Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 4, 1949 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 4, 1949
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Tt» PUBLIC INTEREST IS THI FIRST CONCERN OF THIS NEWSPAPER Associated Press Leased Wire Local Forecast-- AP, King and NBA Features F a y e t t c v l i l e and vicinity: Partly cloudy, c o n t i n u e d ccol t o n i g h t ; to- ruorro-v g e n e r a l l y fair, warmer, Temper.Vare*: H i ^ h -Jfi; noon 57; low 37. Sunrise 6:03: sunset 6:42. VOIUME 87, NUMBER 210 FAYETTEVIUE, ARKANSAS. MONDAY fVENING, APRIl 4, 1949 PRICE FTVt CENTS Truman Denies Treaty Is "Aggressive" Record Peacetime Farm Money Bill Is Favored Winners In Quail Restoration Contest Committee Says court Holds Betting Cn Horse Races Bigger Problems May Be Ahead Measure Scheduled For Hearings In The House Not A Lottery, Therefore Legal Little Rock. April 4^)-The Arkansas Supremo Court ruled today ; on horse t h a t pari-mutucl _.. ^ racing does not constitute a lottery. In a 4-2 decision, the high court said that chance nlone does not control the outcome of a horse race. That, the opinion said, removes such belting from the classification of lottery, which 15 prohibited by the stEite constitution. The decision affirmed the decree Pulaski Chancellor Frank Tiie case was originally brought by James MacKreU, Little Rock, unsuccessful Candidate for gover- Washinglon, A];vil 4-(7P|-Tlie problems of agriculture 'may "become worse befnre they become , belter," 1hc House Appropriations ^ it Commilteo said today. It made Ihe | Hod EC. who hctd'TlVaViiorso race comment in approving a bumper j liclting was a game of skill and peacetime 5701,122,079 money bill not a game of ch,TMe for lhe Agriculture Department. The bill, scheduled for House debate starting iomoirow, would f i - nance the denartmtnt for the fiscal year s t a r t i n g next July ]. Among o t h e r t h i n c s , it provides $257,043,431) for soil conservation , 'payments, 575,000.000 for llic school UiiK'h program, $50,063,500 for the Forest Service and for an increase from 5750 to $2.nOD in the m a x i m u m a m o u n t of payments allowed i n d i v i d u a l s for soil conservation practices. There is also 5350,000,000 in loan authorization ] for rural electrification, which is j not counted in II-j cash total. j While S2ri,7BB,H2B below . i i i c [ amount President T r u m a n nor in the Democratic primaries i last summer. He charged t h a t the : pari-muluel betting system, under j which nil money wagered is p!ac- | ed in a pool and divided among I winning bettors, constitutes a lottery. The Arkansas c o n s t i t u t i o n prohibits the legislature from legalizing lotteries. When Judge Dodge ruled against htm, MaeKreli look no f u r t h e r action, but 0. D. Longstreth, Jr., Litile Rock attorney, who hnd In- Food And Drug Association In Session Meetlng Held Here; Numbers ^Of Speakers Heard At Hotel ,,_, ,, ,,,,.,, A J 1 _ The annual t wo-da v conference tcrvcned, carried on appeal to the j of the Mid-Continent Association Supreme Court. Chief Justice G r i f f i n Smith and Justice R. B. Robins disagreed with tne majority in today's su- pi'em Geo: cipale. of Food nnd Drug Officials got ' under way at the Washington Hotel this morning w i t h a wel- , coming address by Rear Adm. i Powell Rhca, Fayettcville mayor Army Day Observance Here To Get Under Way With Parade rd. t r e total icroni mend erf Is S127;- 203,J2G mnrc* (Man !hp dcpartmenl \vas given fcr the present year. The committee sntri il is " f u l l y cognizant of the problems t h a t » confront agriculture today' 1 and spoke nut against my program t h a t might restrict farmers to producing almost entirely for domestic consumption. The $257,04:i,43U recommended for soil conservation payments is for the present cnip year. In ad; dition, the committee urged that ?2G2.nOO,000 be authorized for pay, ! ments for t h e iDriO rrop year, w i t h ; ai'tual appropriations fo be m a d e next yen r. The i nc re as e in m a x i mum i n d i v i d u a l payments from S7;iO to S2,nOO was ordered for the 'p/esent crop year. ; Junk-Littered Home Gives Up $16,200 Estate TCred City, Mich., A p r i l 4-fVP)- Ar. 84-yeni 1 old recipient of old ' iiRe w«istance pcncler^d today on should i n h e r i t soon from the estate oi his recluse brother, Tile monev \vtis. fniiml y c s f e r d a v in the j u n k - l i t t c r e c i home of C\rilcs Da hi berg, who died Saturday at the ase of 87. Dalilberg, a bachelor, left no v/ill, and his brother, Alex i.s his only known bc : r. There -re hvo oi! wells on the f i i r m of the elder Dablberg, These me court opinion, and Justice j Powe11 Rnca .rge Hose Smith did not parti- '«igiinte. ,i n ! A series of technical discussions and talks relating to problems of of food and drug inspections and law enforcement followed a response to Rhea'i speech by Howard Wcinrtel of the Kansas Slate Board of Health. Burley Walker of Oklahoma City, Okla., president of the association, also appeared on the morning's program. A member of the Oklahoma Department of Health, he will retire) ns association head Ihis afternoon following the a n n u a l election of officers. A n u m b e r - o f interesting points were developed during .the final Really Shield Against Fear, | Says President Notions Sign Pact !n Ceremony At Washington Washington. April -HtfVPml- dent Truman, r ejecting Russia's chnrtfe thnt the Atlantic treaty *» j "aggressive," today hilled tha : historic pact a* "n shield again.** | aggression and the fear of »f Kression." In a speech «t lh« alliance i$gn- ing ceremony, Mr. Truman 44- scrip*! the prop3e ot the woat are tJotennlncd t h a t "the sickening of unprovoked aggression fall upon the world * Mayor Gc.-rge Sanders today issued a proclamation setting \Ved- nesclny as Army Day in Fayetle- villc. Official observance of Army Day in Fayelteville will get underway tomorrow at 4 p.m. with n parade by National Guard and . of dnngtn-ous drugs, by Sam ! , Alfctid, chief of the Kansas C U y j Pictured above arc 18 Washington County boys who entered the quail restoration contest sponsored by the Rod and Gun Club oi Springrlalc nnd the Sportsman* Club and Isaac Walton League of Fayetteville. These IB boys were among 34 in the county who completed their game restoration projects during the year. They were awarded prizes for . t h e i r wo,-f by the hunting clubs at a banquet held Friday night. First place winner f b e l o v y ) was Gerald Cate, of Winslow, who is shown . contemplating the 50 silver dollars awarded to htn\ d u r i n g the pro- nntercri the contest for next yenr. blo shnll not ROTC troops. Also scheduled arc i district of the federal Food and j |\ · /* 4 ft a review, ripen hmise at the Na- j Drug Administration. A If end's I l^MTA I IITf KlJ Givn-n Armorv and a variety \ lalk centered on the evils of sell- f | | |LC V*Ul J Df of exhibits. : i"fi ri?Tjerous drugs lo the public ' f Hoadqiinrlers jmd Headquarters i^" U h o u t a Astern of safeguards. Batteries of both the 142m) Field e necessiy or p u Field il RnBcA00 J!"fi?l".\ " n ^.?, rogram t0 A r t i l l e r y Group nnd A r t i l l e r y Baltalion, along nj-.ttery A nf the 3!)Gih of Rogers, will t n k c part in the parade, and also the University ROTC companies. The parade, originating on the U n i v e r s i t y campus, w i l l move . e strcsset I the necessity /or pub- i erase or lessen the evil, i Tiie vital role of the nation's , newspapers in any campaign to : halt careless sales of dangerous drugs was pointed out by Roy 1 Pruitl, chief of the St. Louis dis- i trict of the federal Food and Drnj; Administration. P r u i t l said Ihat Ford Company Three Lines Of Cars Reduced Dadnii, April 4- down Dk-kson Street lo E;ist Streel i on b p through newspaper publicity J lion's a u t o m o b i l e indu.slry roriiscd ' ar.d down East lo [lie Square. The i ot '! ru (! l o w violations can t h e ! its attention today . on Chrysler Salesman Held In Chicago Shooting Iub!ic be kept fully informed on i Corporation In t a k i n g steps to prevent 13- gression against "our own peoples," the president said, "we hav« no purpose of nKf-ressfon against others. To suggest the contrary li lo slander our institutions nnd d- f n m c our Ideals nmi our aspiration." The United State*, Britain, 1 France and nine non-Communist western notions joined in signing their historic N o r t h Atlantic le- I citrily treaty. This \K lhe next to l3*t »tcp In [ pledging a one-for-alt and all-fort one defense Beainst any attacker I -a w a r n i n g clearly intended lor ( Communist Russia which has de- J nounced the pact as "aggressive." If and \vhen the treaty is ratified it will establish America's defensive frontiers in the heart of Europe for at least 20 years. A Uvu-lhirtts vote of approval by the Senate, piu.i the preMdenl's signature, is needed to i-jel IT. «, ratification. The signing c»r«mony open* a new and per hap* more critical era In tho cold war, for the west Ji already wondering what Russia's counter-moves may be. Eight Damage Suits Filed Chicago, April 4-(/P;-An i n s u r - ance salesman was quoted by police last n i g h t as saying a young unwed office secretary who was mother of two of his eight children \vns shot and killed as they (struggled for a g u n . The woman. Miss Joan VcstM, 21. xvns found dead in her apartment early yesterday. Police Capt H )hn Walsh said the salesman, Harvey McDonald, 34, married 'arid f a t h e r of six children by his wife, told him the woman was shot accidentally as he struggled with her for possession of the gun. Walsh snid McDonald related that the shooting occurred aflc-i the two had t'one to her a p a r t m e n t from ni cocktail lounge. The def e c t i v e said M. Donald lold h i m that upon her a i ; i v a l in the a p a r t - m e n t , Miss Vcstj! i m m e d i a t e l y ;ot the Kim and t h a t us they s t r u g g l e d , "it "went off accidentally." .Move Jeen To (ul j Housing Program W i i s h i i i K t o n . A p r i l ·J-'/Vi-A Drm- nciatic :-Crr:r:tor p r c r i i c t c t l tori ay I'jTsklrnt T r u m a n ' s i]o;^ l 'iin for coiisli u c t i o n of 1,0:50,0(10 |nib- «,lic h o u t i n j r u n i t s in seven yen IT ftfes a new cut in Congress. The peiuiic H a n k i n g C o m m i t t e e already has approved a bill which ,yfrltllc.s the p r o g r a m to 810,000 units to be b u i l t OVC-L a six-yeaj- ^eriod. When I h e b i l l comes up soon for Scnatc debate t h e r e w i l l be a cirive »' t r i m 1ho / i c u r c lo fi50,000 u n i t s for c o n s f r i i c t i o n nvcr six yo^r*. the canning industry. The election of officers was lional Gu;nvl o u t f i t s w i l l play host I the Harris Canning Company, lo the public with an open house [ Johnson, discussed the relational the Armory. A sprcinl motion ?hip between food regulations and picture, "The True Glory," based ; on General Eisenhower's "Report to the Nation," will also be .shown. Visitors will also be able lo inspect Arny equipment and see dcnonstratu.ns of fire control j v-i]i equipment. Tomorrow and Wed- ' livitiJsV" " """ '"^ "" J " "" nesday exhibits will be set up in i The conference will end nt noon vnnous store windows in the busi- ! tomorrow following another series ness district. The equipment will ; of talks dm-inf- the morning. County Red Cross Chapter To Elect Washington . Covmty chapter Ainerican Red Cross will hold its 31st a n n u a l meeting at 7 p. m., Tuesday, April 19. at the Washing- Ion Hotel, A. D. McAllister, chair- i man, announced today. A d i n n e r | will precede the business meeting ._ _ . , ,, . _ when officers and directors will j represent the I n f ; i n t r y , ' A i r Force i be elected. Mrs. George C. Nielsen \ Field Artillery, Quartermaster Ms chairman of the enent. j'Ccrps and Sierial Corps. A f i l m "It Can Be You" will be ! r .· · JV"*"/" ~ , "" shown. The guest speaker will be ! M J I D f I Q l t l DeleDOS a n n u o n c e c i later. Other chaptci officers arc: first vice c h a i r m a n . Maupin C u m m J n p s ; second \ i c c cliairman. Cecil Norman. S p r i n ^ Wc; secretary, Mrs. j.;. H. Sayle: treasui'er. Mrs. Paul Lewis. Directors whose terms expire t h i s year are: \v. F. Thomas, V i r g i l Blossom. H e r m a n Tuck. Roy Carries. West Fork: Will HcucnfcW, L i n r o i n , and E. A. Ilobbs, Winslon-. M o t h d i n n e r and biipiriess nicct- inys are open to all members. Kcscrvations may be made by calling c h a p t e r hcadciuaj ters, 288. That move, announced yesterday, carried out a company' policy loj'kecp prices just as low'as costs a s t a t e i i j o n f said. It al- scheduled for later this afternoon, so l.roijfiht Forrl i n t o line with GM i I together with several other t a l k s i Kaiscr-Frozer and Willys-Overon technical matters. A banquet I land, nl! of w h i c h have put lower nt tne Washington Hotel tuniiiht · price tags r.n (heir cars d u r i n g the j last six weeks. Under the new price schedule, I P'ord cars will cost from S32 to $3f) less than before. Mercurys will ho ' down S80 lo S120, rmd Lincoln and i Lincoln Cosmopolitan models arc reduced by $100. In a d d i t i o n , the m p a n y c u t the prices of c e r t a i n fHE WEATHER A r k a n s a s -- C o n F i l e r a b l c cloudi- ngs Ihis afternoon, tonight and T.esday. Occasional rain in c\- Ireme south portion UintsM and Tuesday, \ T ol muni change in tern oe~rMure. "Special Session" Talk By Senator Lucas Washington, April 4-(;Ti-Thc possibility of a special session of Congress s t a r t i n g after Julv 31 was mentioned in the Senate today by Majority Leader Lucas 'III'. He said if there still is a i backlog of legislation on ,Iuly 31 the House nnd Senate will either pass a joint rc.whdit.ii lo return l a l n r . or "the president will be rcqiir-sM «, call a special session." ' L*av«i Hospital ·'innf Dorfey cf Fuporl. W. Va . rol!%p5ed S a l n r n a y night shout 1C o'clock on Highway 71 north, where he. was walking. He was taken to City Hospital in a N-eison- havagc ambulance. Hospital attendants said he was dismissed , this morning. Pad In Radio Forum ' W a s h i n g t o n , April .l-f/IVS'cnj.lm- f ' L i l b i i » h i ( D - A r k . ) dcfoidod l h e : A t l i i n l k :j;icl on a transcribed raOio forfm yesterday. j F u l b r i R h t said t h i s c o u n t r y has been involved in two recent m a j o r ' wars which m i q h t have teen averted if the u. S. hr-d not i adhered to a policy of isolnlion. He declared he believes n e i t h e r would have occurred "if ihc a-;Krcs?or hr.d known this comitrv v.-ijiilri j co":'e in." 1 "I t h i n k this pnH j 5 a c t - u l l v /(-·rmali7.i :- ;, sl:,te .,! a f f a i r s t h a t a l r e a d y exiMs.'' he sai-I. ', F n l b t i : i h l w«s joined in s u p p o r t i n g the Irealv by Senator Mc! M a h o n (D-Cnnn.). The two were opposed by Senators D o n i u ' I ( K Mo.) and Walkins ( r i - t ; t a h ) . 1 Olivio de H a v i l l a n d Seriously I I I I T o l l y w o n d , A p r i l 4 - f / T V O I i v i : ( rtf Havillanri is s»iionsly ill torlsv, her s i j i r l i o disclosed, ar.ri rvrv effort is heine m s f l e ry her rlo-tr.'r to ?3-·* ^ hah-. ;h^ pxn-'-t^ m /.iicusl. Thp Ara'Jctny ^ - . i - M r r l - w i n n i n g a c t r e « 5 h;is been r o n f n i e d to her bed for the past two m o n t h s . Incidentally. It's Hunt's for Easter Rogers Accident Viclim Dies In Hospital Nosers, April 4 - I S p e c in] ( - M i s s Ava Lee H i c k m a n , ig, who wns injured March Ili in an a u t o m o b i l e accident near hcic.'died yestcrt'.'»y at 1 p, m . in 1he I^'iptist Hospital in L i t t l e iiock. SIic did no! recover const iousness a f t e r the acci- (JeriL Snr\'ivors models from S10 to S10, Trans-Jordan, Israel Sign Armistice filicides. April 'I-'/T'i-Trans-.Ini- d.ln lias signed an armistice v. r ith Israel, vii lu.-.lly ciuling the Palest i n e w a r . The a g r e e m e n t -- v a l i d - - - - , . -and Mr.s. Lonn I l i c k m a n of Cave ; 'nr one year and renewable--w:s Springs; S L ,vo ..-i.slcr.s, ^ h i r l p y A n r j the t h i r d concluded by I s r a e l \'.-jtli Eayp': signed and Sylvia Hue, and a brother, L. C. I l i c k m a n . a!! of the home. Miss I l i r k m a n u a s employed in Iloj-crs at Ihe Mm^inj:we;u f a c t o r y . Funcr;i] scrv-Jccs w i l l be h c l r l f o - inorrow at I p, ,,,.. ;il |j lc ( ;,, ve Springs K a p l i s t C h u r c h . Rozorbock Club Drive For Members Opens , A d r i v e lor ?M memberships in [ t i e A r k a n s a s H a / O " b a r k C l u b w a s started here this m o r n i n g with a at the I'.lue M i l l . Coach .John liiirnhiil o n t i J n c t i the objectives of t h e club. . Amrmg t h o s e f l a r t i n g (.tit on thp campaien fo]lov.-ing 1i'ie brr^k(;jst session n-orp C'arl H r a y , Hcvrfon L e w i s . \','a]lci McU'norler. Frank rp^'.'h. R a l p h Gol/, H e r m a n Tuck, I f u g h -ShiobiefieM. George Caud]? Jerome MrRoy, Bill H i t l e r . Marvin Murphy, Maunce R e n n e r , Buck Lr-Kir, Wesley Gordon, L. O.' j G r a h a m a n f ] Thad FJo'.'.-den. The push is to be cr.nclurtcti this 1 week. Arab state. armistice F e b r u a r y '24, Lebanon JM Marcii 23. 332,439 Population In 12 "Pact" Nations ; YVashir.Ktoii, A p r i l 4-M',-T],r- ; N o r t h A t l a n t i c : t r e a t y u n i t e s 12 western c o u n t r i e s v.Lose t o t a l p o p u l a t i o n a/nriunt.s t r j 3r{[/n p,-rsr,ns. liussiii and its six Fastcrn · F i u r o p c a n satellitr-s. Poland C / c r h f . s l o v a k i a , H u n g a r y , Roi rr.:ni,i. B u l g a r i a and A l b a n i a h a v e ; a p o p u l a t i o n t h a t t o t a l s 274,739,Kill. Lloyd Henry Attorney For Tox Commission L i t t l e Bork. A p r i l 1 (/r.-IJovd | Rooster Without Head Still Lives Los A n K c l e s , A p r i l 4-i7T,'-A c rooster which lost its head two i (lays UKO is still nlivc tcxlay. A I v e t e r i n a t i a n says it sliould live as long, as its \i/indpipe and throat i remain open. , Dr. Alan Ross examined the phenomenon yesterday and f o u n d a small p a r t of the rooster's brain, ; which controls respiration and cir- ' ciilation, was still It'll in the sev- ; cred neck. | The bird was purchased, with head missing, on Saturday by Mrs Martha Green. She had a Sunday chicken d i n n e r on her m i n d . She placed it in the sink to pluck the feathers when the bird stood and betfan w a l k i n g a r o u n d . Mrs. Crcon is f e e d i n g her new found pet w i t h m i l k nnd egg yolk by inserting an i rye-dropper in its throat. Phone Operators Vole i On Union Affiliation ^ F.-iyeltcville !ele,.hone operators, members of T r a t ' i c Local :;oso, . "ere v o t i n g today on a proposal to a f f i l i a t e t h e i r n a t i o n s ] u n i n n -- t h e C o m m u n i c a t i o n s 'V o r k e r s of ; A m e r i c a - . w i t h the CIO. ; Only nicinijers ., lhe l i a f f i c lo; « p i i l were i n v o l v e d i n t o d a y ' s ball o t i n g . O t h e r locals of Ihe u n i o n are v o t i n g at ,,thcr l i m e s . The possibility of a f f i l i a t i n g with either t h e CIO or AFL has been under c o n s i d e r a t i o n for the past three years by C W A o f f i c i a l s . Under the CfO o f f e r CWA would m a i n t a i n its i r l c n l i l y ns a u n i o n . Duke Of Winsdor In England For Visil London, April 4-lVJVThe Duke of Windsor, tousled and hazard a f t e r crossing the English Channel d u r i n g a gale, arrived in London today to visit his 81-year old mother. Q u e e n M a r y , and presumably, his ailing brother, King GcorKe. His A m e r i c a n, v/hose tove cost him (he t h r o n e of KnK- land, was not Windsor w i t h him. Windsor said he experts her tr follow him here from thoir Paris home this weekend. 'Die M -year old former king, u h o reigjiod I I months a s Kdward V I I , looker! olrl beyond hi.s y c u r B . He m u r m u r e d : "It's %QW\ to be back/It -.vr.s b i s f i r s t t r i p h o m e since K i n g Ctcor%c (ell iH November. In March Transactions In Real Estate In County Heavy, Record Shows · Eight dumago sultj totalinj $125.348 were lilccl in the circuit clerk's o f f i c e during March, Clerk Richard Grccr revealed today in his newly-inaugurated monthly report. Real estnto transaction! hi Washington C o u n l y last month were also heavy, tile report shows. More than $500,000 in real estate transfers were recorded by the office. This figure tops February, when the transfer ot $350,MO worth of property was recorded. The report ai»o shows S76 chattel mortgages filed, plus 341 warranty deeds and 162 mortage*. Gross fees for the month cam* to $1,497.35. Commission. f i e of A u g u s t a and University of School. is 30. n resident n g r a d u a t e r,l tho A r k a n s a s Law Grain Named Member Of Sanitary Board K P. (.'I..HI. -'dll Unr....^ r - h ; c k * = n £i-.,-j/r of W a s h i n g t o n C o u n t y . hn« hr'-n m-ide a memher n[ i h p A r k a n a s l.i e^tock Sanitary Board, it h*s bw, a n n o u n c e d . He replaces J r f l Brown of Sprinpialc on the b'l'.rd as a poultry member. C r a i n LS ;.ctive ir. tV.rrr Bureau w o r k and ID t h e A r k i i n f i , : . J ' o u H i y I m p r o v e - rnent Association. Springdale Red Cross Drive Successful Spi in^d.ite. A p r i l 't-'Sj, Sprinjyl.dr a n r i s U T r o - n i d i n g com- rrMmilics joined e f f rts to raise ·S3.li01.22 for t h e A - . c r i c a n lied Cross according lo ::i;.ires just released by Mrs. (t. C. I.irtcnbower and Mrs. .1. J. H i [ : i : f i l l . area co- c h a i r m e n . This mm is 90 per cent of the u.j'.ta set by W a s h i n g t o n C o u n t y Hcd Cross ,'lra'lrgt'iirtcrs for this scctirn nreskrfr.'vn of Ihe t o t a l shows t h a t the c i t y c,r .Sonna'l.ilr. con- I r i i n t r r l Si."Si;..18 , r 8.". per cent raised 5SH81, or inf. p, r ffn i nf Showi Velio* Vlnltlf Sils! roilo,-k, n-hn Ir e one rr.lle east o[ Klkinr.. torlay -.'.-a!: exh:oit- i n ^ in K a y e t l e . i::e a h ^ . n - r j -.f r l - lov/ v i o l e t s . He «rn.! U.i- vi'.ie't n rare, but ti.i.t hf: In,, a u . . d i , i i e r of Some Progress Made In Settling Cab Strike i New York, April -H/rVA medt- ator reported "some progress" to. day in efforts to settle the city; wide t a x i c a b s t r i k e as more cab» I rolled and violence decreased. i Korty-eight arrests have been : niatle in outbreaks of violence and ' i n squabbles since th« walkout started Friday. The s t r i k i n g u n i o n , which claim* ;the s t r i k e is " ' f r o m 93 to 94 per cent effective," ordered picketing d e m o n s t r a t i o n s today at the 435 cab garages in an effort to maka the wnikout 100 per cent. Polic« estimated at 1.374 of the cily'j 11,. OOfi-odrl taxicabs 'vcre operating ·! 6 lasl ni^'ht--the largest number since tiie strike began. Poultry Morkef Tlie poultry market today si :·- ported hy the University of Ar- kon.-ss B u r e a u of Ressarch and the Dairy and Poultry Markd News Service o( th« U.S. D«part- ment of Agriculture. N'orth'Apat A t k a n « a » market* shchtlv weaker, undertone un- s e t t l e d ; p n r e paid f.o.b. f a r m 30- .il. m o s t l y 3(1. few heavy 32: bulk "' sales birds weighing 2Vi to I Ibi.

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