The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 11, 1957 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1957
Page 5
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A day u a Hifl e | ft efttfftiif. when we wake up in the morn- in & we can never tell what it will bring. During our 18 or so wakeful hours, events can happen either joyous of sorrowful so that ever after ottr lives are never quite the same. Ifs a good thing foreknowledge is withheld from us for if we knew in advance some of the things that a day can bring our fear and anxiety would be more than we could bear. • * * Fortunately, most of our days are more nr less routine. We get up at approximately the same hour, wash the same old face, put the same number of spoonsful in DAviS pAiNt S T O A R the tfoffet pot and kiss the Same husband off to wotk. But even the days when nothing particularly exciting happens are never efcaetly like any (Sthft- Comparable unit in time, fo&ay We might spend aU our time «n the laundry and tomorrow on scrubbing and waxing floor* but next wee3e when we do the very same tasks we'll have diffetent inter* rupticms, a different ord« 6! doing things and 'different ifjinor catastrophes. * » • The fir*l thinf I to <wlth Ihy day these sparkling summer early mornings is take a mental inventory count of the house. Let's see is Marcia upstairs with Mary Ann wEUOmE from Mister & Missus BILL AMON RIDIKALUS SPESHULS i Wallpaper On Sidewalk Counter er has Atrn get* Mrt tt> Is the reason that «'s urn « th* lake with *firh or dotes r» have ttefrny W the** sftfl met trt sleeping late? ft Jeanffle at Sastes et ft Surte her* of is Pafti the guest of the rhomem. If twin are «Wunas of strife from lrH» trppet tegJcms, I kfio-w all thfee feids lr% «ft horhe sha thif doti't have f0mp»fty. 1 stn thirBeiftg at installihg of«e of thiJSfe ch«dk ocft systeft* they t«6 in college dormttbritt so's I'H kno* at a glance who's sleeping whfcre. ROLL On Rest of Our Stock FREE CEILING With Room Lot Wallpaper Order Get PAPERED Now I 'PLS. l ~ JF Ybii'r* Going To 'Point The Town Red', Please Use Our Paint Here Are A Few Good COVERED WAGONS At RIDIKALUS Low Prices! 1955 CHRYSLER WINDSOR, 4-door, power steering and brakes, radio and heater 1951 PLYMOUTH 4-door, radio and heater, just overhauled $1995 $425 1946 CHRYSLER, 2 door Highlander, radio and heater and excellent tiref. This is cheap transportation $195 RIDIKALUS DAZE ONLY 1853 CHEVROLET 150 SERIES, 4 door chariol with mighty good tire* and excellent running condition; trail oxen hitch . . . CJIfyi no trade-in* at this price 9*199 1949 FORD, 4 Door V-8,, radio, heater and a teat IOT a good *hotgun ridw.-— no trade-ins at this price --- ww* • few fMnui« &ol of vaunita and Rtrss Rents:' day recently that they hope they whttfe. t»hey were at the Sfchutte 4th of Jttly celebration Wtlchittg the fireworks when their three yew old s&n, Wayne carrtt tip missing. A frantic seatch began afidjjn annotmeetnent made b» the P. A. system. Finally, ovet *y the fence in the semi-dsa-kness they spotted a little blonde crew- cut and the back of a reindeet sweater. "Thefe's Waynie, fiow?' they exclaimed with relief and they sent the daughter, Susie to fetch him . 8u*i* grabbed th* boy from th* rear and she met tip with quite a bit of resistance. Me kicked, cried, and yelled, "But 1 don't want to go with you!" Susie, knowing that her little brother was often reluctant to interrupt a project, determinedly kept at it and succeeded in delivering the bay ta her father. Russ picked up the child, gave him a shake and to -be sure the forthcoming Ifecture received full attention, turned him around to look into his face. It wasn't Waynie at all! It was an entirely strange little boy. AfteV more frantic starching the right boys got paired up with the right parents "and Waynie has been doing time at yard confinement to make sure the performance is not repeated. * « « This we«k we hare coming up some days when everybody in Algona is supposed to be ridiculous. For some of us this won't lie hard. A couple of local fellows have been playing a game for some weeks now that, it seems to me, is especially ap- aropriate for Ridiculous Days. In 'act they've been at it so much it las developed into a kind of ridiculous tournament. These guys are kind of big around the — well, let's just say their chests lave slipped — and the game is to reenact the battle of the Meri- mac and the Monitor. Rules are to stand with feet In a prescribed place on the floor, face each other, clasp hands and bunt each other with their middles. First guy to unbalance the other gets the game and the title of Old Ironsides. Or should it be, Old Ironfront? So far the Merlmao has more victories than the Monitor. I received an interesting clipping this week from the Emmetsburg Democrat about one of oui- local charmers, Sheila Sullivan. It says that we may have noticed in the daily papers a week or so ago, a Wirephoto of a Wedding party in Dallas, Texas Where the bridegroom was stricken with acute appendicitis the day before the elaborately planned ceremony. The young groom, however insisted that the show must go on, so after the operation he was taken to the church and participated in the ceremony from a wheel chair. Then he returned to the hospital. Sheila, daughter of Mr and Mr* Wade Sullivan, was the wedding soloist. She had flown to Dallas a few days before to join ih the pre-nuptial festivities for the bride, a classmate of herd from St. Mary of the Woods, Indiana. From Dallas Sheila flew to Washington, D. C., then New York, then on to Nantdcket off the coast of Massachusetts Where she will ? 'ork at a regort inn this summer, he Emmetsburg paper says. Ah, these kids do get around. Sheila is the neice of the Emmetsburg paper's publishers, t h e Kellys and the Knudsons. Bo -tMWfe frMSIli Sb rlef% 5 a **ay to cook thern. The recipe cswie to rue ilv * very rewM- ITOy. Ifcfirfe Mfcretr- ?i*ea them this way wfreti ftsttt visftrd her in Caiifdr- «ift «fl tny sum told tne. NToflf* Minted abdft -ft fforn Wfr ftolfiWr-ih-law, Oil re Robihatttt and Ollie lives fight here in A4- ftrha. e * t ftai fdttt «* fiv* strips of bawn th a sltfllet and add the beafi%, eat in f**ees. Seasoti with salt, pepper ffhd about a halt teaspoon of «ugar. Add a small amount of Wtfter -— about ^ cup, cover and when they start to cook, turn down the heat. Watch carefully because the water cooks out and more must be added. Cook only until tender. —GRACE. Organize T**n Drivers, S»City ALSO - Immediate Delivery on NEW CHRYSLERS, PLYMOUTH, DE SOTO - Body Ettimfites, |hop repair*. J & L MOTORS Jyit West ff Ccyrthow** - Algena, towa August Bernau stopped in the other evening with a message from her columnist friend, Sandra Ames of the Earlham Echo. Miss Ames' real name is Mari Jo Nienddff and she is Involved in an interesting project. She's the State Peace Chairman of Letters Abroad. The purpose is to pair off correspondents to abolish distrust and dislike of America in other lands. * #' • * I thought U niight be Interesting to receive mail from a foreign pen pal and if you want to participate you can too, You write tq World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, Rpqm 904, 1411. Walnut Street, Philadelphia and State youj 1 age, personality, family, occupation, interests etc. and your preference ae to country. You enclose a 3c stomp. YOU will then be matched to a congenial friend from the coun- fty of your choice aftd in shdrt time receive a foreign letter. You must be over 18 and have a sincere intent to continue the conesftaflaertis*? oneii started. When you receive you* first letter, please send the liime of your Correspondent to Mari Jo Nien> *orf, ]Barlh»m, Jowa. Overseas air-mail postage costs 15c. » » « We have • g*rd*n this ye*r — the first for a long tirhe. we are very amateurish at it but we have a lot of futt scratching around and we already have learned that the expression, "growing like a weed" is apt. Ws had a small taste of fresh peas week «nd IKeje sfcoul/ be nKJre iom We dart liavi* green beans as yet because they were planted late. Lots of you Cttf •*- Rep-e^entatives of adult organizations meeting Thursday evewing at the Legion Mall laid trie groundwork for one <jf the major features of the community-wide traffic safety program when they agreed to sponsor a teeft«-age driving club Boys and girls from 14-19 ai*e eligible. It was emphasised that the kids would run the club 'themselves, with the function the sponsors limited to providing the meeting pla-ee and lunch, the speaker, film, »r other program material. JP" 1 * «* rneetlng 0t Iff* &gers has been set lot tfwty 18, 8 p.m.. at the region rtsll. The matter ,-,f bfcycle safety was brought up. H nd it Was agreed to ask the boy sonut if they could assume the bikft Sftfety progrfirn. Th* rcimrrumity-wide traffic study was initiated by the Amer- Legion Auxiliary, and sponsors flffe the American Legidn, V.F.W. aM th^ir auxiliaries, the Lions Club fVT.A. and the school. Mrs fteft- rieth Kollasch presided at 'Thursday's meeting. CALL CY 4-2665 YOU HAVE AN AUTO AUTO ACCIDENT IN ALGONA DURING HDIKAIuS dAZe GEORGE'S BODY SHOP England's Scotland Yards got its name frctm the fact that it was the former residence of Kings and Qiiwns of Scotland they visited in England. You as your nearest mafi box. f* «k ' Save By e II Never a wait inline, ''»»«.*/- t .Save more money With this convenient plan, A Post Card From You Will Bring Ml Details Home Federal Savings and Loan Ass'n. All Deposits Insured Up To $10,000.00 PHONE CY 4-3545 ALGONA. Great new scientific discovery ecret laboratory^ research iscoversnewsou $moofh*sf Power buy Prom D-X Sunray's huge laboratories comes a different motor fuel, D-X Boron! How the power of boron—the chemical used in experimental missile fuel* •—is harnessed for your car. Proved by millions of miles of driving, D-X Boron Motor Fuel has been made possible by D-X Bunray'i expanded research facilities and 10-mHlion-dollar in* vestment in refining equipment. D-X Boron is an entirely new motor fuel, It liberate! more power per gallon in your engine—new or old I it gives you smoothest power! Thrilling acceleration! Marvelous road performance! Push your foot to the floorboard without fear of knock. D-X Boron has the highest octane in dur history. Get it at your D-X Dealer's now! D-X still gives you the famous plus -D-X upp«r-cyllnder tobrkatiMl America's fastest growing oil company D-X SIWRAY OIL COMPANY (Subsidiary)! Sunray Mid-Continent Oil Company Tul«a, Oklahoma 4 3Q D-X Products Are Locally Distributed By MID-WEST SERVICE Co RALPH STRAYiR Sulk Agent iD'$ D-X STATION FRANKL'S D-X STATION Dealer Deafer SHUTS' Annual SHOE ^^^^^^^^•H ^^•^jj^^^H ^^^^^^_^^^ ^^^^^^g|gt STARTS TODAY DRESS AIR-STEPS White - Beige - Blue Mesh - Black Mesh * Brown and Black Patent, All Sizes* 4s to 11s. All Widths, AAAAs to Es. 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