The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on December 17, 1910 · Page 1
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 1

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1910
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t- oft trass DEAD WOOD. (BUCK KILLS) SOUTH DAKOTA, SATURDAY. DECtMSER 17. 1313. price nvzcrsu. TKrrr-nrrn yea JEWELRY AT AUCTION AFTERNOONS AND EVENIHGS-YOU MAKE THE PMCE-QUIMlVrS LEAD mmss troops COMPLETELY ROUTED V.:i:n :zw:z Sell 13 I!:y3 Va a Sign:! Vi:t:rj t La J::!--V2:;:is!::j Dis-tm:j t:j L::J fo C:;:rt Kb PASO, Dm. II. According U fin to officers of the Mexico Northwestern railroad, tes liteil aveope were completely routed by tho lasurrectoe at La Junta today al at I o'clock the remainder of the government troops numbering 111, eurreadered their iibi aad am-maaltion aad were allowod to depart la tho direction of Chihuahua, Tat Moral troopa aro supposed to aunv tor over a thousand, at eommand of Ooaarala Navarro aad Hemandes. Ths fi'gbt at La Junta was doubtless continuation of tho engagement at as Andrea Thursday. MEXICO CITY. Doe. II. Special ftroa Chihuahua dated yesterday, aoatu that fighting haa been renewed en Pederuale. A trala from Mena- oa haa hooa captured by lnaurrectos. EAGLE PASS, Doe. II. According a dispatch from Presidio, Mexico, ah regulars and inaurrectoa elaahed ear there today. The outcome was not learned. EL PASO. Dec II. Abraham easalss, a wealthy stock broker of CVhuahua , haa been appointed pro visional governor of Chihuahua state. by rraacloco Madero, according to Lather T. Ellsworth, American eon-aal at Cludad Porflro Dlax, who has boea la the field near OJlnaga, as aa at ant of the state department Ells-werth atatos that Ooatales is la camp with General Perfecto Lomeli. who has a boat a thouaaad armed mea under ale command. Ol'aage, aaya Ellsworth, is garrisoned by only a baadred federal troopa and it is expected the towa wUl be tekea by the hasiriartra HUDJB OF FOUR MONTHS INSANE re. Efflo Fredericks, a bride of tear months, was taken from the omestake hotel ia Lead yesterday aad placed ia the Oayville Infirmary. At the same time a complaint was filed la the county court charging bar with being aa Insane person. Tho young woman's huaband came here seme months ago to .work tor the Bomestake company and shortly aft er his arrival shs Joined him- and their marriage took place. Of late she has boea laboring under the delusion that her husband has boea guilty of various kinds of of fenses against her and has developed an Insane aversion to him. Her eoaduct became so erratic yesterday that It wss determined to remove her to the Oayville Institution for care. aatll the board of Insanity has a chance to Investigate tho case. Stock Meeting Today. The Black Hills Stock meeting will be called at City Hall at 1 o'clock this afternoon by Joha Mansfield, tho gentleman who called the meet-lag. It will bo aa Important meeting for the stockmen. It they attend ha numbers and take advantage of the opportunities offered them. It was thought best to call the barbecue of aa ox off. not that Mr. Lomaster was not ready and willing as do bis part of ths work, and could 40 t to the queen's taste. MID IN USE OF MILS PHILADELPHIA. Dec II. Postal Inspectors made nineteen arrests today, oa charges of using ths malls e defraud. They Include varied nth am so. of which some are a shoe company alleged to be selling stock oa false pretenses, ths selling of pat-eat medxrfae oa false pretenses, ob taining pup'la for a correspondence school oa false pretenses aad de-fraadlBC aa express company, also Paying goods through malls and fall- .kag to py. KAY fir KEW YORK TO MEET BERNHARDT NEW YORK. Dec II. Joha Do Kay. tho playwright nnd founder of fho Mexican National Packing eom- eaay, aad Ua "brother Henry Da Kay, JAFS l.!AY TRT TO SAVE t.:iTsu:i.GA DENVER, Doe. If. The Japanese residents aro raielng a fund to have Oenkyo M'.taunaga, eonvleted of the murder of Mrs. Katharine Wilson, ex amined by Dr. Hugh Mans tor berg. the psychologist aad criminologist of Harvard. If Munsterberg, after psychological tests. Is convinced of Mit- sunaga's guilt, tho Japanese will maks ao attempt to save bim from life imprisonment, but It Monster berg decides there is a reasonable doubt of his guilt, they will appeal the TAWNEY THE TARGET IK CONGRESS YESTERDAY WASHINGTON. Dee. II. If the country Is unprepared for war. It became evident today that the members of congress Involved la the discussion, aro not In that condition. Criticism and Invectives were hurled la broadsldea from both f actio na Tawney was tho principal target of those who want the special report of the war department made public Representative McLachlaa of Cali fornia. aald Tawney (belonged to that class of alleged patriots, who have kept tho aatloa la Ignoraace until war was declared and then placed untrained mea, with obsolete weapons in the field to uphold the national honor. Hobeoa said Taw ney was the person most responsible for the lack of preparaednees. Secretary of the Navy Meyer aald he d'd aot expect another war in hia lifetime, while General Leonard Wood urged the country to be pre pared for war st any time BLIZZARD RAGING OFF MASSACHUSETTS B08T0N. Doc If. While no defi nite reports of loss of life have been received. It la known that four schooners have been wrecked off the Massachusetts coast, by a bllxxard which has been raging since last nixht and today. The revenue cutter Greaham assisted many vessels la distress. PRESIDENT OF CAPITAL INVESTMENT CO. ARRESTED CHICAGO, Dec 1. Sldmon Mo- Hie ( alleged head of the Capital la- vestment Co., aa d to be In a bucket shop, which was raided yesterday, was arrested today and released on bonds. The company will be Investigated by a federal grand Jury next Monday. More warrants tor the arrest of correspondents of the com pany were Issued today. BARGES FOUNDER CAMPS PERISH VTNCARD HAVEN, Dec 11. The barge Hay Wood foundered la the sound today. The crew of four were rescued, according to Capt Vans of the tug Margaret, who also, reports ths probable loss of tho barges Scrantoa and Btnghampton, with I their crews. All ths barges were on their way from New York to Boston. president of tho company, arrived yesterday by the Cuaardor Caroata, and the playwr'ght told how ho had succeeded Instantly la impressing time. Sarah Bernhardt, whom be will confer with while hero, with tho merits of his play "Judas," to be produced on December II. Ho sub mitted the play to her la October. He said he could aot outline the plot without the sanrfoa of Mme. Bernhardt, but that be would say that It was unique sad hat Jndsa does aot la the plsv betray Christ for money. Rinaldo Haha baa written special music for the play. THE WEATHER. SOUTH DAKOTA: Fair Saturday ana bub say. i:.:?ortai:ce of i:.:frovi::g the road eetveeii deadv.'ood aiid portland A public Improvement which will receive tho Immediate atteatioa of tho Dead wood Business club aad to which the atteatioa of tho county oommissioaera will bo directed at their next meeting, la the reconstruction of the road up Dead wood gulch to Portland. Tho Importance of this matter has boea pointed out by H. S. Vincent, superintendent of tho Portland Mining company, who has boea to considerable expense aad trouble la devising a plea by which tho work may bo accomplished at a very moderate cost. The deplorable oondltloa of the road, aa It now stands, la obvious to anyone who may have occasion, to travel between Daadwood aad Portland, by way of Daadwood gulch. There are places oa It where the grade la aa high aa forty-live per coat, aad at some points H la so lo cated that tat tho winter months It 1'es for weeks burled la several feet of snow, owing to the (act that It has boea built along the south aide of the canyon and consequently shad ed constantly from tho sua. Mr. Vincent has surveyed a new route. which will take the road along the north, or sunny side of the gulch. SMUGGLED III L'l BALED HAY EL PASO. Doc !(. Sixteen Chi namen were arrested at Lsleta this morning and two Americans were arrested, charged with smuggling Chinese Into the country la a freight car which had boea filled with baled hay around the sides, leaving a space In the middle where tho Chi nese were hid. DIES OF INJURY RE CEIVED WEEKS AGO Bea Baldwin passed away at 5 o'clock yesterday morning at St. Joseph's hospital having boea taken to that Institution several days ago. to receive treatment for a case oft siooa poisoning, resulting from aa injury received six weeks ago. At that Urns he was attacked while pass ing the Green Front aad la said to have boea struck oa tho back of the head with a horse shoo. For a time the wound appeared to bo healing, but about a month ago. It broke opea and a hemmorhage followed, result ing In the loss of such a quantity of blood that It was feared ho would die. For a time after that ho appeared to Improve, until blood poisoning set In two weeks age The deceased has boea a resident of Dead wood for the past twelve years, having come here with his parent and several brothers, from Hill City, to which place they had Immigrated from England. His father died several years ago. Pea was twenty-etsht years of ngs nnd has boea employed as a teamster end at various other occupations, while re siding In the First ward. Hs Is survived by his mother and four broth ers: Robert, who removed to San- Diego several months ago, and William, Edward and Henry of this city., Hs was n member of the Foun tain City Hose company and the funeral services will be held tomor row afternoon In the parlors of that company at 1:10 o'clock. FOUND HANGING AT POOLE'S PARK Those who saw Henry Swander leaving Central on Thursday, Nov. 17th, carrying n rope, and aurmiwd from this action that ho was con templating suicide, were not amiss ia their conclusion. His body wss found about II o'clock yesterday morning, hanging from tho limb of a tree, la the timber oa tho outer edge of Poole's park aorth of Cen tral, by William Trenbnth. who had gona Into that section of the country for a load of wood. Tho body was la a fair state of proscription, owing to the -fact that It was treses, but both ears snd the cheeks were somewhat mutilated, evidently by magpies that had perched oa the shoulders of the corpse. Tho body, after being examined by the aheiiff and coroner, was cut down aad tekea to Ceatral, where the funeral which will take place from the home of his mother. Mrs. O'Brien, wiU bo held, at a date to bo no u need today. . Two notes, probably written by S wander shortly before he took hia Ufa, were fouad oa the body aad wore takes possession of by tho coroner, who has aot made their contents public There Is ao doubt tn tho mad of those who were familiar with a ncttonn of Us dead man for several weeks before be disappeared, that he was deraagod. well ap above tho al(k water mark of fioods aad, at ao point will It havs a grade of mors thaa sight per cent. This, ho estimates eaa bo accom-pl'abed st a maximum outlay of II,-III. Ia addltloa to this, ths proposed route will shorten tho distance between Daadwood aad Portland by about two and a half miles, making It approximately six miles. Tho importance of this Improvement, especially to tho merchant of thle city, who do business la aad about Portland cannot bo over estimated aad this Importance promises to aooa become even greater, la view of the prospect of more extensive mining operations la that district la tho very near future. Tho construction of this road ap Daadwood gulch would probably aot sad whoa a more convenient entry into Portland bad boea established, sa there lies beyond that point a county to which a much more direct route would be opened up. By extending the rood along tho ridge to tho bead of Johnson's gulch, down which It could bo carried to Spearflsh canyon, forming a abort aad aervlo-able route between Dead wood aad tho moat popular place of aummer re sort la the Black Hills. THREE HELD FOR $25,000 RANSOM . EL PASO, Dec It. It was reported here today that Enrique Gornerea, a wealthy resident of Chihuahua, a Cornell graduate aad aa American friend of L. R. Wolhlm have been captured by bandits and held for a 15,000 ransom. They were captured near Santa Clara Wednesday. FURNITURE FACTORY FOR BLACK HILLS There la a move oa foot to establish a furniture factory ia ths Black Hills and the reasons put forward by tho man from Indians, who Is here tor that purpose appears to warrant ths prosecution of the undertaking. He arrived la Deedwood yesterday, after visiting other places la this W c'nlty aad will doubtless establish ths proposed plant In the place where the greatest amount of encouragement Is forthcoming from the business Interests and tho cltiiens generally. He has beea making an In vestigation of the retail prices of furniture tn the Black Hills and finds thst ths h'gh point at which they are maintained Is due to the excessive freight rates on tho finished product, which In most cases are based on a class 10 cation of first class or doubls first close He finds that ths raw material can bo shipped In at a comparatively moderate rate and by mnufacturlng It hero, be will be able to put furniture on the local market at prices from IS to 40 per rent lower thaa are being paid. dHERIFF TOM STEWART LOST HIS PRISONER The Deaver Post of yesterday con tains a half column story of the es cape of J. F. W. Carson, n man whom Sheriff Tom Stewart of Sturgis, was bringing back from Portland, Ore., having arrested him there several days ago for alleged embexxlement In connection with his business with the Bennett Piano company, for whom ho had been acting aa agent in tola section of the state. Carson, according to tho Post story, was accompanied by his wife and when the party reached Denver, Mrs. Carson said she was 111 snd her husband asked that be bo permitted to remain with bar at the Oxford hotel. The sheriff permitted them to take a room together and left the hotel for about a half hour. On his return be found Mrs. Carson, ap parently asleep, but ths husband had flown, having mads his get-away by mesas of ths fire escape. According to Ed Handlta of Sturgis, who returned from Denver yesterday. Shsrtff Stewart ts sMU in Denver, where he Is following upa duo which he expects to lead to the recapture of his prisoner. It la reported that Charles Buss, formerly police officer la this city, was married at Miss Louise Eseher, at St. Loula, Mo.. Thursday of this week. Atvta Brooks, local representative of ths Leo, Glass, Aadresoa company. yesterday rece'ved a message sa monlng htm to Omaha, oa aeeonat of tho sertows fITsess of William Ola one of tho members of the firm, who hi safferiac from aa attack of ty- NEXT SPEAKER OUTLINES PLATFORM sBBBnanBBBhnnBBnnuBnBnVBnnhWHm) Zkz) Cl:rk ii Fncr cl fcriff tea, Sci j Singb STRANGE ACCIDENT TO EXFRESS DRIVER LOS ANGELES, Dec II. When a street car struck hia wagoa, J. H. Craig, aa express driver, waa thrown from his seat aad caught oa a bale hook while hung oa tho wagon, Ths hook entered tho back of bis neck and came out of his mouth, like a hooked fish. Hia condition la crit ical. STORM SWEEPS ENGLISH COAST. LONDON, Dec It. Although ao loss of lite Is reported, enormous dsmage has been dons to shipping and ths coast towns of England, by a hurricane bow raging. Cross- channel traffic la suspended. NEWSPAPER MAN INSANE IN SAN DIEGO SAN DIEGO, Dec If. Washington Davis, said to bo a correspond ent for a New York weekly, was ar rested here today, oa a charge of Insanity. It Is said bo believed himself In command of a fleet aad la to destroy ths city. NATIONAL ADOPTS 1S4 GAME SCHEDULE NEW YORK, Dec II. Ths annu al National League meeting' closed tonight, with the adoptloa of a 1(4 game schedule. PERHAPS HARRY WILLIAMS KNOWS Harry Will lama, mayor of Crook City, may bo able to give some In formation regarding tho present whereabouts of J. E. Beed, who re sided at thst place In 1884. It be can ho will confer a favor oa the relatlvea of the man. who reside at Jamaica, N. Y. According to a letter wh'ch haa been received by Sheriff Plunkett, Beed waa In Crook City In that year and the last beard from him by his relstives wss In a letter In which he asked for money. The money was sent snd ths receipt for tho regis tered letter. In which H was enclosed was returned to Jamaica, N. T., but that was ths last word from J. E. His mother Is now dead, but his father, who Is la fast falling health, la snxlous to hear from his son, be fore bo passes away. Notices have beea sent out to the German resident of this sectloa of tho black Hills of a proposal to form a lodge of The Sons of Herman, ons of the most popular fraternal organizations among the Germans of this country. The meeting Is to bo held at Hoes No. 1 parlors tn Lead Sun day night st I o'clock nnd will be addressed by Grand President Foci- sea of St Paul. Assistant Division Superintendent Joha Leppla of tho Northwestern came up from Chadron yesterday In a private car and proceeded to New ell, over tho aew line from Belle Fourcho. COSTLY SEATTLE, Doc II. For criti cising ths court for granting aa In junction to tho Puget Sound Electric railroad. Loroy Banders, publisher of tho Evening Star, todsy wss found In contempt of court aad sentenced to four months In tho county JaiL Hugh Allen, managing editor, got 81 days and the Star Publishing Company wss laed till. Owing to tho late hour, Sanders was uaabla to obtaia ball and was committed to Jail, until tomorrow. Ho collapsed whea taken to the eelL ABea was permitted to return homo tonight, aa his wife Is seriously UL Ths ease wQl bo appealed. Birthday la celebration of the birthday an Ci!l WASHTNGTOK, 5w, II. Ia sxplaia ttloa of members of tho house for a democratic eaacua. Cham Clark tonight Issued a statement so oat-lino his platform, as proacsetlvo speaker. Ho proclaimed himself ia favor of tho appo'atment of committees by a committee, rather thaa by tho aposJt- Hs said he believed tho tariff should be revised, schedule by sched ule, rather than a single bin. .Tho caucus which meets Juns II, will select ths ways and means aad rules committee. Clark - belleva these committees should bo empowered to asms the other committees of tho house. He favors Inciting all deaso-erat'e representatives-elect to participate In the caucus. DEAD MULES BLOCK PROGRESS OF RESCUERS DENVER, Dec II. The rescuers today were able to progress but feet of the two and a half miles that separate them from tho tea miners.. imprisoned In the Leyden mine by a fire Wednesday night. Ths Rescue party, under J. C. Roberta la charge of the government mine rescue car. encountered great mssses of debris in the passages, which are filled with gas. It la believed It will bo Impossible to reach tho entombed mea before tomorrow, aad It Is feared bobo will be fouad alive Dead mules, which were fouad Jammed la the passages, delaying the rescuers greatly. Labor Commissioner Brake today gave out a statement that there had beea little or ao attempt to make the Leydoa mine safe. , Ho said It wss reported to him thst dust had aot meea removed, aad lay deep In tho mine workings. ARMAMENT CONTRACTORS PROMOTE WAR SCARES WASHINGTON. Dec 18. War scares are largely Inspired by armament contractors, according to F. W. Hirst, aa English delegate to tho Americas Society for tho Judicial Settlement of International Disputes todsy. Ho stated that contractors could well afford to subsidise tho press and play off one nation against snother. He said ths rivalry between Japan aad the United States is crushing the Japanese under a load of taxes, while armament expenditures were wrecking Germany and England. K. P. NosninstMna. At a meeting of Marco Bobbaria Lodge, Knights of Pythias held at their Caatle Hall Thursday evening, the following named officers woro nominated tor the ensuing term: C. C. L. a LInnett " V. C. Q. A. Parker. . Prelate J. Worley K. R. 8. Edward McDonald. M. E. Sol 8tar. Installation of officers will take place Jan. II, ltlL As a result of a raid oa a house at Newell Thursday of last week, W. K, Bondy wss arrested oa a charge of keeping a house of HI tame Boady was brought to Belle Fourcho. arraigned and bound over to the circuit court. CRITICISM niversary of Miss Madge BIschoff aad Earl Shepherd, tho members of tho senior class of the Deadwood high school, gathered test evening at tho homo of the Utter la Plums, where a moat enjoyable time was spent, Tho evening waa spent In playing games, followed by a delightfully served supper aad tho hilarity con tinued even after the party bad taken the trolley car for Deadwood. Tho ride down waa enlivened by vo cal solos aad choruses, to tho entertainment of tho other passes gars ea tho car. Joha Bowler, tho well knewn democratic pol'tictaa of Sioux Falsa, la ia towa fa tho interests of tho Surety company.

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