Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 3, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1896
Page 4
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lota Gray CORNER. i new fall goods. While many mer- »nts are stuck on unseasonable goods i are using every means possible to Hit them onto their customers, John Oray cornea to the close of the season ' te (rand shape and is able to take ud- • raoUge of th* very low Eastern mark- Mi for cash nnd gives his customers HMO new freab goods nwny below old • carried over stock. t. S.—Come and ste the difference. Democratic platform, 1892. DAILY JOURNAL PWMlahed «v*ry day !• the w**k (except Monday) by the Lociniport Journal Company. m. B. WRIGHT President . ft. HARDY Vloe President •O. W. GRAVES Secretary B. B. BOTER .....Treasurer THEN AND NOW. The .Totirnal has rc'celvocl a copy of a. newspaper of Nov. S,-180-1. The editor speaks of the depression lit that time and lays it to protected lords. They were a bad lot, ' these lords, who roamed about tlio country destroying people. AVe don't have them iiow. This- is what the 1 editor *nys: "Tin.' Democrat who is such from principle was never stronger in his political faith than he is tocay while the high tariff hosts are jollifying: Bo- fore another election the people of the laud wo love will be enjoying the benefits of a low tariff. If the Provider of every, good and perfect gift does mot ARE THERE [Contiuued From First Page".]-'}. f per Annum '.....H.to Vtloe per Month « Official Paper of City and County. (Entered as second-class mull-matter »t Ik* Logansport Post Office. February &. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, ISOC. REPUBLICAN TICKET. .For President. WILLIAM McJUNLEY, JK., of Ohio. For Vice-Presldent. •AERETT A. HOBAET of New Jeney. For Governor, JAMES A. MOUNT of Montgomery Co. For Lieutenant Governor. Bf. B. HAGGARD, of Tippecanoe County For Secretary o£ State. WILLIAM D. OWEN, of Cat* County. For Auditor of State. AMERICUS C. DAILEY of Boone County For Treasurer of State. WKED J. SCHOL2, ol Vanderburg County For Attorney General. WILLIAM A. KETCHAM of Marlon C«. For Keporter of Supreme Court, CHARLES F, RBMY of Bartholomew Co. Wot Superintendent of Public Instruction. D. M. GEETING, of Harrison Count. For State Statiitican, 0. J. THOMPSON, of Shelby County. Tor Judge of the Appellate Court. First District. WOODFORD ROBINSON, ot Gibson C». Second Plstrlct. W. E. HENLEY, of Rush County. Third District P. W. COMSTOCK of Wayne County. Fourth District. JA3IEB B. BLACK, of Marlon County. Fifth District. U. Z. WILEY, of Benton County. Electors at Large. ' H. G. THAYER, CHAS F. JONES. For Congress, GEORGE W. STEELE. For Joint Representative, (WILLIAM T. WILSON, of Cass County. •or Representative—CHARLES B LONGWELL. •tor Prosecutor—CHARLES E. HALB. ror Clerk-JOSEPH G. GRACE. tfor Treasurer—BENJAMIN F. KEES- UNG. . • . . WfT Sherlff-I. A, ADAMS. »tor Surveyor—A: B. DOI>D. 9oi Coroner—DR. J. A. DOWNEY. .for Assessor—JOSEPH BARR. for Commissioner, First District—JOHN GERRARD. for Commissioner, Third District—ABRAHAM SHIDELER. withdraw the blessings- of fruitful tields this laud will again blossom as the rose aud prosperity will come to all and tho wealth of the nation will be more equitably distributed Hum siucc the close of the Civil war." It will be noticed that this editor is sure of it unless Providence Interferes. And he says: "The Democrat who is such from principle was never stronger in his political faith than lie Is today.' 1 Yet in twenty-four hours this editor tlopped from sound money to free silver. Either lie wasn't-', a Democrat from principle or else strong 'Democrats are very weak. Now read what the same newspaper says is the cause of the trouble aud smile ut its ridiculous inconsistencies. Pharos August 31, '00: "To make gold —scarce gold, dear.gold—the sole measure of tiie products .of toil, is a crime against the human race. It is a burden tli/it the tolling millions shoulil/iiot and will not endure. Not only arc the producers of this country suffering from the single gold standard but the producers of every other nation that maintains ti single gold standard are suffering. They will continue to suffer until this laud, dedicated to liiiman liberty, shall strike off the shackles with which they are uow bound by the gold-syndicates of London and New York. TVhon America takes the lead, Germany, France, ami the Latin Union will follow. Tho producing classes will force them to follow and silver, will be restored to the place it occupied before the monstrous crime, of .1873 was committed." - . ' .- j , It will be remembered that wheiiitho protected lords were giving prospc/lty thc money was good enough, ' ly that passage wfitcA ) J econirnenc>«l- that tho rules oE the iast national democratic convention "held in 1892" be us the rules of this.convention,? Ex-Gov, Flower Spfliik»: -;.}»' Senator Palmer 1 'designated''Gbv;' Jones, of Alabama, und George' Foster" Peabody to conduct ex-Gov. Flower to th» chair, and then Mr. Pulmersurreh- 1 ill-red to him the gavel anil Gov. Flower cpolce in. part as follows: "Tliis gathering Js notice to thcworjd thet the tierr.Bcratlc party has not yot surrendered to populism and anarchy. Tho true principles of democracy, expounded b> Jefferson and exemplified through a century of national history, are not dead because these principles have been repudiated by a convention calling' Itself democratic head for, President, with a Southern man for Vice President. Tho territory of'New Mexico is In' I'ttvoi'-of Senator l-'almer, of Illinois for President a IK! General Buckner oC; Kentucky for Vice President ! Tho Arkansas delegates arc ;ill here, aiia mot' in the Deuison Hotel at |;9. o'clock' yesterday to select mom-, (tiers of the various committees. S. W.. •'Fordyee says' that the delegation wilt Vcast a complimenfaryVvote for Grovcc (Cleveland at the convention, • . .', The soldiers' mouuuieut was crowded ijiili day' yesterday. "Kvery visitor that jjwcnt to the top" remarked Custoflfiin "Wright,- "commented on the beauty of fth'e city." 1: "Alexander Wllduian of Danbury, [Conn./who has attended every Demo' Highe* of all in Leavening Powers-Latest U. & Gov't Report; ABSOLUTELY PURE but controlled by undemocratic Influence*, i ;„_„!.> • - - •-• j., , , , ,,, +, Those are true democrats who remain true | i. cratlc Convention beginning with the "•harlestou, S. C., convention in I860, ays Bryan will lose 30,000 votes iu to. the principles of . thelr,,.p.ar.4;i{.wAWlJKj}fl,| refuse to he bound by party 'declarations ! •which betray party- faiths and threaten both party and country with disaster. "By our presence here we emphailze'the Pennine character of our democracy. *nd demonstrate the patriotic nature of pur partisanship. There have been ri'uhierb'ui Instances In political history, where, in. the name of party loyalty, raen have, Justified their nonsupport of party platform's or candidates, and in too many cases ha» .the movement failed because when analysed : lt» inspiring Influence was found 'to be nothing hlphcr than a desire ; to ciYfDge •disappointed ambition* or to overthrow a political .organization. No such sordid 'motive can be charged against this gath»rln(?:i No democrat here sought honors from those who framed the Chlcag-o platform. Every democrat here has only .political I humiliation to expect In the event of, the ponnecUcut. : ; 'Ft. Bragg, where Hie liuaucial question Is fought every day, moved up jfroiii th'e postofllce corner yesterday neross from the Dunisou hotel. One visitor remarked: "I never saw a city in the country where the police would jperm'it a blockade, even If it did consist of American citixcus discussing politics." " " i "It'is probable," said a delegate from Arkansas at the Grand Hotel last night "that we w.iir not place an electoral success of the Chicago ticket. No demo-' picket iu the fleld. We will be straight- out for McKinley. In the convention vre'will cast a complimentary vote for crat honored Utdate of this with any reasonable hope to an election. None of us who help to nominate him can expect tb be participants In any dlslrlbu^ tlon of political favors. We aro here be-' cause we love the democratic party aLU"be- causo we love our country. That Is-the ID- .splration "which has drawn us together and 'encouraged our action. That Is the fact which evidences our sincerity and makes our cause strong with the people. "The danger of the Chicago platform does' not alone nor chiefly-lie In-Its declaration 'lor a financial policy, which would be ruinous. The danger lies In the revolutionary Influence which controlled the Chicago .convention and animated'Its platform. Men may justly differ as to the bent scheme-of national finance and may debate their, itlf-, Terences'without recrimination or without questioning the honesty of motives:. But when men. led on by ambitious politicians, their minds fired, not by the example pi American patriots, but by that of radicals of the French revolution, .overturn .party. precedents and pack a convention to secure an effective maporlty, then by the 'aM 'of .that majority'raise aloft the Incendiary,; banner of the people against the 'rich, attack the Integrity of the supreme 'court, threaten the subverilon of national'lh«tl-' »UtlO! BtltUt law .and authority, suggest and-ln;sob» stance recommend the repudiation of national and private debts and reject by in- to aiid then divide accordhi. our personal preferences." ;'• Aaron Wolfsou and"George F. Bean, of Massachusetts aro full of hope for tjlie 'effect'the action of ' the convention will have upon tliu tight iu their Sjtatc. They.concede that George Fred ^Vfiliams will be nominated for Gover- ijor, but predict that, he will be the yorst beaten man that*Massachusetts e^ver had within her borders. \ About fifteen or eighteen delegates U'ud as m.iny alternates had arrived ns and the Indirect .perversion .o^cop- itional guaranties, Incite disrespect to COMPARE THEM. "The Republican party la unrwerved- tf for sound money. It caused the enactment of the law providing for the mumptkm of specie payments in 187S; ,*uce then every dollar baa been as good •M gold. "We are unalterably opposed to every •eaeure calculated, to debase our cur- •Ttncy or Impair the credit ot our couii- trj, TV 7 e are therefore opposed to the toe coinage of silver except by inter- •Mttonal agreement with the leading sMfflomercuu nauons of the world, which . -lire pledge ourselves to promote, and unit] then such gold standard must be pre- mrred. "All oar silter and paper currency be maintained at parity with and we favor all measures de- -«tfned to maintain Inviolably the obligations of tb* United States and all our -Boney, whether coin or p&per, at the -ftwent standard, the standard of tl>e- /.•art enlightened nations of the earth." " Republican, platform, "We demand the free and unlimited ••-. .«»inaee of both gold and silver at the -present legal ratio of 16 to 1, without • iwattlng for the aid or consent of fjB$ ••ther nation. We demand that the •tandard silver dollar shall be * full -. legal tetder, equally with gold, for all Bebts, public ns.d private, and we fav- - -Jtf ouch legislation as will prevent the - .Unaonetlzation of any kind of legal tea.-.- --^ter. money by private contract.—Deino- ntlc. platform. We demand free and unlimited coln- • i«e of sllrer and gold at the present le«*1 ratio of 16 to 1.—Popultot platform, M92. We bold to the.use of bath gold and • . silver as the 'standard money of the • jaonntry, and to the coinage of both gold - And silver, without .discriminating '-• mgalast cither metal or charge for mlnt- '. M*. but the dollar unit of coinage of , koth metals must be of equal intrinsic ;SDd;exchangeable value or be adjusted ^ihrough International agreement or by '«ch eafefuards. of-legislation as «na!l lainre the maintenance of the. parity «C tihe two metals and the equal power •f eveiy dollar at nil times IB the juark- •te and in payment of debt, and w« demand that all paper currency sliall be kept at par with and. redeemable In .JWdr coin. WE MUST JN8I8T UPON THIS POLICY,. AS ESPECIALLY '" NECESSARY FOB THB PROTEO- mOX OF THE FARMERS AND LABORING CLASSES," THB FIRST AND MOST DEFENSELESS VIO- 33MS OP UNSTABLE MONEY AND "The man who llws for himself .only bequeathes his own folly aid poverty, and meanness for his monument. 'He has benefited nobody, while ho /has' dwarfed and warped his-'own powers, and sandstone or marble however 4av-., ishly supplied to mark his resting iflac'e. ["science to the na does him no honor. He ; has Hvovl'.te !!* * h _ e lor .9 pa JP .tended Implication the fundamental principle of democracy that that government 'Koverna best which .governs least—then It Is time for democrats .to forsake .that- motley and un-A merlcan gathering, to reject that, undemocratic and un-American himself and has died In himself, -aniJX all that he leaves in memory of himself; speaks no word of praise In his behalf,^ uo word of justification. This Is not true life. It is the worst of failures. There are glorious.oppqrtunitles in this world for services. He- who wisely uses them enriches both his race and himself and dying leaves a monument w'hich outlasts granite and Is brighter polished than"brass." Tho above appeared In the editorial e&lumn of the South Bend Times, one of the sound money papers that came out for Bryan and repudiation. In another column Is an editorial singing over'that oft repeated song .of our Independence of foreign.tradlng nations in the matter of finances, and our ability to sustain ourselves within. One Is the Times's real doctrine, the : flrst, and.the other Is the false excuse for a creed that the Times Is forced to present .this year to a suffering constituency. elation of doctrines and to Join, in-such manner as may seem beat, with all patriots who cherish their country's honor and wleb • to protect the welfare of Its people. • "I mistake the moral sens^ of the American people If the action of the populists at Chicago, reenforccd and emphasized by the action of the populists at Bt. I-,ouls, has not rekindled the spirit of American pa'"' " " awakened the American con- atlonal danger whlch;lurksf nd Influences behind Bryan c'fcnd Sewall or Bryan and Watson. The.re'a 'Ulsue In this campaign Is an Issue of "pa ttlotlsm. V>Th« i- frpn^JIichlgau, yesterday, but a full (ielegation of twenty-eight delegates -vMll he here by today.' They held 'ni. meutlug in tl»e writing room of the -lieiilson hotel yesterday for the purpose of' selecting members to at^t upon the various committees. f Two nieii iu the smoking c:if of an •outbound Big Four' train on the Peorla division got into a heated political dis- cjbssion and one of them offered to stake a wager that the car would poll as-many, votes for Bryan as It would for McKIuley, and his wager was accepted and the poll made. It showed for McKinley 31, for Bryan 5, and there w<ns. one man. wlio declared- himself for no one but Grover Cleveland. The full delegation, forty-eight members in all, from Illinois, arrived yes terday and held a meeting at PERSONAL. A. B. Keeport. was at Gas City yesterday. Harold Perclval was at Peru yesterday. ,'J. Oppeuheimer went to Cincinnati last night. Chas, E. Hale went to Chicago this morning on business. Drs. Stewart and Powell went to Indianapolis this morning on'business. Miss Gertrude Kelly is visitinc her sister, Mrs. A. E. Gaudier, at Lafayette. Mrs. John Talbott aud son left yesterday afternoon for their home in Indianapolis. John. Kauch has returned from Gal- vosto'n whore he was engaged In making a map. Miss Blanche Stretch, of New Castle, is visiting Miss Kitty Graham of East .Market street.. Each Taylor and Charles Young left yesterday for a two weeks' stay at Harbor Point, Mich. Misses Eva Ferguson and Estelia Mason have returned from a visit at Peru Deedville and Rochester. Adraiu Tobia.s, State representative of the Lorenc Tobacco Cure Co. is in the city again for a few weeks. Mr, Herman Schmitt, tmyer .for ScU.nii.tt & Heinly, will return from the East today where he has been for the last four weeks. Mrs. C. E. Hale aud son, Austin, would vote to crush out: Bryanisin by casting a straight Republican ballot. AN AMERICAN COUN133SS. Pauline Bradsbaw now of New York formerly of Chicago, has Just fallen heir to 00,000 golden rubles—that's Russian money, and a ruble Is worth, roughly, " cents. She now Insists on being called "Countess Pauline." Hers is,a romantic story: Four.years ago, when she was a serio-comic singer in a variety theatre in New York, she had an admirer who persisted in sending her diamonds, flowers, and other nice things. They met, Count Vladimir Rostoffski or Roustowsky, asked the fair Pauline to be his forever. Pauline consented. They were -sved. The morning after the bridal night the Count was gone. So were all the diamonds he had given. Pauline. So was ?100 of Pauline's savings. Pauline wandered from city to cry singing "The Maid of the Mill' 1 and "Maggie . Murphy's Home," breaking hearts, but never forgetting her lost Count. It was only the other day a letter came for her from far-off Russia notifying her of the death of one Paul Sadawskl, and of a bequest of 50,000 rubles to atone for "the wrong he had done a beautiful American." He was not a Count, but he was rich. Pauline wept for his death. She will not refuse to accept the money. The Pharos attempted to create-the Impression that the reason tiie Mexican dollars were cheap was because they were bogus. 'A glance at the Pharos telegraph market reports on the second yage of.la'st evening's, paper shows Mexican dollars quoted at ul-% cents, their bullion value. The Pharos Monday .contradicts itself again.. In an editorialJt said: "The Journal denies that there is.an unexpended balance—an a'valiable '' balance—of 5200,000,000 lu the gove'rn- The revolutionary spirit which forcei /Bryan's nomination Is manifest. • Inu.'hls <*>eech«s -now being delivered .thro.ugh.OM j{po xcountry. His conspicuous 'failure a Jifadlnon Square garden ,to advance'-'the cause'-of silver by close .argument .has.ln- duced him to abandon the weapons oPthe logician and statesman and to employ the urts.of the orator." The'speaker then gave facts and figures to show how the prosperity of the Amer- dan people has been Increased by foreign gold. He- set forth vividly-the Injuries a silver .standard Would Work, to the wage- Sarner'especlally, and closed thus: "Against such threatened calam'RleiFwe have met as democrats, as .patriots, tojwo- ttst. Our purpose Is too serious to permit differences on minor matters • or persona! jealousies to divide our cpunclla orjweaken our Influence.. We have oom'e hei'e" as democrats to exert such-Influence! a*'we' may have, among- democrat* fpr the,.good of the country ond the pre«ervation of our party organization for other periods of usefulness.: Renouncing, as;undemocratic 'the work of the.party orgahliatlon at Chicago, let 'Us be : tme to- every-democratic Instinct at Indianapolis. Let no man say that In thl» convention any false notn of democracy wa» sounded. We stand'for'ill) that should 'Inspire good citizenship—for honest 'money:, enforcement of law and order.-respect for authority, the preservation of the national credit, the Just payment ot debts, the djgnity and welfare of labor, the prosperity and-fair name of AineHca. United ID such a cause, we can go forward 'with ithe American flat a> our-banner and .the words 'National Democrats' Inscribed on Its folds, We know, no *ectlonil l«sue or Interest. We itand behind the brood .shield of patriotism, and in that sign we shall conquer/' When Mr,;.Flower, in.:his; .epeech, son Hotel last night, at which time tboy selected Senator Palmer chairman the delegation and adjourned until -10 o'clock this morning, when they .had a. meeting for the purpose of ejecting- members ou the various committees. 'The delegates come unln- Btructed as to a .presidential nominee. ;• There- are but- two delegates here froih South Carolina to represent that State, thougli It is entitled to eighteen. Frank 'Evans, and W. W. Bell, of Charleston; are here to represent South Camliiia.and tliey will cast the .full eighteen votes to which they are en""" 3",. .and', will, to the best of their I , , have returned from Middleburg, Vermont, where they were the guests of Mrs. Hale's parents. Mrs. W. H. Elliott nud daughter, Miss Euth, returned yesterday to their home at New Castle, after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leonard of the West- s-klo. Mrs,' S. Pfiel and daughters Misses Maud aud Rose, are here from Wa- biish visiting relatives. They will attend the Lafayette fair before returning home. 'Wabash Plaiudealer: Miss Fields of Logansport will preach at Half Acre church, Paw Paw township, on Thurs- 'day. evening next Mrs. Kate Dies- tol returned to Logansport yesterday, after visitlug Mrs. S. Scherschel in this city... .Henry Coleman of Logaasport was registered at the Tromont today.. . .Robert Brothers of Logausport Stopped in tiiis cfty over night on his way to Huntingdon. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Miss Anna Bell of High street is visiting relatives in Delphi. Miss Grace Ouster, accompanied by her Sunday school class, picnicked yesterday afternoon at Spencer park. John McCabe has accepted a position with the Globe Clothing store at the corner of Fourth and Market streets. A bargain which you will appreciate. The NOT EXACTLY COMPLIMENTARY. "The appellation of The Boy Orator of the Platte,' bestowed upon Bryan is- uot very complimentary," said W. L. Adams, of Omaha, to a "Star" reporter "In the first place, Bryan was nearly as old a* Henry Clay when the latter was elected to the United States Senate before he ever saw the Platte River, so was rather old for a boy. Then the Platte River is peculiar for. its shal- lowcoss. It is long and wide and looks ' majestic, but it can be waded at high water by cattle. In fact, as a rule the water is not deep enough to float a skiff. The title 'Boy Orator of the Pla.tte' was not bestowed by Mr. Bryau;s friends, but as ridicule, .both. . as to his age. aud the character of bis speeches. It sounded well, however, and those, not familiar with .the Platto River used-it as a complimentary term until it has been genernJlyadorited by supporters and opponents alike.'' -«_<»*• i • • ' "*•-"•• **-)"**- 1 "" 1 *- 1J JVLl>lJll< .abitfty,,. represent their State on the A niRht dress at J9C) 530) vArions,committees. Mr. Evans says mw mateplll | would be clienp at tl)nt iliat T,illman has the State following 1 at his h^els.and it Is therefore a free sllv" ~ J '"'"' — - • - - ver S.tatel Charleston, he declares | to]be the'only sound money bed in the . The Military band gave a free concert on the street last evening. They w|lll",b.e'polled in that city at least. „ Mist', night'at the Hotel Denlson the Birmingham, (Ala.) .'band, twenty pikes,',. led by Prof. Henry Weber, iLake Last Monday' Mrs. Cassube of Linden avenue was given a pleasant surprise by a number of friends who burst of applause -from the coiiven- 1 tJoi, all the, members rising, " gnjv'e an 'impromptu concert, which de- cnlled with well - fille <l baskets, .lighted the .entire hotel; The band : A genuine barga.iu in ladies night shewed 'every .eVidenco. of tliorough dresses on sale this morning 49c, C3c, cultivation and long practice, and, al- r>0c eath - Garment would sell for Just though' the individual -members had t""^ 0 tjle amount Jf we would ask it.— been 'traveling all day and were tired, j Bee Hive. thty.^ piay.ed, .with. zest.. Every piece I Don't forget that-the train leaves "'"""'was greeted, with cheers, (the Vandalia at 10:3.1 a. m., Sept. 3rd, DROWNED IN THE WABASH RIVER * Wabash Tribune: The body of John Shea, an old Irishman".who has been a well known character around Peru for many years, was discovered Monday morning in the .Wabash river at the mouth of Pipe Creek, near Peru. The remains were in. a bad state of decomposition, and had been In the water it is supposed, since Saturday la,st, as Shea was last seen alive on that day. It is thought he fell into the river by" accident, as he was of a jolly temperament, fairly well off In the • world's goods, aud not a man who would be suspected of entertaining thoughts of suicide. ,-,'.. - old. soldiers of the north cheered South Bend, where William Jen- arid-; waving" -.-hate, und fans. Then,' ' cr y ' , out. from one of the ga ment treasury at this time. It Is true |''' w hat- is thof mutter with Cleveland.? nevertheless." '/ In Its "abbreviated telegrams," see ond page, second Column, it says: it'ivas followed by.uio'fe ':hc«'fipj , nnd. laughter, 1 : ' , '..'"•'•: '•'''•'At the cloHe of Chiiirnicm Flower's .,~. . --._ . - . . i u-ftdress" the, states were ('.tilled for. the The treasury Saturday lost $57,100 fl efec'tion of mcmber»of tiie committee* In gold coin and $10,-IOO in bars,, which on credentials, '.rules and "resolutions leaves the true amount of the gold' re- Ivand' also; vice presidents, after which "" ..... »!"••«"»"••-.. . j ot2:10 pYy. recess was taken uutU'four servo ?101,C93,075. IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE THAT THE XEXT HOUSE WILL |. o'clock dii the'-af ternoon: ,,'OON.VENTIpN 'NOiTES. Tennessee indorsed Buoljuer'for" Vice Phelps. of Louisville will probably bfe the National cohuultteemiin fro.nh Kentucky.. ..'.•.- ry-.'•>••>. • Two colored.quartets i HAVE A MAJORITY F&TORABEE 'President at Jits meeting,yeste'rdayJ'F TO THE FREE COINAGE OP SIL- ''""' n r> ''"' 1 "" " f T —'•—"•- —'" —-•- VEB AT A RATIO 'OF 10 TO ' 1. WHEN IT. BECOMES A DBMON- t^v^ FACT taiT THBRB J S I )n the densely packed. Denlaon'Hou.e HO I>A^GERoa•:THIS .OOTJNTny corridors last.nlgh.t, •! '•; :-^>M ADOPTING THB SILVER STAND- J jte.Maryland delegation decidetffto AHD IN CONDUCTING THE BUSINESS OF THE COUNTjay, PROSPERITY WILL COME AGAIN AND WITH LOWER TAXES ON THE NECESSARIES OP I KIND OF BUSINESS "My Maryland," which was played by I nlnjrs Bryan will speak to Uie people, retjuest of a G. A. R.. man, and then Ftitc for the round trip $1,35. caine "Dixie," which caught the house, j tli* whole, topped with' , "Yankee Doodle;"' wh'ich elicited cheers heard A-LARGE PAY ROLL. ,.,- Wabasb-TrfbuneTFew"people understand the magnitude of the work which Is being 'carried on at the bluff. 1 The employes received their wages for tho month of August this evening ••whiclj amounted to the very tidy sum of .$10;000. For.the last month me contractors have been running at a dally expense of ?400. One hundred men were also laid, off today and- the remainder will follow in _a short time. The suspension of this work will be the means of taking a creat deal of money from Wabash. The following is from the U. S. weather bulletin: 'Oass county—The immense corn crop nearly free from alllover the'hotei. The band is a good I frost; plowing for wheat; some corn qn'p and -was given a very cordial wel- is .flown; potatoes being dug. come. ;, The Reporter^ of last evening, in Its bulletins reporting the Indianapolis j cpnyentlon of National Democrats,, saill.-Hiere/were "over fifty" delegates J in attendance on the convention. The The funeral of the late Bridget Mc- Grnth will bo held at St. Viucent de Paul's church at 0 o'clock Friday morning. Very Rev. M. E. Campion will have charge of the service. Henry Ganger, was agreeably sui bulletins,:-correctly read, make the. I .Prised -at his home ou tiie Northsld number in attendance eight hundred and twenty-nine. : • •• last night by about fifty of his friends, and acquaintances. The evening was 'spent at social amusements. The "jpp ; to Date" tie campaign sound I guest's departed at a late hour after motey songster, hag been received. .It s P' endln B a most enjoyable evening. ls>vthe name .suggests. J. Burgess K^f T^ ^ ^ ^ ™ T * _-. iTV.-...- ••_•-.. -.-. h * * I streetsaloon to Alf Anderson of Mlchi- the unit rule in voting ; Vice PresJde'nt-'at tfie ! con- ventlon.-.. .. . , • .'- ' '•'- "•••'-.*•' •• JLpcal.,,,. pollddans of all parties eked .to the, hotels-' yesterday • and 1 naine of Colonel 'James. '&: •' . . , ,o.£. India.ijapolls, leader of ttie/| "Bijjjd Hjeadod Glee Club" is'the compiler, and the book is issued .under.'.tbe auspices of the'State committee. The.,' buslness hot. Price,of theibooki' number Gity. Mr. Anderson was formerly engaged In the liquor business In the Mr. Nichols has not decided what will engage in, but it Is e will remain In the V'i>D,'.'j' •;>.: ,. '• •- . '.- • -r>! V-,; •'--./,,• ,.:•.;'•'-.•.''. .•-.:-«r 1 .: i:,: ^M^^c&MimiMS^ Democrats In , county who will support McKinley is of,the: residents of Third steadily growing. A well known Dem- esterdayWen- J ocrat who has voted the ticket straight : With, •watermelons, j for -thirty years seated last evening spent a few hours enjoyment.':;;'. • that he was one of dozens he knew who The Globe Clothing Co., at the'corner of-Market and Fourth streets,-had-its • opening last e-vening. 'The Elite Mandolin club.was present and rendered some very pr,etty selections. The room was tastefully decorated and presented a handsome appearance. There was a good attendance. ! Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. CREAM BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. p"weGrape Cream of TarUr Powder.. Fr»e Ammonia, Alum or my other adulterant «P Years :the Staixiud. {:

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