | umi,-'' I" M<)f5r:i I Crtlinty, W, V»., Vory Orrnl. Cumberland, .M.d.. Oct. :>.— The flood losses in Morgan couiuy, W. Vn., including Berkeley Springs, last week, will aggregate .$200,000. of which Deford & Co., of Baltimore, who operate the Ijv.-fre tannery in Berkeley finriiifrs, will share nearly one-fourth. The Berkeley Springs hotel and the Fairfax inn, the two leading resorts, were each d;K!i:>rod $1.000. J. W. Johnson, a storekeeper, lost $2,000, and Somers £ Hovernuile $1,000. Scores of people "suffered mino'r losses, runiiing- from $30 to $500. The destruction along 1 Sleepy , creek has been very great and many oi ' the farmers are reported to be in want, Souses, fences, grain in the shock, stock and seed, which had just been put in the ground, were washed nwny. Jhe soil also in many places was taken. The Berkeley Springs & Potomac railroad. which connects with the Baltimore & Ohio at Hancock, is so badly crippled that, it, will require eight ot ten days to repair it. Pnssenfrers and mails iirc taken to mid from Hancock by another rout?. _ THE MARKETS. Or.iln. FroviKlons, f-Itc. '• Ohlcaso. Oct. 5. FTjOUH— Fair (lomnnfl and stonily ^uot- aljle- Winter— Patents. SS.Wi'S.SDisti-ilfflit-". SMOiiKW): nle.irs. •K.sfA'.'i.'iO: socontis, J1.7S W^OO- low sradfp, SJ.7S(ff2.no. Spring— Patents SS.Sd^.1.00: strnlcrhis. ?3.]05J".r,0: bakers', ,-t"-,CW230- low prndps. St. 50(5/1.75: Rod Dos, JI.KW'JO: Rve, ?2.00<jT.2.20. WHKAT— Active und unsettled. October, fiiiTdi"'iii. 1 : Decc'nihcr, COaSXiSHc; May. TlUfi'I-'Sf- CORN— t-owor early now stronprer. No. I •: B B B B are purely vegetable. J [ Put, up in capsules, sixty in a box- \ f Thirty days' treatment in a, box.! i Price $1 per box, or six for $5. ! Manufactured by H. C. BRAOa. : ! Comiersville, Ind. ; For sale by all druggists. - TOP BAUB «B. F. RF-FSLING. FASHIONS 'CHANGE BUT POZZONFS Complexion POWDER KEttAlKS A1WAYS THE SAME. The finest, purest and most beautifying toilet tioivder ever made. It in soots- ing, healing, healthful arid harmless: nnU when rightly used IS 13. VISIIH.E. If you have never tried POZZONI'S voij * do wot know wnftt an M*«WM IT IS SOLD EVERYWHERE. t'olier, No. '2l«V»'i1V4oj . 2 Yellow, 22?i,Ki:Sc: December. Oc- __ __ Forest Flrea In Northern Michigan. Houghton, Mich., Oct. 5. — Forest fires ore burning in the western half of the upper peninsula of Michigan and the air is filled with smoke. So far no great damage is reported, as the wnds ore light, but the continuance of- the present dry weather will mean further spread of the flame mid serious danger whenever a high wind' rises. Little can. be done beyond waiting for the ram so badly needed.^ ___ •__ .• ._ . Will Box October IS. London, Oct. f,.-Thc £0-round boxing contest between "Pedlar" Palmer of England, .an-d Johnny Murphy, of Boston for the .bantam r championship ol the'world and a purse of $2,SOO ta fi«d- to take .place before the National Spcirt- club-em.AIonday, October 12 1 Soehlnc poniitof Tnlmor'H Dot'cnt. Springfield, 111., Oct. 5. — Chairma: Tanbeneck. of the people's party stat cen t.rn.1 committee, hns received the res ipfmition of the candidates of that party for congress and legislature in the territory, comprising: the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth districts. The democratic ' candidates for the same offices in that territory will hand in their resignations. Both parties will then get, toy-ether and noroina.ie a fusion ticket. By these mpans the populists hope to secure n fusion man as n successor to Senator John M. .Palmer in the United States senate. Jlir. Bleftin'cy Go.™ .Shopping. Canton. 0., Oct. :>. ~ Mrs. .McKinley wonttoCleveiaiifl Monday with Capt. and Mrs. 1-1. O. fleisland to tlo some shopping-. Tru> delegation of I'armcrs Irom nor'h Missouri, scheduled to nr- rive Monday, missed connection at St: Louis uwin? to the delay of trains on a western road, and the visit hns been postponed. Ste.venHOn to „»««. «.*P«lt- »I««"«St. Louis, Oct. 5.-Vice President Stevenson left for his home in Bloom mgtou. Ill nt two o'clock Monday afternoon. He'will remain otBlfiominffton for afew flays' needed rest, aiter which he will _re- B uuie his campion speaking:, Sunday he suffered considerable pan, ir, the leg Injured nt Burlington, but was better Monday. __ ^ __ •Will Direct Sultan's ForolRn Policy. Constantinople, .Oct. S--Karntheo- flori Pasha, formerly governor of Crete and the Turkish plenipotentiary at the Berlin congress of JS78, lies been appointed first translator to the sultan and it is understood that hereafter he will direct the foreign policies of the Turkish empire. Mm oper»tonf BtrlRe. Fall Kivcr. Mass., Oct. S.-Stevens' •ft,m :wea,-ers struck Monday and the mill is stopped as a result. IB the outcome of a readjustment ol the W« schedule, which reduced their "^ about four per cent. Th and -spJntilne IOOT11S 111!iy b<i Toesday. __ _ ' Doubled. QVTS—Jloileratcly active and liiprhfr, TVltiii fair trading. No. 2 cash. !17',i!fMSc; Octobor, nyisriTtic; May. ]S"«i>10 7 x,c, Sam- Dies lower No Grade, I."(5»l5e: No. 3, M',4 «ri7c- No. .3 White, \S021c; ?vO. 2. ]S@19c; No. 2 Willie, 2!<rWSc. TtYK Was easier: less demand. No. 2, SOc- No. 3, 3J«WIKjC. and No Grade. 30®Ec; December delivery. Me. BARI..KY—Marled about steady.. Common thin. lN«M.~>c: mnltirs, c° mmm j° KOOd, 2W30C; choice, Sl^Klo: fancy, 35© SSc. MESS PORK—Msrket moderately active, and prices ilrmer. puofatlons ranged at 0 SiiiO.'lO for cash; ?C."0(pG.3lj for October: i>l3r)i?i)G.37V= for December, and ST/J'Vil'^.JO or January. LARD-Trudlng moiJcnitely active and rlcc-i hlKhor. Quotation? ranpcd lit $3.9o R317'.'. for cash; $3.g04i3.S5 tor Octoljcr; 3.03^-M for December, and $-1.10(S'-=.45 for BUTTER—Market firm at i)(SI5"4c for •roamerUs, a"-l 10®13c for dairies LlVK POULTRY-QnicK. Turkeys, 5 3)S C; Chickens, G',i«'7c: Ducks S0tc: per pound: Goose, per doz. $-I.000-fl.50. Mwcne . : Boston, Oct. 5.-A telcgmm received cnals, Pbison . been been observed doubled. Fl^Ol-'R— Steady. New York. Oct. 6. 2HIAC- May, siWMHic. OATS-No. 2 Uull.finn. Western December. S2%c bid. . p.l£KF-S'i:-m. aui.it. Kxtra mess, fo..iO ©0.00: family, ?i.UO«i«.00. PORK-Quiot and steady. New mess, , ., .„ Steam rendered, $4.40, Western dairy, 7^< Part skims 3@iic; full ... l.ARJ>-Quiet. -. do, creamery. ll©17c: do. factory, ,9 " Elfflns. 17c: imitation creamery, 9© U CHJ3ESE-Flrm -GGsSerate demand. Western. 17 _ Live Stock. Chicago, Oct. S, CATTLE - Market for best cattlo tronsei" common to fair weaker, fair best Jeeves. $3.4005.1^: stocjtera and odS'rt ftSMW«: mlxea-Cow. and Bulta, }iDO@3.«5; Texas, $2.DO®3.25. urtp«_riL'ht 5c lower; others steady. W Wa.W; «WBh miied and,butche«'. Dr. Bull s hn e Save The Children. When children are attacked cough, cold and croup Cou S '> Syrupy Prove sure .cure. Mi'. E lmcr f"; Blanclon, Pa., writes: "\Vo usod'Dr. Ball's Cough SJTUO for cold and croup, and fouua a, cough medicine aud cure fin affwtions. Wo never run ou oU but always keep it on. hand. Di Bull'. Cough- Syrup is sold every whcr for 25 ceote. Insist on having it Tuns! Turs! D. LBLBWBR, M.inuMciurcro* Ladies' Fine Furs 163 State Sreet, The Lollin Wholesale nnd Retail. CHICAGO. Fur EstKbllslimcnt, In - ' - Artistic The Leading F»r Pstn.bllshini Chicago for HiBb G Rule Furs. Ai Vvorkmanship ii: Keniodclii.K feca. ments -it. voi-v moderate cliarces. Goods sBiit.'o-.i approval. Corrpspon- (IcnrosoliclK'd. . I • |ar? JiLOOD X'OISON permanently (r.ureiln 15KJ35 days. Toucan botreUcdal lho<aolorssmo price untier s:iiuecru.-»raip :ty. SJyouprcforto com« here wow llcon; tract, to pnymilrondfai-cand hotel ouiB,ana if wofall tocuro-Ifyouhnvetalicamer- oclics *nl <"»» li "?r capital behind our uucomlH Ml anhood Restored. '•' **' " *>L^:^— fKRVITAN, Iba ioo ^ ti ^'cr of sfp. K" sling. LOGANSPORT. IND- unn a in' ./ rt>s , o«, or any '..finmmft ;ion, irrltntioii ,or clccr* iion of; inn conn, inonv IlracKtsU, , «pbt in plnin wrnpryr; , exprau. frrpiinU for (.00. or 3 bottle lu met on

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