Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnis 111 YOU DON'T WANT A SUIT Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY Q. TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. 1 THE FIRSI RATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAIi $25O,OOO. JL X Murdock, PTM. W. W. BOB., Cash, J. F. Brookmeyer, A«it. Cash. DIBECTORS: • a Hice w > S. Brlnghurst, > . - Dentils Ohl. *•• M. Hwwoort, In al; Ita Departinents promptly and Stockholder. *°8trong RWWT* Fund maintained. . Sealed Proposals, To furnish supplies for tlie . Northern Indiana Hospital for Insane, For Ihe Montn or Novt mber 1896, , Win bo received brthe Bonrd of Control, at the Hospital, until \'i o'clock uov-n ou Tuesday, October aon, 1890. See upeciflcatHms in btate Katloniil Bauk. By order ol tho Boiud, J.G. RpGEBS. Medical Supt. tone Cliff, Oct. 3, IMC. '_ t _ DAILY JOURNAL "^TUESDAY, OCTOBER C, 1800. Tumbler sale, 2c each. A bargain.— Fox & DuQkelberg. Old papers for sale at the Journal office. 20 cents a-hundred. New dress goods and tu-lm-mlngs just opened at the Trade Palace/ For sale—Good family horse cheap. Apply at No. 214 Osage street. If you want pore spices for your preserves you can get them at Ben Fisher's drug store. The last $4,000 of an issue oC $25.000 bonds were redeemed last week by- Qity Treasurer Barnett. : .. Odds and ends caps, appraised at one-fifth actual cost, 0 ami 10 cents.— A. G. .TooklTies, assignee. . Ash & Hadley.lmvc just received a carload of bed room suits for the fall trade; at very low prices: Our $7.50 jackets are considered cheap at $10.00. See iHicm. They will plense you—Trade Palace. • SDtuaitflon wanted — Lady stenographer, bhree yeams expei-ien-ce. Address, Peaiil iJiupliear, Pipe Creek, Ind. Merit In medicine means the power to cnre. The great cures by Hood's Sar- eaparilla prove Its unequaled merit. For .Information concerning annual gas rates, see card of Logansiport & Wabash Valley G-as Co., on flrst page. Prof. H. B. Brown of Valparaiso, •who 'has 'been e life-long Democrat, has come out for McKinley and'Sound Money. ! = ' ! 'i> j l^lfiffl Our new cloak department is proving a grand success, low prices for high grade goods is the cause.—Trade Palace. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •OR, MOST PERFECT MADE. » pure Grape Cre.ifn of T.irtir Powder. Frt, • |> Ammonia, Alum or 'any otljer adullcran! 40 Y«ars>A- '«*--•*"•*' HE SAID IT No Excuse Will Concc-al the Fact That Shively Purposely Insulted a Class to Make'.Capital. The Pharos publishes a statement made by Jerome Hei-ft of Pern/'denyiug the correctness of the repoi't concerning Mir. Shively's atUck of tlic Hebrew c'Stixons' of the State. Mr. 1-Ie.rff was •an aq>plrcant for office raider Cleveland aaid failing iu -his ambition became' a bitter mungou'ist. H-e is for n.uyflujig •nigain.s't Cleveland. Mr. Shlvely's ftt- itempt to array the people against a class beciuiso it is numerically small wns iulteivtjiona.1, aind no excuses after he found ouHiiis inisltaiko-'wiil go^'Th-at 'he made the attack is prorofl by the amdd.vlvt of two prominent cltlxens of Peru, one a Democrat a.nd the other a Eeipitbliva.!!. The affidavits are as follows: "iSta'tc of Ind'i'fl.tTii, Minml County, ss:" "G. 0. Muhl-ficld. of lawful ago. being duly sworn on my oaitli say: that I am a resideivt of the City of PCM, inind that on the evening of Sept. 3SOO, I was an the-Court House In said City and heard Hon. B. P. Shively, of South Bend, Indiana, candidate for Gorea-Jior on the Free Sliver Democrat- .Ic ticket, deliver -a speech. That in said address the said B. F. Sh.iveJy spoke on divers political Issues, and when speaking on.the financial situa- •tilon 'he used language •siub.'jtaiitla.lly jis follows: "Every hooked-nosed Shylock ; from Jerusalem to Omana." That said vords were iised and uiitor'e<l M as a part of said speecli of 8,hlvely.; ,/i : "G. o. MUM-FIELD; "Subsniibed 'and snvorn to before tlie undersigned Notary Public by G. 0, MuM'tleld, on -tills 19th day of September, 1SOC. "MILTON KRAUS, [Seal] "Notary Public." "State of Imliana, Miami County, ss: "Joseph Rosenthail, of lawful age, bc- iQg sworn on my oatb say: That I am a resident of ithe City of Peru, Indiana, that on -the evening of Septe-miber 10, 1800, I was d-n tho Court House In said City, and heard Hoa. B. F. Shtvely, of. South Bend, Indiana, candidate for Governor on the Free Silver Democratic ticket, deliver a public address. TJiait in said address tne saJd ; B. F. Shlvoly spoke on'dlvers political Issues and wlien speaking on the financial sJt- uatioai he used lamguaKe substantUiilly as follows: 'Every -hooked-nosed Shylock from JorusMam -to Omaha.' That s;iid words were used and uttered In the public address delivered by Mr. Shively. .TOSEIKH •TCO9ENTHAL, "Subsci-Ibed and swora to before tlie undersigned Notary Public by Joseph Rosomthal on the 23d day of September, 1SOC. M1MC.ON KRAUS. [Seal] "Kotn-rj- Public." NOT COMING On Foot, of Course—Bryan Wfll Come In a Palace Car Paid for by the Ambitious. Miss Miriam McMaUen of St. Louis, teacher of the piano, luas opened her studio at the residence of Mrs.. Guy Hhisley, 83 .ONortl* street. Miss Mc- Mrillen expects 1 ' to make Logansport 'her.-hoino.niid- wlir : glve.-,a,piano recital In the nenr future. Logansport Pays One Hundred Dollars of the Expense. - Tho Popocrafs aro .straining every n-erve to getli'fo out of the Bryan meeting. A Deception committee, over fifty at 1 whoini nre against Bryan, 1ms been named. Fh-fl or six speakers bavt been secured, among them' Governor Matthews, who did fairly well as a Governor uaitil lie forsook the 'advice of .Tolni' It, Wiilson,- who speaks for sound money m'Xt Friday evening in The rink. A.< am fflliififcriUKin of the do- cepl-loin attempted in the reception c-oimnllltee it. may IIP noted tivnt name.* or DcMiiocTiil-s who within tweiriy-fonr tours joined the. Democratic : sound money ciuib appear. As far ia-s can be ascertained by n eareful analysis of the wild statements of the P-oipocrats: Mr. Bryan is to be hero tomorrow, Wednesday, at 12:40 .p. m. He J.s expoclted to draw all of life supporters witliiin a hundred miles, and an additional number o£ cnrfons people'. Hte will tnke dinner with Judge Dykc- nvan i'm'nwd'lately on his arrival, going l:o li-is square moaQ by a «i:Cli'cr .devious •owte for a nian who Is presumed to be umpry. He wJM reach the front door of Judge Dykemnn's pnlahlnl residence liy going "from the Panhandle station lo-wni Fourth to North-Street", west on North to Third, south .on Third to Mar- :e.r, thence to the Dyk-enmn residence." This is according to the Plraros. Same •ne ought to present Mr. Bryan with a city directory. No one but an raebri- ited gentlemen wouiTd go to Judge Dy-kcman's .residence by this route. The committee on Deception should •(resent Mr. Bryan with a directory nil a .pocket compass iim-mcdiatcly on i Is arrival. It wi-11 also be natl'ced that tlr. Bryan 'Is''expected to fro "thence" rom the corner'oJ! Third and Market to the Dykemau residence. "Tlience" in surveying means on a straight line. Walter Osmor i.s on the committee and the wording must be correct. But isn't this a-big-job 'fbv Mr 1 . BiTto?" Starting -Hi at. .Toton Eekert's saloon he ,mn-st go 'tJn r 6iii'h : "tn% bloek-fllrigon^.f: f^ss-' img out of the Bnruelit noiise kitchen, after cutting his way through n halt dozen biiick wills. When Sir. Brj'nii si arts 'back ,he-.starts- at t-he corner of '.Mwket and Third. This Is another 1(5 to 1 route which shows that lie doesn't know anything about geography. Judge Dylserairai lives at Second and Broadway. Mr. Bryan "starts" at Market for Rlver-sidc Park. It can't be done. It is another 1C to 1. •> iMr. Bryan will return from Riverside Park'. Tha.t is a happy arrangement. In returning'he will speak from ft sna-nd at the Conner of North fled Fourth,. In his'flight he wisely enters mt.o no de- 'tails «s to route, and of course will take the shortest course. Thc-ii he will take the train at 2:20 p. m. The parade will form at 9:30 n. in. on Market: street bof.weeit Second and Third, right resting on Third street. Thence i't will proceed ea*t 1.0' Twelfth; south on Twelfth to'Sm«ia;'east on S'inead to Thirteenth; 'north on Thir- t«Bit!i'''ta'North;. west on North to Ninth; 'smith''on Ninth, to Broadway;. west on Broadway to Third; north-on- Third to Linden avenue; west on Linden avenue .to Browm; south on Brown t.o Market, and east on Market to.start- ing point. The same line of march will be -followed by the night parade,.starting at 7 p. m. GovernorMatthews will speak^'at'the rink ,ln tho afternoon and Congressman Bnfley of Texas'at-the same libur,at the' corner of Fourth 'and Norfh 1 : 'At''night Judge Cyrus F. McNutt and.Tibnl.;Wil-, liam J. Branyan will-speak at the .rink-. and Hon. Patrick Keefe and Governor '{ffatthews at the. • stand, ;.'-o<n TiQtirtlr street. Semaitors Teller/ Bin cBburn-'-ffml Turpie wliH not be here as announced by the Pharos. That was a little Popo-' crat <He. The'publics -warned ;b'y 'the Pharos to bern-.are u of pick-dockets...The oommltitee on Derangemflnt pronolsea fireworks. . ••• . -•'•• Tii<>se arc the datsijls of the day as gathered from Popocratlc authority.. $44,499-41 The stock was too large to sell in Bulk, and upon the petition of" creditors the Gass circuit court entered an order authorizing me t<* at once open the doors, employ a sufricient force of c erks and proceed to sell the entire stock at retail. The citizens of Logansport, Cass and adjoining counties ^re respectfully invited to call at the Otto A. Kraus store and inspect th& stock of merchandise consisting of Clothing, Hats, Boots and Shoes,, and Gents' Furnishing Goods, and assigned to me September 14tlu The stock was appraised by Logansport merchants of sterling integrity and amounted in the aggregate to $44 499.41. ALBERT Q. JENKINES, Assignee. W .C. T. TJ .ATtPEJNTriON. ''•There wim 'be a railed meeting-o£ the W. C..-T, U. at. .the Home for tue Friendless, Wednesday,:October 7, at 2:30 p.. an., "to complete -arai.n-geime.nts for the entertainment of the State convention; E|very member is expected to be pres- .ent at t«iis meeting, and/all committees are expected to report. By order of MBS, "E.'.L. 'G-RAIplJE, Pros. MBS. MiAiRY J. WASHBUiRN, Sec. M'KINTLEY ESCORT GUARDS. . Atten-tion! Meet tonight. In full uniform , at the -rink at 7:30 o'clock for tli 111 Bv ordei, CAPT, FRANK JUST TWO SECONDS. Charley Grant Hissed a Good Prize That Much. .* •Charley Grant ju-st missed the thirty live-dollar dkuuon-d to Ihe ten-mile roai race at Lafayette yesterday by the ua-r row iiKiirgin of two secondts. G-rau •a-ud Skinner were both entered in UK ra.ee, but the ofllccrs of the" track rulei Skinner off, declar.tng him 10 bo a pro fus».-iona-l,. Runyou of Slarioii. was alst ruled off, but rhere wore enwigh pro fossionals started to more i.hau. make up for the-few who'"got it i.n the nock.' G/nnut had-a minuto'Jiandienp, a.nd h< rode h-ard -to overtake tlie Ion: liniiit men. passlug all' 'but six of them but missing the time prize t>y Just two seconds, .T. C. Sin i Hi oC Frankfort tnk ing tho race in 2S.03. The first place lirfae was woji by a Lafayette man with ten minutes handicaj). There were twelve in the race with bettei than three minutes, amd fill of them were residents of Lafayette, which •shows that the hiandicappers knew theJir business—for the La.fayette people. Dan' Closson and Beryl Morehart were also at the races, but did not en ter. • The four.-Logansport boys rode home kst nl-ght, stopping on the w-ay to listen to a good Republican speech at Oamden. CHANGED THE SCORE. Clevelands Didn't Win Saturday —Lost Again Honday. •Someone who was over-zealous- for Cleveland to wl-n, 'chamgcd the score of the .game played Saturday imd caused the niistflken report tha.t Hie -Spiders had. won by the score of 2 to 1. The correctlic'are'was 7 to 2 In favor of Baltimore, ..but the chaimpiou of the Spiders swiped the top off 'the seven and transformed It on tlie bulletin board : to -a 1. The Bfl.ltlmoros 'seem determined to win- the series' this year, They jvon again-yesterday by the score of G'lo 2, and Cuppy pitched tne game. It loofes..hardly possible for Cleveland to win four -straight- bur. still, they may do it... - The Transport Athletic Club met die Pastime athletes on the gridiron at Spcmcoriwrk Sunday -mo-ruing and had a friendly .little practice game. Both -te-a-nis -showed up- well and i't it? quite likely that with a little practice a team c:m be picked from the foot bail players (i-f the town that can- beat any or- saniza-ttoa to the State. The first reg- u,lnr game of tho season will be played •Saturday afternoon at the driving park belweon the High School eleven and the L.-A. C. Unless- the weather prevents a large crowd will be present.' •Thomas Plcrco,_a horse trader, 'was •a'irrai'pned to Justiice L-a rag's court yesterday ' n-pon the charge of assault and •battery preferred by waifaui Bevan flind his .-son, Charles Beva.n. fte was fln«l-oTie%ffnt and costs l-n .encli case, and In default of the necessary funds was lodged In Jn.H. Bevan- caught Pierce l-n- the a,ct of taking the wheels from a bugigy in his North street yard, and a flgbt occun-ed. G-BIPriTH'S "FAUST." .Tohn Grifflthi' supported by'-a good company of aetoi-s, presented Goethe's "Faust' to a fair-sized- nudl-ence ftt Do- Ia,ns new theater last night. Mr. Griffith is.an.actor of aMity and woo mauy admirers. He Is Sipported by a very capable company, aid the scenery nilso added to tlie 8niccet|< of the performance. NIG'B^T. '.. The HOB. R. .T. Lovelnnd of Peru wMl addi-ew Uie i>eople of Looransport and the victnity at the -rink Saturday evening, October 10, In the interest of Sound Money. Mr. Lovda.nd is well known- to the people here as an enter- •tainlnK speaker, '.ind there should be a large crowd out to hear -him. ^» Mlss-'Gface W.toklcbleck has returned from Chicago where -she .teamed, the la test .dances from P,rof. ,T.''E. Martlne. Miss WtoklelJlcck conducrea a successful dancing school last year, and has .a/bright prospect'for a good class this year.The G. A. R. hall has beeii secured knd she will give a ^ceptlon to tue members of her old cW and those who are .going, to attend Ihifl year KODAKS KODAKS I have the agtney for the products of the EASTMAX KODAK CO' of Rochester, N. Y.. the largest and best equipped coccern in the world manufacturing PHOTOaRAPHIC INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES- Their goods are takeo us Standard the world over; an* Size 3x4 inches; weight !? ounces. Takes a picture ! 3 ,£3Jt iwches. Either film, or gloss plates can be used. Does perfect work. Price $3.00. POCKHT KODAK. Totes square pictures, 3%x3% inches; size 6t cnmera, 4%x4%xG inches; weight 20 ounces;. Pric» ?10.CO. . ., ..'.•...''„-•' ._ J Improved No. 2 Bullet. • TMs outfit is • sufficiently large for all ordinary amateur photography. Includes la.xup, •trays,'two dozen sheets Dolio paper, solution, etc. Price. $1.50. A. B/.C. Developing and Printing Outfit. Full Line of Supplies Kept on Hand. C. W. GRAVES, Successor to W. T. QIFFE, 413 Broadway. • fly New Goods Are ;here. C?1I and examine themlbe- fore|buying, AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor- ^ *^^~"^~**^£ - -- . py y-v Will positively cure loss of Manhood, Weak Memory^ 11 It A /I lDi7,7.iuess, Wakefulness, Night losses. All drains, IVI M / A I Nervousness. Youthful Errors, Use of Opium. Eto^, JLTJL JL JL *-J VX W bicb surely lead to death or insanity, A Positive Cure. Large Boxes, $2.00. Sold only at the compares office, or sent by mail or express on re- NDIANAPOLIS MEDIcrfCO. 180 Fort Wayne Ave.,Indana P oli«,Ina. k. GOOD JlEtmiXG AT WAVEBIA', Over one Iniudred i>eop'Ie liejird Robert J. Lovelaud of Peru a.t Waverly ast uight, in a discussion or the political issues f-roin-fl. Sound Money stand- poijit. The "Republicans of that viclnl- -y ilre working bard and there are pfle-n- y of them, as evidenced by tlie numbers they turn out to the meetings held iiere. The interest in the campaign Is increasing in the country, and the speakers who go out to the scliool houses are bea,rd by Uirge numbers. The Hon. W. S. Haggard spoke to a big crowd at Boyal Center Saturday night, and was enthusiastically received. The meetins was held in Kistler's hall, and it was well filled. •Miss Rose Kelsel was surprised at her home oil Sruead street fast Saturday night by a mirn'ber of her friends. :he : tlme was spent in a social way. Refreshments were served. 'Attorney Frederick Landis went to Vlnomac yesterday afternoon to try a aw suit today. Rochester Republican: Miss Edith r ones of Logansport is a guest of rlends In this city. Messrs. Owen, McCarty and.Charles Raymond of Peru spent Sunday in this lity the guest of friends. - Subscribe for Tb« JoBrsal, 40 cento a month. lOLAJTS OPEKA HOCSE. } Wllllnin Dolax MnnnRer. D OI-AS'S OPEUA HOUSE. WIlllHiu DolHii Manager. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 7. Dont Call. Me Gill." FUN! FDN!! THE QORHANS, "f John, Jnineft and G«or|fp t In- 'The GilhoGlp Abroad 1 All New and Up to Date. Fun Irom Flr»t'to-Last Prices, 25c, S5e, Me and 7Sc. A youeg man named "5V. H. Millef, representing himself to be n. collector for an- insurance company, called at Burginan's bicj'cle store on Market sti'eet Saturday morning, and rented a wlieeil, valued at $100, to ride to Long Cliff, and has not been seen since. Heis about twenty-five years of age an* weighs about 140 pounds. He nad been In town four days, stopping at the Barnett house, and failed to -settle his bill before leaving. .The third of the series of races for the Riverside Cycling club "cIwanpiAn*- sWp will be nm at tlie driving par* October 15. \ .*i.l'?. )..'

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